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In the sequel to 'Six Degrees of Separation', new lovers, Constance Weldon Carlyle Carrington and Ray Krebbs are spared from being caught by their respective spouses, Blake Carrington and Donna Krebbs, when Titus Semple, who was driving, gets into an accident, on his way up the lone road to the beach house. Constance and Ray, hearing the accident, jump out of bed and quickly dress. Others that live nearby get help, and it is only then that Constance and Ray realize how close they were to being caught.

Donna is hurt badly and paralyzed. Blake is left with amnesia and Titus suffers a gunshot wound to the shoulder. But because of their respective spouses serious injuries, Constance and Ray renew promises to keep away from one another and be loyal within their own marriages.

But the accident is suspicious, as is Alexis, who thinks that either Ray, or Constance, fired at the car—and wastes no time in saying so! Elmo Tyson, Eudora Weldon Ewing’s first love and owner of the biggest newspaper in Flamingo Road, the Truro Clarion. He has been investigating everything that’s happened in their community ever since Eudora became a Ewing. And he doesn’t think anything is just a coincidence—from all of the trouble that was brought down on the former Mrs. Fielding Carlyle, Lane Ballou, to the events of now…


Constance insisted that her mother stay at the estate and look after Krystina. Eudora had spent enough time at this hospital supporting Pamela over Adam. She herself tried not to look as tired as she felt, as she listened to the doctors tell her that Blake had lost the last two years of his life and was devastated to learn that Krystle was dead. He didn’t know who Constance was and he was not interesting in finding out!

Blake recognized Alexis, though. And although he was angry with her for her past misdeeds during their marriage and upon her return to his life, because he recognized her, it kept him calm in a way. Meaning Alexis was in Blake’s room instead of Constance! It was all she could do not to scratch that woman’s eyes out!

Constance rubbed the back of her neck as she noticed Elmo Tyson talking to someone. His back was to her. Constance took the opportunity to walk down an opposite hallway, where she ran into Pamela!

“Oh my God, Constance! I just heard! How is Blake?” she asked.

“He doesn’t remember me! He remembers Alexis, but not me!” Constance almost seethed.

“Oh God.” Pam said. “So does he remember Krystle?”

“Oh yes! And he’s mourning her in there! I left him sobbing in Alexis’s arms! She said that she ‘loved Krystle too’ and when I tried to call her a liar, Blake and her screamed at me to get out! Pamela…I don’t know what to do!”

“Keep calm. For now. How did this happen? I heard that someone shot Blake and Donna off of the road?” Pam asked. Constance suddenly looked around.

“How is Donna?” Constance asked. Pam shook her head.

“She’s paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors are trying to find out if it will be permanent.” she told her. Constance ran a hand through her hair!

“Someone shot at their car. Chances are whoever this was was after Titus. I’m going to go find him and give him hell for all the trouble he has given me!” Constance snapped. But Pam grabbed her arm!

“Constance, you need to be by Blake’s side. And you need to stay there.” she said firmly. Constance nodded, calming down.

“I know.” she replied.

“Do you really? Because as much as I try and respect that fact that Alexis is Adam’s mother, she can be a bit much. And she will take advantage of Blake’s amnesia to make sure that you never step foot in your own house again! You need to get back in there and get Alexis out of his room!” Pamela warned her.

Field suddenly appeared behind Pamela and Constance took that as her cue to get back to Blake’s room. Pamela turned and noticed him.

“Field? What are you doing here?” Pamela asked.

“You know, people forget that Donna and I are friends for some reason. I just came from her room. It’s bad.” he said quietly.

“I can well imagine. How is Ray holding up?”

“He’s not the one that’s paralyzed. Donna is.” was Field’s answer.

“That’s unkind, Senator. And I have never thought you to be that way.” Pamela chastised him softly. Field cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry. I just think that something is off about this whole thing.”

“Of course something is off! Whoever did this was after Titus! Blake and Donna are innocent victims! And Ray and Constance are going through hell!”

“I actually wanted to ask Constance about Blake. How is he?” Field asked.

“Constance said he’s lost his memory. The last two years to be precise.” Pam told him.


Constance walked back into Blake’s room and saw he was asleep. Alexis was sitting in a chair reading a magazine when she entered. She set it down and gave Constance a hard look.

“You really shouldn’t be in here. Your presence upsets Blake.”

“He’ll have to learn to get used to me. Pam is looking for you. Adam has taken a turn for the worse.” Constance lied and Alexis leapt out of her chair and hurried out of the room! Constance closed the door behind her and pulled up a chair to sit by Blake’s side. Almost as if sensing something different, Blake awoke, looked around for Alexis and saw no one but Constance.

“What are you doing here?” Blake asked, his manner grouchy.

“I’m here because I’m your wife, whether you like it or not. Krystle died giving birth to your daughter. She asked me to look after Krystina and we got married. We’re a family now.” Constance said softly.

Blake looked surprised!

“Krystle was pregnant? She died in childbirth?”

“Yes. Didn’t Alexis tell you that?”

Blake suddenly sat up and stared at her.

“She told me you and Krystle were driving someplace, that you were drunk and that you ended up in an accident. Krystle was killed.”

“Really, Blake? I know you have amnesia but you just believed that?”

“I don’t know you.” Blake said firmly. “And Krystle is dead. I had no reason not to believe…”

“Your lying wretch of an ex wife? Has she told you that she’s been married four times since you two have been divorced?”

Blake stared at her for a moment before answering.

“I know Alexis was married to Cecil Colby and Dex Dexter.”

“Throw J.R. Ewing and her current husband, Cliff Barnes into the mix and that makes four.” Constance said, now standing up. “I’m going to leave you to think about all of that. When I return, you can tell me when you want to see your youngest daughter.”

Fallon, Amanda and Jeff walked in and it was clear Blake recognized them. Constance left the room without giving any of them so much as a glance. Once outside in the hallway, it was all she could do not to scream! With the way Blake was acting, she couldn’t be sure she could even get him to leave the hospital with her, once he was ready to be released!

Meanwhile, Ray, who needed some kind of break from what was happening, noticed Constance in the hallway and approached her.

“How is Blake?” he asked softly.

Constance looked around carefully before answering.

“He remembers nothing, Ray. Nothing! Nothing of me. Or Krystina. Alexis told him that I killed Krystle while driving drunk!”

“What?!” Ray snapped. “Oh she’s good at lying! People still believe Sue Ellen and Gary have a child that lives in the attic at Southfork!”

“I know! Her lies stick!” Constance sighed in frustration, thinking of Krystle and what she had to go through with that woman! She then looked at Ray again.

“I heard that Donna was paralyzed. I’ve been paralyzed, Ray. Field once knocked me off a balcony because he was upset over nothing. Is it permanent?”

“The doctors are looking into that now. I don’t think Donna could deal with that. And she’s a strong woman but she’s already talking about my divorcing her so she wouldn’t be a burden. I couldn’t do something like that…” he trailed off and Constance could not help touching his face.

“Of course you couldn’t do something like that! You are so real and genuine, Ray Krebbs. And loyal. We just both have to get through this.” she told him, just as Field saw them together. He cleared his throat and Constance slowly slid her hand off of Ray’s face. They both looked at him.

“Donna’s doctor is looking for you, Ray. You might want to be at your wife’s side.” Field said. “Constance, I thought we could take a walk. There’s some things we need to discuss.”

Ray and Constance looked at one another, then at Field.

“Constance has nothing to talk about with you, Carlyle, okay? So whatever this is…” Ray was about to say, when Constance put a hand on his arm.

“Go and see to Donna. I’ll be fine.” she said softly and Ray reluctantly left. Field rubbed the back of his neck.

“Wow. It was really hard to tear him from your side.” he noted.

“I’m not in the mood to fool with you, Field. Surely there is some carnival dancer you could be romancing at this point? Or a cousin of Lane’s? Now if you will excuse me.” Constance said, turning away.

But Field moved so that he was in front of her!

“I’m sorry. I heard Blake lost his memory and I’m sure Alexis is circling him. I just wanted to find out how you were doing.”

Constance thought his tone sounded sincere enough, so she answered him.

“I’m holding up. I should get back to Blake.”

“Yes. You should. Just like Ray should get back to Donna.” Field said, his eyes probing hers. For an odd moment, Constance had the strangest feeling that Filed knew about what had happened between Ray and herself. But there was no way that was possible, so she pushed the idea out of her mind. She said nothing more to him and headed back towards Blake’s room just as Fallon came out—and blocked her way!

“Excuse me.” Constance said but Fallon did not move.

“Constance, this whole marriage charade you have going with my father is over, okay?”

Constance folded her arms.


“Yes.” Fallon said coolly. “You pretended to be Krystle’s friend and then swooped in and claimed her baby and my father once she was gone. It’s over.”

“First of all, Fallon, that baby’s name is ‘Krystina’ and she’s your sister. Secondly and lastly, I will be more than happy to drop my ‘charade’ when you drop yours.” Constance said smugly.

“Meaning?” Fallon asked, her manner huffy.

“The farce you’re living with Bobby. He loves Pamela and always will. I’d even go so far as to say he adores her. You couldn’t pry him from her side if you tried. I think that’s what you need to be focused on before you lose your husband completely before nightfall.” Constance half smiled, before going back into Blake’s room.

Meanwhile, Fallon was left seething with anger! And she was angry because she knew Constance was right! This whole thing had been a nightmare and a half! She could care less about Adam’s getting shot and was sure he had it coming! But she couldn’t show that to Bobby. She had been forced to come here to show family support over a loathsome sibling she barely knew and didn’t want to know any better. And Adam just happened to be married to Pamela. Pamela Barnes.

And if Constance could see all of that, who else could?

Meanwhile, Constance kept up trouble as she moved to get Jeff and Amanda out of the room. Blake was asleep.

“Jeff, Fallon is outside crying. I think she saw a close moment between Bobby and Pam.” Constance lied. Jeff stood up and left the room looking concerned! Amanda glared at Constance.

“Dear, if you don’t want to lose him, I’d go and make sure that Fallon doesn’t get too comfortable in Jeff’s arms.”

Amanda shoved past Constance and slammed out of the room, awakening Blake! His eyes focused on her.

“My daughters seem to believe that our marriage isn’t what it should be. Constance, right?” he asked almost kindly.

Constance slowly walked over to his bed and sat on the end of it.

“Blake, Krystle was my friend. I left here to move to Denver with Matthew Blaisdel, whom I was in love with at the time. What I did not know what that he was using me—courtesy of Alexis.”

Blake sat up straighter.

“Matthew Blaisdel? What in the devil does he have to do with any of this?”

“Blake, honey, Alexis paid him to romance me and pretend to love me…so he could make Krystle jealous. When I realized I had given up my life here to be with a man that didn’t want me, I was devastated. Krystle knew what Matthew was up to and took pity on me. She let me live at the mansion with the both of you until I got over my heartbreak. But there came a point where I did not want to leave. I was afraid for her and her baby. And I was afraid that Alexis and Matthew would do something to Krystle…and your baby.”

Blake’s eyes widened!

“My God! What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that Alexis and Matthew made your lives impossible during Krystle’s pregnancy. She was practically on bed rest but there was no rest, Blake. Not from the two of them. And Alexis is lying if she’s telling you anything else. Now, I am going to go and get Krystina. It is time you met our little girl.”

“Krystle’s?” Blake asked in a hollow voice. Constance gritted her teeth and said something she shouldn’t have. But then again, she had said several things in the last half hour she shouldn’t have.

“Yes, Blake. Krystina’s birth mother was Krystle. But when OUR child is born, he or she will be ours. All ours.” Constance lied, reaching for Blake’s hand and placing it on her stomach.


Pam was less than pleased that Constance had told Alexis that Adam was dying! She understood that she had to get Alexis away from Blake, but that lie only enraged Alexis and made Adam all the more aware that his father’s condition was more serious than he had thought. Or what Pam had told him it was. He was better and he fully remembered who shot him.

Matthew Blaisdel. How or why the hell he had been in the Weldon house, was beyond his comprehension! But all Adam remembered was confronting him and then nothing.

The doctors were amazed at how quickly he had improved in just a matter of hours. He honestly thought, though this would be terrible to say out loud, but he thought that what was happening to Donna and his father, almost gave him strength. It was like their strength was being sapped and making him better.

Of course that was ridiculous. After all, his father had amnesia. There was nothing horribly wrong with him physically, thank God. But Donna…yes, that would be interesting. He couldn’t see Texans wanting her to stay in office if she could not walk. Maybe. But he doubted it.

“Mother, I am sure that Constance was just trying to get you out of the room. Stay here with Pamela and myself and let Father have some time alone…”

“Did that bullet do something to your brain?” Alexis asked rudely. “I am not leaving your father with that woman! Her and Ray Krebbs planned this! One of them shot at that car and it is only a matter of time before it is proved!”

“For what reason?” Pam asked, unable to believe Alexis was going to spread that kind of trash around. Alexis gave her a withering look.

“Isn’t obvious? It’s been obvious ever since Constance first came to visit at Southfork! She was after Ray and he responded to her dubious charms! Just as your father did. And when Blake and Donna were about to catch them, they fired at their car to keep them at bay!”

Adam raised a brow.

“So you’re saying that Ray and Constance were sleeping together, they heard a car, saw it was Father and Donna and instead of just hurriedly dressing, they shot at them to buy themselves time? Mother, really, I am a lawyer and I could not sell that as a motive anywhere! Now you are upsetting Pamela with this nonsense. I think you should leave.”

Alexis gritted her teeth. Adam used that phrase a lot. The ‘Upsetting Pamela’ thing. She decided in that moment that maybe her son could use a new wife. Of her choosing, of course.

But she pasted on a contrite look.

“I am sorry, darling. You’re right. The idea is ludicrous, especially when you put it that way. I think I’m going to call Cliff.” Alexis said and left the room. Once outside, she saw Bobby headed her way. Bobby who looked as handsome as ever.

“Alexis. How is Pam?”

Alexis was about to say something snide in reference to Pam, since Bobby was supposed to be married to Fallon. But something else came out of her mouth entirely.

“Oh Bobby! She’s in Adam’s room and he’s taken a turn for the worse. She could really use you in there right now.” Alexis said, putting a hand on Bobby’s arm and watched as he went inside Adam’s room.

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Chapter 2

Constance walked out of the hospital and saw Ray dealing with the media. One reporter even asked if Ray himself would be stepping up to fill in as Governor while Donna recovered! She looked away from the display, fearful that she and Ray would lock eyes again and some nosy reporter would be able to guess their closeness.

As she headed to her car, she saw Field standing next to the driver’s side! Damnit! She was seeing him more these days than she did when they were married!

“Field.” Constance said coolly. “I’ll need for you to step aside so I can get into my car.”

“We need to talk.” was his reply.


“How about I come to the house for dinner this evening?”

“No. I have too many things to do.” was her reply.

“Okay. Then you come to my house for dinner. I’ll cook us something.”

Field was not surprised by the look of horror Constance gave him, as if he had asked her to cook!

“Why would I come there? Field, just say what it is you want!”

Fielding Carlyle moved so that he could whisper in her ear.

“It’s about a beach house, a rifle shot and what I saw.”

Constance stared at him as he moved away from her ear.

“You saw who fired at the car?”


“Who was it?”

“It was me.”

Constance’s eyes grew huge and she surreptitiously began to look around for help! Field grinned!

“Constance, you have nothing to be afraid of.”

“Really? You just told me you shot at the car! How could you not have known that Blake and Donna would be hurt if you shot at Titus? How?”

“Because,” Field said in a low voice, “I was shooting at Blake, not Titus. Now I want to see you at my family home around seven.”

And with this words, he opened her driver’s side door. Constance slowly got in, unable to believe what she had just learned! She watched as Field walked away from her car and towards his own. He got in, started it, drove past hers, winking at her, before driving out of the lot! Once Constance was sure he was gone, she jumped out of the car and carefully made her way over to Ray. His little impromptu press conference was breaking up and he noticed her. She nodded towards the hospital building and they went in, separately, Ray first, as to not catch the attention of a nosy reporter.

Ray sat down in a chair and Constance soon followed. She sat down next to him, looked around and then spoke.

“Field just told me that he shot at the car.” she said in a low voice, running a hand casually through her hair.

Ray forced his facial expression to remain neutral.

“Field did this? He crippled my wife?”

“And caused my own husband to forget who I am.” Constance said between clenched teeth.


“Apparently he’s going to explain all of that at dinner. At his family home. I have no choice but to go there tonight and find out what he wants. He knows about us.”

“You are not going alone.” Ray said softly. “And before you tell me that we can’t be seen together, Field is a friend of Donna’s. No one is going to think anything of me being there if seen. You are his ex wife. Field is just offering his sympathy to us.”

Constance lifted a brow.

“Why Ray Krebbs! You’re better at playing politics than you give yourself credit for.”

“What else did he say?” Ray asked, ignoring Constance’s backhanded compliment.

“He said he was shooting at Blake. And Blake alone.” she said quietly. Ray gaped at her!

“So he wanted only Blake out of the way? Why?”

“I have no idea. Unless it’s political in some way. It most certainly can’t be personal.”

Ray clenched his jaw.

“What? You’re clenching your jaw.”

“Why can’t it be personal, Constance? Maybe he wants you back.”

If they hadn’t been in public, Constance would have fell to the floor in a fit of uncontrollable laughter!

“No.” was all she said, struggling not to laugh.

“Why is it funny?”

“Actually it’s not, Ray, since I can assure you, Field would be President now if he had stayed with me. But I had to accept the fact that he has a thing for back alley tramps, which I am not. And I don’t want you to come along. I can handle Field.”

“No, you’re not going. I’m going to tell Titus what you told me.”

“And then what, Ray?”

“I think he’ll do some police work for you. Maybe not for other people but for you he will, yeah. Plus he hates Field. Field had to know he was risking his neck by telling you that!” Ray griped, confused about what Carlyle’s game was.

Suddenly, a glamorous looking Black woman rushed past them towards an elevator! A couple of reporters hurried to catch up with her! Ray looked down the hallway at them.

“Who was that? And don’t tell me she wasn’t somebody!”

Constance slowly stood up.

“That, my dear, is Dominique Devereaux. Blake’s half sister. She was also a ‘Krystle Fan’ though she’s a little more polite than everyone else. I’m going to head home and look in on Krystina and Mama. Maybe by the time I come back here she’ll be gone.” Constance said.

Ray stood up as well.

“Call me when you’re finished meeting Field.”

“I promise.” Constance said, wanting to kiss him goodbye badly, but not daring to do so. She could see in Ray’s eyes he was feeling the same way. Constance turned and walked out of the hospital, lest she throw caution to the wind and become overwhelmed by her own desires for his man.

Ray watched Constance walk away then turned to find himself face to face with Elmo Tyson! Ray recognized him as a reporter who’s paper had always been supportive of Field.

“Mr. Krebbs? Elmo Tyson from the Truro Clarion. How is the Governor?”

“I think you well know how she is, Mr. Tyson. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to her.”

“Was that Constance Carrington I saw you with earlier?” Elmo asked.

“Yeah. It was. We were both commiserating about what happened to our spouses. Now, please, I need time with my wife.”

“Of course, Mr. Krebbs. You know, I’m not here to hurt the Governor. I think what’s happened here is beyond appalling. And I am unsure of how motivated Titus Semple is to get to the bottom of this whole thing.”

Ray folded his arms.

“Why wouldn’t he be? He was shot.”

“Yes. Clearly he was the target. You’ll find that with Semple, nothing comes out of left field. I have no doubts whatsoever that he knows who shot him and why. Which is why I think we may never find out who did this.”

Ray nodded and walked off. He wanted to tell Tyson so badly that Fielding Carlyle was the one that had did this! And he decided that once he heard back from Constance, he was going to tell Donna the truth about why this happened to her. All of it.


Constance was right to leave the hospital when she did…

“You are not seeing Blake!” Alexis snapped before Dominque slapped her! Bobby and Jeff were about to get in between them, but Dominique held up her hand.

“I apologize, Alexis. My slapping hand has been palsied lately. It just happened.”

Alexis smiled and slapped Dominique back!

“Of course, darling. I accept your apology. My own slapping hand has suffered badly as a side effect from medication, during this God awful time.”

“Oh. My. God.” Bobby muttered, letting go of Dominique before exchanging a look with Jeff, who let go of Alexis.

“I’m just going to go in and see Blake now.” Dominique said, before turning and sauntering into his room. Fallon and Amanda, who were standing nearby, walked over to Alexis to keep her from stopping her!

“Mother, Daddy needs to see every familiar face he can.” Fallon said before leaving Amanda to deal with their mother. She turned to Bobby and they walked away from the fray a bit. Jeff’s eyes were on them the whole time.

“How is Pam? Is she alright? Because Adam is recovering and I was thinking we could head back to Dallas.” Fallon said, smiling up at him. Bobby’s return look was one of confusion.

“Instead of going to Colorado?”

“Why would we go there?”

“Honey, I know you want to see Blake settled in. I also know you have reservations about Constance. I just assumed we’d be leaving to stay at the mansion there.”

There was no way in the HELL, Fallon was going to stay one night, in the same house, as Pam and Adam. This whole hospital visit had been a disaster. First Adam is shot then her father is hurt and develops amnesia. Fallon was going to trust her mother and Amanda to keep an eye on Constance!

“Bobby, like it or not, Constance is Daddy’s wife. I might not like her but I do believe she will take good care of him. The same goes for Pam as well. I trust her to take good care of my brother. That means we should head back to Dallas.” Fallon said carefully. She did not want her tone to reveal her true thoughts.

“Okay. But I would feel better if we knew for sure that your mother did not help Matthew Blaisdel get away.”

“God, Bobby, why would she have done that? He shot Adam!”

“I’m not saying she did it on purpose! But they were in cahoots to break up your father and Krystle at one point in time. And that rumor that she started about Gary and Sue Ellen…Fallon, I’m sorry but I would just feel better if that little thread was resolved. Blaisdel could come back again and this time Pam could be hurt as well.”

Fallon just stared at him. Bobby mistook her expression for fatigue. He kissed her forehead softly.

“I know this has been hard on you as well. Go back to the hotel and rest. If Adam or Blake take a turn for the worse or anything I think you should know, I will call you, okay?”

Before Fallon could utter another word of agreement or protest, Bobby was gone and headed towards the hallway that lead to Adam’s room.

And Pam.

Goddamned Pam, is what Fallon called her sister-in-law in her head! She was always there! She was even there at Southfork, since Sue Ellen brought her up all the time just to bug her. In retaliation, Fallon put Scotch in her lemonade or any other non alcoholic drink she had, with an eyedropper. Fallon knew good and well that Sue Ellen and Pam had not been THAT close, and that Sue Ellen was just ticked off at her because of Alexis.

She turned and walked back over to her mother and Amanda. Jeff had left to get coffee for everyone. Alexis eyed her with concern.

“What is it, darling?”

“Bobby is sending me to the hotel. He is staying here with Pam.”

Alexis sighed.

“I have been where you are and…”

“Mother,” Fallon interrupted rudely, “he wants to stay because he thinks Matthew Blaisdel is on the loose. And he thinks he’s on the loose because he got away on a Colbyco plane! You said you knew nothing about that but no one believes you! Find out what happened and then maybe I can pry my husband away from his ex-wife!”

“Now Fallon,” Alexis said coolly, “even if I had that information right now, you know that Bobby would find another excuse…”

“Yes well I want to eliminate THIS excuse! Do it, Mother or I will have nothing more to say to you for quite a long time!”

And with those words, Fallon turned and walked off. She was going back to the hotel to pull herself together and plan her next move. But she and Bobby were not going to be staying in Florida much longer! That she intended to see to!

Meanwhile, Alexis felt like throwing up her hands! Amanda sighed.

“Cliff is running Colbyco. Surely he can find out what happened?” Amanda asked.

“I was about to find out when Blake suddenly had an accident!” Alexis huffed. “And while I do not like the idea of not focusing on running Constance Weldon out of your father’s life, I do have to get this misunderstanding taken care of. Dominque, as annoying as she is, isn’t anymore fond of Constance than I am. Between her and yourself, the two of you can keep an eye on your father.” Alexis told her.

Titus Semple suddenly approached them. His arm was in a sling.

“Hello, ladies.”

Alexis raised a brow.

“Hello yourself, Sheriff. I take it you’re on your way out of here to find out who did this? Though I think we all know who was probably responsible.”

“And who would that be? No, no, let me guess: Garrison Ewing. The love child that’s in the Southfork attic? He escaped right, came down here with his Uncle J.R. and shot at my car?”

Amanda could not help but giggle and Alexis turned and gave her youngest daughter a hard look! She then turned back to Titus.

“I must say, Sheriff, you are being very blasé for someone who was almost killed.” Alexis remarked.

“I’m used to be people trying to gun me down, Mrs. Barnes. That’s why I know that whatever this was about had nothing to do with me.” Titus said pointedly. Alexis and Amanda looked at one another and this time Amanda spoke.

“What are you saying? That someone tried to kill Governor Krebbs?” she asked.

“Maybe. Ladies, I am small potatoes compared to the Governor of Texas and Blake Carrington.

“I agree.” Alexis told him. “And I think you should be focusing on who benefits if Blake and Donna are out of the way.”

“By that you mean the people of Texas and anyone that is mentioned in Carrington’s will?” Titus asked in a tone that sounded as if he really wanted to know that information.

“Clearly you don’t think Ray and Constance had anything to do with it?” Alexis asked, her manner becoming frosty again.

“What proof do you really have that no one was shooting at just you?” Amanda asked, just as Jeff returned with coffee.

“This is an investigation now. A serious one, obviously. So I can’t discuss the details. Just know that because I was involved, you can damned well bet the shooter WILL found!”

And with those words, Titus walked off. Alexis scowled!

“He’s too busy strutting around like a peacock to find the shooter. I’ll hire some people myself to get at the truth. Now, if you two don’t mind, I have to get going. I need to find out who allowed Matthew Blaisel to travel on a Colbyco jet.” she said to Jeff and Amanda, before leaving. Once she was out of their hearing, Amanda eyed Jeff.

“You didn’t do it, did you?” Amanda asked. “I know we didn’t want Matthew to know we were pushing him to get information on Constance.”

“I wouldn’t do that, Amanda, not even to cover our hides.” he said smiling at her. “Look, why don’t we say our goodbyes to Blake and get out of here. Dominique is here. She’ll look after him for awhile.”

Amanda nodded her assent but had one more thing to say.

“Fallon is on the warpath. Bobby is not willing to leave Pam’s side and she is blaming Mother for the Matthew plane thing.”

“I know. I was talking to her earlier.” was Jeff’s reply. Amanda said nothing to that. She could not shake the feeling that her sister and herself, were in the same predicament when it came to their men.


A naked Fallon feigned intense interest in her ‘step-father’, Cliff, as she impaled herself over and over upon Cliff’s satisfactory length. Cliff sounded hoarse from his own guttural cries and ramblings until finally, their encounter on a chaise in her mother and Cliff’s hotel suite ended, and Cliff buried his head between Fallon’s full breasts. Fallon tolerated this for a short while with a smile, before climbing off of Cliff and padding her way to their bathroom in her bare feet. Meanwhile, Cliff lumbered over to the bed and entwined his arms behind his head.

“That, my dear, was fabulous!” he crowed while Fallon cleaned herself up a bit, scarcely listening. She and Bobby were staying in the same hotel as her mother and Cliff. She had seen him in the bar downstairs and found herself really wanting to hurt her mother. Her mother who had pushed her into a marriage with a man that every woman would want, and no woman could ever forget.

And yet Fallon Carrington Colby Ewing, felt as if Pam was a third person in their marriage. And the only way she would be safe from Pamela Barnes Ewing Carrington’s insufferable presence, was if they headed back to Texas and lived on a sleepy ranch in the middle of nowhere.

She wanted to go home. To Colorado. And she wanted Bobby and herself to live in the Carrington mansion. But in order for that to happen, Pam and Adam would have to go elsewhere.

And now with this Colby plane thing hanging over their lives, no thanks to Alexis, Fallon couldn’t think of how to get the life she wanted. She tried to tell herself that it was not her mother’s fault that someone stole one of her planes to let a criminal get away. But Alexis didn’t let criminals or anyone else, get the jump on her. Fallon believed she helped Matthew Blaisdel get away because he knew something about her. Something Alexis didn’t want to get out. And now she and Bobby were paying for it.

Well, Bobby was near Pam again. He was fine with everything that was going on.

Fallon was not. And now that she had had sex with her mother’s new, troll looking husband, she needed to begin thinking about how to get Bobby back to Dallas and begin their lives again. Their new lives. And that was where Sue Ellen came in…

Fallon felt that Southfork should be her and Bobby’s home alone. And she was very aware that J.R. and Sue Ellen weren’t going anywhere. But her mind kept going back to that ridiculous story her mother made up. The one about the fake child living in the Southfork attic. Little Garrison.

She had been engaged to Bobby when Sue Ellen began drinking again over it. She had tried to show the older woman some compassion but Sue Ellen blamed her, because of Alexis. Fallon couldn’t say that she blamed her. But when she tried to put herself in Sue Ellen’s shoes…well…she just couldn’t. She wasn’t a hopeless lush and if someone had lied on her like that, she would’ve just shrugged it off and moved on.

It was as she was thinking along those lines as to how to use the rumor to secure Southfork for herself and Bobby, that she realized Cliff was still talking. About what, Fallon could not guess since she had not been listening. But she changed the subject to suit her own interests, as she picked up her mother’s hairbrush on a dressing table and used it on her own hair.

“So, when do you think this whole Colbyco plane business will be cleared up? Mother is really upset that people think that she helped Matthew Blaisdel get away.”

Cliff stretched and got out of bed. He put on a robe and shrugged.

“People would have thought it was her anyway. I think she’s upset because Blake thinks it was her. But then again, Blake doesn’t really think much of anything anymore, not with his amnesia.”

Fallon didn’t like his tone, but she bit her tongue and kept pressing for information.

“Why do I get the feeling that you know what really happened?” she asked. Cliff walked over to her and reached for her hands.

“Why do I get the feeling that what happened between us, will never happen again if I don’t tell you what I know?”

“Oh Cliff!” Fallon sighed with exasperation. “You know this can’t happen again! Mother would kill us both.”

“Because she cares so much for me?” Cliff asked in a tone that didn’t even sound remotely hurt.

“Alexis doesn’t just ‘marry’. Yes, I think she’d be hurt if she knew that anything happened between us.”

“Not to mention Bobby. He would kill me. Or would he?” Cliff asked slyly. He walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink. He did not offer her one. Fallon tossed her hair and curled up on the ‘love chaise’.

“Meaning what? That he would be too busy running back to your sister to notice?”

“Aaah, see that was what I thought was going on here, when we suddenly ended up in bed together. I could’ve told you you were wasting your time marrying Bobby…living on Southfork and trying to be a ‘Ewing’. Pam did it for years and when it didn’t work for her, she left. You should do the same.” Cliff said. gulping down his drink.

Fallon snorted and got up.

“This from a man that knowingly married my mother, knowing she didn’t love him.”

Cliff shrugged again.

“Isn’t that what you did? Isn’t that what Alexis did with J.R.?”

“No,” Fallon said, folding her arms, “I think J.R. was her equal. Those two were too much alike to show one another real love. Now, I’m going to get dressed. I think we can both agree that our lives will be much simpler, if we keep what happened here quiet.”

“Our lives would be simpler if we could just admit to ourselves that our spouses love other people.” Cliff said bluntly, before walking past her into the bathroom. She heard the shower turn on at full blast and her reaction to his exit was to walk over to the bar and help herself to her own drink. She found herself wondering if Cliff actually knew who had helped Matthew Blaisdale get away on a Colbyco plane, and just wasn’t telling her mother? But for what reason?

Fallon was about to sip her drink, when she changed her mind, and walked over to a plant to toss the contents into it. She couldn’t afford to lounge around here or even be seen doing so. She needed to get to her own room and wait for Bobby—who would return when he was finished sniveling over Pam for the day.


Constance arrived home to an interesting surprise. Though Eudora certainly didn’t find it ‘interesting’.

J.R. Ewing was there and he was playing with Krystina! Eudora looked relieved to see Constance and pulled her aside.

“Oh thank God you’re here!” Eudora breathed. Constance eyed J.R. and Krystina, before focusing on her mother.

“When did he get here?”

“He’s been here! Honey, he was at the hospital after Adam was shot. He claimed he was there to support Fallon, but he came here blaming me for ruining Jock’s good name!”


“Yes,” Eudora said in a tight, soft voice, “J.R. said that all that had happened during the funeral, made a mockery of Jock’s good name. I told him all I wanted to do was give MY husband, a proper send off with my friends and family here. Constance, your father kept two guns in his drawer and if I wasn’t a proper lady…”

“I will deal with him, Mama, okay?” Constance told her. She then walked past her and into the sitting room to make her presence known. J.R., who had been sitting with Krystina in his lap(she seemed to like him), stood up and handed her over to Constance, who smiled at her and handed her over to Eudora. Eudora pulled Krystina into her arms and left the room.

“J.R., I didn’t realize you were in town?” Constance asked. “Can I fix you a drink?”

“Yes please, darlin’, it has been a long day. Actually, a long week.” he said and followed her over to the bar. She fixed him a bourbon and handed it to him.

“I know I probably upset Eudora. Please let her know I didn’t mean anything by all of that.”

Constance smiled.

“Oh I think you meant every word of what you said.”

“Well darlin’, it was stress. My precious brother, Ray, is married to the governor of Texas! She might not be able to walk again. I’m just upset.”

Now Constance grinned!

“Precious Ray? And I know you hate Donna.”

“So do you.” J.R. replied, sipping his drink before setting it down. “And that’s why I’m here.”

Constance raised a brow.

“I’m married to Blake. He has amnesia and I am having a hell of a time convincing him of anything. I don’t have time for Ray and Donna.”

“But you did once?”

“What are you asking me?”

“I’m telling you, that Alexis is circling in for the kill, with regards to Blake and his amnesia. You’ll never be able to fend her off. Not for long. Throw in Fallon and Amanda and you’re outnumbered, honey.”

“I’ll take my chances.” Constance replied.

“Oh I know you will. I know you’re good at taking chances. That’s why I think you’re the woman Ray needs by his side when he takes his place as Governor of Texas.”

Constance backed back a bit! This was the last conversation she had ever expected to hear from J.R.. One in which he showed any confidence in Ray or his future.

“Ray is not a politician.” she answered carefully.

“You can make him into one. Darlin’, I looked at the doctor’s reports on Donna. There is actually nothing wrong with her spine. They think her paralysis is in her head!”

Constance’s eyes widened!

“What?” she asked.

“That’s right. It just shows she’s just not thinking right. And we can’t have that. At least we can’t have it in Texas.” J.R. told her.

“Does Ray know this?”

“He’s probably finding it out right now.” J.R, said, setting down his glass and walking over to his hat. He put it on and said one final thing.

“Constance, in case all that I’ve already said isn’t enough reason for you to leave ole Blake to Alexis and become a Ewing, let me say one last thing: Daddy left us all an extra amount of money. I can keep Ray from getting his…or not. It depends on you.”

Now, Constance became angry!

“What the hell are you talking about? Did my mother get extra as well?”

“Find a way to marry Ray and you’ll find out!”

“You’re keeping Ray from part of an inheritance? Why?”

Now J.R.’s tone changed.

“I think you know damned well why. I hope and pray my dear, sainted mother, didn’t have to deal with the pain of cancer AND knowing her good friend was sleeping with her husband. If Ray gets that money, it’s as good as handing it over to the Whore Governor of Texas. You think about all that we’ve discussed here, darlin’, and we’ll talk again, real soon.” he said, before turning and walking out into the hallway. Constance heard the door close and she walked over to a window and watched him get into a car, that she had not even noticed when she arrived, then drive off.

Constance slowly let the curtain drop as she itemized in her mind what had happened today.

Blake had amnesia and didn’t remember their marriage.

She lied to Blake and told him she was pregnant.

Field had told her he had fired the shot that caused the accident.

J.R. was keeping Ray and possibly her mother from an extra inheritance, and wanted him to become Governor.

Donna’s paralysis was in her mind.

Constance took a deep breath and looked over at a clock on the wall. In a few hours she was supposed to have dinner with Fielding Carlyle, her ex husband. She would deal with him and whatever it was he really wanted from her, first.