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This is the follow up to 'Capricorn Cruel'. It's called 'Capricorn Crazy' and in this story, things that happened in the story 'The Ties That Bind' are alluded to here:

1. Flamingo Road's Fielding Carlyle was almost framed for Dottie Smith's murder.
2. Abby slept with Blake Carrington when she visited Denver
3. The lost 'Ewing Child' is named Leif and now lives with J.R. and Sue Ellen on Southfork.


BACKSTORY: In the sequel to ‘Capricorn Cruel’, Lucy Ewing has discovered that she is pregnant and the father is either her ex husband, Mitch Cooper, or Harris Ryland, a man that she has had casual sex with and is also a co-conspirator of hers. But Lucy has decided that she wants Mitch again, so she has named him as the father.

But there are problems. Mitch is involved with her loathed step-mother, Abby Ewing, who after spending a month in coma, due to a fall in the middle of the night orchestrated by fugitive Matthew Blaisdel, has left California looking like Krystle Carrington, coaxed an amnesiac Blake Carrington into bed and is now on her way back to California, unaware that Lucy and Gary are actually now in Dallas!

Yes, the Ewing family is in trouble. The child that Ben Gibson was determined to prove existed, now lives at Southfork and the nurse that helped birth him, Ann Smith’s mother, Dottie, was killed by Judith Ryland during a dinner get together. Poor Ann knows that her mother is dead but Judith, along with Harris, helped cover up their part in the whole thing, thus keeping Harris’s chances of marrying Ann, a reality. And it is also very clear that while Dottie Smith’s body was just discovered on Ewing Property, she was killed three weeks before…something the Ryland’s had to cover up as well.

And then there is the jealous and uneasy Muriel Gillis, who, fearing that Ann will ruin her chances at Ryland Transport, has contacted an old love of Ann’s—one Joshua Rush. His re-entrance into Ann’s life will not make Harris Ryland a happy man…


Gary could not help but notice how at home Lucy seemed at Southfork. She easily slid into a chair in the living room as they waited for J.R. to return from the Ryland’s. He didn’t know why a ‘meeting’ was necessary in the first place. Ann Smith was a relative of theirs and they needed to treat her as such. Especially now that they knew that Matthew Blaisdel and not Fielding Carlyle or anyone in the Ewing family, had killed poor Dottie Smith.

He sat on a couch and stared at the portrait of his late father. He wished there was as huge a picture of Miss Ellie, his beloved mother. He had failed her as much as he had failed Val and Lucy.

The sounds of scurrying caused him to turn his head towards the stairs and he saw John Ross and a slightly older blonde boy, running down the stairs with bath towels stuffed in the back of their shirts, to make capes! Lucy turned and giggled, then looked at her father, who looked somber. Yes, Leif Ewing was now here to stay. And Lucy would have to learn how to deal with the idea of his existence as well.

Sue Ellen ran after the boys and used a stern tone with them, before asking the new nanny to take the boys outside. J.R. arrived, walking in past them and touched the top of John Ross’s head and smiled at Leif. He then sighed, walked into the room, followed by Sue Ellen, and tossed down his hat before going to the bar. He fixed himself a drink before turning to face them.

“I just got back from the Ryland estate. Judith says Blaisdel killed Dottie Smith. Blaisdel is saying that Judith bashed her over the head in self defense and he helped dump the body and your little friend’s birth certificate, on our land. And you know something, I believe Blaisdel!”

Lucy rolled her eyes!

“Are you speaking to me, J.R.?”

“I did say ‘your little friend’, didn’t I?” was his retort.

“Lay off her, J.R.!” Gary snapped, standing up. “Now I got to know Ann pretty well when she and Lucy were in California. So if this is some kind of ‘meeting’ in which we all agree to stab her in the back for trying to claim what’s hers…”

“Yes. It is, little brother. And let me be more blunt! I want some testing done on that girl! And since both of you are so close with her, it’s going to be your job to convince her to do it! And if she doesn’t, then Gary, I’m going to have YOU tested!”

“What?!” Lucy yelled, jumping up.

“You heard me! You never fit in here, Gary! Not one damned bit and when I think about it, you don’t look that much like a Ewing…”

Sue Ellen stood up from the chair she had been!

“Stop this, J.R.! Now you know good and well that Ann will get tested, because the Rylands will also want to know for sure that she’s a Southworth. I can smell their greed from here.”

Lucy spoke.

“Why don’t we just ‘find’ another birth certificate? One that says that Ann’s father is someone else?” she suggested. Gary gaped at her!

“Lucy!” he admonished. J.R. smiled at Gary.

“I apologize, Gary. You may not seem like a Ewing but your daughter is definitely one. Who did Ann think her father was in the first place?”

“She never talked about him because I don’t think she knew him. She said he ran off when she was little.”

J.R. then grinned!

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. We’re going to come up with a birth certificate that names Digger Barnes as her father! Let Cliff deal with her!”

Gary glared at J.R. before looking at Lucy.

“Are you going to go along with this?”

Lucy realized she had to be careful. She could not have her father suddenly thinking that Ben Gibson or Abby could have been right about her.

“No, Daddy, of course not.” she said and walked over to sit with him. Sue Ellen spoke.

“Gary, we are raising your son. The very least you could do is show some family loyalty.” she said primly.

“Jesus, Sue Ellen, you were married to Barnes! You would hurt him like this?” Gary asked in disbelief.

“Gary, Barnes doesn’t have anything Ann Smith can take from him. But we do. She will have a right to the very land this house sits on and the oil that’s on it! She could cut into your inheritance!”

Gary stood up and walked out of the room. Lucy hurried after him and found her father in the kitchen, standing against a counter.

“Daddy, I know J.R. seems…”

“J.R. seems like what he always seems like.” he said bluntly “It’s you I am having a problem with. Ann is your friend, honey and she is a nice girl who’s mother was either murdered by the same man that assaulted Abby and shot Adam Carrington. Or she was killed by your future mother-in-law. And knowing how things work in this state, I’m betting that Judith Ryland never sees a day behind bars. Do you really think Ann, after suffering a loss like this, deserves to be cheated out of her due as well?”

“Daddy, we can’t just hand over Grandma’s land without more proof. You don’t think it’s strange that Ann’s mother is found dead on our land with her daughter’s crumpled birth certificate in her hands? Whoever did this to her, meant for someone in this family to take the blame!”

Gary nodded slightly.

“I do agree with that. I suppose if Blaisdel and Judith weren’t busy pointing the finger at one another, then someone in this house would be up on charges.” he admitted. Lucy rubbed his arm.

“Look, why don’t we go riding? We’ll take the boys with us and I’ll get to know my little brother.”

“The riding part I like. But not with John Ross and…Leif.” Gary said in a strange tone.

“What is it?” Lucy asked.

“Lucy…I barely remember sleeping with Sue Ellen! Something about this whole thing just seems off! You’re going to tell me that Bobby or Pam never suspected a thing? You never saw Sue Ellen around here pregnant, did you? Before John Ross? Not to mention your grandparents! They never noticed anything?”

“Daddy, I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t. J.R. is the one that’s driving this whole thing and Sue Ellen seems to be going along with it. Leif does sort of look like Sue Ellen.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a maid that told Gary he had a phone call. Lucy excused herself and left the kitchen and Gary picked up in there.


“Gary, it’s Abby.”

“Abby,” Gary said in a tight tone, “where have you been? Karen said you left Olivia and Brian with her and that you had out of town business.”

“I called to check in with her.”

“But you didn’t tell her where you were! Abby, we’re still married. You didn’t think that I might want to know where my own wife was?”

“I didn’t think you’d care. I called the ranch and Val answered. I hung up.” Abby said coolly. “But none of that matters now. I am at the Dallas airport and I am on my way to you. I had a layover and switched my flight.”


“That’s right. When I called Karen she told me that Lucy and you are at Southfork. Ben apparently is on his way to Dallas as well…now that his theory about your new child has turned out to be true. I can’t wait to meet my new ‘stepson’.”

“Why don’t we meet somewhere?” Gary offered.

“Is that your way of saying that I am not welcome at Southfork?”

“I am trying to adjust to being in the same room as J.R. and a son that I didn’t know existed. I can’t referee between Lucy and you as well. Call me when you get checked in someplace.” Gary said, hanging up.

Abby hung up on her end and tried not to slam the phone down! Ordinarily, an insult like this would have left her head pounding. But not today.

Abby left the phone booth and stared up at a TV in one of the waiting areas. The news was replaying Matthew Blaisdel’s arrest at the Ryland estate. Matthew was in jail, here in Dallas.

She was here and still looking like Krystle Carrington. Abby planned to visit him in jail and get him to confess to working with Lucy. After, she was going to Southfork to confront her husband and step-daughter and after…her and Gary would be going home. Alone.


Yes, Ben Gibson had had the nerve to return to Dallas. But this time, he was not here to talk to Dottie Smith.

No. That would be impossible.

But he sensed the saga of the lost Ewing Child was not over. And Dottie Smith’s death was proof of that as far as we was concerned.

He walked into a specific women’s dorm at the University of Texas—Dallas. Ann Smith had been staying with the Rylands and now she wasn’t. Now she was living in a dorm even though her and her mother had lived in a very posh condo. Paid for by Harris Ryland.

From what Ben could piece together, the night J.R. had had him escorted out of Dallas, Dottie and Ann Smith had dinner with Judith and Harris Ryland. Ben knew that there was some talk that even though Harris was supposedly engaged to Lucy, he had been seeing her friend Ann.

But something happened during the dinner and Dottie left the estate without telling anyone but the chauffeur, who told the police originally, that Mrs. Smith asked to be taken home because she felt unwell. She did not inform her Ann, Judith or Harris of this because she didn’t want to ruin the evening for them. And when the chauffeur returned, he informed Ann that he had taken her mother home and she insisted that her daughter stay and have a good time.

But when Ann got home that evening, she found her mother nowhere in sight. She called Harris who asked the chauffeur if he was sure he had dropped Dottie off at home?

Well, it was now well known that the ‘chauffeur’ was none other than fugitive Matthew Blaisdel in disguise. And flimsy proof had been dredged up that Florida Senator, Fielding Carlyle, who had moved here to run for governor against Donna Krebbs, had killed the poor woman and dumped the body on Ewing property.

Ben could not get past the fact that J.R. had run him out of town to keep him from speaking with Dottie, the same night that someone else killed her. Killed her someplace else and then dumped her body in another location, three weeks later to frame gubernatorial candidate, Fielding Carlyle.

And Dottie had had her daughter’s birth certificate in her hand. And Ben had been unable to find out just why that was significant.

Then Blaisdel and Judith Ryland began pointing fingers at one another. Now Ann Smith had given up her condo and was staying in the dorms here.

There was a story here, Ben knew it.

He also knew that Gary and Lucy were at Southfork, trying to help the rest of the Ewings come up with lies they could sell to keep themselves out of prison. He had tried to reach out to Valene again, before coming to Dallas, but she wouldn’t take any of his calls. And he suspected that was because she didn’t know what to say to him or how to feel about Gary’s newest child. After all, she was pregnant herself with his twins.

Ben found out Ann’s room number and weaved in between students in the hallway, before arriving at her door, which was partially ajar. Ann was inside, unpacking boxes. He knocked softly and Ann looked over at him curiously.

“Ann Smith?”

“Yes?” she asked, folding a sweater.

“My name is Ben Gibson. I’m a reporter for…”

“I think you should leave.” Ann said firmly.

“Miss Smith, I am not here to bring anymore harm to your family than has already been done. The night your mother disappeared from the Ryland home, I was in town to meet with her. J.R. Ewing had some of his men threaten me and throw me out of the state. He did not want me meeting with your mother.”

Ann said nothing for a moment.

Then she did.

“My mother didn’t disappear from the Ryland home. She asked to leave. She wasn’t well.”

“And Matthew Blaisdel took her home. You didn’t recognize him?”

Ann shook her head, just as Harris walked in behind Ben to move to Ann’s side. He peered at Ben.

“Who the hell are you?” Harris asked. “Annie, is he bothering you?”

“You must be Harris Ryland. Lucy Ewing’s fiancee. I’m Ben Gibson. I…”

“You’re the one that tried to rape Lucy.” Harris said smugly. Ann’s eyes widened and she backed back a bit.

“Those charges were false and they were dropped.”

“Of course they were.” Harris smirked. “J.R. Ewing did not want poor Lucy to be put through the embarrassment of having to say what you did in open court! Now get out of here before I call campus security, the police AND J.R. Ewing! I’m sure he’d love to know you’re back in the state!”

“Ann,” Ben said, ignoring Harris, “do you really think your mother would not have let you know that she wasn’t feeling well?”

Harris moved so that he was now in front of Ann, essentially blocking her from Ben.

“I’m going to give you one more chance to get out of here before you embarrass yourself. Lucy’s mama is very fond of Annie. She would not want to hear of you bothering her during this difficult time so you can write trash.” Harris told him.

Ben reached inside his jacket pocket to get out a card but Harris snatched it from him! Ben looked at Ann.

“I’ll be in touch.” he told her and turned to walk out. Harris slammed the dorm room door behind him, ripped up the card and threw it in the trash. Ann went back to unpacking.

“Annie, honey, what are you doing here? Come back to the house and let me take care of you. I understand that the condo has too many memories. But you need someone to look after you now.”

Ann didn’t say anything and Harris moved so that he was within her field of vision.

“Tell me you don’t believe my mother killed your mother?”

Ann looked at him.

“No, Harris. I know she wouldn’t have done something like that. I just feel sick that I didn’t recognize that Lyle was Lucas who is…” Ann began to cry and Harris enveloped her in his arms. Lord, he hated lying to her like this! The past three weeks had been living hell!

The night Dottie had been killed in self defense(Harris did believe his mother about that), Lyle the chauffeur removed his disguise, told them who he really was and made it clear that not only did he want no part of covering up a murder, and that he had every intention of taking Ann out of the house!

Meanwhile, Harris had left Ann on one of their terrace’s, telling her he’d be right back and that he just needed to handle some business.

But Judith had been astute and had sized up Matthew right away. She told him that the woman had come at her with a fireplace poker, even though she supposedly couldn’t walk all that well, and that she did it once Judith told her that she knew Ann was being cheated out of money from the Ewings.

That made Matthew calm down a bit and a plan had been formed. One in which Matthew took the body away. Specifically to the walk in freezer they had in the kitchen, until they thought of how to explain this whole thing. And it was decided that the cook would be given some time off, Ann would be told that her mother had been feeling unwell and that their chauffeur, ‘Lyle’, drove her back home.

That story was fine—for the rest of that night.

But of course, when Ann returned home and found no sign of her mother, she called Harris, who told her he would call the police and have his men look into her disappearance. Matthew, as Lyle, stressed to Ann that he had helped her inside the condo and everything seemed to be fine when he left her.

Judith told the police that Dottie had a slight drinking problem and had probably gone off on her own someplace with some of her drinking buddies. That of course, put the search for her, down a few pegs, while a plan was worked out as to how to frame the Ewings for this murder and make it clear that the motive was to keep Ann from getting her rightful due.

But things got crazy and Fielding Carlyle suddenly came into play and before Harris knew it, Judith had aligned herself with Governor Donna Krebbs, who was being primaried by Carlyle. Dottie’s dead body suddenly became useful and Annie was suddenly gone from their home, where Harris had insisted she stay, and back in this godforsaken dorm!

Harris set Ann away from him and frowned. He touched her forehead and realized she was warm. Ann tried to shy away from his touch.

“I’m fine, really.” she sniffed.

“No, you’re not. You’re coming down with something and you’re not staying here. I want you to get your things together and I’ll take you home.”

“Harris, I don’t have a home anymore! I can’t go back to the apartment.”

“I bought a different condo. A townhouse. It’s already furnished and we’ll have movers take your things there.” Harris told her, pulling her back into his arms. But Ann looked at him with confusion.

“You bought another place for me to live in? Why? I don’t understand.” she questioned.

Harris could not tell her that he did not trust his mother. He could not tell her that she was the one that has bashed Dottie over the head and that he did not trust her not to do the same to Ann, if he took her back to his home and put her back in the guest room she had been staying in!

“I knew the condo held memories. Now we can make some new ones. Together. It will be our place. I’m going to take you there so you can get some rest, alright?” Harris said in a tone that was not actually asking.

Ann nodded and Harris kissed her like a sex starved teen going through puberty! Ann responded to his mouth shamelessly as she allowed his lips to sear hers possessively. There had been only one other man she had ever lost this much control with and it irked her to think that she would even think of him now, in this moment. Harris, sensing something, broke off the kiss and stared into her eyes.

“What is it?” he whispered.

“I just am feeling unwell, I guess.”

“Darlin’, I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself when I’m near you. Let’s get you out of here and to our new home. You’re going to go to bed and get some rest.”

“Harris, I’ve taken enough from you. I’m just going to stay here…”

“Annie,” Harris interrupted, “You have to start thinking smart here. Now your birth certificate says that you’re related to Ellie Southworth. Lucy and you are related. That means you have just as much of a right to have what she has. The Ewings could be responsible for what’s going on here and I’m not willing to take a chance that they could hurt you over this.”

“I don’t think Lucy would do anything! And we don’t really know that any of this is true.” Ann protested weakly.

“Lucy isn’t the one I’m thinking of that could hurt you, Annie! And of course it’s true. Why would your mother have lied about something like that? Now let’s go and get a move on. I’m getting you out of here and someplace safe.”

Ann struggled not to tear up! She had met other members of Lucy’s family and heard stories about Jock and J.R. Ewing. Was it possible that she was related to the Ewings in some way and her mother had hidden it from her, all of these years? Could they have hated her mother enough to kill her? And could they come after her too?

Without knowing anything for sure, she realized she would just have to trust that Harris knew what he was talking about. He told her he would send someone back to her dorm to pack up her things as she left with him. Harris was thinking that that red headed girl that he had been forced to take on as an intern, would be the perfect person to do it. And for a brief moment, Harris finally remembered that her name was Muriel.



Agent Joshua Rush entered Assistant Director Jeff Cunningham’s office and closed the door behind him. Jeff was already standing against his desk when Joshua helped himself to a chair, while straightening his tie.

“How was Denver?” Jeff asked, now folding his arms.

“Culhane needs to be kept in line. I don’t get where the idea came from, to make him an informant. He knows nothing.”

“No,” Jeff said, “but he can get near people that might learn something.”

“Sir, with all due respect, how is Michael Culhane’s romancing Blake Carrington’s daughter, going to tell us whether Jock Ewing faked his own death in that helicopter crash? Culhane cannot tell us where Ewing is now or if he’s talked anyone.”

Yes. The FBI had a theory that Jock Ewing was really alive and had faked his helicopter crash in South America, once it became aware that he and Governor Donna Krebbs were being investigated over a the suspicious financing of a proposed Florida pipeline. Meaning, Donna Krebbs used political contributions to buy into the pipeline and Jock knew she had and accept the funds.

Once Jock supposedly died, it became more difficult to prove anything against Donna Krebbs. And every clue or lead seemed to dry up. It was then that they realized that Jock was helping Donna. But that could not be proven conclusively. They needed people that had seen Jock. Dottie Smith might have been one of those people.

“Yes but Alexis Barnes can.” Jeff said. “There’s a sense that she knows something. If she does, then she’ll confide in someone. Culhane needs to be in that world. Especially now that murder charges have been filed against her.”

“And what world do I need to be in?” Joshua asked wryly. “I have gotten to know my birth mother, as requested, since she knew Lute Mae Sanders. She does not want anyone to know about my existence which is fine with me, but that made it hard to fend off my ‘niece’ when I was undercover…”

“Okay, okay! Look, we’re only meeting so I can bring you up to speed. I’m being taken off of this whole thing. My ex-wife is a Ewing, besides being a heartless bitch. I’m too close to this thing so you’ll be meeting with someone else. But your instructions are to reconnect with Ann Smith. It’s possible her mother knew Jock was alive.”

Joshua raised a brow.

“You think Jock Ewing came back to Texas to kill Dottie Smith? Really?”

“No. But her possible knowledge of what he’s been doing could very well be the reason she’s in the ground now. We now know Ann Smith is related to Ellie Ewing.”

“The birth certificate was real?” Joshua asked.

“Yes. We ascertained that. There’s a connection here, Agent Rush. We’re close to finding it.”

Joshua rolled his eyes!

“I don’t think we’re close at all, sir. And I really don’t want to go back to pretending to be a theology student. That red headed friend of Ann’s…I forget her name, but she’s been trying to contact me about Ann. I handled that whole thing badly. So if you could just assign someone else…”

“Agent Rush, I can’t just send someone else at this late date. Now YOU are the one that messed up by getting too close to Miss Smith and blowing your cover! She knows you’re with the FBI?”

“Yes.” Joshua said shortly.

“Then you’re going to have to do something different. And be aware that now you have a rival for your affections. If Ann is wary of you, Harris Ryland is going to be doubly suspicious of you. Now, I suggest you get moving and figure out a way to get back into Ann Smith’s life again AND bring in Jock Ewing.” Assistant Director Cunningham told him.

“I still don’t get the correlation, sir? How will rekindling things with Ann Smith bring us any closer to finding Jock Ewing?” Joshua asked.

“Because Dottie Smith is not just any murder victim. She was an FBI informant as well.” Jeff revealed.

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Chapter 2

Valene, who was now very pregnant, did not know what to think.

She had stayed at Gary and Abby’s ranch and had actually become sort of the ‘First Lady’ of the home. It was a title she knew belonged to Abby. But Abby, for whatever reason, had left town and only Mack and Karen had been in touch with her, since they were caring for Olivia and Brian.

Ben had left town as well. And Valene felt funny about that because she knew he was probably in Texas. He was chasing a story that had actually turned out to be true.

THAT, was what she felt funny about!

Gary seemed shocked. And Valene remembered what he was like when he was so drunk he couldn’t see straight. It was possible that he honestly didn’t remember sleeping with Sue Ellen at all.

But what about Sue Ellen? She may have been just as drunk but after…when she discovered she was pregnant and then gave birth…Valene was supposed to believe that that woman didn’t remember any of that either?

Who she was sure remembered every moment, was J.R.! J.R. had given that child to various people before he ended up living on Southfork! And she could not help but wonder what Jock had known? He didn’t do that to Lucy. He had accepted her and made her part of the family because she was family.

Leif Ewing was family too and yet he had been shunted around and treated like an orphan. Valene was suddenly very uneasy about the fact that she was carrying Gary’s children. And she knew she was being silly, but she couldn’t help it. It took her back to that very vulnerable and scary time, when she was carrying Lucy without Gary to count on.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the maid, who’s name was Consuela, told her that Karen was there to see her. Valene thanked her and then waited for Karen to appear in the room she was in. When she did, Valene ran to her and hugged her!

“Okay,” Karen said, breaking off the embrace, “what was that all about?”

“Karen, Ben was right! He was right the whole time and I treated him badly over it.”

“You mean about trying to rape Lucy?”

“I don’t know about that. Maybe that was a misunderstanding. I’m just not ready to call my daughter a liar. But the story about Gary and Sue Ellen…Karen, I don’t think I could even face him!”

“Can you face Gary?” Karen asked gently. “This happened when you both tried to return to Southfork, didn’t it?”

Valene nodded tiredly. That was another thing. That was a bad time. It didn’t start out badly. It started out as if she and Gary could actually make a go of things again with their daughter, on Southfork. But Gary just couldn’t deal with things—again. He ran off and left her to deal with J.R., who ran her off and left Lucy with the impression that they were no damned good.

It had taken years to get to this point. Where the three of them were living under one roof as a family. And now…now it came out that Gary had not only run off and left her to fend off J.R., but he had also cheated on her with Sue Ellen.

“Karen, I wonder why I’m still here? I need to pack my things and leave this ranch but something won’t let me do it.” she admitted. Karen linked arms with her.

“That’s because you love Gary and feel betrayed. You need closure. You need to find out how and why. You need to know who knew what and when.” Karen pointed out. “And the only way you’re going to get that is if you join Gary and Lucy in Dallas.”

“I can’t go.” Valene admitted. “My doctor doesn’t think I should travel.”

“Is everything alright?” Karen asked with concern.

“I’m fine. It’s just that my doctor thinks I need to take it easy.”

“And you didn’t tell Gary or Lucy any of this?”

“Karen, they had to go! Someone killed poor Ann’s mother and dumped her body on Southfork! And now Ann might be a relative of Gary and Lucy’s. I am hoping that they can stop J.R. from doing whatever he’s planning on doing to that poor girl! And you know he’s up to something!”

Karen suddenly had an idea.

It was not one Mack would like.

“Why don’t I go to Dallas? I’ll see what I can find out? Maybe I’ll look for Ben and send him back this way. Val, you need someone with you during this time. Without Gary and Lucy around, maybe the two of you can patch things up. For the sake of the babies.” Karen counseled.

“Mack would never go for that, Karen. And what are you going to do? Go to Sue Ellen and demand answers?”

Karen smiled.

“Mack doesn’t exactly have to know. And Sue Ellen isn’t who I’d get the answers from.” Karen said coyly. Valene looked confused.

“What do you mean? Who else are you…Karen NO!”

“J.R. has always been ‘fond’ of me. I get what I need out of him without harming my marriage to Mack and I will be back here before you know it!” Karen smiled.

“No. And that’s not how things work with J.R.” Valene said darkly.

“No, but that’s the way things work with ME. Now I want you to get on the phone with Lucy or Gary and ask them if there is any room for me at Southfork. I’m going to be in town on Lotus Point business.” Karen told her, now grinning. Was she sure she could find out what Val needed to know without sleeping with J.R.? Yes. Because she wasn’t going to sleep with him. If he didn’t tell her what he wanted to know, she would just come back home. It would be as simple as that. Hopefully.


Abby arrived at the Dallas County Jail just as Ben did, and they both looked at one another with surprise as they got out of their respective rental cars.

“Ben? What are you doing in Dallas? I heard that J.R. ran you out of town like a month or two ago?”

“I am not even going to ask where you have been.” Ben replied as he eyed her hair. She had a new hairdo that he didn’t think was very becoming.

“I heard Matthew Blaisdel was caught. I thought I’d give him a chance to confess what he was up to with Lucy before he’s sentenced to life under a prison somewhere.” Abby said sardonically.

“Yeah, I’m here to see him too. But for a different reason. I don’t think he killed Dottie Smith.”

“I heard about that. I plan on giving my condolences to Ann. I just need to find out where she lives.” Abby said.

“I just came from seeing her—at the dorms at Texas University. Harris Ryland was with her.” Ben said sarcastically.

“Oh yes. Harris. Lucy’s supposed fiancee. I wonder if he knows that she’s pregnant by someone else?”

Ben folded his arms.

“Someone that you’re involved with yourself? I overheard Gary, Val and Lucy talking about it when she was hospitalized.”

“Lucy is welcome to Mitch. It’s not my fault that he has no interest in her now that he’s met me.” she purred, batting her eyelashes at him. “Now I have to get in there.”

“And say what, Abby? He tried to kill you!”

“You know, I’ve been thinking about what happened that night. I think he was trying to abduct me.”

“You think he wanted to kidnap you?” Ben asked.

“Yes. On Lucy’s orders. I know why, I just need to know where I was supposed to go before things went wrong. I need for Gary to believe me for once and not Lucy.”

“Yeah…good luck with that. Honestly, things are so bad that even if Matthew admitted to working with Lucy, it might not be enough. She would just say he was lying and Gary and Val would believe their daughter.”

“What do you hope to find out?” Abby asked curiously.

“I think that Dottie Smith was killed either for her knowledge of who Leif Ewing really is, or because of Ann’s real father.”

“Ann’s real father?” Abby asked.

“You haven’t heard? I just managed to find out from a source that Dottie Smith was found holding Ann’s birth certificate. Gary’s uncle was Ann’s real father.”

“Oh my God!” Abby breathed. “That means she has a right to something, doesn’t she?”

Ben nodded.

“Possibly. And I think the Ewings have every intention of making sure that does not happen.”

“But Harris Ryland intends to make sure that she gets her due.” Abby said, more to herself than Ben.

“That’s my guess.” Ben admitted. “I’ve been trying to piece together the timeline of when Dottie was killed versus when she was found. She was missing for three weeks before her body showed up on Southfork. Ann and her went to dinner at the Rylands, Dottie apparently didn’t feel well and Matthew took her home. Now we have Matthew and Judith Ryland pointing fingers at one another.”

“Wow. How did I miss all of that?” Abby asked more of herself than Ben.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind hearing the story behind that myself.” Ben said. Abby smiled up at him.

“I was in Denver. With the Carringtons. And now I’m going into that jail facility to get the life I had back before Lucy and ‘Lucas’, darkened my doorstep.” Abby told him before walking off. Ben stared after her, now wondering if maybe he should wait until tomorrow to visit Matthew? Abby was likely to tick him off.

One person he was interested in interviewing—Leif Ewing’s former adopted father—Fielding Carlyle, former United States Senator, was very hard to get in touch with. He had been charged with killing Dottie by way of some sort of clumsy frame up, and people were saying that Governor Donna Krebbs may have had a hand in it. Ben decided he would look into that angle and visit Mr. Blaisdel, tomorrow.

Then something came to him! While Abby was talking with Matthew, he could be questioning Judith Ryland.

Meanwhile, Abby was sitting in front of a glass partition when Matthew was escorted in by a guard. Matthew eyed her, then slowly walked over to a chair to sit down. He picked up a phone and Abby did the same.

“What the hell happened to your hair?” Matthew asked.

“My. You are an animal. No ‘glad to see you out of your coma’?” Abby asked coolly.

“What do you want?” Matthew asked.

“I just spent almost a month in Denver. Your old stomping ground. Blake finds me very attractive. Can you guess why?” Abby asked in a jeering tone.

Matthew’s eyes swept over her.

“So that hairdo is what did it? Blake may be stupid but I’m not.”

“No Matthew, you’re not stupid. You’re just busy. Dumping bodies on Ewing property for the Ryland’s. Which one of them told you where to put Ann’s mother’s body? Harris? Or his mother? Or did Lucy help you with that as well?”

Matthew now grinned!

“Lady, you are a lightweight. And I never liked you. But I did like Gary. I could see he was in over his head with you from day one.”

“I could care less what a piece of trash like you thinks of me.”

“Oh I’m a piece of trash? There wasn’t a farm animal on your husband’s ranch you hadn’t been with, I’m sure! And you thought you could come here looking like a trashy Krystle to get information out of me. You cheated on your husband, again, and got nothing for it. Now if you don’t mind, I have to get back to my jail cell.” Matthew said sarcastically.

Abby could see that her plan had failed spectacularly. But she was not about to give up.

“What do YOU want, Matthew? To do prison time for the Rylands? One of them had to have killed poor Ann’s mother. I like Ann and I thought you did too.”

Abby saw Matthew flinch and knew she had found a weak spot.

“Ann needs to get away from those people.” was all he said.

“And I can help her do that. But I need your help as well. I can’t help Ann if I’m constantly looking over my shoulder for Lucy. What was her plan for me the night you tried to kidnap me?” Abby asked point blank.

Matthew’s response was to hang up his phone and call for the guard. He came in and Matthew left. Abby slowly stood up and rubbed the back of her neck. That didn’t go as planned but it was not a total failure. He was open to helping Ann but not to the point of incriminating himself.

She left the visitors room and stopped at a bathroom, where she began fixing her hair so it looked the old way. The ‘Abby Way’. She would have to look her best when she showed up at Southfork.


It was dinner time at Southfork and Leif and John Ross were eating in the kitchen, only because J.R. was still needling Gary and Sue Ellen didn’t want the boys hearing any of it.

Lucy was eating quite heartily and Sue Ellen could not see any signs that her niece was showing yet. She decided to just ask what her plans were…

“Lucy, have Mitch and you decided anything? About the baby?”

Lucy, who had been scarfing down a slice of roast beef, gave Sue Ellen a dirty look.

“Do we have to talk about this now? I’m eating.”

“Well, honey,” J.R. said, “we just want to make sure that that doctor ex husband of yours can provide for you and the baby.”

“He will.” was Gary’s answer. J.R. grinned at him!

“Because you plan to see to it? That your daughter isn’t made a fool of here?” he asked.

“Lucy and Mitch will handle things.” Gary said, giving his brother a hard look. “Now, I have something I need to tell everyone. And I hope nothing comes of it but I got a call from Abby.”

Sue Ellen looked puzzled.

“Abby? Who is that?” she asked.

Lucy grinned but said nothing.

“Abby is my wife, Sue Ellen. She was away on business, heard the news and caught a flight here. She wants to stay at Southfork. I told her a hotel would be better but she might just show up here anyway.”

“Because?” Sue Ellen asked. “You told her that there was no room, didn’t you? Why would she come here if you told her to go to a hotel?”

“Abby has a little more backbone than that other wife of his.” J.R. said, eating a roll. Lucy gave him a dirty look!

“What the hell does that mean?!”

“Now Lucy, honey, don’t curse at the table. Your mama is just quiet is all.” J.R. sniffed.

“So,” Gary said, “is my wife welcome to stay here if she shows up or what?”

“Well of course, Gary, if you can’t keep your wife in line, then yes, she can stay here.” Sue Ellen said in a kind tone. “Now, if you will excuse me, I have to see to the boys in the kitchen.”

“You hear that Gary? My wife is making sure your son is eating his food in the kitchen. You might want to go with her.” J.R. suggested. Gary’s response was to scrape his chair back and leave the dining room. Before Lucy could confront J.R., she was told she had a phone call. Lucy got up and went out into the hallway.


“Lucy, honey, it’s me.”

“Mama? What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“Oh honey I’m fine! How’s your daddy holding up?”

“Let’s just say I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted a drink.”

“Oh no! Things are that bad?”

“Abby is on her way here.” Lucy said darkly.

“What? Where has she been?”

“Who knows? But I don’t want to see her here! I am really hoping Sue Ellen or Daddy can convince her to stay at a hotel.” Lucy sniffed.

“Well, honey, I hate to impose, but I’m calling to find out if there is any room for Karen at Southfork.”

Lucy was confused.

“Karen, who?”

“Karen MacKenzie.”


“Honey, I know you don’t know her that well. She was my neighbor in my old neighborhood?”

“Oh. She has dark hair?” Lucy asked.

“Yes, that’s her!”

“And she’s coming to Dallas? Why?”

“On business. I asked her to look in on you there. I know that Mitch hasn’t been responsive to your calls and I wanted to make sure you were looked after.” Val lied. She could sense Lucy wasn’t buying any of this.

“Sue Ellen and Daddy are looking after me just fine.” Lucy said, as J.R. came out of the dining room and looked at her.

“Who is that?” J.R. asked. Lucy told Val to hold on and answered him.

“My mama wants to know if her friend, Karen MacKenzie can stay here while she’s in town on business. I know there’s no room…”

“Uh, she’s the dark haired one? Her last name used to be Fairgate?”

Lucy did not like the gleam in her uncle’s eye!

“You’ve met Karen before?” Lucy asked as J.R. took the phone from her.

“Valene? How are you doing? You tell your friend, Karen, that she can stay here as long as she wants! I’ll make sure a room is made up for her now!” J.R. crowed before handing Lucy the phone again and walking off.

“Mama, maybe Karen should stay at a hotel!” Lucy warned.

“I know.” Val admitted. “But she knows how worried I am about you. And it sounds like your daddy has his hands full. Is…is Leif there as well?”

Lucy sighed.

“Yes. And he is very unaware that his real mother and father are under the same roof as him.” Lucy admitted. “Mama, just don’t think about that, okay? Take care of yourself and Daddy and I will be back to California really soon.”

“Okay. I’ll try. I love you.” Val said.

“I love you too, Mama. Goodbye.” Lucy said. She hung up the phone, looked around and then hurried up the stairs to her room! Once inside, she closed the door and got on her own phone to make a call…

“Judith? It’s Lucy. I need to see you. That ‘whore’ that you were interested in is in Dallas. If you’re still interested, we can make arrangements to have her picked up so she can start work—for you!”


Harris returned to his office and had his secretary summon Muriel for him. Once she was inside his office, grinning like a cheshire cat, Harris told her what he wanted her to do.

Muriel stopped smiling.

“Sir, you have a meeting with some of Governor Krebbs’s people today. I was hoping I could sit in on that.”

“Sit in and do what? Look, I need for you to go to Ann’s dorm and pack her things. She has a new address. She’s also under the weather so you will hand her things to her nurse. She will make sure Ann gets the items.”

“You want me to pack for Ann?”

Harris peered at her.

“Is there a problem? She is an employee of this company that’s been through a terrible time. And I thought the two of you were friends. I assumed you’d want to help her.”

“Oh I do! But does this really have to be done on company time?”

“She is part of the company, so yes, Maisy, it does.”

“Mr. Ryland, my name is Muriel. You can remember Ann’s name but not mine?”

“Excuse me?” Harris asked, looking her up and down.

“You heard me! I saw you kissing Ann too! And I heard a rumor that she’s the only intern you pay! Now if I don’t get better treatment around here…”

“You are fired. Get out of my office and go to whoever you want about your ‘treatment’! Do you know how small you will look making up lies on poor Miss Smith after what she’s been through? Go!”

Muriel turned and skulked out of Harris’s office! She then went to her desk area and began to look for something to pack her things in, when her phone rang. Muriel instinctively picked up.

“Muriel Gillis.”

“Muriel? It’s Joshua Rush.”

Muriel glanced back over at Harris’s office and slowly sat down. She could see him looking over his messages. His secretary was at lunch.

“Oh Joshua! Thank you for getting back to me! Ann really needs you now! More than ever!”

Joshua, who was in his office, leaned back in his chair.

“I heard about poor Dottie. I always liked her. Ann has to be taking this very hard.”

“Where did you disappear to? Ann would never talk about what happened between the two of you. Were you on some sort of retreat?”

“Yes,” Joshua lied. “In South America. Tell me is there something more going on than just her mother’s murder?”

“Joshua, Ann is involved with someone that is very bad for her. And I think that now that she might be related to the Ewings, he’s using her. I think she could really use your help right now.” Muriel told him.

“So you’re at work right now with her?”

“Ann has not been back since her mother was killed. Harris Ryland has had her staying at his house and now he’s moved her someplace else.”

“He told you this?” Joshua asked and for the first time, Muriel noted the business like tone in his voice. It was not the sound of a concerned ex boyfriend.

“Yes, Joshua, he gave me an address to take her things to! She tried to move back into her dorm room at the university but Harris stopped that!”

“Okay, Muriel, try and stay calm. I’m going to come by there. You will give me the address Ann is staying at and I will deal with getting her things out of her dorm room. You just stay at Ryland Transport and be my eyes and ears.”

“Be your eyes and ears? What are you talking about? And I can’t stay here! Harris fired me!”

Joshua leaned forward in his chair.

“He fired you?”

“Yes! Just now!”

“Is there anyway to change his mind?”

Muriel actually thought about it. James Monahan had always been in her corner. Maybe he would be again.

“Maybe.” she replied.

“Okay. See what you can do. I am on my way.” Joshua said, hanging up. He then stood up and opened up his desk drawer. He pulled out his gun and his FBI badge. When he saw Muriel, he would have to tell her who he really was, without telling her the whole story. And if she could not get Harris Ryland to rehire her, then Joshua would have to convince him, somehow.

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Poor Valene having to deal with the fact that Gary has a child with Sue Ellen while she is pregnant with his twins. :(

I look forward to when Joshua meets Ann again. I bet Harris won't be happy at all!

I also look forward to when Abby and Karen get there. I sense there's gonna be some explosions coming. Unless Judith manage to get her hands on Abby first. Although I hope she won't.

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Chapter 3

Lucy was speeding. As usual.

And there was a car in front of her going too slow. As usual.

The road she was taking to the Ryland estate was a small, one lane road with a speed limit of 45. Whoever the hell was in front of her was doing 40!

“God!!” Lucy yelled at the other car. “Get out of my way!”

Of course whoever was in the rental car that now seemed to be doing 35…could not hear her. Lucy looked behind her and peered over in the oncoming traffic lane. There was no one there.

Lucy gunned it past the rental car, clipping their driver’s side mirror and got in front of them! She then accelerated to 70 and turned down the private road to the Ryland estate.

Once there, she parked and was let in by the butler. Judith was dressed in a black dress with a severe updo that reminded Lucy of some evil character she had seen in a movie once. Which film, she could not recall.

“Lucy. I found your offer quite intriguing. Sit down. How are you?” Judith asked, walking to the bar.

“Pregnant. It might be Harris’s.” Lucy responded coyly. Judith, who had made only one drink, turned to grin at her!

“I highly doubt that. I’ve been hearing talk that your step-mother and you are sharing the same man. And that that man might be the father of your unborn child.”

“Maybe.” was all Lucy said to that. “Tell me HOW intriguing you found my offer? Because the woman will probably arrive at Southfork at any moment. And there is no room in the house, so she’ll have to sleep out in one of the cattle hand bunk houses.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize Gary wasn’t staying at Southfork? If he is, couldn’t Abby sleep with him? You know, her husband? Her name is Abby, right?”

Lucy rolled her eyes!

“Yes, though when you start her working at your ‘place’, you might want to name her something else. How is this going to work anyway? She probably won’t cooperate and will probably try and escape.”

“Lucy, I haven’t agreed to anything. You’re asking me to kidnap someone off of Southfork. That’s different than taking someone from your father’s paltry ranch in California.”

“Uh, in what way? I would think it would be easier…you know…since Abby and you are in the same state!”

“Watch that lip, girl.” Judith warned. “You were the one that blew the first abduction. And I don’t trust you. I don’t know that you didn’t send that crazy bastard, Matthew Blaisdel to me, after he bungled the first kidnapping.”

“Judith, I had no idea Matthew would come here! He probably thought this was the last place anyone would look for him!”

Judith said nothing to that.

“I have to watch myself. And Harris. And our ‘investments’. I can’t have the wrong people looking too closely at things around here. And no thanks to Matthew Blaisdel, that could very well happen.”

Lucy peered at her.

“Just what happened with Ann’s mother? Matthew just killed her when he took her home?”

“I suspect she recognized he was a fugitive and yes, he killed her.” Judith lied.

“Hmmm.” was all Lucy said to that. “So your ‘investments’ that you’re protecting, is Ann one of them?”

Judith’s eyes swept over her.

“Let’s just say that your stock has lowered, missy. Baby or not. And if that child is Harris’s, you need to find another father for it. My son is marrying Ann Southworth.”

“Oh God!” Lucy exclaimed, rolling her eyes. “Ann is not my grand uncle’s child! Dottie Smith forged that birth certificate or something! And wasn’t it convenient that it was clutched in her cold, dead hand to find.”

“Yes. Even more convenient that she was found on your family’s land. Land that really belongs to her only daughter. After we’re done drilling on the property, I’m sure Harris will allow you to stay on some parcel of land.”

Lucy grinned!

“You really have it all figured out already, don’t you? How Harris and you are going to get your hands on my family’s money? I’ll have you know that Dottie Smith also slept with Digger Barnes! He could be Ann’s father as well!”

Judith burst out laughing! She laughed so hard that she reached out to clutch Lucy’s arm to steady herself!

“God, tell your Uncle J.R. that is a good one! And I know he told you to start spreading that trash around! I don’t even know how Digger Barnes conceived children, with as drunk as he always was! I know his daughter wasn’t his and for all we know, Cliff wasn’t either! I think you’d better run along now…”

The butler came into the room.

“Mrs. Ryland, a man is here to speak to Miss Ewing. He claims she ran into his car.”

Judith eyed Lucy, who turned to look at the butler. Standing behind him was Ben Gibson.

“My, my. Who do we have here?” Judith asked, eyeing Ben with interest. Ben ignored Judith’s lustful stare and focused on Lucy.

“You sideswiped my rental car. You are going to pay for it.” Ben told her.

Lucy smirked!

“I was alone on the road. There were no other cars.”

Ben moved towards her.

“You passed me on a one lane road! And you were speeding!”

“And you weren’t.” Lucy said calmly.

“So you do remember another car being in the road?” Ben asked sarcastically.

“I remember an old lady driving at like 25 miles per hour. I was in a hurry to meet Mrs. Ryland here and couldn’t wait. Just as I started to pass, the car drifted over and damaged my passenger side mirror. You’re the one that’s going to be paying damages.” Lucy said drolly before looking at Judith again.

“We’ll talk.” she said and moved around Ben and out of the room. Ben glared after Lucy and started to go after her, to do God knows what, when Judith’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Now, now, Mr. Gibson. The girl is pregnant. Blame it on hormones. I’ll replace your rental.”

Ben now focused on Judith.

“I don’t believe I introduced myself.”

“You didn’t have to.” Judith said, walking up to him. “I’ve been reading your ‘Little Garrison Ewing’ stories since the very beginning. I get the feeling though, that you didn’t just follow Lucy here.”

“No, Mrs. Ryland…”

“Call me Judith.”

“Okay. Judith. I’m here because I’m very interested about what happened to Dottie Smith.”

“Oh yes,” Judith said, turning away and feigning horror, “that was a terrible tragedy that I feel responsible for.”

“Are you? Responsible for it?” Ben asked, folding his arms. “Because Matthew Blaisdel says that you are.”

Judith turned back to him.

“Mr. Gibson, I should have looked into him more carefully before hiring him on. He showed up, practically out of nowhere. I trusted him to take my son’s fiancee’s mother home and I don’t know if Ann will ever forgive me.”

Ben squared his jaw.

“So, Lucy is not your son’s fiancee?”

“Lucy has problems. She lies a lot. Harris and her are just friends. Ann Southworth is who he will be marrying. Very, very soon.”

Ben raised a brow at the change in Ann’s last name.

“Ann has officially changed her name to Southworth?”

“Mr. Gibson…”

“Call me Ben.”

“Ben. Ann doesn’t have to ‘change’ something that was always hers. I’ll tell you what: I’ll get Ann to give you an interview herself if you agree to stay here on my estate, while you research your story.”

Ben’s eyes roamed over her briefly before answering.

“Well, I do have a hotel room…”

“With hotel food, I’m sure. There is a carriage house down the way. I’ll show it to you. You’ll have all the space you need to write whatever it is you’re going to write.”

“And if what I ‘write’, proves you guilty and Blaisdel innocent?”

“I didn’t shoot Adam Carrington down in Florida or try and kidnap a woman in the middle of the night. I’m the innocent one, Mr. Gibson.” Judith purred.

Ben knew he’d be a fool to turn down such an offer. Judith Ryland could get him close to sources for his story. And yet, it was clear there were strings attached. Sexual ones. Though, she was beautiful in a way. An evil way but beautiful none the less. He just hoped that it would not come to that!

“Okay, Mrs. Ryland. You have yourself a deal.” Ben told her.


Abby pulled into a space at Southfork and got out, beaming! Now THIS was a ranch she could live on! Why couldn’t Gary have found someplace like this in California?

She got out of her rental car and walked to the trunk, just as Gary came out of the house and looked at her as if she had lost her mind!

“What part of you did not understand the word ‘Hotel’?” Gary asked, taking her luggage from her. Abby threw her arms around his neck, uncaring of his bad attitude, just as J.R. and Sue Ellen approached them. Sue Ellen could smell some sort of past between J.R. and this middle class tramp! Valene had been outright trash but at least she didn’t have to worry about anything going on between her and her husband!

But Sue Ellen was forever cool about such things.

“Why Gary, is this your lovely wife that you have not told us about? I’m Sue Ellen Ewing. Gary only seems to talk about Valene.” Sue Ellen said, smiling graciously.

Abby realized that Sue Ellen either knew about the one time she had slept with J.R., or she was this much of a bitch all of the time.

“I’m Abby Ewing. You know, I am a big fan of Valene’s first book, ‘Capricorn Crude’. So the character of Maribelle was based on you? You know the drunken character that kept having miscarriages because her husband had a venereal disease?”

J.R. took over.

“Hello, Abby. It’s nice to see you again. I hope you can help get my brother here on the side of right. He seems to think we need to turn over everything we own to Lucy’s little friend, lock, stock and barrel.”

“Oh. Well what does Lucy have to say about this? Ann is her friend. Has she spoken to her about it?” Abby asked.

“I think Lucy is too hurt to even talk to her.” Sue Ellen said. “The girl is not only trying to insinuate herself into this family, but she is openly seeing Harris, Lucy’s fiancee.”

Abby let go of Gary and faced Sue Ellen.

“Is Lucy wearing an engagement ring? Surely Harris can afford to put one on her finger.”

“What Lucy is wearing or not wearing, dear, is none of your concern. We are Lucy’s true family here. And once again, it will befall on us to make sure Lucy is properly looked after.” Sue Ellen told her in a nasty-nice way.

“What my wife is saying,” J.R. said, as he tried not to think of how silky Abby’s thighs had felt, “is that we’ll deal with Lucy and her baby. You just make sure that Gary and yourself understand that as nice as Ann Smith is, she has no right to anything that is ours.”

“You know,” Gary said, “I’m standing here. Right in front of everyone. So you don’t have to talk around me, J.R.. And I’m not going to change my mind about hurting Ann. If she’s a relative, then so be it. She should have what’s hers. And as for Lucy and Harris, there is nothing between them that I have ever seen. She told me Mitch is the father of her baby. So this will be the last night we spend here. In the morning, we’re returning home and Lucy and Mitch are going to come to an arrangement.”

Gary then walked off into the house. Sue Ellen decided to go after him, just to ascertain what Abby’s true position was in this family. As far as she knew, Gary and Lucy were openly living with Valene!

That left J.R. and Abby alone.

“Your hold on my brother seems to have slipped.” J.R. noted.

“Did I ever have a hold?” Abby asked wryly.

“You managed to snag him from that piece of trash that wrote a book about this family.” J.R. noted.

“That was fiction. No one believes any of that was true, of course. Tell me: do you call Valene trash in front of Lucy?”

“Not since she grew up and got to the know the woman, no.”

Abby raised a brow but said nothing to that. J.R. fixed her a lemonade at the bar and handed it to her.

“I’ve heard some things about what happened in Denver.”

“Oh?” Abby asked.

J.R. grinned!

“You’re lucky Alexis isn’t here ready to claw your eyes out. And my brother isn’t going to take too kindly to finding out that you spent three weeks in Blake Carrington’s bed.”

“It was one night. And I’m not worried about Gary.” Abby said bluntly. “But if you want my help in fending off Ann, then I want something for myself.”

“Now, now. Isn’t being Mrs. Gary Ewing enough?” J.R. asked in a teasing manner.

“Hardly.” Abby said truthfully.

“You didn’t realize Lucy came with the package?”

“She was never part of the equation until recently. Now, as for what I will need to make Ann see the light…”

“I just need you to get Gary to agree with me.”

Abby shook her head coyly.

“Gary is all for the ‘little guy’. And if he’s on her side then he see some of himself in her. That and from what I can tell, Gary had a huge soft spot for his mother. He’d like anyone directly related to her.”

“What are you proposing?” J.R. asked.

“That you let me handle Ann. I can assure you I know her better than Lucy does. Ann does not ‘want’ things. And I doubt she’s any happier about any of this than you are.”

“So you can get Ann Smith to forfeit her rights to Southfork land?”

Abby tilted her head.

“Is she truly entitled to the land? I thought the birth certificate found in her mother’s hands was a fake?”

“It doesn’t matter. She’s getting nothing. And neither are the Ryland’s. Now what is it you want?”

“A small percentage of Ewing Oil. Like 10%.”

“No.” was J.R. answer. He downed his lemonade, set his glass down and eyed her.

“I thought you were smarter than this. Also, if Gary doesn’t want you in his bed, there is room in the bunk houses, over that way, for you to stay. And if Gary and Lucy are leaving tomorrow, then you should be gone as well.”

“Am I really asking for that much? A tiny 10%?”

“I wouldn’t even give Gary that. I’ll have someone bring your bags in. Or not.” J.R. grinned and walked back inside the house. Abby turned away and smiled. She had tried. Now it was time to get hers another way. And she didn’t feel she was being greedy. She considered a percentage of something Ewing, to be ‘reparations’ for all of the nonsense Gary, and his daughter had put her through.


Muriel was packing her collection of crystal unicorns, after Harris’s firing of her, when she suddenly found herself looking at Joshua!

“Joshua! Oh my God! You got here quicker than I expected!” Muriel exclaimed. Joshua’s eyes swept over the area and her near empty desk. No one else seemed to be around.

“Did you talk Ryland into keeping you on?”

“He wasn’t who I was going to talk to. A man named James Monahan hires the interns. He’s out of the office right now.” Muriel admitted.

Joshua reached out and put his hands on her shoulders.

“Muriel, we don’t have a lot of time: I was never a Theologian student that was looking to be a priest. I’m an FBI agent and right now, Ann’s mother’s murder is of intense interest to us.”

Muriel gave him a look of incredulity!

“What do you mean you’re an ‘FBI agent’? You left Ann and became an agent instead of a priest?”

“I didn’t ‘leave Ann’. She broke up with me. And I worked for the FBI the whole time.”

“Did Ann know?”

Joshua nodded.

“Not at first. Then she found out from someone else. And I’m not proud of that. But what I’m working on is of the upmost importance.”

“Which is what? Ann is not a criminal.”

“I never said she was. Just tell me what is going on here? Why did Harris Ryland fire you?”

“Because for one, I called him out on never remembering my name! But more importantly, Ann is having an affair with him and he’s putting her ahead of me because of it!”

“He promoted Ann?” Joshua asked, not quite understanding what was going on.

“No. But he makes me do things like making sure her things are packed from her dorm room. Things he shouldn’t be asking me to do. When I called him on that, he fired me! I told him I knew he was seeing her! Joshua, he may have gotten another woman pregnant. A woman that is a friend of mine and Ann’s! I can’t stay here!”

Harris walked into the area just then. His eyes casually went over Muriel, before he faced Joshua.

“I’m Harris Ryland. Are you Maisy’s boyfriend?”

Joshua began to understand what the problem was! He pulled out his badge and flashed it.

“I’m Agent Joshua Rush. With the FBI.”

“And he’s Ann’s REAL boyfriend!” Muriel snapped in an immature fashion. Harris eyed her before locking expressions with Joshua.

“Boyfriend? Ann used to date someone with the FBI? What are you doing here looking for her?” Harris asked, not liking any of this at all!

“I'm looking into her mother’s death, to be precise.” Joshua replied.

“What in the hell does Annie’s mother’s death have to do with the FBI?!” Harris snapped.

“Mr. Ryland, this is an ongoing investigation. So I cannot comment. But I would really appreciate if if you re-hired Miss. Gillis. She’s a friend and I think she was just having a bad day.” Joshua stated calmly. Harris looked around him at Muriel, before staring at Joshua again.

“I don’t think so. Why don’t you help her carry her things out.” Harris said gruffly before heading back to his office. He slammed the door behind him, walked over to his desk and began signing paperwork, as he picked up the phone and got Ann’s nurse on the phone.


“This is Mr. Ryland. How is Miss Smith?”

“Better. She awoke for lunch and is now asleep again.”

“Good. I need for you to go in and wake her up. I want to talk to her.”

The nurse, who’s name was Eileen Atwater, seemed stunned.

“Mr. Ryland, she’s on medication. I don’t think she’ll be able…”

“Get her on the phone, Nurse Atwater. It’s urgent.”

Ms. Atwater put the phone down, went upstairs and entered Ann’s room. She was asleep on her stomach when Nurse Atwater jiggled her awake and informed her that Harris was on the line for her. Ann squinted as the nurse left and fumbled to pick up the phone.

“Hello? Harris?” she asked, trying not to sound groggy.

“Hello, darlin’! How are you feeling?”

“Uh, better, I guess.” Annie said, not unsure that she was dreaming.

“Honey, I wouldn’t bother you except that I have a question that I need answered: did you ever have a boyfriend that worked for the FBI?”

Ann sat up, running a hand through her hair.

“You know about Joshua? Did Muriel or Lucy say something about him?”

“Joshua.” Harris said. Yes, the bastard had said that was his name.


“And you were involved with someone from the FBI?”

“I didn’t know he was with them. My mother told me.” Ann said, still feeling out of it. Whatever that nurse had given her was hard to shake off!

“Your mother?” Harris asked carefully.

“Yes. She knew someone that knew who he was. That was when I found out he lied about being a student. How do you know about him?”

“Annie, honey, don’t you think you should have told me about him? He came here looking for you. To give his condolences, of course.”

Ann now sat up, fully awake.

“How did he know I was working there?”

“I think Maisy told him.”

“You mean Muriel?”

“Yes, of course. Darlin’, can you describe how much of a ‘boyfriend’ he was?”

“Harris, I’m tired. I can’t really think about it clearly right now.”

“Annie, for my own piece of mind, I need to know if he was your first?”

“My first what? Boyfriend?” she asked him, sounding out of it.

“You know what? I’m going to be right there. I’m going to take care of you myself. I’ll see you in a bit.” Harris said, resisting the urge to slam the phone down! A goddamned Fed was here on his premises, lying through his teeth about why he was here! And for all Harris knew, this ‘Agent Rush’ knew Annie was the rightful owner of Southfork and the surrounding land, and was trying to weasel his way into her life again!

Agent Rush had asked him to keep Maisy on? Why? What the hell did that red headed gal have to do with all of this?

Harris realized that maybe he should keep her on after all. She might know something about ‘FBI Joshua’ and his Annie, that Annie herself, was too shy to tell him. He stood up from his desk. He was going to re-hire Maisy…Mabel…and give her a raise. That would keep her in place until he learned more.


Matthew Blaisdel hid his surprise when he was told that someone had paid his bail. He hoped against hope that it had been Constance Carlyle. She had finally seen the light, left Field and realized they belonged together.

But when he limped out of the jail facility, all he saw was Lucy Ewing, waiting in a car that had it’s passenger side outer window smashed up. He looked around and got in on the passenger side.

“You bailed me out?” he asked, looking her over.

“I did.” she replied with a grin.

“Why? Everyone is going to know.”

“My family has connections. No one is going to know.”

“What do you want from me?” Matthew asked knowingly.

“Abby is in town. I want you to take her to Judith Ryland. She’s a little squeamish about taking her from Southfork.”

“You want me to kidnap her from an even bigger ranch than your father’s? Abby paid me a visit. She knows, somehow, that I was looking to kidnap her. So your fantasies of getting rid of her so she can become a whore at Madam Ryland’s place, are over.”

“They should be your fantasies too, Matthew. She’s looking to get both of us.”

Matthew didn’t answer. He hadn’t particularly liked what Abby pulled on him at the jail facility. Clearly she had been trying to look like Krystle to influence him in some way.

He looked at Lucy.

“Okay. I’ll do it. But I have another request.”

“Besides my helping you get away?”

“I need to take Constance Carlyle with me. So when you find me a plane, make sure she’s on it as well.”

“Whoa! I have to make sure she’s on it? You’re the kidnapper!”

“And she’ll be on her guard. You, she won’t see coming.”

“Alright. You’ll have to give me some time to come up with some reason to lure her to you.”

“Time is something neither of us have, Miss Ewing. Once word gets out that I’m on bail, Abby and Constance are going to be on the look out for me.”

Lucy thought about that. Maybe they wouldn’t if they thought Matthew had left town already.

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Chapter 4

Lucy pulled into her spot on Southfork and saw a rental car. She somehow knew it was Abby’s. And there would have been a time when that would have ticked her off. But now, Abby’s forcing her presence on everyone here, would work in her favor.

But she would need to talk to Harris. She would need his help with the Constance abduction thing. As for the ‘Abby Kidnapping’, Lucy had already snuck Matthew on to the ranch. He was in an old section of bunk houses that no one used. Hopefully he could keep a low profile until dark. Lucy would then meet him and tell him just where Abby was staying on the ranch. Lucy hoped it was not in the house!

Lucy got out of her car and was greeted by John Ross and Leif, who apparently had been waiting for her.

“Hi, Lucy!” John Ross called out enthusiastically. Lucy lifted a brow. When her younger cousin sounded like that, it meant he wanted something!

“Hi, John Ross. Leif.” Lucy said, feeling oddly uncomfortable in the presence of her ‘little brother’. Her mind went back to a conversation she had had with J.R. about her father’s inheritance. One that she didn’t like thinking about. Could Leif ever be in charge of deciding whether their father got his extra money?

“Lucy, Daddy has a special box on top of the TV in the den. There’s a movie Leif and I want to watch tonight, and the only way Mom will let us is if an adult watches as well.” John Ross explained.

“What’s the movie?” Lucy asked.

“It’s called ‘Friday the 13th Part 4.” Leif explained. “And it’s the final movie in the series.”

Lucy eyed them.

“I know what that is! You two shouldn’t be watching stuff like that. Sue Ellen said that if an adult watched with you, you could still watch it?” Lucy asked skeptically.

“Well, no.” John Ross admitted. “But if she catches us and you’re with us, she might let us finish the movie.”

Lucy was torn. Oddly, she thought of her own unborn child. And she would not want him or her watching that kind of thing! But maybe if the boys were in the den watching TV, they’d stay out of trouble. Sue Ellen had already caught them with a miniature horse that they had tried to smuggle upstairs! And J.R. found them mixing brandy with Seven-Up!

“Okay, I’ll do it. What time does this movie come on?”

“Seven.” Leif said.

“You boys have an eight o’clock bed time, don’t you?”

“Well,” John Ross drawled, “you could get us out of that too.”

“Yeah we’ll see. I have something to do tonight but I’ll try.” Lucy told them and they thanked her profusely before running off to do God knows what. She continued into the house and found Sue Ellen and Abby sitting in the living room, sipping tea. Abby had never struck Lucy as a ‘tea’ sort of woman. She slowly walked in and stood in the doorway.

“Lucy,” Sue Ellen said, “you never mentioned what a charming step-mother you have.”

“That’s because I don’t have one.” Lucy replied. Abby smiled patiently.

“Oh Lucy! Your charm knows no bounds! Sue Ellen was just telling me what it was like living with you when you were growing up here. I have no doubt that you can’t wait to get back to your life here. In Texas.” Abby said, locking eyes with Lucy.

Lucy ignored that and looked at Sue Ellen.

“So you found room for her?”

“Well I didn’t need to. She’s Gary’s wife. She’ll be sleeping with him.” Sue Ellen said primly. “Have you seen the boys? I am desperate to keep them out of J.R’s way tonight.”

“Yeah they headed off towards the stables—again.” Lucy said and Sue Ellen stood up and left the room. Once she was gone, Lucy looked at Abby.

“Just try sleeping in the same room as my father and see what happens to you.” she warned.

Abby now grinned and stood up!

“Now you’re saying this to me, because you’d like to be the one sleeping next to him?” she asked in a falsetto tone.

“There is no way he’d take you back after you slutted your way around Denver! I know you crawled into Blake Carrington’s bed for whatever reason. Probably because he has more money than my daddy.”

“Lucy,” Abby said patiently, “your father and I have a sexual connection that he has never had with any other woman. Including your mother. That will never change. You should forget me and think about your unborn child. I know that Mitch doesn’t seem very enthused. I think that’s because he believes Harris Ryland is the father. Is he? Have you told him about what’s going on?”

“Mitch is the father. And he’ll come around.” Lucy said before turning to leave. But Abby had more to say.

“How is Ann?”

Lucy turned back around.

“I haven’t seen her.”

“You haven’t seen your friend, who’s mother’s body was found on Southfork? I heard that she’s probably a second cousin, right?”

“Who did you hear that trash from?” Lucy countered.

“I believe it was Ben Gibson.”

“Of course it was. He just can’t stop writing crap. Ann isn’t related to anyone here.” Lucy said.

Abby walked up to her.

“I don’t know what you’re doing or planning, but you need to start thinking of your child. Decide on a father and make it work. You don’t have time anymore to engage in fantasies about your parents living happily ever after. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going upstairs to your father, to prove my point. I won’t be back down for the rest of the night.” Abby told her and walked past her and out of the room. Lucy glared after her, then turned away as Abby slowly sauntered up the stairs.

Lucy stood stock still, before turning to look at the staircase again. Abby was gone. Gone to seduce her father who was weak enough to let that witch back into his bed again. She then walked through the hallway, through the dining room and into the kitchen. She opened up a drawer and pulled out a pair of kitchen shears.


In the back of Gary’s mind, he knew that sex with Abby would not solve their problems. But she was very good at making him forget them. Even if the feelings of passion and euphoria were temporary.

Abby had ridden Gary like a woman possessed. Like a woman that was about to lose everything but could not stop it from happening. After, they lay sandwiched together and fell asleep.

That was when Lucy eased their bedroom door open and tried not to throw up! Seeing her father’s intertwined limbs with this destructive woman almost made her go blind! But she forced herself to hold it together, as she took in their light snorting and inched towards the bed.

Lucy then gently took a fistful of Abby’s hair, cut it, then backed out of the room, closing the door quietly.

Once she was back in her own room, Lucy put the hair in a plastic baggie, along with the scissors and threw it in a dresser drawer, hiding it among some shirts. She then closed the drawer and picked up the phone to call Harris at the office. She had his direct line so she could bypass the secretary.

“This is Harris Ryland.”

“Harris? It’s Lucy. How are you?”

“Mother called. She said you’re expecting a child and were claiming I’m the father. I’d love to see how you pull that off.”

“Now, now. Don’t be that way. I think you’d make a good father. Sort of. Look, I’m calling because I need your help. Abby is here and your mother seems squeamish about adding her to her whore house. I plan on having her brought over this evening and I need to know that she will indeed be forced to stay.”

“What in the hell are you talking about? You’re actually going through with that plan again?” Harris asked, just as Muriel entered his office.

“Yes! And I bailed out Matthew Blaisdel. He’s willing and ready to bring her to your mother. But he wants help kidnapping Constance Carlyle as payment. I was hoping you could help with that.”

“I bet the hell you were! Let me get back to you. I have an employee issue to deal with. And as for that other thing, drop ‘it’ off at the carriage house tonight. No one is in there. Make sure ‘it’ is tied up. I’ll deal with Mother.”

Lucy beamed!

“Thank you, Harris! I owe you one.”

“Make it up to me by finding another father for that baby! Goodbye!”

Lucy hung up and looked over at her digital clock. It was almost five. Dinner would be ready soon and Abby would have to come to the table with ugly hair. Judith would probably make her wear a wig in front of the ‘clientele’ once she began her new duties at the whore house.

Meanwhile, it was Gary that noticed something was off about Abby’s hair, as they climbed into he shower together…

“Did you cut your hair again?” he asked, frowning.

“What are you talking about?” Abby asked as the room began to fill up with steam. She stepped out of the shower and wiped the mirror clean…

She gasped! One side of her hair was gone! GONE! That goddamned little witch!

“Your daughter did this! Lucy did this! She cut off my hair and she hired Matthew Blaisdel to kidnap me! I saw him at the jail complex today!” Abby yelled.

Gary put on a robe and looked at her. Hard.

“And Blaisdel told you that? That Lucy hired him to have you abducted?”

“No, not in so many words! But it was clear…”

“Abby, if he didn’t say it, then how can you lie like that? How?!” Gary yelled, just as their bedroom door was thrown open and J.R. stood there in the bathroom doorway, glaring at both of them!

“I want you both out of here by tomorrow, do you hear me? There are too many damned people on this ranch and now it’s loud! Gary, you leave your children here and GO!”

“Is that your way of telling me that you plan to look after Lucy as well?” Gary asked sarcastically. J.R. moved so that he was in his face!

“Daddy and I were the only ones looking after Lucy, when you ran off. Now I’m raising your son. And if you want me to have the money to continue to do that, then you’ll make sure you side with this family against that little Smith gal, are we clear? And I want both of you gone by eight tomorrow morning!”

Gary looked away, fuming and J.R. took that moment to wink at Abby, who have him a grateful look, before he slammed out of their room. Sue Ellen met him in the hallway!

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Lucy did something to Abby’s hair and tomorrow, Gary and Abby are leaving.”

“But not Lucy?”

“One of Valene’s friends is coming to look in on her.”

Sue Ellen eyed him.

“What? Who is this? When were you going to tell me?”

“Now, honey, it’s no big deal, okay?” J.R. said, kissing her quickly and walking towards the stairs. Karen MacKenzie would be staying in Gary’s guest room so he needed it empty! And he himself needed to be ready, when he visited her in the middle of the night!

Meanwhile, Lucy had been very quiet during all of the shouting, from inside of her room. Once things quieted down, she turned on a lamp. Abby would be sleeping in the house tonight. That meant she would have to let Matthew in to take Abby away.

She then thought of the movie the boys wanted to watch tonight. Her little cousin and brother would be the perfect alibi for her.


Agent Joshua Rush checked in with Deputy local FBI Director, Jeff Cunningham…

“It’s been decided that I will be staying on this case a little longer. The feeling is that Jock Ewing himself might have shot at that car in Florida that had Governor Krebbs, Blake Carrington and that local sheriff in it.”

“Why? What’s the motive?” Joshua asked. He was parked in front of the townhouse that Ann was now staying in. Muriel had agreed to distract Harris by begging for her job back, while he went in to speak with Ann. His car had a special phone inside of it.

“I don’t know. But it’s been decided that we need to procure every resource we can. My ex wife is staying at Southfork. I’m going to contact her and see if I can get her on our side. Our children are staying with a relative and she’s offered to bring them to Texas. That will give me an opening.” Jeff said.

“Okay. Well I’m going inside to see Miss Smith. Apparently she’s unwell and Ryland has her tucked away in a new townhouse. One of her friends gave me the address.” Joshua said.

“Describe ‘unwell’? Does she need to be hospitalized?” Jeff asked.

“I don’t know. We’ll see. I want to make sure she isn’t sick because Ryland did something to her. I have to go.” Joshua said and hung up. He then got out of his car, looking around. The area appeared to have a lot of empty town houses for sale. From what he could see, Ryland was one of the few residents.

He walked up to the door and rang the bell. An older woman answered.

“Can I help you?” Nurse Atwater asked. Joshua flashed his badge and the woman’s eyes grew huge!

“I need to speak to Miss Smith. I have reason to believe she is here.”

“She is but she is very under the weather. I am looking after her.”

“I need to see just what her condition is.” Joshua told her.


“It’s Agent Rush.”

“Agent Rush, I don’t think Mr. Ryland, he is Miss Smith’s fiancee, would like you being here. I am going to have to call him.”

Joshua eyed her.


“Yes. They are engaged.” Nurse Atwater replied.

“Because she told you that? Or Mr. Ryland did?”

“Mr. Ryland told me when he hired me. Miss Smith is ill. She can’t say much of anything.”

“I need to see her.” Joshua said, muscling his way into the house and up the stairs. He found the room Ann was lying in. She was deeply asleep. Joshua turned on a lamp and picked up her medications.

Nurse Atwater was hot on his heels!

“I am calling Mr. Ryland this instant! I don’t know what’s going on here, but this can’t be legal!”

Joshua looked at her, while holding the medications.

“Miss Smith has pneumonia! Why isn’t she in a hospital?”

“Mr. Ryland has feared for her safety ever since her mother was killed. I can assure you that I am capable of…WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” Nurse Atwater screeched, as Joshua wrapped Ann in a blanket, picked her up and left the room with her! He was taking her to a hospital, which is damned well what Harris Ryland should have done!

Meanwhile, Harris had just finished re-hiring Muriel and telling her of her raise, when his private line rang! Harris asked that Muriel leave and she did, grinning at her promotion! Maybe she had been wrong about Mr. Ryland! Maybe he had truly realized what she could bring to his company with her skills and knowledge! She had went in thinking she would have to beg for her position back but she couldn’t have been more wrong!

Muriel now wondered if maybe she should just ignore Joshua’s request that she spy for him…

Meantime, Harris slowly stood up out of his chair as he listened to Nurse Atwater!

“And you just let him take her???”

“What was I going to do against an FBI agent, Mr. Ryland! He saw her medications and realized she had pneumonia.”

“Annie has pneumonia? You told me she had the flu!”

“Oh. Well your mother called me and said that it would scare you if you knew she had pneumonia. Sir, Miss Smith is in no danger. I know how to treat pneumonia and…”

“You’re fired!” Harris snapped and looked around for his suit jacket! His mother KNEW where he had taken Annie and told the nurse not to tell him of her true condition! Goddamnit!

Rush had in all likelihood taken Annie to Dallas Memorial. Harris would go there and make sure that Annie was okay and find out just why the hell her FBI, ex-boyfriend had felt he could be so goddamned bold in carrying her off like that!

It was then that an idea came to him.

He would arrange for a Justice of Peace to marry the two of them, before she left the hospital. That way he could protect her, his own interests and keep the ‘FBI Boyfriend’ from sniffing around.

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Interesting update. I am not surprised that Abby managed to get back into Gary's bed. That part of their relationship was always working, as she pointed out to Lucy.

I sense a triangle coming on between Joshua-Ann-Harris. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. As a Knots fan I always liked the character of Joshua. At least until he went nuts. His relationship with Cathy certainly wasn't healthy.

I don't think Lucy's plan to deliver Abby to the whorehouse will go all that well considering that Jeff is a FBI agent. lol

I look forward to see when Lucy and Mitch meets next.

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Oh I loved Joshua. I'm not sure if he was always a little nuts and I just missed the signs or what. But yes, Harris is not going to be happy with him.

Things are going to get wild with regards to Lucy/Abby and their love lives. I am currently writing the third installment for the Flamingo Road/Dallas/Dynasty story. There are some surprises there and a reunion of a couple.

I meant to tell you, I watched your Harris/Ann video on YT! You really defined their relationship quite well.

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Honestly I never thought of Joshua as nuts in the first season he showed up in. I thought he was sweet. Maybe the signs that he was controlling was always there. But I certainly missed them and thought he was a nice guy. I loved him and Cathy.

Sounds intriguing about the third installment of the Flamingo Road/Dallas/Dynasty story.

Thank you for the feedback on my Harris/Ann video. I am glad you liked it. :)
Have you read anything more of my Dallas fanfic btw?

I am asking since there's more Ann/Harris scenes to come there too!

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Yes I did. I got to the point where Lucy went to the doctor about her lump. I remembered Lucy being concerned when Miss Ellie went through her cancer. I like the fact that things did work out with Mitch.

I also read the chapter where Ann came over to see Judith and you know what? I just saw red! I hate Judith and I hated the way she spoke to Ann but that is also very real. There is no sugar coating the fact that they don't like each other. But what gripes me about that whole thing, is that all Judith and Harris had to do was go to a judge and say Ann was on pills, they didn't think she would be a good mother and Harris would have gotten full custody. What they did was vile. But I'll excuse Harris because the pain in his eyes when he told Ann WHY he took Emma, the night Ann shot him, was pretty memorable. He was hurt and he lashed out the only way he knew how.

On my main story over on the fan fiction thread, Constance is becoming very aware of who Abby Ewing is.

Also, I plan on posting a Ann/Harris story that is going to be told from several, points of view. I'm kind of working towards a Christmas/New Year's date on it. Let me just say that it involves a 'what if they had stayed together' sort of theme.

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Chapter 5

Mack could not help but be a little suspicious of Karen’s ’trip’ to Dallas.

He had played some basketball with the boys out in the driveway, just so he could keep an eye on things. That shooting that had happened almost a month ago, still had everyone rattled around here. Especially Lilimae.

The victim was some woman in Florida that had been coming to stay with her. A woman and a little boy. Everyone now knew that the boy, was the fabled ‘Ewing Child’. Apparently, Ben had not lied about it, not that Mack ever thought he was a liar. But Mack had thought Ben was chasing a story that could possibly come between him and Val for good. And it had.

He was curious as to what Lilimae had known this whole time, though. Had she known that that child was real? Is that why this woman, this Lute Mae Sanders, had wanted to stay with her?

And yet, if helping to hide the boy’s true identity had been the point, then Lilimae would have been the last person this Miss Sanders, needed to stay with.

Karen and him had been looking in on Lilimae, since Val was living with Gary. And Mack definitely did not want Val back here with a shooter on the loose. The police thought that the sniper had been in one of the empty houses up for sale in the community, and shot at the car from an upstairs, bathroom window. Mack and some of the other neighbors in the community, now made it a point to check the house daily.

He walked into the kitchen to get something to drink, when Karen breezed by him to stir a pot of chili, before heading back out of the kitchen and back upstairs to continue packing. Mack looked at the chili, picked up the ladle and stirred it, before leaving the kitchen with a bottle of gatorade. Karen then hurried down the stairs and put something in Olivia’s suitcase, which was open on the living room floor. Both Olivia and Brian were at school.

“So, Jeff is with the Texas FBI now, isn’t he?” Mack asked, sipping the gatorade.

“Yes. He’s the Deputy Director. I think it will be good for the kids to see him again.”

“And Abby agreed to this?”

Karen stopped what she was doing and looked at Mack.

“No. But since I am staying at Southfork, Jeff lives in Texas and there is a murderer loose around here, I think Olivia and Brian will be safer with him than here.”

“So Abby won’t be expecting to see her children at Southfork?” Mack probed.

“Mack, they won’t be at Southfork! They’ll be at Jeff’s home! I’ll be at Southfork!”

“Instead of a hotel?”

Karen could see that she didn’t sell this whole thing very well. She closed the distance between herself and her husband.

“Val asked me to look in on Lucy. I’m only going to be staying overnight.”

“You said your Lotus Point business will be three days? Why not stay at a hotel all three days, Karen?”

Karen pulled on his shirt.

“You know what? You’re right. And Lucy isn’t that fond of me anyway. I will call the hotel and see if I can stay there another day. I’m sure it won’t be a problem.” she said, giving him a quick kiss, before heading back upstairs to finish packing her own clothes. She walked into her and Mack’s bedroom, closed the door and rummaged through her suitcase. She brought out a trashy looking piece of lingerie, that she hoped told J.R. Ewing he could look, but not touch.

Karen shoved the lingerie back under her other clothing. She would find out for Val just what the Ewings were up to, with regards to Lucy’s friend, Ann, and if Lucy was being dragged into any schemes as well. Karen suspected she was. And she also was sure that Lucy was not being ‘dragged’ into anything. Besides, if Lucy and Abby were under the same roof, a referee would definitely be needed!



Ann awoke to find Joshua sitting in a chair next to her bed. She stared at him.

“Joshua? Why are you here? Where am I?”

Joshua slowly stood up and walked over to her bed.

“You have pneumonia and Harris Ryland apparently didn’t care if you lived or died. Tell me you haven’t signed something over to him? Something that would make him try and get rid of you this way?”

That was quite a lot for Ann to take in!

“What? Harris did not try and kill me! He was trying to take care of me. I had a nurse!”

“Who coincidentally didn’t think you needed to go to a hospital, because Ryland paid her not to take you to one! She’s being held.”

“You’re holding Nurse Atwater?! Joshua, really, that is not what happened! I wanted to stay in my dorm room but Harris thought I needed more care and he was right!”

“Ann, if you had stayed in your dorm room you would have gotten help. Ryland couldn’t afford that.” Joshua said calmly. “Now I need to talk to you about Dottie. I need to know if there was anything strange going on with her before she was killed?”

But Ann was now more alert!

“Don’t change the subject. Harris did not try and kill me. I want you to let that nurse go and leave Harris alone!”

Joshua slowly sat on the edge of her bed and reached for her hand.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth about who I was. But there was a reason for that. I was on a case and it concerned the Ewings. The Ewings and your mother. You don’t think it’s strange that now that you are related to Ellie Ewing, you suddenly almost die? For all we know the Rylands and the Ewings are working together to get rid of you! Now I need for you to concentrate and tell me about your mother!”

Ann yanked her hand from his!

“You used me. You lied about wanting to become a priest…you…you…used me and then I became pregnant!” Ann sniffed and watched Joshua’s face dissolve into shock!

“Ann! Why didn’t you…”

“Tell you? I lost the baby when my mother told me you were an FBI agent and a user! I don’t know anything about the Ewings or the Rylands! I just know you’re a liar! And Matthew Blaisdel killed my mother so I want you to leave!”

“He has been released on bail and no one knows where he is.” Joshua said calmly, as he tried to process what Ann had just told him. “And Dottie was one of our informants. She was helping us with a case and I think she was killed for it. And not by Matthew Blaisdel! Ann…”

“GET OUT!” Ann suddenly screamed, just as Harris rushed in! He glared at Joshua while enveloping a sobbing Ann into his arms!

“I called your superior and got my nurse freed! You show back up here or anywhere near Annie, and you’re going to find yourself unemployed or dead!”

“You’re threatening an FBI agent?” Joshua asked coolly.

“I’m threatening a stalker of my fiancee! You had no business abducting her from our home! And you can best believe that I made sure your superiors understood that! Now I’m not going to ask you again to leave!” Harris snapped. Joshua looked from him, to Annie, who would not look at him.

“Fine. I’ll leave. For now.” Joshua told them.

Harris let go of Ann and confronted him!

“You’ll leave for good! You don’t think I got a look at your file! I know what you pulled on Annie. And as far as any of us know, you killed Dottie when she couldn’t be of any use to you anymore!”

Ann gasped and Joshua gritted his teeth!

“Mr. Ryland, you are on thin ice.” Joshua told him. How dare this bastard accuse him of killing Dottie in front of Ann!

“And you’ve already fallen through it. Get the hell out of here.” Harris said in a low tone and then grinned as Joshua skulked out of the room. He then turned to Ann, who still looked unwell. He returned to her bedside.

“Annie, I am so sorry any of this happened. You’re safe now.” he said softly, stroking her hair. “And I want to continue to protect and love you—for the rest of my life. Let’s get married. I have a Justice of the Peace right outside.”

“You have a Justice of the Peace outside?” Ann asked in disbelief.

“Mother is out there as well. She is very excited for you to become a part of our family.” Harris told her. Ann just stared at him.

“Sugar, what is it?” he asked.

“You want to marry me, now that I might be a Southworth?” she asked quietly. She instantly regretted her words. The look of shock and pain in Harris’s eyes were not fake!

“Is that what you think of me, Annie? Did your FBI boyfriend put that in your head? That I’m using you? Does it feel as if I’m using you when we’re together?”

“No, Harris! I’m sorry! I know better. But I didn’t with him.”

“And I get that, honey, but don’t punish me for his mistakes. Marry me. Right now and then we’ll get you well and start our new life.”

Ann nodded and Harris kissed her quickly, before leaving the room. Judith was outside with someone new that had shown up. Someone Harris was less than thrilled to see.

“Ben Gibson. What the hell do you want?” Harris asked.

“Now, now, Harris. He’s writing a story about how the Ewings are trying to rob my daughter-in-law of her rightful due. And he wants to talk to her. I told him he could do so after the wedding.”

“I think I’m going to find that Justice of the Peace and get him up here. You left him in the waiting area over there.” Ben said, walking off. He didn’t think this ‘marriage’ was an especially good idea for Ann, but he had no proof that Harris Ryland was up to anything. Actually, it was the FBI agent that interested him. Why was he here? He had broken into Ann’s townhouse and brought her here because he thought she needed help. More than the nurse that was taking care of Ann, could provide, obviously.

But Ben sensed something else was going on here. Something personal between the agent and Ann Smith.

Ben found the Justice of the Peace being put into handcuffs by two FBI agents under Agent Rush’s direction! Ben backed away and walked back towards the Ryland’s to inform them that their wedding would probably not take place this evening, and why.



Night had fallen upon the ranch and several things were taking place.

One, J.R. had went out. Probably for the night.

Two, Sue Ellen, helpless to stop him, was passed out in her bedroom. Probably for the night.

Three, Ray and Donna had invited Gary to the Governor’s mansion for dinner. Abby would have went as well, but with her hair looking messed up, and her being unable to find a wig on such short notice, she decided to stay in for the night. Lucy could tell she was pissed off at having to turn down such an invitation. Gary asked Lucy to come along instead, but she pleaded exhaustion and said she would watch the boys. Gary smiled at her, grateful that she was babysitting, and left.

Four, John Ross and Leif’s horror movie began and Lucy was glad Sue Ellen was passed out! Good God! The movie was violent and stupid, since Lucy herself could not see anything like that ever happening to her, if it were real. The lights were off in the den except for the TV and the boys were actually lying on the floor, watching it, while jumping at all of the knifings and axes to people’s faces.

And five, Lucy had managed to sneak away and tell Matthew to come up to the house around nine. She already had an old car ready for Matthew to use, for when he drove Abby over to the Ryland estate. It was parked very close to the drive-way that connected to the pool.

Lucy slowly got up and told the boys she was getting more popcorn for them. They said nothing and she could see their eyes were glued to the TV. One of them would probably have nightmares tonight and she would be blamed. As long as she wasn’t blamed for Abby’s disappearance, she could care less.

Lucy left the den, set the popcorn bowl down by the phone, then went to unlock the door that would allow Matthew inside. He was there, waiting, with a black, cloth laundry bag!

“Where is she?” he whispered.

“Upstairs. I’m going with you this time.” Lucy whispered back.

“She’ll know you were involved!” Matthew warned her.

“And I’ll call her a liar. Besides, Judith Ryland isn’t about to let a prized whore escape. Who is she going to tell?”

“You just remember what I want from you after this is over.” Matthew warned her.

“How could I forget? I talked to Harris. He’s planning everything. Soon, your darling Constance and you will be able to live happily ever after on the run.” Lucy said sarcastically.

Matthew didn’t care what Lucy thought of him or Constance. He just wanted out of this dirt world that was the Ewings and the Carringtons. And he wanted Constance with him. If he had to kill Fielding Carlyle in the process to have her, all the better.

Lucy and Matthew tiptoed towards the staircase and then eased up it. The hallway was creaky but there were still enough people in the house that that alone would not seem suspicious.

Matthew slowly opened the door to Gary’s room. The room itself was dark, except for moonlight that lit the bed. Abby was asleep. Matthew eased in and reached for her…

And pulled a wig from the pillow!

Before he could react, Abby eased from behind the door to the room and bashed Matthew over the head with a vase! She then turned on a lamp as Matthew crumpled to the floor.

Abby then turned to Lucy, who was standing in the dimly lit hallway, shocked!

“I’m calling the police and telling them that you let this bastard in here to kidnap me—again.” Abby said coolly.

“Go ahead. I’m going to tell them that I came up here to check on Sue Ellen and heard noises from your room. I’ll tell them I opened the door and found you in bed with him!” Lucy countered. “You’re a tramp, I’m a Ewing and no one will believe you.”

“Oh I’m a tramp? Coming from someone who is pregnant and unmarried? Much like her mother!” Abby sneered.

“Say something about my mother again! I dare you!” Lucy snapped.

“She’s trash that works very hard not to look and sound like it. I like Val. She is very sweet, really. She babysat my children while I gave your father what she couldn’t. Passion, excitement…”

Lucy leaped at Abby, grabbing on to the remaining hair that she had not cut off earlier! But Abby proved to be stronger than Lucy anticipated, and she managed to get her hands around Lucy’s throat!

“You are damned well going to get out of our lives, you little bitch!” Abby hissed, squeezing. Lucy coughed and yelped, before digging her nails into Abby’s hands and drawing blood! Abby’s hands left her throat and Lucy turned to run towards the stairs, just as Abby chased after her and grabbed some of her hair to drag her backwards for another choking!

But something went wrong.

Lucy ended up falling down the stairs—in front of John Ross and Leif—who screamed.

Gary walked in as well and found his pregnant daughter lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, while his wife stood near the top, glaring down at her.

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Chapter 6

Dallas Memorial Hospital was an interesting place to be on this evening.

One person that was not there was Abby Ewing. She was in an FBI interrogation room, waiting to be questioned.

Lucy had lost her baby.

Matthew Blaisdel was now the comatose one, no thanks to that vase Abby smashed over his head! Abby was the victim here, or so she felt, and yet SHE was somehow the criminal now!

As Abby was nervously awaiting to be questioned, her ex-husband, Jeff Cunningham, finished talking to the police detectives assigned to the case on the phone, before walking in and closing the door. To say that Abby was surprised to see him, was an understatement.

“Jeff,” Abby said carefully, “why are you here?”

“Hello Abby. Somehow I always knew that this day would come.”

Abby rolled her eyes and said nothing more. Jeff pulled up a chair and sat down.

“Tell me what happened at Southfork?”

“Why would the FBI be interested?” Abby countered.

“Did you call your lawyer? Or are the Ewing lawyers going to be representing Lucy?”

“What do you want?”

“I just asked you what happened at Southfork tonight. If you can’t tell me a simple story without a lie…you know…like how you were during our marriage, then you’re in more trouble than I can help you with.” Jeff countered.

“Why would you want to help me?” Abby asked, not batting an eyelash.

“Abby, we have Olivia and Brian to consider. I’m going to be caring for them here.”

“Says who?!” Abby snapped.

“They were coming to visit anyway. What are you so upset about?”

“Olivia and Brian were never coming here to visit. What are you talking about?” Abby asked him, looking him up and down. Jeff now felt a bit uneasy.

“Karen called me. She’s coming to Dallas on business and said she would be dropping the kids off. She also said she was going to be staying at Southfork with you. You’re telling me you knew none of this?”

“No.” she said, sighing. Jeff eyed her.

“What happened to your hair? Did Blaisdel do that?”

“No, Mr. Smarty Pants! Lucy Ewing did this while I was asleep! Look, Jeff, I am the victim here! I woke up and found Matthew Blaisdel in my room! I bashed his head in with a vase and ran out of the room to get help! I find Lucy right outside of the door, grinning! She bailed him out and let him in the house to take off with me and God knows what else!”

“And you think that is what she planned on doing before? In California?” Jeff asked.

“Yes! Yes, I do, only no one believes me!”

“Not even your new husband?” Jeff countered. “Nice marriage you’re in. I hope Olivia and Brian aren’t being dragged down with you.”

Abby finally gave her ex her full attention.

“You want something. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. So stop with the accusations and recriminations and just spit it out!”

“Fine.” Jeff said. “I’ll get you out of this trouble in exchange for your becoming an informant.”

Abby looked surprised!

“An informant? I don’t follow you.”

“You get to know nothing unless you agree. And Abby, you are being charged with shoving Lucy Ewing down some stairs and killing her unborn child. She is saying that she found you in bed with Blaisdel. She is also saying that Blaisdel told you, in front of her, that he was glad the two of you had been ‘discovered’. That was when you hit him over the head with the vase, so he wouldn’t tell your husband.” Jeff informed her.

“God!” Abby moaned tiredly. “That is such crap!”

“I actually believe you. Don’t ask me why, but I do. The point is this: if these charges stick, you’re looking at prison time. Help us out, and this goes away.”

Abby said nothing. Jeff had already told her too much. But she had to weigh her options. If she didn’t agree to whatever this was, and Gary didn’t help her, she could always tell him and J.R. that the FBI was looking into their family and use that as leverage.

But what if J.R. already knew the family was being investigated? Then she would have nothing.

“Okay, Jeff. I’ll agree to this. Now tell me what’s going on.” she said, just as the door opened and an agent motioned for Jeff. He excused himself and left the room.

Blake Carrington was here and he wanted to see Abby.



Lucy tried to sleep but couldn’t, even though the nurse had given her something. She sensed her father had gotten up out of his chair and left the room, probably to call her mother.

She didn’t know what to think or feel about the loss of her baby. And it had been hers. Mitch had not been interested in having a child with her, after screwing Abby. And if Harris had been the father, he was too into Ann to really welcome such an addition into his life.

And she herself had not been much better. If she had concentrated on being a mother instead of…of what she had been doing, her baby would be alive. This was an omen. A sign that she needed to change her ways.

Lucy supposed she could begin by telling the truth about what happened at Southfork tonight. It might help clear Abby.

But she didn’t really feel like letting Abby off the hook. She figured she could gradually change her ways. That sort of thing couldn’t be done overnight.

The door opened and Lucy looked over at the door to find Ben Gibson peeking in! God…

“Can I come in?”

“If I said ’no’, would you go away?”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” Ben said and stepped inside. He closed the door and approached her bed.

“Your mother is in no shape to come. But she’s worried sick.” Ben said, not unkindly. He pulled up a chair and sat by her bed.

“Why are you here? Really?” Lucy asked warily.

“I’d like to hear the real story of what happened tonight. Abby has problems, but she’s a mother. I find it hard to believe that she’d purposely throw you down some stairs.”

“Well she did.”

“Just like I tried to rape you?” Ben asked sarcastically.

“Yep. And if you don’t leave now I’ll call the nurse.” Lucy said coolly.

Ben ignored the threat.

“Abby seems to think that you wanted Matthew to kidnap her that night she ‘fell’ down her own staircase. Do you think that’s possible?”

“I think Abby was sleeping with him and he came for a nightly visit. I caught them and now my baby is dead. Leave my room!” Lucy snapped, just as Gary came in.

“You have some nerve! Get out of here!” Gary hissed. Ben stood up and put up his hands in a surrendering motion.

“I am not here to cause trouble, okay? But Abby has a side too. And she is adamant that Matthew Blaisdel was trying to kidnap her that night at your ranch. I think he returned to do the same thing.”

“Because Lucy here ordered him to, right?” Gary asked sarcastically. “Let me tell you what I now think: that it is entirely possible that I have been made a fool of. Why in the living hell would Abby suddenly change her hair so that she would look like Krystle Carrington? A woman we all know Blaisdel was obsessed with? I was told she visited him in jail earlier.”

“She did, Gary. But it was to get information. Not to arrange an affair!”

“I’m tired, Daddy.” Lucy sniffed. “Please, get him out of my room!”

Ben felt like throwing up his hands! He never would have thought he would feel for Abby Ewing, but he now had no doubts of what she had been up against this whole time. He looked over at Lucy.

“It looks like your plan has worked. It’s a shame your baby had to be a casualty.”

“Get out!” Lucy screamed. Gary hurried over to her and enveloped her in his arms as Ben walked out—and right into Judith Ryland.

“I heard caterwauling in there. I take it Lucy is mourning the loss of my grandchild. Or maybe he or she wasn’t.” Judith sniffed wryly.

Ben folded his arms.

“I don’t suppose you’ll tell me what Lucy and you were really talking about earlier at your home?”

Judith shrugged.

“If you meet me in the stairwell, I’ll tell you everything. I won’t admit to anything later, of course, and you’ll never be able to prove anything.” she said, touching his shirt collar.

Ben thought about it. Meaning he really, REALLY thought about it. Things were really getting down to the wire here. Neither himself nor Abby could connect Blaisdel and Lucy. Blaisdel was in a coma and when he awoke, chances were he would not talk because Lucy had promised him something far beyond whatever himself or Abby could.

it was time for answers. And the answers he wanted would have to come at a price. A sacrifice.

Ben nodded and Judith reached for his hand, clasped it and together they found a nearby stairwell, closing the door to it just as J.R. rounded a corner and passed it. He headed to Lucy’s room, saw that Gary was with her through the door window and then looked around again, before heading to the nurse’s station. Once there he asked where Ann Smith’s room was, telling them that he was her ‘cousin’, J.R. Ewing. He was promptly given her room number and headed off in the direction he was told to go in.

J.R. had decided to play this whole thing differently…

Once he found Ann’s room, J.R, peered through her door window and saw she was alone and asleep. He eased the door open and entered. Ann, sensing a presence awoke and tried not to panic. Harris had left earlier, telling her there was a problem with the Justice Of the Peace and that he’d be back quickly. Mrs. Ryland was nowhere around either.

J.R. smiled down at her and set his hat down on her on a table near her bed.

“Well, well. Tell me, honey, how are you feeling?” he asked in a cordial tone.

Ann was actually scared to death! But she cleared her throat and tried to put on a brave front.

“Fine. I feel much better.”

“Well that’s good. That’s just mighty fine. You know, Lucy is here. She lost her baby, the poor thing and she was really looking forward to becoming a mama herself and marrying Harris. But she took some steps back so that he could get you out of his system.”

Ann said nothing to that. She just stared. If she had ever thought Lucy cared one iota for Harris, and he her, she would never have gotten involved with him.

“Anyway, I came here because I believe in my bones that you are family, Ann. You look kind of like a Southworth and I wanted to extend an offer to you: Sue Ellen and I want you living at Southfork. And we want to take care of you. That’s what family does.”

Ann didn’t believe a word of it! She had heard things about J.R. Ewing over the years and Ann sensed they were all true. She shook her head slightly.

“Thank you. But I have a place to live.” she said politely.

“You mean with the Rylands? Ann, honey, why would Matthew Blaisdel just up and kill your Mama? You know he’s here too?”

“What do you mean?” Ann asked warily.

“Matthew Blaisdel. Apparently Gary’s wife, Abby, you met her in California, right? Well she was sleeping with the bastard. Lucy caught them and Abby hit Blaisdel over the head with a vase and shoved Lucy down the stairs. Blaisdel is in a coma, here in this hospital, God help him.” J.R. said in a fake sounding voice of pity.

“Oh my God! Mrs. Ewing caused Lucy to lose her baby?” Ann said, reflecting on her own, secret miscarriage.

“Yes. It’s just a damned shame what went on tonight.” J.R. said, now daring to sit down on the edge of Ann’s hospital bed. “Ann, honey, you’re family. You’re a Southworth which in a way, makes you a Ewing as well. I am the head of the Ewing family and that means it is my responsibility to see to your welfare. Now Judith and Harris Ryland are just no damned good. I believe Judith Ryland killed your poor mama. Probably to keep you from seeing her son. And if she’s been nice to you, it’s because she wants your share of Southfork land. Now you can’t possibly turn over your inheritance to a woman that murdered your mother, could you?”

Judith suddenly entered the room, straightening her clothes and patting down disheveled hair.

“J.R.. I smelled your cologne from the stairwell.”

“What were you doing in the stairwell?” J.R. asked, eyeing her.

“That’s none of your concern. Ann, honey, is he bothering you?”

Ann looked at J.R.. J.R. looked at her. Then Ann looked at Judith again.

“No. He isn’t. My cousin has invited me to stay at Southfork for awhile.” she replied. She didn’t believe that Judith had killed her mother. But she also began to think that maybe Matthew Blaisdel hadn’t either. What she suspected was that J.R. or someone he paid, might have done it. Maybe Harris was right. Maybe she did need to begin looking after what was hers. And Ann planned on doing that, while making sure that the right person paid for murdering her mother and then dumping her onto soil like she was garbage.

Meanwhile, Ben Gibson hurriedly dressed in the stairwell, walked out to his car and got in. He did not want to think about the deviant sex he had had with Judith. He didn’t have time to dwell on those particulars.

What he needed to do, was think about what Judith had told him about Lucy and Matthew Blaisdel. They had been in cahoots with Judith, to abduct Abby from California and bring her back to Dallas, so that she could become a prostitute in Judith Ryland’s secret whore house! It fit! It was just the kind of degenerate crap Lucy would pull on Abby.

And apparently, tonight, they tried again. Only Abby was waiting for them.

He needed to find out where Abby was being held and tell her what he now knew. Abby could use the information to clear himself. And maybe, if he could get Val to listen, he could get her to understand what kind of a daughter she really had.


Harris Ryland was cleared to walk through a security gate at the local FBI headquarters, when he spotted Abby Ewing leaving with someone. He stared at the man, realizing that he had seen him someplace before.

Then he realized he was not a man he had met personally, but had heard of.

Abby was leaving with Blake Carrington! From Denver! What in the living hell was he doing here? And with Abby Ewing? What the hell was going on?

He turned away and concentrated on the task at hand as he threw his weight around until he finally got face time with Agent Joshua Rush. He was shown into an office and Joshua was just hanging up a call, when Harris settled into a chair, uninvited.

“”Mr. Ryland. Your Justice of the Peace has been let go. You will find him in the lobby.” Joshua said casually.

Harris settled back in his chair.

“He can find his own way home. I’m here to talk about Annie.”

“What about her?” Joshua asked innocently.

“I want you to stay away from her. I also want you to tell me what the hell is really going on here? Because you know what I’m thinking? That you’re trying to use Annie—again, to try and solve some kind of…something. This is more than just about Dottie Smith.”

Joshua stood up.

“Again, Mr. Ryland, your Justice of the Peace had been freed…”

Harris stood up as well.

“And Blake Carrington and Abby Ewing are somehow involved in this, aren’t they? I just saw them leaving here! I know something went down at Southfork tonight but I highly doubt it’s worthy of FBI attention.” Harris said wryly.

“Have a nice evening, Mr. Ryland.” Joshua said coolly.

But Harris didn’t move.

“I think some things need to be understood between us, Agent Rush. And it starts with my having to undo whatever you did to my fiancee.”

Joshua had promised himself he would stay calm. But this piece of…crap, that Ann had gotten herself involved with, just hit a nerve with him!

“Mr. Ryland, I don’t believe Ann is your fiancee. At all. But you’ve preyed on her vulnerability and her newfound fortune so that you can increase your own. And I would have thought you could have done that by simply marrying Lucy Ewing.”

“Your file,” Harris said, as if he had not heard anything Joshua said, “reads that you are Lucy’s uncle. I’m pretty damned sure neither Lucy or Ann knows that. So you pretend to be a college student and shove a lot of nonsense into Annie’s head about becoming a nun, while not keeping your hands to yourself. And then you just appear out of nowhere for what? You want something more than to just come between Annie and myself. What is it?”

Joshua was about to tell Harris, again, to have a good night. But something in him, would not let him do that. Not yet. And he realized he was about to tell this man something he really needed to be saying to Ann.

“Yes, I was pretending to be a student. Though if I had not become an FBI agent, I probably would have studied to become a priest. My father is a minister. And Ann had a real calling for a higher purpose. We were drawn together because of that. There was nothing pretend about my feelings for her. Not in, our out, of bed.”

Harris scoffed!

“Yeah…about that ‘bed’ part, I figured she had been with someone clumsy. Someone who didn’t know how to teach her what a man likes. That’s not a problem anymore. You have a nice life—without Annie.” he said and turned to walk out. Joshua opened up his desk drawer and stared at his revolver, that he wanted to pick up and fire into the back of Ryland’s head!

But instead, Joshua closed the drawer that held his gun. He had been on the phone with Deputy Director Cunningham before Harris had walked in. Matthew Blaisdel wasshowing signs of coming out of his coma, any day now. And when he did, The Deputy Director wanted Joshua to hear Blaisdel’s version of what happened to Dottie Smith, the night she was murdered. No one else seemed to believe his version of events. That was not true anymore.