Coronation Street A new serial killer for the street?


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It's getting on for two years since Phelan left and it's hard to see Gary as a serious serial killer. I think it would be real nice for the show to bring a properly dark villain to try and get rid of some of the less necessary characters. Corrie Serial killers always seem to be a bit pantomineish, I really want to see one who stalks their victims, deliberately gets close to them, perhaps even abuses them before killing them but manages to stick around for 4-5 years and make a lot of the deaths look like accidents only to finally be unveiled as a demented serial killer in an explosive week of hour long episodes (BGT week 2025?) where one of his survivors finally meets another of his survivors and they go to the police to finally get him locked up behind bars.

The character should be a pensioner in his early 70s. Let's call him Timothy Southwark. He should be a former history teacher who has a macabre obsession with war as well as with death, keeping a small collection of historic knives in his house as ornaments and a long line of periodicals dealing with contemporary murders from the past few hundred years in files in his basement. He should be naturally charismatic and able to charm the ladies and the men into becoming friendly with him both romantically and plutonically - in a sort of helpful old neighbour kind of way. The kind of person streets residents start turning to for advise when shit hits the fan - allowing him to work out what someones triggers are to manipulate them and where he might find them alone to stage the accidents/deaths.

Obviously old Southwark would get a life sentence at the end of this all and kill himself in his cell. Preferred actor Alun Armstrong.

His hit-list should be....

  • Kevin Webster

  • Carla Connor

  • Johnny Connor

  • Dev Alahan

  • Kirk Sutherland

  • Fiz Brown

  • Faye Windass

  • Gary Windass

  • Geoff Metcalfe

  • Craig Tinker

  • Gemma Winter

  • Liz McDonald

  • Nick Tilsey

  • Gail Platt

  • Leanne Battersby

  • Sean Tully

  • Billy Mayhew

  • Michael Bailey

  • Clayton Hibbs

  • Roy Cropper

  • Ken Barlow

  • Rita Tanner

  • Nick Tilsey

  • Jenny Bradley

  • David Platt

  • Daniel Osbourne

  • Eileen Grimshaw

Obviously with so many characters dying it would free up some room for some new families:

  • A gay couple with foster kids

  • A lesbian couple

  • A couple in a consensual bigamous relationship.

  • A couple of drug dealers living in a house share.

  • A successful business man of the Baldwin archetype.

  • A few more families with kids and grandkids living under one roof.

  • A night-club owner

  • Some characters with lifelong illnesses that are treat seriously.

What does everyone think about time Corrie got a supervillain?