Rose and Jack ( Titanic Story)


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I'm going to try a Titanic story, one of my favourite films. I'm going to write it a little different than the movie, what I would have loved to see. This will have romance, tears and suspense

Chapter 1.

Rose Dewitt Bukater was a beautiful young lady, who didn't want to go on this Cruise with her Mother, and her soon to be husband. Her Mother adored Cal, and she had feelings for him, but she didn't want to get married to him, or anyone right now. Her Mother wanted a better life than she had, and she wanted to see her Daughter marry Caledon Hockley. He was rich , powerful, and handsome but a bore she thought. Her Mother at times wanted to shake her when she said she didn't want what she wanted for her in life. She wanted to be happy, and money and being with someone who was full of himself really wasn't her plans of a good life. She had a fight with her Mother which lasted 2 weeks, she wanted to get out of this trip. Her Mother won, but she wouldn't marry Cal unless she wanted to. She could be on this trip, but that didn't mean anything. They arrived at the dock , and she saw the Titanic she was a little scared to ride on this big Ship. She thought to herself how do they keep this massive Ship afloat?. She was taken into the ship , while a man carried their luggage in. They were traveling first class only the best for Mother, and Cal. She loved the luxury, but she didn't really need all the fancy stuff like her Mother wanted. They were taken to their rooms, Cal had the adjoining room next door. They went inside, they had a double suite. She was happy to have her own room for the times, she needed to be alone. She was sure that would be a lot on this trip. She unpacked her Mother said she was going to lay down for a few moments, until the ship deported. She went next door, Cal said he didn't really want to stand up on deck either. She said she would go up herself, and she would see him later. He was fine with that, she was happy because she really wanted some alone time. She walked up, it was getting close to the time they had to deport. She was looking over the Bannister, seeing people rushing in. She smiled at the many people with kids, and luggage. She hoped she didn't get sea sick, she wasn't a fan of water. She heard 2 men run up the deck, they both were out of breath. They were joking around, they only had a small bag each. She knew they probably were in third class not the upper class section of the Ship. She felt horrible judging them, but she smiled as they were fooling around. She heard one say they won tickets in a game which made her laugh.

One young man bumped into Rose almost making her fall. He grabbed her saying he was sorry. She has never seen a more handsome man in her whole life. He had the most amazing smile, and those eyes they were dazzling.

"Oh My God, I'm so sorry Mame"

"That is ok, I shouldn't be in the way"

"I'm Jack Dawson , and this is Fabrizio De Rossi "

"Nice to meet you, I'm Rose".

"Nice to meet you Rose"

She smiled as they shook her hand, and said they hoped they would meet her again. They ran in to get booked into their room. She watched them walk away, she was shocked when Jack turned looking at her. She waved as he smiled, and ran ahead to catch up with Fabrizio. Her heart was beating so fast, she didn't know what was happening to her? She smiled, and whispered, "Oh maybe this trip is going to be fun after all".

To be Continued

Karin Schill

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Nice start of your story Jessie. I love the Titanic too. But I always cry at the end when the ship goes down. :(

Mrs Bobby James Ewing

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Great start to your new story Jessie.:) I love the movie Titanic even though I cry when everyone dies and the ship goes down at the end of the movie.:(


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I loved your first chapter Jessie! I didn´t like the DiCaprio movie but I do love Kate Winslet and I´m sure you can make the story more interesting than it was on film (too much CGI for me!). I preferred the original "Poseidon Adventure", it still gets me the chills. Go on and surprise us! A lot of new things can happen before the ship hits the iceberg...



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:mall:Great opening to your Titanic story. It's nice to see that Rose and Jack met in better circumstances than the original. It seems this version of Rose is not so laid back and content, as was Rose originally in the film at the beginning.

Look forward to updates.