The Colby's Season 3-Dynasty Season 9: Fill in the blanks.


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This is my first time doing something this lengthy but, it always puzzled me the events on Dynasty and the Colby's when it was cancelled. We know Fallon was "kidnapped" by aliens in the series finale of TC but she and Jeff ended up on DYNASTY in S8 (I assume a few episodes after The Matthew Bleisdel seige at the Carrington Mansion). I had recently finished the entire TC series(2 seasons) but it was a task I was completely swept away by S1 it felt like a missing season of DYNASTY between 2-3 yea I recognized a lot of DYNASTY borrowing here, but I really was taken by the show. It had a 1950s vibe about it kinda like KL S3-4.

Sorry for my rambling I just love this show.

But yea, I always wondered about the events after Phillip kidnapped Frankie and the outcome of Monica's Cash/Scott/Adrian storyline (I wondered what the family's thoughts on Connie's hand in it all clearly she has a lot in common with Cecil than I thought), were Miles and Channing still together prior to his appearance on DYNASTY: THE REUNION, and Bliss and her Russian guy ( though there thing got boring quickly). Zac and Sable I always believed these two weren't done yet idk but Sable sure got him and Jason before she hooked up with Dex even Alexis was going through 4 men in S9 one being dead, Cray Boyd, and possibly Blake again though Sable was trying to get hooks into Blake. Why not Blake was pretty much single since he and Krystle we're divorced, she was a perfect surrogate mother to Kristina than Alexis but Krystle had good reason for that. (I'm surprised Fallon and Steven we're so cordial towards Alexis around their children. I don't even think they know she caused the miscarriage). I better wrap this up so what are your thoughts I since S8 was a year before Paulsen's S9 what could've transpired in that year. Pretty much Fallon and Jeff are excluded since they we're on DYNASTY. All I know is Sable surprisingly lax towards Jason and Frankie and she suddenly defending Colby Enterprises since I guess Jason still resides in California with Frankie which I guess is why Sable wants to uproot and live in Denver start over with Dex and child.

Let fill in the blacks.