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Chapter 8

Gary returned to the ranch, determined to do whatever it took to get Gibson the hell off of his property! When he pulled up he saw his car, and Ben, standing against it, reading the paper! Gary parked his own car, got out and walked up to him.

“You have some nerve! Get off of my property!”

Ben folded up the paper.

“I’m waiting for Val. Lucy is helping her pack.” he answered calmly.

Gary’s eyes widened!

“Pack? Val is pregnant! She isn’t going anywhere!”

“We’re going on a trip together as expectant parents…”

“Shut up!” Gary interrupted. “I talked to Abby and she told me what the two of you were up to. You put your hands on my daughter. Consider yourself fortunate to still be breathing.”

“Gary, I did not try and rape Lucy. Lucy hates me. And she hates Abby and she wants her parents back together. And if she has to hurt people to do it, she’ll do it. She’s done it.”

Gary folded his arms.

“I’m supposed to believe that coming from you? Sue Ellen has had a hard time of it with those lies you’ve been writing under a false name.”

“I don’t think they’re lies.”

Gary’s eyes widened!

“Excuse me?”

“That’s right. I don’t. I think something happened between Sue Ellen and yourself, when you returned to Southfork, years ago, and tried to make a go of it with Val and Lucy. You ran off and left Val to fend off J.R.. You also left Sue Ellen pregnant and alone. You’re good at that, you know? Impregnating vulnerable women and then just leaving them!”

Gary punched Ben! Ben went sprawling backwards onto a patch of grass but managed not to completely fall to the ground. That allowed him to recover and rush Gary, knocking them both onto the front hood of Ben’s car!

Val and Lucy came running out to try and stop them, along with two ranch workmen! But Lucy tripped, fell and landed on her head! She had been behind Val and Val heard her squeak and stopped to turn around!

LUCY!” Val screamed and Gary and Ben stopped fighting to run over to them! Val lifted Lucy’s head into her lap and saw blood! She stared up at the two men with a look of horror in her eyes, as one of the workmen ran into the house to call for an ambulance.


When Lucy awoke she saw Val, who was sitting by her bedside. Gary had been looking out of a window and turned when she whispered ‘Mama’.

“Oh baby,” Val said softly, “you’re going to be alright now. Everything is going to be alright.”

“Yes. It is.” Gary said firmly. Lucy was trying to get her bearings and read into what they were saying.

“I remember I tripped on something when you were fighting with Ben.” she said, as she tried to sit up. But Val came out of her chair and pushed her back down onto the bed.

“Just rest, honey.”

“Mama, I feel fine. I hit my head and now I’m okay, right?”

Val looked at Gary. Gary looked at Val.

“What’s going on? Something else is wrong, isn’t it?” Lucy asked, panicking slightly. That’s all it could be. She had not died and yet her parents looked as if she had!

“Lucy,” Val said, “the doctor says you’re pregnant. Six weeks pregnant.”

Lucy’s eyes widened and she sat up again, shocked!

“Pregnant? I…uh…” Lucy trailed off, knowing that six weeks ago, she had had a ‘reunion’ of sorts with Mitch down in Atlanta! The two of them had thought that they could make a go of things—again. But she found the life of a doctor’s wife to be stifling, boring and more well suited to someone like Sue Ellen than herself. And Mitch could not understand her ‘preoccupation’ with her parents lives. Her parents, that he reminded her, that she barely knew.

And then there was Harris. Lucy had returned to Dallas to make a brief appearance at the Ewing barbecue and Harris cajoled her in the hayloft. She had been slightly drunk, and deeply unhappy about Mitch and her parents. Harris could be the father as well. But since she preferred to think that the baby was Mitch’s, she decided it was and blocked any sex she had had with Harris Ryland, out of her mind.

“Lucy,” Val began, “is Mitch the father? Is that why he’s here?”

“That might have been it, at first.” Lucy said now looking at Gary. “But I think he has begun something with Abby. She as much as told me on the same night Matthew shoved her down the stairs.”

Gary did not react. Or at least his face did not seem to register any emotion related to the fact that his wife was cheating on him with his son-in-law.

Val did react! She slowly stood up!

“Mitch and Abby?!” she asked in a sharp tone before looking at Gary. “Did you know about this?”

Gary cleared his throat.

“I suspected something when I called around looking for her, that same day that Matthew did what he did to her. Her secretary at Lotus Point said she had left with Mitch. When I confronted her about it, she claimed she had been at Olivia’s high school. I didn’t believe her but so much was happening, I didn’t have the time to dwell on it. You were coming to stay and I wanted to make sure Abby understood that.” he said.

“Well this can’t go on!” Val almost wailed. She could not believe that Abby had come between her and Gary AND Mitch and Lucy!

“Mama, I will talk to Mitch. He’s an honorable man. We love each other but somehow, we have never been able to make it work. Maybe now we can.” Lucy said. This changed things. She couldn’t continue her scheming with a baby on the way. And she had to pry Mitch away from Abby, though she hoped that the month long coma Abby had been in, had cooled things off.

“I’m going to talk to Mitch.” Gary said in a no-nonsense tone. “He’s going to understand that you and this child are the only things he needs to focus on right now. Not Abby.”

Meanwhile, Ben, who had insisted on coming to the hospital as well, closed Lucy’s door and stood out in the hallway thinking about what he had overheard. Mitch Cooper was the father of this child but not Harris Ryland? Everyone seemed to think that the two of them were engaged…or something! Lucy had just went to Dallas to see him, hadn’t she?

Ben began to wonder just how involved Harris Ryland was in Lucy’s schemes. Was it possible he knew where Matthew Blaisdel was? Maybe Harris or his mother?

He had planned to be here at the hospital for Val. But she was not ready to hear him out or accept the truth about Lucy. And she wouldn’t be with Lucy expecting a child. No, he would have to leave for Dallas himself, right now, to get the answers he sought to not only clear his name, but to bring Val back to him.

He would, of course, have to pack another bag, since Lucy had burned his.


Over at the rehab center, it had only taken Abby one physical therapy session, before she was walking like she had never fallen down stairs! A nurse pushed her in a wheelchair back to her room, where none other than Charles was waiting!

“Sir, who are you?” the nurse asked sharply. But Abby smoothed things over.

“He’s an old friend, Katie. Thank you though. I’ll call you if I need anything.” she said sweetly and she and Charles waited until Nurse Katie left the room before speaking.

“You look marvelous, Abby. More than marvelous.” Charles noted. Abby ignored the compliment and got out of her chair, shoving it aside and walking up to him.

“I know that. I also know that you never came to visit me once. Why is that? Were you busy romancing Lucy for her Ewing ties?”

“Now, now, Abby. Don’t be like that. If the truth be told, I did try and visit—twice. Your young doctor, the one that also happens to be Lucy’s ex husband, blocked me from seeing you. Even comatose, you have fans.”

“Why are you here?” Abby asked, sitting in a chair. Charles noted the magazines she had on her bed and picked one up. One that had the late Krystle Carrington in it.

“Now she was a woman.” he noted quietly. Abby got up and walked over to him. She too stared at the picture of Krystle.

“She had to have been to have caused Matthew Blaisdel so much mental anguish.”

Charles set the magazine down again and locked eyes on Abby.

“It kills me that I didn’t insist you leave with that night! Your own husband was unable to protect you. Or he didn’t want to, I don’t know.”

“Yes well Gary is always preoccupied. I’ve learned to live with that. Now tell me why you’re really here, Charles?” Abby asked again.

Charles ran a cursory glance over her before speaking.

“Did you know that Alexis Barnes is a relative of mine?”

Abby now eyed him with interest!

“No! What is she to you? Like a cousin?”

“A second one actually. And Alexis has information on Lucy. Information that ties her and Blaisdel together. News you can take to your husband and get her out of your lives for good.”

“And you get what?” Abby asked.

“Lucy. She’ll need a place to land once her parents wash their hands of her. And I need Ewing money for my company.”

There was something about the coldness in his voice that bothered Abby.

“I’m just curious—was Lucy the first heiress you decided to romance for their money? Or did you have me in mind before her?”

“Now, Abby…”

“It doesn’t matter, Charles. And the answer to your proposal is no. I have my own plans for Lucy and I don’t need any help. But good luck to you.”

Charles said nothing but picked up the magazines Abby had been looking at earlier.

“I met Krystle Carrington on several occasions. She was quite a woman. Quite real. When you spoke to her she really listened. And cared. Whatever you are up to with these magazines, just know that there will only be one Krystle.”

“I will keep that in mind. You keep in mind that I might just tell Lucy to be on the look out for you. You have a nice day, okay?” Abby said in a chirpy tone before climbing back into bed. Charles sighed and left her room, unable to believe that things had went that badly.

But he wasn’t down for the count. Now it was time to go to Lucy and tell her that Abby knew about Blaisdel and her, and offer to help her keep Abby at bay.



Muriel Gillis beamed as she stood in Harris Ryland’s office. Her supervisor, James Monahan was beside her and Harris was looking at James in a way she couldn’t quite comprehend. Harris then looked at her.

“Miss Gillis, congratulations, you will be working closely with me here at Ryland Transportation . Could you excuse Mr. Monahan and myself?” Harris said in a cheerful sounding drawl.

“Oh of course! And thank you, Mr. Ryland! I look forward to working with you!” she gushed. She then smiled at James before leaving the office. Harris waited until the door closed before addressing James.

“You’re fired.”

“Okay now, Mr. Ryland, I know this isn’t what you were expecting…”

“I told you what I wanted done. You didn’t do it and now you’re fired.” Harris told him before the door opened again and Judith walked in. She smiled at James.

“James, it is good to see you. You know I miss that cousin of yours. He was the best governor this state ever had.”

James smiled.

“Well thank you, Mrs. Ryland. I’ll give him your regards. I’ll leave the two of you alone.” James said. He was not going to pack up his stuff because he still thought he could make Harris see his side of things, eventually. He walked out and closed the door behind him.

“I could tell something was going on when I walked in.” Judith said, eyeing the office decor. “This place could use an update.”

“James will no longer be with us. He went against my orders and he’s out there packing up his stuff.”

“Harris, Donna Krebbs is crippled down in Florida. Cliff Barnes will probably swoop back in here and become Governor again. You are not going to fire his cousin.”


“Harris,” Judith interrupted, “forget James. I came here to tell you I’m proud of you! Why in the living hell didn’t you let me in on your scheme?”

Harris had NO idea what in the hell is mother was talking about!


“That friend of Lucy’s? The one you were seeing? I didn’t realize she had red hair?”

“She doesn’t.”

“She just left here, didn’t she?”

“That wasn’t her.” Harris said in a surly tone.

“Oh. Well she looks something like that, right? Actually, it doesn’t matter. I want you to call things off with Lucy and get yourself married to this Ann girl, right away!”

Harris could barely breathe! His mother WANTED him to marry Annie! His Annie? Hell yes he’d do it but…

“Mother, I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Judith’s face fell.

“You were actually seeing that girl because you liked her?”

“Mother, what is this all about?”

Judith moved closer to him.

“When I realized that there could be ‘trouble’ between Lucy and yourself, I had Ann Smith’s background looked into. Did you know that her mother listed Garrison Southworth as Ann’s father on her birth certificate?”

Harris’s mind was spinning!

“He was Ellie Ewing’s brother, right?”

“Honey, he was more than her brother! He was the heir to Southfork until he disappeared and they had him declared legally dead. He then returned, announced he was dying, then died. Supposedly without any heirs. Harris, is this is true, then your Miss Smith, is the true owner of Southfork. Where is the precious dear? Is she around? I’d love to introduce myself to her.” Judith grinned.

What Judith did not realize that she herself was in for a big surprise. Her new ‘driver’, who was waiting for her in the limo she had arrived in, was none other than Matthew Blaisdel…along with a fake beard! And when the time was right he planned to use the matriarch to get himself out of the trouble he was in in Florida—and now California.

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Great update!:)
I hope the baby is Mitch's as it would just complicate everything if it was Harris.
Great plottwist with Judith all of a sudden wanting Harris to marry Ann!

Still trying to wrap my mind around that Ann and Bobby are cousins. It's a good thing this is an AU story so they are not married!:lol:

Who couldn't love Bobby? He is a true dreamboat.

I was a real fan of John Ross and Pamela on the TNT Dallas. And I couldn't wait for the next season to come out, after they married, so I went looking for fanfiction on Imagine my surprise, to find that most of the fan fiction was about Ann and Harris. I am a true believer that when there are a lot of stories about one couple, the writers of the show should sit up and take notice. I took notice.

I then rewatched their scenes and saw how slow I was to see certain things. The night Ann shot him I was relieved. On the surface he had been this annoying ex husband that just jeered at her all of the time. But there were a few moments, before she shot him, that I realized he had loved her and was just weak in his own way because of Judith.

But back to Bobby, if a woman has had a bad first marriage to someone, a second marriage to Bobby Ewing can rectify that.

Yep everyone loves Bobby! :)

Cool that you are a fan of John Ross and Pamela Rebecca on Dallas TNT. I also really liked the pairing. In fact when I first began writing on my Dallas TNT fanfic "Forgiveness" I had inteneded for them to be main characters, but then it grew from there and I came to include all the Dallas TNT main characters as well as some of our favorites from the original show. I hope you will read my fanfic if you have the time and if you do let me know what you think about it. It's a completed story that I've just finished posting here on the board about a month ago. I think you might enjoy it. :)

Cool about the Harris and Ann fanfics. I wish I could say that I was surprised but I am not as I was sort of rooting for them to get back together when I was watching season three of the show! ;)

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Let's just say that even though Dottie listed Garrison the birth certificate, it still may or may not be true. And I love Bobby but if Ann had went back to Harris on the show, I would've loved that! I also would've liked to have seen John Ross and Pamela work things out. But Pamela was not Sue Ellen. And I don't mean to run down Sue Ellen, but both women were from different times and backgrounds. Pamela was just not going to put up with being cheated on. Still, the writers could have done something to bring them back together.

Yes! I will start reading 'Forgiveness' tonight. I read fan fiction before I go to bed to kind of unwind from the day.

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Great. I also tend to read before I go to sleep at night. :)

Interesting, so that means that Ann might not be Garrison's daughter after all. It will be interesting to see where you take this.

I totally agree with you about John Ross and Pamela. I always wanted them to work out things too. It was ridiculous how he went to Emma and started cheating on Pamela the moment they were married. :(

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I am on chapter 4 of your story. First of all, your Katherine/Josephine/Pam plot is pure genius! I found myself thinking that it should not have been that hard for the writers of TNT Dallas to come up with something similar. But then I thought about the reality of the situation. I don't think Victoria Principal wanted to come back and I have no way of knowing how Morgan Brittany would've felt either.

I had also forgotten about the 'JR's daughter' storyline that TNT Dallas ended on. I remember at the time, not feeling too excited about it. There are too many lost Dallas children I would rather see, like Lucas or even Val and Gary's twins, before someone new. But if that child had been revealed to have been Katherine's daughter, that would have upped things a bit.

I also like the fact that Pam was not a willing participant in her disappearance. Pam would have never just left Bobby and Christopher. Katherine being involved makes more sense.

Then there is Cliff. I will also say I had a real problem with his doing what he did to his daughter. I just didn't think that either Cliff or J.R. would have had someone bomb anything where a pregnant woman could be hurt. If Cliff was sick at the time he made that call, it seems somewhat forgivable.

I am eager to see where John Ross and Pamela are going to go in your story. I was ticked off by Pamela's conversation with Afton, where in which she kind of jumped down her throat about her involvement in jailing Cliff.

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Oh and as for the birth certificate storyline regarding Ann, I am trying to be mindful that she does eventually end up with Bobby. I'll just have to see where the writing goes on that.

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Chapter 9

Gary decided to confront Mitch at his hotel room at the Beverly Hills Ritz about Lucy. He knew he should stay out of it and leave this to be handled between the two of them, but if what Lucy and himself suspected about Mitch and Abby was true, then he himself was already involved. As was Abby.

Gary hadn’t actually expected Mitch to be in, since he had been at the rehab center, seemingly 24/7, overseeing Abby’s recovery. He had not thought that his devotion was odd then. He had thought he was doing it as a favor to Lucy. But now he felt stupid. Stupid for not seeing the little things. Like for example, Gary had never seen Mitch anywhere near Lucy in the month Abby had been comatose.

That had not struck him as off though. They were divorced and Lucy had been looking after Val during her pregnancy. What Gary didn’t like was that in the back of his head, he had to wonder about Lucy as well. What was all of this business about her wanting to marry Harris Ryland?

But when Gary thought about that, he also realized that Lucy had actually never said that. At least not to him. Maybe Lucy had something to Val and Val had mentioned it?

Whatever was going on, needed to end now that Lucy and Mitch were going to have a baby. And Gary knew he was the last person to be giving out lectures on being a responsible father and husband. He had left Val and Lucy, unprotected, with his father and J.R.. The result of that was Val suffered without their child. And Lucy was raised without both of them.

Mitch suddenly appeared in the lobby and walked over to him.

“Gary? Has something happened with Abby? The last time I checked she was doing much better than I ever expected.”

“No, Mitch. Abby is fine. It’s Lucy. I was hoping we could talk about her.”

“Lucy?” Mitch asked, as if he had never heard of her. Gary struggled to hide his impatience and nodded towards some chairs. Mitch took the hint and followed his ex-father-in-law over to them. They both sat down and Gary got to the point.

“Lucy had an accident out at the ranch. She’s fine but the doctor discovered she was pregnant. Six weeks pregnant. My daughter is saying that you’re the father.”

Mitch blinked.

“I’m the father?”

“Yes, Mitch, Lucy and yourself are going to have a baby. Only my daughter is worried because apparently, my wife has come between the two of you. So you see, I’m here as Lucy’s father and a cuckolded husband.”

Mitch did not blink this time.

“I don’t know you very well, Gary. But you have never struck me as the ‘cuckolded’ type. I suspect you knew exactly what you were getting in to when you took up with Abby. Behind Val’s back.”

Gary had not expected to hear a quasi admission, mixed with a clear lack of remorse from this man.

“And you do?”

“I do what?”

“Know what you’re getting in to with Abby? Because I can tell you right now, ‘Dr. Cooper’, you don’t have enough money to satisfy my wife.”

“I think I know how to satisfy your wife.” Mitch replied sarcastically and stood up. “And as for Lucy, I will always care for her. I will also care for our child. If I am the father.”

Gary slowly stood up, unable to believe the nerve of this sonofabitch!


“Lucy doesn’t know this, but right after we tried to make a go of it again, I came home early and found Harris Ryland in my home. Lucy was staying with me. They didn’t hear me come in. They were just talking but there was an intimacy about them, that told me that they were lovers.”

Gary snorted!

“Jesus, Mitch! They’ve known one another since they were kids! Yeah, there would be an ‘intimacy’ between them while they ‘talked’!”

“I’m glad you agree. So then you won’t mind if I wait until the baby is born to get a blood test. Because at this point, I don’t believe I’m the baby’s father.” Mitch said and turned to walk off. He then turned back.

“Oh and I also hope you won’t mind, if I pursue your wife? You know, since you’ve thrown her away in favor of Val?”

Gary raised a brow.

“Is this your way of telling me that Abby and you have resumed your affair after your ‘thirty day cooling off period’?” he asked sarcastically.

“You can take that to mean whatever you like, Gary. But know this: when Lucy and I were together, she was very angry over your marriage to Abby. I think that when Abby does return home, you should make sure Lucy is not there as well.”

Mitch then turned and walked off towards the elevators, leaving Gary to ponder what he had learned. The Mitch he had talked to was not the same Mitch he had met at his and Lucy’s wedding. He was a seasoned doctor who seemed to know what he wanted. And it was clear he wanted Abby and not Lucy.

Harris Ryland also came to mind. But Gary could not wrap his head around the idea of Lucy’s truly being involved with that man. He just saw nothing between them that hinted at any chemistry, passion or caring. But back at the hospital, Gary could see how hurt Lucy was over Mitch and Abby. He figured Mitch was wrong about that angle or he just wanted Harris to be the father so he could be with Abby.

The one thing that bothered him was the part about Lucy’s being angry over his marriage to Abby. Gary knew no one had been over the moon about it, but the way Mitch was talking…

Gary put it out of his head. Mitch Cooper was not the man he once thought would take care of his daughter for the rest of her life. And clearly he was not the man Lucy once knew either. He was going to the rehab center to have it out with his wife.


Lucy was actually well enough to return back to the ranch. Lucy was in her room getting ready, when Val told her she would get the discharge papers. She walked out of her daughter’s room and ran smack into Lillie Mae!

“Mama? What are you doing here?”

“Valene, how could you ask me that? I heard about Lucy and came to see if she was alright.” Lillie Mae said in a scolding tone.

Valene moved away from Lucy’s room and over to an area of waiting room chairs. Lillie Mae followed her and they both sat down.

“You need to leave. I’m taking Lucy home and seeing you will only upset her.”

“She told you this?”

“Mama, I know that you don’t believe her about Ben.”

“And you do? Valene! This is Ben!”

“I walked in on her fighting him off today!” Val hissed. “Now I’m sorry but…”

“Valene,” Lillie Mae said in a no nonsense tone, “Lucy is grown. And you need to think about your babies and what you are going to do. Ben wants a life with you and the twins. Twins that he knows are not his. Gary doesn’t know he’s the father and he’s not in a position to marry you. When you say you’re taking Lucy ‘home’, where is that? Your actual house or Abby’s?”

Valene stood up.

“I don’t think that when Abby comes home, it will be to the ranch. That is OUR home now. Mine, Lucy’s and Gary’s.”

Lillie Mae also stood up. Her expression was grave.

“And what about Ben?”

“He’s left for Dallas. He still wants to prove that lie about Sue Ellen and Gary. I need to get back in to my daughter. She’s pregnant and she’s lost her husband to Abby as well.” Valene said in a no nonsense tone, before walking back into Lucy’s room. Lillie Mae gaped after her! Lucy’s husband? Lucy’s husband was a doctor…Good Lord! He was sleeping with Abby too?

Still, Gary Ewing was a fool, Lillie Mae thought. He would throw Lucy, Val and everything they had, away, for the likes of Abby Cunningham. He’d done it before and he’d do it again.


Val was pulling up the drive to the ranch, when Lucy questioned where Gary was.

“Honey, I think he went to confront Mitch. And probably Abby.”

“Oh God!” Lucy moaned.

“Now don’t you worry about anything, okay? It’ll be fine. We’re just going to get you into bed so you can rest.” Val said in a soothing manner, as she pulled up behind another car she did not recognize.

But Lucy did.

“Charles is here?” Lucy asked.


“He was here the night Abby fell. He stayed for dinner…”

Val looked appalled!

“That man that Abby was involved with years ago is here again? What does he want?”

“He probably thinks Abby is back here recovering.” Lucy told her. But she sensed that that was not why he was here. Charles had to know where he could find Abby. No, if he was here, then it had to do with her.

Lucy got out of the car before Val and spotted Charles, dressed in casual clothing, talking to one of the ranch hands. He then saw Lucy and Val and walked over to them.

“Hello, Lucy. Valene, we met briefly the night of Abby’s terrible accident.”

“Yes, of course I remember. You know that Abby is not home yet?”

“Well, yes, I saw her at the rehab center. I wanted to talk to your husband about having her recuperate at my home. But he isn’t around.”

Lucy eyed him with interest!

“You’re inviting Abby to stay with you?”

“Well Lucy, Valene, can we all agree that the living arrangements here are not ideal for Abby’s recovery. The stress alone could set her back. Everytime she was inside of the house, she would probably relive her horrible attack.” Charles said with a somber expression.

Valene felt a pang of regret. She had never thought about that.

“Did Abby say that? That she’s having a hard time forgetting what happened?” Val asked with concern.

“Yes.” Charles lied. “I know she tries to come across as strong, but she showed me a different side. I don’t think she knows how to tell Gary that she is truly afraid to come back here. Plus Matthew Blaisdel has not been found.”

A servant interrupted them and told Valene that Karen was on the phone for her. Val called out her thanks before turning to Charles to say goodbye. She looked at Lucy and Lucy assured her with a look, that she would be fine alone with Charles. Neither Charles or Lucy spoke again until they saw Val go into the house.

“Okay, Charles, nice move. I am impressed.”

“Now, Lucy. That isn’t very kind. I am just trying to help a damsel in distress.”

“Abby is able to get out of her own distress.”

“But are you, my dear? You cannot possibly reunite your parents with Abby afoot.”

“Can you actually make this happen? You can really get Abby not to come back here?”

“Yes. But of course I will need something from you.”


“Your hand in marriage.” Charles told her boldly.



Ann was eating her lunch on a small patio area outside of Ryland Transportation. She was also reading her pirate book! The parts that Harris had ‘edited’, of course…

Things had progressed very fast between them and sometimes it was all Ann could do to catch her breath. Harris had moved her and her mother out of their apartment to a nice, roomy condo and he paid their late bills. Ann would have been more ashamed about being a ‘kept woman’ except that she actually liked Harris. More than she wanted to. Her mother wisely kept her mouth shut about him, but occasionally she asked how he was, in an effort to find out if the arrangement would end up in marriage. Ann tried not to think about that. She tried not to think about even wanting something like that. Harris was probably going to marry Lucy, whom she had not heard much from since Abby’s accident.

That whole thing had scared her. Abby lying at the bottom of the stairs and finding out that Lucas the ranch hand, who had seemed nice, was really some wanted man. She wondered where he really was right now?

Ann finished her sandwich just as Muriel Gillis joined her at the picnic table.

“Ann…I got it! My project won!”

“Oh? That’s nice, Muriel! I’m glad you won!”

“Are you? I know that you had hoped…”

“Muriel, I’m doing okay in this internship but I’m struggling some days. You don’t struggle at all. You have a calling for business.” Ann told her, closing her trashy book and putting it away.

“Thanks, Ann. God, Mr. Monahan said that this part of the internship is paid! It will be nice to get a check. My school books were really high this semester.”

Ann felt herself freezing. This internship was not ‘free’! At least it hadn’t been for her! She got paid weekly. Oh Lord…

“Uh yeah. That’s nice for you.” Ann said carefully.

“Ann, I feel so badly for you. I mean I know your mother and you struggle. A paid internship would have helped you.”

Ann reached out and patted Muriel’s hand.

“You earned this. Just show Mr. Ryland what you can do, okay?” Ann said and Muriel hugged her. Meanwhile, from the limo, the disguised Matthew watched this interaction. Ann Smith was a nice girl. And he could not shake the feeling that she was in the lion’s den, with regards to the Ryland’s. He planned to keep this job for a short while, just to make sure that Judith didn’t try and coerce Ann into one of her whore houses!

Meanwhile, Harris found Ann sitting outside with Muriel. Muriel saw him first and stood up, beaming at him!

“Mr. Ryland! Thank you again for the opportunity!”

“Your welcome, Mabel. Now if you don’t mind…”

“My name is Muriel, Mr. Ryland.” Muriel said in a hurt sounding tone. Ann stood up and patted her shoulder.

“He knows that! Mr. Ryland has called me Amy on several occasions.”

Harris refrained from rolling his eyes! If this red headed gal gave him anymore lip about what her name was, he’d snatch the internship from her, and give it to who he wanted to have it in the first place!

“I need to speak to Miss Smith alone.” Harris told Muriel. Muriel nodded. She suspected that Mr. Ryland was telling Ann that she would not get the internship. Maybe she shouldn’t have told Ann about it already?

Muriel walked off and Harris sat down on the patio table and patted the place beside him for Ann to sit. Ann sat down as well.

“Harris,” Ann said softly, “Muriel told me that she hadn’t been getting paid.”

“None of the interns do. It is a free internship. Working here opens doors for people.”

“Yes but I get a check.”

Harris gave her a blank stare.


“Harris! That’s not right! Now Muriel could’ve used the money!”

“Well then blame yourself, darlin’, for being prettier than she is. Now, I don’t want to talk about that girl. I want to talk about us.”

Ann lifted a brow.


“Yes. You and me? I want you to have dinner with my mother and me tonight.” Harris told her. He reached for her hand and squeezed it. “I want you AND Dottie to have dinner with us.”

Ann pulled her hand away.

“Harris, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Of course it is, sugar. I will send a car for you around seven. And then we’re all going to get to know one another better.” he said in a soothing tone.

“Your mother will hate me. She will hate my mother…”

“How can you say something like that? And believe me, Annie, my mother already loves you.” Harris said, giving Ann a quick kiss, before getting up and walking back towards the building.

Matthew watched the interaction and frowned, just as Judith approached the car. He got out to let her in.

But someone else saw Harris kiss Ann.

Muriel Gillis.

Meanwhile, something truly unfortunate happened at the Dallas International Airport. Ben Gibson’s plane got in. He got off and was immediately grabbed by two cowboys that worked for J.R. Ewing. He was told that Mr. Ewing wanted to welcome him to Dallas and meet with him. Right away.

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Great update! :)

Haha, I should have known that JR would make sure that Ben would get a warm welcome to Dallas. Typically JR! :giggle:

Mitch acted like a jerk. But he's not completely wrong about Lucy. I was just waiting for him to accidentally tell Gary that he was the father of Valene's twins.

Interesting twist that Charles wants Abby to stay with him. I hope she does as it has possibilities.

So Muriel knows about Harris and Ann. I like where you are going with them.

Thank you for starting to read my story and leaving feedback. I copied that post to my story thread and will reply to it there later. I thought it's better to keep your thread on the topic of your story. ;)

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I knew I probably should have left the feedback in the story thread. But you have quite a bit of feedback there already! I swear, I thought it would get lost. People have some very interesting theories about why things are happening in your story. I especially like the mental illness ties to the late Rebecca. I never even thought about it. I'm going to continue reading more today.

Mitch is enchanted with Abby. Gary was a jerk too when he first hooked up with her in the cul de sac. He'll shape up.

Ann and Harris are one of those couples that I wanted to see get a 'do over'. I'd have liked the same for Pam and Bobby too.

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Chapter 10

Ben Gibson had been in strange situations before. He had even been in some pretty dangerous ones.

But his current predicament was strange, dangerous and pretty damned frightening! And yet he refused to show that he was scared.

He was in a room that was dank, dusty and was only lit with a bulb that looked as if it was about to blow out any minute. He was also tied to a wooden chair. As soon as he had been grabbed up at the airport, he was shoved into a dark sedan and blindfolded. Ben had no doubts whatsoever that this is what someone considered a ‘Texas Welcome’. And the privilege of such a thing was not bestowed on everyone.

Ben’s theory was proven right, when the door opened and two men in cowboy hats walked in, along with a third person—J.R. Ewing. He took off his own hat, told the guys to wait outside, then waited until they did just that, closing the door behind them.

J.R. then smiled cordially down at Ben and set his hat on a nearby table.

“Mr. Gibson, we have never been formally introduced. I’m J.R. Ewing. And if you thought I was going to let you step foot in this state and keep up the nonsense you’ve been writing, that has hurt my wife, you are very sadly mistaken.”

Ben eyed him. He now understood why Gary had run off from his family.

“I am here for a journalists convention.” Ben lied.

“Even if I believed there was one going on, you’re no journalist so you don’t belong here.” J.R. replied. “Now you understand this: I confiscated all of your papers and I don’t want to hear about you writing trash like this again.”

“What are you afraid of, Ewing? That the truth will come out! Dottie Smith helped deliver a baby born to your wife a year and a half before your legitimate son was born…”

J.R.’s answer to that was to backhand Ben! Blood trickled from his lower lip.

“Mr. Gibson, I find your ingratitude just astounding. Now I kept my niece’s charges from sticking against you in California. I can make them stick again…I can make the charge change from attempted rape to full blown sexual assault with bodily fluids to match. And if such a thing happened, no one would believe two words you printed. So, the only thing you are going to take with you back to California is your return ticket and your clothing. I don’t want you here bothering poor Dottie Smith. She’s a sick woman and wouldn’t know what she’s saying anyway.” J.R. told him.

Ben said nothing because there was nothing more to say. If he left here and then tried to make arrangements with Dottie Smith, J.R. Ewing was capable of making him wish he was dead. And he had been unaware that J.R. had intervened and gotten those attempted rape charges dropped.

But he understood something now. If there was no illegitimate child, then there was no need for all of this.

“I’ll leave as soon as you let me go.” Ben said. He would not return to Dallas.

Ben Gibson planned to send someone else here to speak with Dottie Smith and get the proof he needed. Someone J.R. would not suspect. Ben just had to think of the right person to do the job.


When Gary entered Abby’s room at the rehab center, he stopped short.

Abby was packing. She was up and around and a nurse was helping her get her things together.

But that was not what was throwing him. Abby had changed her appearance somehow and Gary couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

She had bangs now and her hair was straighter then it had been before. It gave her a regal look. Abby noticed him and spoke.

“Gary? Gary?”

Gary snapped out of his wonder and focused on her.

“Abby? You’re okay to leave? Why didn’t you call me?” he asked.

“Dr. Cooper has rented a house and invited me to stay while I recuperated. Our home is a bit crowded.” Abby said, now looking at the nurse and thanking her for all of her help. The nurse left, closing the door behind her.

“I see you changed your hair. It looks nice.”

“I know it does. Did you need something?” Abby asked coolly.

Gary snapped out of his ‘hair trance’ at her tone.

“I want to talk about Mitch.”

“What about him?”

“Lucy had an accident and fell. She is pregnant and it’s Mitch’s. They need time alone to work things out.”

Abby pretended to look confused.

“I don’t see anything stopping that.”

“Come on, Abby! Seriously? Where do you think your little affair with a young guy like that can go?”

“Further than my marriage to a man that can’t let his first wife go. Mitch has let Lucy go.” Abby said calmly.

“What would it take to get you not to do this?” Gary asked.

“I think you know.” Abby replied. “Val and Lucy go home and we return to our happy, blissful lives.”

Gary said nothing and Abby took advantage of his silence to press her case even further.

“Gary, I know you wanted, in your own way, to live the life with them that your father and brother denied you. You’ve done that. Lucy is going to have her own baby now. Val and Ben are going to have babies. There is no place for you with them now, except as grandfather and friend.”

Gary continued to say nothing and Abby closed the distance between them and pressed herself up against him.

“I know what we have isn’t the greatest love story ever told, or a lost love like what Val and you had. But it works. For us. And us alone. There is no room for Val or Lucy.”

“You tell Mitch it’s over and push him towards Lucy.” Gary finally said. Abby rolled her eyes!

“Mitch was a one time thing, Gary! And I can’t make him want Lucy or this baby. You’re sure it’s Mitch’s?”

“Mitch thinks Harris might be the father. I don’t buy that. There is something off about Lucy and Harris. I don’t get the feeling they are a love match.”

“That doesn’t mean he might not be the father, Gary. Really, you can’t make Mitch take responsibility for a child that’s not his.”

“He doesn’t feel it is because of you.” Gary said matter-of-factly. “So I will agree to your terms, Abby. But after you do your part. Because if Mitch doesn’t take Lucy back, Lucy isn’t going anywhere.”

And with those words, Gary pulled away from Abby and left her room. Abby stared at her closed door for a moment before turning to a mirror and fussing with her hair. Gary had been enchanted with her, briefly. The ‘Krystle Carrington’ hairdo could do that, she guessed.

Gary was pitiful when it came to Lucy and Val. And she had offered Gary a lifeline just now, though he didn’t know it. He hadn’t agreed to kick Lucy out on the terms she had stated. That meant that Abby would have to get rid of her on her own.

Abby would not be leaving the rehab center to go home with Mitch. Abby was getting on a plane and going to Denver, Colorado. She needed to test her new look on someone else.

Blake Carrington. And if he looked at her like Gary just had, Abby knew she could lure Matthew Blaisdel over to her side and find the evidence she needed to finish Lucy.

And as for Gary’s impending grandchild…well…Abby would not be against Gary and herself raising the little tyke—while Lucy was in prison.


“i’m pregnant.” was Lucy’s reply to Charles’s proposal. “So no, sorry.”

They were still outside standing against one of the wooden fences.

“Pregnant? How far along…”

“It’s not yours.” Lucy interrupted. “So whatever Abby ordered you to do to get me out of here, isn’t going to work.”

“My dear,” Charles said with a sigh, “I can assure you that Abby has nothing to do with this.”

Something about the way he said that, put Lucy on alert!

“Okay. Abby didn’t put you up to this. But someone did. Who?”

“Alexis Barnes is my second cousin. And she has need of your help in securing Ewing Oil for herself and Cliff.”

Lucy rolled her eyes!

“I have nothing to do with that company! I couldn’t help them steal anything from J.R. and Bobby! And I think she has a lot of nerve pulling this considering what she could lose. What do you have to do with this? Is she forcing you to propose to me because she has something on you?”

“I am proposing because I want to. And…well…my company could use some help.”

“Okay. Well thanks for the truth but the answer is no, again! And aren’t you already married?”

“That can end with a piece of paper.”

“And I can end Adam Carrington’s freedom with just a slip of the tongue.” Lucy warned him.

“Alexis isn’t worried. She’s thinking of framing you for running down Cliff.”

Lucy snorted!

“That’s a joke! Alexis would never get away with that!”

Charles moved closer to her.

“I agree, my dear. But would Bobby or Pam forgive you for helping Adam break the two of them up?”

Lucy stepped back. Adam and her had been engaged lovers. But when she saw what he was, Lucy could not stomach his face most days. They then came to an agreement. One where her reputation was saved and he helped her get things moving with her plans here in California, in exchange for her making sure that Pam spent as much time with herself and Adam, while Cliff was recuperating.

Then the moment of no return came. And it involved her putting something in Bobby’s drink while Adam arranged for some hooker at Lute Mae’s home to be seen in bed with Bobby. Pam walked in on them…Bobby couldn’t explain properly but just thought he had drank too much the previous night, after having a horrible argument with Pam over the fight for Ewing Oil.

Lucy would rather stab her own eyes out than let Bobby or Pam know she had a hand in the end of their marriage. And Charles could see that. He rested his hands on her shoulders.

“Darling, think about what I could offer you. The father of your child, is he that man that we had dinner with the night of Abby’s fall?”

Lucy knew he meant Harris. And she decided to allow him to think that. She nodded.

“And yet his eye seemed to be on your friend that night. Abby told me she was going to become a nun?”

Lucy didn’t respond. Charles squeezed her shoulders.

“I know we are not in love. But we could still be very happy together. You, me and OUR child. Do think about it. I would hate to have to be the bearer of bad news to Bobby or Pam.” Charles said solemnly.

“Well if you were, then your chance to save your company would go out the window.” Lucy told him bluntly. “So I suggest you find a different way of proposing, Mr. Scott.”

And with that, Lucy pulled away from him and headed inside the house. The NERVE of Charles and Alexis to pull his kind of crap on her! She didn’t have the time for it and if Bobby and Pam heard a word of any of this, Lucy would find a way to blame Abby somehow, someway.

She walked into the house just as Val came out of the sitting room.

“Did Charles leave?”

“Yes. He came by to see how I was.” Lucy lied.

“Oh. Well the phone is for you. I left it off the hook in the hallway.”

“Who is it?”

“It’s one of your friends from Dallas. Muriel Gillis?”

“Okay.” Lucy said, confused. She walked to the phone and picked it up. Val went upstairs.


“Oh Lucy! You need to come back to Dallas or tell me what to do!” Muriel wailed.

“Okay, calm down! What’s wrong?”

“Your friend has stolen your fiancee and my job prospects!”


“Yes! ANN! We are interning at Ryland Transportation and I got a paid internship that she didn’t!”

“Uh, I’m not following you. That’s good, isn’t it?”

“I saw Harris Ryland kissing Ann! And he keeps calling me ‘Mabel’! I have no future with him if Ann is sleeping with him! She’s betrayed both of us! Especially you! You should get back here and keep her away from him!”

“Muriel, on the list of all the things I am dealing with right now, Harris and Ann are at the very bottom. But I do get why you’re upset. Ann wants to be a nun so she probably doesn’t even want to work there.”

“What do I do?” Muriel asked. Lucy’s calmness was calming her. And Lucy was feeling calm. If she could not get Mitch back and marrying Charles was out of the question, of course, then Harris would have to do as her baby’s father. Maybe steps needed to be taken to ensure that he was still available in case she needed to marry him.

“Who was that guy that Ann was seeing? He took day and night classes but he wanted to be some kind of minister or something? You remember? He was kind of cute.”

“Yeah,” Muriel said slowly, “you said you thought he was the only reason Ann decided to become a nun in the first place.”

“Oh I’m sure it was! Go and find him and get him back in Ann’s life somehow. Ann will leave Harris and go running back to him, I’m sure.” Lucy counseled. “Now I have to get going. I’ll call you in a day or two to see how things are going.”

“Okay. And thanks, Lucy.” Muriel sighed, hanging up the phone. Yes, Lucy’s idea might work. What was that guy’s name again? John…Jeff…

Josh. Joshua. Joshua Rush.


Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Smith loved everything about the Ryland home. And Judith was so nice and gracious. She insisted on pushing her wheelchair so that Harris and Ann could have time to themselves. Ann seemed reluctant to leave the two of them alone, but Harris corralled her off someplace else, leaving the two women alone.

“It was nice of you to invite Ann and me here tonight. Ann is very fond of Harris.” Dottie noted.

“I’m fond of Ann.” Judith lied. “Though I’m confused about some things she’s told me about her life. Like about her father.”

Dottie rolled her eyes!

“That snake! He left when Ann was little. He claimed he didn’t think Ann was his, though I never told her that.”

Judith folded her arms.

“Was there any truth to that?”

“Any truth to what?” Dottie asked.

“That Ann wasn’t his.” Judith asked. Dottie frowned. That was quite a personal question! And she began to realize that the tone of Judith’s voice had changed as well.

Dottie began to sense that this evening was not what it appeared to be.

“No. My husband just didn’t want kids.”

“Hmmm.” Judith responded. “You know, it would help Ann’s position with Harris if let’s say….her father was someone important.”

Dottie clenched her jaw.

“You know.” was all she said.

“Yes. But Ann doesn’t know?”

Dottie’s eyes flashed!

“What good what it do for her to know any of it? Garrison paid Ellie Ewing a visit before he died and those Ewings assumed he wanted everything they had.”

“Well,” Judith said, “he would have had a right to the property, at the very least. As does Ann. She’s his only child.”

“And J.R. Ewing would let that happen? He’d see her in the ground first!”

“Not with Harris and I supporting her, he wouldn’t. But let’s not talk about that anymore.” Judith purred. “I’d love to know what you remember about that baby being born? The one that Sue Ellen had…”

“There is nothing to that. And I don’t know how my name became attached to that rumor.” Dottie said coldly. Judith turned away and began talking.

“I know everything about you and your nursing career. I know that the only reason that daughter of yours and yourself, came this far in life is because you worked for rich people, kept their secrets and then gambled away the blackmail money they gave you. So if…”

Judith turned around and could barely react! Dottie was out of her wheelchair and coming at her with a poker! Judith knocked the poker out of the woman’s hand, punched her and watched her go reeling back! She fell to the floor with a thud and was helped to the ground courtesy of a brass statue she hit her head on!

Judith stared down at the woman, sensing she was dead. She then eased over to her, hunched on the floor and felt for a pulse.

Her ‘suspicion’ was confirmed.

Judith stood up, walked out of the room, turned, closed the double doors and began to search for Harris. He would have to help her cover this up, somehow, someway. She felt no remorse or even fear when she spied her son and ‘Ann Southworth’, kissing on a terrace(God, she could see her son’s tongue in that girl’s mouth). Everything that was hers would be theirs. Judith turned away, wondering something: which secret had caused Dottie to almost brain her with that poker? The one about Ann’s real father or the Ewing child rumor?

Well, it didn’t matter. Not anymore. Harris would help her get rid of Dottie Smith’s body. Harris and that new chauffeur that she had recently hired. What was his name again? Yes. Lyle something or another.

Meanwhile, Ben Gibson left Dallas by way of a night flight arranged by J.R. Ewing. He had decided he would need Abby’s help on this. She would benefit from finding out the truth here and he thought she was capable of doing it.

But Ben would not find Abby in the state of California. Her own plane was about to touch down in Denver. And from there, she planned on staying at a hotel owned by Fallon Carrington Ewing called ‘La Mirage’. She also read the local paper mid-flight. Poor Blake Carrington had been hurt in some kind of car accident while en route to meet his wife, Constance Weldon Carrington. He now had amnesia and was struggling to recover his memories. Apparently this happened while she had been in her coma. How Abby had missed this tidbit, she could not understand. But she had been overly busy looking at old tabloid news of Krystle Carrington. The new dirt on the Carrington family had gotten lost in the shuffle.

Governor Donna Krebbs, who technically was her sister-in-law, had been hurt as well. But that didn’t concern Abby so much. She smiled and put away the paper, just as her seat mate tapped her on the arm.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt your reading but I have to tell you, you look a lot like the late Krystle Carrington. Has anyone told you that?”

Abby now grinned!

“All the time.” she purred.


The next installment of this story will be called ‘Capricorn Crazy’. But Abby’s journey will continue in the second installment of the Flamingo Road, Dallas and Dynasty fan fiction posted on the fan fiction area of this site titled ‘The Ties That Bind’.

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Great story thanks for sharing it with us. :)

Poor Ann losing her mother. I bet she will blame Harris when she realizes what has happened.
Also interesting twist that Ann knew Joshua!

I'm glad Lucy turned down Charles proposal.

So Abby's heading to Denver to mess with Blake. I wonder how that will turn out.

Then finally how many different installment are you planning for this fanfic series?

I hope you will enjoy reading the rest of my story too. :)
I always find it fascinating to read the feedback that people keep posting, as they sometimes have completely different perspectives than I have and come up with ideas I wouldn't have thought of. I have a lot of friends on this board though so it's mostly they who are reading and posting feedback on my stories!
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Well the feedback on your story is deep and really thought provoking. And I cannot get past the fact that you thought of the perfect plot for a season 4 of Dallas. I am actually re-watching season 2 of TNT Dallas and I missed so many little things, it's not even funny.

No, Ann is not going to blame Harris because Dottie's death will not be what it seems. And I am not going to make wooing Ann easy for Harris. Yes, Abby is on her way to Denver and Blake will grow attached to her. Something none of the women in Blake's life will appreciate. And I plan to bring Mitch around with regards to Lucy and the baby.

There are only two installments. The Flamingo Road/Dallas/Dynasty one and the Lucy vs Abby one. The Lucy one kind of just came to me. I will return to that one once the events of the original story play out within ten chapters.