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Grant Jennings had come up two different ideas for two important story points in Dynasty, and I just thought of a way to make them overlap with one another. Here'a refresher:

Though my preference would be for the Krystle/Rita swap to take place prior to the Carringtons leaving for Moldavia with Rita being killed in the coup, an alternate would be:

Sammy Jo befriends Rita hoping she can find a way to use her resemblance to Krytstle to get her inheritance. Sammy Jo humors Rita by listening to tales of her illustrious career: "and in this film I was attacked by giant radioactive ants!" Joel gets involved and the swap happens shortly after the Carrington's return from Moldavia - not accidentally, no karate chop to the neck. Rita does her best to impersonate Krystle but family members begin to comment to one another that there's something off about Krystle.

After undoing the trust that Daniel left to Sammy Jo (letting Sammy Jo have access to her entire inheritance) "Krystle" begins siphoning money out of Krystle's bank accounts. "Krystle" makes large credit card purchase and then tries to return the items for cash. It's only after Blake becomes aware of the shady money dealings that Blake confronts "Krystle". "Krystle" tries to talk her way out of it when Blake asks if maybe her behavior is the result of the emotional trauma she experienced during the coup in Moldavia; "Krystle" goes along with this, even agreeing to see a psychiatrist. Joel realizes it's time to switch Krystle and Rita back and get out of town.

During the time she's been Joel's captive (not at Delta Rho - nothing to connect it to Sammy Jo) Krystle has wondered who would hate her enough to put her through this ordeal. She can only think of one person: Alexis. When Krystle asks Joel if Alexis is responsible for her kidnapping he is vague at first but he eventually lets Krystle believe she's discovered the truth.

Krystle is released and Joel and Rita skip town with the money they've managed to get (not that much - at least to a Carrington). Krystle tells Blake of her ordeal and the horrible woman who impersonated her. Blake is convinced Krystle has suffered a complete breakdown. The psychiatrist (whom Krystle insists she has never met before) examines Krystle; he believes she is suffering from a delusion but doesn't diagnose her as clinically insane - she does not need to be committed. Blake gathers the family together and urges them to be patient with Krystle during this difficult time.

The Carringtons are invited to a black tie gala. Blake asks Steven to keep Alexis from attending the gala to avoid upsetting Krystle; Alexis has plans out of town so it shouldn't be a problem. Blake and Krystle are enjoying themselves at the gala when Alexis arrives unexpectedly: "I changed my mind". Krystle becomes upset and, seeing an opportunity, Alexis provokes her. Krystle loses her temper and violently lashes out at Alexis; the paparazzi's camera bulbs begin to flash. Alexis (despite Steven and Amanda's pleas not to) presses charges against Krystle who is charged with assault. At her arraignment Krystle is remorseful and all appears to be going well until the judge asks what would make such a poised and graceful lady behave in such a way. Krystle tells of her kidnapping and replacement with a doppleganger. The D.A. requests a psychiatric evaluation and the judge approves. Krystle fails the evaluation and is sent to a psychiatric facility pending her trial.
If there's a fire at the mansion, there is no fire at La Mirage. Instead, this happened:

The day of Dominique and Garrett's engagement party we see a pair of gloved hands holding a syringe. We see the syringe being injected into the corks of several champagne bottles. As the camera pulls back, we see a sign by the bottles: "Reserved for Deveraux party".

The night of the party Blake and Krystle each grab a flute of champagne from one of the waiters' trays but they receive Gerard's call beckoning them back to the mansion before they drink. Adam (who is holding a rocks glass) notices Jackie with a flute in her hand and asks "aren't you too young to be drinking?" Jackie reminds Adam that it's her parents' engagement party, he replies "okay, but just one glass". Steven (who isn't drinking anything) approaches Amanda who is at the far end of the room watching Sammy Jo and Clay dance. Steven questions Amanda about her pensive mood, she downs the rest of her drink, grabs another and walks off.

Claudia attends the party, walks over to Dominique and Garrett and congratulates them on their engagement. She raises her glass and she and Garret drink to the betrothed couple's happiness. After Claudia steps away, Dominique confronts Garrett about "Jessica" and splashes her drink in his face. Sammy Jo walks out to the pool and empties both of the flutes she is holding (which is what was filmed). Jackie is the first person to appear to be ill. Adam thinks she simply isn't used to drinking alcohol until he sees several other guests take ill.

In season seven Blake goes to La Mirage while Krystle, Krystina, Jeanette and Gerard go to The Carlton. Thorpe confronts Blake about his dead wife. We learn a waiter grabbed "the first bottle of champagne I saw" when the Thorpes wanted to celebrate their engagement. Mrs. Thorpe drank champagne but Mr. Thorpe "can't stand the stuff". I'd keep the rest of the Thorpe storyline from season seven.

Amanda nearly drowns and has to be resuscitated. She spits up water and vomits the champagne. The catfight actually saved her life. Dominique is frantic as Garrett and Jackie are both placed on gurneys in the parking lot. Garrett begs Dominique for her forgiveness before dying. Jackie is seriously ill and taken to the hospital. Adam is trying to assist EMTs when he discovers Steven seated on the floor sobbing, in his arms is Claudia's lifeless body. Michael Culhane does not return.

Claudia has a funeral - on screen. Adam and Steven argue at the funeral. Alexis insinuates Blake's mismanagement placed the La Mirage guests in danger. Surveillance video reveals Claudia poisoned the champagne.
As per usual for the doppelganger story, Adam gets involved and assists with a lot of the technical issues, and uses the fake Krystle to his advantage. And when Joel and Rita take off, Adam helps Sammy Jo out by vouching that she had no involvement of her New York roommate was impersonating her aunt, saying that SJ confided in him that she too thought "Krystle" was acting strangely, and that she and Rita stopped being roommates months ago and hadn't been in contact.

Adam and Sammy Jo come out of the situation smelling like roses, although both are all too aware of how close they cut it and decide to "play nice" for the time being.

Later on, when Sammy Jo and Amanda are having their pool-fight, Jackie sees them, and hurries back inside to get help in separating them. Jackie finds Adam and Steven and tells them what's happening. Adam is amused when he hears, and the two brothers follow their cousin out...

...only to find Amanda floating face-down in the water.

Adam goes from amused to horrified in an instant, and he pushes past Steven and literally dives into the water to fish out his little sister. Adam carries Amanda up the pool's steps while Steven assists him in laying her down. Adam performs CPR (no jokes about him kissing his other sister, please) while Steven tells Jackie to run inside to get the hotel's doctor.

Jackie begins to run in... except she suddenly starts to feel whoozey. At first, Steven thinks she might just faint from seeing a relative like this, except Jackie suddenly topples over into the pool. Steven pulls her out, startled and confused and beginning to grow scared.

Adam succeeds in resuscitating his sister, and Amanda vomits up the champagne. Steven does the same to Jackie, and she too vomits up the champagne.

Both brothers are relieved at rescuing both girls, but are soon left with two mysteries: why did Jackie faint like that, and was it Sammy Jo who tried to drown Amanda?

Of course, they find out the champagne was poisoned, and Sammy Jo later insists that she and Amanda stopped fighting on their own, exchanged a few more insults, before SJ stomped out of the pool, leaving Amanda behind to pout.

Amanda confirms that she and Sammy Jo did stop fighting and that SJ did leave... except Amanda remembered getting struck from behind and held down under the water, which is what caused her to pass out. So she doesn't know who her attacker actually is... and the security cameras don't help: the area of the pool where Amanda and her attacker were is in the camera's blind spot. And although the camera did show Sammy Jo walking away from the pool, there are still plenty of areas where she could have returned that are out of range.

Alexis latches onto the idea that it really was Sammy Jo and demands blood (and whether she's being figurative or literal is never clarified). Krystle comes to her niece's defense (which intensifies Sammy Jo's guilt) and tries to mediate between her and Amanda in order to make peace. Blake is in the middle: as enraged as he is over Amanda being attacked, he's still living off of Sammy Jo's charity (he, Krystle and Krystina have taken residence in Delta Rho, now that Blake has lost his business and mansion) and therefore can't bring himself to believe that she is his daughter's attacker.

Amanda herself isn't sure, although she's certainly suspicious and guarded whenever she's around Sammy Jo. Steven is the same.

Adam, however, confronts Sammy Jo in private, reminding her that he knows "what she's capable of", with her shooting back, "Don't you dare throw that in my face! You're in it just as deep as I am!"

And who should overhear this conversation but Dominique? Now, from another standpoint, these words shouldn't mean anything to Dominique, given how vague they are. Yet Miss Deveraux gets to show off how cunning she really is as she goes back over the months to figure anything out.

Later on, Dominique visits Delta Rho again to see Sammy Jo about potentially buying a racing horse, and then casually mentions, "So, you and Adam are responsible for the whole doppelganger incident?"

Sammy Jo looks up with wide eyes. "How did you find that out?!"

"You just told me, dear. Just now," Dominique replies with a perfect smile.

Sammy Jo sighs and slumps her shoulders. "What do you want?"

"For now, nothing. Just that you be in my debt. I have nothing to gain from this at the moment. Just wait. I'll contact you when I need something."

I think I'd have it be Season 10 when Dominique comes a-calling.

As for Amanda's attacker, she receives a threatening note, saying how she's had two chances to die at La Mirage (her suicide, and her attempted drowning), and how the third time is the charm.

The attacker is soon revealed to be Duchess Elena, who is looking to avenge the death of Prince Michael - because here I'm stealing Snarky's idea for the prince's death, but giving it a twist: in the beginning of S6, Michael started an affair with Sammy Jo, but Alexis put a stop to it; SJ then revealed she was pregnant with Micahel's baby and wanted "royal compensation," only for him to have her kidnapped and her baby aborted; only instead of waiting till S8, it's at the Masquerade Ball at the Carrington Estate that Sammy Jo attacks Michael, and accidentally pushes him against the tiger's cage so the large feline can maul him; SJ flees the scene, and Elena, crazed with grief, puts all the blame on Amanda for "taking him from his home to this horrible place!"

Elena attempted to drown Amanda and pin it on Sammy Jo, but with her next attempt on Amanda's life, she's found out and arrested - or killed in self-defense. Whichever.


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