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John Stamos as Blake Carrington

Eva Longoria as Krystal Gomez Carrington

Odette Annable as Fallon Carrington

Max Thieriot as Steven Carrington

Austin Stowell as Adam Carrington

Colin Salmon as Cecil Colby

Ashley Walters as Jeff Colby

Victoria Justice as SammyJo Gomez


Kelly Lynch as Alexis Carrington Colby

Blake Carrington walks out of the front door of his mansion and into the back seat of his limousine. The car drives off.

The limousine pulls up a n front of a Denver town house. Blake gets out and greets Krystal at the door walking her to her car hand in hand while his driver takes her luggage from the house and puts it in the truck of a car.

The limousine pulls up next to a private jet. Blake and Krystal get out and walk up the steps into the plane.

The plane rolls down the runway lifting up and flying into the sky until only a dot remains visible.

Steven and Mathew (Alexander Skarsgård) work with a crew in an oil rig in the Badlands of the Dakotas.

Fallon signs requisition forms in the lobby of the Mewès Davis Hotel in Denver. An excited chief approaches her babbling in French. She attempts to calm him down, responding in French, calling him Louis, and stroking his arm.

A beautiful woman in her early fifties sun on a pebble beach in the South of France. A devilishly handsome young man in a black speedo hands her a drink and sits next to her.

A young man walks out of a court room, journalist shouting at him, pictures snapping. "Mr. Torrance will you be running TorrQuest Oil?" "Mr. Torrance will you be staying in Texas or headed back east?" "Mr. Torrance . . ."

On the top floor of the ColbyCo building Jeff walks into enormous office and says, "You wanted to see he Uncle Cecil?"

Showing him a tabloid picture of Blake and Krystal on yacht out in the office with a caption 'Billionaire marries Bimbo.'

Shocked, Jeff says, "I don't know. First I've heard of it. But Krystal Gomez is not a bimbo, that much I can tell you."

"You know here? Who the hell is she?"

"She's an ad executive. Claudia Blaisdel's partner."


"Why would who Blake Carrington marries mean anything to you?"

"It's important to keep your eye on everything. He'd do the same thing, mark my words."

A pretty young girl listens to her voice mail on speaker, "This message is for SammyJo Gomez. I'm with the Denver Free Press doing a story on your aunt, Krystal Gomez. She recently married billionaire Blake Carrington. I'd like to ask you some questions about you aunt and I'm willing to pay."

Blake Carrington signs contracts for the development of oil fields in the nation of Bessarabia with that country's Prime Minister in front of the press. Cecil Colby looks in as they sign. The Prime Minister announces the pleasure of King Galen to have the expertise of the American field services company DenverCarrington to develop the long dormant Bessarabian oil and gas reserves for his country's national oil company. They have also contracted with Colby Industries and ColbyCo to transport the oil and gas, as well as refine and market it.

Blake goes to leave the crowd as it breaks up and Cecil offers his hand saying, "Nice to be working with you again, Blake."

Blake declines his hand and says, "It wasn't my choice Cecil. They insisted."

"Well regardless, it's been a long time. I hear congratulations are in order. You ran off and got yourself remarried. Have you heard from Alexis?"

"No and I don't expect to hear from my x-wife either."

"No I suppose not. Well please offer your new bride my sincere best wishes. She's worked with ColbyCo. I don't really remember her by Jeff tells me she's a very gentle woman."

"Well Jeff's opinion might just be the only opinion from a Colby I'd care to hear. Good day Cecil." Blake walks toward the elevators.

Cecil studies the man as he departs.

Krystal and Claudia (Ashley Scott) go over an advertising campaign for ColbyCo gas stations at Barrow and Gomez. Jeff applauds saying he'd almost believes that they're selling green energy and thanks the two women. He then hugs Krystal, congratulating her on her sudden marriage.

"Thank you Jeff. Those flowers are from your Uncle Cecil. I didn't know what to make of them."

"My uncles and Blake Carrington have hated each other since they were working together thirty years ago."

"One day you'll have to tell me the story of what happened. Blake says he'd rather not dredge up the past but he also wishes I wasn't working on an account for ColbyCo."

"Well the short of it my uncles and Blake were setting out to strike it rich on their own away from their respective families. Somewhere along the way I'm sure they both set out to screw each other over. Blake founded DenverCarrington as a field services business and my uncles went broke. They did inherit the conglomerate Colby Industries from their father, which owns a large chunk of the very public and very large ColbyCo Corporation my grandfather put together, so they didn't entirely end up broke and in fact actually ended up dwarfing DenverCarrington. But, Blake's share of DenverCarrington doesn't exactly leave him broke either. So you ask me their feud is over nothing."

"Kinda what I figured."

"You going to keep working now that you're married?"

"Of course. I like what I do. Why would I quit now. Claudia and I are making a babe for ourselves."

"Well, it's just Blake's a bit old fashion when it comes to that sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, I love him like a father. Heck he is my godfather, but well Fallon's always filled that roll of executive hostess, and she's good at it."

"What do you mean."

"Well there's a lot of entertaining to his job. As a matter of fact he's hosting some reception tomorrow evening for the Prime Minister of Bessarabia."

"He said his caterer handles all the details."

"He means Fallon's company, Mewès Davis Hotels."

"Oh. Will you be there?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, Cecil Colby back in Blake Carrington's inner sanctum. Do you know if Steven will be there?"

"Blake's hoping so."

"Me too. It's been a while. We were all great friends growing up, Fallon, Steven and me. So much has changed. Fallon went off to Baldwin and Bryan Mawr and studied a year at the Sorbonne. Steven and I went to Hill together. Then he went to Penn and I went off to Christ Church and we all just sort of went our separate ways. Before I took this job I was working in London in a office and Steven's been up in the Dakotas in the fields."

"Can I ask, do you know why Steven and Blake don't get along? You ask me they seem an awful lot a like. I mean, maybe that's just it."

"That and Steven's gay. Like I said, Blake's old fashioned and it doesn't set so well with him, anything Steven does outside of his control."

"Blake never mentions it. I've know Steven a lot longer than I've known Blake. He's partners with Claudia's husband. In fact Steven and I have talked a lot over the years about his relationship with his father. Blake just can't seem to accept Steven."

"No he doesn't. Has Blame mentioned Adam?"

"Reluctantly. There are times Blake just stares off into the distance. You can tell he's being eaten away from the inside out. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah I do. I still remember Adam, playing with him at the Carrington's. When he went missing something in that house died."

Krystal tears up.

Jeff hugs her, "It'll be OK. You'll be good for him. He needs you Krystal. He's a difficult man but a good man really."

Krystal walks into her office followed by Claudia saying, "I think we impressed him."

"That we did."

"About tomorrow night . . ."

"Please Claudia, so much has happened between us. Let's look at tonight as a chance to start over."

"I'd like that."

"And you'll bring Mathew?"

"That's the thing. I don't think Blake would want him in his house."

"Well, now it's my house too and you and Mathew are my dearest friends and I want you there, to put this behind us."

"I think that's a bit too optimistic."

"Please Claudia. That way I know you've forgiven me."

"We wronged each other. I knew how you felt about Blake, and I was married. I just . . ."

"It's alright Claudia. You don't have to explain. Blake hadn't even noticed me then."

"But he had. I was so jealous." Claudia takes a deep breath. "I can admit it now. It cost me nearly everything."

"But you and Mathew are working things out. Right?"

"We're together. But I don't know if he'll ever forgive me for what I did."

Krystal hugs her. "Oh Claudia, I just hope you can forgive me."

"He needed someone, after what I did. And I suppose you did too."

"I'm so sorry."

Pulling away and looking at her, "We can't run a business like this you know, always apologizing to each other. Well, I'm sure you won't stay working much longer anyway, no matter what you say."

"We've talked about having a baby, and when I do, I do want to take a leave of absence, but . . ."

"It's alright Krystal. You'll be a wonderful mom."

Searching Claudia's eyes Krystal says, "If you're unhappy with Mathew you need to leave him. It isn't good for Lindsey to watch you two fight all the time."

"We don't fight anymore. We don't anything anymore."

They hug again.

Fallon walks down one of the long, quite and dime hotel corridors, swiping her card and entering the room. She smiles closing the door, looking at a hunk of a man in his skin tight football uniform. "You didn't wear that through the hotel did ya."

"No. I changed just for you."

Fallon walks up to him, her hands all over his muscular body and the silk like material, down over the curvature of his ass, she then spanks him. "Good boy."

"I was thinking about this party tonight, maybe we could tell your father."

"No. Tonight is about business and if you spring this on Blake Carrington in the middle of business, well it won't go over well." Her hands still exploring him she says, "Now how do we get you out of this." She helps him peel off his shirt.

Steven drives a truck down an open, dusky, Nebraska highway with Ted (played by Joo Sang Wook) sitting next to him. "I really don't want to go Steven."

"That's beside the point." He takes his hand and says, "We're getting married and Blake Carrington will just have to accept it. I love you." He kisses his hand.

"You're father mad it very clear what would happen to me if I didn't leave you alone."

"My father's all hot air. He'll just have to get over it. I love you and you love me."

"But in his house?"

"I told you, that house is as much mine as it is his. His grandfather left it to him and his three children as part of a trust. And when you're married it'll be your home too."

"I don't know."

The truck turns into a motel.

Steven grabs a duffle bag from the back of the truck and walks to a room with Ted. He lets them in and throws the bag on the bed. He then spanks Ted on the ass and says, "Enough talk about my father. Let's take a shower and get to bed. We've got a long drive a head of us in the morning."

Steven and Ted walk out of the bathroom in towels, still mostly wet, hugging and kissing and touching, falling on the bed together.

Fallon walks up to a table in the hotel restaurant and says, "Father," kissing his cheek. She obviously ignores Krystal. Blake introduces her to the Prime Minister of Bessarabia and his wife and the U.S. "And of course you know your god father and his wife."

Fallon goes around to kiss him as well. She then asks his wife (played by Susan Howard), "So are you just here on business as the Secretary of Energy to celebrate Blake Carrington's biggest deal ever or are the two of you interested in seeing the sites."

"Well actually Fallon we are in town for a few days. Anything you'd suggest?"

Of there's a lot to do. Depends on your interests."

"Well we're going to a football game on Sunday."

"Of course we all are. I'll set up a tour of the art museum Saturday afternoon."

"That would be lovely."

"Well I'll let you get back to your dinner."

Her godfather says, "By the way, I love what you've done with the place."

"Thank you. We're almost finished with the remodel. I'll be in Philadelphia next month to check on our remodel there. We'll have to do lunch."

"Perfect. Get with my scheduler and make it happen."

"I will. Good to see you again." They kiss and she tells the Prime Minister and his wife how good it was to see them again.

Outside in the parking lot Fallon nicks on the driver's window of a limousine. The window rolls down and she says to the driver, "Can you come out to play?"

"I don't know how long your father will. D in there."

"Oh ages and ages," Fallon tells him as she opens the door. She takes his hand and pulls him out of the car. She wraps her arms around him and kisses him. "I've got an assignment for you."

In a hotel room the chauffeur on all fours grunts with a pained expression on his face, naked and sweaty with Fallon behind him, shoved up against his ass, reaching up and stroking his hair and telling him to relax.

In the early afternoon along a Colorado highway Steven stops next to SammyJo hitchhiking. "Need a side?" he asks, not know his relation to her.

"I'm headed to Denver."

"We are too. Hope in."

Ted gets out to let her in. The girl slides into the middle and Ted gets back in.

"I'm Steven. This is Ted."

"I'm SammyJo."

"Where at in Denver you headed?"

"You know the Denver Free Press?"

"Of course. Must be urgent business got you walking all the way to Denver."

"Just family."

"At the Free Press?"

"No, but he'll know where to find my aunt."

"She missing?"

"Something like that."

Fallon directs the placement of flowers in the front hall. A man approached her. "Miss Fallon, the ballet troupe is here. I've shown them into the ballroom."

"Thank you Jospeh. Tell them I'll be right there."

Blake enters their bedroom and zips up Krystal dress. He then goes over to his desk and takes out a box bringing it over to show here an exquisite diamond and emerald necklace with matching earrings. He then drapes the work of art around her neck.

That night the Carrington mansion is lit up as limousine drop off guests. Blake and Krystal greet their guests in the gathering room. Everyone is thrilled to meet the new Mrs. Carrington. The Bessarabian Prime Minister and his wife stand next to them.

Fallon makes sure everything is perfect with the food in the kitchen when a black suited security guard says to her, "Miss Carrington there's a SammyJo Gomez at the gate asking about seeing her aunt, Mrs. Carrington."

"What? Oh my god that woman's relatives are already coming out of the woodwork."

Claudia and Mathew approach Blake and Krystal. Krystal welcomes Claudia with a warm hug but is hesitant to hug Mathew, though she does. He's equally as hesitant to congratulate her.

Blake warmly welcomes Claudia. He hugs her and comments in how beautiful she looks. He coldly offers his hand to Mathew who declines it. He then introduces them to the Prime Minister and his wife. "Claudia is a brilliant advertising executive and a talented artists. She's my wife's partner. And this is her husband. He's my son's partner in CB Oil. They've been drilling with some success up in the Dakotas." Then looking at Mathew he says, "I expected you'd still be up there. Does this mean Steven's here?"

Claudia says, "I went up and begged him to be here to put our past behind us and move on, and to bring Steven." Claudia puts her hand on Krystal's arm, "Steven was thrilled you two got married. He thinks the world of you."

Up stairs in his room Steven gets dressed into a tuxedo with Ted already dressed watching over the younger man's frustration with a bow tie. He bushes his hands away and ties it for him.

Ted says, "I just wouldn't picture you're room like this?"

"Like what?"

"Like this."

"My father hired a decorator when I was twenty one, just like he did when I was sixteen. I didn't really have a say it what it looked like."

"Wow. Talk about controlling." The two men hug and then kiss.

The guests gather in the ballroom, chairs lined up facing a stage where nymphs and satyrs dancing around a woodland scene.

Cecil leans over to the Prime minister's wife and says, "Fallon fancies herself a modern day Catherine de'Medici."

In the library, Jeff pours himself a drink supposedly alone when Fallon asks, "So how's the new job as Vice President of Marketing for ColbyCo?"

"It's a job. Haven't seen you around."

"I've been around . . . Thank you. I need this."

"I don't know why. Everything's gone off just perfect, per usual."

"I can do a party, that's not the problem. I've got some skank of a girl shows up says she's Krystal's niece dressed like she's working on a street corner. I've got Steven up stairs with Ted."

"He brought Ted?"

"Said he wasn't showing up without him. I'm trying to figure out how to keep Ted away from my father when they come down. Then there's your uncle. One of us in this family has to be nice to Cecil Colby."

"Oh of course, with his kind of money he gets to paw on you as much as he likes."

"You're so damn crude when you get drinking."

"What about that Michael? What's he got, cause it sure isn't money?"

"What? Who are you talking about?"

"Your father's chauffeur."

"Oh please. Whatever."

"You think you can sneak around so well, don't you, Fallon?"

"Sober up; I don't need another problem to deal with tonight."

"Afraid I'll make a scene. Don't be. I'll stay in here. You can go out there and kiss up to my uncle. Don't worry about me."

"Im Not worried about you. And, I'm not worried about Cecil Colby. Him, I can handle, but Mathew Blaisdel, I've got him pawing at me every time I try and steer him clear of my father."

"Probably because you slept with him sometime or another."

Fallon holds her glass out to be refilled. "Oh shut up." Jeff refills it. He then refills his and Fallon says, "You don't need another."

"I'll be just fine. I won't make a scene. Blake'll make the scene once he sees Ted Lee in his house."

"Don't remind me." She sits her glass down and leaves the room.

Down the hall Fallon sees Blake headed up stairs. "Daddy, where are you going?"

"Up stairs. What does it look like?"

"Its just we've got a situation?" She races up stairs with her father.

"What situation?"

"Some girl claiming to be Krystal's niece showed up at the gate. I had Michael go pick her up and take her around to the kitchen."

"Alright then, tell Krystal. Why are you telling me?"

"She was on foot at the gate and she looks like a hooker."

"Well keep her in the kitchen. Have security keep an eye in her until Krystal can verify if she's really her niece."

"No daddy," Fallon tries to stop her father from opening a door.

He opens it and walks in to find Steven and Ted in a passionate kiss. He rushes over and pulls them apart, shouting in anger, "Get your hands off my son you pervert!"

"Ted stumbles backward and falls over, hitting his head on a table.


Rocky Mountain Investments is a private holding and investment company, based on Cascade Investments and owned by Blake Carrington. It's assets include a large investment in DenverCarrington, Inc., an oil field services public corporation based on Haliburton, of which Blake is Chairman and CEO; 100% of Mewès Davis Hotels and Resorts, LLC, a global luxury hotel brand based on the Ritz Carlton Hotels of which Fallon is President and Chief Operations Officer; the Carrington mansion (use Filoli in Northern California), named Coinin Country House with over 600 acres. The name of the estate is acronym formed by combining the first two letters from the Carrington (really Rothschild) family motto: "Concordia, Integritas, Industria" (Unity, Integrity, Industry) and uses the symbol of a rabbit.

The Blake and Krystal Carrington Foundation, based on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

CB Energy, LLC is an oil and gas exploration company based on start ups like Hunt and Getty and owned 50/50 by Steven and Matthew.

Colby Industries is a family owned (energy focused) conglomerate based on Koch Industries. The Colby siblings and their children all own various shares in the company, which in turn is the single largest stockholder in ColbyCo, a supermajor oil company based on Chevron, for which Cecil Colby is the Chairman and CEO.

Barrows and Gomez is a public relations firm owned 50/50 by Krystal and Claudia.


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John Stamos as Blake Carrington

Eva Longoria as Krystal Gomez Carrington

Odette Annable as Fallon Carrington

Max Thieriot as Steven Carrington

Austin Stowell as Adam Carrington

Colin Salmon as Cecil Colby

Ashley Walters as Jeff Colby

Victoria Justice as SammyJo Gomez


Kelly Lynch as Alexis Carrington Colby

A television news reporter says, "The trial of Blake Carrington begins today for the alleged murder of Ted Dennard. Mr. Carrington is the founder, Chairman, CEO, and largest stockholder in oil field services giant DenverCarrington. Worth an estimated fourteen and a half billion dollars, Mr. Carrington jumped into wildcatting in the Rocky Mountains during the middle of the 80s oil glut as prices were plummeting. Coming from the prominent Pennsylvania banking and political Carrington family, didn't isolate him from several failed business attempts. A branch of the family are still large shareholders in PSBC, the two point six trillion dollar bank. Blake Carrington, long considered a maverick and family breakaway, like his father, international oil broker Tom Carrington, eventual made a success of DenverCarrington in the early part of the century. Blake Carrington's son, Steven Carrington, has also ventured out on his own as a partner in oil exploration startup CB Energy before oil prices again began to fall. Ted Dennard and Steve Carrington had been in a three year romantic relationship when Blake Carrington allegedly assaulted Mr. Dennard, leading to his death.

Mr. Carrington has a record of explosive behavior. In the early 90s he assaulted a Denver police detective involved in the kidnapping case of his young son Adam. However, the chargers were dropped. A few years later he pleaded guilty on charges of assaulting his first wife Alexis and again on charges of assaulting a boyfriend of his daughter Fallon."

The prosecutor stands in court and says, "I'd like to call Mathew Blaisdel to the stand."

Mathew Blaisdel takes the oath and then sits.

"Please state your name and how you know Mr. Carrington."

"Mathew Lawerence Blaisdel. I was a geologist for DenverCarrington for fifteen years. I left to go into business with his son, Steven, we'd meet while working on a project for DenverCarrington and thought we could make a go of it on our own."

"Did you ever have occasion to see Mr. Carrington behave violently?"

"Yes. Several times."

"Please explain."

"Well on a lot of occasions Blake would loose his temper. It's a high pressure business where you're trying to satisfy your customer and millions of dollars older at stake. A lot of sore heads."

"Anything physically violent from Mr. Carrington?"

"Yes. We had a situation. The two of us. I struck him first. He'd been having an affair with my wife, Claudia. Claudia spent some time dealing with a nervous breakdown following the affair. We got into it, Blake and I. I swung. He swung. No charges were pressed. He did offer to help pay for her care. Being in business for myself, a start up, I didn't exactly have the health care benefits to take care of her. But of course my pride got in the way. We had another altercation. The second time he swung first. Again no charges were pressed."

"Anything else?"

"Blake came up to where we were drilling in the Badlands. He'd got in an argument with his son Steven. Steven's my partner. I guess these kinds of arguments happen a lot between the two of them."

"Objection," Blake's lawyer calls out.

"Please clarify yourself Mr. Blaisdel. Did you see these kinds of arguments yourself, often?"

"No. That's just what Steven told me."

"Please continue."

"I tried to break it up. Blake turned on me. We got in a fight. He threatened to break my neck if I didn't stay out of his family business."

"The argument turned physical?"

"Yes. Took some of the guys working the rig to pull us apart."

"Is that all?"

"He said I'd gone into business with Steven just to get back at him and I encouraged Steve's sexual relationship with Ted Dennard."

"Did you?"

"No. Steven's a natural wildcatter. He can smell oil. And, as for Ted Denard, Steven and I never even spoke about him. Only reason I even knew he was seeing him is it slipped out one night when he was drunk; we were celebrating a strike. He'd been talking to this woman I'd been seeing. They'd been came good friends, confided in her. She was there that night. Other than that, I'd never have know anything about his love life."

"Is this woman you were seeing in this room?"


"Please identify her."

"Mrs. Krystal Carrington."

"So you were married and having an affair with this woman that Mr. Carrington is now married to?"

"Yes I was. My wife was gone. She'd gone away to get better, like I said. Things were hard then for all of us. Krystal and I were friends. She was my wife's business partner and friend. I felt angry too, that My wife had cheated on me. And then he, Blake, went after her, because I was with her."

Blake's lawyer again stands. "Objection. That's speculation your honor."

"Sustained. Please refrain from guessing Mr. Blaisdel and get to the point."

"The point is we had a fight over Krystal. It turned physical. He'd ran off and married her and I congratulated her and he threatened to kill me. Krystal was there when it happened. So was Steven. He admitted screwing Steven and I out of a deal that cost us a lot of money and he intended for Steven to return to his company. We threatened to sue him, he told us his legal team would out last anything we threw at him. Then when the issue of Ted Denard got brought up, he told Steven he'd rather see him dead then with Ted. Pushed further and Blake said he'd kill him if he ever brought to the house. They got in a physical fight and I broke it up. Some where in there he said he'd kill that fag."

Blake, his lawyer and Krystal meet in the library of the Carrington mansion. His lawyer says, "If Steven takes the stand and confirms what Mathew says it looks like you've been thinking about this. What we need is Krystal to refute what he says."

Krystal asked do I have to take the stand?"

"No you're the one person who can't be made to testify. But we need you to refute what Blaisdel said."

"I can't."

Blake yells, "What do you mean you can't."

"Mean he didn't lie about anything."

"That's beside the point. I need you take back me up."

"And lie?"

"Do what you have to do."

"I'd rather her not take the stand Blake and lie. Very few people are good at it."

Falcon steps in the room. "I was there. I'll testify. Mathew Blaisdel kept taunting my father. He brought up Ted Dennard and how he had his son and he'd soon have his business. He was hell bent on destroying my father. Mathew even brought up me."

"How so?"

"He'd." Pamela hesitates. "He seduced me. I think that he'd loved me. I snuck around behind my father's back to see him. Mathew said it was best. All he wanted to do was hurt my father because . . ."

"Because why?"

"Because my father and Claudia were in love. I know it's wrong. I know she was married. But it happened. And my father was loving to Claudia. When Mathew was done with her she was locked up in a looney ben and it was father taking care of her. The only thing Mathew cared about was money and hurting my father. And this awful mess with Ted Dennard gives him the chance.

Cecil Colby sits down over lunch with two businessmen (played David Shelby and William Devane) in a bright Denver restaurant. Cecil says, "This is a mess Blake has put us all in. You've got the oil, we've got the tankers. It's his job to get the oil up out of the ground in our trucks. It's that simple. Truck to refinery, refinery to gas station and were all making money."

"I'm sure DenverCarrington can proceed but my concern is after all this is over, who will we be dealing with? Blake? Someone else in the company? Who else is there? And, I don't like the idea of putting billions of dollars in a strangers hands."

"Have you spoken to Halliburton or Schlumberger?"

"On our way. The problem is that DenverCarrington provides what we need. They manufacture the drilling tools and chemicals we need to get at the oil under this property. The California EPA is sitting on top of us over this. Most of the land is a nature preserve and what isn't is a resort. We need the specialty of DenverCarrington, drill buts, fluids, their engineers and construction team because if we don't we might just get shut down before we even start."

"I understand your dilemma, but I did warn you about doing business with Blake Carrington. He's the best, no doubt about it. But he comes with a lot of baggage. I don't know who to tell you to speak to at DenverCarrington. He runs that place like a one man band. Here's my problem. If you don't get at that oil soon I will have a seriously under capacity refinery. Which could lead to my gas stations running low and all this little franchises looking else where. So unless you two can figure this out soon, I'm going to have to replace you and quickly."

A panel of television pundits gather discussing Blake Carrington. "He's alway in the news with one controversial issue after another. Remember when he was on the hook for that pipeline break spilling into the White River? He was arguing ColbyCo was to blame. ColbyCo saying DenverCarrington was at fault. In the mean time the oil kept flowing into the river."

"And now he's remarried and his new wife seems like she's at the center of this latest scandal. Does anyone think she'll take the stand?"

"If age doesn't, it's only because the can't refute the testimony of Mathew Blaisdel."

"Anyone recall the Baker Tool and Die scandal? His first wife, Alexis, sat in as Chairman and CEO, supposedly to run the company with DenverCarrington acquiring the largest block of shares and ousting the Baker family."

"To be fair Alexis Carrington graduated from Institute Le Rosey with honors and then the Sorbonne studying economics before dropping out to attend the Royal Academy of Arts. She's often remembered as a model, so people often forget her roll in the business of art that she managed to roll over into Denver real estate. She lead the building of the DenverCarrington Building and the ColbyCo Center. Not to mention the Coinin Mansion, which Blake Carrington lives in. No on at the time blinked when she went from several corporate and charity boards to running Baker."

"And some say she took the fall for her husband's insider trading scheme. Next thing we knew she was off to Europe fighting from being extradited."

"She did manage to clear her name. And though much of the evidence pointed to Blake Carrington, charges were never brought. And shortly there after, his friend went from Attorney General to Governor to the board of DenverCarrington."

"Don't forget Alexis married Cecil Colby, the day after the divorce was finalized, though she hasn't lived in Denver since."

"Yes there was talk that Cecil Colby tried to frame the Carringtons. Up until the scandal she received a lot of adulation for her running of the company."

"And DenverCarrington picked up most of the pieces."

"The fact is, despite his father and grandfathers wealth, Blake Carrington is a relatively self-made man. And that requires a certain cunning, and I'm being generous."

"That's true. Something Cecil Colby never had to worry about. Jean Colby, having studied chemistry at The University of Pennsylvania, left the family's New Jersey insurance business to found Colby Industries. One of the company's business, a single oil refinery, he turned into ColbyCo, today one of the world's supermajor oil and gas companies. You study his history and you find a man marred by controversy more like Blake Carrington than Cecil Colby."

"Jean Colby demanded that his only son, Arnold, work for Colby Industries from the bottom up, as well as buy him out piece by piece over time. When his father died Arnold bought out his father's remaining shares from his sisters, retired and moved to California. We see the same sort of antagonism between father and son with Steven Carrington.

When Arnold died he left his estate equally to his children, Constance, Cecil, Jason and Philip, though the four had been raised by their mother in England. Constance went to the Sorbonne to study art and to day lives in Santa Barbra, Paris and San Moritz. Cecil and Jason went to Penn, like their father, to study business, which is where they meet Blake Carrington. Together Cecil, Blake and Jason formed ColbyCarrington which went on to become DenverCarrington. Jason lives in Santa Barbara and runs the private held family company, Colby Industries while Cecil lives in Denver running the public corporation ColbyCo. Phillip attended Eaton and Christ Church like there mother's family had for generations and died in the First Gulf War. Money doesn't shield one from troubles. In fact it might only magnify it, certainly in the case of these to families."

"Does anyone think Steven Carrington will take the stand?" The erupt in simultaneous chatter, all in agreement he will.

The court officer calls Fallon Carrington to the stand.

In the library of the Carrington mansion Blake hugs Fallon saying, "He knew he could count on her."

Out back of the mansion Krystal walks up to the pool where SammyJo gets out in a string bikini. "I want to talk to you about Steven."

"Qué pasa, Tanti?"

"I know these last few months you've been very helpful to him, a shoulder to cry on, but I'm concerned. He's not been back to work with Mathew. He hasn't really left his apartment. And you've all but moved in."

"What are you suggesting?"

"You might be too much of a crutch for Steven. Maybe he needs to seek professional do help."

"Or maybe you're concerned when the prosecutor calls Steven next he'll burry your rich husband."

"Listen hi me . . ."

"We both know when they called Fallon she was lying. Don't we Tanti."

Krystal doesn't answer.

"Why do you think they called her? I think it's because when they call Steven he'll make his sister look like a lying monster under her daddy's thumb. She didn't help him. She hurt his case. But what's she care. Blake Carrington goes to prison and she runs everything. Even this house will be turned over to her. Then what will you do Tanti?"

Cecil Colby sits with Fallon in her restaurant in her hotel, a heavy paneled and very rich and large room. "I've got someone sitting in the court room watching. Your father's going to go to
prison. You'd better get use to the fact."

"I'm not really interested in this conversation."

"Rocky Mountain investments has borrowed very heavily to pay for all of this. I've got some inside information telling me Blake Carrington is about to loose the franchise name Mewès Davis."


"Your business. Though I suppose you'll keep this property and the two others you own outright, that is unless he's borrowed against them as well. My point is, even if he wins, your father might not be in a position to pay off these debts. That's why he's borrowing against assets he's not concerned about. But you are."

"I appreciate the information, and I'll look into it."

"OK. You do that. But I have a proposition for you."

"Which is?"

"If you'll marry my nephew, Jeff, I'll make Mewès Davis a wedding gift."

"And why would you want Jeff Colby to marry me?"

"Because one day you'll own half of DenverCarrington. And because he seems to be taken by you. I can certain not see why. How old were the two of you when you seduced him?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Fourteen, if my guess is correct. When his father died my sister and I look him in. We made sure he was well cared for. You remember. And all the time he spent with your family. Your mother was like a mother to him. He'd come home talking of painting and performance art and economics. What a brilliant woman."

"I really am not interested in hearing the laurels of Alexis Colby."

"You should be. She's very good at business. She holds her own in the name dominated global mining industry. Some one you could learn from."

"Why, because you handed her control of BH Glencor."

"I did no such thing. She managed that investment in her own and she managed running the company without any help from me. I don't know what your father has told you about her, but let me tell you, your mother is an impressive businesswoman on her own two feet. A lesson you would do well to learn, Miss Carrington."

Krystal sits with Steven in his townhouse living room. "No Steven, I did t come to talk to you about the trail and I'd never ask you to lie, especially under oath. I'm just worried about you not leaving this house. Mathew says he's running the company on his own."

"Are things just suppose to return to normal now, Krystal?"

"No, of course not. They're never going to. But you do have to get on with your life, somehow. You can't die too. Go back to work. Go out on dates . . ."

"Dates? I was going to marry him. How do I just replace him?

"You don't Steven, but you have friends. Luke in my office, he called me asking if I'd heard anything because he can't get a hold of you."

"That was nice of him."

"SammyJo has spent a lot of time here."

"She's taken it upon herself to look out for me."

"So it seems."

"She asked me to marry her."


"Some scheme to stay in the country."

"And you said?"

"I'd think about it."

"Oh Steven, do you really think it's a good idea?"

"Better than bring alone. And besides, this way I wouldn't feel like I'm cheating on Ted. We talked about having a child. I'd never have a child otherwise."

"Oh Steven." She takes his hand. "Please come and stay at the house. Please. Please don't stay here alone."

"I don't think I could bare to see my father. I'm not sure I'm ready to forgive him."

Krystal puts her arms around Steven.

Back in court Blake looks on in horror as his son recounts the same events Mathew had. Then he says, "No none of it was out of Character for my father. My whole life he's been like this. He fought with my mother and I never saw her again. He'd fight with me and tell me to get out of his life. Blake Carrington controls everyone around him or he gets rid of them. No one you bring up here would say any different. He is harsh and unforgiving and demanding. And everything you do is of the utmost importance that he approve. And so for that reason he hated Ted. Hated him and despised him because Ted couldn't be bought or controlled or sent away."

Blake holds his lawyers arm, holding him down.

Blake sits in the gathering room at Coinin holding a framed photograph. Krystal says, "What's that?"

"It's a picture of you and your family. It's been bothering me ever since you put it in this room."

"Has it? Why?"

"Alexis and I decorated this house as a museum. Your pictures don't belong."

"I see. So this house isn't mine? It's yours and Alexis's."

"No I wouldn't say that. It's just mine."

"I see."

"No you don't." Blake looks up into her eyes. Tears fill his. "Please help me."

"Help you do what?"

"Let it go. My children hate me. I hate me. I don't know how to let it go."

She takes the frame from his hands. "You start by just doing it. And every time you fail you just remind yourself to start over." She holds him.

Workman carefully box up the art and antiques in the mansion when Steven walks in the front door. Krystal greets him with a hug as he asks, "What's going on around here?"

"Your father is donating everything to the Denver Art Museum. He's having copies made of some of it. We're going to go about redecorating this place as a home. Not a museum. Your room is yours. Feel free to do anything you want with it."

"You're serious? How did you get him to decide that."

"She didn't," Blake says entering the entry hall, "You did. I don't want you to hate me, Steven. I wish I could take back everything I did to make you feel like I didn't love you. I do love you. A lot more than all this stuff. And, I'd give up everything I have to bring Ted back for you. I'm very sorry. I never meant for this to happen."

"I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything. Just stay here. Please . At least until we can make things better between the two of us."

"I don't know."

"I've looked over the business deals where DenverCarrington cost your company harm when what I should have been doing was supporting you. I told my legal team to work out a settlement with Mathew."

"I don't want to talk business."

"Neither do I. But it's out there. And I want you to know I'm going to make it right."

"Thank you."

Krystal speaks up, "Mrs. Gunnerson has made lunch. Everything she says you love. Let's go in and sit down." She takes both men's arms and walks them down the hall.

Steven says, "So how are you doing with all this staff around you?"

"Well I've told your father this is ridiculous. I can't even remember half their names."

"Well you know Jospeh. You have to know him. He runs everything. My mother called him the Majordomo. She hired just about everyone around here to put on a good show."

"Don't start Steven," Blake scolds.

"No I want to hear," Krystal says as a good man holds out her chair and she sits down. "Thank you Gerard."

Blake says, "Joseph is the Steward of Coinin. He has a law degree and accounting background from Cambridge. This is more than a house it's a business subsidiary of DenverCarrington."

Krystal laughs, "Realty? You're serious. So this isn't even your home. It's a business."

Steven adds, "Just like the apartments all over the world, company assets, the jets, the cars. When he was married to my mother he had this yacht, over four hundred feet long. Same thing as this. Part of the business. My mother use to talk about building another such estate in Alberta."

"That's enough Steven."

"Here's a good secret for you. Mrs. Gunnerson, she's Alsatian, higher paid than Joseph. My mother hired her when she was quite rebounded. She owns a restaurant in the south of France and another her in Denver."

"Why does she work here then?"

"Her house on the grounds is as nice as Joseph's. I guess she likes it. The only other name you need is Jeanette. She's the Housekeeper."

"Yes, we've had many little chats. I think she and Gerard like it each other."


"Yes. I've noticed Joseph doesn't like me talking to them. Van Dorn won't speak to me."

"Oh my father's valet. No he wouldn't. He's my father's Valet. And you've meet Jacquline?"

"Yes, Fallon's Maid?"

"Yes, that's her. She was hired by my mother as our Nanny. Then after we went away to school she was called out Governess because she was suppose to teach us how to behave. She's French too."

"Jeanette promoted her sister Caroline to be my Maid. I just can't get use to it. It's strange you know."

"Oh I know. I refused to have a Valet when I lived here. I use to take my own clothes to the laundry and tell them I'd pick them up too. And I made my bed myself." Noticing his father's irritation Steven says, "But I will say, not one person her would have anything to complain about. It's a good job. Everyone's treated well and no one works too much. Though my mother would have liked it to be, this isn't a British manor house and no one he's a surf."

The three of them laugh.

Cecil walks into the Denver Herald building.

In an office Cecil meets with a man, sitting down before he does, Cecil says, "I've got another assignment for you."

"What ever you want, it's your family's paper."

"Not for the paper. For ColbyCo." He hands him some photos. "This is Claudia Blaisdel. I want you to seek her out. Find out everything you can about her. Get her into your bed. I want her to help me with the Carringtons. She's got an inside track. Friend and business partner of the new Mrs. Carrington. Her husband is business partners with Steven Carrington. I have a feeling she's a weak link."

"Will do. I've got some information on BH Glencor."

"Good. My finance people assure me we should proceed with buying the company, sort of to hedge our bet against the next oil down turn. Anyway what did you find?"

"You're aware of course your wife runs the company as Chairman and CEO. She holds onto about five hundred million dollars in BH Glencor stock."

"Are you sure that's all?"

"Still working on it. The company might be British but it pays a Caymen Island company of the same name exorbitant mineral rights. She lives in the Caymen Islands, by the way. But I'm sure you know that."

"She cones and goes. What'd you find out about Morgan Hess?"

"He doesn't exist. He technically is BH Glencor's chief of security on a work permit from the Falkland Islands."

"He was born in the Falkland Islands?"

"No. Naturalized. From Germany, accept there is no record of him in Germany. I've got some people digging deep into your wife's background, see if I can find anyone that match this man. They found an Elijah Shiloah form her class at Le Rose in Switzerland. He was from Israel and died while in the military."

"Why would he be Morgan Hess?"

"Looks like him."

"Keep digging."

Out to dinner Jeff and Fallon eat at an elegant restaurant within her Denver Hotel. "Thank you forgetting me out of there tonight. You know I love Steven dearly but the tension is too much."

"Well your brother did love him."

"Oh please. What is it with you and love?"

"Some people believe in it you know."

"It's not that I don't believe in it, it's just some people take it too seriously. Steven can't give up his life because some guy died. People die. Life does on."

"Except for the person who died."

"Well of course."

"I know Blake has a temper, it's just, well it was an accident. I don't believe for one second he wanted him to die. It's just Blake's life is so stressful and everyone just keeps heaping stress on him. He's trying to keep DenverCarrington going and he's invested in this place. I means he's got so many things going at once, the stress must be overwhelming."

"Well not everyone is happy with a little apartment in the city."

"I love my little place. And Uncle Cecil has a penthouse in the same building and Aunt Constance and Uncle Jason have apartments for when they're in Denver. It just works out. Very worry free."

"How charming Jeff."

"Do you ever intended to be happy Fallon?"

"I'm happy."

"I've know you as long as Steven and he'll tell you the same thing, if you really want to hear the truth, you've spent your whole life being upset with the world. Nothing is ever enough, nothing ever goes exactly the way you want it, no one is ever good enough."

"Listen Jeff, if I wanted this kinda crap, I'd have staid at home."

"Let's talk football. Your dads team is going all the way this year. But I hear he might have to sell it."

Fallon throws down her napkin and walks away from the table. With a delighted smile, Jeff continues to eat.

Claudia has sex with the man Cecil Colby hired to seduce her, sitting on top of him, leaning her head back, her long hair draped down her back, his hands massaging her breasts.

Mathew and his crew celebrate under a shower of crude oil.

Mathew fumbles into a motel room with a young woman, kissing as they pull each other's clothes off.

Steven comes into the court room to sit next to Jeff with Fallon on the other side of him. The prosecutor finishes questioning a witness to Blake's character and the defense says they have no questions at this time. Suddenly a hush comes over the court as the witness steps down. Everyone turns to see a woman enter.

Krystal, sitting in front of Fallon turns and says, "Who's that?"

Fallon answers, "That's my mother."


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Krystal finds out she's pregnant.

Alexis moved into her art studio on the estate.

Blake hires Claudia to help fix DenverCarringtin's reputation. Claudia keeps up her affair until Mathew finds out. She asks for a devorice.

Blake is given 2 years probation.

With the Dennard family Blake settles a civil case out of court for several million dollars and severely harms his cash flow, along with paying his legal team for the criminal case.

Because of Alexis Krystal miscarries the baby.

Steven buys out Mathew who leaves with Lindsey. Claudia has another breakdown. Blake asks Dr. Nick Tosconni to help her.

Nick begins an affair with Fallon.

The board of directors removes Blake as CEO of DenverCarrington, leaving him as Chairman. They bring in Neal McVane as CEO (on Cecil's payroll). The company is driven into the ground. Alexis tries to help Blake with his oil deals to shore up the company despite McVane's tampering. Krystal does not like her in their lives knowing Alexis wants him back.

Krystal finds out she's pregnant again. Krystal and Claudia sell their firm to Dana Kendall (on Alexis's payroll) who tries to seduce Blake working on the advertising for DenverCarrington.

Morgan Hess, Alexis's investigator (formerly with Shayetet 13 and Mossad), investigates Krystal's past for Alexis.

Steven sells his company to DenverCarrington and joins it's board. Alexis joins the board of ColbyCo as it acquires BH Glencor.

Fallon marries Jeff and they have L.B. She wants on the board of DenverCarrington believing it's hers not Steven's place as he never wanted anything to do with the company. She begins an affair with Peter De Vilbis who's on the board of DenverCarrington trying to take it over.

Steven marries SammyJo to keep her in the country and to give him a child, Danny. They then separate. He begins an affair with Luke Fuller, his mother's secretary at BH Glencor.

Alexis brings Mark Jennings to Denver to break up Blake and Krystal.

Blake asks for Buck Fallmont's help in taking back control of DenverCarrington. Buck eventually runs for the Senate leaving his seat on DenverCarrimgton's board to his son Bart.

Alexis and Blake finally find Adam and bring him home. Cecil hires him on ColbyCo's legal team. Adam and Claudia begin an affair.

Blake's brother Ben shows up in Denver and his father Tom dies leaving his shares to Blake and his daughter, cutting out Ben. Constance Colby is revealed to be his daughter. Constance turns her shares in DenverCarrington, Colby Industries and ColbyCo over to Jeff stating that without children he's her sole heir.

Blake takes back the CEO position in his company and for helping him Cecil gets Neal McVane elected a Congressman.

Constance arrives in Denver, bringing with her Caress who is writing a book about Alexis. With her Lady Ashley Mitchell arrived to take pictures and begins an affair with Jeff.

Constance also brings Amanda Carrington to Denver to find her father. Elle Fanning plays Amanda Carrington. She is engaged to the Prince of Bessarabia. The Royal family of Bessarabia/ House of Basarab: Cord Overstreet as Prince Michael, Joan Collins as The Queen Mother, Vince Vaugh as King Stephen XIV, Amy Adams as Queen Leah.

Avan Jogia plays Iliaș Neacşa the Count of Akkerman who is out to gain the hand of Amanda and take control of the kingdom with the rebels. The wedding ceremony is orthodox. A rebel group takes and keeps control of the country The prince, Ilias and the queen mother escape after the rebels shoot up the wedding. The king and his wife are killed. The rebels establish a republic with Russian backing. Cecil, Emily Fallmont, Lady Ashley Mitchell, Claudia and Luke Fuller are also killed. Krystal is shot and goes into early labor.

Steve begins a relationship with Clay Fallmont while depressed over Luke and Clay over his mother. He leaves DenverCarrington and Denver. Fallon takes his place with the company.

Fallon and Jeff begin to divorce and she's pregnant again. He sues her for a divorce and sole custody.

Alexis with Jeff's help takes control of ColbyCo and she sided with him against Fallon by giving him proof of her affairs and wild behavior as an unfit mother from Hess.

Alexis moves into Cecil's penthouse and sells Blake her art studio on the estate to get on his good side. She continues to help him with the company.

Alexis makes Adam Vice Chairman of Government Relations for ColbyCo and her heir apparent.

Alexis sets up with Morgan Hess a coupe to take back Bessarabia for Michael and Amanda.

Alexis sees that Steven is appointed a US Senator after forcing Bart Fallmont to resign.

DenverCarrington collapses with its creditors and ColbyCo buys the company's debt. Alexis tells Fallon she'll put her in charge if Fallon puts her marriage back together with Jeff.

Alexis tries to tell Blake she only bought the debt to help him, that she loves him and always has. He says that he doesn't love her and isn't sure he ever did.

Blake walks into the mansion and from the landing Alexis tells him he's fired at DenverCarrington. She tell him that she's bought the estate as well and has the eviction papers to throw him out. Blake tries to kill her on the landing of the mansion. Ben holds Krystal back. The Bessarabian Queen Mother walks in at that moment and says how lovely the flowers are and if Blake continues its fine by her because she'd like nothing better than to see Alexis die.

The show then begins on its own:

The Queen Mother announces that she has proof Cecil Colby aided the revolution in Bessarabia and that she's a major shareholder in ColbyCo. She intends to ally with Blake to destroy her and all the Colby's. She's buys Alexis penthouse that she puts up for sale. The Queen Mother tells Constance Colby that she's her real mother and that the Colby's attopted her. Tom Carrington thought he was her father from and affair he had with the Colby's mother but she wasn't. She was her child from an affair she has with their father (still considering herself Jeff's aunt and Blakes sister she now also considers held Prince Michael's aunt). Constance moves in with her mother.

Blake is ruined by Alexis. He has to get back his company and family. All he has is the cottage on the estate he bought from her, which he moves into with Krystal and Kristina, and Rocky Mountain Investments (worth about 3 billion dollars).

Alexis lives in the mansion with Adam, Fallon and Jeff and their grandchildren. Steven and Danny are in Washington but with rooms at the mansion when home and Amanda is in Bessarabia and she too has a room. Alexis banishes Ben and Caress.


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I wouldn't watch that shit.
You don't have to like it but you don't have to be rude either. If you are capable of intelligent and civil conversation, I would appreciate a fuller statement as to your particular dislikes. I'm assuming you're a long time fan of the show. I am not. If you are not capable of such, try not to choke on the ugliness that is your life which you so blatenly revealed in your statement and attempt to clean yourself up if not for your own benefit than for the benefit of those you inflict yourself upon. If you can't do that, then grab the best caviar and Champaign you can afford and get drunk - looks like you need it.
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I like that. It's Little House On The Dynasty.
Lol. Thank you. I read a few people complained that the story line where he moves back into the mansion happened too quick and I figured Alexis's cottage was still there so why not. He could be a thorn in herside line she was to him. The cliff hanger would be how does Blake crawl back from ruin?

I didn't continue the story but thought I'd toss my ideas out there. Was fun but I'm retiring to Dallas where I know what's what. Thank you very much for the feedback.

Willie Oleson

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he moves back into the mansion happened too quick and I figured Alexis's cottage was still there so why not.
Perhaps it could create some interesting scenes, since they're not able to avoid eachother (like they do in the big house).
And I like the idea of Blake and Krystle/Crystal looking outside the window - without saying a word - just looking at the Big House.
So near, yet so far away:lol:


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Perhaps it could create some interesting scenes, since they're not able to avoid eachother (like they do in the big house).
And I like the idea of Blake and Krystle/Crystal looking outside the window - without saying a word - just looking at the Big House.
So near, yet so far away:lol:
Maybe they'd even grow to love their little place. Not like Blake would be broke. He could retire and enjoy life as a father to Christina. Take up gardening in the back yard. Lol.