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The Ewing’s gather around the pool outback on a beautiful, blue sky day. John Ross mans the barbeque and Lucy sits at the table watching a boy, about ten swimming across the pool. At the other end, a ripped young man, in his mid-twenties, chats with a bikini glad girl, about the same age. Christopher comes out of the house with a platter of stakes which John Ross puts on the grill to sizzle, one by one. The family’s having a great time. The young man dives in the water and swims over to the boy, pulling him down. The young boy comes up laughing. The young woman walks over and sits next to Lucy, wrapped in a robe, talking about Daughters of the Alamo stuff.

A car pulls up around back and Christopher says to John Ross, “Who’s that?”

“Lucas. He’s been in town. I told him to come over. He just bought the old Wade place.”

“Really? He’s not moving down here, is he?”

“I don’t if it’s a winter place for him, or if he’s done with New York life altogether, but I sure intend to find out.”

They take the platter of streaks over to the table where Lucy sits as Lucas walks up from the driveway. John Ross greats him with a manly hug and a firm pat on the back. “I can’t believe you’re finally stepping food on South Fork. Welcome. Let me introduce you to my boys. This is Jay.” The young man dries off his hand and shakes hands with Lucas.

“Nice to meet you Jay. Lucy tells me a lot a about you. You went to Yale. My old stomping grounds.”

“Really. Yea I was there for a while. Majored in finance.”

“Economics. Though got my MBA from Harvard. So you working for your daddy?”

“No I didn’t even finish at Yale, though I hear about it enough.”

John Ross says, “And this is Steven.”

The two shake hands. “Hello Steven. Lucy tells me a lot about you too. Pretty good swimmer I hear.”

“Yeah I like swimmin’.”

John Ross says, “This is my cousin Lucas. Oh and this is Amy Anderson. Jay’s girlfriend. She’s Punk and Mavis Anderson’s great granddaughter. I don’t know if you remember them.”

“No, but I remember my dad talking about ‘em.”

“How are they doing?”

“Just fine. Boring life if you ask me. But they like it. Switzerland is certainly peaceful.”

“And your sisters?”

“Oh Charlie’s married to some prince and likes doing social stuff. And you know how Maggie’s doing. I hear she works for you in Washington.”

“Best lobbyist the oil industry every had. Stepfather was one of the longest serving Senators and her mom was a Secretary of Energy. We couldn’t be in better hands. But I’m not involved with the company much anymore. Chris runs things. I’m kind a retired.”

“Really. Kind of young to retire.”

“Well with Uncle Bobby running West Fork with Uncle Gary, it’s just me around her, so I guess I’m a rancher.”

“You don’t say. I heard he found Aunt Pam and he and Uncle Gary bought West Fork out in California. I didn’t know he moved out there.”

“Yeah. Aunt Pam wasn’t come backing her.”

“My dad said she had a hard time of it. Kind of mentally ill. That whole Barnes Wentworth clan. “

“Well Cliff was off his rocker. Thank goodness for us he got locked up down in Mexico. And Katherine Wentworth, they declared her dead up Uncle Bobby says he’s good reason to believe she’s still alive.”

“But my momma’s doing just fine now,” Chris interjects.

“That’s what I heard,” Lucas says and offers his hand. “How ya doing Christopher?”

“Doing well. Pretty great actually.”

“That’s good to hear. It’s been a while. I heard about your accident. Took years go get your life back together.”

“It did. You know. Rich folks, we is always happy.”

“Yeah something like that. People on Wall Street talk a lot about you. The man who’s gonna bring the oil industries into the twenty-first century, kicking and screaming.”

Lucy steps up and hugs Lucas. “Come on over here and tell us all about your plans for the Wade Ranch.” She takes his hand and pulls him to sitting at the table with everyone for dinner.

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Dallas 2022/3

John Ross III
Christopher Ewing
Lucas Ewing
Lucy Ewing
Leslie Barkley

Sitting around a bomb fire as the sun goes down, Lucas says to John Ross, “I wanted to know, are you bidding on the old McKay place?”

“Plan on it.”

“Then, I’ll back off.”

“Appreciate it. I’ve been buying up land around us. Well, South Fork has.”

“You still share the ranch with Uncle Bobby?”

“Yea, I do. Well sort of. Ewing Industries owns the South Fork Cattle Company, and we gave the land to the Eleanor and Clayton Farlow Foundation . . .”

“Lucy, you run that?”

“Most of the time,” she answers.

“And the oil?” Lucas asks John Ross.

“My momma and I own a third of it, Uncle Gary owns a third, and Uncle Bobby owns a third. And Uncle Bobby sold Lucy his half of the house, a couple years ago.”

“That’s right,” Lucy says. “Right after he realized he could never live here with Aunt Pam.”

“So you don’t have anything to do with the business?”

“I’m the Chairman of the Board. Christopher is the President and CEO. He really runs it. I’m trying to get Jay to take a more serious role.”

Looking around, Steven is roasting marshmallows and Jay and Amy are missing.

“Your mom turned over her shares to you, forty-two percent? And the Estate of Carlos DelSol has sixteen percent.”

“What are you writing a paper on us?” Christopher asks.

“No just interested. It’s what I do. You ever consider taking the company public?”

“No,” Christopher answers.

“No,” John Ross says. “It’s been brought up by employees but Ewing Industries is a family company.”

Lucas says, “About twenty different businesses, all private. You made a big stir on Wall Street when you took West Star private.”

“We needed the refineries and gas stations,” Chris says. “And Ryland Transport for its trucks, tankers and pipe lines. Not only for petroleum but for gas as well.”

“Yeah a lot of commodities people tell me they worry one day you’re all gonna send the price of methane plummeting. They say you’re engineer to bet.”

“I don’t know who they are, but I can assure you, you’ve got a lot more to hear from Ewing Alternative.”

“I’ve heard you’ve got into batteries and there’s talk you might announce any day an electric car.”

“Still, Ewing Oil is the lion share of the business.”

“So I hear. And Barnes Global, television stations, newspapers, magazines, casinos. Wentworth Tool and Die. CMB Financial. Cyberbyte. Ewing Construction. It’s a good portfolio. The money you could raise going public. It would get noticed.”

John Ross speaks up, “Sometimes you just don’t want to get noticed.”

“It’s amazing you two get along so well. I guess get your dads out of your life and not a lot to fight about.”

“Just more important things in life than fighting,” John Ross says.”

Lucy says, “That’s right, like warm bomb fires and cool evenings.”

“Bu the shares, they’re still Sue Ellen’s and Uncle Bobby’s.”

John Ross answers, “My mother’s shares are mine, in trust. Bobby’s too with Christopher.”

“I see.”

Christopher gives John Ross a ‘pissed off’ look.

John Ross says, “Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to Mateo Ramos, he’s the ranch foreman here.”

“My dad told me about him. His father, Raul use to work for South Fork, grounds keeper or something like that. And his Aunt’s Teresa and Carmen.”

“Yep. Mateo’s an old friend. Spent fifteen years in the service and now around her, he’s kind of my go to many of anything I need done. Without him running this ranch would be real work.”

In the bedroom in South Fork Jay and Amy roll around naked in bed.

Early in the morning, right before the sun comes up, John Ross is meeting in his study with Mateo explaining how needs to know everything about Lucas and how he doesn’t like surprises when Christopher walks in. “Monday mornings sure come early.”

John Ross says, “Not as early for some.”

“Some of us work late into the night too. So before I head into the office, what’s going on with Lucas?”

“I don’t know. Mateo is going to see what he can dig up.”

“You notice the one company he didn’t mention was Branch Water? And it’s paramilitary problems been all over place with killing those two riggers in Aubu Barker.”

“I noticed. But the company’s information work isn’t knowledge. So, Mateo get to work with them and see what we can find out. I get the Wade Ranch. That was his momma’s.”

Chris adds, “I’m a bit surprised he’s not gonna give you a challenge for the old McKay place at auction, especially as that use to be his dads.”

Mateo says, “And especially since he was an anonymous bidder on the Henderson place six months ago.”

Chris says, “I don’t like it. He’s up to something.”

“I agree,” John Ross says, “But he’s family. And I don’t want any fighting. I’m done with all that. He wants the McKay place let him have it.”

“But he says, he won’t big against you. Of course last time he was anonymous, so I guess he could do that again.”

“I don’t want any problems with Maggie either. She’s too damn good at what she does in Washington. Maybe he’s just wanting to be around family. Come up with a project you could work on with him. Something for Ewing Industries to invest in and for his hedge fund. Some kind of partnership. Test him.”

Lucy walks in the high rise offices of the Farlow Foundation, through class doors with Amy and extends her hand to a woman in her early fifties, “You must be Leslie Barkley. I’m Lucy Ewing. Ellie Farlow was my grandmother. And this is Amy Anderson, an old friend of the family. Thank you for coming to Texas to meet with us.”

“Of course. Nice to meet you. My late husband wanted us to meet. He wanted to set up a fund to help kids.”

“Yes, I was told he was from Texas. His father was a rigger.”

“On an off. Kind of a drunk who didn’t take very good care of his family. But, I suppose that’s better than the mother who abandoned the family.”

“I would agree. So he’s interested in helping foster kids.”

“Yes. We were in the oil business up in the Dakotas.”

“Yes I’ve read about your business. Pretty impressive. He was a chemist with huge student loans and you had an Ivy League degree in accounting, and even bigger student loans.”

“The bio on the company website.”

“Exactly. I hear you put the company up for sale.”

“Yes. I’ve got what I need to live on. And we didn’t have any children. And I agreed, to look into giving the company away to help foster kids for him back in Texas.”

“Pretty impressive of you. Really. Um, why don’t you make yourself comfortable in the board room. Paul will take care of you. Get you anything you need and we’ll show you what we have in mind.”

“Thank you.” Leslie walks off.

Amy says to Lucy, “Wow. That must be a lot of money.”

“I think so. I’d like to get some of it to Children’s hospital too. Speaking of a lot of money, my Uncle Bobby is supposed to be taking care of South Fork’s oil. He promised it to the foundation. Last I heard he got my father and Sue Ellen on board and supposedly John Ross promised him.”


“I haven’t been banking on it, until I got a text last night telling me his lawyer would be at South Fork this afternoon. So, I’ve got to wrap this up and get back home by three. I was thinking maybe you could entertain Mrs. Barkley this evening. Maybe you and Jay could take her out to dinner. She doesn’t know anyone here.”

“Sure. I’ll call Jay.”

“If she’s going to feel comfortable with this kind of money in our hands, she’s going to need to get to know the family.”

“Well I’m not a Ewing, but I’ll try and make a good impression.”

“You’re an Anderson, close enough.”

In the offices of Ewing Industries, a secretary shows in an older man in his late fifties. “Mr. Ewing, Mr. Barkley.”

Chris extends his hands, “Good to finally meet face to face. Come in. Call me Chris. Can we get you anything, something to drink?”

“No. No thank you. I’m good. And please call me Robert.”

“Robert. Please take a seat.” Chris motions to a sofa where he sits in the sofa across a coffee table from the man, a roaring fire in the fire place next to them. “So you’ve had time to digest our officer. Your people have gone over everything. Argued with our people over the details. How do you feel?”

“It’s a fair offer. But it’s not a stand out offer. My brother wanted me to approach you first, just as my sister-in-law is talking to your cousin about a substantial donation. But those are two different things. They want to give away a lot of money, I want to keep my money and get as much for it as I possibly can.”

“Fair enough. Especially as your share is what, about twenty percent.”

“Yes. About that.”

“Well Mr. Barkley, I’d like the offer to stand out to you, but I also have people I report to. Can you imagine what my stockholders, my family members, would say if I over paid for your business.”

“Let’s get creative. Maybe I can find a way to make it a deal for your business if you can find a way to get a little more money into my hands than twenty percent would otherwise do.”

“I see. I can talk to my people and see what they can figure out. Sort of a win win scenario.”

“For you and for me. Yes.”

Lucy walks up stairs at South Fork to look in on Steven who’s playing video games. She smiles and says, “You’ve got your school work done, right?”

“Of course.”

“OK just checking.”

When she turns around, she sees John Ross walking out of the double doors of the master bedroom. “What are you all dressed up for?”

“Jay and Amy asked me to dinner in the city with a Mrs. Barkley, apparently she’s giving a lot of money to the foundation and you asked them to entertain her tonight.”

“Well I didn’t think they’d set her up with the most eligible bachelor in Texas.”

The two walk down stairs together. In the entry she welcomes Roger Smithfield and John Ross walks out the back. She sees Roger into the living room where Lucas sits. “Roger this is my cousin Lucas Krebs. Lucas, Roger Smithfield, Uncle Bobby’s lawyer.”

“Thank you for meeting me Mr. Krebs. Is Christopher here?”

“Here,” Chris says walking in behind them. “What is this about. And, why is Lucas here.”

“Some business your father asked me to take care of.” He hands Lucy a file folder. “Your Uncles, Sue Ellen, and earlier today, John Ross, all signed over South Fork’s oil to the foundation.”

“What!” Chris yells. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” John Ross steps in from the back. Chris turns and notices him, “You knew about this and didn’t tell me.”

“I don’t tell you all my business and this was just up to me. I gave your father my word when we put together Ewing Industries. I don’t go back on my word.”

“You’re just giving away billions of dollars.”

“My money. Just like a third of it was your dads. There’s nothing to discuss.”

Roger then hands Lucas and Christopher two envelopes.

Chris says, “What’s this?”

“It’s also from your father. He wanted to take care of everything and so he set up two trusts. One for you and one for Lucas.”


“The letter inside explains it.”

Both boys open their envelopes and read a letter from Bobby. Chris’s face turns red and he walks out of the room and out the front door.

John Ross says, “What the hell did it say?”

Lucas said, “It’s bull shit. It says Bobby’s my biological father. Some crap about how your father ignored his other children. I didn’t even know he had other children. And something about how he couldn’t do that so he put in trust for me half his shares in Ewing Industries.”

“Oh my god,” Lucy says, her hand over her mouth. She slowly sits down.

John Ross looks totally shocked. “I can’t believe it. How is that possible?”

“It’s bull shit. A bunch of money to buy off a guilty conscious or some crap. Besides, what’s it matter? You’ve got control of your mothers forty-two percent in trust and when Carolos DelSol died, the trust with his Ewing Industries shares, you’re the trustee. The company’s yours, even though you don’t own one share.”

“What are you here for? What do you want to run Ewing Industries or something?”

“My father told me about Bobby so that I wouldn’t be shocked when it came out. He knew he was going to tell me at some point. I just want what’s mine.”

“OK, you’ve got it. Half of Bobby’s shares. Twenty-one percent of Ewing Industries. You’re not entitled to more.”

“You control it. Chris runs it. I’m Jock Ewing’s grandson too, you know. Biological or whatever.”

“True. But this isn’t Ewing Oil. Jock Ewing made sure that was destroy because of getting Uncle Bobby and my father to work together he set them up to fight, and fight dirty. We got Ewing Oil back only because Chris acquired West Star. That’s it. Grandpa’s picture is in the board room, with my dad and Uncle Bobby, but the truth is what is Ewing Industries, Bobby and I created. My father still had us fighting right to the end. Nearly cost Chris his life. My son up there, his mother’s in prison for dealing with a drug cartel to help Cliff Barnes take us on. I’m done with fighting, so if you came here to fight, you’d better think again.”

“Fine then let’s not fight. I want a role within Ewing Industries. I’ve earned it. Chris is nothing more than an engineer playing at business. I know business. I know finance.”

“Chris is CEO. That’s not gonna change. I’d rather see the company implode than go back to fighting. If you want a job within the company, I’m sure we can find you something. I’ll talk to Chris.”

“Where did he go?”

“I’d guess he went to confront his father.”

Later that evening John Ross walks into the Cattleman’s Club and is greeted by a hostess who has known him all his life. “Yes, your son is waiting for you.” She walks him through the restaurant saying hi to friends along the way. At the table he looks right at the woman sitting with them and says, “Leslie?”

Leslie looks up and is stunned to see him, saying, “Johnny. Johnny Shepard, what are you doing here? How?”

John Ross sits at the table where Amy and Jay listen in to a story about John Ross being a college freshman and meeting Leslie, a grad student and falling in love and how JR arranged a job for her in London.

Jay says, “She’s my mother?”

“No. No.”

“I remember you though,” Leslie says, “When you were just a little baby.”

“What happened?” John Ross asks. “How could you just leave like that. I tried and tried to get a hold of you.”

“So your real name is Ewing. Your father was JR Ewing?”


“Oh my god. He was scarier than I realized. JR Ewing. He arranged the job in London and then I was sent to Hong Kong. I was scared to death.”

“Yeah that’s my father. I guess I should have known. All I wanted was to raise Jay with you and just grow old. And have a dozen more kids.”

“What happened to you?”

“I dropped out of school. Tried singing in Nashville. Got into oil rigging in the Badlands.”

“My husband and I created a company in the North Dakota. Barkley Chemical.”

“Yes I recall it. You were there the whole time I was there?”

“I guess,” she says with such a sense of shock. “It hurt so bad.”

“It hurt worse for me. I didn’t know what happened to you.”

“Apparently, I didn’t even know your real name. You end up here. Did you, did you get married, children?”

“I have another son. We weren’t married. Kind of a long story. My father was gone by the time Steven was born so . . .”

“So you got to raise this child on your own with his mother?”

“No. She . . . Well no. She wasn’t around either. I use to hate everyone.”

“I remember how angry you were at everyone for letting JR just take your son away from you and his mother.”

“You were the only one I didn’t hate. And then you were gone. You got married.”

“Yes. I actually told him all about you. I don’t know why. It was kind of wrong of me. But I never stopped thinking about you and wondering what happened. You never got married.”

“I did. But she’s no longer around.”

Amy says, “And now you’ve found each other again, after all this time.”

Leslie says, “And you grew up to be a very handsome young man, Jay. I wish I had been able to be your mother. I never had any kids, but Johnny and I talked about it all the time. I’m sorry.” Tears fill her eyes.

He asks, “For what?”

“Leaving you. I loved you very much. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m sorry, honestly I don’t remember you.”

“No. Of course you wouldn’t. So, Amy’s your girlfriend?”

“Oh we’re just good friends. Known each other a long time. My grandfather use to say we’d make a perfect marriage. You know two old Texas families.”

“Sounds like the man I met.” Leslie looks at John Ross. “He had plans for you to marry the daughter of a friend of his.”

“Marta DelSol. Dad and Carols DelSol . . .”

“The Mexica billionaire?”

“That’s the one. They were friends in college. But Jock Ewing didn’t think it was a good idea for my father to be friends with him. He expected JR to be friends with the right sort of people from Texas. People like the Andersons. He married Sue Ellen Shepard. The Shepard’s are one of the old Texas family, old and once had money kind of thing. And Marta, well the DelSol’s were beyond wealthy by the time my father was plotting for us to get married.”

“A poor girl from New York wasn’t good enough.”

“I didn’t care what he thought. I never felt good enough for you. You were so smart. I wouldn’t have passed the classes I did without you. I’d never known someone so beautiful. All I ever wanted to do was be with you.”

Jay stands up, “You know, as this has turned into a reunion, why don’t Amy and I leave you to diner on your own. We’ll fill in Lucy.”

“Oh Lucy,” Leslie says.

Amy and Jay leave the two alone.

The waitress approaches and sits down a bourbon and branch in front of John Ross. “Can I start you with an appetizer?”

John Ross says, “Yes. Um, and you can clear away these places, my son and his friend won’t be joining us after all.


Leslie looks on John Ross with absolute delight.

Late at night John Ross drives up to the back of South Fork and getting out of his car he hears fighting. Chris is yelling at Lucas, “What the hell are you doing waiting for me!”

“No just sitting out here. I guess waiting for John Ross.”

“For what? Try and con him into taking you in.”

“What? No.”

“You know you really should take a DNA test before you let me father go around thinking he’s responsible for you. I mean it would seem your mom was a bit of a whore.”

“Christopher!” Lucy exclaims walking out of the back of the house.

John Ross runs up as Lucas grabs up Christopher and shoves him around, threating to kick his ass. John Ross pulls them apart and pushing Christopher away saying, “Watch your mouth!”

Lucas pushes forwards and John Ross pushes him back away, “And you, watch your temper.”

“Ain’t no one gonna talk about my mom like that.”

“Things are heated up. People gonna say things they shouldn’t. You’re just gonna have to rein it in.”

“Hell if I do.”

“Listen to me boy. I’ll kick your ass right on over the county line, you hear me. This is my house. Ain’t no fighting going to happen in my house!”

Lucy takes Christopher into the house.

“I’m not taking that from him.”

“Just let it go.”

“No. I’m not lettin’ it go.”

“Listen. He just went from being Bobby Ewing’s only son to finding out he’s got a brother. That ain’t gonna be easy for him. Especially as he’s adopted. So you’re gonna have to give him time.”

“I ain’t gotta do shit.”

John Ross shoves him backwards into the pool.

Mateo walks up to find Lucas treading water.

John Ross says, “That oughta cool you down.”


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John Ross goes horseback riding on South Fork with Leslie. She says, “This is beautiful.”

“There’s something about South Fork we all love.”

“Well it sounds like you did the right thing with your uncle to protect it. But the house is yours?”

“Half of it yes. I asked Lucy to help me with Steven. Jay was in high school by the time all was said and done. I did get him to move here with me, and I thought Lucy could help with him too, but what did I know about raising a kid.”

“You must be close to Lucy.”

“We’ve had our ups and down.”

“So your uncle gave her his half of the house.”

“Yes and no. Yes but she has to leave it to me or who ever I designate. He thought it would be good for her to own a piece of the house, since she was living here. Plus, he know she’d play a fair middle man with Christopher.”

“And Christopher lives her?”

“Yes he does.”

“Bit unusual, all of you living here, together. Neither one of them are married or have kids?”

“Lucy’s been married more than her fair share. But no, she’s never had any children. Jay and Steven are her children and they love her like a mom. Jay knows her better than me. She was living in NYC when my father had him at a Connecticut boarding school.”

“That’s nice for him.”

“And Christopher’s never really been married. An annulment and an almost elopement. But, since his accident, he’s focused solely on his work.”

“Building Ewing Industries?”


“So no wonder he’s hurt. Here he’s thinking he gets half the company, because like you, he’s an only child. But he’s not.”

“Oh yeah, I defiantly get it. My father has surprise children out there he just ignored even existed. Probably why Uncle Bobby did what he did, to not be like his brother.”

“What a mess.”

“It sure is.”

“And your mother, she turned her shares over to you?”

“Yes she did. She’s actually the one who talked Carlos DelSol into turning his shares over to me as well.”

“Which gives you control.”

“That was the idea.”


“To be honest, I don’t care about things like that anymore. I felt like I was trying to fight everyone, every time I turned around, there was someone to fight. And for what? More stuff?”

“Well to be fair, you were fighting to have some say so over your life. That’s sort of worth fighting for, isn’t it? For your son. For your home. I remember you talking about this place. This is more than stuff to you. This is your home.”

“It is. And I do love it.”

“You know when I first meet you, I remember thinking how strange you were. You had this accent, and you obviously struggled in class, but somehow you had more appreciation for knowledge than anyone there. We wanted to pass the next test. You really wanted to understand what they were talking about. And you had friends. So many friends. I was never very good at friends. Did you ever finish school?”

“No. Tried down here. Then gave up all together.”

“Shame. I never knew someone so wanting to learning, really learn not just get a grade. I just realized, I’ve spent my whole life talking about you. I never wanted to stop talking about you. Everyone I know knows about Johnny, this boy from college.”

“I’ve thought about you a lot. I just never told anyone, I mean, who was there to tell? Well I did mention you to my mother.”

“What did she say?”

“That I should find you. Ask why you vanished. But I didn’t want to hear the answer.”

“Because you knew your father was behind it all?”

“No. Because I assumed I wasn’t good enough. You’d moved on.”

“No that’s not true. You were always the best person I ever knew. I certainly did t think I was good enough for you. It didn’t take a lot of convincing for your father to make that clear.”

“No. Why would you think that?”

“We come from totally different worlds.”

Amy finishes conducting a tour at the art museum when Christopher approaches her. “Chris. What brings you by?”

“I wanted to talk to you about something. In private.”

“Oh. OK. Um, we could take a walk.”

Walking in a park in downtown Dallas she says, “So, what’s on your mind?”

“I suppose you heard what happened.”

“With your father? Yes Jay told me. He doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal since his grandmothers shares get divided the same way between him and Steven, but I get it. To spring something like this on you. Not to mention all the work you’ve done.”

“I’m working on that. But I also think it’s time I work on my future.”

“Your future?”

“I want the old McKay property. It use to be part of South Fork. I’m going to build my own house on the property. Something for my family.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful.”

“Problem is, I’d have no idea what I’m doing. I was hoping if I have you a budget, a very generous budget, you’d oversee the project.”

“Are you serious? Of course I would.”

“I’m talking about the design, construction, decorating, right down to the China”


“Maybe there are some family pieces oh yours you could add, give it some history, of the Anderson’s, like it belongs along with South Fork and the Wade Ranch.”

“What are you talking about. I don’t have things from my family I’d be willing to sell.”

“I don’t mean sell. I mean being with you. The kind of places I’m talking about needs a lady of the house. Someone like you. Someone who would make a mother my children could be proud of.”

“What are you asking me?”

“To marry me.” He takes out of his pocket an enormous diamond ring, more than thirty carats. “My mother sent it to me. It was the Woodworth Diamond. My grandmother never wore, I guess it was too big.”

“Oh my god. It’s huge. You’re talking to your parents.”

“My mother. Long enough to get her to send me a proper ring for you.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Say yes. I’m not offering you romance or love or any of that crap. I’m offering you a real deal. Something that will last. I’m not the horrible guy everybody makes me out to be. I do care about you. But most importantly I’m impressed by you.”

“I suppose I should say I’ll think about it.”

“Fair enough.”

“But when the deal of a life time comes along, do you really sit on it?”

“I have one stipulation that I’ll put in the prenup. All our children must biologically be mine. I’m not raising someone else’s kids. Do you understand me?”

“Of course. That would only make sense.”

“Good. I’ll wait for you answer. Friday?”

“That won’t be necessary.” She takes the ring and puts it in her finger.

At chest thumping night club, filled with people, dark with strobe lights, John Ross, Lucy and Jay walk in and over to the bar. John Ross says, “Bourbon, too much to ask for branch water?”

“Branch water?” one of the bartenders asks.

“Never mind. Just a splash of water, best bourbon you’ve got.”

“In these part’s that would be J.R . Ewing Bourbon.”

“That’ll do it. Make that two. And do you have Dubonnet?”

“Duba what?”

“Never mind.”

Then Lucy standing behind him says, “Sam.”

“Miss Lucy,” he utters with complete rapture. “I never expected to see you here. What can I get you.”

“This is my cousin. He was asking for gin and Dubonnet.”

“Oh that Dubonnet. A Miss Lucy. Coming right up.”

John Ross asks her, “You don’t frequent this place do you?”

“Of course not. And what Christopher is up to having us meet him hear is beyond me.”

The bartender hands John Ross two drinks. He hands one to Jay. “Do you see Christopher.”

“No. But Amy’s over there.”

John Ross takes Lucy’s drink and hands it off to her. The three go over to greet Amy.

Amy is holding court in a corner, a round sectional she stands over. Lucy approaches and hugs her. “Small world.”

“Indeed,” Amy says. She then says to John Ross, “You didn’t bring Leslie?”

“No, was I supposed to?”

“A night out and I thought. I mean recapturing an old romance.”

“I don’t think we’re recapturing anything. There’s something like twenty-six years between then and now and I’m not the young boy I use to be.”

“Oh I don’t know. The way she looked at I think she thought you were.”

Lucy looks at Amy’s hand and the giant diamond ring. “Is there something you want to tell us?”

“Oh, no, not right now.”

“Well Jay certainly didn’t give you a rock like that.”

Amy laughs, “No Jay certainly didn’t.”

Off aways on the dance floor Jay is dancing with a group of friends to a hard, techno beat song. That as it comes to an end the D. J. says, “I can’t believe she’s here. This next one is old school eighties for the most beautiful woman in the room. And I mean every word of this song Lucy.”

Lucy smiles.

John Ross says, “You know him too?”

John Ross takes Lucy’s hand and pulls her to the dance floor. She laughs and with him joins the crowd.

Christopher arrives and greets Amy, watching the three. Lucy has broken off and is dancing with the bar tender from earlier. John Ross is dancing with a young woman closer to Jay’s age than his own. Jay is dancing with a devilishly handsome man. Christopher says to Amy, “He’s not with Leslie.”

“I mentioned it.”


John Ross, Lucy and Jay approach. Lucy says to Christopher, “So what’s with getting us out here. Doesn’t seem like your kind of place.”

“It’s not. It was Amy’s idea.”

“Amy,” Lucy raises an eye brow.

“It’s a celebration,” Amy says.

“I asked Amy to marry me and she’s agreed,” Christopher adds.

“What?” John Ross says, taken back.

Amy shows off her ring and Jay says, “Damn. You are serious.”

“Since when are you and Amy a thing?” John Ross asks.

“You don’t know everything about me,” Chris answers.

Lucy says, “Well, this is my town, and I do, I know everything about everyone in my town. And this, this comes out of nowhere. But, welcome to the family.” Lucy hugs Amy. “Though somehow you’ve always been adjunct.”

John Ross offers his hand and the two shake. “Congratulations.”


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Jay Ewing
Amy Anderson
Robert Barkley
Mateo Ramos


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Really enjoying this.
Thank you. It's been a lot of fun starting over - this time with the approach of trying to develop the ideas I've read from many of the posts on this site, though focused heavily on the 3rd generation of Ewing's.


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Robert is seen into the living room of a grand Dallas mansion and is welcomed by an older woman, an impressive socialite well into her seventies. “Mr. Barkley, please come in. Sit. Can I get you anything?”

“No thank you Ms. Lee. I’m not sure, you go by Lee?”

“I do,” she says as they sit. “I’ve been married a few times, but always revert back to Lee. My father, Jordan Lee, was pretty well known in these parts.”

“Yes he was. And please call me Robert.”

“Robert it is. I understand you’re interested in the Ewing’s.”

“And I understand you wrote the definitive book on them.”

“I don’t know if it’s the definitive book. There’s a whole lot of secrets they keep buried. But, I’ve tried my best to earth some of them. Mind you the Ewing’s didn’t find my book very flattering.”

“No they wouldn’t have. You mention a laundry list of enemies. Like your family, Wendell, McKay.”

“It’s not exhaustive, if that’s what you’re wondering. The point was to sell a book. They’ve got enemies whose stories aren’t as juice, but none the less, they’re enemies. But they’ve also got friends.”

“Like Senator Brown?”

“Yes. Judith Brown is an unfaltering ally of John Ross’s in particular.”

“I’ve heard a rumor that John Ross helped put her son in prison.”

“It’s not a rumor. Pretty much considered fact. Something he’s pretty proud of. Harris Ryland was an unscrupulous man, even for Dallas standards. The government forced him into helping with bringing down a drug cartel that had enlisted him in shipping their product. I’d love to know all the details to that little matter.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well the cartel was rounded up in Mexico in a sting which included the U.S. and Mexican governments. They were actually brought to the U.S. And, they never stood trial.”

“Why not?”

“They were all murdered before they even got to discuss bail.”

“You think the Ewing’s had something to do with that?”

“John Ross Ewing and Senator Brown.”

“Wow, that’s pretty big, if they did.”

“John Ross’s girlfriend at the time, she ended up involved with this group, pregnant and had his baby in prison.”

“You left that out of your book.”

“It’s one thing to write about J.R. and Jock and Bobby Ewing. John Ross will have to wait for a second book.”

“Yes, I suppose such accusations would be difficult to make in print.”

“What I want to know is about John Ross. So Steven Ewing’s mother is still in prison?”

“She is. Her brother was killed by the same drug cartel which she was dealing with. The nearly killed Christopher. I guess he was the next affair she was having. At some point she was engaged to Christopher. I can’t figure that mess out. And Nicolas Trevino. That’s the drug money launder she was involved with in an attempt to take over the Ewing’s business. I heard she blackmailed the family for money as well. Over what, I don’t know.”

“And there’s another son? Jay.”

“John Ross Ewing the forth. Yes. I’ve been working on that for years. As far as I can tell, John Ross was eighteen when he was born. J.R., his father, took custody of the kid and raised him away from Dallas. I’ve heard a rumor J.R. also had a daughter of his own he was raising away from Dallas.”

“Who’s the mother?”

“I don’t know. But, you find out, I’d pay to know.”

“And his wife. Pamela Barnes is it?”

“Yes. Since you read my book you know about the relationship between the Barnes and the Ewing families. The Ewing’s pretty much absorbed the Barnes family.”

“Are they still married?”

“That I can’t figure out, but I’d guess yes. Though she lives in New York and Florida. I don’t think she’s been in Texas in years. She runs Barnes Global, a company owned by Ewing Industries, media, television and radio stations, casinos. She’s particularly involved with The Pacifica magazine. Her politics are a little more liberal than the Ewing Network.”

“Anything you can tell me about her?”

“Well, you know her father killed J.R., or supposedly, and died in a Mexican prison.”

“That’s what you wrote.”

“It’s a good thing it happened in Mexico. With his money he’d have keep things in court here forever but with the help of Carlos DelSol they were able to lock him up until the day he died.”

“Was he guilty?”

“I don’t know. He was a little nuts.”

“Seems like from what you wrote, the whole Barnes family is disturbed.”

“There was a rumor of an affair between Pamela and a prince from some Arabian emirate.”

“Go on.”

“It seemed she went out of her way to make it clear she was having an affair but no one around her bought it.”

“Why not?”

“He was gay.”


“He ended up back in his country and put to death, leading to a whole revolution. Interesting fact, John Ross made a deal with the new Emir. Ewing Oil got a lease for every last drop of oil in the country and began to drain it dry.”

“You think John Ross had something to do with the revolution?”

“No doubt about it in my mind. Sounds a bit like something his grandfather and father would have done.”

John Ross steps out of a Lincoln, Mateo out from the passenger side, in the shadow of a private jet, down out of walks Richard Channing. The two shake his hands and John Ross, “So where do we stand with Venezuela?”

Leslie meets with Roger in her hotel suite looking over several pages of a report. She says, “I don’t understand. What do you mean our people overvalued our assets?”

“Just that. When Ewing Oil looked into they had to adjust their offer. So, I followed suite with an independent report. And, I have to agree. A new, significantly lower bid, is warranted.”

Jay looks over a scaled model of a downtown Dallas development, explaining to the architects. “My father asked me to oversee this project, as a new headquarters for Ewing Industries, but I think he’s looking for something more. This is impressive, mixed use and all, but I think what he wants is to make a mark on the skyline like the Reunion Tower.”

Lucy walks out of the back of South Fork as her phone rings, “Momma . . . Always great . . . Yes. I wanted to ask you about Uncle Bobby, did he tell you what he did? . . . Yes, the whole thing with Lucas, not only revealing his Lucas’s biological father but leaving him half his shares in Ewing Industries . . . Well of course that’s up set things around here. Lucas went off to talk to his mom and dad, Ray that is. He comes back and says it’s true. I mean I figured it would be. Why would Uncle Bobby lie about such a thing? But then again why after all this time is he gonna just come clean? . . . I don’t know if I agree it’s the right thing to do . . . Yes, I’m serious . . . Well the right thing for Uncle Bobby might not be the right thing for Lucas or Christopher . . . No, maybe J.R. wasn’t wrong . . . I don’t know what he left his other children. I don’t’ even know his other children . . . No I’m not giving J.R. the benefit of the doubt to have left them anything, but I’ll tell you, it might not be a bad thing to grow up thinking someone else was your father . . . No that’s not the same for Uncle Bobby. Uncle Bobby would have made a great dad to Lucas, but he didn’t And Ray was a great dad. Is a great dad to him . . . I’m just saying I don’t necessary agree it’s the right thing to do . . . They’re fine. I’m looking into a new school for Steven. I don’t like this passing him along. He should be in third; they’ve got him in sixth and next year he should be in forth and they’re talking ninth. I have to find a better way than just to pass him along like that . . . Of course John Ross is involved . . .”

Mateo walks into the horse barn where John Ross his bathing his horse. “I just got some information you’ll want to hear.”


“Well with Leslie and the deal with Ewing Industries, I got a bit concerned, you know keeping an eye on things. I didn’t want to see something happen between the two of you.”

“Between the two of us?”

“You and Leslie.”

“There’s nothing between the two of us. Whatever there was, was a long time ago.”

“Still, friends or whatever, business does get in the way.”

“So what did you find out?”

“Christopher is underpaying her for the company and her brother-in-law is helping him. Robert Barkley own owns twenty percent of the company. So by undervaluing it they can pay her less and Robert can get paid off. Ewing Industries gets the company for way less that it’s worth and Barkley gets a bigger cut.”

“I see.”

“You were just informed of this?”

“I had someone do some checking. It’s been in the works for some time now. They’re close to signing.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m sorry John Ross.”

“How’d the McKay auction go?”

“Christopher got the property.”

“Good. Really good. The three of us will all be neighbors. Well four of us, with Lucy.”

“I’m not sure Christopher is even thinking it will up set you, I mean if Leslie’s only a friend.”

“Yes. True.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Give him an out. Tell him you’re coming to him first. Make sure he knows I won’t let Leslie get cheated. But, don’t tell him you’ve talked to me yet. That’ll let him back out of the deal without thinking I’m interfering.”

“Sounds good. I am sorry. I know normally this wouldn’t be an issue. But I also know how you really feel about Leslie.”

“Yeah well, it’s not enough is it.”

Mateo pats John Ross’s shoulder and leaves him alone. John Ross finishes washing his horse and then makes a call. “Bob, this is John Ross. Call me when you get the chance. I want to make an offer to you or Betsy, or both of you. The Henderson place, I bought it and I was thinking, with Lucy here, and Christopher and Lucas, that just leaves the two of you. I was hoping you’d consider it. I know you both love horses and I’d keep the cattle. You could bread horses. Well anyway, think about it. Be really nice to have all of us here. Bye.” He hands up.

In a hotel room in Dallas Jay rolls around in bed with Amy.

Lucy sits in the living room, working on her schedule with her personal secretary, including Jay and Steven attending the first fashion week in New York with her, but will get sent back to Dallas for school and work and that she’ll head to Europe for the next three weeks. He reminds her of Jay’s big polo match in Argentina. She tells him to schedule it in and make sure she’s there. He brings up the last DOA meeting before she leaves and Amy being President for the next year. She then turns to the South Fork house keep and says, “OK and the meals for the week.”

Mateo confronts Jay while he’s shooting skeet. “I need to talk to you.”

Jay, takes off his glasses and takes out his ear plugs. “What?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“OK. Talk.”

“Your partying, sleeping around, jet setting. It’s going to get in the way of your job.”

“My job is just to oversee Caddo Crossing. It’s not like that takes all that much time. What are you like spying on me?”

“Your father is hoping you’ll step up and take his place someday.”

“What, retired. I’ve already got a head start.”

“And Amy Anderson?”

“What about her?”

“You’re still sleeping with her.”

“What the hell. You gonna tattle on me to my father? Listen, I’ll do what I want to. I don’t need your approval or my father’s. I’ve got my own money.”

“I’m well aware of exactly how much J. R. Ewing left you. But that’s not gonna help you with your family when everyone’s left wondering if some baby is yours or Christopher’s. I’ve seen the prenup. If she has a baby which isn’t his, she gets nothing in a divorce. Maybe you should ask yourself, playing around with her worth the trouble you’re gonna cause your whole family?”

“Piss off.” Jay goes back to shooting skeet, yelling, “Pull!”

John Ross’s early morning meeting breaks up and Chris heads outside from the study to get breakfast. Mateo says he’s got eight hundred head of heifers to move and size up. John Ross tells him he’ll be right there. Last remains Lucas. John Ross says, “I want to thank you for joining us. I think working together, I think Chris will come along. Running the bank pretty much keeps you separate from him and it’s a good position within the company. But, in the future, I’d suggest dropping anything talk of going public. Even just the bank.”

“CMBC could be much bigger, with a lot of merger opportunities.”

“Well your assignment is to expand it without going public.”

“Can I ask about Mateo.”


“I mean he’s not even the President of the South Fork Cattle Company. He’s the ranch foreman.”

“That’s right.”

“I’m working out a deal with Gus Fillerman to sell my cattle operation and turn around and lease my land to the South Fork Cattle Company.”

“Yes. He’s working on the same deal with Chris and the old McKay place.”

“And I’ve got someone from the Eleanor and Clayton Farlow Foundation contacting me about donating the land to protect it.”

“Same with Chris.”

“None of them are here for these Monday morning meetings.”

“Well they will be if we need them.”

“But Mateo is. The ranch foreman. Who reports to someone who reports to Gus Fillerman.”

“Something like that.”

“What gives?”

“Mateo leaves a lot of the work at the ranch to other people as well. He’s kind of a friend of mine who helps out. He’s like a consultant with Branch Water.”

“The mercenary company?”

“Yes and more. They do more than guard things. They collect information. And Mateo consults. So the head of security for South Fork know to contact Mateo. And if I need anything done, that I don’t have a specific person to handle, I know Mateo will get it done.”

“I think I understand.”


Horseback riding Leslie stops out by a creek and says to John Ross, “I’ve got to bring something up and I don’t want it to cause us problems.”

“What is it?”

“Robert told me that Ewing Oil had to lower their offer. He even told me he agreed because the assets were overvalued. So, I did some checking of my own. They’re not.”

“So you think Robert and Christopher are trying to cheat you?”

“That’s exactly what I think.”

“I certainly wouldn’t put it past Christopher, but sounds like he’d need to make a deal with Robert to make it happen.”

“And I wouldn’t put it past Robert.”

“Christopher pays him off and he gets more than he’s otherwise entitled to and you get less.”

“Significantly less. My first thought was to let it go and then I’d have a hell of a case against Robert and Ewing Oil. But, I don’t want that to upset you.”

“I appreciate it. Problem is, if I confront Christopher it becomes a fight. I know my cousin. It’ll be I need to pick him over you. I’ll handle it. I promise. Robert still coming to dinner this evening?”

“As far as I know. Brining his daughter with him.”

“I’ll tell you the truth Leslie. I already knew what Chris was doing. He didn’t tell me and I certainly didn’t approve. I’m trying to handle this so that Chris doesn’t think I’m handling it. You know what I mean?”

“Yes. I do.”

“I promise you. I’ll fix it.”

“Thank you.”

Christopher gets out of a hotel bed and pulls up his underwear. A young woman rolls over and says, “Now where are you going?”

“I told you, I have a dinner at South Fork.”

“And Amy will be there?”

“Listen, I’m not fighting with you over here. She’s going to be my wife. You can either live with that or not.”

“The question is, can she live with me?”

Christopher chuckles, “I’m sure she could care less.”

Lucy sets the table at South Fork out by the pool with Amy. Amy says, “So you set up this dinner not because of business but to get John Ross and Leslie to have dinner together since they won’t go out on a date together.”

“Something like that. They keep riding horses and going on picnics. I mean that’s something but, I’m hoping that if they keep being thrust together in these kind of social settings they’ll get the hint. I’m going to bring up the Oil Baron’s Ball.”

“To get them to go together?”


“What about the Cattleman’s Ball?”

“One step at a time.”

With everyone there, John Ross and Mateo manning the grill, Lucas, Christopher, Jay and Steven playing cards, Steven winning, Lucy and Amy set out the side dishes, the Barkley’s arrive. Robert and Leslie are accompanied by a beautiful young girl, in her early to mid-twenties, a dress barely long enough to cover her bottom. Leslie introduces her niece, Monica Barkley. Jay gives her a wink. Lucy sets Monica next to Lucas and pulls Jay as far away as possible. The family sits and eats with their guests in the warm late summer sun out back on the South Fork ranch. They talk about the upcoming rodeo in October. Lucy talks about Robert retiring and Robert confirms he has no intentions of retiring, he’s actually looking at a job with ToGo.

Chris says, “The Venezuelan company.”

“It’s an American company.”

Mateo takes a quick look at his phone and then excuses himself from the table.

“Which is a wholly owned by Venezuela and everyone knows it’s sitting on debt that has to be paid to the Russian, giving them fifty-one percent when they don’t”

Lucy says, “There’s no business talk at the table.”

Mateo returns, “I’m sorry, but we’ve got a problem. There was an oil rig explosion out in the Gulf. I’ve got the helicopter ready.”

Johns Ross jumps up, “Let’s go.”

In the night sky out in the vast darkness of the Gulf of Mexico burns an oil platform, flames and smoke high up overhead.

End of the 1st Episode to kick off a new series or a standalone move.


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The third generation of Ewing’s arrive at a hospital in Galveston as helicopters land in the background. Reporters swarm them. John Ross says, “Please get out of my way. Lucas. You talk to them.” He then rushes in with Lucy and Christopher behind him. “I’m John Ross Ewing. Those people coming from the Gulf. They’re Ewing’s.”

“Mr. Ewing . . .”

“You get them whatever they need. Chris. I get a team together. I want their family’s taken care of. We’re going to do everything we can. Go!”

Outside Lucas tries to answers questions.

“Mr. Ewing?”

“No, I’m . . .”

“Can you tell us what happened?”

“No I can’t. My cousin is working on making sure our employees and their families are taken care of. Then we’ll worry about what happened and why?”

“There are reports of crude spilling into the Gulf.”

“We’ve been told. We’ve got people trying to put the fire out. As soon as they do, they can get at sealing off the site. But we can’t get near it until we can put the fire out.”

Lucy pulls John Ross to the side, “What aren’t you telling me?”

“What? I don’t have time for this Lucy.”

“Don’t give me your shit! I’m not Christopher. I want the truth. What are you keeping to yourself?”

“This wasn’t an accident. I’d bet everything I have on it.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I’ve been working with some people to help get control of Venezuela. Things are more serious than you think.”

“What, oil in Venezuela?”

“This is more than oil in Venezuela. Think Cuba, October of ’62.”

“What?” What the hell have you got this family into?”

“This family’s been into longer than you and I have been alive.”

The fire rages in the dark sky over the cold waters of the Gulf.

Jay attends a penthouse party overlooking the Dallas skyline, loud music, foreplay dancing, drugs. Jay leans over and snorts a line of coke. In one of the bedroom naked bodies cavort.

Jay makes his way up to one of the rooms, an a man not much older than him says, “You’re short.”


“Short. About ten grand short.”

“Alright, whatever, I’ll get it to you.”

“How about now.”

“How about not.”

“How about right now,” with a gun jammed into his gut.

“Alright. Alright.” He takes off his watch and hands it to him. That should more than cover it.”

The man takes the gun away and studies the watch. Suddenly a bullet slices through the window and into the man’s head. Blood splatters all over Jay. There’s commotion on the other side of the door. Jay is frozen in terror as Mateo comes into the room grabbing him up. He yells to men entering the room with him, “Clean this mess up!”

Jay yells, “He was shot. His head!”

“He’s a god damned drug dealer, what did you think was going to come of his life?” Mateo picks up the watch and pulls Jay out of the room, holding him up.

Christopher walks into his office where Robert waits. “I’ll make this quick because I don’t have time for this. Your deal, it’s off.”

“What? No you’re in too deep to walk away from this one. We have a deal.”

“No what we have is you contacting me to steal several billion dollars from your sister-in-law. So this is what’s going to happen. I’m acquiring your company and my discount is coming from your shares.”

“You listen to me . . .”

“No you listen to me. You can agree now or we can handle this another way.”

“I’ve already told Leslie about the new offer. I can’t just go back to her and say they’re going to give you the higher offer anyway. And I sure as hell ain’t gonna walk away without my premium.”

“Suite yourself. I’ve got things to take care of.” Taking papers off his desk and leaving the office, Christopher leaves Robert standing there.

Roberts leaves the font of the Ewing Building onto the sidewalk out front. A group of men approach, the lead saying, “Mr. Barkley, Robert Barkley?”


“FBI. You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can . . .” Two other men see to his being hand cuffed.

Heron’s fly up from the marshes along the eastern coast of Texas as the first waves of crude oil roles in with the tide.

John Ross walks up into a private jet. The door closes.

The jet taxis down the runway.

The jet takes off into the bright blue Texas sky.

Lucy plays chess with Steve out behind Southfork.

A Rolls Royce pulls up behind Southfork. The back passenger side door opens and a pair of beautiful legs turn out from the interior of the sedan. The driver holds out his hand and helps Sue Ellen step out.

Steve runs from the pool to the driveway to greet his grandmother, hugging her, she pets his hair.

Sue Ellen sits with Lucy as she and Steven finish their game of chess. “I don’t understand. Why has John Ross gone to South America?”

“I don’t really know. All he told me was that the oil rid was no accident and something about Venezuela being like Cube in sixty-two. I’m trying to help with all these families, one funeral after another, and I hear that the Russian navy is docked in Maracibo.”

“The Russian navy? What?”

“Then this morning I hear that a Russian company has acquired fifty-one percent of ToGo.”

“The oil company?”

“An oil company that Robert Barkley was going to work for.”

“Who’s Robert Barkley.”

“Someone Chris is buying an oil company from. And then this morning I hear that the FBI has arrested Robert Barkley. And John Ross is gone. I don’t know but security around here is tenfold.”

“I noticed. I’ve never been stopped at the road before. And by armed guards.”

“So I called you.”

“Thank you. Let me call Don and see if he can find anything out.”

“Don Lockwood? What would your x-husband be able to find out?”

“He’s got a lot of contact. An awful lot of contacts.”

Jay turns around in a hospital room when Mateo comes in. “I want out of here!”

“Yeah well you’ve got long ways to go.”

“You can’t hold me prisoner!”

“You think I can’t. You know better than that. What the hell were you thinking?”

“What I do with my life is none of yours or my father’s business.”

“I spent too much time ignoring this slide into Sodom and Gomora of yours. It’s done.”

“Does my father even know I’m here?”

“Of course he does.”

“Yeah of course he does but he can’t bother to show up. Lucy?”

“You really want me to tell Lucy you’re here?”

“No of course not.”

“Your father would be here but he’s dealing with something, something he can’t put off.”

“Oh yes the business.”

“It’s not just business. He’s involved in something far more important than just making money.”


“I can’t tell you.”

“No of course you can’t. Listen I just want to go home.”

“Then let these people help you.”

“I don’t need help!”

“Please,” Mateo begs, his eyes filling with tears.

“Why do you care? Can’t just be your job.”

“Your father’s my friend.”

“Hell, I’ve got a lot friends.”

“Well I don’t.”

“I want out of here! Do you hear me! Let me out!”

“I can’t. Not until you let them help you.” A tear runs down Mateo’s cheek.

Jay walks past him to the door. Mateo grabs him and pulls him back.

“Let go of me. I’m walking out of here.”

“No you’re not.”

Jay pulls his arm away. Looks Mateo in the eyes and kisses him passionately.

Lucas walks into an office in Detroit, “Hello, I’m Lucas Krebs.”

“Mr. Krebs. Kyle Sloane. How are you?”

“I couldn’t be better. I want to talk to you about Ewing Motors. It’s my understanding that this is my brother’s project for an electric car and that Ewing Alternative is about to turn over to you a battery that will triple the charge any car on the market can carry.”

“Your brother is a brilliant engineer. I only wish I had him on my team full time.”

“Cost. We’re talking the cost of a regular car.”


“Well I’ll tell you. My interest is in the financing. I believe I can justify eight year loans through CMBC. I also believe we should include financing to put in a charging station in people’s homes in one package.”

He motions to a seat, “I’m all ears.”

“I also want your help. Once this company is selling product, I want to take it public. My cousin, John Ross, is opposed to any public offering. What do you think?”

“We could shatter records going public. Next month we begin to sell buses for public transit, using the new Ewing Alternative battery. That’s going to get a hell of a lot of attention. The big cost is still sitting out there, the cost of automation. It’s a bit further off, and the cost is massive. We need to go public to get the funding we’ll need.”

“Good. I like what I’m hearing. Tell me more.” Lucas sits down.

Kyle walks Lucas to the elevator talking about a successful meeting and looking forward to taking Ewing Motor’s public. They two shake hands and Lucas walks onto the elevator. The doors close.

Christopher walks from around the corner.

Kyle says, “You were right. Predicable.”

“Some people are an easy read.” Chris smiles and pats Kyle on the back.

The sun setting the Ewing’s begin to fill up the living room for cocktails. Lucy and Amy talk about meeting with an architect to build a new house for the McKay Ranch. Christopher says, “Well I have an announcement.”

“And what’s that?” John Ross asks, entering the room from his study with Mateo.

“The name of the McKay Ranch just doesn’t work for me. I thought about Krebs,” he chuckles, “But yeah no. So I approached Amy’s uncle. The Anderson Ranch has all been developed near Houston, but as one of the original ranches in Texas I figured the name had some value. So I bought it from him. The Sam Anderson Ranch.”

Amy smiles, puts her hands on Chris’s chest and kisses him. “I love it.”

“You’re still planning on the South Fork Cattle Company running it?” John Ross asks.

“Well you’re not thinking I’m going to retire and start ranching are you?”

“No, somehow I doubt that.”

Jay walks in next and John Ross hugs him. “I’m sure glad to see you. I hear nothing but good things.”

“What good things?” Lucy asks.

“Oh his work on the project downtown. He’s been on a long journey looking at buildings.”

“Oh how nice.”

The doorbell rings and Lucy says, “I’ll get it.”

John Ross asks, “Who did you invite to dinner?”

“Just friends,” Lucy smiles and walks into the entry hall.

John Ross hands Jay a soda water and Lucas a bourbon and branch.

Lucy returns and says, “I asked Leslie and Monica to dinner.”

The family walks into the dining room and Lucy says, “Leslie you sit here, next to John Ross. John Ross sits where my granddaddy use to sit. Closest to the door. Steven you don’t mind sitting one down do you?”

“No I’m good.”

“And let’s see Lucas and Monica, you set on the end, between me and Lucas.”

Chris takes the chair to the right of Miss Ellie’s seat where J.R. use to sit and Amy next to him. Chris says, “I guess Mateo that leaves you between Amy and Jay.”

Lucy smiles and sits down in Miss Ellie’s chair saying, “Steven, why don’t you tell your dad about your grandma’s visit today?”