EastEnders Lou Beale vs Peggy Mitchell


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22nd June 2010
Ive been re-watching old episodes of EE and I've been comparing two formidable matriarchs of two of EE's famous families, Lou and Peggy.

I feel it's a shame that Anna Wing left so soon when you see what was to come in the 1990s and 2000s for Eastenders, and considering she lived for another 1/4 of a century after she left I think Lou Beale could've stayed on for at least another several years, Ethel was a recurring presence until 2000 after all.

How would Lou have reacted to The Mitchell's and Peggy in particular do you think? Wouk Peggy have been able to throw her weight around with Lou Beale just across the road? Bear in mind Lou and Peggy were from two very different generations, Lois being a full grown married woman by WW2/The 1940s and Peggy's era was the late 50s and early 60s.

Was the square big enough for both of them? Or would it have made interesting viewing seeing these two battle it out? Imagine if Lou found out that Michelle had Grant's baby, while I think she would be furious that a Beale procreated with a Mitchell, I think she'd enjoy lording it over Peggy they she knew something as important as a grandchild that Peggy didn't know about.

And what would Lou make of Kathy's marriage to Phil?

So many possibilities.