Disabled man starved to death after Government stopped his benefits

Angela Channing

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MPs and campaigners have called for an independent inquiry after it emerged a disabled man with a long history of mental illness starved to death just months after welfare officials stopped his out-of-work and housing benefits.

Errol Graham, a 57-year-old grandfather, and in his younger days a keen amateur footballer, weighed just four and a half stone (28.5kg) when his emaciated body was discovered by bailiffs who had broken down his front door to evict him for non-payment of rent.

A coroner’s report into the tragedy found that Graham, who suffered from severe social anxiety and had cut himself off from family and friends, had died of starvation. When he was found, his Nottingham flat had no gas or electricity supply. There was no food in the property apart from two tins of fish that were four years out of date.

In a sane world, the Conservative Party who let this happen, again and again, would not be returned to power with the help of its media chums. Britain is losing the compassion and humanity that used to make us civilised.

Disabled man starved to death after DWP stopped his benefits