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Name – Charles Kingsfield
Sex – Male
Birthplace – Massachusetts
Hometown – Cambridge
First Crush - Diana Douglas
Current Crush - Mary Berry
Favourite Song – The Winner Takes It All - Abba
Favourite Movie – Jagged Edge
Favourite TV Show – Strictly Come Dancing
Dirty Little Secret – I am secretly attracted to my wife's best friend
Greatest Achievement – Meeting the Pope
Worse Feature – Impatience
Best Feature – I'm intellectually brilliant


Name – Laquisha Tramell
Sex – Female
Birthplace – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Hometown – L.A.
First Crush - Robert Redford
Current Crush - Dwayne Johnson
Favourite Song – Adagio for Strings, Samuel Barber
Favourite Movie – Dirty Dancing
Favourite TV Show – Modern Family
Dirty Little Secret – I used to be a prostitute and I married one of my clients
Greatest Achievement – Recieving my black belt in Karate
Worse Feature – My temper
Best Feature – My vivacious, bubbly personality


Name – Aris Totallos
Sex – male
Birthplace – Athens
Hometown – Heraklion
First Crush - Britney Spears
Current Crush - Emma Roberts
Favourite Song – Ti Sento (Matia Bazar)
Favourite Movie – Pulp Fiction
Favourite TV Show – Dexter
Dirty Little Secret – was a drug pusher at the age of 17
Greatest Achievement – won the Greek championship pole squatting in 1999
Worse Feature – easily bored
Best Feature – standing up for other people


Name – Shannon
Sex – Female
Birthplace – Australia
Hometown – Melbourne
First Crush - My history teacher
Current Crush - Hugh Jackman
Favourite Song – Down Under - Men At Work
Favourite Movie – Mad Max
Favourite TV Show – Watching Austrailian Rules Football
Dirty Little Secret – I sometimes pee in the shower
Greatest Achievement – Doing a bungee jump
Worse Feature – Terrible cook
Best Feature – Good listener


Name – Chad
Sex – Male
Birthplace – Canada
Hometown – Toronto
First Crush - Madonna
Current Crush - Josh Duhamel
Favourite Song – Relight my Fire - Take That
Favourite Movie – Die Hard
Favourite TV Show – American Dad
Greatest Achievement – My Son
Worse Feature – Ears
Best Feature – Eyes


Name – Titan
Sex – Male
Birthplace – Dollywood
Hometown – Key Largo
First Crush – Sharon Stone / Keanu Reeves
Current Crush – Sophia Bush
Favourite Song - I Want Your Sex - George Michael
Favourite Movie – Basic Instinct
Favourite TV Show – US Top Models
Dirty Little Secret – Stealing knickers from washing lines
Greatest Achievement – Getting booted off 7 forums
Worse Feature – Brutally honest
Best Feature – My money


Name – Megan Rose
Sex – Female
Birthplace – Salem
Hometown – Salem, Massachusetts
First Crush – My Best Friends Brother
Current Crush – A bartender at a Club I go to
Favourite Song - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Favourite Movie – Titanic
Favourite TV Show – True Blood
Dirty Little Secret – I dated one brother just so I could meet the other brother.
Greatest Achievement – Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy
Worse Feature – Feet
Best Feature – Eyes


Name – Christian Shaw
Sex – Male
Birthplace – London
Hometown – London
First Crush - Natalie Portman
Current Crush - Ariana Grande
Favourite Song – Let it be - The Beatles
Favourite Movie – King Kong (2005)
Favourite TV Show – Breaking Bad
Dirty Little Secret – I got expelled from school for punching a teacher
Greatest Achievement – Providing for my family after my Dad left
Worse Feature – Very messy/untidy
Best Feature – I laugh a lot


Name – Aubergine de la Bitch
Sex – Female
Birthplace – February 11, 1991
Hometown – Good Weather, New Orleans
First Crush - Vincent Price
Current Crush - Willem Dafoe
Favourite Song – The Funeral of Hearts by HIM
Favourite Movie – Corpse Bride
Favourite TV Show – Penny Dreadful
Dirty Little Secret – I wear A LOT of make-up!
Greatest Achievement – Once I bingewatched the whole Adams Family series!
Worse Feature – Nothing I can´t disguise
Best Feature – I am a big liar


Name –
Sex –
Birthplace –
Hometown –
First Crush -
Current Crush -
Favourite Song –
Favourite Movie –
Favourite TV Show –
Dirty Little Secret –
Greatest Achievement –
Worse Feature –
Best Feature –

Aris Totallos

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Dirty Little Secret – I am secretly attracted to my wife's best friend
Ah yes, the wife who now happens to be in the sanatorium.
It adds a new dimension to that story, doesn't it?
Dirty Little Secret – I sometimes pee in the shower
How dirty! And sexy! dirty-sexy sexy-dirty!

Megan Rose

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Some things are surprising :)

[QUOTE="Big Brother, post: 4584


Dirty Little Secret – I sometimes pee in the shower


Current Crush - Josh Duhamel

Dirty Little Secret – Stealing knickers from washing lines

Kind of creepy


Name – Aubergine de la bitch
First Crush - Vincent Price

Wow Vincent Price gave me nightmares.