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Given the complexities of his father/son relationship on DALLAS
A shame the producers dragged their feet in getting TNT Dallas to air after it was announced in 2010 a pilot episode had been ordered. We all know the history of the relationship between JR, Sue Ellen and John Ross. The continuation began with promise however it didn't take too long before unpopular and dare I say it, unwanted characters had crept into the Ewing lives. The obvious one was the Ramos family.

Looking back the first season should have focused on that relationship between father, mother and son. The potential was there. The chemistry between Larry and Josh shone through the small screen however it was Linda and Josh which really surprised me.

Original Dallas drew on the complexities of its characters and how they interacted with each other. TNT Dallas appeared to be focused more on orchestrated plots which belonged on daytime television. My memory is a little fuzzy now with TNT Dallas but did I recall some guy wearing a dog outfit, somewhere?

I look back on TNT Dallas as a wasted opportunity. Larry - despite ailing health - still had that twinkle in his eye. We knew the "magnificent bastard" still had a few manipulations up his sleeve.


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Yep - it was such a wasted opportunity. It was so beautifully shot, and all that location shooting was terrific. But it was all wasted on a baffling storyline that didn’t take proper advantage of the vets, and showcased the next generation as a bunch of vapid, pouting underwear models. Ugh.