Bliss's fabulous 80s room

Willie Oleson

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Did she got it from The Virgin Tour?

This got me in the mood to continue with "Connie", I had only seen 4 episodes and decided that the "Shakespearean" language was too difficult for me.
But tonight I thought, what the heck, I still like that euro-eighties ambience. But the uploads have vanished into thin air. Poof, gone:(


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Every time I see Bliss' room, I want to throw something. I know its wrong, but that room upsets me so much. :lol:

Willie Oleson

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I wanted to dislike this thread but I couldn't think of a valid reason.
After all we've discovered that The Colbys is even better (if that's possible) than we thought it was.

So I guess I should thank Tommie, but I'm not going to do that.

Michael Torrance

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