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I am new to the forum and wanted to post a fan fiction here, that I am two chapters away from finishing. It is called 'Six Degrees of Separation' and features the character of Constance Weldon Carlyle, from the canceled too soon prime time soap, 'Flamingo Road'.

Morgan Fairchild was one of my favorite actresses as a kid and even though she ended up on Falcon Crest, I would have much preferred seeing her land on Dallas or Dynasty. So in this alternate reality, 'Constance' ends up connected to Texas and Colorado, as do other characters related to Dallas, Dynasty and Flamingo Road. And there are some surprising hook ups that readers will either find interesting or cringe worthy.



AUTHOR’S NOTE: I always felt as if Morgan Fairchild’s character of Constance Carlyle on the short lived show, ‘Flamingo Road’, belonged in the ‘Dallas’/‘Dynasty’ universe, somehow, someway. That and she is one of my favorite television actress’s. To me, Constance was like a blonde Scarlett O’Hara that was missing her Rhett.

BACKSTORY: The year is 1982 and Constance Carlyle has been dealt several blows. Her short lived marriage to Senator Fielding Carlyle has ended and her beloved father, Claude Weldon, dies of a heart attack. It is only when Constance’s adopted mother, Eudora, who by the end of Claude’s life, felt herself growing apart from him, reconnects with an old friend who is recently widowed, that Constance’s life changes. That ‘friend’ is Jock Ewing and he and Eudora marry. He saves Eudora and Constance from financial ruin by taking over half interest in the Weldon Paper and Timber Mill.

Eudora moves to Texas and urges Constance to visit Southfork. Meeting her new step-family pulls Constance out of her sadness over her father and the end of her marriage. And that is because there is simply no time for sadness when dealing with the Ewings, or J.R. Ewing’s new wife…a woman from Denver Colorado named Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby…


Constance thanked the Weldon family butler for carrying her luggage into the house. She would not be here long, hopefully, before she returned to Dallas. Although Eudora would not be expecting her.

She walked to a front table and picked up all the mail that had been waiting for her. She also glanced at correspondence for her mother and decided she would give it to her personally, when she returned to Southfork. It was as she was tossing aside some junk mail addressed to her, that she heard someone clear their throat.

Sheriff Titus Semple. Constance didn’t even ask how he had gotten into the house. He practically lived there, no thanks to the cart blanche her late father had given Semple, all these years. She walked towards him.

“Titus. Nice of you to welcome me home. What brings you by?” Constance asked, walking past him into the sitting room. Titus took off his hat and helped himself to a drink at the bar.

“You, girl. I want in on whatever the Ewings have planned for Florida. And it’s clear that they do.”

Constance sat down and stared at Titus with a knowing expression.

“Why don’t you tell me what’s been happening around here?”

“Like you don’t know?” Titus asked with a smile.

“I heard about poor Sam Curtis dying. I thought he had bad taste in women but other than that, he was nice.”

“Hmmm. Yes. The cancer took him quickly. People are saying that Lane poisoned him. Field was stupid to marry her so soon after Curtis passed.” Titus sniffed.

“Well ‘Field’ and ‘Bright’ don’t go hand in hand.” Constance said drolly. “But what is this business about someone raping Lane?”

“Oh, well, that’s why I’m here. Lane is saying that this guy that’s come to town, with his fiancee, is her assailant. Turns out he’s Alexis Ewing’s son.”

Constance slowly stood up.


“Yeah. Adam Carrington. It seems as if he and his fiancee, moved here to establish residency so that Adam could run against Field for the senate. The campaign is starting out really ugly. With people saying Lane killed Sam so she could be with Field and Lane accusing Adam of rape…”

“God! I’m glad I wasn’t around!” Constance quipped. “Jock’s granddaughter, Lucy, is engaged to him.

“So I heard. So you’ve met him?”


“Carrington. I know Alexis is living on Southfork and Lucy Ewing is…”

“Titus, Alexis is only residing there when she is in town. Her and J.R. have some sort of long distance marriage, though Jock wants her to start acting like a proper Ewing wife that stays put. If I was a betting woman, I’d put my money on Alexis. And as for Lucy Ewing, I have never met her. She didn’t even return for her family’s annual barbecue.”

Titus sipped his drink.

“I’ve seen pictures of her. She’s a handsome woman.”

“Who? Lucy or Alexis?” Constance asked. But she knew he meant Alexis. Lucy was too young to attract Titus’s interest.

Titus didn’t respond. Constance went on.

“Oh she’s beautiful! British…the only reason she married J.R. was to merge their companies together. I think that’s why Jock tolerates her. But she’s never there much, even when she is in Texas, which is a good thing for Mama.”

“How is Eudora? And how is she dealing with being in Ellie Ewing’s shadow?” Titus asked knowingly.

“She’s uneasy. Which is why she needs my help. You know how Mama is. She’s tough, but she never sees trouble coming. She needs me there to watch over her interests.”

“Now Constance, someone needs to be here to protect the Weldon interests. And your brother isn’t up to it. That brings me to another subject: that man Eudora hired to run the mill.”

Constance began looking through the mail again, shiftily!

“Mama didn’t hire him. Jock did. And Alexis is the one that suggested him.”

“I figured since he’s from Colorado. Matthew Blaisdel. I looked into him. Something is off about HOW Alexis would know him.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean the only connection I could find was that he used to be involved with Alexis’s ex husband’s current wife.”

Constance said nothing to that. She had already had two sexual encounters with Blaisdel since he arrived here. One was in her father’s office, bent over his desk and the other was on the factory floor of the mill itself, standing against some equipment. Constance had found a picture in Matthew’s wallet of Krystle Carrington. She suspected Alexis was up to something with regards to her, but Constance couldn’t prove it. Nor did she want any part of it. Still, Matthew seemed competent enough. Meaning whatever he was up to, did not interfere with running her family’s company. And he was a nice distraction. He was in love with Krystle Carrington and would not get in the way of her plans.

“Has something happened with Matthew that I need to know about?” Constance asked.

“No. Not really. He got into a fight with Field over you. Field came by the mill for some reason and made a remark about you. Matthew beat him up and threw him out of the building. Field lied when asked by reporters about the bruises and said he was in a car accident. Some nosy reporters are now saying they don’t believe he was in one. Constance, I’m just trying to protect the Weldon name. Now a man doesn’t go beating up other men over women unless…”

“Titus, my future is in Dallas. I will make sure Mr. Blaisdel understands that.” she said and he nodded to her. Titus had no doubt that this young woman had set her sights on someone or something in Dallas. And when she was ready to tell him, she would. He finished his drink and left the Weldon estate. Constance moved towards a curtain and peered out, watching Titus leave before dropping it and surrendering herself to her own thoughts.

Yes, she had plans. Mama needed someone on her side on South Fork. Bobby and Pam were nice enough but weak. J.R. was tolerant of Eudora but if Jock ever died, she would be thrown out on the streets and probably stripped of any inheritance! That’s how dangerous Constance thought he was.

And then there was Alexis. While she was no one to mess with, Constance often wondered if she truly understood that J.R. Ewing was no one to try to get over on, either. His ex wife, Sue Ellen, had barely made it out of that marriage by the skin of her teeth! She was Cliff Barnes’s wife now. Governor of Texas, Cliff Barnes. And she could tell that the fact that a family enemy was their governor, was and endless source of stress for the family. Pam would have been run out of there by both Jock and J.R., if she had not had that going for her.

So there was J.R., Bobby, Gary…who was a drunk that lived in California and the fourth Ewing son—Ray Krebbs.

He was the one that Constance had set her sights on. He should be living in the house and not on some squatter looking property on the land someplace.

Constance had gotten to know him during the annual Ewing Barbecue. Donna, Ray’s wife, had spent a good part of the event talking with old friends of her late husband, Sam Culver and it was clear Ray did not fit in. She also got to know Donna slightly and didn’t think much of her. Donna had had the nerve to tell her bluntly, that she felt Field could be president someday, even with Lane for a wife.

If Donna had been half of the wife to Ray that she had been to the late Texas Senator Culver, Ray would be seen as much more than the illegitimate son of Jock Ewing. And Constance planned to return to Dallas to make sure that that that happened, with herself by Ray’s side and Donna out in the streets somewhere. Ray and her had already shared a close moment in the stables during the barbecue. Constance planned to take up where they left off when she returned.

But for now, she decided to take care of the here and now. She looked around for her purse, checked her hair and make up and left the estate to see Matthew. She would chastise him and give him a proper ‘thank you’ for defending her honor.

What Titus had not told her, was that he had broken into the house Matthew was residing in and looked around. He had one room in the house, where two of the walls were covered with pictures of Krystle Carrington…and the other two of Constance.



The morning was giving Eudora Ewing a headache. Most mornings at Southfork usually did and she realized that it was because there were too many people living here!

If only Bobby and Pam lived here, things would be fine. Truly. Eudora was always relaxed when she was in the room with either or both of them.

J.R. and Alexis, however, were a different story. J.R. was indifferent towards her, which suited her just fine! The man was dangerous, that was clear to everyone but Jock. And Alexis…it was almost as if Alexis didn’t take her marriage seriously. She didn’t know what to think of her except that whenever Eudora was near her, she felt uneasy. A woman that had run out on her children, returned and then somehow blamed her ex husband for all kinds of nonsense, made Eudora uneasy!

Eudora sat at the end of the dining room table from Jock, who was decidedly unhappy. She knew why but didn’t feel as if the breakfast table was the proper place for such talk. But Jock was going to do as he would. And oddly, there was something about Jock’s strength that made her feel secure. More secure than she had ever felt with Claude. He had always eyed her land or property to pull himself out of financial trouble.

Jock was never in ‘trouble’. And he was welcoming of Constance. Skipper, not so much. He felt it was a disgrace that Claude had not been harder on him with regards to taking over the paper mill. Skipper had left for parts unknown after Claude’s funeral so it had been up to Constance to take over at the mill. But Jock said Constance was too pretty to be worrying about things like that and Eudora knew he had won her daughter over.

Meanwhile, Jock glared down the table at J.R. and Alexis. Bobby pursed his lips and Pam watched Alexis very carefully.

“I want to know what all of this business is about, with regards to my granddaughter’s fiancee raping someone? Alexis, he’s your son. What do you have to say about it?”

Alexis refrained from glaring at J.R.’s insufferable father, though she didn’t dare let anyone know she felt that way about Jock. Why was it her responsibility to keep her grown son, whom she did not raise, from raping someone?

But she was careful about how she answered her father-in-law, and what tone she used.

“Jock, this is all a misunderstanding from the way Adam explained it. This girl…her name was Lily or something, was a carnival dancer he met in Montana. Adam made the mistake of becoming involved with her briefly, before finding his way to us in Colorado. He ran into her again in Florida and she threatened to tell Lucy about the two of them if he did not drop out of the race. I’m sure this woman is lying.” Alexis said with a wave of the hand, as if the accusation would go away on it’s own.

Eudora spoke.

“That young woman’s name is Lane. Lane Carlyle. She is the wife of a United States Senator, Alexis. And I always found her to be quite kind.”

Alexis just stared at her, unblinking as J.R. responded.

“Eudora, isn’t this woman the same tramp that came between your daughter and Carlyle? And you’re sitting here taking up for her?” J.R. asked.

“Yes. And I am not taking up for her. I am just saying there are two sides to every story.” Eudora responded.

“So what was poor Constance’s side?” Alexis asked blithely. “That she deserved to lose her husband to a woman that danced in a carnival? No carnival that I have ever attended, offered that sort of entertainment.”

“Well now,” Jock said, “you ran out on your first husband and children, Alexis. When did you find the time to attend a carnival?”

Alexis slammed a cup down and looked over at J.R., who said nothing. Realizing that J.R. was not going to defend her, Alexis got up and left the dining room. She headed upstairs.

Jock had more to say.

“J.R., you keep that wife of yours under control. I won’t have scenes like this at the family table. I have every right to be concerned about what kind of man my only granddaughter is about to marry. You should be concerned too.”

“I am, Daddy. I will take care of this.”

Bobby spoke.

“Covering this up isn’t good enough, J.R.. If this man could hurt Lucy, then we can’t allow her to marry him. And if it becomes known that his fiancee has left him, chances are Carlyle will win re-election.”

J.R. refrained from gritting his teeth. It was a damned sorry day when Daddy and Bobby were both against him. And Lucy was nothing but a little tramp! She could handle Adam Carrington just fine. She could handle a jail full off criminals just fine as well! He personally didn’t see what all the fuss was about and now they had pissed off his wife.

“I’ll take care of it. And if Carrington is a problem for us, we’ll find someone else to replace him. It’s early in the race. Now if you will excuse me, I’d better see to my wife.” J.R. said, getting up and leaving the room. Eudora had something else to say.

“Jock, Adam seemingly came out of nowhere. He had a baby rattle that was taken as the only proof that he was Alexis’s lost son. Don’t you think we should find out for sure, if he really is?”

Pam gasped!

“She clearly thinks he is! We can’t just force Adam Carrington to be tested! And what if he isn’t Alexis’s son? She will be heartbroken! I think you should all stay out of it!” Pam huffed, standing up to leave for the day. Bobby got up to follow after her, knowing that she was upset.

That left Jock and Eudora alone.

“I’m sorry if I overstepped, Jock. I just don’t think Lane is a liar. I never have.”

“Something about it bothers me too. I’m going to let J.R. handle this.” Jock told her.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Alexis was packing when J.R. re-entered their bedroom…

“Where are you going, darlin’?” he asked in a tone he struggled to keep casual.

“I need to see Blake! Adam is our son and he can get him out of trouble.” she said, pulling open drawers and dumping things from it into a suitcase.

J.R. closed and locked the door.

“This will be the third time this month you’ve went running back to Colorado.”

Alexis shrugged. Her back was to him as she continued to pack.

“I have a company to check up on. Adam ran it. He is now running for the senate in a different state. Until I can find someone else to take charge, I have to go back.”

“I think you’re going back to see Blake.” J.R. said coolly. Now Alexis faced him and gasped!

J.R. was naked and his lust was apparent. It throbbed with a life of it’s own.

“I don’t have time for this! Your ‘Daddy’ wants me to do something about my son! He is implying that he is not good enough to marry your precious niece! Now get dressed and get out of my way ‘darling’!”

J.R.’s answer to her was to close the distance between them, seize her by the waist and pull her into his arms forcefully! His mouth violently took hers and Alexis did not even pretend that she did not need him in that moment. Before she knew it, they were both naked and his bloated penetration was inside of her, using her body hard and relentlessly.

When it was over, Alexis could do nothing more but lay quietly beside J.R. and wait for the world to stop spinning. His hands were caressing her stomach and daring to move lower.

“Darlin’, I heard what you were saying loud and clear downstairs. And there would have been a time when Daddy also would have understood you loud and clear. Eudora had made him soft, that’s all.”

“I cannot believe she would take up for that woman. I know Constance hates her.” Alexis sniffed.

“Well Constance is who we’re going to use to be our eyes and ears. She doesn’t want Carlyle re-elected anymore than we do.” J.R. said, his hands still caressing her.

“Yes, darling, but she does want something. I know the look. She took in all that was here and decided she wants a piece of it.” Alexis warned.

J.R. grinned over at her!

“Darlin’, I already know what she wants. Or WHO to be exact.”

Alexis looked puzzled.


“Ray. They didn’t see me but I saw them in the barn kissing during the barbecue. Constance is seeing a way in through Ray.”

Alexis lifted a brow.

“She’s aiming rather low, isn’t she?” she asked, looking for her cigarette lighter. J.R. shrugged.

“Yes, but to be honest, she’d make him a better wife than Donna. She was whoring around on poor Sam Culver with Ray when he was still alive. He was a good man. He didn’t deserve a deceitful wife.”

Alexis was now bored. Ray was probably the most boring member of the Ewing family. Constance was not a boring woman. She couldn’t see it, personally.

“I still need to see Blake.”

“Oh I know you do, darlin’. And I’m going to come with you.” he crowed, moving to kiss her quickly, before getting up out of bed to pad barefoot to the bathroom for a shower. Alexis watched her third husband close the door and leaned back to light a cigarette. She had hoped for some time with Blake alone. That would be trickier to accomplish with J.R. around.


Constance parked her car in the spot her father used to use, when she arrived at the mill. The first thing she saw was Elmo Tyson, owner of the Truro Clarion newspaper and her mother’s high school sweetheart, engaged in an animated conversation with Matthew. Damn! Elmo was the nosy reporter that Titus had been talking about!

She got out and strode towards the two of them. Her heels were loud and caught the attention of both men. Matthew’s face lit up when he saw her. Elmo’s facial expression was one of curiosity.

“Constance?” Elmo asked. “When did you get back? How is Eudora?”

“Happily married to Jock Ewing.” Constance said bluntly. “What brings you by the mill?”

“I suppose you were told that there was a dust up between your acting mill manager and your ex husband?”

“No.” Constance lied. “What was Field doing here?”

Elmo glanced at Matthew, who he assumed would answer. But he did not.

“I don’t know, Constance,” Elmo said, “but Matthew beat him up. Beating up a United States senator is a crime.”

“I would think that beating up anyone was a crime.” Constance demurred. Meanwhile, Matthew felt his loins tighten at just the sight of Constance. He had not been aware that she was returning from Dallas either and struggled to keep from choking Elmo, just so he could sneak some alone time in with her.

He had not expected to feel much of anything when Alexis Ewing called him with a plan that would get her Blake, and himself Krystle. Only when he arrived here and saw Constance, things changed.

Constance and Krystle were nothing alike and Constance was younger. But there was a place within her, that had been hurt by Carlyle. She could be the woman Krystle Jennings was, if she was with a man that appreciated her. And her response to his hunger for her, drove him crazy! He was at a point now where he wanted Krystle AND Constance. He didn’t think he could live without either of them.

“So you have no comment about what happened here on your family’s property?” Elmo was asking Constance.

“Go ask Fielding about it. He’s the one that’s lying. He said he was in a car accident, didn’t he?”

“I thought you hadn’t heard anything about this? I suppose Titus brought you up to speed?” Elmo asked. Matthew had heard enough!

“Get off of this property before I call the sheriff.” Matthew said coldly. He then hurriedly slipped a possessive arm around Constance’s waist and walked her into the building. That embrace was all Elmo needed to see to know that whatever had happened here between Carlyle and Blaisdel, had been over Constance.

Elmo decided he was going to do a little digging into the background of this Blaisdel fellow. He knew he was from Denver, Colorado. There had to be more to him than that. He was not doing this just for a story. Eudora was trying to get her life back on track. She didn’t need to be embarrassed by anything happening here.

Meanwhile, Matthew had pulled Constance into her father’s office, closed and locked the door and molded their bodies together as he pressed her against a wall!

“Now, Matthew, I just returned and I’ve heard you beat up Field. I’m sure he deserved it but I don’t want you to get into trouble.” she said coyly, as Matthew yanked her skirt up and then ripped her underwear off!

“That sonofabitch tried to say you had been a terrible wife to him or some such nonsense. I didn’t care and I didn’t want to hear it.” Matthew whispered as his lips were now buried against her neck.

“Matthew…” Constance began but she was cut off and left gasping, as she found herself becoming lost in passion when their bodies were soon enjoined. The lovers found themselves consumed with an almost feverish, electric heat that took them to heights only they could experience. Once their lovemaking ended, Constance lounged on a small, leather couch near her father’s desk, trying to clear catch her breath and clear her head.

He walked over to the bar in the office and poured them both drinks.

“How was Texas?” he asked in a conversational tone.

Constance came back to her senses.

“Wonderful. As a matter of fact, I’m returning there soon. Probably by the end of the week.” she purred, ignoring the unhappy expression on his face. She was a placeholder for Krystal Carrington. And she had no intention of being in that position again. On and upward….with Ray Krebbs.

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Chapter 2

“You plan to do what?” Ray asked as he watched Donna pack.

“Ray, Field is Dave’s oldest friend. He is losing and I think I can help get his campaign on track.” she said, folding a blouse and placing it inside of her suitcase.

“Okay, but what about Constance?”

Donna eyed him.

“What about her? This has nothing to do with her.”

“Donna, my family is supporting Carlyle’s opponent. How do you think it looks if you go running to Florida to help Fielding Carlyle?”

“Honey, Adam Carrington is a rapist, among other things. He is not fit to sit in the United States senate. Jock should’ve know better.”

“Meaning what?” Ray asked, his tone offended.

“Meaning that he is not fit to be Lucy’s husband either! He should be withholding support of Adam Carrington, at the very least.”

“Constance probably feels really bad about your supporting Carlyle. This man couldn’t be faithful to his own wife. I don’t know that I believe anything out of his mouth.” Ray said.

Donna stopped packing.

“Meaning what? That you don’t think Lane Carlyle was raped by Adam Carrington?”

“Donna,” Ray said in a warning tone, “Alexis is my sister-in-law. It was hard losing Miss Ellie and we’re trying to be a family again. This doesn’t help.”

“You don’t think I miss Miss Ellie?!” Donna snapped. “She would be horrified to see Lucy in this situation! And if she were here, J.R. wouldn’t even be married to a woman like Alexis Colby! None of this would be happening!”

“So it’s Eudora’s fault?” Ray countered.

“I am not saying that.” Donna said tiredly. “Look, come to Florida with me. Meet Fielding and Lane. I know you will really like them. You’ll like them so much that you’ll want to move there and vote for him.”

Ray said nothing.

He finally nodded.

“Okay. I’ll come with you.” he said and Donna kissed him quickly before returning to her packing. But he was not going there to get to know anyone. Constance would need support. What Donna was missing, was that this family was supporting Adam and Constance, not only to help their new Florida business interests, but Constance as well. Donna’s supporting Carlyle would only divide them. He was going with Donna to Florida to make sure that that did not happen.


Constance returned from the mill only to find Field on her porch. His face looked bruised. She sighed and slowly walked up the steps.

“I just got back from Dallas and I’m tired. So if you do not mind…”

“Constance,” Field said, now standing up, “we need to talk.”

“I know about what happened at the mill. I also know what happened to your tramp wife. Neither has anything to do with me. Now I want to go inside.”

“Constance,” Field said slowly, “if things had worked out between us, I would have never let things get so bad, that Eudora had to marry a man like Jock Ewing. I know you had your hands full trying to run that mill and that is why Blaisdel was brought in. I know the Ewings are trying to take over Florida. The Ewings and the Colbys.”

“What’s your point?” Constance asked tiredly.

“Adam Carrington raped my wife. I know you don’t know him. But because Eudora married Jock Ewing and because Alexis Colby is Carrington’s mother, anything could happen to the both of you.”

“What are you running on about? What is going to happen to Mama? Jock loves her.”

“I’m sure he does. But Eudora does not have the stomach for the crap the Ewings pull. And I know we are not friends. I know that. But I would not have a rapist around you either, Constance. I can’t believe Ewing is letting that man marry his granddaughter.”

“Field, the rape is a matter for the police.”

“Meaning Titus. That won’t go anywhere and you know it.”

“You’re a senator! Help your own wife then! I don’t know what you want from me!”

“I’m here because of Blaidsel. Do you know I went to the mill, not knowing that you weren’t there running it? I ran into this guy and said the same thing that I told you just now. That our families went way back and that if things had worked out differently, I’d be running the mill now. Or I would have hired someone proper to do it. That was when he went off and just attacked me. And it was because of you. He didn’t like the fact that I was concerned for you, Constance. I don’t know what’s going on between the two of you…”

“Nothing is going on.” Constance lied. “He’s not my type. That and the little I know of Matthew personally, he is in love with another woman. He told me that you said something rude about me and that’s why he beat you up. Now since you lied to me during our marriage, and Matthew has never lied to me at all that I am aware of, I think I’m going to believe him. Good night, Field.”

Constance walked past him, opened up the door to the mansion, stepped in and closed it without looking back. She wasn’t buying Field’s pretend concern. He wanted her to go on record saying that Adam was some kind of deviant, so that he could win his race. She was not about to do it.

But…maybe it couldn’t hurt to meet the man. Adam Carrington. Tomorrow she would go by his campaign offices and size him up. And if she did get a negative vibe from him, one that could embarrass her mother or her new family, she would have to say something to Jock and her mother. And Alexis would not be happy with her about it.

Unfortunately, by morning, Lucy Ewing would no longer be Adam Carrington’s fiancee.


Constance awoke to one of the maids telling her that Ray Krebbs was on the phone for her. At first, she had thought she had misunderstood but when his name was repeated to her, she sat up quickly and picked up the extension in her room.

“Ray? It’s nice to hear from you!”

She could hear hesitation in his voice as he spoke.

“It’s good to hear your voice too, Constance. I’m in Florida with Donna.”

“Oh? Well stop by for breakfast! Or even lunch…”

“Constance,” Ray interrupted, “we’re not here on a social call. Or at least Donna isn’t. She’s here to help your ex husband with his senate campaign.”

“Oh.” Constance said in a feigned, hollow tone. “And why are you here, Ray?”

“To make sure that your name doesn’t get dragged through the mud.” Ray said bluntly. “I was wondering if I could stop by this morning? I just feel so bad about all of this.”

“Of course you can! I’ll see you at nine?”

“Nine would be good.” Ray said and hung up. Constance slowly hung up on her end and got out of bed. There was a divide between the Ray and Donna already. She planned to widen it even further.

She walked over to a closet and pulled out a special, ‘cowgirl’ riding outfit she planned to wear this morning. Ray was not into politics. He would be bored by Field and his cronies and he would need a place to get away from it all. Showing Ray the stables and going for a nice ride, would relax him.

Constance smiled at her reflection as she held the checkered shirt up to her. She would definitely go without a bra while wearing it.

Meanwhile, J.R. and Alexis’s plane had no more than landed in Colorado, before Adam called to tell them that Lucy had broken off their engagement and went back to her first husband, Mitch Cooper!

“I will get Lucy to come around.” J.R. said in a no nonsense tone. “Nothing has ever worked out before between my niece and that man. I’ll get Daddy involved if I have to.”

“No!” Alexis said abruptly. “Your precious ‘Daddy’ will just blame us. No. We figure out a way to save Adam ourselves.”

J.R., who was pouring himself a drink in their hotel suite bar at La Mirage, eyed her.

“You’ll watch your tone, Alexis, when it comes to my Daddy. And I’m now wondering if Lucy found out there was something to this rape charge?”

“How dare you!”

J.R. walked over to his briefcase, drink in hand. He then tossed a folder towards his wife. It landed on a coffee table.

“I read the police report. Your son has some problems. I have gently ‘coerced’ women into having sex with me and they have enjoyed it! But I have never had to beat up anyone that didn’t want to have sex with me. Maybe Lucy shouldn’t be marrying your son after all.”

Alexis sighed, bent down and picked up the file. J.R. downed his drink and gave her a warning.

YOU need to fix this, since your son is the pervert. I’ll find out just exactly why my niece ran out on your son. If she never loved him, then we can still work with that. But if he’s half the animal that Lane Carlyle said he is, this marriage is off.” J.R. told Alexis, before leaving the room. He had some business calls to make in the bedroom. He went in there and closed the door.

Meanwhile, the phone in the sitting room rang and Alexis struggled not to sound grumpy when she answered it.


“Mother. It’s Adam. We need to have a serious discussion about how things are going to proceed from now on.”

“How things are going to proceed? Really, Adam! What did you do to Lucy?”

“Lucy is a flake, Mother. And though she was fun, she would have never made a proper wife to a United States senator.” he replied drolly.

“I won’t quibble about that. She was rather immature. But that does not solve our problem, darling. Fielding Carlyle has a wife, as wretched as she is. You do not.”

“Yes and we tell the public that Field and Lane’s lies cost me my future wife. I will still run. My campaign managers seem to think we can sell that strategy.”

“Maybe.” Alexis said. “But Lane will have to be dirtied up much more than she has been. Also, Jock is doubting you.”

“Doubting me how?”

“Adam he thinks you really are a rapist! There is a police report that is truly vile! Now either you get Lucy back or we have to make it very clear that Lane is a liar! Eudora has put the idea in Jock’s head that Lane may actually be a worthwhile person.” Alexis sniffed.

“Constance’s mother actually likes the woman that stole her daughter’s husband?” Adam asked in disbelief.

“Apparently so. I was just as appalled.”

“Maybe there is another way out of this.” Adam said and Alexis heard a hitch in his tone. It was how he sounded when he was going to ask for something. Something that was not easily attainable.

“Another way, how?” Alexis asked suspiciously.

“You know, I thought your brother-in-law’s wife was quite enchanting.”

Alexis raised a brow.


“Yes. I met her at my engagement party to Lucy at Southfork.”

“Adam, what are you saying?”

“That Pamela Barnes would make me a more suitable wife than Lucy Ewing. And I’m sure J.R. would love to not be related to her any longer.”

“Darling, her brother is the governor of Texas. He has now found some use for her.”

“Just…maybe you could persuade her to come down here and help with the campaign.”

“Adam,” Alexis said firmly, “I am through finding you ‘women’. You lost Lucy. If you want Pamela then you get her yourself. And good luck with that. I love you but Bobby is no slouch.” Alexis said, hanging up on her son. Good God! Pamela? Really? First Lane Ballou and now Pamela Barnes? Her oldest son’s taste in women was appalling!

She could faintly hear J.R. on the phone, when someone knocked on the hotel room door. Alexis got up and walked over to it, thinking that whoever was on the other side of that door, would be more interesting to talk to than J.R. or Adam.

She opened the door to Matthew Blaisdel.

“Matthew? What are you doing back in Denver?”

Matthew walked in uninvited and Alexis closed the door.

“I heard about Lucy Ewing. Doesn’t that throw a crimp in our plans?” he asked.

“No. It actually might help. The point of this whole thing was to get Krystle to Florida. Once I see Blake and her, they will want to go and help Adam however they can. At some point, you get Krystle alone with you.”

Matthew said nothing but produced an envelope that was about 8 1/2 by 10 inches. He handed it to her and Alexis unclasped it, pulling out pictures.

She smiled and handed pack the photographs of Matthew and Constance having sex.

“Get those to the man I told you about, after you get Krystle alone. He will doctor those pictures so it looks as if Krystle is in them and not Constance. I will send them to Blake and he will remember that there was a point where Krystle was not with him, that she left his side for some reason, making an encounter between the two of you possible.” Alexis said, still smiling.

Matthew could hear that J.R. was on the phone in the other room. He nodded towards that door.

“And your husband?”

“That is my affair. Just like Constance is yours.”


When Ray arrived at the Weldon estate, he was told by a servant that Constance was down at the stables. He thanked the man and followed his instructions on how to get there.

The idea that she had chosen to meet there and not in the house, made Ray uneasy. It reminded him of their kiss at the Ewing Stables. A kiss that he should have never allowed to happen and yet…

There was something about her. And Ray realized that Constance was loyal. She was determined to help his family however she could and she was devoted to her mother. Ray liked Eudora. He had liked Miss Ellie too, but somehow with Eudora, the ‘Jock cheated on Miss Ellie during the war’ thing was gone. He didn’t feel guilty for possibly messing up her life.

Not that Miss Ellie ever said that or even acted that way. She had been accepting of him from the very beginning. But still, with Eudora, it was like he could have a fresh start. A fresh Ewing start. And Constance had as much as told him so.

He looked around the property as he walked towards the stables. Jock was keeping this estate up, since Constance’s father was almost in ruins when he died. Still, it seemed like a lot for a woman alone to be dealing with. His mind went from that to Donna, who had been gone long before he woke up. She had left him a note about having breakfast with Field and Lane.

Ray had nothing against either of them. But there was now a rape accusation and frankly, he found himself thinking that somehow, someway, Donna’s strategy was to blame this on his family. Because whether he liked it or not, Adam Carrington was technically a family member, in a half assed way.

He found the stables and stopped short of entering. Constance was dressed in comfortable looking clothing, that matched his. He had just thrown a blazer over a checkered shirt and put on his cowboy hat. Her shirt was checkered and revealed a v neck view of her firm breasts. She wore jeans and riding boots. No hat.

Constance had just finished talking to a stable hand, when she noticed Ray. She walked up to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Ray, it is good to see you again. I needed to check for squatters so I thought I would ride to the area they were reportedly in.” she purred.

“Squatters? Here? And you were going to handle this alone?”

“Well, Ray, I don’t have much choice.”

“You have stable hands that could handle that! Or the police! Do you have a weapon?” Ray asked in disbelief. Constance pulled out a small gun and nodded.

“I do but it won’t come to that. I’ll just ride over and then we can meet at the house.”

“I am not letting you deal with squatters alone.” Ray said and signaled one of the stable hands for a horse. He brought one over and he got up on to it, then helped pull Constance into the saddle in front of him. They both trotted off and Constance gave him directions as to where to go.

Ray followed her instructions, while doing his damnedest to ignore her rapidly jogging breasts that bounced seamlessly inside of her shirt like obedient basketballs. Ray felt his loins tighten and one of his arms surreptitiously welded itself underneath the shelf of her breasts. They continued to jog on top of his forearm, something that made Constance smile.

No, there were no squatters, though Constance had hurriedly set up a tent and other supplies, to look as if there had once had been. Ray Krebbs was not going to leave Donna in one fell swoop. He would have to be seduced. Carefully.

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Chapter 3

Donna Krebbs was about two blocks away from Field and Lane’s home, when she was pulled over. By none other than Sheriff Titus Semple himself. Donna knew who Titus was, unfortunately. Sam had introduced the two of them once, when they were here visiting Field’s father, Judge Andrew Carlyle. And she always had the impression that Semple had something he was holding over Sam and Field’s father. But Sam would never say.

Donna didn’t bother staying in the car. She got out and faced Titus, who looked very much like the mustache twirling villain he always had been.

“Donna Culver. Fancy meeting you here in Flamingo Road.”

“It’s Krebbs now, Titus. And if you pulled me over for a social call, I’m sorry to say I don’t have the time for it.”

“No, I would expect you wouldn’t. You’re here to try and pull Field out of trouble.”

“I’m going to do more than try. And when this is over, people are going to wonder why you didn’t at least arrest Adam Carrington.”

Titus grinned!

“Why the hell would I have done that? She was involved with him back when she ‘danced’ in Montana. That was a relationship, not rape!”

“You’re a piece of work, you know that? I have to go.” Donna said dismissively and began to turn away, but Titus grabbed her arm!

“Let me tell you something, ‘Mrs. Krebbs’, you may have fooled a lot of people into believing that you were the devoted wife of the great Texas Senator Culver, but there are people that know what you really are. And if you don’t want certain things to become public knowledge, you’ll tell Senator Carlyle thanks but no thanks. Then get yourself back to Dallas.” Titus told her in a no nonsense tone.

Donna could not even imagine what this piece of dirt was talking about!

“What is this, Sheriff? Some made up scandal that you’re just going to attribute to me?”

“You know,” Titus began, “it’s interesting how the world is. How people are connected. I bet you would have never guessed that Punk Anderson was my second cousin. And we keep in touch. Do you know that he told me, awhile back, about Miss Ellie’s cancer and how the stress of it made Jock Ewing slip up. Slip up and sleep with his son’s wife. The illegitimate son.”

Donna just stared him down. Titus smiled.

“Yeah, see, when I tell people that my cousin is the source of that rumor, you’re not really going to be able to deny it. Not to the press, or your husband. Did Miss Ellie know? I mean you two didn’t do it in front of her while she lay dying, did you?”

Donna started to slap Titus, but he grabbed her wrist in a painful grip!

“You are hurting me!” she snapped.

“And people on the street here are starting to watch me ‘hurt you’, Mrs. Krebbs. I don’t personally care who you’ve spread yourself for, lady. But Eudora Weldon is a longtime family friend. So if you have any designs on Jock Ewing, you’d be best to forget them. And if you have any designs on helping Fielding Carlyle get re-elected, you’d best forget those too.”

Titus then abruptly let Donna go and walked back to his car. He could feel Donna’s eyes on his back the whole time. He fully expected that by the end of the day, Donna Krebbs’s fantasies about helping re-elect Carlyle, would be forgotten. He got into his car and drove off towards Lute Mae Clemmons establishment. Titus had to make sure that her connection to Constance was snuffed permanently, as to not embarrass the Weldon family.


Ray kicked through the the supplies and peered into the tent. The squatter, or squatters, were long gone and for that he was damned glad. He would not have wanted Constance to handle them alone. She looked fearful as she held her gun but her face relaxed as Ray made it clear that whoever was here had left.

“Constance, they could come back. I want to check the property lines to see if there ways on to this land can be blocked. Then I want to talk to your stable hands and make sure that they patrol regularly. Jock kept on the men you had here because he assumed they could be trusted. I think I should mention this to him.”

“If you think it’s best.” Constance said and Ray nodded, walking off to look around. She smiled and looked at the nearby pond. Constance then began to slowly remove her clothing, drop it in a pile next to the squatter gear and slowly wade into the water…

Ray returned to the squatter spot about 20 minutes later and found the the things left behind along with Constance’s clothing! He looked out into the pond and saw her splashing around!

“Come on in, Ray!” she called out, still splashing. Ray stared at her, then her clothing, then the squatter set up and suspected he had been had. He couldn’t find any indication that anyone had been on the property. Not even footprints.

“Why don’t you come on out of there!” he called and Constance could tell he would not be cajoled into the water. She slowly waded back towards land, giving Ray a good look at her. When she was fully out, she reached behind her to ring her hair out. Ray could not help but take in her well toned body, his eyes traveling downwards to a small, blonde tuft between her legs.

“Were there ever any squatters, Constance?”

Constance shrugged and he handed her back her clothing.

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

“Why would you lie?”

Constance gave him a pouty look!

“I like you, Ray. I know you’re devoted to Donna but I don’t think she appreciates you. You don’t even want to be here in Florida, do you? You came to look after me.”

Ray was about to say something but Constance walked up to him, having just put on her pants and rested her hands on his shoulders. He swallowed convulsively.

“I like your family. The Ewings have been really good to my mama. I was jealous of Donna all but five minutes after meeting you, Ray. She doesn’t know what she has. I do. Now if I spoke out of turn, then you’ll just have to forgive me. You do forgive me, don’t you?” Constance purred.

Ray smiled at her. Constance Weldon was like a blonde, Scarlett O’Hara. Even when she was wrong, you just couldn’t resist her charm. Maybe that made Field Carlyle, Ashley Wilkes?

“Okay. It’s over and done with. Let’s get you back to the house before you catch your death of cold.” he said, stubbornly turning away so that she could re-dress. Constance did so like a good girl and then told him he could turn back around. He bit his lip before speaking.

“I’m not denying that Donna and I have our problems. But we’re working through them.”

Constance nodded but didn’t believe that. Donna didn’t even know there were problems. She smiled and began to walk back towards the house. Ray looked around, shaking his head and hurried to catch up to her, slipping a hard arm around her waist as they walked. Constance took that as a sign that Ray was not completely against the idea of the two of them. She smiled and leaned into his hold, as they headed back to the mansion.

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Chapter 4

J.R. and Alexis dropped by the Carrington mansion, only to find out that no one was home! Blake and Krystle were vacationing in Europe and had apparently ‘left’ as soon as Alexis had called to tell them that she was coming back to Denver to talk about Adam.

The idea of it actually made J.R. grin! He had never thought that Blake was after his wife. And it wasn’t that he didn’t think Alexis was satisfied within their merger type of a marriage. But she definitely was not content. And he would not have another one of his wives, chasing after other men publicly—like Sue Ellen had with Barnes.

Alexis, though, couldn’t quite believe it and barged past the butler, Joseph, to look around anyway. J.R. handed him his hat and walked in as well. He had only been here once before and always found himself thinking the same thing: he would get along a hell of a lot better with Pamela if they lived in a house this big! He probably would never see her Barnes looking face, which would be nice. Maybe he could convince Daddy to add on to Southfork?

Alexis turned quickly, her dark hair whipping around! She faced Joseph.

“No one is here? Where are Jeff and Fallon?”

“Mr. Carrington invited them along.”

“And Steven?”

“He moved out again.”


“She hasn’t been home in days. She met someone new and is spending time with him. Now if that is all, Mrs. Ewing, I think you should leave.” Joseph said with barely disguised contempt. J.R. decided to smooth things over.

“Now, now, Joseph. I’m sorry you weren’t informed of our being invited to stay.”

Joseph raised a brow.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, that’s right! Ole Blake and I talked and he said that Alexis and I were welcome to stay here in the mansion, while he and Krystle were gone. We’ll be having our luggage sent over from the hotel today.” J.R. lied, looking around for Blake’s study. He seemed to remember he had quite an impressive liquor cabinet.

“If Mr. Carrington offered you the use of the house, then why did you check into a hotel?” Joseph asked, not believing one word of this. Alexis stepped up to back up J.R.’s lie.

“How dare you, Joseph! If my husband says that Blake told you that, then it’s true! Now please call La Mirage and have our luggage sent here.”

Joseph decided to call La Mirage…and Mr. Carrington. He nodded and walked away. J.R. grinned as he watched Joseph finally leave their sight before focusing on his wife.

“There. Now staying in Blake’s house for a night will have to do before we head back to Southfork.” he said pointedly. He began walking around until he found Blake’s study. He opened the door, saw the liquor cabinet and made a bee line for it. Alexis had followed after him and slammed the door to the study!

“Just what do you mean by that comment?”

J.R. poured two drinks and turned to hand her one but she shook her head.

“Darlin’, Blake and that pretty wife of his, left on purpose. This would have been the third time they had to see you this month. That’s probably more than they ever had to kook at you when you actually lived here.”

“How dare you!” Alexis snapped. “Do you mean to imply that Blake took his ‘vacation’ on purpose?”


“Maybe I now remember him mentioning it and just got my timing mixed up! With all that is happening, it is easy to see how that could have happened. But Blake would not purposely avoid talking to me, when one of our children was in trouble. Not even for that secretary wife of his.” Alexis sniffed.

J.R. finished his drink and decided to start on the one he had made for Alexis.

“What was Blaisdel doing in Denver? I know you said you had business to discuss, but he works for Daddy, not you. Or does he?”

“Darling, I am tired. I think I’m going to find Blake and Krystle’s bedroom and lie down.” she purred, but J.R. grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him!

“I know he’s in love with Krystle! So if you have any plans to break them up and make a fool of me…”

But Alexis wrenched herself from his grip and grinned!

“You live on a ranch in the middle of Texas with your father, J.R.! And you share power with your brother! You lost your wife to the governor of Texas! I am not the one that is making a fool of you!”

J.R. grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth to his for a violent kiss! Alexis only half struggled to pull away and soon found herself melting to the floor with him. Meanwhile, Joseph had called Blake, who had told him to call the police and have them both removed. He was going to tell them that he was doing that, just to give them time to leave on their own. He looked around and saw that they were not in the hallway where he had left them—of course.

He then heard a noises, like lusty grunts and closed his eyes. One of the maids would need to use some sort of bleach in the study to clean up after those two. With a heavy and disgusted heart, Joseph eased towards Mr. Carrington’s study door…

And the sight was just as vile as he could have ever imagined. Vile and yet…reassuring.

The first Mrs. Carrington, Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Ewing, was on the floor with her third husband, who was reaming into her like an enraged bull! Joseph could hear their bodies slapping together loudly and heard J.R. barking lustful commands to his wife! All Joseph heard from Alexis was ‘damn you’ and some other phrases no child or animal should hear.

Joseph closed the door and smiled to himself. He would wait until their deviant act ended. And from the looks of things, that would be when Mr. Ewing made the new Mrs. Ewing understand, that she was indeed, ‘Mrs Ewing and not Mrs. Carrington’, anymore.

He would also not call La Mirage. There was no need.


Fielding Carlyle quietly listened to Donna’s story about Titus’s blackmail.

“I can only hurt your campaign, Field.” Donna said in a low tone. “So Ray and I are leaving Florida today.”

“Donna, I will deal with Titus. There are things that he would not want to get out either, okay? But I assure you, if you stay and run my campaign, no one will ever know about one little incident. Donna…he needed comfort while his wife was dying. It just happened.”

“Ray would never understand it. And I don’t want to hurt Eudora.”

“You won’t. They will never find out. Let me deal with Titus.” Field said and Donna smiled at him, looking around. He and Lane lived in Field’s boyhood home. Field had wanted him and Constance to live there but she preferred the mansion. In the end, those living arrangements worked out for Field just fine.

“Where is Lane?” Donna asked, looking around.

“She went to see Lute Mae Clemmons. She’s a friend and she needed help.”

“Lute Mae is Constance’s real mother, right?”

“Yes and that’s kind of a poorly kept secret.” Field said, sipping his orange juice.

“You know…Ray is a ‘Constance Fan’. He came along to make sure we didn’t dirty her up as part of your campaign.”

Field grinned!

“Yeah, Constance has a lot of ‘fans’. While she was not the woman I wanted, she has a certain sort of charm. And I need this campaign to move past my marriage to her. I need for the voters to accept Lane.”

“I read the police report. Adam just happened to be on the same road she was on when her car broke down?”

Field’s face darkened.

“Yes. She took a ride from him in his limo and he raped her in there. The driver disappeared. My wife is just barely holding on.”

“Field,” Donna said hesitantly, “do you think you should still run? I mean maybe you should just focus on Lane.”

“I wanted to do just that. I didn’t want her to deal with the public’s contempt for her along with what happened. But Lane wants me to run. It’s like the rape made her stronger. Strong enough to deal with the crap that comes from being a senator’s wife, and she wants to fight Adam. I want to fight him. I want to beat him and put him in prison.” Field said firmly.

Meanwhile, at Lute Mae’s, an old friend of Sam’s was meeting with Lane in the empty establishment.

It was Cliff Barnes. And at one time, when Lane was between not being able to be with Field, and Sam’s being angry with her for still loving Field, she had fallen into a brief relationship with the now Texas Governor, back when he was just a Dallas D.A….

Cliff nodded to Lute Mae to leave the room as he spoke to his ex lover.

“Are you alright? The moment that sonofabitch steps foot in Texas to see his ‘Mommy’…”

Lane placed her hands on his shoulders.

“Thank you, Cliff, but no. The press will just bring us up and it will hurt Field.” she said tiredly, letting go of him. Cliff could see she was tired and he himself could feel for her, having been the punching bag of J.R. Ewing for years. He slipped a protective arm around Lane’s waist and walked her into the sitting room.

“Listen to me: I’ll do what I can to promote Field’s re-election from Dallas. But your husband needs to use everything in his arsenal. He can’t be nice.”

“Cliff, Field has no ‘arsenal’. He knows nothing about no one, that most people don’t already know.”

Cliff smiled.

“Adam Carrington’s fiancee, Lucy Ewing left him last night.”

“Yes. I heard. But I’m being blamed for ‘lying on him’.”

“Yes well just have Field announce that Lucy was whoring around with a much, much older man named Clayton Farlow and that she is currently with him in Texas at the Southern Cross ranch. That will throw Carrington off of his game.” he told Lane, squeezing her middle, just as Titus Semple walked in and spied the Governor of Texas looking very cozy with the whore of Flamingo Road.


After Ray left, Constance showered and changed, preparing herself to go to Adam Carrington’s campaign office and size him up. If she got a rapist vibe from him, she was going to tell Ray to tell Jock that they should not support him.

It was as she was fluffing her hair in her mirror, that a maid told her that Titus Semple was on the phone for her. At first she was annoyed. Then she got a strange feeling like he was exactly who she needed to talk to just now. She walked out into the hallway and picked up the phone in the hallway.

“Hello, Titus.”

“Constance, you’d better get to the Flamingo Road Medical Center.”

“What? Why?”

“I was at Lute Mae’s when I spotted Cliff Barnes in an embrace with Lane. Then Cliff left and someone ran him down in the parking lot! I’ve already told everyone that Lane did it, but you might want to be at the hospital to represent the Ewings. I’m sure when Barnes wakes up he’s going to blame one of them.”

“Wait a minute: you did see Lane run him down, right?”

“No. She was in the parlor sipping a drink. I don’t know who did it but I figure blaming her will wipe out that rape accusation.” Titus said casually. “Sue Ellen Barnes has been called in and you can bet this won’t look good.”

“I can’t believe Cliff Barnes knows Lane.”

“I think he knew her through Sam. But they looked like they were more than friends.” Titus answered. “I have a press conference in about ten minutes where I’m going to blame Mrs. Carlyle publicly. Like I said, if you want an in in that family, you’d better get down there.”

Titus hung up and Constance slowly replaced the receiver. Yes, she’d better get to the hospital. Ray and Donna were probably already there…Ray being the main person she wanted to see.

The phone rang again and Constance answered it.

It was Alexis.

“May I speak to Constance Weldon, please?”

“Alexis? It’s Constance.”

“Oh. Well thank God! J.R. and I are on our way to Florida as we speak. He is on the phone with his father. Apparently, Sue Ellen brought his son to the ranch after hearing about Cliff. My God that Lane woman is a beast, isn’t she? First she lies and says my son raped her and then she runs down the governor of Texas! I want her put under the jail!”

“I think there’s going to be a lot of people that feel that way.” Constance answered, ignoring the nagging in her mind that Titus was wrong to just frame Lane.

“Yes well this should finish Fielding for good. I was wondering if you could help us with hotel arrangements…”

“I would not hear of either J.R. or yourself staying at a hotel. You can stay with me. Tell your driver to take you to the Weldon mansion. Any cab driver worth their salt will know how to get here.”

“Thank you. I don’t suppose you will be going by the hospital? I know J.R. and I will not welcome there.”

“I was just leaving. I’ll keep you informed and let the servants know you’re coming.” Constance said and Alexis expressed her gratitude once more, before hanging up. Before Constance could move on, the phone rang again!

This time it was Eudora.

“Constance! Oh my God! I can’t believe what is happening there! Sue Ellen is in really bad shape. I was hoping you could comfort her at the hospital.”

“Mama,” Constance said carefully, “I barely know her. And she is Cliff Barnes’s wife, which means she’s an enemy of yours now. What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that she is the mother of Jock’s grandson. Who is now living with us for safety reasons. We don’t know who or why this was done. And…well…Cliff was at Lute Mae’s so I sympathize.”

Constance sighed.

“Yes, there is that. The poor woman thought she found true love and then this. I can’t believe how many lives Lane Ballou has ruined.”

“I have to admit I was wrong about her. I thought at least she was a caring person.”

Constance rolled her eyes at that comment. Yes, her mother had thought Lane was caring, and yet felt bad for Constance. But Eudora’s naivete never failed to surprise her. She was always ‘kind’ to Lute Mae as well after Daddy had…

Constance didn’t even want to think about any of that becoming public knowledge!

“I’ll see what I can do, Mama. I’m headed over to the hospital now.”

“Oh and see if you can offer Bobby and Pam a place to stay at the mansion.”

Constance was puzzled by the request until she remembered that Pam was Cliff’s brother.

“Of course, Mama.” she said and Eudora told her she loved her, before hanging up. Constance hung up and raised a brow. With J.R., Alexis, Bobby and Pam here, the Weldon house hold would be another Southfork for awhile. Or until Cliff Barnes recovered—or not.

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Chapter 5

Constance arrived at the hospital wearing a pink, short sleeved sweater dress that she thought complimented her complexion. She could see Ray thought so too, as he smiled at her and she smiled back. Donna didn’t notice her at first, so she missed the look between Ray and herself.

But Elmo Tyson did not fail to see it. It just fueled his theory that something more was involved with the Ewing presence in Florida. Something more than just Fielding Carlyle’s failing re-election campaign. Constance’s being here was odd, though Elmo supposed it could be to give Pamela Ewing some support. She had shown up with her husband, Bobby, maybe a half an hour ago.

This whole thing, if he even knew what this ‘thing’ was, was turning into something that could go beyond this community and not in a good way. Eudora’s marrying Jock Ewing…Jock bringing his money into this town and taking over the Weldon businesses…then that man that was brought in here, Blaisdel…he was brought in not because he knew the Ewings and not because he knew the Carringtons either.

No. He was brought into this town, purportedly to run the Weldon Paper Mill, because of Alexis Ewing, who ran Colbyco. And yes, Colbyco had merged with Ewing Oil but something was off about that association.

And then there was the news about Lucy Ewing leaving Adam Carrington. Elmo suspected that Miss Ewing believed Lane Carlyle’s story. But Lucy Ewing could not be found. And he was struggling to put Lane’s association with Adam, back in Montana, together.

A flurry of shouting made Elmo turn away from Constance, to find Adam Carrington, walking into the ER, as if he had some business here. Elmo struggled to think of what that could be and watched as Constance walked up to him. There were reporters following after him.

“Adam,” Constance said between clenched teeth, “what are you doing here?”

“Hello, Constance. I have come to support my step sister-in-law, Pamela. She must be devastated.”

Constance refrained from raising a brow. Adam Carrington was smooth, she would give him that. But she doubted he cared if Cliff Barnes lived or died. But she refrained from saying so.

“I’m here for the very same reason. My mother asked me to offer any support and to extend an invitation for both Bobby and Pamela to stay with me while they are here. Your mother and J.R. will be at my home as well.”

Adam blinked and she could see he was looking at her as if he were just noticing her. Or noticing her importance, so to speak.

Before he could say anything, reporters confronted him and Ray hurried over and grabbed Constance, pulling her out of the fray! Now, Donna noticed Constance.

“Hello.” Donna said coolly. “I didn’t expect to see you down here.”

“Hello, Donna,” Constance said, reluctantly letting Ray go, “Mama asked me to come down here and offer any support to Bobby and Pamela. I am going to offer them a guest room at my home. J.R. and Alexis will be there as well and I realized I was just plain rude in not extending an invitation to Ray and yourself as well.”

Before Donna could decline it, Adam’s words wafted back towards them.

“Senator Carlyle has made a fool of the voters here in Florida. His wife is a problem. She is a liar and apparently now, an attempted murderer. I think it is obvious that she had a past relationship with the Governor of Texas as well and when it was about to be exposed, Mrs. Carlyle ran Governor Barnes down with her car. Thank you! No more questions!”

But Donna left Ray and Constance’s side and walked past Adam, which he noticed, and introduced herself to the media.

“Hello. My name is Donna Krebbs and many of you remember me as the wife of the late Sam Culver. Sam would have believed in Fielding Carlyle. Dave Culver believes in him and so do I.”

“But do you believe in Lane Carlyle?” Elmo Tyson asked. Donna looked over at him.

“I do. I think Sheriff Titus Semple is a corrupt liar that has skirted the law and in Mrs. Carlyle’s case, not enforced it. Lane was arrested inside of an establishment. So she ran down Governor Barnes and then went back inside to sit down someplace? Sheriff Semple allowed her to do such a thing?”

Constance slyly linked arms with Ray and then noticed that Bobby appeared. He walked up to the podium to join Donna.

“Hello. My name is Bobby Ewing. I am the brother-in-law of the Governor of Texas and we are asking that you respect our family’s privacy during this terrible time.”

Constance looked at Bobby, then over at Adam, who was glaring at him! It had only been for a brief moment but Constance noticed it. She also noticed how he seemed to slip away down a hallway, as if in search of something or someone. Constance shook off the nagging feeling that was beginning to form in her mind and joined Ray, as he approached Donna and Bobby.

“Hello, Bobby.” Constance smiled at him. “I was just telling Ray and Donna that Mama asked me to have you stay at the Weldon estate. I could make sure that reporters don’t bother either yourself or Pamela. How is she doing?”

“Horribly.” Bobby admitted. “I’m not so sure Lane Carlyle did this. Cliff has made some enemies in Texas. I want to make sure that my wife and my nephew are protected.”

“That’s right. Sue Ellen is coming in too.” Constance murmured. “Mama said that she and Jock were caring for John Ross.”

“Yes and we’ve had to add extra security.” Bobby admitted.

“And I will add extra security as well.” Constance said urgently. “Keep my offer in mind.”

“Bobby,” Ray said, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I’ve been to the estate. It’s secure. I’d work with Constance to make sure that we had the extra security needed for Pamela, in case somehow her brother has put her in danger too.”

Donna looked a Ray with surprise.

Then she noticed Constance’s arm linked with Ray’s.

“Constance, thank you for your offer, but with Alexis and J.R. already there…” Donna began.

“Bobby,” Constance said, ignoring Donna, “J.R. and you both need to coordinate someplace safe. We’re family. Pamela can rest and you can both stay in contact with Jock on how things are going at South Fork, in peace. Pamela and Alexis like to ride. Like I said before, the offer is out there. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and find Pamela and give her my condolences.”

Constance let go of Ray and walked off in the direction she saw Adam Carrington take off in. She smiled to herself as she thought of Donna’s trying to get out of her invitation. She had no doubts whatsoever that by this evening, the Weldon estate would be a full house again.

She turned a corner and found Adam with Pamela…and she was sobbing in his arms. Constance folded her own arms and peered at the scene from afar. She smelled some kind of…something, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She backed away, just as Pamela pulled out of Adam’s arms.

“Adam, you didn’t have to come. I know that this is just adding more scandal to your problems.” Pamela said softly.

“Pamela, did we not bond at my engagement party to Lucy? I sensed we were both kindred spirits. I would never not be here.” he said, his arms encircling her tiny waist as they walked down a hallway.

“I don’t know what to think. Bobby thinks that this is bigger than Lane Carlyle. But what was Cliff doing with her? How does he even know her?”

“None of that matters now, Pamela. Let’s just hope that Cliff survives.”

Pamela nodded and then stopped walking. She sighed and pulled out of his hold.

“I’m just tired, I guess. I’ll see if the staff can set up a cot…”

“You haven’t talked to Constance yet?”

“Constance?” Pamela asked.

“Eudora wants Bobby and you to stay at her estate here and I think that is a good idea. There are reporters that could bother you here, even as you try and rest.” Adam told her, just as Bobby made his way back to his wife, pulling her away from Adam.

“Adam. Thank you for coming.” Bobby said and marched Pam away from him. Constance, who had been behind a pillar of sorts, watched Bobby move Pamela away from Adam, revealing that he was on to him. Adam stared after the couple, his expression wistful, before he turned and walked off in the opposite direction. He then found a payphone and called Titus Semple.

“We need to talk.” was all he said, before hanging up.


Constance left the hospital to make arrangements for her ‘guests’. When she arrived back at the estate, she hurried up the stairs and began to change clothing. She removed her fetching dress in front of a standing mirror and then removed her bra. It was as she tossed it onto the bed and looked at her reflection again, that Matthew Blaisdel appeared behind her!

She clenched her jaw. She didn’t have time for him now. And she couldn’t have him here when Ray arrived. And yet, she knew how to deal with him. She had to gently coax him into leaving, without making it look as if she were eager for him to do so.

Matthew pulled her against him and they both stared at their reflections in the mirror. He moved some of her hair aside to kiss the back of her neck, while reaching around to cup her bare breasts.

“Matthew!” she breathed. “I thought you were out of town?”

“I’m back now.” he moaned and turned her to face him, her breasts almost flattening against his chest. “I heard about Barnes. Alexis invited me along on the private jet she and J.R. came in on.”

“Yes.” Constance said, wrapping her arms around his neck. “And I have to get the guest rooms ready for them. You have to go.”

“They were detained. They won’t be coming here for hours.” he murmured, his lips capturing hers for a brief kiss. Constance ended it and looked at him quizzically.

“They were detained and not you?”

“I told customs there was Ivory on board. It’s a Ewing jet so J.R. and Alexis are responsible for what’s on there and what’s not.”

“You told customs that, why?”

“Because I wanted time alone with you before they showed up here. They should be at a hotel.”

“Matthew! That wouldn’t have been very hospitable, now would it? Besides, Mama asked me to extend the invitation to them. This is a really terrible time for them. Now I have to get things ready…”

“I can’t stop wanting you. I lied to customs because I wanted you all to myself. And there are times that I wish I hadn’t laid eyes on you ever!” he almost hissed into her mouth, his lips coming down on hers with a sudden savage pressure that Constance responded to. Before she knew what was happening, they ended up unclothed on a nearby chaise, with her bobbing shamelessly upon the pulsing root of him. At one point Matthew’s mouth claimed hers again his lips searing hers possessively. It was in that moment that Constance realized that she had to do something to stop the whirlpool of pleasure she shared with Matthew, otherwise, he would expect their relationship to continue—even after she married Ray Krebbs.


J.R. was livid by the airport delay but Alexis sensed Matthew’s hand in that ‘Ivory Frame-Up’. And she suspected it was done so he could continue to carry out their plans to make Blake think that Krystle and Matthew were still lovers. So she was not as upset as J.R. was.

It was nearly dark by the time they arrived at Constance’s home. There were reporters on the road, but they stopped appearing, as men, some wearing cowboy hats, ushered both of them through and kept the media at bay. Constance appeared in front of the house looking concerned for their welfare.

“What happened? I expected you hours ago!”

“You will never believe it so it is not worth talking about.” Alexis said, noting that J.R. was quiet. And that was because he was noticing someone else driving up.

It was Ray and Donna. J.R. turned and looked directly at Constance.

“What the hell are they doing here?” he asked tersely.

“Well, Donna invited herself.” Constance lied. “And I couldn’t just very well say no. They are going to be in a wing that is very far away from the two of you.”

“Thank you, God!” J.R. said and put his hat on. Two servants came out to carry in their bags and J.R. and Alexis walked into the house without saying a word to Ray or Donna. Constance refrained from frowning. If Ray was her husband, she wouldn’t just stand there and allow him to be disrespected like that. He was a Ewing.

Constance smiled and walked up to them.

“I see you found your way here.”

“Well Ray already knew his way here.” Donna said in an icy tone. Constance didn’t give a damn, really, and watched as Donna skulked off after J.R. and Alexis.

That left Ray and Constance alone.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” Ray noted. Constance reached out and straightened his plaid, shirt collar.

“Now nonsense. You are guests in my home. You are family. And you know how family can be. Now there is a nice buffet set out. Eat and rest. Bobby and Pam will probably be in late. But I don’t want you to worry about anything.”

Ray just stared down at her.


“What the hell was Carlyle’s problem? How could he let a woman like you go?”

“I think Field wanted someone a little more modern.” Constance said wryly. “And that’s the kindest thing I am going to say about Lane. Now go on inside and…”

“Actually, I want to meet with the men you have posted. I’ll make sure that this family isn’t bothered tonight. I’ll help you make sure of it.”

Constance’s response to that was to throw her arms around his neck and pulled Ray’s lips down to her own, kissing him passionately! She molded her body with his, feeling her senses soar and it was not long before she felt his desire rise.

She then broke off the kiss.

“Alright, Ray. I’ll go along with anything you say.” she said, pulling away to turn and walk back towards the house. She did not notice that Alexis had watched the clinch, squinting in the darkness. She dropped the curtain and turned to Donna, who was yelling at J.R. about something! She had heard Adam’s name and decided to make her presence known.

“I cannot believe your disloyalty to this family, Donna. Some sloe eyed tramp lies on my son, then runs down a governor and you’re still trying to defend her? And in Constance’s house? She was being hospitable by inviting Ray and you here…by the way, where is Ray anyway?” Alexis asked airily.

Donna clenched her jaw.

“So what was incorrect in the police report, Alexis?” she asked coolly.

“Oh that trash? Everything. She clearly went to a deserted spot to meet my son and resume their former relationship. The one they had back in Colorado when she danced for cotton candy or whatever. She was planning on blackmailing him with it, to get him to drop out of the race and it backfired. Because no one believes her. And they really won’t believe her now, darling.” Alexis said, grinning, just as Constance entered the room. She saw that J.R. was now at the buffet, helping himself to some food. Jock would be calling soon, Constance presumed.

“I think I’m going to get something to eat.” Alexis said, walking off. Donna said nothing and looked over at Constance.

“Where is my husband?” Donna asked.

“Oh he was kind enough to offer to check on the guards, to make sure that they were up to the task.” Constance replied airily. “You look tired. Why don’t you eat and relax?”

“You have known Field since you were both children. I can’t say I would defend a woman that had stolen Ray from me either. But Constance, neither the Ewings nor the Weldons, know anything about Alexis’s children! Why would Lane lie and make Field’s life more difficult?”

“What is it that you want from me, Donna?” Constance asked, puzzled. “I barely know Lane Ballou. She’s some tramp that arrived in town one day and the next thing I know, Field was gone and blaming me for everything that was wrong in his life. What is it you want me to do?”

Donna folded her arms.

“I don’t know. I’m sorry, I know this isn’t your fault in any way. But the public still loves you as Mrs. Fielding Carlyle. And Lane can’t get past that.”

“That’s not my fault or concern.” Constance said, walking away. She wondered if it had ever occurred to Donna that Ray couldn’t get past the fact that he was not Sam Culver?

Donna looked around at who she was spending an evening with and decided she had better things to do. She was going to go down to the police station and see what she could do to help Field and Lane.

She picked up her purse and walked out of the door. She would find Ray and tell him where she was going. Constance glanced over and saw Donna taking her purse and leaving. Where the hell was she going this late?

The doorbell rang and Constance wondered if Donna had changed her mind? But when the butler opened the door, Donna Krebbs was not who was standing there.

Blake and Krystle Carrington were. Blake smiled at the butler and then looked around him at Constance. Alexis, sensing him, moved so that she was standing behind Constance.

“Alexis, Krystle and I cut our vacation short to be here for Adam.”

Krystle smiled at Constance.

“May we come in?”

Constance pulled herself out of her trance!

“Of course! Do come in!” she said, her eyes more on Krystle than Blake. She had nice cheekbones and a gentility about her that was…well…off-putting to anyone that considered her a rival. It took everything in her not to look at Alexis.

J.R., meanwhile, saw who had arrived and tried not to grit his teeth. The night would not be good.

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Chapter 6

Titus Semple met with Adam Carrington at the home he had rented in Flamingo Road. It was a modest, two story and it was clear from the decor, or the lack of any, that Adam had no intention of making a life here.

“Well?” Adam asked as he poured himself a drink.

“Well what? I’m not the one that needs to explain anything, Bub! You ran down Cliff Barnes so that you could lure his sister here! Now what’s the plan?” Titus half sneered, motioning for Adam to make him a drink as well. Frankly, Titus was tempted not to vote at all in this election! Men that let women sway them from power, just bugged the hell out of him! And Adam was no different than Field in that regard.

“I would think it would be obvious: Lane is blamed because she could not afford for anyone to know that she had not only had relations with myself, but with Cliff Barnes.”

“Listen, Mr. Smart Ass, this plan is already full of holes. When Barnes wakes up and admits that he came down here on his own…”

“So what, Sheriff? He met her at a house of ill repute! If the meeting was so innocent, why there? And why couldn’t Field know? You heard his story. He thought his wife was comforting Lute Mae Clemons over some matter.” Adam sniffed.

“Look, we can put Lane in prison. That’s probably the easiest part of all of this. Barnes is a snake. He may care for Lane because of some past association with her. But he wants to stay Governor and he wants his wife. So I don’t consider him a problem either. What I do think won’t fly, is if somehow Pamela Ewing somehow ends up with you. It will look like you were after your fiancee’s aunt!” Titus snorted.

“Let me deal with Pamela.” Adam started to say, when the door opened and none other than Lucy Ewing traipsed in! She threw a suitcase on a couch, tossed some hair and walked into the parlor where Adam and Titus were.

“Lucy.” Adam said, his eyes roving over with distaste. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m back.” Lucy said casually, smiling at Titus briefly, before focusing on Adam again.

Adam cleared his throat and looked at Titus.

“You will excuse us, Sheriff. My fiancee and I have a lot to discuss.”

Titus eyed Lucy, who was grinning in a sinister way. Like the way one grinned when they had someone cornered. Titus finished his drink, said goodnight and left the house, sensing that Lucy’s return would throw a wrench into everything, somehow, someway.

Once Titus left, Adam dropped the civility.

“What happened? Did things not work out with Dr. Cooper? If you were ever with him.”

Lucy also dropped the civility.

“I’m not about to let you come between Bobby and Pam. And I know you want Pam. I found the newspaper clippings of Bobby and Pam in your private desk. Bobby’s head is either cut off, or his eyes are scratched out with a pen…not to mention that sick business with Fielding Carlyle’s wife. You know the part in the police report where you forced Lane to go down on you while wearing a red wig?”

“So,” Adam said with a smile, “we’ve laid our cards on the table. How do you plan to stop me, Lucy? By telling Pamela that disgusting story?”

“No. Your mother is a total witch and I’m not in the mood to be putting up with her. You’re going to drop out of this race. We’re going to break off our engagement, officially, and you’re going back to Colorado. Bobby would kill you if he knew how hot you were for Pam.” Lucy smirked.

“Lane Carlyle ran down Cliff Barnes. I am getting ready to win. I won’t be dropping out and I don’t need you. But what I will let the public know, is that you broke off our engagement, not because of the accusations against me, but because you thought I was in love with Pamela…just like your Uncle Ray was…when you were sleeping with him.”

Lucy’s face fell. She pursed her lips before speaking.

“Where did you hear such a disgusting story?”

“Mother had you checked out from the very beginning. We both wanted to make sure we knew what we were getting when we married into the Ewing family.” Adam said, finishing his drink and walking over to a cabinet. He pulled a key out from another drawer and used it to open it. He then reached in and pulled out a red ‘Pam Wig’. He then turned and flung it back at Lucy!

“Until I can have the real thing, ‘darling’, that wig, and you, will have to do. Now remove your clothing and meet me upstairs.”

“How. Dare. You!” Lucy sneered. “And no one will believe you about Ray!”

Adam grinned at her!

“Mother has some of the farm hands that knew about the two of you, on retainer. They are ready to go to the press about this, anytime I choose. But you are welcome to walk out of that door, go to Pamela and tell her your ‘theory’.”

Lucy flung the wig back at him!

“What do you want?”

“Ah. Now we talk about what I want, instead of the spoiled, blonde heiress who hasn’t a thought in her head, going on about her needs. I will give you a reprieve on the Pam Wig, if you help me get time alone with her.”

Lucy shook her head, unable to believe this had went so badly! And Alexis! J.R.’s wife was twice as bad as he was!

“Well?” Adam asked. “What is it to be?”

Lucy faced him.

“Fine. I’ll help you spend time with Pam.”


Donna had not come back after midnight, and Constance took that as a cue to pay Ray a visit in his room. The night had been interesting.

Blake Carrington was quite the silver fox, as far as Constance was concerned! But she could not see how he could have ever been fooled into marrying Alexis. Maybe she had been a different woman back when they were together. Maybe her banishment from his and her children’s lives had turned her hard. But he was a keeper. Constance had found herself hanging on his every word, while watching Krystle and thinking of Matthew.

Krystle was the one he wanted, not her. And yet somehow, Matthew seemed torn between the two of them and Constance tried to compute their similarities in her mind, during the evening. But except for hair color, she could see none. And yet she also felt threatened by her. Why, she did not know. But it wasn’t in the same way she had felt threatened by Lane Ballou’s presence in Field’s life.

Constance realized that while Lane had stolen Field from her, she didn’t think Lane had that ability with every man. Krystle Carrington could probably take five men away from her in a row and not bat an eyelash. It was off-putting.

J.R. had openly leered at Krystle that evening and the only reason he stopped, was because Bobby and Pamela came home. Krystle made it a point to offer her condolences and she and Pam spent a lot of time talking in a corner. Blake thanked J.R. and Bobby for their support of Adam and asked if they were sure that Lane Carlyle was the actual hit and run driver? He offered the use of his many contacts to give them the help they needed, if indeed there was more to what had happened this evening.

J.R. made it clear to Blake that he could care less about Cliff. But he did confide that his only son, John Ross, did stay with Sue Ellen and Barnes. His concern was for the child’s safety. At that point, Alexis weaseled her way into the conversation, thanking Blake profusely and expressing her own love for John Ross.

Ray had been uncomfortable with the whole soiree and disappeared outside. Constance decided not to follow him and give him his space.

Now the mansion was quiet. Constance got up quietly and put on a robe wearing nothing underneath. She then made her way to her bedroom door, eased out into the hallway and made her way over to Ray and Donna’s room.

Ray was lying on the bed, the moonlight illuminating his solitary body. His hands were behind his head and he wore pajama bottoms. Constance entered his room, quietly closed the door and was in his bed and on him in a blur!

“Constance!” Ray hissed. “What are you doing in here?!”

‘Honey, I came to pay you a visit! Donna didn’t even have the decency to tell you where she was going tonight, did she?” Constance asked, pressing her body against his.

But Ray pushed her away, got up and turned on a lamp.

“Put something on.”

Constance realized she had overplayed her hand. Or misunderstood. She did as she was told and faced him. She decided to let him talk.

“Donna called tonight. They are looking to get Titus Semple taken off of this case. Lane is swearing he was in the bar bothering her, when Cliff was run down. There are witnesses that can back her up.”

“You mean the prostitutes that work there?” Constance countered, not liking his tone. “I don’t get what any of that has to do with us?”

“There is no us, Constance. There can’t be. I just realized what it is that I love about my wife. She’s determined to prove that none of this is on the up and up and I believe that. So does Bobby. I need for you to believe it.”

“You need for me to believe that Sheriff Semple lied about seeing Lane run down Cliff Barnes?”

“I know he’s a family friend…”

Constance coughed and tightened her robe! Suddenly Ray wasn’t so cute anymore. Suddenly, he resembled Field.

“I’m sorry for any misunderstandings here. I won’t bother you again.” Constance said and left Ray’s room, quietly. She eased back into her room, unaware that J.R. had spotted her leaving from there, from his own, slightly ajar door. He closed it and looked back at Alexis, who was lying on her stomach, naked in their bed, moaning Blake’s name. She had had a bit too much to drink this evening and ordinarily, he’d forgive her use of his name, because of her intoxication.

But he was damned tired of Carrington! Blake had drifted into this house and offered no more than he himself had, and Bobby and Ray thought Blake was a hero! Krystle barely looked at him and Pamela’s breasts were mouth watering! If she wasn’t a goddamned Barnes…

Constance had clearly had an agenda that hadn’t worked out. He thought about going over to her room himself, when Alexis turned over on her back and suddenly awoke, sitting up.

“Darling? Come to bed. It’s late.” she purred and J.R. closed the door, slightly mollified by her invitation.

Meanwhile, Constance dropped her robe, turned on a lamp and studied her body in front of her standing mirror. Matthew Blaisdel had seduced her in this room, as she had been standing in this spot, only hours before.

Ray was not interested. Ray was conflicted and oddly, it didn’t bother Constance like it would have, maybe a day ago.

Krystle Carrington’s face and her demeanor ran through her mind. She turned to walk towards her closet. She had paid a late night visit to the wrong man this evening.


Matthew was awakened by something. A soft pressure on his lips. He awoke to find Constance in bed with him. She was wearing a pink, silk robe and nothing else.

“I thought you had house guests?” Matthew asked, sitting up. He only wore pajama pants.

“I did. I also had some unexpected ones—Blake and Krystle Carrington.” she announced, searching his eyes. Matthew slowly got out of bed.

“Blake and Krystle are here? In Florida?”

“Yes, well with all that’s going on, they decided to come here for Adam.” she purred, getting up and taking off her robe. She let it drop to the floor before climbing into bed again. She pulled the covers up over her naked breasts and smiled at him suggestively.

“What is this? I always have to come to you.” Matthew noted, leaning back against his dresser.

“I know you want her. I now know why you want her. And I think Blake Carrington is a fascinating man. I don’t see how you plan to pry them apart. That is your plan right? To pry them apart?” she asked teasingly. Matthew took off his pajama bottoms, kicked them across the room and got into bed next to Constance. They faced one another, on their sides.

“You want something.” Matthew noted.

Then she said it.

“Whatever Alexis and you are planning, isn’t going to work. He doesn’t want her back. It’s clear to everyone but her. So the two of you, will never be able to break them up. But the two of us, on the other hand…” she trailed off and suddenly, Matthew seized her body and pressed it against his!

“What are you telling me?!” he hissed between gritted teeth. “That you want him as well? Carrington?”

“I think I’d like to try where Alexis failed. I think I want you to have your true love. And if Krystle doesn’t think you’ve moved on, then you’ll never get anywhere with her.” she said in a teasing voice that Matthew could stand no longer!

“If we do this, you come back to Denver with me. No more Texas, are we clear?”

“Oh I am very clear.” she whispered and Matthew’s mouth devoured her own, his lips hot and hungry as he kissed her deeply. The next couple of hours for Constance were a fog of relentless lust and she responded to Matthew’s hurried and sharp penetrations, the force of each of them shaking her entire body. It would be the early hours of the morning, before Constance would pull out of his arms, dress and leave, returning to the mansion. She would not see Ray, looking out of his guest room window and watching her as she came in from her long night. Ray could not help but feel a pang of something, as he realized that Constance had went to another man after he had rejected her.

And Constance would soon realize what it was like to have an enemy named Alexis.

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Chapter 7



Things fell apart for many people, after that debacle in Flamingo Road. At least it did for everyone who wasn’t Constance Weldon.

First, Fielding Carlyle divorced Lane Ballou. And it was clear to some, that his political career turned out to be more important than his wife. Lane was cleared of trying to kill Cliff Barnes, when he awoke and told the authorities that he left Lane in the bar, walked out and someone ran him down. It could not have been Lane.

Lane left Florida and moved to Dallas. She was waitressing in some bar last anyone heard from her.

Cliff ended up getting a divorce. Sue Ellen hadn’t liked what happened, or more precisely WHERE is had happened, worth spit! Once Cliff lost Sue Ellen, he lost the governorship.

J.R. swooped back in to re-claim Sue Ellen. He divorced Alexis and had no trouble getting rid of her—Krystle Carrington died in childbirth, giving birth to Blake’s third born daughter, Krystina. Alexis had had no doubts whatsoever that her and Blake would reunite after Krystle’s death.

That did not happen.

But unfortunately, the end of Bobby and Pam’s marriage did take place. And it had nothing to do with Adam Carrington.

Jock Ewing died and all of the squabbling and machinations within the family, destroyed Pam and Bobby. Adam swooped in and married Pamela, bringing her to Colorado to live in the Carrington mansion.

Bobby, oddly, connected with Fallon Carrington, who left Colorado and married him, something Alexis pushed for after her daughter’s divorce from Jeff Colby.

Eudora was left a nice sum and returned to Flamingo Road and to the Weldon Mansion.

Donna became governor of Texas and Ray was not doing well being the ‘First Husband of Texas’. Cliff Barnes was offered the job of running Colbyco by his new wife, Alexis Carrington, which brings us to Constance Weldon, who came to Colorado with Matthew Blaisdel to break up Blake and Krystle.

Krystle, who had been six weeks pregnant when she visited the Weldon mansion that one time, struck up a friendship with Constance…and while she lay dying after childbirth, Krystle asked Constance to look after her baby.

Constance vowed to do just that…to look after Baby Krystina…and Blake, of course. Two months after Krystle’s death, Constance became Mrs. Blake Carrington and became the new target of Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Ewing Barnes’s rage…along with Matthew Blaidsel’s, as well.


Blake thought it was nice of Eudora to want to have her own memorial for Jock down in Florida. Even though she had been Jock’s wife at the time of his death, J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen, took over the funeral and the burial, shutting Eudora out as if she had not buried one husband already, and had no knowledge of how things worked. Eudora didn’t know if it was intentional on the parts of Bobby and Sue Ellen, the latter who had walked out on her husband, but she knew it was purposeful with regards to J.R..

Constance was actually proud of the fact that her mother was asserting herself as the widow of Jock Ewing. All anyone wanted to talk about was how kind Miss Ellie had been. Constance was sure she was, but her mother was Mrs. Jock Ewing and it was high time people understood that.

Blake had taken the Carrington Jet down to Florida and Constance, along with three month old Krystina, Adam, Pam, Jeff and Amanda, who had grown close, were also going to attend. Pam had felt like she had been shut out as well and had loved Jock like a father. She had been hurt that Bobby couldn’t put aside their differences and allowed her to attend. It was so unlike him.

But it was very much like Fallon Carrington, who was now Fallon Ewing, something that Alexis had helped make happen. Even though she wanted nothing to do with J.R., Alexis wanted a pipeline into Ewing business, somehow, someway. And Fallon could be just as devious as her mother.

Alexis had had the nerve to ask if she could come along as well, swearing that she too had loved Jock. No one believed that and Blake firmly told her no and that Eudora, among others, might find her presence upsetting. Alexis swallowed the insult, backed off and turned her attention to bothering J.R. and Sue Ellen from afar. Constance knew once the funeral was over, she would focus in on Blake and herself again.

There were times that Constance couldn’t believe herself, that she was Mrs. Blake Carrington. She had started out trying to help Matthew and honestly never figured that he would ever be able to get Krystle from a man like Blake. Nor did she really think she could turn Blake away from his own wife.

Then Krystle announced her pregnancy. And it was hard every step of the way. So hard, that Constance found herself backing off of the ‘seducing Blake’ thing. Matthew hadn’t minded because he too was concerned for Krystle. It was like they both sensed that either Krystle, or her baby, could die.

Alexis had assumed that Constance was helping Matthew get Krystle alone. It had never occurred to her that Constance was trying to make a play for Blake herself.

Then came the storm…the vicious storm that knocked out trees and power and trapped Krystle at the mansion when her water broke. Constance was actually staying at the mansion by that point, claiming that her and Matthew had broken up and looking so pitiful that Krystle took pity on her and asked her to stay. Constance found herself spending time with Blake’s wife and listening and studying her, with the hopes that she could at least fake Krystle’s positive qualities of gentleness and warmth.

Then the baby started coming…and the blood. Pam, by then, had recently married Adam and she and Constance helped with the birth, along with one of the maids, who took over and claimed to be a midwife.

Constance thought the maid’s midwifing was subpar and once she married Blake, convinced him to fire her. Constance suspected she lied about it but couldn’t prove it. But that night, when Krystle lay there dying and Pam was holding baby Krystina, Krystle looked right at Constance and begged her to raise her baby, before closing her eyes forever.

Constance had been horrified and yet something in her made her take Krystina from Pam and begin walking with her and talking to her. And after awhile, the baby only wanted her so she could not move out.

Nor did Blake want her to.

Matthew was LIVID! He wanted to know if Blake had killed Krystle! It was in that moment that Constance was through with him. He had no concept of what it had been like to watch someone die in front of them. He had no concept of what it took for Krystle to know that she would not be able to raise her baby, and to entrust her care to someone she really did not know.

Everything fell apart for Matthew and Alexis.

But not for Constance.

The plane was now at a stand still and Blake looked over at Adam, who smiled at him. He smiled back at his first born son. Things were different between them. Better, actually. Blake could see the change Pamela Ewing had brought into Adam’s life and he thought she was good for him. She was good for their household. She loved Krystina as much as Constance did and oddly, it helped fill the void, slightly, that Krystle had left behind.

Jeff was hurt by Fallon’s departure and eventual marriage to Bobby Ewing and he had turned to Amanda in his pain. Blake didn’t know if that relationship was such a good idea and had tried to speak to Alexis about it. But she had poo-poo’d it. Probably because she had other concerns of her own.

J.R. Ewing’s divorce from Alexis Colby was a dirty one. Alexis didn’t care about J.R., but she did not want to be seen as being walked out on. And not for the likes of Sue Ellen Ewing! A rumor was started shortly after J.R. refused to pay Alexis alimony if she re-married. The rumor being that Sue Ellen had had a secret child by drunk brother Gary Ewing, and that said child had been raised in the attic at Southfork!

J.R. knew damned well that that story came from Alexis! And of course, there wasn’t a damned bit of truth to it either! Sue Ellen was mortified to be asked such crap by reporters and worse yet, Cliff confirmed that Sue Ellen had told him about poor little ‘Garrison’, who was fed grilled cheese and soup at a card table in the attic, everyday at lunch!

Well J.R. could play games too! Only he told part of the truth—to Blake. He told him that his marriage to Alexis never stood a chance because she and Matthew Blaisdel were constantly scheming to break up him and poor Krystle. He also kept Constance out of it, though to be honest, he wasn’t quite sure if she actually was in on anything with them. He had assumed she was after Ray.

So in the end, Constance looked like she had been used by that scoundrel Blaisdel, all so he could get his hands on Krystle, and Alexis could have another chance with Blake. To say that Blake was livid was an understatement! And when he confronted Alexis, he told her to get rid of Blaisdel, otherwise, he’d reveal other information J.R. told him about her Colbyco dealings. Information that the SEC would be interested in learning.

Blake came back to the hear and now, and walked over to join Constance, who was holding three month old Krystina in her arms. He slid an arm around his wife’s slender waist, as she handed the baby over to a nanny, and they descended the plane stairs. Adam and Pam were gathering their things and he reached for her chin.

“I am still uneasy about this whole thing. I know how much you loved Jock. I don’t want this to be a painful time for you.” Adam whispered to her before kissing her softly.

Pam smiled at him. Adam was not Bobby. No one could ever be Bobby. But he was loving and caring and no, she didn’t believe he had raped anyone. And frankly, she was worried about him coming back here after losing to Fielding Carlyle and having his reputation ruined.

“I’m fine. I will be as long as you’re by my side.” she said sincerely and Jeff glanced at them. The love in Adam’s eyes for Pamela was real. Frankly, he thought Pamela was too good for a piece of dirt like Adam, and yes, he definitely thought he raped that woman in Florida. But…he seemed like a changed man. He watched them leave the plane and his attention was diverted when Amanda appeared before him and straightened his tie.

“Are you ready to say goodbye to a man we never met?” she asked, patting down his tie.

“If this is what Blake wants to do, I’m fine with it. I think Constance’s mother is nice. I’m all for supporting her. I’m all for supporting Blake.”

Amanda said nothing and Jeff’s hands dropped to her waist and pulled her to him even closer.

“Amanda, I know she’s…interesting. But she makes your father happy and Krystina loves her. Let’s just let it go for…”

“Jeff, I am meeting Matthew Blaisdel in a few hours. Now he has a different story to tell. And if it is true, then Constance needs to be thrown out of here on her you know what!” Amanda huffed.

“You’re not meeting that crazy bastard alone, okay? We’ll find some time to sneak away.” Jeff told her, before they too, gathered their things and left the Carrington jet.


Constance was not happy to find out that Eudora had invited Field, Donna and Ray to this memorial as well! She could stand looking at Field for a couple of hours but Donna and Ray? Hadn’t they said their goodbyes in Texas?

Luckily, neither Field, Donna or Ray were staying at the Weldon mansion, thank God, and Eudora took over taking care of Krystina. She was proud of Constance, though she did not tell her that. It was clear from the moment Blake and her stepped into this house that she was Krystina’s mother and Blake Carrington’s wife. She had taken Krystle’s request to heart and Eudora hoped with all of her being, that Krystle Carrington was resting in peace, knowing her only baby was being looked after.

Jeff and Amanda had left for parts unknown, probably sight seeing. Eudora sat with Adam and Pamela, unable to believe that Pamela and Bobby were no longer together. And yet, Pamela, for the most part, seemed happy with Adam. And he with her. Eudora had never thought Lucy seemed all that happy with Adam at all. Or in general.

“So,” Eudora said, “do either of you ever hear from Lucy?”

“Lucy who?” Adam asked casually. Pam gave him a look before answering Eudora.

“Yes. She is in Atlanta trying to make a go of it with Mitch. I always liked him.”

“Again? I’m surprised he would have taken her back after that other time.” Eudora noted.

“Yes, that surprised me too, but she and Mitch are really good together.” Pam said, smiling. Adam kept his mouth shut. He knew damned well Lucy had not been with Mitch Cooper when she ran out on him that other time. But since she had kept her part of the bargain and helped him break up Pam and Bobby, he would keep her secret—secrets.

The butler came in and announced Ray and Donna’s arrival. Adam lifted a brow.

“You invited them?” he asked Eudora. Pam covered one of Adam’s hands.

“You know how J.R. is. He practically shut them out of the funeral arrangements.” Pam said. Adam decided now was the time to ensure that he did not have to spend any time with the noxious Governor of Texas and use some information Sheriff Semple had given him…

“Well yes, darling. And with good reason.” Adam said casually, lifting her hand to kiss it. “Eudora, having them here would be a big mistake.”

“What do you mean?” Eudora asked, not in the mood for nonsense. Adam was toying with her and she didn’t like it!

“Adam? What do you mean?” Pam asked, concerned.

“Darling, I don’t want you hearing such filth. I know you consider Donna a friend—even though she stole Cliff’s job.”

Eudora looked at the butler.

“Please show the Governor and her husband in.” Eudora said before giving Adam a hard look. If he had anything to reveal, he could say it to Donna and Ray’s faces!

Meanwhile, Blake and Constance spent time alone in her room, naked, on chaise in her old room. A quilt half covered their bodies as they lay their holding one another. More than anything, Constance wanted to give Blake a child. Why, she did not know, except that even though she had not been married to Blake long, she had expected it to happen by now.

Pam had also expected to give Adam a child by now as well.

Blake had no idea his new wife was thinking along those lines. Constance didn’t want him to know that she felt that giving him their own child, might take away the pain of his losing Krystle. Blake for his part, allowed his hands to trail down his wife’s back, before she kissed him softly and moved to get up when…

“My God, Constance! What was that!” Blake yelled, pulling her off of him, hurrying to get dressed! Constance heard a crash from down below and moved to put on clothes that didn’t look as if she had been lounging around up here! Blake dressed in a shirt, pants and shoes, before hurrying out of the room! Constance followed putting on pants, a short sleeved shirt and shoes! When she got downstairs, she found Blake trying to break up Adam and…


Donna was sobbing and Pam was looking at her in a very judgmental way! Eudora had her hands over her face!

“Mama? What’s going on? What’s happened?” Constance asked. Eudora began to sob and ran from the room! Donna turned and hurried out of the house, past Field, who had shown up with some small gift in hand. He could see something was going on and turned and ran after Donna! Constance walked up to the men!

“One of you is going to tell me what’s going on here!” she half yelled. Ray pulled out of Blake’s grip and faced her.

“Your step-son lied about my wife. It was nice seeing you again, Constance.” Ray said quietly, picking up the hat Adam had knocked off of his head and leaving. Constance looked from him to Adam.

“Adam? What was he talking about?”

“Yes, Adam! What was this all about?” Blake asked in a no nonsense tone. Pam just shook her head and Adam ignored Blake and Constance and went to her.

“Pamela, I didn’t want to reveal that. But I found it galling that they would appear here. And I assumed Ray already knew.”

“You assumed Ray already knew what?” Constance asked. Blake frowned.

“Yes, Adam, what is it?”

Adam turned from Pamela and faced Blake and Constance.

“Donna Krebbs had an affair with Jock Ewing before his first wife died. Actually it happened while she lay dying upstairs at Southfork. Donna didn’t deny my accusations.”

Blake pursed his lips, not understanding why something like that had to be revealed at all. And by Adam. Constance looked around for her mother, who had poured herself a drink. Pam pulled away from Adam and went to her. Blake told Adam he wanted to speak to him privately and Constance walked outside. Field and Donna were talking out by a fence but she didn’t see Ray anywhere.

Constance suspected he was at the stables.


Constance found Ray at the stables, petting one of the horses. He did not turn around when she came in but he knew it was her.

“Did you come to say I told you so?” Ray asked bitterly.

“I’m sorry. More for my mother but for you as well. I don’t understand why you’re here? Surely you were at Jock’s funeral in Texas?”

Ray turned around and faced her.

“You don’t know why I’m here? I came to see how you were doing. I felt terrible about how we left things.”

Constance raised a brow.

“We didn’t leave things any kind of way, Ray. You are married, I was wrong to think anything could happen between us. It was for the best.” Constance told him. “Donna and you should leave. And it would be nice if you took Field with you.”

“Okay. I deserve that.”

“No, I deserved what you gave me the night I tried to sneak into you room. You’re married. You love Donna. You will find a way to make this work.” Constance said before turning and leaving the stables. She did not see Field, who overheard everything. He waited until Constance was a good distance away before walking inside and confronting Ray.

“From the sounds of things, you had to fend Constance off at one time.” he noted. Ray said nothing. He didn’t know Fielding Carlyle that well and what he did know, he didn’t like all that much. He should have stuck by his second wife better.

“Well then you heard there was nothing to it.”

“Actually, what I heard was your trying to apologize for nothing happening. Meaning what, Ray? That you would like to start something with my ex wife? Because from the looks and sounds of things, she is very happy as Mrs. Blake Carrington.” Field said, now giving Ray an accusatory look.

“And I mean for her to stay happy. Stay out of this, Field. This is between Donna and me.” Ray said and walked out of the stables. Field stared after him for a bit, before leaving himself. This was between Ray and Donna, but Field had the feeling that this was also the end of their marriage.


Jeff and Amanda stepped onto the small houseboat that Matthew Blaidsel owned. Jeff was distinctly uncomfortable around this man. He had slept with Blaisdel’s ex once. That and he didn’t know if one word could be believed that came out of this man’s mouth.

Amanda, on the other hand, was a bit more hopeful. She tossed some of her blonde hair as she regarded him.

“You told me over the phone you had a lot to say about Constance. Let’s hear it.”

Matthew, who had just come back from scuba diving, was still wearing a wet suit.

“And I think I said that there would be a price for this information.”

Jeff rolled his eyes!

“Wow, really? I thought Alexis paid you quite nicely to ruin Blake and Krystle?” he asked sarcastically.

Matthew did not blink an eye.

“If you have something to say, Colby, then just say it.” he said calmly.

“I think you used Constance to get back at Krystle, only she didn’t care who you dated!” Jeff snapped. Amanda placed a hand on Jeff’s arm.

“You’ll get the money. Part of it. I want to hear what you have to say. I also want to know if you think anything can seriously be done to rectify the situation.” Amanda said.

Matthew tossed his diving mask onto a couch and leaned against a barstool.

“Your mother wanted me to use Constance because she vaguely resembled Krystle. She had a photographer that was going to make Constance look like Krystle in pictures. Pictures I still have of Constance and myself. We were going to send them to Blake and make it look as if Krystle and I had slept together.”

“Go on.” Amanda said quietly.

“Constance came to me one night. In the middle of the night to be exact. She had decided after meeting Blake that she wanted him and came up with a plan for us to look like we were together, so we could weasel our way into Blake and Krystle’s lives. But neither of us counted on Krystle being pregnant.”

“Is that it?” Jeff asked with contempt.

“Pretty much.” Matthew said dismissively and Amanda gave him a dirty look!

“What? That is not what you said before! You said you had information that would break up my father’s marriage to Constance for good!”

Matthew shrugged.

“That’s all I have.”

“You get nothing!” Amanda snapped and walked off of the boat! She couldn’t do anything with that! Jeff gave Matthew a funny look before following Amanda on to the dock.

“I can’t believe he lured me here under false pretenses!”

“He didn’t.” Jeff said quietly. Amanda looked confused.

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is, I think he knows much more but won’t tell. Because he wants Constance. And I’d even be willing to bet he calls her and tells her that we were here, looking to ruin her life.” Jeff speculated.


“Let’s get out of here and have a cover story ready, in case Constance confronts us.” Jeff said, quickly encircling her waist and hurrying her off the dock. Matthew stared after them coldly. Yes, he did plan on contacting Constance and ‘warning her’. He needed a way back into her life so that he could take her away from Blake Carrington, like he failed to do with Krystle.

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Chapter 8

If Constance knew anything about anything Jeff and Amanda had tried to pull on her, she did not indicate it. And it made Jeff wonder if Matthew was going to wait until they all returned to Colorado to do anything.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Cliff had one hand on the small of Alexis’s back, as they entered La Mirage for their lunch reservation. There were times when he wondered why he felt he had to have everything J.R. Ewing ever had? He had lost Sue Ellen with that kind of thinking. But when he recovered from being run over, he felt everything slipping away. And he couldn’t stand the idea of Sue Ellen leaving him and returning to that bucket of spit, J.R..

So he turned an eagle eye towards Colorado. And Alexis.

Alexis turned out to be a bit much, but nothing he couldn’t handle. He still thought he could handle her and he hoped to run Denver Carrington into the ground.

Actually, that was not true. He had nothing against Blake Carrington. It was Ewing Oil he wanted to put under. And it always would be.

Alexis, meanwhile, actually preferred the quiet life that Cliff provided. Meaning he did not talk a whole lot, unlike J.R.! And lovemaking with Cliff was adequate but not what it was when she had been with J.R.. Of course she didn’t dare say that ever to Cliff! The poor man would probably kill himself if he ever knew that!

They were sitting at their usual table, ordering from the wine list, when the last person that Cliff ever expected to see, walked over to welcome them.

Lane Ballou, the former Mrs. Fielding Carlyle.

“Lane?” Cliff asked, shocked. Alexis gave the woman a withering, dismissive glance. She had never seen the tramp up close, just newspaper pictures. She would see she was pretty, in a back alley sort of way.

“Cliff. How are you?” Lane asked, smiling.

“What are you doing here? I had heard you moved to Texas?” Cliff asked, taking in her clothing. She looked good.

“Are you here to serve us?” Alexis asked airily. “Other wise, dear, I think it would be nice if you moved on.”

Lane looked at Alexis.

“I’m here because your daughter offered me the position of interim manager of La Mirage while she’s in Texas. I would have thought you’d have known that, Alexis…”

“Don’t you dare address me by my first name.” Alexis said coolly. “I am Mrs. Barnes to you. And how would Fallon even know you?”

Lane folded her arms.

“Fallon and Jeff were big financial supporters of Field’s campaign. And friends of my late husband, Sam Curtis. Fallon knew I was having a hard time and offered me this position.” she replied. But Alexis eyed her. She thought it was odd that both Lane and Constance had decided to settle here in Denver? Did Constance know Lane was here? She had to. Surely her and Blake had been here to dine before now.

“So, Fallon didn’t support her own brother in that election.” Cliff noted, more to himself than anyone else. Alexis said nothing more and Lane felt compelled to say more.

“If you have a problem with my being here, Mrs. Barnes…”

“No.” Alexis said, thinking maybe Lane could be used against Constance. “What Fallon does is her business.”

Cliff looked at his wife, then at Lane, who looked just as surprised.

“I agree.” Cliff said. “Lane, it’s good to see you. I really mean that. I am sorry things didn’t work out with Field.”

“I think,” Alexis interrupted, “that Miss Ballou and Constance, discovered that Fielding Carlyle was not the man they thought he was. It happens, unfortunately.”

Lane just nodded, excused herself and left. Cliff stared after her, unable to believe that she had landed here in Denver. And with Fallon’s help. That meant that Fallon and Jeff believed that Adam was a rapist. He couldn’t help but worry for Pam. He looked at Alexis, who was already staring at him.

“Tell me what you’re thinking, darling?” Alexis asked.

“I think it’s odd she’s here. That’s all.” Cliff said, picking up his drink.

“So do I. And I think there’s more to all of this. I want you to find out what you can from her. I plan to pay a visit to Dallas and see Fallon in person.”

“You’re going back to Dallas? Do you think that’s a good idea? Considering what you said about Sue Ellen?”

“What WE said, darling!” Alexis grinned. “And I’d love to see J.R. try and keep me out of Texas and away from my darling little girl.”


Eudora was still determined to give the Jock Ewing she knew, a proper Florida send off. She pulled herself together and prepared herself to greet her guests for the memorial she had planned for her late husband.

The event was going to take place on the Weldon grounds and Constance watched the workers set up everything from chairs to a podium, along with an outdoor buffet table, as she pushed Krystina’s stroller down a path on the property. Blake, Adam and Pamela had went riding but Constance hadn’t felt up to it and begged off, telling them she was going to go for a walk with the baby.

Constance was feeling out of sorts about the ‘Donna and Jock’ reveal but didn’t know why. She told herself it was none of her business, that it had happened before Miss Ellie had died.

But what was bothering her, was that now she could not help but wonder if Donna and Jock had had something going, while he was married to her mother! And Constance knew her mother was thinking the same thing.

Ray had to be thinking that too.

Constance sighed and stopped the carriage to walk around the front of the carriage and peer at the sleeping Krystina. She smiled when she thought of how many people assumed that the baby girl was her own. She stared and could not help but think about how much a brother or sister of Krystina’s, would look so much like her, that no one would know that Krystina’s mother had been someone else. Yes, there would be people that would know and remember Krystle but as the years wore on, maybe not so much.

Constance was so lost in thought that she never saw Matthew come out of a wooded enclosure and approach her from behind! Constance almost jumped out of her skin when she turned and saw him!

“Where did you come from? What are you doing here?” she asked in a huffy manner.

Matthew grinned!

“Is that anyway to greet your future husband?”

“Matthew, I am not in the mood to fool with you! Krystle died and our plans died with her. Now you meed to move on!”

“Constance, I still care about you. And you’re in trouble. Your step-daughter and Fallon’s ex-husband came to see me, looking for dirt. I covered for you but I won’t keep doing that unless you show me a little appreciation. Like you used to.” Matthew said and caressed her arm suggestively.

Meanwhile, Ray, who had arrived and was looking for Adam to punch him out, walked the grounds and saw Constance slap Matthew’s hand off of her! He hurried over to see what the hell was going on!

“Is everything alright here?” Ray asked, thinking that the man looked familiar.

“An old acquaintance was getting fresh.” Constance sniffed. “And he was just leaving.”

Matthew eyed Ray.

“You’re one of the Ewings.” Matthew noted in a matter-of-fact tone. “One of Constance’s step-sibling’s, right?”

“And you’re that guy Jock hired that didn’t work out. He said you just up and quit. I think you need to leave.”

Matthew looked from Ray to Constance.

“Is that all he knows about me?” he asked her. But Ray was in no mood for any foolishness!

“I know the story. You tricked Constance into thinking you loved her, went to Colorado with her only you were after Blake Carrington’s wife. Now leave this property now!” Ray snapped, his arm now sliding around Constance’s waist and pulled her close to him. Matthew forced himself not to react. The three of them, Krystle’s baby, Constance and this goddamned cowboy, almost looked like a happy, little family.

“I’m leaving. I just came here to let Constance know a few things. Constance, I’ll see you in Denver.” Matthew said and turned and walked off. If he had a vehicle on the property someplace, it was not in plain sight. Constance pulled away from Ray and sat down on a small white bench, pulling the baby carriage close to her and looking in on Krystina. She had slept through that encounter, thank God!

“Constance? What’s going on? What was Blaisdel doing here?”

Constance huffed and looked at Ray.

“Never mind him! My mother is beyond hurt by what was revealed yesterday! And a ‘Florida Memorial’ wouldn’t have been necessary, if you had helped Mama in Texas! She was Jock’s wife and she shouldn’t have been muscled out of the funeral arrangements there.”

“You know what was going on.” Ray said somberly. “J.R. didn’t believe Jock was dead, for one thing. We never found his body after that crash. The plane itself is under quicksand. Everybody was just in pieces. Including Eudora. She was in no shape to plan a funeral, memorial or anything else back then. She could have used your help in Texas.”

Constance’s eyes widened!

“You’re blaming this on me?”

“I’m saying your presence at the funeral would have been welcome.” Ray told her. “I am here to support Eudora in saying goodbye to my father, in case you’re wondering why I’m really here.”

Constance didn’t ask him about Donna and Jock. That would have been in poor taste.

“Well thank you for coming. Mama appreciates it.”

“And you? Do you appreciate me being here?”

“I appreciate everyone that is coming that can show my mother the proper support and respect she was owed as Mrs. Jock Ewing. I have to get going.” she said and pushed Krystina’s carriage back towards the house. Ray was acting friendlier than he had had since she first made moves on him, but it was too late now. And she didn’t especially like his ‘friendliness’, now that he knew Donna was a dirty tramp.

She thought about what Matthew told her. About Amanda and Jeff. They were up at the house. She knew that Jeff probably didn’t care one way or the other about her being in Blake’s life. But Amanda clearly did.

Fallon came to mind. Maybe if Fallon could come down here to see her father…yes…she would call her with a story that would get her down here and turn Jeff’s attention from Amanda. That was the least she could do for her dear step-daughter, Amanda.


Donna had the unmitigated gall to show up for the memorial!

It was a nice day so the event was held outdoors. And many people walked up to the podium to speak. Constance, who was sitting next to Blake, Pam and Adam, looked over at her. What could Donna say about Jock anyway that wouldn’t cause someone to snicker or roll their eyes? She should have kept away, for decency’s sake.

Ray sat beside her, as if he had not found out that his wife had had sexual relations with his father, while Miss Ellie was dying. Blake clasped her hand and Constance squeezed his. Eudora spoke first, then Ray and a few Florida business associates of Jock’s. Then Pam. Constance noticed Adam struggled not to scowl, when Pam went on and on about how welcome Jock made her feel when she was married to Bobby.

After it was over, Constance was at a buffet table, getting a plate for herself and Blake, when Field suddenly appeared beside her. Constance pretended not to notice and looked over the food.

“Hello, Constance. You look well.” he said, breaking the ice.

“Yes I do. It was nice seeing you, Field.” Constance said as she took the plates. But Field took one from her.

“I’ll help you take these over.”


“Because we need to talk.”


“About Donna and Ray.” Field said firmly. Constance moved out of the way so that she wasn’t blocking the buffet line and Field followed suit.

“Why in the world would I discuss any of that with you, Field? Mama is hurt beyond belief!”

“Yes and her response to this will make the difference as to whether Donna is re-elected in Texas.” Field said.

“I highly doubt that,” Constance said drolly, “now if you will excuse me…”

“Okay,” Field said shortly, “it’s you that concerns me. And Donna.”

“Excuse me? How do I figure into any of this?” she asked, not knowing or caring where Field was going with this, when a gunshot from inside the house, startled everyone! Krystina was sleeping in there!

“Krystina!” Constance screamed, dropping the plates and running towards the house! Field was right on her heels and they were the first inside to find Adam lying on the foyer floor! And he was lying in a pool of blood!

ADAM!” Pam screamed and rushed to him. Field got on the phone to call for help and Blake was at Adam’s side as well, perched, before he stood to full height and glared at Donna and Ray accusingly!

“What happened in here?!” he snapped at them.

“Hey!” Ray snapped back. “Now just calm down! Donna and I don’t know anything about this!”

“The hell you don’t!” Blake almost growled. “One of you or even the both of you, are responsible for shooting my son!”

Constance didn’t know what to say or think! She eased by all of them and hurried upstairs to check on her baby! When she got to her room and checked Krystina’s crib, she was wide awake and looking unsure. Constance picked her up and sat down with her in a chair, rubbing her little back. She sensed the baby was stressed and obviously didn’t know why.

Blake entered the room moments later.

“How is she?” he asked tersely.

“Scared. She can sense something is going on! I think we need to go to a hotel!”

“Of course, darling, I agree. Unfortunately your family home is a crime scene. Your mother is handling things admirably, considering, but we do not have long before the media arrives.” Blake warned her. He then indicated that he wanted Constance to hand Krystina over to him. Constance did so, standing up.

“I’ll go downstairs and help her. How is Adam?”

“Holding on and barely conscious. Pam is with him now and she is beside herself. I need to get down there.” Blake said.

“Well give Krystina to me. I don’t want her seeing any of this! I’ll put her down again and we’ll see what we can do.”

“Constance,” Blake said in an odd tone, “I know that you feel a sense of loyalty to the Ewings, as does Pam. But both of you are Carringtons now.”

Constance sensed he was going someplace with this, but she couldn’t quite fathom what he was talking about.

“Yes, Blake, I know.”

“I’m glad. So when either Governor Krebbs or her husband are arrested, we have to put aside our feelings and act as a family.”

“Blake! I would never take up for either Donna or Ray! And I was never that close with anyone in the Ewing family, that I would lie for them!”

“Darling, I’m sorry. Of course you wouldn’t. I know that but…”

“But what?” Constance asked.

“It’s just that I had a feeling when Ray arrived here, that the two of you were closer than I had ever realized before.” Blake said, giving his wife a probing look. Constance floated into his arms and felt them clasp around her.

“I am a Carrington. And if Ray or Donna did this, then we’ll stand against them as a family.” she whispered.


Titus arrived and things did not go well. Sheriff Semple found ‘evidence’ that Lane Ballou had returned to Flamingo Road, snuck into the mansion and shot Adam!

Even Blake wasn’t buying that since he knew Fallon had hired her to run La Mirage. Constance hadn’t known that at all, and tried to piece together why that woman was living in Denver as well?

“Sheriff, I expect you to take this investigation seriously! And you are allowing the only two people that could have done such a thing, to get away!”

“Mr. Carrington,” Titus said in a courteous tone, “you’re asking me to arrest the Governor of Texas.”

“So? I think we both know that she had good reason to be angry with my son.” Blake said coldly. Ray stepped forward. Blake had been talking about Donna and him as if they weren’t still in the room!

“Donna and I arrived in this room AFTER the shots were fired! And you’re a fool, Carrington, if you think your son didn’t have a planet full of enemies that could have done this!” Ray yelled. Donna touched his arm, then spoke.

“Titus, clearly you told Adam about what you knew about Jock and myself. And I know you were helping him in unconventional ways when Adam was running for the senate. If you don’t start to look for the real shooter, I’m going to let the media know a few things about yourself that they should learn.” Donna told him in a no nonsense tone.

“A few things like what, Governor? Go on. Say whatever you have to say right here out in the open.” Titus dared her in challenging tone.

Blake interrupted, facing Donna.

“Governor, I make no judgements about what my son accused you of. But anyone that knows what was said, would be a fool to think that that revelation hasn’t strained your marriage. Now no one here on this property had any reason to shoot my son but your husband and yourself. And if you think I will allow either of you to return to Texas after this, think again!”

Field walked into the room with some news.

“Security chased a man by the pond. It’s Matthew Blaisdel.” Field said, now looking at Constance. Blake could not hide his shock!

“Where is he?!” he snapped.

“In a police car. For once, Titus you inadvertently did your job.” he said wryly, though Titus scowled. Constance could not believe Matthew would sneak into her home and shoot someone! Why? She could have seen it if he had shot Blake, Ray or Field…meaning any man that she herself had been involved with or was currently with. But Adam? Why?

“That fits.” Ray said in a tight sounding voice. “I found him threatening Constance and her baby, hours before.”

Blake now looked at Constance accusingly!

“You knew he was on the property?”

Constance decided it was time to throw her ‘step-daughter’ to the wolves!

“Blake, I didn’t say anything because what he told me was private, family business.” she said primly.

“What are you talking about?” Blake asked in an annoyed tone. Constance sidled up to him and spoke in a low tone.

“He said he was here because Amanda and Jeff had come to see him about us. They thought something was still going on between Matthew and myself and wanted to know if it was true. If he was here today, it probably had to do with them.” Constance told him and Blake understood what she was trying to say. He most certainly did not want either Amanda or Jeff dragged into this.

“I want to talk to Blaisdel.” Blake said, looking at Titus. Titus sensed something had changed. Something Constance had told him. But he nodded and he and Blake left the room. Field followed after them, nodding to Donna, who then followed after Field.

That left Ray and Constance alone.

“What did you tell Blake?” Ray asked her.

“The truth. Before you came along, Matthew told me he was here meeting Amanda and Jeff.” Constance half lied. “They wanted to know if I was still involved with him.”

“What?!” Ray asked, appalled. “You live with them in the same house, don’t you?”


“Then they should know how devoted you are to Blake and his baby daughter! That’s not right!” Ray huffed and Constance could not help but smile at him. It was nice to have a champion, even when you were kind of guilty.

“No, but now I have to wonder if Adam was somehow involved with Matthew in someway as well?” Constance wondered as Matthew watched Blake and Titus coming towards him while he sat in the back of the police car. They did not know how far gone he really was. They did not know that he imagined Krystle sitting next to him, in the police car.

“Matthew, it’s the right thing to do. You know that, don’t you?” she asked in her gentle sounding voice.

Matthew nodded. He was going to tell Blake that it was Constance’s idea to doctor pictures of them, so it looked as if Krystle and himself were sleeping together. Constance’s idea and not Alexis’s.

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Chapter 9

Blake did not know how to react or feel, when Matthew told him about his and Constance’s scheming.

Instinct should have told him to not believe Blaisdel. And he didn’t…not really. But…

Something WAS wrong. Something about what Matthew Blaisdel had told him that made him doubt Constance. How he could, he didn’t know, since their marriage was better than he had ever expected it to be, considering how much he had loved Krystle. But a part of him found a way to love Constance as well. And the way she mothered Krystina, as if she were her very own…

The whole thing reminded him of Alexis. It reminded him of when he realized what a scheming liar he had married and how devastating it had been. To him and his children. And after his marriage to that woman fell apart, Blake had vowed never to be so blind or foolish ever again.

Still, the problem was that some of what Blaisdel was saying made no sense. Like the doctored pictures. Constance was not the type of woman that would have had relations with a man while someone else was photographing them. And Matthew showed him two pictures. They were vile, but what Blake could not get past is that he got the feeling that Constance hadn’t known anyone was taking pictures of them at all.

The two men sat in the back of the squad car as Matthew was talking to him. Finally, Blake spoke.

“I don’t believe you.”

Matthew grinned!

“You don’t? Well maybe the police will…”

“The police will do whatever I say.” Blake said coldly. “And you shot my son.”

“I shot him because he caught me in the house. I was waiting for Constance. We were going to slip away to the stables together. I told you…”

“I know what you ‘told’ me. I don’t believe you. Krystle kept a diary and I read it…while she was alive! She thought you were crazy and she was afraid of you.” Blake told him.

Matthew struggled not to look at the apparition of Krystle he was seeing, who was shaking her head at him.

“Now I don’t believe you! Krystle is a good and loving woman! She wouldn’t keep a diary about me that trash talked people.”

Blake eyed him.

“Why are you speaking about Krystle in the present tense?”


“You heard me!”

“Maybe I just asked Krystle about this ‘diary’ and she denied having one! And Constance and I were in love. Real love before you came along and ruined everything! Just like you did with Krystle and I!” Matthew snapped, ignoring the disapproving look on ‘Krystle’s’ face.

Titus suddenly opened the police car back door and Blake got out. Titus closed it quickly and faced Blake.

“Well?” he asked.

Blake folded his arms.

“Get him to a mental institution and quickly! I’m not sure how or why he shot my son, but it’s clear he’s crazy.”

“What’d he say?” Titus asked.

“Enough to make me realize that he’s been ‘talking’ to Krystle. I have to protect my family. Adam has already been hurt. Blaisdel has designs on my wife. Constance has to be protected.”

“You know,” Titus said somberly, “I knew he was off years ago. You know he beat up Carlyle for just looking in Constance’s direction, awhile back. I warned your wife that I thought he was off then.”

“I don’t understand why she would’ve gotten involved with him then.” Blake said, more to himself than Titus. “I mean the two of them were clearly a couple when they came to Denver.”

Titus had always suspected that Constance’s sudden marriage was a little too good to be true, but he couldn’t prove anything. And he had suspected that she was sleeping with Blaisdel willingly. He began to see a piece of the Carrington pie for himself—that is if Constance knew what was good for her. Because right now, Titus was looking at a man that seemed suspicious of his own wife.


The hospital was full of former lovers, former spouses and outright enemies, as they all awaited word on Adam Carrington’s condition.

Constance and Eudora sat with a shaken Pam, when Cliff and Alexis arrived! Pam stood up and faced her brother and sister-in-law/mother-in-law.

“Where is my son? How could you have let this happen?!” Alexis snapped at Pam.

“Hey!” Cliff snapped back, getting in between his sister and wife. “Pam didn’t shoot him! Blaisdel did!”

“Yes,” Alexis said, her eyes now focusing on Constance, “Constance’s lover shot my son. I wonder how that came about?”

Eudora’s eyes widened and she looked from Alexis to Constance, who hadn’t batted one eyelash.

“Hello, Alexis. I am so sorry about Adam. But with our love and support, he’ll pull through. Now if you don’t mind, I’d just love it if Cliff and yourself would sit way over there, as to not disturb all of us that are truly concerned about Adam and not into petty revenge.”

“Petty revenge? My dear, it is only a matter of time before Blake finds out what you really are.” Alexis said coolly.

“What I really am, Alexis, is his wife and mother of his child.” Constance said primly. “Cliff, please, she’s upsetting Pam.”

“Yes you are, Alexis!” Pam suddenly snapped. “I don’t know whether my husband is going to live or not! And I don’t need this!”

Cliff took Alexis by the elbow and pulled her over to some waiting room chairs, very far away. Alexis kept her eyes on Constance for a moment, before noticing Donna and Ray. Pam eyed them.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea that either of you are here. Please, just go.” Pam said firmly. Eudora kept a hand on Pam’s shoulder.

“Ray, Donna, I’m sorry, but maybe it’s best if you leave.” she said.

Alexis lifted a brow. What was that all about? There seemed to be hostility towards Ray and Donna. Why? She eyed Ray, who exchanged a sneaky look with Constance. Alexis stood up.

“Darling,” she said to Cliff, “I am going to go and find a doctor or nurse that can give me an update on MY son!”

Cliff watched his wife skulk off and decided to join Pam again. Donna saw him and smiled softly.

“Cliff. How is Alexis holding up?”

“She’s not. And she’s even meaner when she’s stressed.” Cliff noted. “Is something else going on around here? I’m getting a vibe that there’s more to this shooting than just Blaisdel.”

Donna and Cliff walked off someplace and Ray felt himself stiffen with anger. Was Donna really going to tell Cliff Barnes about what Adam said? Why? He could use that against her, come back to Dallas and run against her as Governor! What was she thinking?

Whatever it was, she had decided to do it alone. Ray found a seat and sat down, just as Bobby and Fallon arrived. Pam saw him and rushed into his arms, sobbing! Fallon scowled at the sight, just as Blake entered and saw his oldest daughter. Fallon dragged her eyes off of Bobby and Pam and turned to embrace her father.

Jeff and Amanda, who had been someplace in the hospital, appeared and they both approached Fallon and Blake. Constance thought things were getting a bit crowded.

“Mama, let’s go home. I have to check on Krystina. I’m just worried about leaving her during this time.”

“Honey, you go ahead. I feel like I have to stay for Pam’s sake.”

Constance nodded and hugged Eudora, before walking up to her husband. She said hello to Fallon and ignored Jeff and Amanda.

“I’m going home to check in on Krystina. Call me if there is any news.” Constance said, kissing Blake before walking out of the hospital. Yes, she knew it looked bad but she couldn’t help it. Despite her boldness with Alexis, she was not going to sit there and put up with Alexis, Fallon and Amanda!

Ray watched her leave and surreptitiously, decided to follow her.


When Constance returned to the Weldon mansion, she found Titus inside with officers, who had closed off the front hallway with yellow tape.

“Really, Titus? Is this necessary?” she sniffed, before looking to one of the maids for a report on Krystina. She told her that her baby was still sleeping soundly. Constance thanked her and turned her attention back to Titus.

“Now Titus…” Constance began. But Titus interrupted her.

“I want in on the Carringtons.” he told her.

“In? What are you going on about?”

Titus grinned!

“You know what I think? I think Blaisdel and you were scheming to break up Blake and Krystle Carrington. And then she died giving birth and you swooped in and played the loving replacement mother. Blake was drawn to you and you managed to snag him. I also think you dumped Blaisdel. I mean hell, Constance, the woman he loved is dead and you’re now married to Blake? He went nuts.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Constance replied coolly.

“What I am talking about, is the fact that Matthew Blaisdel had quite a tale to tell Blake. And I think your husband half believes him. And the only reason it’s ‘half’, is because he has reason to believe that Blaisdel is acting as if Krystle is still alive. So that puts him in the crazy category. I’m here to help you keep what’s yours, girl. And in order to do that, I need to know everything.”

Before Constance could speak, an officer hurried in!

“The car that was taking Blaisdel to the institution crashed! Officer’s Armory and Venteen are dead. There is no sign of Blaisdel though.”

“God!” Titus hissed, running a hand down his face. Constance ran out of the room and up the stairs to see to Krystina! She was going to pack her up and get her out of here!

Meanwhile, Ray walked into the house, startling the officers.

“What’s going on?” he asked, sensing the tense situation.

“Blaisdel escaped. I need to get Mrs. Carrington and her daughter to a safe location. You need to leave.” Titus told him.

“And you need every man you have to find Blaisdel! I’ll get Constance and Krystina safe! He was here earlier threatening both of them!”

Titus ordinarily would not have allowed a civilian to do the work of the police. But Ray was a Ewing. Even if he was illegitimate. And the husband of the Governor of Texas. He sensed Constance and the baby would be alright in his hands.

“Alright. But call the station when they are someplace safe. I’ll tell Blake Carrington you’re handling things on this end.” Titus said, before leaving the mansion to join in the hunt for Blaisdel.

Ray closed the door after them and bolted it tight. He then turned to one of the servants and asked about all entrances. The last thing they needed was Blaisdel sneaking his way in here before he could get Constance and Krystina out of here.


Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Constance was right to leave…

J.R. showed up! And he had no good reason to be in Florida at all! Cliff got the feeling he just wanted to see what all of the trouble was about. He shook Blake’s hand and they walked off down a hallway to talk, just as Alexis re-appeared after speaking to a doctor. She caught sight of both of her ex-husbands and looked to Cliff.

“What is J.R. doing here? Is Sue Ellen with him?” she asked tersely.

“No.” Cliff said quietly, his mind racing. Was it possible that J.R. had had something to do with Adam’s shooting? The idea seemed far fetched but he knew Ewing. He was never really anywhere he didn’t belong. Somehow he was connected to this.

Meanwhile, Fallon was restless. Bobby was sitting with Pam and Constance’s mother…Fallon forgot her name. Jeff was lurking about making goo-goo eyes at her and Amanda, the sister she barely knew, was glued to his side. Throw in the fact that she could care less about Adam and suddenly she just didn’t think she could fake any concern over the situation.

She decided to pry her husband away from Pam, when Fielding Carlyle appeared.


Fallon saw him and smiled.

Then she frowned.

“God, Field, don’t tell me you’re caught up in this mess?”

Field sat down next to her.

“I was there when Adam was found.”

“So you didn’t see Matthew Blaisdel shoot my brother?”


“So…it could have been Constance?”

Field’s eyes widened!

“No because Constance and I were outside and heard the shots. Your little sister was sleeping inside. Constance was terrified for her.”

“I just bet.” Fallon said in a snarky manner.

“I take it Constance and you are not on the best of terms?” Field surmised.

Fallon sighed and then spoke.

“Field, she just came out of nowhere and my father just up and married her. I understand how Daddy might have been vulnerable. But Constance was involved with Matthew. She suddenly dumps him for my father?”

“You know, some would say your marriage to Bobby Ewing was pretty sudden.” Field noted.

“Don’t tell me you’re defending Constance.” Fallon replied blithely. “After all that she did to you.”

Field shrugged.

“Time has given me perspective. I should have never married her. I was in love with Lane. And by the time Lane and I found our way back to one another, in some ways it was too late.”

“How can you say that? Seriously, Field, my brother raped your wife! Everything was fine between you before that.”

Field shook his head slightly.

“No it wasn’t. I had to pull Lane into my political life, kicking and screaming. And she told me how many times that she just wasn’t a political wife. I think she blamed me for Adam and for the negative press and for the constant, bad attention she got from the voters here. I should have quit politics. Lane and I would still be together if I had.”

“It is not too late.” Fallon said quietly. “She is living in Denver now and she’s not dating anyone.”

“And you think that’s a coincidence?”

“What do you mean?” Fallon asked.

“Fallon, our marriage ended because I had NO idea that she had been with Cliff Barnes too. Come on! You can say what you want to say about Constance, but she loved the limelight, the public loved her and yes, there were other men but they weren’t politicians! I couldn’t deal with that. I couldn’t deal with her possible connection to Barnes’s hit and run…it was just one too many a scandal for me.”

Fallon shook her head.

“Wow, Field! You were unable to stand by your own wife. She did not run down Cliff Barnes.”

“No, we never found out who did…though I’m sure Titus knew who the real culprit was.” Field said, looking around. “I’m surprised Titus isn’t here lurking around, trying to pin something else on Lane.”

Fallon peered at Field, as she suddenly realized that what he was trying to say, was that he thought Lane was after Cliff! Well if that was true, good luck getting past her mother!

Meanwhile, Adam’s doctor appeared and Pam, Eudora, Alexis, Cliff, Blake, Amanda, Jeff and Bobby, huddled around to listen to the news…

“I managed to remove the bullet but there was a lot of blood loss. It’s going to be touch and go for the next 24 hours.”

“Can I see him?” Pam asked tearfully. The doctor nodded and Pam pulled Bobby’s hand, beckoning him to join her. He nodded and they both followed the doctor to see Adam.

Alexis gasped!

“The nerve! My son is going to wake up to see Bobby Ewing in his face! Blake, you have to do something!”

“Alexis, would you please calm down. I will talk to Pam about asking Bobby to wait elsewhere.” Blake told her and followed after Pam and Bobby. Alexis sniffed and looked around.

“Eudora, where is your tramp daughter?”

“Where are yours?” Eudora countered. Alexis gasped again!

“How dare you! This is all your fault! The only funeral necessary for Jock was the one in Texas! But no, you allowed someone like Sue Ellen to usurp your place and plan a funeral for a man that was neither her husband, or her father-in-law any longer!”

Eudora slapped Alexis, just as Donna re-appeared after getting coffee for everyone! Jeff and Amanda got in between the two women and Cliff lumbered over and pulled Alexis away from all of them!

“I am extremely tired of your behavior, Alexis. I understand you’re upset over Adam. But you’re not helping things here.” Cliff told her.

“Neither are you, darling. Why don’t you make our hotel arrangements for your self. I will be sleeping here.”

Cliff realized he had been dismissed and walked off. Alexis’s eyes slid off of him and she focused in on Donna. She walked over to her.

“Where is Ray? I thought I would say hello.”

“I just bet.” Donna replied sarcastically. “He’s around here someplace.”

“Actually, he’s not. He left shortly after Constance did. I would keep an eye on your husband, Governor.”

Alexis then turned away from her and walked off to find Blake. Surely she would be allowed in Adam’s room after Bobby was thrown out, wouldn’t she?

Donna looked around and saw no signs of Ray. She folded her arms. She understood what Alexis was saying to her loud and clear. And she had no intention of allowing Constance to come between her and Ray anymore than she had. And Constance had indeed come between her and Ray. In ways Constance could never imagine.

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Chapter 10

If Constance was surprised to see Ray when she hurried down the stairs with Krystina’s things, she showed no signs of it. She then ran back upstairs to get more things and finally Krystina herself, whom she allowed Ray to hold. One of the stable hands helped get the luggage into Ray’s rental car. Constance made sure Krystina was in a car seat and then jumped in to the passenger side of the car.

Ray took off and soon they were on the freeway. Constance had to admit she felt awkward being alone with Ray. Actually, she felt awkward needing help from him. Or anyone really. This Matthew thing had gotten out of control.

“Thank you for helping us, Ray.” she said.

“You don’t have to thank me. I saw you leave the hospital and didn’t like the fact that you were going back to a house where someone was shot. Not to mention Krystina was still there. Then Matthew escaped. I’m sorry you’re going through this.” he said.

Constance stared at him. Ray finally glanced over at her.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because you’re being sweet to me, despite what happened between us.”

“Nothing happened, Constance. I didn’t let it. I’m just sorry that I let you think at the time, that there could be more between us.”

Constance raised a brow.

“At the time?” she questioned.

“I know you would’ve never looked twice at Blaisdel, if I had been able to give you what you were asking from me. I couldn’t.”

“And you still can’t. Your wife is a governor. The scandal would be horrendous. I would be the other woman.” Constance said matter-of-factly.

“I know you’re happy with Blake.” Ray said.

“I am. I know people think I married him for his money, even though I was pretty comfortable already. But I don’t think many people understand what it was like to look into Krystle’s eyes as she was dying. She feared for her baby. She begged me to take care of Krystina. I think she meant Blake too.”

Ray said nothing at first and Constance assumed that was the end of the conversation.

But then he spoke again.

“You know…marrying a man because his dying wife hinted that you should, really isn’t a real reason to be with someone.”

“Why Ray Krebbs,” Constance said in a falsetto Scarlett O’Hara voice. “whatever are you saying?”

Ray rolled his eyes and looked over at her, just as he took an exit.

“Okay ‘Scarlett’, I get that I’m being bold in saying what I’m about to say, but I’m just coming out with it: I had no business saying what I said to you, that night you came to me.”

“Of course you did. You were married and still are. I am married now too. Let’s just forget about it, okay?” Constance asked. But deep inside, she felt a quiver of something. Ray was trying to tell her that he regretted turning her away. Suddenly, she felt as if she had a chance with him again.

But it was too late. She was Mrs. Blake Carrington. And she intended to stay Blake’s wife and Krystina’s mother.

Ray didn’t say anything more as he pulled into the private drive of a beach house. Constance tried to hide her distaste for the decor. The beach house itself was turquoise!

“Did Donna and you buy this?” Constance asked politely.

“No. Donna inherited this from her late husband. I thought it would be the perfect place for us to stay until Matthew was found.” Ray replied.


Titus arrived at the hospital and could feel the tension as soon as he spotted Eudora, who was sitting with Bobby and making small talk. He looked around for Blake but the person who ended up in front of him, was Alexis Barnes.

“Sheriff,” Alexis said in a sharp tone, “I hope you are not here to tell us that Matthew Blaisdel escaped or something! If he has, that would not look good for you.”

Titus took off his hat to her briefly, before replying.

“Actually, that is exactly why I’m here. Blaisdel has escaped and I’m here to assure Blake that his wife and baby daughter are safe.” he replied. Eudora and Bobby heard him and got up out of their chairs to join the two of them!

“Titus, did I hear you correctly? You said Matthew Blaisdel escaped?” Eudora asked.

“Yes. Two of my men were involved in a car accident while transporting Blaisdel to the psychiatric facility. My men were killed and Blaisdel escaped.”

“A psychiatric facility?” Alexis asked. “Why was he being sent there and not to jail?”

“Because he’s crazy, ma’am. And Mr. Carrington requested it.” Titus told her pointedly. Alexis turned and walked off in search of Blake! He was probably with Adam and Pam…

But she was stopped when J.R. appeared directly in front of her, blocking her path.

“Get out of my way, J.R., I do not have time for your rubbish.”

“Oh then you’ll make the time, darlin’! Because we have a lot to discuss. Like how and when you’re going to go before the press and tell them that you lied on Sue Ellen and Gary.”

Alexis scoffed!

“No one is even talking about poor, unfortunate ‘Garrison’. How old is the little tyke by now anyway?” she purred.

J.R. was itching to slap her, but he knew that could lead to something indecent.

“Sue Ellen started drinking again after you told that lie.”

Alexis raised a brow.

“My lie is the ONLY reason she started drinking?” she asked in a mocking manner.

“Yes! What the hell else would it have been?”

“Oh I don’t know J.R. darling, maybe other women? Look, you can’t possibly blame that on me. That woman would drain every liquor store in Texas over a broken fingernail. Cliff is no better. He is highly excitable over the tiniest thing. Frankly, I thought they were perfect for one another.”

J.R. said nothing for a moment.

Then he spoke.

“I don’t want her to be so unhappy that she finds comfort in a bottle. Alexis, if you’d just admit to lyin’, it would help me out.”

“Why should I help you out? You refused me alimony even if I found happiness with someone else.”

“You’re upset because I divorced you. You weren’t all that in love with me.” J.R. said knowingly. But Alexis gave him an odd look.

“No. But you are not without exciting qualities. We could have made it work. You know…if Blake had died.”

J.R. rolled his eyes and changed the subject!

“How is Barnes working out at Colbyco?”

“I have people watching his work.” was her answer. “Cliff has his own qualities. But he will always want to beat you. I don’t think he cares about besting Denver Carrington. Not like he should.”

“Well how about we help each other then? I help you run Blake into the ground…you walk back that damned lie you told on Sue Ellen and Gary.”

“How am I supposed to do that without looking bad myself?” Alexis argued.

“Oh darlin’,” J.R. purred, “if there was a picture of the phrase ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’, your face would be front and center! Now do we have a deal?”

“Well,” Alexis said grudgingly, “I suppose. But J.R., don’t be surprised if my telling the truth, isn’t enough to keep Sue Ellen from drinking.”

J.R. said nothing and Alexis gave him a rare, sympathetic look, before she walked off in search of Blake. Always in search of Blake.


What no one knew, was that Matthew had not really ‘escaped’. At least he hadn’t on his own.

He had had help. From someone who had other ideas and other plans for Mr. Blaisdel.

Matthew, who barely had a scratch on him, had been pulled out of the over turned sheriff’s car by two men, who then put him in the back of a sedan and drove him to the airport. Once there, he was put on to a private plane. One that was on it’s way to California…

He sipped a drink as Lucy Ewing stood before him, appraising him. Matthew had appraised her already. She was cute but kind of short. Still, he would hear her out before heading back to Florida to find Constance and take her and Krystle’s baby girl from Blake Carrington.

“Do you know who I am?” Lucy asked.

“You are Adam Carrington’s ex fiancee.” was his reply.

Lucy grinned!

“Whoa! That’s unfortunate that anyone would know me in that way. But it will do.”

Matthew set down his drink and sat down on a sofa.

“What can I do for you, Miss Ewing?”

Lucy leaned against the bar.

“You can do for me, what you attempted to do for Alexis.”

Matthew raised a brow.

“Little girl, I have no idea what you’re talking about…”

“Oh I think you do. You were working with my ‘aunt’ to break up her first husband’s marriage to Krystle Carrington. And you were going to use Constance to get the job done. I overheard Alexis talking to you, on the phone about it once at Southfork.”

“Lucy,” Matthew said patiently, “you probably misunderstood something Alexis was saying on the phone…”

“Mr. Blaisdel, I listened in on the extension. I do that a lot.”

“Well, then you can call me Mathew.” he grinned. “Now what in the world is it that you think I can do for you? It must be something big because you broke the law for me.”

Lucy folded her arms.

“There is a distasteful rumor floating about that I left Adam Carrington during his campaign to rut around with Clayton Farlow. Do you know who that is?”

“He owns Farlow oil. He’s also a rancher.” Matthew replied. “Nice guy from what I’ve heard. Better than Adam Carrington. And what is that saying? ‘Age is just a number’? You could do worse.”

“It was a RUMOR! I was with him. But not for myself. He and my Mama have formed a close friendship. She’s pregnant and he wants to marry her.”

Matthew just stared at her. What in the hell did that have to do with him??? But he let her talk some more.

“Clayton is nice. But he’s not my Daddy, who is the father of her baby. Actually, she’s having twins. My point is this: someone came between my parents. A woman. A woman that might be to your liking. I want you to bring her back to Texas and deliver her to a certain residence. That way my parents can find their way back to one another. In return, I will keep you out of prison.”

And with those words, Lucy handed Matthew a picture of Gary Ewing’s new bride—a woman formerly known as Abby Cunningham.


Blake could barely listen to Alexis’s blathering once Titus arrived and told him the bad news.

“Blaisdel was allowed to escape? And instead of sending my wife and daughter with a police official, Ray Krebbs is her bodyguard? Sheriff Semple, you have just lost any power you ever had…”

“Now, now! Calm down! I know for a fact that Blaisdel isn’t even in Florida anymore so your family is safe.” Titus told him. “The other car that crashed into my men, knew how to arrange the accident so Matthew could come out of this unscathed. Unfortunately, we also know that according to a manifest we were shown, Blaisdel was smuggled on to a ColbyCo jet for parts unknown.”

Blake turned his fury from Titus to Alexis!

“You helped Blaisdel?! Why? And after all of your haranguing about my putting him in a mental institution…”

“Blake! This is a mistake! I most certainly did not help him escape!”

Blake stared at her. Hard.

“You suggested him to Jock Ewing, when the Weldon Paper Mill needed running. Why? I remember being surprised that you even knew him.”

“I know a lot of people, Blake. And Matthew knew the oil business. What are you suggesting?”

“Alexis, he escaped on one of your planes! You had to have allowed him access to it, knowing he had almost killed our son!”

“I most certainly did no such thing!”

“What about that husband of yours?” Titus interrupted. “He runs your company, doesn’t he? Is it possible he let him use the plane?”

“Why would Cliff do that?”

“I’ll just ask him.” Titus responded. But Alexis stepped in front of him.

“You most certainly will not insult my husband by even bringing it up to him.” she said coolly before looking at Blake again. “And Matthew Blaisdel is capable of quite a lot. Even getting on to planes he has no business being on and escaping law enforcement! Maybe if you had had him locked up like the common criminal he is, he would not have had a chance to get away!”

And with those words, Alexis sauntered off to find Cliff so they could prepare for the storm that was about to come down on them. Blake squared his jaw.

“It does seem unlikely that Alexis or Cliff would help Blaisdel.” he noted.

“It that’s true, then there is another player in this whole thing. Someone else we never thought of or overlooked, that needed Blaisdel free.” Titus said.

“Where did Ray Krebbs take my wife and daughter?” Blake asked.


The decor inside the beach house was better than the outside, Constance had to admit. She walked through the house, as Ray settled Krystina down in a room.

A nursery.

Constance waited until Ray put her down in her crib, before speaking.

“Donna and you are planning on starting a family?” she asked.

“Not that she’s told me. But she did when she was married to Sam.”

“Oh.” Constance nodded. Yes, some of the furniture did look a bit dated.

“I’ve only been here once or twice. I don’t like it much.” he admitted.

“You just don’t like anything that was Sam Culver’s,” Constance told him. “You want to make your own way in the world. Still, with a little fixing up this place could be a home away from home.”

“Oh you think it needs fixing up?” Ray asked, raising a brow.

“Well it could use some lived in touches.”

“Like me, hey?”

Constance tilted her head.

“What does that mean?”

“It means that I know you felt I could be doing more. More so I could be more ‘Ewing Like’.”

“Ray,” Constance said softly, “you deserve more. You are just as much a Ewing as J.R. or Bobby. And if oil is not for you then do something else. But I know being the husband of the Governor of Texas doesn’t sit well with you. Not completely.”

Ray folded his arms.

“Okay, Constance, humor me: let’s say that we were married and living at Southfork. What would you change?”

“I think that kind of talk is dangerous.” she said and turned and walked out of the room. She went downstairs, found the kitchen and checked on the formula she had brought along for Krystina. Soon, Ray joined her.

“I was serious.” he said. Constance put the formula in the refrigerator and faced him.

“I know you were. And it won’t help either of us to do down that road. When I came to you that night, maybe. But not anymore.”

“I’d better call Titus and let me him know where we are.” he replied and walked out of the kitchen. Constance stared at his retreating back and felt…


She felt she was being mean to Ray and she didn’t know why! They were both married to other people and they could not be sitting around alone here in a beach house, imagining what their lives would have been like together. Besides, it might not have worked out any better for the two of them than it did between herself and Field.

Constance could hear Ray on the phone. She decided to check on Krystina again, even though she had just seen her five minutes ago. She was about to leave the kitchen when Ray returned.

“Titus said we can go back to your home.”

Constance blinked.

“Why? They found Matthew?”

“No. He escaped. On a ColbyCo plane.”

Constance gasped!

“Alexis was behind this whole thing?!” she snapped.

“Constance, calm down! Alexis is claiming that neither her or Cliff authorized the use of their jet for Blaisdel to use, but I don’t think Titus believes that. Alexis really wants you out of Blake’s life, hey?”

But Constance didn’t answer. And she looked ashen. Ray closed the distance between them and placed his hands on her shoulders to keep her steady.

“What is it?”

Constance found her voice.

“Do you think Alexis hired Matthew to come and kill me? Maybe Adam was an accident?”

“Alexis is not that crazy! Besides she never hired anyone to kill Krystle!”

“No…but she hired him to break Blake and Krystle up! Matthew told me that!”

“What?! Constance, if he told you that then how did you think you could make a relationship with him work?”

Constance stared at him and realized that Ray…poor, loving fool that Ray was, still thought she was innocent in all of this. And then, she did what she had swore not to do: she grabbed his face and pulled his mouth to hers, claiming his lips possessively! His mouth grounded on to hers instantly and Ray groaned with desire at the welcoming warmth of their kiss.

Constance felt herself melt into a puddle as Ray picked her up and carried her upstairs to a bedroom that once belonged to Sam and Donna Culver. It had never felt as if it had belonged to himself or Donna. Nothing about this beach house ever had.

Before either of them knew it, their clothes were on the floor and and various other areas of the room and Ray had buried himself deeply within Constance’s beautiful body. The new lovers burned with electric heat as they moved together in a steamy rhythm that caused their bodies to smack against one another with piercing clarity. Constance clung to Ray as her world erupted into a kaleidoscope of colors that caused the world to seemingly spin and spin.

Meanwhile, Titus was driving Blake and Donna, the latter who had still been at the hospital, towards the private road to the beach house.

A bullet crashing through the front window of their car, stopped their arrival.


There will be a Part Two to this story called ‘The Ties That Bind’. But first, the story of what happens in Knots Landing with Lucy and Matthew, will be posted. The title is called ‘Capricorn Cruel’.