Rip, Peter Tork.......

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Oh, no!! :(

It took me a while to realize he was actually The Cute One.

A friend of mine once met him ~20 years ago and said he really was very nice -- even sweetly asked her for a hug, which she provided.

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When I was a child, The Monkees would to be repeated during school holidays and Peter Tork was always my favourite one. It's sad news that he has now gone.


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The Monkees are one of those things that go beyond merely being a favourite show or a favourite group. They've become part of our culture.

When I heard this on the radio this morning they paid "tribute" with Daydream Believer - a knee-jerk reaction, probably the only one they had handy. TJames03's choice of "For Pete's Sake" above (which Tork wrote) is much more fitting.

This one was his only lead vocal of the classic Monkees era, a novelty-type song in keeping with the persona they saddled him with on the show.

And here he is providing a nice counterpoint to Davy's lead on a more serious number.