American Horror Story: Murder House - Plot-holes

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Yes, I'm behind the times, I just got around to watching this. Now that I've seen the entire season I have some questions about plot-holes that a Google search didn't answer:

Why do some ghosts have wounds and not others? Nora has the exit wound from her gun-shot; Mrs. Harvey and her daughters have burns but other ghosts have no visible wounds. Tate should have a huge gun-shot wound in his chest but he doesn't.

If ghosts don't age why does Moira appear to have aged (at least to women) the number of years that have passed since her death?

What was the point of the Harmons buying an expensive security system if they aren't going to use it? People like Constance (and other non-ghosts) walked right in without a problem. It appears they only activated it at night.

When Constance was forced to sell the house due to the lack of her husband's income, how did she afford a neighboring house? I understand the "Murder House" is probably the most grand in the neighborhood but would there be that huge a price difference between it and another house one or two doors away?

Why didn't Constance try to but the house once it declined in value? Constance wanted to be back in the house so much that she moved in with Larry, who she didn't love. After Chad and Patrick's "murder/suicide" the house was put on the market at a price Ben said was extremely low. Why didn't Constance submit an offer, contingent on the sale of her current house? I imagine Marcy would have been desperate enough to accept such an offer, I think she would have been happy trying to sell Constance's house (which wasn't tainted by murder) instead.

How did Tate get the rubber suit? The ghosts clearly couldn't get any farther than the fence surrounding the house (except on Halloween) yet Tate was able to walk out to the curb to reach into the trash can. Wouldn't a simple solution have been for this to not happen on trash night? Ben would have put the suit into a trash can just outside the back door and Tate would have retrieved it from there.

On Halloween one of Tate's victims says he asked her if she believed in God before he shot her. When we see the actual shooting he doesn't ask her this.