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@Karin Schill, there we go with the "re-run" of Season 2 of "Ewing Empire".
Tonight, Episode 7 of the show, and Season Premiere of the season: "My Best Enemy´s Wedding" (Part 3: Funeral March)

Gary and Bill were waiting in the street, still dressed in their wedding tuxedoes, but they had put their ties and jackets off. When the corpse was being moved into the ambulance, Bill walked down the corner and began to vomit. He was James´s best friend and personal mechanic, and the experience was turning out traumatic to him. A wedding had been planned but somebody had been murdered instead. Gary looked up inside the house, looking for his younger brother Bobby. As he could not see him, tried to get into the place again.

- We´ve already told you to keep away, never mind you are a Ewing. It´s not a family reunion... – said one of the policemen rather abruptly. Bobby heard his brother´s complaints and joined them outside.

- Take it easy, nobody else is needed in there – he said quietly. Gary stared at him and asked him what he had longed to know for half an hour impatiently. From the moment they arrived at James Beaumont´s apartment in Dallas - What´d happened in there? Who´s been murdered?

Bob looked him back sadly.

- James´s mother, Vanessa. Somebody killed her.

Meanwhile, in the gardens around the Southfork House, the guests were beginning to get nervous. Pamela and Valene were just trying to calm them down, until Bob finally called and gave them the answer to their questions.

- Honey, I need your help. A tragedy happened: James´s mother is dead. His apartament is upside-down, as if destroyed by crazy people...and nobody knows where James and Cally are.

- Oh mine Bobby... – Pam said, keeping her emotions inside - I´ll tell the guests that the wedding is post-poned and they´ll be informed about it.

- Pamela: tomorrow it will be on the papers. You´d better tell our friends what happened, you and family. We´ll be right back. Love you.

- Me too... – he hang up and Pam looked around. At Sue Ellen, Valene and, a bit further, the boys. Sue Ellen walked on to her and put her hands onto Pam´s shoulders.

- Please Pam...tell us what happened – Sue Ellen begged her impatiently. They all looked at each other and John Ross asked:

- My brother, isn´t it? Something´s wrong with him...

- No John Ross. The police found Vanessa dead in James´s apartment…and he and Cally gone...

Outside the house, Madeleine, Clayton and Lucy were chatting ignoring what had happened.

- What an odd thing! I would ever be late for my wedding in a scene like this! – Madeleine assured.

- Darling, probably something happened with the limo and Bob and the boys are driving them here.

- It seems that the Southfork weddings´ jinx still lives...Just hope it isn´t anything irreparable, as Cally being stuck at the aisle or somewhatever...

- I don´t see you glad about this marriage, maybe you´d like to take the bride´s place? – Madeleine maliciously remarked.

- Gotta believe me: I could be married with someone better and more mature than James. Besides he´s half my cousin...I´d never sleep with a guy of my own family... – Lucy said, sure of one thing: nobody around knew her former passionate relationship with Ray Krebbs in the past...

- Here come the girls, and for the way they look, I´d say there´s bad news... – Clayton noticed as he stood up.

Half an hour later all the guests were gone except Alan Beam, who found Lucy in the living-room, alone.

- Hello Lucy – he kindly said.

- Oh hi – she answered, with her third gin tonic in her hand. – Why are you still here?

- I just wanted to set up a meeting with your father for tomorrow and we couldn´t talk yet. Sorry what happened...though I didn´t know the lady.

- Thanks – Lucy said coldly, as she finished her drink up. – You can bet she was a real lady...

- You too Lucy. You have become an attractive, independent, mature lady. And a good mother for your son Peter.

- Why every time we talk my son´s gotta be mentioned? You tell me and end this now...

- All right. But not now, it´s not the best moment. – Alan looked away at the room´s door and expressed what he was thinking. – You do know I am your son´s father.

After that, Alan left the room and looked for Gary. Suddenly came in a shocked Valene.

- Lucy...is that true? Is Alan Beam your son´s father?

Lucy just couldn´t hear anything. She was curled up in the couch and whispered senseless words. The combination of champagne and gin had worked out...

At her Turtle Creek home in Dallas, Sue Ellen and John Ross were making themselves comfortable. The young man was obviously worried about his older brother missing after his mother´s death: she had stood by James all the way.

- Do you wanna talk about it honey? – Sue Ellen asked as she put her elegant black high-heeled shoes off.

- No why should I. Sure James and Cally are okay, getting married in a tacky chappel in Vegas. – John Ross tried to play the hard guy, though actually he was afraid about his brother´s life...and because they had become apart since his engagement was announced. Remorse, panic and the obligation to look strong, all these things were turning his logical worries into an unreachable coldness. – Don´t worry any more.

- I always wanted to meet Vanessa Beaumont, even before to know she existed - John Ross´s look obliged her to continue – All those years married to your dad, I had the feeling that there had been one woman, the woman, who´d ultimately made him the man he always was. A heartbreak in J.R. Ewing´s life, unbelievable but true: our relationship had been worsening but not because of me, because he´d already decided nobody would ever break his heart again...

- Why are you telling me all this mother? – Sue Ellen twinked: so far her son had been calling her “mum”.

- Let´s not look for guilty ones. We left him make us the way we are. Just the way he wanted us to be. But you rebelled against him and that sank your marriage. I understand now but I did not then. Dad was like a God to me. Remember the first time he took me to an oil rig, in a village called Pride, still married with Cally... – John Ross´s voice sounded lower and lower, until it silenced. He only added: Night mum. Once alone, Sue Ellen smiled and closed her eyes... J.R. always ended up being the talk subject when something was wrong. Some way or another, it always was her, her son and J.R.

Back at Southfork, Bob gathered all the family except John Ross. On one side were Clayton, Madeleine, Lucy and Barbara. On the other Gary, Valene, Pam and Christopher. Bobby was standing up explaining his talk with the detective of the Dallas Police Department...

- I´ll let out the nasty details, so this is what happened in James´s house, upon the police. The first thing I knew was that Vanessa fell to death, surely as tried to skip a shot. She instantly died. The person responsible hasn´t been identified by her clues yet but everything seems to accuse Michelle Stevens, though it can be hard to believe.

- That whore who stalked James years ago? – Lucy rudely said, still on her hangover.

Bob looked at Pam and Val, who were missing those years – Michelle was not a whore, but my wife April´s sister. She was a very ambitious passionate girl who didn´t overcome his sister´s death and killed the woman responsible for it. She was in love with James and eventually sentenced to several years of prison for her crime.

- Do you mean that Michelle was out of jail and none of us knew it? – Christopher asked.

- Yes. At that time Pam and I were up in Toronto and the rest of you were trying hard to start over here at Southfork. A few months ago Michelle was mistaken for dead when a woman who looked alike her was picked up on the street, on drugs: a completely hopeless case. This woman had James and Michelle´s marriage license and a photo of James´s on...Then the police thought the case was easy: a homeless woman dies overdosed in a no way out street. But that was not Michelle. Michelle is still alive...

(Fade out)

The Southfork living-room was deadly quiet. Suddenly Barbara began to feel curious about it:

- Do you mean she faked her death to accomplish some sort of revenge?

- That´s the police´s opinion: before going to jail, James visited her and, don´t know what he told her, but she promised to revenge and kill him someday.

- And what a better day for her than his wedding to another woman... – Bob nodded.

- Anyway I think James outta have suspected something. He´d talked with the detective who was at charge of the case and knew that the dead girl was not Michelle at all. They also found out through a prison informant that both women had planned to murder him when out... – Valene put her hand over her stomach – Sorry Val. If you wanna go out of the room, please do. I don´t wanna see you still more upset – Madeleine, Valene and Pam went to the kitchen to get something hot to drink.

Bobby resumed his story:

- But something went wrong since their relationship turned out to be closer than it seemed to. They used to defend each other in prison...but once out, something went different and Michelle injected a lethal overdose to the other girl, whose name allegedly was Sheree. She made her drink huge amounts of alcohol and also gave her synthetic drugs: that was her last drop... – Bob breathed in and continued - As I was saying, I think James outta be suspecting something since the ad published in the Dallas press specified that James was going to be driven in the limo and not Cally. Obviously they made last minute´s changes...

- Are you hinting that they might have got married elsewhere and be enjoying their honeymoon after all, ignoring everything?

- Clayton, that´s what the police thinks. In fact that´s what they even suggested him to...

Clayton put his right hand on his eyes as Lucy tried to transmit him that she was on her side in spite of everything...and still loved him.

- There´s something I don´t get from all this mess. As you told us, the apartament was really upside-down, as if someone had gone crazy, right?

- Yeah – Bob assured – they even torn apart some of Cally´s paintings hung around.

- Therefore, what stopped somebody crazy from kidnap two people who maybe saw her to committ a murder, and then kill and get rid of them?

Bob shook his head as he was thinking it was time to join his wife and rest after such a moving day...or at least try to.

A quarter an hour after that, Bob was coming just out of the shower and drying out his body and proceeding to get into bed. A sad-looking Pam was cleaning her make-up off...

- Maybe Lucy was right all those years... – she said.

- About what?

- About the Southfork weddings´ curse...It seems that all the couples married here get somehow jinxed...

- Nonsense, just watch us.

- Should I remind you that our last wedding was celebrated at the Dallas town hall, in case you´re losing your memory...Besides, the only time we married here at the ranch, everything worsened from that day on...Jenna carrying your child, the loss of Ewing Oil, my accident...

Bob kept quiet as if remembering something or somebody he hadn´t thought about for a long time...

- You still think of him, don´t you? – when she saw her husband´s fakely innocent look, she added: - Lucas, I mean...

Lucas was the son that Bob had had with late Jenna Wade, not long after that second Southfork wedding. He had been given in adoption, as his mother had stipulated in her last will, though that was against the wishes of his natural dad Bob as well as his adoptive dad Ray´s.

- From times to times. But Christopher and you are my real family. Who sometimes worries me is Charlie, she wasn´t too centered the last time I saw her...I wonder where she must be now...

- I hope James and Cally are alive and well, and especially far away from Michelle...

Bob silently devoted a few minutes to his son Lucas. Ray would soon be returning from Australia and might know how to contact Lucas´s adoptive parents...

The next morning, John Ross and Barbara went to ride at the East Southfork lands...John Ross´s horse seemed to be putting resistance to the pace of his rider and Barbara realized that...They kept on riding fast until Barbara checked out the hurt left side of his second cousin´s horse. She asked John Ross to stop by and so he did.

- My God darling...Look what you´ve done him with your spurs... – the horse´s side was bleeding, to John Ross´s surprise.

- I didn´t think I was pushing so tight...He seemed to be out of control and going through the wrong way...

- John Ross, my mama´s daddy used to say that the horse always is right...not the rider.

The young man sat down on the ground after leaving his horse´s reins tied up to a nearby fence. He looked angry and sweaty...

- Your dad surely bought you this horse about fifteen years ago, when still riding a pony, and made the best wrestler of Texas train him for you. He´s a thoroughbred and a winner...just like you.

John Ross smiled and said: “My pony was easier to ride...”

- But the problem is not horses, right?

- No it´s not – John Ross´s look was lost into Southfork´s horizon. – It´s our first field: we should´ve found crude by now and there´s no signs of it yet...and now James disappears.

- My dear second cousin John Ross Ewing III – Barbara joked while surrounded his back with her arm – Beginnings never are easy to anyone. You gotta try, you gotta make a mistake and you gotta start over. It´s like this with everything: you have to feel pleasure with whatever you do: drilling a field, riding your favorite horse or trying to seduce a girl. That process is a part of the pleasure, not just a way to it. If your dad didn´t have your horse trained, today he´d have kicked you off in your ass...and you´d have gone out flying...

Both of them laughed out loudly...

- I think I caught the message, auntie Barb.

- And don´t worry about your brother James. Something´s telling me that he´s much better than us...

- I wanna ask you one thing: remember the videotape J.R. you gave me not long ago?

- Sure. How was it? Did you watch it already?

- No, I felt a sort of panic every time I took it out of the box. But I think it´s time to watch it now...

Pamela arrived at the Turtle Creek manor where she had an appointment with Sue Ellen for lunch. She had begged her to come and help her with an urgent issue...

- You don´t look good Pam – she sincerely remarked as they sat down at the table.

- Yes, I´m not feeling alright lately, I don´t know if it´s due to what happened yesterday or just the wedding´s stress...So what´s that urgent issue? I´m intrigued about it...

- Compared with yesterday´s tragedy, it´s nothing. But it´s about my business. Specifically a small publishing company I acquired a couple of years ago. We edited a country-wide women´s magazine that had an amazing welcome. Its editor Deborah is about to birth a child and asked me off for one year. The truth is that I don´t rely on anyone else for the job, I´ve got too many investments to control and thought about you: since you worked in fashions for so long and then in business with Cliff, you´d be the right person to replace her.

- Oh... – a surprised Pam smiled – I´m really flattered Sue Ellen. Since we came back from Toronto I haven´t been working but now I was thinking about something here in Dallas.

- I must warn you Pam: it´s not an easy job: it takes a lot of travelling several times per year around Europe, following the most reknowned fashion showings. Besides I´d like to change the focus and fit it better to 21st Century. You´re totally free to make changes and hire a new staff.

- Sounds interesting...but, why don´t you run it yourself since the publishing company is placed here in Dallas?

- My first priority is helping John Ross at Ewing Oil, even if I have to sell all my companies out. Hope I won´t but failure is out of his plans...and mine. James will be very useful, he´s got a lot of energy and they are very close. What´s more he started in oil business with master J.R. Ewing.

Pamela laughed as she got the irony in this Sue Ellen that almost had nothing to do with the one she met 22 years before, at the old Southfork Ranch.

- I´ll give you an answer tomorrow. I´d like to comment it with Bobby and...with my couch too.

- That´s what I expected to hear...Think about all that we could do with a new focus: there´s a lot of women out there who still think that men like J.R. are what they call “a good chance”...

Both women laughed out loudly again as they began to eat...

In his room in the same house, John Ross was ready to watch the video her aunt Barbara had given to him. He put the tape into the VTR and pushed the “play” button. The label on the tape side had called his attention. In the bottom of the box he found a note signed by his dad.

“Dear son – said the note – It´s time for you to watch closely this videotape. As you can see, its title is “The J.R. Ewing Story”. At the end of the movie, you´ll see the name of the person and only responsible for it, credited as “executive producer”. I want you to study it and get your own conclusions. What kind of person could ever do anything so cruel to your daddy? The answer is at the end of the movie.”

John Ross saw the first images with some cowboys driving cattle and made himself comfortable in his bed...

(Fade out)


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Monday morning Sue Ellen came into the Ewing Oil offices and said her usual and silent “hello darlin´” to J.R.´s portrait. Her secretary Kelly reported her his son waiting for her at her office.

- Good mornin´ honey – she said kissing him. Suddenly she noticed coldness in his mood and voice. – Are you angry with me for any reason?

- I´ve seen that movie – he roughly said – The movie you filmed about dad.

For years Sue Ellen had been hoping that John Ross would live unaware of the fact that, before leaving Dallas, she had produced a film exposing his ex-husband´s real personality. Now he had even watched it. Probably, his years of search had worked out and J.R. had got a copy of the movie by bribing or blackmailing someone...

- What do you think of it? I want you to understand...

- I just understand that shooting him thrice wasn´t enough for you, but also tried to ruin his reputation with a pack of lies...

- The movie never was released if that may calm you down. But there wasn´t the smallest lie in it, apart from a few changed names...

- It was then was when you met Don Lockwood, right? He was your accomplice...and your lover.

- Don was a great writer-director and we did team work. No plot, only something...I had to do. Someday you´ll understand.

- I used to know who my father and my mother were, and that they couldn´t live together despite of having a son in common. Now I don´t know who my father was neither the way he felt about me...and, what´s worse, I don´t know who my mother is...or what I feel about her...

John Ross picked up his briefcase and threw away the documents inside as he said: “Look mother: this is Ewing Oil, and it´s all yours now. You run it because probably that´s what you intend to...” After that, he walked out slamming the door.

Sue Ellen stood still until got enough strength to sit down in her armchair and started to cry in silence...

That same morning, the Southfork residents got a pleasant surprise: the Krebbs family, Ray, Donna and teenage Maggie had returned from Australia.

- We´ve been missing you... – Pam said.

- We wanted to come back one day before the wedding but something unexpected happened and postponed the flight – Donna commented.

- I guess you know what happened... – Bob said, reaching for Ray´s complicity in his look.

- Yeah, it´s a tragedy. Poor Vanessa... – he exclaimed, showing him the newspaper they had seen at the airport.

- And poor James and Cally: the wedding was off... – Pam added.

- Any news about their whereabouts, where might they be? – a worried Donna asked.

- The police suspects they might have been kidnapped by a former girlfriend of James´s...But now make yourselves at home and put comfortable clothes on ´cause you gotta a lot of things to explain to us – Bob said picking up one of Ray´s bags and calling Raúl to help them.

- James´s mother, killed. Oh God mama...it´s just horrible – Maggie said, still in a shock.

- Yes, babe. We´ve got to be strong and giv´em all our support when they´re back. We should pray for them to be alive and well, wherever they are – Donna embraced her daughter.

It was a sunny morning and Lucy had invited her mother to go out with her and the children: Pete, her son, Ellie, Cally´s daughter, and Jimmy, James´s son. She drove to a place often visited in the past, in a very concrete time in his life. It was a playground not far away from Dallas, located near a troubled children´s camp called Windsor Meadows. Mother and daughter were talking as the kids were running ahead of them.

- Lucy, this is a great place for the kids. How did you find it?

- In 1983. By those days John Ross was learning to swim and J.R. thought he needed a personal instructor. In fact the boy had been traumatized by the ranch´s fire shock...and the psychologist advised them to bring John Ross at the camp.

Valene was listening up to her. She had been for weeks hoping her daughter would make some sort of confidence to her...

- John Ross´s tutor during that summer was Peter Richards. Blonde, athletic, very attractive... – Lucy felt she couldn´t finish her story. She had a lump in her throat.

- Tell me Lucy, did anything happen between you two?

- I tried the hardest I can remember but he was more interested in another person...Finally we tried to become friends but, due to one of J.R.´s revenge plots, he was forced to leave to New York.

- Very much like old J.R. Ewing´s style...

- But that wasn´t the worst. Not long after Grandma died, John Ross needed a therapist again and Peter re-appeared in our lives. With one difference: now he was a widower...and had few months left to live. He had got aids through his wife.

Valene got mute and hold her daughter´s hands.

- Please Lucy, whatcha wanna tell me?

- Then we our friendship began to grow and, when he died, during a vacation trip we did together on the Caribbean, I got into a serious crisis. I only wanted to have a baby so I wouldn´t feel so alone, no heartbreaks, no marrying knots.

- What did you do baby?

- I became obsessed with getting pregnant. First I tried to with somebody we casually met at the Caribbean...

- Alan Beam, am I right?

- How can you know it?

- The wedding´s day I heard Alan telling you that he knew that Pete was his son...though you were “sleeping” in the couch...

Both women smiled. They were getting the confidence level they had always wanted to have with each other.

- You are right but Alan isn´t the father. I knew him too well to take any chances and get pregnant with his son...I turned to Mitch too, and I´m ashamed of it now. That was a mistake. There was a third man, but I´ll always keep it secret, mama.

- Did you love him? – Val enquired, guessing her answer.

- No – she answered – I never saw him again. Never know if I could have loved him...

- It´s your right to keep his name secret but also Alan has right to know that he´s not Pete´s dad. Men feel the call of fatherhood as we women do Lucy. Don´t play with him as I played with your daddy when the twins were born...

At the Wentworth Manor, Pamela was talking to his brother´s maid Jennifer.

- We don´t know when they´ll come back, but my brother told me to let you at charge of the house on a permanent basis. They´re gonna spend some time travelling and want everything to remain the way it is now.

- I hope they won´t be away for a long time, this is a very big house and, when the journey´s tasks are finished, I feel alone here, especially without the girl...

- I know that very well. I also lived here years ago and, before me, my mother Rebecca. You don´t have to come up every day, feel free to take the weekends off and go to see your family...

The woman, about forty years old, was devoted to take care of the Barneses and deeply thanked her gesture, but couldn´t help adding:

- When you say they´ll come back, are you including Mrs. Barnes too?

Pamela caught the meaning of her question:

- Hopefully so, Jennifer. We can´t lose our hopes...Never.

Far, far away from there, at the heavenly Aruba Island, James Beaumont was looking up at the horizon, melted with the deep blue sea. Suddenly he heard someone calling him out. It was his brand new wife Cally bringing news from Dallas. A phone call have been received at the hotel, requesting their urgent comeback to Dallas.

Cally looked scared as James got her closer to his hairless muscled chest. She holded her warmly, thinking to himself: “Maybe we weren´t smarter than Michelle were we?” But what he told her was: “Be quiet, everything is under control, Mrs. Beaumont...” (Fade out)

Night fell over the Southfork Mansion again, and everybody seemed to be afraid of darkness coming. Almost the whole family had gathered for dinner: there were Bob, Pam, Chris, Lucy, Gary, Val, Ray, Donna and Maggie, Barbara and even little Ellie and Jimmy, who had been kept at Lucy, Val and Pam´s care until James came back.

- Well I hadn´t met you...I´m glad you returned before we leave – Madeleine confided to Ray and Donna.

- We also really wanted to meet you Madeleine...Bob told us you used to live in Switzerland. I spent several years there too, in Berna, more precisely.

Donna was listening to her husband´s words, though she couldn´t avoid feeling strange when she heard him talk about the years he spent with Jenna and her children.

- Yes indeed, that´s where we first met...

Lucy rolled her eyes afraid of hearing the story about her “bumping” into Clayton and love at first sight blah blah...all over again. Barbara was silently listening too, until she made a question:

- Madeleine, honey, I gotta meet a friend in Switzerland next month. What´s the name of your hotel? So I´ll save her the trouble of let me a room.

Madeleine kept quiet for an instant. All of them were staring at her and she finally said:

- “D´urhamme”. My late husband, let him rest in peace, used to run it...We sold out the business before coming to USA. But I´m sure you´ll find what you´re looking for in any standarized american hotel...

- Thank you, I´ll keep that in mind... – Barbara smiled a fake smile.

Teresa walked in and announced that there was a call for Bob. He got up and came back to the living-room a few minutes later.

- Good news family: we´ve tracked James and Cally down. They flew on the Ewing jet to the Venezuelan Island of Aruba, where they got married. Afterwards they sent the pilot and the jet back to Dallas. When the pilot learnt about what had happened, he began to feel he had to report us of this mysterious flight, though James tried to assure his silence.

- Fine. When are they coming? – Pam asked.

- Tomorrow in the early morning. We should get Vanessa´s funeral ready for the afternoon, in case he wants her to be buried in Dallas.

Donna stood up, followed by Val.

- Don´t worry Bob. We´ll take care of that – Donna assured. Maggie looked down and then at Christopher, sitting in front of her. Her sad-looking face called up his attention...

Bob walked on and said to the whole family there:

- I want to take the chance to thank you for your unconditional support before this tragedy. Wish you Clayton will have a reason of happiness instead of sadness, next time you call on us...

Madeleine looked up to Bob and admired his nobleness and goodness. Then she looked back at Clayton and, deeply in her heart and for a minute, she was glad to belong to that family, in spite of all that she was hiding from them...

Barbara knocked on Lucy´s room´s door. Not long after, she opened it and let her in.

- I´m happy you asked me to talk Lucy... – Barbara said.

- We gotta a very serious issue to discuss. I wanna know if you´re on my side...

- If you mean Madeleine, I´m with you Lucy. I don´t think her intentions are precisely good...

- Know something I ignore? – the oldest of the Ewing grandchildren wide-opened her eyes.

- The wedding´s day I was so lucky to hear, of course by chance, a cell conversation of our friend...

“Love – she said – listen up. That man has had two heart attacks and enjoys one of the biggest fortunes in the State of Texas. Our plan is working out but I need more time. He´s slowly getting weaker by the family pressure and wants us to visit his son at his ranch...Oh, wait, I think I´m hearing some noises. I´ve got to hung off. Ciao.”

Lucy was astonished: that confirmed her worst suspicions: Madeleine was not in love with Clayton at all, she only was a fortuneseeker and his was one of the biggest fortunes in Texas...which also included a fifth of Southfork and the Ewing Group.

- We gotta do something Barbara! – a worried Lucy begged – When her previous husband died, he left her the hotel. If anything happened to Clayton, she would inherit much more than a second-rate hotel...

- Leave the hotel to me. With a couple of calls I´m gonna know what her life was like before meeting powerful Clayton Farlow...But you must help me: if I´m not wrong Clayton had had a couple of heart attacks and must be having some kind of medication. We gotta know what he´s exactly taking, and before they leave to San Angelo...If we wanna end that farce, there´s no time to waste...

- My ex-husband Mitch is a plastic surgeon. Sure he could contact me with some cardiologist friend of his...Leave the rest to me.

- I just knew I could count on you Lucy. If there´s something better than one Ewing that´s two Ewing women...

At the Love Field Airport, Bob and Ray were waiting for James and Cally to come out of the Ewing jet. At last the couple disembarked...They couldn´t talk with them previously so Bob asked Ray to come, since he had always had a good relationship with James.

- Hello Bob, Ray – the young man said – Wanna kiss the bride?

Bob and Ray looked surprised and kissed Cally.

- So you don´t know what happened? – Bob asked.

- Sorry we stood you up at Southfork but were afraid of Michelle trying to do something to sabotage the wedding and we decided to marry in paradise, or so it looked like...

- James please listen up: so you´re saying, you went for Cally to your apartment before they left in the limo and drove her straight to the airport, letting your mama there, didn´t you?

- Yup. Bob, whatcha trying to tell me?

Ray interfered to help Bob with the hard task of telling James his mother had been killed.

- James boy: obviously Michelle came a little after you left...

- My mother is o.k.? – James began to get nervous as Cally was holding his arm...

- Your mother is dead James – Bob finally said – Everything points at Michelle...who´s still at large.

At Southfork, Clayton and Madeleine were about to leave to Dallas for an appointment with his lawyer. During breakfast, Lucy had been closely listening to whatever the couple said to each other and had been especially kind to Madeleine. When they got into the limo, Lucy ran to Clayton´s house. She needed something to prove that the woman was scheming something related to his husband´s delicate condition. She hurried up to the the couple´s bedroom and began to check the labels in the medicine little bottles she found in their bathroom.

All of sudden Lucy heard the limo stopping by the house and two heels stepping closer and closer to the room. She did not think twice: she left the bottles down and put herself under the big bed, keeping her breathing. Madeleine opened the door and firmly stepped in. After a few seconds she stood by the bed. She noticed a parfum´s smell and it was not hers. She remembered that Clayton was waiting for her downstairs and took a couple of aspirins out of a bottle and swallowed them. Then she left in a hurry...and Lucy breathed in again when the limo had left. She got out of the bed, put the names of the medicines down in a paper, checked the night table´s drawers and got out of there in a hush...

James drove by his father J.R.´s graveyard, near the Southfork lake...

- Mum is gone...you can´t be in the same place but wish you´re happier than used to when alive. Never could build up a life in common in spite of the love you felt for each other... Just hope that won´t happen to Cally and me...Rest in peace you both...

James dried up his tears with his forearm and got into his car. At that moment his cell rang: it was his brother´s phone number...

- Hi James. John Ross here. I´m at the Ewing Oil parklot, got car problems. Pick me up...Right then the communication went off.

- You´re a swell actor honey. If I were you I´d pack off and go to Hollywood – Michelle said as paid the cash to the cleaning man for posing as John Ross as agreed, making him believe she was playing a joke on someone – I´ll always thank you for this...

At the same time Pamela was talking with Cliff on the phone in her own room.

- All right Cliff. Yeah I talked to Jennifer, don´t worry about it. Yes, I´ve understood your instructions, I´m not your baby sister any more – she said as trying to make it sound less serious – You want me to make an offer for the TV channel Afton works at. All right, if that´s what you want, it´s fine for me. I´ll call you when the contracts are signed. Do you know if Mitch already spoke with the surgeon you talked to me about? I know that, it´s a very small possibility but Afton has changed her mind and you´ve gotta keep your hopes...I know Cliffie. I love you too.

After hunging up, Pam went into her bathroom: she had left something there that probably had given the predictable result. She just wanted to let all the chances out before going to the doctor´s.But the result was contrary to what she expected. Pam was standing up there, in front of the mirror, looking at the test´s result...

- My God...It can´t be...I´m pregnant.

Half an hour later James parked his luxury sports car in the Ewing Building underground parklot. He got out of the car, locked it up automatically and started to look up for his brother´s car. At last he found one of the same make and color but, as he came closer, saw no Ewing 8 plate. Right then James heard somebody´s footsteps and slowly turned around, and found a gun pointing at his head.

“Say goodbye to life James Beaumont...” - the person who was about to shoot him was none other than Michelle...

End of Episode 7



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Poor James having lost both of his parents. That can't be easy for him. But at least he has a sweet wife like Cally to help him through it.

Yikes John Ross saw the movie and turned against Sue Ellen. Definitely not good.

I wonder if Michelle really was behind Vanessa's death?

It's interesting how different stories have different takes on the same characters. I've read another fanfic where Michelle was written like a victim quite recently.

But yeah since she showed up with James. I guess she's gone crazy.

I'm intrigued by the paternity of Lucy's son. Who is the daddy?
It was not Alan Beam at least.

Also Pam is pregnant?
Which year does this story take place?:confuse:

I thought she was close to 50!