Leave Of All Senses: Flamingo Road/Dallas/Dynasty Part 3

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Chapter 9

Donna Krebb’s troubles were increasing. By the moment.

Donna’s assistant came into her office and told her that Abby Ewing was on the phone for her! Abby, who was last seen being dragged into a vehicle in the under car parking garage of Dallas Memorial Hospital?

“I’ll take it, thanks.” Donna said, ignoring the unsure look her assistant gave her, before leaving the office and closing the door behind her.

“Abby? My God! How are you? Are you alright?” Donna asked while leaning back in her chair.

“I’m fine, Donna, really. This whole thing has been just such a mistake. I just left the police station.”

Donna frowned.

“A mistake? Meaning you were’t kidnapped?”

“Not at all! And I am so sorry that anyone worried. I am actually on a plane with my children.”

Donna sensed something. It was the sense she got when she was about to learn something that she didn’t know before. Something she should have suspected or something that was just not good!

“You’re calling from an airplane? Meaning you’re on a private jet?”

“Yes. Listen, Donna, I would really like to know what happened at Southfork? I am at the point where I have had it up to here with the Ewings! That’s the second dead body that’s been found. Frankly, I’m glad I don’t have to go back there for my luggage.” Abby said in a concerned sounding tone.

Donna was not in the mood for BS.

“Abby, if you weren’t kidnapped then where were you? I’m sorry to not answer your question but Blake is in the hospital. There were witnesses that saw him try and keep two men from dragging you into a dark sedan. He failed and was beaten into a coma.”

“I heard. I actually wanted to visit with Blake but when I saw Alexis there, I just wasn’t up to fighting with her.”

“Okay but where were you then? Who took you?”

“No one took me.” Abby lied, leaning back in her chair on the Carrington Jet. “Judith Ryland wanted to go out for dinner and I decided to go with her instead of Blake. I suspect he was mugged after we parted ways.”

“Judith Ryland? Judith Ryland and you are friends?” Donna asked, now not believing any of what Abby was saying.

“Well, yes and no. She wanted my help with Ann. She’s her son, Harris’s, fiancee and unfortunately, she believes that Judith killed her mother. Ann considers me to be a surrogate mother of sorts to her. Judith asked for my help in smoothing things over between her son and Ann.”

“Oh.” Donna said. That sounded a little more believable.

“Now, about that headless man found on Southfork…”

“Oh,” Donna said, trying to still make sense of Abby’s story, “well his name was Wes Parmalee. Apparently he was some sort of drifter that was working on the ranch.”

“So how did he end up headless?” Abby asked.

“J.R. said that Mr. Parmalee was working some sort of equipment he shouldn’t have been using, alone, at night while drunk. The whole thing was a fluke.” Donna said. She knew more than that, but she was not about to tell Abby any more.

“Hmmm. You know my ex husband works for the FBI. And I couldn’t help but get the feeling that this murder, and an investigation on the Ewings…”

“Abby,” Donna interrupted, “why are you really calling? We barely know one another?”

“I just assumed we were kindred spirits, Donna. I lost Gary. And I’ve heard things about Ray and Constance Carlyle. I thought we could be of some help to one another.”

“You’ve heard wrong about Ray. And as for ‘help’, if you are no longer married to Gary, then we really aren’t ‘kindred’ anything, are we? And one other thing: if you ever call me with this kind of crap again, I’ll tell the FBI that you called me and lied about being kidnapped by Judith Ryland. Goodbye, Abby.”

Donna hung up, took a deep breath and rubbed her throat. Abby Ewing was just one more person that knew her marriage to Ray was in shambles. She was lucky the woman didn’t point the finger at her, for burning down the former home she and Ray used to live in!

Ray. Ray who actually told her he wanted to be governor! Constance had put those fairytale ideas into his head! And the more she thought about it, the more she realized Field was right. The two of them needed to be broken up.

But she could not do it herself. She could not go to Ray, drug him and…though she had burned down the house in front of him. The two of them had just barely gotten out of there!

Suddenly, Abby Ewing’s oddly nosy call, was a godsend.

She was going to ask for Judith Ryland’s help with Ray and pay the piper with her, later. Just as Donna was about to pick up the phone, her assistant rushed in and turned on the TV!

“You’d better watch this!”

And Donna watched a press conference from Denver, where in which Cliff Barnes, along with his attorney, told them that Wes Parmalee had mailed a diary to Cliff, in case something happened to him.

And something did happen to Wes.

Donna then watched a cutaway to Dallas, where J.R. and Ray were arrested at Constance’s house! Constance looked horrified and Donna watched as Ray, while in cuffs, turned to share a look with Constance that Donna could only deem as ‘sneaky’!

Then there was another cutaway to Bobby being arrested at Southfork, in front of an appalled Pam!

Then another of Gary being arrested in California! Valene looked so pregnant that Donna suspected she could give birth at any time.

But the coup de grace, was when then the police entered Dallas Memorial Hospital to arrest Alexis.


Almost on an odd cue, Blake awoke from his coma. And he wanted to see Alexis. She hurried in, relieved to see the man she had loved most of her life, able to talk and wanting only her.

Amanda and Fallon feared that their father would give their mother a tongue lashing. But what would take place would be anything but that. For the coma Blake had been in, revealed something to doctors.

Blake had only had part of his memories back from the Florida incident. He remembered most everything about his life except one thing: that in the time Abby Ewing had come to Denver and seduced him, she had also managed to get him to sign over the deed to the mansion to her AND give her access to his jet!

Blake insisted on speaking to Alexis alone about this, and the doctor, along with a nurse, reluctantly left the room so they could be alone…

“My God, Blake! You are telling me that tramp owns the mansion?!”

“Alexis..I woke up and remembered it. And I didn’t remember it before. I need your help.”

“Yes, Blake, most assuredly! And I am trying not to be insulted that you would come to me out of need instead of love.”

“Now, now,” Blake said tiredly, “I am coming to you because our children are being robbed. I thought you would want to help.”

Alexis sat by his bedside.

“What I ‘want’, Blake, is you. If we were together, none of this would have happened. You cannot look me in the eye and tell me it would not have.”

“What will it take for you to stop the histrionics and help me?”

“I think you know.”

Blake did.

“You’re married, Alexis. To Cliff Barnes.”

“We’re getting a divorce. It hasn’t been announced yet, but Cliff had someone killed. Their body appeared on Southfork.”

Blake’s eyes widened!

“Another body was found there? Why?”

“It was some man that was pretending to be Jock Ewing. Cliff hired him.” Alexis lied. Blake eyed her.

“Cliff hired him?”


“But what purpose what that serve?”

“Blake, are you telling me you are doubting that Cliff is guilty? The FBI is going to arrest him shortly and announce it.” Alexis told him.

But Blake gave her a hard look.

“I know that Michael Culhane was placed in my household by the FBI. And I think it was because of you. Was it Cliff that hired this man? Or you?”

“Are we getting re-married?” was Alexis’s question/answer, just as Fallon hurried in to tell her mother that Cliff was on TV blaming her for something and that the authorities were in the waiting area—waiting to arrest her.



Field took Lane to an out of the way restaurant, surrounded by the mountains. They were sitting in a private booth and Field could not help but think about how enchanting Lane looked. She was wearing a navy blue evening dress, with spaghetti straps and her dark hair was piled on top of her head.

He tried to shake off the residual attraction he felt for his ex, as he began to pour out his tale of woe…

“I have never lied about what I wanted to do in my life. I want to eventually become President. And in order to get there, I need to govern.”

Lane had always been bored by politics, but she was not completely naive.

“Field, you were a senator. You could become president from just that. And I know about Jason Colby. He holds no office whatsoever. I don’t get why you can’t be ‘governor’ here or something. Why Texas?”

“Because it’s a large state. And the governorship there seemed unstable. Especially once Cliff Barnes resigned. And I know that people think what I’m doing to Donna is low, but if I thought she had any plans to be a long term governor, I would have never attempted this.” Field said.

“What does that mean?” Lane asked.

“I think this is a hobby for Donna. And I think she thought it would save her marriage in some way.”

“Oh. I didn’t realize her marriage to Ray was in trouble. I met him once. He seemed nice and dependable.”

“He’s not.” Field said shortly. “And he’s been chasing Constance. It’s part of the reason our marriage has been reduced to rubble.”

Lane squinted at him!

“What do you mean he’s been ‘chasing her’? Field, I think Constance still loves Blake. She definitely wants Krystina and him back.” she said gently, reaching for his hand. It was at that moment that a waiter came to their booth and told Field that someone was on the phone for him. Field squeezed Lane’s hand and left to take the call by the bar. The TV was on as he answered.

“This is Fielding Carlyle.”

“Sir,” Field heard his assistant say, “are you near a TV?”

Just as Field was about to answer, Cliff Barnes appeared on television, with his lawyer and he watched the same series of events that Donna had seen. Only he was treated to seeing Alexis Barnes being handcuffed and escorted out of Dallas Memorial Hospital.

“Sir,” his assistant said, “many of your donors and the public, want to know why J.R. Ewing and Ray Krebbs were arrested at YOUR home! I can’t get Mrs. Carlyle on the phone!”

“I will deal with Mrs. Carlyle.” Field told him and hung up. His and Donna’s plans to break up Ray and Constance would have to wait for now. At the moment, Field had to return to Texas and put yet another fire that Constance was burning him with.

Meanwhile, the Carrington jet landed and a car took Abby, Olivia and Brian to their new home—the Carrington mansion. Joseph was appalled and was fired on the spot as Abby watched her children run throughout the spacious house. Abby sighed and craned her neck, just as the front door opened and the man that had helped her achieve this feat, walked in.

Cliff Barnes.

“I do hope you’ll be staying for dinner.” Abby said, her tone inviting as she closed the distance between them.

“I’ll be staying for dinner—and the night.” Cliff answered as their lips met in a fervent kiss that was mixed with hunger and fire.

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Chapter 10

Constance could not have guessed anything this bad would happen to her. She couldn’t even have imagined it.

It didn’t seem like it had been hours before, that there had been yet another public arrest made on her premises. And this time it wasn’t Field being dragged off for a murder he didn’t commit.

No. It was Ray and J.R.. Ray, who wouldn’t hurt a fly if he didn’t have to.

Constance sat in front of the TV, following the news about the arrests. This Wes Parmalee had been hired by Alexis to pretend to be Jock Ewing? He had shot at Blake, Donna and Titus in Florida? Why had he been so close to the beach house where Ray and her had been, that day?

She clasped her hands together. The authorities were trying to say that the Ewing sons had killed and beheaded this man, once they found out who he really was.

Another Ewing son.

Constance needed to call her mother and find out what she knew! This whole thing would most assuredly affect Eudora. She turned to pick up the phone in the room and…

She felt a prick in her neck and then nothing.

When she awoke, she was in Dallas Memorial Hospital. Her face hurt and she felt weak. Field was sitting in a chair next to her bed and he jumped out of it when he saw she was awake!

“Constance? Constance, thank god! How do you feel?”

“Awful. What happened? Why am I here? What happened? The baby…”

Field reached for her hand and squeezed it.

“Honey, just rest. I’m going to get the doctor.” he said, smiling at her in a reassuring way. That scared her. Field was trying not to tell her something.

Field left Constance’s hospital room and nodded to a doctor, who went in with a nurse. Titus Semple was in the waiting room with Eudora and Elmo Tyson, who could smell a story halfway across the world. Eudora hurried over to Field!

“How is she? Is she awake?” Eudora asked Field anxiously.

Field reached out and clasped his mother-in-law’s hands.

“Yes. They are going to tell her about the baby. I couldn’t be in there…” he broke off. Eudora pulled him to her for an embrace and Elmo noticed a look pass between Field and Titus. It just added to his feeling that something about this whole thing was off. By this ‘whole thing’, he meant everything from the very beginning. Matthew Blaisdel, Adam Carrington’s hit and run outside of Lute Mae’s, the shooting of Titus, Blake and Donna’s car, Lute Mae’s murder and that lost Ewing child.

Now this. J.R. Ewing and Ray Krebbs were arrested at Constance’s house. Was that visit related to Field’s campaign somehow?

Alexis Barnes had been arrested in this hospital a day ago. The media now sensed this was the place to hang out to get dirt, now that Constance was here. And it seemed as if it was Titus’s job to keep them at bay. Suddenly, Titus seemed joined at the hip with Carlyle. Elmo would have sworn that at one point in time, Fielding Carlyle was doing his damnedest to divest himself of the corrupt sheriff and his influence.

Eudora let go of Field and looked to Elmo, who got up out of his chair and walked over to her.

“I want you to go in there with me.” Eudora said and Elmo took her by the elbow and slowly walked over to Constance’s room. Titus waited until they entered to speak to Field.

“I’m going to retire.” Titus said. Field nodded.

“I assumed it.” was his answer.

“And of course, I’ll want to have a paid position on your campaign and in your administration.”

Field clenched his jaw.

“We’ll see. If this can’t be blamed on Donna in someway…”

“Bub, you’d better hope that Constance never finds out what you did!” he hissed. “I have done a lot of crap things, but I really took a leap of faith here. Your wife was either pregnant with a Ewing baby or a Carrington one. And if you had allowed her to have it, I would have been just fine either way. But you seem to be going places, so I went along with this. You’re going to pay me triple what you would pay anyone else on your staff, Carlyle. And that’s for my going along with this scheme.” Titus told Field.

Field nodded. He could no nothing more but agreed to Titus’s terms until he found a way not to. For Titus had helped him pull off the worst thing he knew he had ever done. And yet it had been necessary.

Field had arranged for a ‘break in’. One in which their maid, a woman named Angelina, had been killed and Constance had been ‘beaten up’. Meaning the men Titus hired punched Constance a few times after they knocked her out.

Then she was taken to the abortion clinic…

Then she was brought to Dallas Memorial. Mrs. Fielding Carlyle was being told that two men broke into her house, killed her maid and attacked her, causing her to miscarry her baby.

Field tried not to think of what would happen to him if anyone ever found out the depth of his treachery. He just knew that J.R. and Ray being in his house with Constance, had not benefitted him.

He knew that Ray was willing to challenge Donna and himself in a primary.

And he knew Constance wanted to be with Ray.

Field told himself he had done the right thing. And he told himself that giving Titus Semple whatever he wanted, was a small price to pay. For now.


The news of the Carlyle break in and the loss of Constance’s child, forced Blake out of his hospital bed. He asked Amanda to wheel him to Constance’s room. Amanda had no liking for Constance, but what had happened to her was beyond obscene! Who would do something like this to a woman?

Amanda stopped Blake at the door and he looked in the door window. Field was sitting next to Constance’s bed. Constance’s face looked bruised. Good God, Blake thought, what kind of an animal would do that to a pregnant woman?

“Blake?” Eudora said and he looked over at his former mother-in-law. Eudora smiled at Amanda.

“Amanda, it’s nice to see you again.”

“You too, Eudora.” Amanda replied. She had never had anything against Constance’s mother. Just Constance. To be honest, she couldn’t see how the two of them were related. Eudora was gentile and kind. Constance was gentile and horrible.

Blake stood up out of the wheelchair, against Amanda’s wishes and walked over to Eudora.

“What in the hell happened to her? I can see her face is bruised! Did Carlyle do that and make up this story about her being attacked?”

“No! Field would never lay a hand on Constance and I can assure you, she would never let him get away with doing such a thing! Constance said some men just broke in! Frankly, I now have to worry about where she and Field are living. This, coupled with that man that was found beheaded on Southfork…I think Field and Constance should move.”

Amanda, meanwhile, walked away from her father and Eudora and sat down in a nearby waiting room. She took the time to mull over everything that had happened thus far:

Constance had been attacked, beaten and lost her baby. A baby that her father said, was his.

A man was found murdered on Southfork property. His head was on a fence post, his body, someplace nearby. Only this man was not just ‘somebody’, according to Cliff Barnes. He was possibly Jock Ewing’s long lost son.

Her mother had been arrested for conspiring with this man, who’s went under the name ‘Wes Parmalee’ but who’s birth name was John Ross Ewing II, which meant he and J.R. had the same name.

J.R. and Ray Krebbs, Governor Donna Krebbs’s husband, were arrested, along with Bobby and Gary Ewing for possibly be-heading this man.

Fallon had slept with Cliff and incurred their mother’s wrath.

Michael Culhane, her ex-lover, had turned out to be an FBI informant.

And…Jeff and herself had broken up, if they were ever really together anyway. Amanda just knew that Jeff was busy helping his father Jason, gear up to throw his hat in the ring for a bid for the presidency. He had no time for her and apparently, Amanda had no place in his life.

She was sure Fallon would. Amanda was sure that as soon as Jeff found out(if he hadn’t already) that Fallon and Bobby were over, he would waste no time in getting himself back to Denver to talk her into a relationship again. Amanda took a deep breath and tried not to feel angry about it, as she glanced up and saw Pam step off of the elevator. She looked around before walking over to Amanda.

“Amanda. I’m here to see Constance. I don’t suppose you’ve paid her a visit? I know the two of you didn’t get along.” Pam said. Amanda stood up.

“No. We don’t. But that doesn’t mean I want to see her beat up and put in the hospital. Daddy is over there talking with Eudora now.”

Pam nodded and started to walk over to them, but Amanda stopped her.

“I’m surprised you’re here. Considering what is going on with your family.” Amanda noted.

Pam turned back to look at her.

“Bobby had nothing to do with any of that. The police will realize that and then he’ll be freed.” Pam said and walked over to Eudora and Blake, who didn’t know how to feel about Pam. She had walked out on his son and yet, he didn’t like what he had heard. Blake hoped there truly was nothing to the allegation that Adam had run down Cliff Barnes back in Florida. Their family was going through enough grief.

Amanda was about to join them, when a nurse walked up and told her she had a phone call. She thanked her and walked over to the nurse’s station to take it.


“Amanda, it’s Adam.”

“Adam, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong is that Cliff Barnes and Abby Ewing are now living in our family home! That time that Abby spent with our father was quite productive—for her!”

“Daddy wanted to see Mother when he awoke out of the coma. He suddenly remembered signing over the mansion to her. And apparently Abby Ewing has a right to use the Carrington Jet as well.” Amanda sighed.

“Goddamnit!” Adam swore. “How did we not see any of this happening?”

“We didn’t see it because I was in California and you were trying to save your marriage. Pam is here at the hospital to see Constance.”

“I heard about that.” Adam admitted. “People either think the Ewings killed this Parmalee or some wild killer that also assaulted Constance.”

“Adam, Daddy seems to think that that baby was his. It is quite the mess here.” she admitted.

“Well Garrett should be there by now as Mother’s attorney. He has looked at the diary Cliff has bandied about.”

“And?” Amanda asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

“Garrett thinks it does not look good for Mother. He thinks it’s proof that our mother conspired with this man to pretend to be Jock Ewing, knowing all the while he was really his son.”

“Oh God!” Amanda sighed into the phone.


Donna was let into police headquarters via a backdoor. She was then allowed to see Ray without the glaring presence of the media nearby. Ray was brought into a room with her and the cameras were turned off.

Ray said nothing. Donna was not quiet.

“You were arrested at Constance’s house. Why?”

“Where is J.R.?” Ray asked instead.

“He and Bobby were bailed out a few moments ago. I guess they didn’t wait around for you. Now why were you at Constance’s house, Ray?”

“Why are you asking me that, Donna? I think I’ve made it clear that Constance is the woman I want to be with. That’s why I was at her home.”

“With J.R.? What was HE doing there? Watching the two of you for kicks?” Donna asked sarcastically.

Ray said nothing for a long while.

Then he did.

“I’m sorry. For everything.”

“I’m sorry too, Ray. But I have to save myself here.” Donna told him.

“Meaning?” he asked.

“Meaning I can’t cover for you here. People think that the Ewing brothers killed their newly discovered half brother. There are people that still think that one of you murdered Dottie Smith. Field has enough to use against me in a primary, I can’t allow him to take me down with this.”

“We didn’t behead anyone, Donna.” Ray said.

“It’s one too many bodies.” was Donna’s response. “That and if you all didn’t do it, then there is someone out there beheading men and beating up pregnant women.”

Ray looked at her. Hard.

“What does that mean?”

Donna sighed.

“Constance is in the hospital. Two men broke into her house, killed her maid and beat her up. She lost her baby. YOUR baby. And before I let that come out, I will damned well blame you for all of this!” Donna snapped, as she stood up to make her exit.

“How is she, Donna? How is Constance? How is she?”

Donna said nothing. She had just told him his life was essentially ruined and all he cared about was that blonde tramp! Privately, Donna was suspicious of the whole thing. The timing, that is. The only person that seemed to benefit from what happened to Constance was Field. He had a ‘fresh start’ here.

She was going to give herself a fresh one as well. Without Ray. Donna ignored his questions and signaled the guard to open the door. She would pay Ray’s bail and once that was done, he was on his own. As was she.


Constance had been given something to sleep. Field turned from watching her, to the door, as Blake walked in and closed it behind him.

“What happened?” Blake asked in a curt tone.

“There was a break in and Constance was hurt. Our maid was killed. I had to tell Angelina’s family about what happened.” Field replied.

Blake just stared at Field.

“What, Carrington? What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at you, Carlyle. My wife was pregnant with our child and now she isn’t. You must be very relieved.”

“Shut the hell up! Seriously? What are you alleging now, Blake? And that baby was mine!”

“Oh the hell it was! I will admit to being fooled by all of your Ray Krebbs talk! I even doubted Constance when she came to me and told me. But I see that was a mistake. I should have packed her up and moved her in to my penthouse with Krystina…”

“But you didn’t.” Field interrupted. “You didn’t because you knew that baby was not yours. I want you to leave. You have no place in my wife’s life any longer. And from what I can tell, your family has enough trouble on it’s own. Constance doesn’t need to be dragged into it.” Field said, just as Pam eased the door open. She could see she interrupted something.

“I’m sorry! I’ll come back.” she said but Field stopped her.

“No, Pam. Constance would want to see you. Blake was just leaving to take care of his own business.” Field said. Blake’s eyes lingered on Constance before he looked at Field.

“This isn’t the end of this.

“Yes it is.” Field disagreed. Pam and Field watched Blake leave. Amanda was waiting nearby with his hospital wheelchair. Field closed the door and then faced Pam, who walked over to Constance, before looking at him.

“How is she? How did she take the news?” she asked.

“Not well. But the doctor says she can have other children.” Field said. “Constance and I can have other children.”

Pam did not miss his phrasing and was about to say something, when Constance’s eyes fluttered open. She saw Pam and looked confused. She then looked over at Field.

“Field? What happened?”

“Honey, you were attacked but everything is okay.”

“I was attacked at the football game?” Constance asked and looked at Pam. “Are you a nurse?”

Pam’s eyes widened and she looked from Constance to Field, who was not happy with his wife’s line of thinking here! He reached for her hand.

“Constance, what football game?”

Constance stared up at him, thinking that Field looked different somehow. Her face hurt…

“The football game at our high school. Don’t tell me the ball flew into the stands and hit me in the face?” she asked almost jokingly. Pam told Field she would get the doctor and hurried from the room! Field moved so he could sit on the edge of Constance’s bed.

“We’re going to just wait for the doctor, okay?”

“Okay. But I’ll be grounded for sure. I snuck out to see you play, Fielding!” Constance said coyly and she reached one of her hands up to play with his shirt collar. Field smiled softly. This was the Constance he needed back in his life. But she couldn’t think she was sixteen years old. He sighed. He and Titus would find a way to make Constance’s amnesia work for them.


Blake had asked for Amanda to get him released from the hospital. She did and the first stop was the police station, where Alexis was still being held. Ray Krebbs was still there as well, but Blake could give two damns about him.

Garrett Boydston was talking to Alexis in an interrogation room, when Blake made it clear to the officers that he wanted to join them. Alexis was more surprised than anyone to see him and the door closed behind Blake as he entered and sat down with them.

“Your husband is living in my home with Abby Ewing. Apparently they were working together the whole time.” Blake told her. He then looked at Garrett.

“Can we find proof that Wes Parmalee’s diary was fabricated by Barnes?” he asked him.

“We would need handwriting samples from Parmalee and Cliff.” Garrett said.

“I can provide correspondence from both of them.” Alexis said and Blake noticed that her tone sounded slightly defeated. He knew she was not used to being betrayed. And he also knew, from the little interaction he had had with her and Cliff, that Alexis would have never thought that Cliff was smart enough to one up her.

“Garrett, could you leave Alexis and I alone for a moment?” Blake asked. Garrett stood up.

“I’m going to see how bail is going.” he told them both, before knocking on the door. A guard opened the door for him and he left. The door closed and Blake leaned forward.

“It’s just the two of us, Alexis. I don’t have to ask about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of your scheme. But I do need to know what you know about Parmalee’s beheading. It happened near Constance’s home. She was beaten up and it caused her to miscarry.”

Alexis’s eyes widened!

“She was pregnant?”

“Yes and I believe it was my child. There is nothing to be done about it. But if Parmalee’s murderer is the same one that assaulted Constance, then we have no deal.”

Alexis raised a brow.

“You were going to give it some consideration?” she asked slyly.

“It goes like this: I will stay married to you for a year. That’s long enough to get back what Abby Ewing and Cliff Barnes took from us, while getting back at both of them. If I find out that your involvement with Parmalee, is related to what happened with Constance, the marriage ends immediately.”

“Blake, I have been locked up in here! I had no idea anything happened to Constance! But if I had to guess, I would blame it on Abby! She isn’t going to be satisfied with the mansion or access to the plane. She wants you and Constance was standing in the way.”

“No,” Blake said slowly, “that’s not her style. Or Cliff’s.”

“Beheading people is not a Ewing thing either.” Alexis said point blank. “Yes, I was working with Wes, but he had other things going on. Which meant he had other enemies. Blake, I sent him to Florida on the Colbyco jet to get to know Eudora Weldon. I wanted to see if he could really pass as Jock. He went against the plan and went to Texas. If he had just done what I said, he would still be alive.”

Garrett returned to the room.

“Your bail has been taken care of. Let’s get out of here.” he said, looking at Blake. Garrett expected him to leave before them. But Blake reached for Alexis’s arm and looked at Garrett.

“If Alexis is going to beat these charges, then we have to act as a family unit. A Carrington family unit. When we walk out of this building, we have to show them that Alexis is believed by her family. By her fiancee.” Blake told him and Garrett’s eyes widened!

“Okay,” he said, drawing out the word, “that will help tremendously.”

The three of them left the police station, just as Ray Krebbs and his attorney were leaving as well. Alexis glanced over at Ray, who nodded back to her. Whatever their differences, they were in trouble over the same person—Wes Parmalee.


At Southfork that evening, things were very loud…

“Ray can get his own damned lawyer!” J.R, huffed as he sipped a drink. Sue Ellen said nothing and looked over at Bobby, who was just as unhappy about his time in jail than J.R. was!

“We need to find out what happened after we threw Parmalee off of this ranch! He was alive then!” Bobby insisted.

“Bobby, someone was waiting for him! Hell, he was probably stealing two identities!”

Lucy and Ben walked in and J.R. groaned! Bobby said nothing, since he was not that thrilled with Lucy’s choice of a second husband either. Sue Ellen though, was forever gracious. And Ben was cute, despite his tabloid ways.

“Lucy. Ben. I’m glad to see you. We need to be a family unit here.” she said.

“So you all can come up with a cover story?” Ben asked and Bobby moved towards them.

“Lucy, get him out of here!” he snapped.

“I’m not here to cause trouble.” Ben said. “But a cover story isn’t going to do it this time. Not with a second body found on this property. You need to find the real killer.”

“And you do too, don’t you? So you can write new trash about this family?” J.R. asked, his tone hostile. “Lucy, this is the worst thing I think you’ve ever done!”

Lucy spoke.

“My husband is just trying to help and we do need help here! Daddy is in trouble too. I think we ought to just prove that this man was lying about being related to us.” Lucy suggested.

“But he wasn’t. He was. Daddy had a son and wife before J.R. and Mama and now it’s back to bite us in the ass.” Bobby said. Ben said something else that didn’t help.

“Yeah, especially if you find out that this man had children.” Ben said. J.R. and Bobby looked at one another and it was clear that they had never thought about that. Before anyone else could say a word, Pam walked in and tossed down her purse. She then floated into Bobby’s arms, relieved to see him free.

“How is Constance?” Bobby asked.

“Bad. She’s so traumatized by the loss of her child that she thinks she’s sixteen again.” Pam admitted.

“What?! We need her if Ray is going to become governor! And she needs to be the right age!” J.R. yelled.

Lucy rolled her eyes!

“That’s over! No one is going to vote for Ray or Donna if they think this family cut someone’s head off!” she scoffed.

“Maybe you should eat dinner someplace else this evening, honey.” J.R. told her, just as Joshua and Ann, who still had said nothing to her new boyfriend about what Harris had told her about him, walked in.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Joshua said. He then looked at Ben and Lucy.

“Let’s go out for dinner.” he told them and they started to walk out of the house. But FBI Agent Joshua Rush, turned back and faced the people still in the room.

“I have been assigned to this case. And I will find out which one of you murdered Wes Parmalee.”

Ann pulled him towards the door and smiled at everyone apologetically!

“He didn’t mean that!” she said. But J.R. and Bobby moved towards them.

“I think he did. Ann, you need to act like a Ewing. That means he doesn’t come around here anymore.” J.R. said firmly. Bobby nodded in agreement.

“I agree.” Bobby said and Pam looked at him with surprise. Ann said nothing and pulled on Joshua’s hand again. Lucy and Ben heard what was said and kept quiet for the moment. Things were about to get even more crazier around here than usual.


Karin Schill

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Excellent story. I am sad to see it come to an end already. Will there be a sequel?

I love the fact that Blake and Alexis finally teamed up to take back what was theirs. :cool:

Also what Field did to Constance not to mention the poor maid is pure evil.:mad: I haven't watched Flamingo Road but I get the feeling that he was the bad guy on that show!

I kind of wish that Bobby and Pam had had Southfork to themselves, like Bobby and Ann do. It just seems like there is more trouble with a lot of people in that house.

Well if they did have the house to themselves there would be no drama at Southfork so it would be boring to watch!

80's Cha Cha Cha

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You know, I don't want to keep using up space on sequels. I'm addressing what has happened in the third Lucy Vs. Abby story, which I will be posting soon. There is more Alexis and Blake in that one as well.

Field was not that horrible on Flamingo Road but I considered his dumping Constance for Lane, to be evil enough. Lane had nothing to her, really, and yet Field and Sam Curtis(John Beck), were all over her all of the time. But yes, Field, in this story, has decided he wants to be president one day and he's doing things that the man that lived on Flamingo Road, wouldn't have done.