How did they explain Senator McVane getting out of prison?

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Lauren Hutton's character (The "Lady in the Limo") could have been madly in love with McVane and paid him a nice penthouse apartement and as much Bourbon as he wants every month. She had lots of money, much more than Blake and Alexis combined. But as much as her beloved Neil was out on revenge on all Carringtons and Colbys, even getting the corrupt police captain involved getting hands on the collection... she felt sorry and had a soft spot for the children and didn't want anything to happen to them ... :cool:

But then the phone rings and she is informed, that Neils plan to get that crazy Grimes-Springoff into play backfired terribly and now not only the police captain but also Blake Carrington was shot and the children (Fallon and Krystina) are trapped with Grimes in the collapsed tunnel...
"Neil... what have we done?!" - Drunken McVane holds his glass of Bourbon and just shrugs his shoulders. "That was YOU lady...not me!"
Roll on opening Credits Season 10 Episode 1 ... :D
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