How would you define each era of DALLAS?


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Awk now come on... Everyone knows it's really just The Pam Years and then The What Came After Years.

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That was the character; he enjoyed life to the fullest except in his marriages to Sue Ellen although there were some happy times there. One of the huge differences between JR and most of his competitors is he enjoyed life so much more fully than they did. While they would show his competitors or people who simply just didn't like him making themselves miserable by moaning about what JR was up to lately and trying desperately to figure out ways to "stop" him with characters as diverse as Cliff, Donna, and Sue Ellen spending tons of time and energy trying to figure out how to "stop JR Ewing", you almost never saw JR spending much time trying to figure out ways to stop any of them. He was too busy enjoying his life to dwell on that type of negativity. When he did try to "stop" somebody, he even had a good time with that such as setting up Cliff to buy worthless land that Cliff embezzled to pay for, or setting Peter up to take a fall. You never saw JR looking depressed when he was formuating either of those plans did you? He enjoyed the whole process.

For all JR's faults not enjoying life was not one of them! Sue Ellen and Cliff are a couple examples of people who didn't know how to enjoy life, at least not for any extended period of time before they'd be back in despair again, or in Sue Ellen's case, falling off the wagon again. So for a character with that trait, it would have made all the sense in the world for him to do what I suggested regarding his problems with Sue Ellen, how he could have gotten full custody of John Ross, and married Mandy, who, whether you liked her or not, was someone who made JR extremely happy.
If your wife was constantly cheating on you, in your face, would you be enjoying life? I don’t know if there’s an alternative version of Dallas that you’ve come across, but JR was not this good guy you make him out to be.

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for me, there were the Jock Years (which I'm most familiar with), the 4 or 5 seasons after where the show was still in its prime, then a few years of decline followed by the last couple of years where it was barely recognizable as the same show.

things evolved quickly in the Jock years, which were really 3 'sub-eras':

-miniseries/pilot (dark and foreboding and more raw than what came later... although much of that might have been the wintry weather and the far less cozy original Southfork)

-the first 70 or 80% of season 1/2 dvd, where there were mostly self-contained episodes of variable quality - some were good, some like the 'Lucy runs away' one were objectively pretty bad (though good fodder for the 'ABC of Dallas' thread!) I feel like they deliberately lightened the tone with the sunny new pool-centric Southfork... was it broadcast at an earlier time than the miniseries?

-the end of that season into the 'Who Shot JR' era, starting with Cliff and Sue Ellen's affair and Cliff's rise at the OLM. By the 2-part finale with Sue Ellen in the sanitarium I feel the show had found its footing.

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I don't even remember. It's had to have been over a decade though.
1978-1985 The Golden Years
1985-1987 Still pretty good although has a few speed bumps in the road. lol
1987-1989 The Mediocre years-a few good stories but also too much camp
1989-1991 The awful years-most of the cast that made Dallas great are gone
The TNT Years-Not really Dallas-the less said the better
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Time immemorial
78-80: The early years
80-81: The post-'Who Shot JR?' year
81-86: The post-Jock years
86-89: The post-Pam's Dream years
89-91: The low-budget years
2012-2014: New DALLAS!