Dallas Pictures DALLAS 1978-1991 - A Photo History.

Ms Southworth

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I just love the first Barbecue on "Dallas"! :kiss::kiss::kiss: It's one of my favorite episodes of all! :bowing

Thank you so much for continuing to take us on a trip down memory lane on "Dallas", @garry! :best:

There's no doubt now ... I have to set aside time to watch the pilot episodes this weekend! :dance:

Payton Cross

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Wow, thank you for these pictures @garry, after seeing those wonderful scenes from the first season/mini serie, i just wanne re-watch Dallas all over again. ;)

I see that I'm using another cast photo of the first season / mini series of dallas in my avatar.
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Oh, yeah. Where does her dress start and the couch leave off?
The set decorator was on point. They've managed to match the table phone with the couch cushion. Looking at that hideous blue phone reminds me of the yellow one which appeared to match the outdoor furniture.