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  1. Laurie Marr

    Who was the worst character ever in Dallas?

    Judging from this fairly recent photo, James looks as though he overcompensated for the lack of brains.....Looks more like the offspring of Lou Ferringo than JR Ewing......
  2. Laurie Marr

    Jeremy Wendell?

    Wasn’t one of our earliest introductions to Jeremy when he was trying to pimp out one of his tennis ‘buddies’ to seduce Pamela? Even at a young age my gaydar spiked momentarily at that scene...
  3. Laurie Marr

    JR and Vanessa

    I can’t quite reconcile the Frick style philandering with JR’s reinvention as an urbane and romantic European sophisticate. The Ewings had an earthy quality to them - they were one generation away from ordinary Texan folk, and yet Vanessa would have us believe that she fell for JR while he was...
  4. Laurie Marr

    JR and Vanessa

    I often found the exchanges between JR and Vanessa completely silly and very amusing. Vanessa was so earnest and the more earnest she became the more Larry tried to sound earnest by mimicking the English accent through rounding the vowels and clipping the consonants. It was a shit bat crazy...
  5. Laurie Marr

    Who was the worst character ever in Dallas?

    Charlie set my teeth on edge, but I suppose as a belligerent adolescent she was supposed to. Little did I know that just a couple of years later the simpering Vanessa and her lobotomised gurning offspring would make me yearn for the days of Darius and smooching in the barn with young Brad.
  6. Laurie Marr

    JR Ewing: Too Offensive For 2020? Part I

    Too offensive? The world is being run by a rag bag of men babies, narcissists, thugs, entitled Etonians and demagogues. JR’s shenanigans pale in comparison.
  7. Laurie Marr

    Did the Margaret Michaels scene make a difference?

    It really shouldn’t have worked as there had been so many imposters so recently (Reed, Parmalee) - but it did. The actor playing Michaels/Pam did a good job and it had drama when I was prepared for schlocky drivel. I’m still surprised by it.
  8. Laurie Marr

    The little things characters did that annoy you

    That strand of Blake’s hair that would fall free from a head that otherwise looked as though it was held in place by epoxy resin. This was always the visual clue that the character was in extremis and that either a rape or a murder was imminent.
  9. Laurie Marr

    How Happy Were You To See Bobby And Pam Remarry?

    After such a looooooong story arc about whether they would be reunited, the wedding episode fell somewhat flat. I agree that the unconvincing flashback didn’t help. VP also looked a little less like herself. The video editing that made its debut in Season 10 gave her a strangely washed out...
  10. Laurie Marr

    Would You Take Back The Later Years?

    I just loved Bill Smithers on Dallas. He had such a fantastically unpredictable way of delivering lines too. Always a joy to watch and JR’s most effective adversary by some way. I think Snarky was the first on the boards to highlight the Hagman issue.
  11. Laurie Marr

    Would You Take Back The Later Years?

    Indeed he was. Word is that Larry wasn’t too fond of how adept Smithers was becoming at playing such a convincing villain.
  12. Laurie Marr

    Powerful Statements From Dallas

    “Is it because I’m adopted?’
  13. Laurie Marr

    Clayton - Too Bland To Fit Into Dallas

    I demur from the view that he wasn’t ‘strong.’ If you measure strength only in terms of how imposing someone is, then he certainly was unlike Jock. However, Clayton was highly articulate about feelings, was often wise and discerning in his assessment of people and exercised often extraordinary...
  14. Laurie Marr

    Dallas Character The complexities of Cliff Barnes.

    The corruption of the idealistic young lawyer is what gave Cliff’s early stories genuine dramatic force. The deranged obsession that slowly consumed the character thereafter sealed his fate and generated many ‘committed’, inventive and immensely watchable performances by Kercheval.
  15. Laurie Marr

    Which Character's Life Would You Choose To Have?

    Harv Smithfield: great salary, gatekeeper to the Ewing secrets and always primed to remove my glasses and rub the bridge of my nose in moment of exasperation, faux gravitas or hauteur.
  16. Laurie Marr

    April's Strength

    She may well have found redemption through her love for Bobby, but it made for dull television - especially when that transformation was largely so implausible. I suspect that there was a lot of wish fulfilment fantasies going on there with Katzman and the simpering neediness often made her...
  17. Laurie Marr

    Dallas Character Wes Parmalee story with hindsight

    If we really push the Hamlet theme.....According to Ernest Jones’ theory the reason Hamlet hesitated so much in killing Claudius and thereby avenging his father’s murder is because Claudius has successfully enacted Hamlet’s own unconscious wish to kill his father. Wes allowed ‘the boys’ to enact...
  18. Laurie Marr

    Dallas Character Wes Parmalee story with hindsight

    The boys loved their Daddy for sure, but I’m not so certain it was unaccompanied by ambivalent feelings. Daddy issues are not uncommon in most families, with the Ewing boys it was the neurotic driver of almost everything they did. That added another layer of intrigue to the Parmalee storyline.
  19. Laurie Marr

    Dallas Character Wes Parmalee story with hindsight

    It wasn’t so much the identity of Wes that was tested so much as the identity of those around him. That’s what made it such an engaging storyline. On paper it looks absurd, but the show handled it extremely well. I was genuinely intrigued by it at the time.
  20. Laurie Marr

    That moment when....

    The fast forward button was activated on almost a permanent basis from 87-91.