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If he couldn't be with Sue Ellen I wanted JR to be with Mandy. They had a chemistry.

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They kept Sue Ellen and JR together far too long and it became repetitive and monotonous. How many times could we hear her complain she was miserable with JR yet too weak to go out on her own? Sue Ellen did that so many times, season after season and it hurt the show.

The best way to strengthen the show and improve the quality would have been to have JR commit Sue Ellen after one of the last few times she got drunk and out of control. Instead they started season 7 (DVD count) with Sue Ellen, (having just come off a terrible alcoholic binge where she crippled Mickey Trotter by driving drunk which made Mickey get in the car with her to try to stop her from driving) dictating what the terms of their marriage would be to JR... Well, JR never put up with being dictated to by a woman and I didn't like that weakness they showed in him when he agreed to all her demands including living in separate bedrooms. The JR we had known prior to that would never have allowed Sue Ellen to sponge off his family by living at Southfork and dictate to him, especially by not even sharing a bedroom with him.

After that and the accident would have been the perfect time to commit Sue Ellen to a sanitarium. JR could have also done this after she had that alcoholic binge after John Ross got appendicitis in season 8. JR should have had Sue Ellen committed then and filed or divorce. No judge would have given custody of John Ross to a woman in a sanitarium. Then JR would have been free to marry Mandy who would have been a far better wife for him than Sue Ellen and she would have been good stepmother to John Ross, especially compared to Cally. Mandy had the advantage in sophistication over Cally as well as being a much more appropriate age. It also would have saved us from he horrible Haleyville storyline. It was all a huge missed opportunity to bring new life to the show and to keep it fresh and exciting rather than recycling old situations between JR and Sue Ellen over and over again.
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