Cecil Colby and Kirby Anders should have had a scene like this


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It's been said before that Cecil Colby should have been around for Season 3, and I'm agreement. I have no objections to the character dying for good, but he had a lot to offer. Keeping him around for one more season would have been laid the groundwork for slightly more intriguing storylines and whatnot.

When I imagine Cecil in Season 3, however, I often see him being in a wheelchair thanks to his heart attack, and taking on a Martin Peyton-esque role. And from there, I ended up imagining him summon little Kirby Anders to his darkly lit mansion, after finding out she has a thing for his nephew, inspired by this scene:

I just like the image of Cecil bound to his wheelchair as he peers over a fancy-looking chess set, symbolizing the way how he views life and people (a mere strategic game for his own amusement), while Kirby is brought in by Adam (who had been taken under Cecil's wing to annoy Blake).

In the video, Steven Cord told Betty he could open doors for her, only for her to snap that she can open her own doors (a surprisingly modern sentence for the 60s). I'd have a similar exchange between Adam and Kirby play out, only switched: Kirby is taking revenge on Adam's rape of her (though I would have had it be more ambiguous in the first place whether he did or not) by telling him that he's going to be opening doors for her - which, considering she still works for his family at this point, would still be a gutsy statement.

Kirby never should have been an innocent little mouse, she should have been a ladder-climbing viper. And her scene with Cecil, away from the eyes and ears of her protective father and the naive Carringtons minus Adam, could have shown just how dark she was willing to go to get what she wanted... simultaneously accomplishing the same for Cecil.