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Should there have been much more of it?

Steven played Debussy's "Maid with Flaxen Hair" in the pilot ever-so-briefly, and that first "Dinner Party" a couple of episodes later (was that Chopin in the background?) where the show proved the old Krystle-esque adage of "sometimes less is more," and they even used a little bit of Ravel's "Ode to a Dead Princess" after Fallon left.

But mostly, DYNASTY just used those excessive, meandering woodwind compositions which tended to undermine and further unfocus the drama, in the producers' attempt to achieve an Old Hollywood 1930s feel to the show where the score seems to be telling its own story autonomous from the one in the script (but even Old Hollywood dropped that convention by the '40s).

But for all the nouveau riche shenahigans going on with this family, did that need to be counterbalanced with the use of more classical music to establish the proper, privileged ambiance for the show?

Certainly, to create the camelot atmosphere which DYNASTY seemed to want to aim for, it would seem a necessity.

And for that matter, should Krystle have hosted a local TV tour of the Carrington mansion during the Season 8 gubernatorial campaign -- like Jackie did in 1962?

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Strangely enough, I heard the piece that they played during the wedding in Moldavia on classical station Lyric FM only this week. I've no idea who the composer is though. I kept expecting to hear a hail of machine gun fire mid performance.

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Or maybe some rainy jazz -- could DYNASTY have ever been this laid-back?
I have to say, no. DYNASTY can be laid back of course, but not smooth jazz laid back (Heaven forfend, to quote S1's Fallon). That sounds more new-agey and Knots Landing. :D

But it would be nice if they had more classical music, or compositions in that same style, instead of the melodramatic crescendo that took over by season four.