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In the sequel to 'Six Degrees of Separation', new lovers, Constance Weldon Carlyle Carrington and Ray Krebbs are spared from being caught by their respective spouses, Blake Carrington and Donna Krebbs, when Titus Semple, who was driving, gets into an accident, on his way up the lone road to the beach house. Constance and Ray, hearing the accident, jump out of bed and quickly dress. Others that live nearby get help, and it is only then that Constance and Ray realize how close they were to being caught.

Donna is hurt badly and paralyzed. Blake is left with amnesia and Titus suffers a gunshot wound to the shoulder. But because of their respective spouses serious injuries, Constance and Ray renew promises to keep away from one another and be loyal within their own marriages.

But the accident is suspicious, as is Alexis, who thinks that either Ray, or Constance, fired at the car—and wastes no time in saying so! Elmo Tyson, Eudora Weldon Ewing’s first love and owner of the biggest newspaper in Flamingo Road, the Truro Clarion. He has been investigating everything that’s happened in their community ever since Eudora became a Ewing. And he doesn’t think anything is just a coincidence—from all of the trouble that was brought down on the former Mrs. Fielding Carlyle, Lane Ballou, to the events of now…


Constance insisted that her mother stay at the estate and look after Krystina. Eudora had spent enough time at this hospital supporting Pamela over Adam. She herself tried not to look as tired as she felt, as she listened to the doctors tell her that Blake had lost the last two years of his life and was devastated to learn that Krystle was dead. He didn’t know who Constance was and he was not interesting in finding out!

Blake recognized Alexis, though. And although he was angry with her for her past misdeeds during their marriage and upon her return to his life, because he recognized her, it kept him calm in a way. Meaning Alexis was in Blake’s room instead of Constance! It was all she could do not to scratch that woman’s eyes out!

Constance rubbed the back of her neck as she noticed Elmo Tyson talking to someone. His back was to her. Constance took the opportunity to walk down an opposite hallway, where she ran into Pamela!

“Oh my God, Constance! I just heard! How is Blake?” she asked.

“He doesn’t remember me! He remembers Alexis, but not me!” Constance almost seethed.

“Oh God.” Pam said. “So does he remember Krystle?”

“Oh yes! And he’s mourning her in there! I left him sobbing in Alexis’s arms! She said that she ‘loved Krystle too’ and when I tried to call her a liar, Blake and her screamed at me to get out! Pamela…I don’t know what to do!”

“Keep calm. For now. How did this happen? I heard that someone shot Blake and Donna off of the road?” Pam asked. Constance suddenly looked around.

“How is Donna?” Constance asked. Pam shook her head.

“She’s paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors are trying to find out if it will be permanent.” she told her. Constance ran a hand through her hair!

“Someone shot at their car. Chances are whoever this was was after Titus. I’m going to go find him and give him hell for all the trouble he has given me!” Constance snapped. But Pam grabbed her arm!

“Constance, you need to be by Blake’s side. And you need to stay there.” she said firmly. Constance nodded, calming down.

“I know.” she replied.

“Do you really? Because as much as I try and respect that fact that Alexis is Adam’s mother, she can be a bit much. And she will take advantage of Blake’s amnesia to make sure that you never step foot in your own house again! You need to get back in there and get Alexis out of his room!” Pamela warned her.

Field suddenly appeared behind Pamela and Constance took that as her cue to get back to Blake’s room. Pamela turned and noticed him.

“Field? What are you doing here?” Pamela asked.

“You know, people forget that Donna and I are friends for some reason. I just came from her room. It’s bad.” he said quietly.

“I can well imagine. How is Ray holding up?”

“He’s not the one that’s paralyzed. Donna is.” was Field’s answer.

“That’s unkind, Senator. And I have never thought you to be that way.” Pamela chastised him softly. Field cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry. I just think that something is off about this whole thing.”

“Of course something is off! Whoever did this was after Titus! Blake and Donna are innocent victims! And Ray and Constance are going through hell!”

“I actually wanted to ask Constance about Blake. How is he?” Field asked.

“Constance said he’s lost his memory. The last two years to be precise.” Pam told him.


Constance walked back into Blake’s room and saw he was asleep. Alexis was sitting in a chair reading a magazine when she entered. She set it down and gave Constance a hard look.

“You really shouldn’t be in here. Your presence upsets Blake.”

“He’ll have to learn to get used to me. Pam is looking for you. Adam has taken a turn for the worse.” Constance lied and Alexis leapt out of her chair and hurried out of the room! Constance closed the door behind her and pulled up a chair to sit by Blake’s side. Almost as if sensing something different, Blake awoke, looked around for Alexis and saw no one but Constance.

“What are you doing here?” Blake asked, his manner grouchy.

“I’m here because I’m your wife, whether you like it or not. Krystle died giving birth to your daughter. She asked me to look after Krystina and we got married. We’re a family now.” Constance said softly.

Blake looked surprised!

“Krystle was pregnant? She died in childbirth?”

“Yes. Didn’t Alexis tell you that?”

Blake suddenly sat up and stared at her.

“She told me you and Krystle were driving someplace, that you were drunk and that you ended up in an accident. Krystle was killed.”

“Really, Blake? I know you have amnesia but you just believed that?”

“I don’t know you.” Blake said firmly. “And Krystle is dead. I had no reason not to believe…”

“Your lying wretch of an ex wife? Has she told you that she’s been married four times since you two have been divorced?”

Blake stared at her for a moment before answering.

“I know Alexis was married to Cecil Colby and Dex Dexter.”

“Throw J.R. Ewing and her current husband, Cliff Barnes into the mix and that makes four.” Constance said, now standing up. “I’m going to leave you to think about all of that. When I return, you can tell me when you want to see your youngest daughter.”

Fallon, Amanda and Jeff walked in and it was clear Blake recognized them. Constance left the room without giving any of them so much as a glance. Once outside in the hallway, it was all she could do not to scream! With the way Blake was acting, she couldn’t be sure she could even get him to leave the hospital with her, once he was ready to be released!

Meanwhile, Ray, who needed some kind of break from what was happening, noticed Constance in the hallway and approached her.

“How is Blake?” he asked softly.

Constance looked around carefully before answering.

“He remembers nothing, Ray. Nothing! Nothing of me. Or Krystina. Alexis told him that I killed Krystle while driving drunk!”

“What?!” Ray snapped. “Oh she’s good at lying! People still believe Sue Ellen and Gary have a child that lives in the attic at Southfork!”

“I know! Her lies stick!” Constance sighed in frustration, thinking of Krystle and what she had to go through with that woman! She then looked at Ray again.

“I heard that Donna was paralyzed. I’ve been paralyzed, Ray. Field once knocked me off a balcony because he was upset over nothing. Is it permanent?”

“The doctors are looking into that now. I don’t think Donna could deal with that. And she’s a strong woman but she’s already talking about my divorcing her so she wouldn’t be a burden. I couldn’t do something like that…” he trailed off and Constance could not help touching his face.

“Of course you couldn’t do something like that! You are so real and genuine, Ray Krebbs. And loyal. We just both have to get through this.” she told him, just as Field saw them together. He cleared his throat and Constance slowly slid her hand off of Ray’s face. They both looked at him.

“Donna’s doctor is looking for you, Ray. You might want to be at your wife’s side.” Field said. “Constance, I thought we could take a walk. There’s some things we need to discuss.”

Ray and Constance looked at one another, then at Field.

“Constance has nothing to talk about with you, Carlyle, okay? So whatever this is…” Ray was about to say, when Constance put a hand on his arm.

“Go and see to Donna. I’ll be fine.” she said softly and Ray reluctantly left. Field rubbed the back of his neck.

“Wow. It was really hard to tear him from your side.” he noted.

“I’m not in the mood to fool with you, Field. Surely there is some carnival dancer you could be romancing at this point? Or a cousin of Lane’s? Now if you will excuse me.” Constance said, turning away.

But Field moved so that he was in front of her!

“I’m sorry. I heard Blake lost his memory and I’m sure Alexis is circling him. I just wanted to find out how you were doing.”

Constance thought his tone sounded sincere enough, so she answered him.

“I’m holding up. I should get back to Blake.”

“Yes. You should. Just like Ray should get back to Donna.” Field said, his eyes probing hers. For an odd moment, Constance had the strangest feeling that Filed knew about what had happened between Ray and herself. But there was no way that was possible, so she pushed the idea out of her mind. She said nothing more to him and headed back towards Blake’s room just as Fallon came out—and blocked her way!

“Excuse me.” Constance said but Fallon did not move.

“Constance, this whole marriage charade you have going with my father is over, okay?”

Constance folded her arms.


“Yes.” Fallon said coolly. “You pretended to be Krystle’s friend and then swooped in and claimed her baby and my father once she was gone. It’s over.”

“First of all, Fallon, that baby’s name is ‘Krystina’ and she’s your sister. Secondly and lastly, I will be more than happy to drop my ‘charade’ when you drop yours.” Constance said smugly.

“Meaning?” Fallon asked, her manner huffy.

“The farce you’re living with Bobby. He loves Pamela and always will. I’d even go so far as to say he adores her. You couldn’t pry him from her side if you tried. I think that’s what you need to be focused on before you lose your husband completely before nightfall.” Constance half smiled, before going back into Blake’s room.

Meanwhile, Fallon was left seething with anger! And she was angry because she knew Constance was right! This whole thing had been a nightmare and a half! She could care less about Adam’s getting shot and was sure he had it coming! But she couldn’t show that to Bobby. She had been forced to come here to show family support over a loathsome sibling she barely knew and didn’t want to know any better. And Adam just happened to be married to Pamela. Pamela Barnes.

And if Constance could see all of that, who else could?

Meanwhile, Constance kept up trouble as she moved to get Jeff and Amanda out of the room. Blake was asleep.

“Jeff, Fallon is outside crying. I think she saw a close moment between Bobby and Pam.” Constance lied. Jeff stood up and left the room looking concerned! Amanda glared at Constance.

“Dear, if you don’t want to lose him, I’d go and make sure that Fallon doesn’t get too comfortable in Jeff’s arms.”

Amanda shoved past Constance and slammed out of the room, awakening Blake! His eyes focused on her.

“My daughters seem to believe that our marriage isn’t what it should be. Constance, right?” he asked almost kindly.

Constance slowly walked over to his bed and sat on the end of it.

“Blake, Krystle was my friend. I left here to move to Denver with Matthew Blaisdel, whom I was in love with at the time. What I did not know what that he was using me—courtesy of Alexis.”

Blake sat up straighter.

“Matthew Blaisdel? What in the devil does he have to do with any of this?”

“Blake, honey, Alexis paid him to romance me and pretend to love me…so he could make Krystle jealous. When I realized I had given up my life here to be with a man that didn’t want me, I was devastated. Krystle knew what Matthew was up to and took pity on me. She let me live at the mansion with the both of you until I got over my heartbreak. But there came a point where I did not want to leave. I was afraid for her and her baby. And I was afraid that Alexis and Matthew would do something to Krystle…and your baby.”

Blake’s eyes widened!

“My God! What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that Alexis and Matthew made your lives impossible during Krystle’s pregnancy. She was practically on bed rest but there was no rest, Blake. Not from the two of them. And Alexis is lying if she’s telling you anything else. Now, I am going to go and get Krystina. It is time you met our little girl.”

“Krystle’s?” Blake asked in a hollow voice. Constance gritted her teeth and said something she shouldn’t have. But then again, she had said several things in the last half hour she shouldn’t have.

“Yes, Blake. Krystina’s birth mother was Krystle. But when OUR child is born, he or she will be ours. All ours.” Constance lied, reaching for Blake’s hand and placing it on her stomach.


Pam was less than pleased that Constance had told Alexis that Adam was dying! She understood that she had to get Alexis away from Blake, but that lie only enraged Alexis and made Adam all the more aware that his father’s condition was more serious than he had thought. Or what Pam had told him it was. He was better and he fully remembered who shot him.

Matthew Blaisdel. How or why the hell he had been in the Weldon house, was beyond his comprehension! But all Adam remembered was confronting him and then nothing.

The doctors were amazed at how quickly he had improved in just a matter of hours. He honestly thought, though this would be terrible to say out loud, but he thought that what was happening to Donna and his father, almost gave him strength. It was like their strength was being sapped and making him better.

Of course that was ridiculous. After all, his father had amnesia. There was nothing horribly wrong with him physically, thank God. But Donna…yes, that would be interesting. He couldn’t see Texans wanting her to stay in office if she could not walk. Maybe. But he doubted it.

“Mother, I am sure that Constance was just trying to get you out of the room. Stay here with Pamela and myself and let Father have some time alone…”

“Did that bullet do something to your brain?” Alexis asked rudely. “I am not leaving your father with that woman! Her and Ray Krebbs planned this! One of them shot at that car and it is only a matter of time before it is proved!”

“For what reason?” Pam asked, unable to believe Alexis was going to spread that kind of trash around. Alexis gave her a withering look.

“Isn’t obvious? It’s been obvious ever since Constance first came to visit at Southfork! She was after Ray and he responded to her dubious charms! Just as your father did. And when Blake and Donna were about to catch them, they fired at their car to keep them at bay!”

Adam raised a brow.

“So you’re saying that Ray and Constance were sleeping together, they heard a car, saw it was Father and Donna and instead of just hurriedly dressing, they shot at them to buy themselves time? Mother, really, I am a lawyer and I could not sell that as a motive anywhere! Now you are upsetting Pamela with this nonsense. I think you should leave.”

Alexis gritted her teeth. Adam used that phrase a lot. The ‘Upsetting Pamela’ thing. She decided in that moment that maybe her son could use a new wife. Of her choosing, of course.

But she pasted on a contrite look.

“I am sorry, darling. You’re right. The idea is ludicrous, especially when you put it that way. I think I’m going to call Cliff.” Alexis said and left the room. Once outside, she saw Bobby headed her way. Bobby who looked as handsome as ever.

“Alexis. How is Pam?”

Alexis was about to say something snide in reference to Pam, since Bobby was supposed to be married to Fallon. But something else came out of her mouth entirely.

“Oh Bobby! She’s in Adam’s room and he’s taken a turn for the worse. She could really use you in there right now.” Alexis said, putting a hand on Bobby’s arm and watched as he went inside Adam’s room.

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Chapter 2

Constance walked out of the hospital and saw Ray dealing with the media. One reporter even asked if Ray himself would be stepping up to fill in as Governor while Donna recovered! She looked away from the display, fearful that she and Ray would lock eyes again and some nosy reporter would be able to guess their closeness.

As she headed to her car, she saw Field standing next to the driver’s side! Damnit! She was seeing him more these days than she did when they were married!

“Field.” Constance said coolly. “I’ll need for you to step aside so I can get into my car.”

“We need to talk.” was his reply.


“How about I come to the house for dinner this evening?”

“No. I have too many things to do.” was her reply.

“Okay. Then you come to my house for dinner. I’ll cook us something.”

Field was not surprised by the look of horror Constance gave him, as if he had asked her to cook!

“Why would I come there? Field, just say what it is you want!”

Fielding Carlyle moved so that he could whisper in her ear.

“It’s about a beach house, a rifle shot and what I saw.”

Constance stared at him as he moved away from her ear.

“You saw who fired at the car?”


“Who was it?”

“It was me.”

Constance’s eyes grew huge and she surreptitiously began to look around for help! Field grinned!

“Constance, you have nothing to be afraid of.”

“Really? You just told me you shot at the car! How could you not have known that Blake and Donna would be hurt if you shot at Titus? How?”

“Because,” Field said in a low voice, “I was shooting at Blake, not Titus. Now I want to see you at my family home around seven.”

And with this words, he opened her driver’s side door. Constance slowly got in, unable to believe what she had just learned! She watched as Field walked away from her car and towards his own. He got in, started it, drove past hers, winking at her, before driving out of the lot! Once Constance was sure he was gone, she jumped out of the car and carefully made her way over to Ray. His little impromptu press conference was breaking up and he noticed her. She nodded towards the hospital building and they went in, separately, Ray first, as to not catch the attention of a nosy reporter.

Ray sat down in a chair and Constance soon followed. She sat down next to him, looked around and then spoke.

“Field just told me that he shot at the car.” she said in a low voice, running a hand casually through her hair.

Ray forced his facial expression to remain neutral.

“Field did this? He crippled my wife?”

“And caused my own husband to forget who I am.” Constance said between clenched teeth.


“Apparently he’s going to explain all of that at dinner. At his family home. I have no choice but to go there tonight and find out what he wants. He knows about us.”

“You are not going alone.” Ray said softly. “And before you tell me that we can’t be seen together, Field is a friend of Donna’s. No one is going to think anything of me being there if seen. You are his ex wife. Field is just offering his sympathy to us.”

Constance lifted a brow.

“Why Ray Krebbs! You’re better at playing politics than you give yourself credit for.”

“What else did he say?” Ray asked, ignoring Constance’s backhanded compliment.

“He said he was shooting at Blake. And Blake alone.” she said quietly. Ray gaped at her!

“So he wanted only Blake out of the way? Why?”

“I have no idea. Unless it’s political in some way. It most certainly can’t be personal.”

Ray clenched his jaw.

“What? You’re clenching your jaw.”

“Why can’t it be personal, Constance? Maybe he wants you back.”

If they hadn’t been in public, Constance would have fell to the floor in a fit of uncontrollable laughter!

“No.” was all she said, struggling not to laugh.

“Why is it funny?”

“Actually it’s not, Ray, since I can assure you, Field would be President now if he had stayed with me. But I had to accept the fact that he has a thing for back alley tramps, which I am not. And I don’t want you to come along. I can handle Field.”

“No, you’re not going. I’m going to tell Titus what you told me.”

“And then what, Ray?”

“I think he’ll do some police work for you. Maybe not for other people but for you he will, yeah. Plus he hates Field. Field had to know he was risking his neck by telling you that!” Ray griped, confused about what Carlyle’s game was.

Suddenly, a glamorous looking Black woman rushed past them towards an elevator! A couple of reporters hurried to catch up with her! Ray looked down the hallway at them.

“Who was that? And don’t tell me she wasn’t somebody!”

Constance slowly stood up.

“That, my dear, is Dominique Devereaux. Blake’s half sister. She was also a ‘Krystle Fan’ though she’s a little more polite than everyone else. I’m going to head home and look in on Krystina and Mama. Maybe by the time I come back here she’ll be gone.” Constance said.

Ray stood up as well.

“Call me when you’re finished meeting Field.”

“I promise.” Constance said, wanting to kiss him goodbye badly, but not daring to do so. She could see in Ray’s eyes he was feeling the same way. Constance turned and walked out of the hospital, lest she throw caution to the wind and become overwhelmed by her own desires for his man.

Ray watched Constance walk away then turned to find himself face to face with Elmo Tyson! Ray recognized him as a reporter who’s paper had always been supportive of Field.

“Mr. Krebbs? Elmo Tyson from the Truro Clarion. How is the Governor?”

“I think you well know how she is, Mr. Tyson. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to her.”

“Was that Constance Carrington I saw you with earlier?” Elmo asked.

“Yeah. It was. We were both commiserating about what happened to our spouses. Now, please, I need time with my wife.”

“Of course, Mr. Krebbs. You know, I’m not here to hurt the Governor. I think what’s happened here is beyond appalling. And I am unsure of how motivated Titus Semple is to get to the bottom of this whole thing.”

Ray folded his arms.

“Why wouldn’t he be? He was shot.”

“Yes. Clearly he was the target. You’ll find that with Semple, nothing comes out of left field. I have no doubts whatsoever that he knows who shot him and why. Which is why I think we may never find out who did this.”

Ray nodded and walked off. He wanted to tell Tyson so badly that Fielding Carlyle was the one that had did this! And he decided that once he heard back from Constance, he was going to tell Donna the truth about why this happened to her. All of it.


Constance was right to leave the hospital when she did…

“You are not seeing Blake!” Alexis snapped before Dominque slapped her! Bobby and Jeff were about to get in between them, but Dominique held up her hand.

“I apologize, Alexis. My slapping hand has been palsied lately. It just happened.”

Alexis smiled and slapped Dominique back!

“Of course, darling. I accept your apology. My own slapping hand has suffered badly as a side effect from medication, during this God awful time.”

“Oh. My. God.” Bobby muttered, letting go of Dominique before exchanging a look with Jeff, who let go of Alexis.

“I’m just going to go in and see Blake now.” Dominique said, before turning and sauntering into his room. Fallon and Amanda, who were standing nearby, walked over to Alexis to keep her from stopping her!

“Mother, Daddy needs to see every familiar face he can.” Fallon said before leaving Amanda to deal with their mother. She turned to Bobby and they walked away from the fray a bit. Jeff’s eyes were on them the whole time.

“How is Pam? Is she alright? Because Adam is recovering and I was thinking we could head back to Dallas.” Fallon said, smiling up at him. Bobby’s return look was one of confusion.

“Instead of going to Colorado?”

“Why would we go there?”

“Honey, I know you want to see Blake settled in. I also know you have reservations about Constance. I just assumed we’d be leaving to stay at the mansion there.”

There was no way in the HELL, Fallon was going to stay one night, in the same house, as Pam and Adam. This whole hospital visit had been a disaster. First Adam is shot then her father is hurt and develops amnesia. Fallon was going to trust her mother and Amanda to keep an eye on Constance!

“Bobby, like it or not, Constance is Daddy’s wife. I might not like her but I do believe she will take good care of him. The same goes for Pam as well. I trust her to take good care of my brother. That means we should head back to Dallas.” Fallon said carefully. She did not want her tone to reveal her true thoughts.

“Okay. But I would feel better if we knew for sure that your mother did not help Matthew Blaisdel get away.”

“God, Bobby, why would she have done that? He shot Adam!”

“I’m not saying she did it on purpose! But they were in cahoots to break up your father and Krystle at one point in time. And that rumor that she started about Gary and Sue Ellen…Fallon, I’m sorry but I would just feel better if that little thread was resolved. Blaisdel could come back again and this time Pam could be hurt as well.”

Fallon just stared at him. Bobby mistook her expression for fatigue. He kissed her forehead softly.

“I know this has been hard on you as well. Go back to the hotel and rest. If Adam or Blake take a turn for the worse or anything I think you should know, I will call you, okay?”

Before Fallon could utter another word of agreement or protest, Bobby was gone and headed towards the hallway that lead to Adam’s room.

And Pam.

Goddamned Pam, is what Fallon called her sister-in-law in her head! She was always there! She was even there at Southfork, since Sue Ellen brought her up all the time just to bug her. In retaliation, Fallon put Scotch in her lemonade or any other non alcoholic drink she had, with an eyedropper. Fallon knew good and well that Sue Ellen and Pam had not been THAT close, and that Sue Ellen was just ticked off at her because of Alexis.

She turned and walked back over to her mother and Amanda. Jeff had left to get coffee for everyone. Alexis eyed her with concern.

“What is it, darling?”

“Bobby is sending me to the hotel. He is staying here with Pam.”

Alexis sighed.

“I have been where you are and…”

“Mother,” Fallon interrupted rudely, “he wants to stay because he thinks Matthew Blaisdel is on the loose. And he thinks he’s on the loose because he got away on a Colbyco plane! You said you knew nothing about that but no one believes you! Find out what happened and then maybe I can pry my husband away from his ex-wife!”

“Now Fallon,” Alexis said coolly, “even if I had that information right now, you know that Bobby would find another excuse…”

“Yes well I want to eliminate THIS excuse! Do it, Mother or I will have nothing more to say to you for quite a long time!”

And with those words, Fallon turned and walked off. She was going back to the hotel to pull herself together and plan her next move. But she and Bobby were not going to be staying in Florida much longer! That she intended to see to!

Meanwhile, Alexis felt like throwing up her hands! Amanda sighed.

“Cliff is running Colbyco. Surely he can find out what happened?” Amanda asked.

“I was about to find out when Blake suddenly had an accident!” Alexis huffed. “And while I do not like the idea of not focusing on running Constance Weldon out of your father’s life, I do have to get this misunderstanding taken care of. Dominque, as annoying as she is, isn’t anymore fond of Constance than I am. Between her and yourself, the two of you can keep an eye on your father.” Alexis told her.

Titus Semple suddenly approached them. His arm was in a sling.

“Hello, ladies.”

Alexis raised a brow.

“Hello yourself, Sheriff. I take it you’re on your way out of here to find out who did this? Though I think we all know who was probably responsible.”

“And who would that be? No, no, let me guess: Garrison Ewing. The love child that’s in the Southfork attic? He escaped right, came down here with his Uncle J.R. and shot at my car?”

Amanda could not help but giggle and Alexis turned and gave her youngest daughter a hard look! She then turned back to Titus.

“I must say, Sheriff, you are being very blasé for someone who was almost killed.” Alexis remarked.

“I’m used to be people trying to gun me down, Mrs. Barnes. That’s why I know that whatever this was about had nothing to do with me.” Titus said pointedly. Alexis and Amanda looked at one another and this time Amanda spoke.

“What are you saying? That someone tried to kill Governor Krebbs?” she asked.

“Maybe. Ladies, I am small potatoes compared to the Governor of Texas and Blake Carrington.

“I agree.” Alexis told him. “And I think you should be focusing on who benefits if Blake and Donna are out of the way.”

“By that you mean the people of Texas and anyone that is mentioned in Carrington’s will?” Titus asked in a tone that sounded as if he really wanted to know that information.

“Clearly you don’t think Ray and Constance had anything to do with it?” Alexis asked, her manner becoming frosty again.

“What proof do you really have that no one was shooting at just you?” Amanda asked, just as Jeff returned with coffee.

“This is an investigation now. A serious one, obviously. So I can’t discuss the details. Just know that because I was involved, you can damned well bet the shooter WILL found!”

And with those words, Titus walked off. Alexis scowled!

“He’s too busy strutting around like a peacock to find the shooter. I’ll hire some people myself to get at the truth. Now, if you two don’t mind, I have to get going. I need to find out who allowed Matthew Blaisel to travel on a Colbyco jet.” she said to Jeff and Amanda, before leaving. Once she was out of their hearing, Amanda eyed Jeff.

“You didn’t do it, did you?” Amanda asked. “I know we didn’t want Matthew to know we were pushing him to get information on Constance.”

“I wouldn’t do that, Amanda, not even to cover our hides.” he said smiling at her. “Look, why don’t we say our goodbyes to Blake and get out of here. Dominique is here. She’ll look after him for awhile.”

Amanda nodded her assent but had one more thing to say.

“Fallon is on the warpath. Bobby is not willing to leave Pam’s side and she is blaming Mother for the Matthew plane thing.”

“I know. I was talking to her earlier.” was Jeff’s reply. Amanda said nothing to that. She could not shake the feeling that her sister and herself, were in the same predicament when it came to their men.


A naked Fallon feigned intense interest in her ‘step-father’, Cliff, as she impaled herself over and over upon Cliff’s satisfactory length. Cliff sounded hoarse from his own guttural cries and ramblings until finally, their encounter on a chaise in her mother and Cliff’s hotel suite ended, and Cliff buried his head between Fallon’s full breasts. Fallon tolerated this for a short while with a smile, before climbing off of Cliff and padding her way to their bathroom in her bare feet. Meanwhile, Cliff lumbered over to the bed and entwined his arms behind his head.

“That, my dear, was fabulous!” he crowed while Fallon cleaned herself up a bit, scarcely listening. She and Bobby were staying in the same hotel as her mother and Cliff. She had seen him in the bar downstairs and found herself really wanting to hurt her mother. Her mother who had pushed her into a marriage with a man that every woman would want, and no woman could ever forget.

And yet Fallon Carrington Colby Ewing, felt as if Pam was a third person in their marriage. And the only way she would be safe from Pamela Barnes Ewing Carrington’s insufferable presence, was if they headed back to Texas and lived on a sleepy ranch in the middle of nowhere.

She wanted to go home. To Colorado. And she wanted Bobby and herself to live in the Carrington mansion. But in order for that to happen, Pam and Adam would have to go elsewhere.

And now with this Colby plane thing hanging over their lives, no thanks to Alexis, Fallon couldn’t think of how to get the life she wanted. She tried to tell herself that it was not her mother’s fault that someone stole one of her planes to let a criminal get away. But Alexis didn’t let criminals or anyone else, get the jump on her. Fallon believed she helped Matthew Blaisdel get away because he knew something about her. Something Alexis didn’t want to get out. And now she and Bobby were paying for it.

Well, Bobby was near Pam again. He was fine with everything that was going on.

Fallon was not. And now that she had had sex with her mother’s new, troll looking husband, she needed to begin thinking about how to get Bobby back to Dallas and begin their lives again. Their new lives. And that was where Sue Ellen came in…

Fallon felt that Southfork should be her and Bobby’s home alone. And she was very aware that J.R. and Sue Ellen weren’t going anywhere. But her mind kept going back to that ridiculous story her mother made up. The one about the fake child living in the Southfork attic. Little Garrison.

She had been engaged to Bobby when Sue Ellen began drinking again over it. She had tried to show the older woman some compassion but Sue Ellen blamed her, because of Alexis. Fallon couldn’t say that she blamed her. But when she tried to put herself in Sue Ellen’s shoes…well…she just couldn’t. She wasn’t a hopeless lush and if someone had lied on her like that, she would’ve just shrugged it off and moved on.

It was as she was thinking along those lines as to how to use the rumor to secure Southfork for herself and Bobby, that she realized Cliff was still talking. About what, Fallon could not guess since she had not been listening. But she changed the subject to suit her own interests, as she picked up her mother’s hairbrush on a dressing table and used it on her own hair.

“So, when do you think this whole Colbyco plane business will be cleared up? Mother is really upset that people think that she helped Matthew Blaisdel get away.”

Cliff stretched and got out of bed. He put on a robe and shrugged.

“People would have thought it was her anyway. I think she’s upset because Blake thinks it was her. But then again, Blake doesn’t really think much of anything anymore, not with his amnesia.”

Fallon didn’t like his tone, but she bit her tongue and kept pressing for information.

“Why do I get the feeling that you know what really happened?” she asked. Cliff walked over to her and reached for her hands.

“Why do I get the feeling that what happened between us, will never happen again if I don’t tell you what I know?”

“Oh Cliff!” Fallon sighed with exasperation. “You know this can’t happen again! Mother would kill us both.”

“Because she cares so much for me?” Cliff asked in a tone that didn’t even sound remotely hurt.

“Alexis doesn’t just ‘marry’. Yes, I think she’d be hurt if she knew that anything happened between us.”

“Not to mention Bobby. He would kill me. Or would he?” Cliff asked slyly. He walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink. He did not offer her one. Fallon tossed her hair and curled up on the ‘love chaise’.

“Meaning what? That he would be too busy running back to your sister to notice?”

“Aaah, see that was what I thought was going on here, when we suddenly ended up in bed together. I could’ve told you you were wasting your time marrying Bobby…living on Southfork and trying to be a ‘Ewing’. Pam did it for years and when it didn’t work for her, she left. You should do the same.” Cliff said. gulping down his drink.

Fallon snorted and got up.

“This from a man that knowingly married my mother, knowing she didn’t love him.”

Cliff shrugged again.

“Isn’t that what you did? Isn’t that what Alexis did with J.R.?”

“No,” Fallon said, folding her arms, “I think J.R. was her equal. Those two were too much alike to show one another real love. Now, I’m going to get dressed. I think we can both agree that our lives will be much simpler, if we keep what happened here quiet.”

“Our lives would be simpler if we could just admit to ourselves that our spouses love other people.” Cliff said bluntly, before walking past her into the bathroom. She heard the shower turn on at full blast and her reaction to his exit was to walk over to the bar and help herself to her own drink. She found herself wondering if Cliff actually knew who had helped Matthew Blaisdale get away on a Colbyco plane, and just wasn’t telling her mother? But for what reason?

Fallon was about to sip her drink, when she changed her mind, and walked over to a plant to toss the contents into it. She couldn’t afford to lounge around here or even be seen doing so. She needed to get to her own room and wait for Bobby—who would return when he was finished sniveling over Pam for the day.


Constance arrived home to an interesting surprise. Though Eudora certainly didn’t find it ‘interesting’.

J.R. Ewing was there and he was playing with Krystina! Eudora looked relieved to see Constance and pulled her aside.

“Oh thank God you’re here!” Eudora breathed. Constance eyed J.R. and Krystina, before focusing on her mother.

“When did he get here?”

“He’s been here! Honey, he was at the hospital after Adam was shot. He claimed he was there to support Fallon, but he came here blaming me for ruining Jock’s good name!”


“Yes,” Eudora said in a tight, soft voice, “J.R. said that all that had happened during the funeral, made a mockery of Jock’s good name. I told him all I wanted to do was give MY husband, a proper send off with my friends and family here. Constance, your father kept two guns in his drawer and if I wasn’t a proper lady…”

“I will deal with him, Mama, okay?” Constance told her. She then walked past her and into the sitting room to make her presence known. J.R., who had been sitting with Krystina in his lap(she seemed to like him), stood up and handed her over to Constance, who smiled at her and handed her over to Eudora. Eudora pulled Krystina into her arms and left the room.

“J.R., I didn’t realize you were in town?” Constance asked. “Can I fix you a drink?”

“Yes please, darlin’, it has been a long day. Actually, a long week.” he said and followed her over to the bar. She fixed him a bourbon and handed it to him.

“I know I probably upset Eudora. Please let her know I didn’t mean anything by all of that.”

Constance smiled.

“Oh I think you meant every word of what you said.”

“Well darlin’, it was stress. My precious brother, Ray, is married to the governor of Texas! She might not be able to walk again. I’m just upset.”

Now Constance grinned!

“Precious Ray? And I know you hate Donna.”

“So do you.” J.R. replied, sipping his drink before setting it down. “And that’s why I’m here.”

Constance raised a brow.

“I’m married to Blake. He has amnesia and I am having a hell of a time convincing him of anything. I don’t have time for Ray and Donna.”

“But you did once?”

“What are you asking me?”

“I’m telling you, that Alexis is circling in for the kill, with regards to Blake and his amnesia. You’ll never be able to fend her off. Not for long. Throw in Fallon and Amanda and you’re outnumbered, honey.”

“I’ll take my chances.” Constance replied.

“Oh I know you will. I know you’re good at taking chances. That’s why I think you’re the woman Ray needs by his side when he takes his place as Governor of Texas.”

Constance backed back a bit! This was the last conversation she had ever expected to hear from J.R.. One in which he showed any confidence in Ray or his future.

“Ray is not a politician.” she answered carefully.

“You can make him into one. Darlin’, I looked at the doctor’s reports on Donna. There is actually nothing wrong with her spine. They think her paralysis is in her head!”

Constance’s eyes widened!

“What?” she asked.

“That’s right. It just shows she’s just not thinking right. And we can’t have that. At least we can’t have it in Texas.” J.R. told her.

“Does Ray know this?”

“He’s probably finding it out right now.” J.R, said, setting down his glass and walking over to his hat. He put it on and said one final thing.

“Constance, in case all that I’ve already said isn’t enough reason for you to leave ole Blake to Alexis and become a Ewing, let me say one last thing: Daddy left us all an extra amount of money. I can keep Ray from getting his…or not. It depends on you.”

Now, Constance became angry!

“What the hell are you talking about? Did my mother get extra as well?”

“Find a way to marry Ray and you’ll find out!”

“You’re keeping Ray from part of an inheritance? Why?”

Now J.R.’s tone changed.

“I think you know damned well why. I hope and pray my dear, sainted mother, didn’t have to deal with the pain of cancer AND knowing her good friend was sleeping with her husband. If Ray gets that money, it’s as good as handing it over to the Whore Governor of Texas. You think about all that we’ve discussed here, darlin’, and we’ll talk again, real soon.” he said, before turning and walking out into the hallway. Constance heard the door close and she walked over to a window and watched him get into a car, that she had not even noticed when she arrived, then drive off.

Constance slowly let the curtain drop as she itemized in her mind what had happened today.

Blake had amnesia and didn’t remember their marriage.

She lied to Blake and told him she was pregnant.

Field had told her he had fired the shot that caused the accident.

J.R. was keeping Ray and possibly her mother from an extra inheritance, and wanted him to become Governor.

Donna’s paralysis was in her mind.

Constance took a deep breath and looked over at a clock on the wall. In a few hours she was supposed to have dinner with Fielding Carlyle, her ex husband. She would deal with him and whatever it was he really wanted from her, first.

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Chapter 3

Ray sat in Dr. Park’s office, unable to believe what he was hearing!

While yes, it was good news that Donna could actually walk, he didn’t understand where this ‘mind block’ was coming from? Or at least he pretended he didn’t.

But if he was honest with himself, and Dr. Park, Ray would have to guess that what his wife was going through, probably had to do with her guilt over the time she spent with Jock, while Miss Ellie was dying. And yet he didn’t think he should say anything about that to Donna’s doctor.

So he would say it to her.

Ray sat at Donna’s bedside as she slowly awoke and saw him.


“Just rest.” he said, getting up out of his chair and patting her arm.

She nodded but did not close her eyes. She stared at him.

“Something’s wrong, isn’t it?” she asked warily. Something else was wrong, besides the obvious! She couldn’t walk! She couldn’t feel her legs! And it was all she could do not to scream.

“Nothing’s wrong.” Ray said firmly, reaching for one of her hands and squeezing it.

“How can you say that? I can’t walk and Blake lost his memory.”

“Blake lost his memory, yes.” Ray said in a low voice. “But Dr. Park seems to think that you’re fine. That you can walk. If you want to.”

Donna slowly removed her hand from his.

“What? What kind of diagnosis is that? If I wanted to climb out of this bed right now, I couldn’t!”

“Honey, calm down okay? It’s not your fault this is happening. He said it’s some kind of mental block that’s keeping you from walking. I think…maybe…it’s Jock and Miss Ellie that’s holding you back here.”

Donna just stared at him until Ray became slightly unnerved!

“What?” he asked.

“You think, that I feel ‘guilty’ over what happened between Jock and myself?”

Ray eyed her carefully.

“You said you did.”

“And I do. Because Miss Ellie was my friend. But I would also like to think that she would’ve understood.”

Ray blinked.

“Understood what? Your carrying on with her husband right underneath her nose?”

“That’s not how it was!” Donna snapped, sitting up unassisted, which Ray noticed.

“I know what you’ve told me: that Miss Ellie would’ve wanted Jock to be ‘comforted’! Come on, Donna!”

“Maybe,” Donna said in a biting tone, “I can’t ‘walk’ because my husband is in love with another woman! Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me!”

Ray said nothing to that and stood up.

“I’m going to get Dr. Park.”

“Oh NOW you want to get the doctor? Instead of answering my question about Constance?”

“Donna, she is Blake Carrington’s wife! He has amnesia. Nothing is happening between us!”

“And if Titus, Blake and myself had made it to the beach house, would we have found the two of you upright?”

“I’m going to get your doctor.” was Ray’s reply.

“You can’t even answer that either!” Donna snapped and watched Ray leave. She then sat up and ran her hands over face. She had to calm down. She had to keep calm. Her political career was at stake here. She scarcely noticed that she could actually feel her legs.

Donna looked over at her phone. She needed a friend right now.

She would call Field.

But when Donna picked up the phone, something suddenly stopped her. Field knew she had been worried about her marriage to Ray. And he knew why. She was not about to call him and whine about it. She needed to do something to repair the rift that had come between her and her husband. And she knew how to begin doing that.

Donna just didn’t want to. Resigning as Governor of Texas would help things between herself and Ray. But she didn’t feel as if she should give up her career, to make Ray comfortable. There had to be another way. There had to be something.

Meanwhile, in Blake’s room, Dominique listened to her brother’s fears and doubts about his life and his marriage to Constance Weldon.

“I feel like I have awakened into a nightmare,” Blake admitted, “I keep expecting Krystle to walk through that door any minute and tell me I’m not dreaming. That she’s alive.”

Dominique squeezed Blake’s hand.

“Her death was a shock to all of us. And you had both wanted a baby for so long.” she said.

“Constance told me she was pregnant.” Blake told her. Dominique’s eyes widened!


“Yes. And she’s apparently a good mother to Krystina. She told me that Krystle asked her to look after her. I need the truth, Dominque.”

“Blake, I was away on tour when it happened. But I do know that Constance was living with Krystle and yourself for awhile.”

“Because of what Alexis and Matthew did to her, right?” Blake asked. Dominique decided not to play around with the facts.

“That is what Krystle told me when I asked about her living with the two of you. She said that Matthew Blaisdel had moved to Florida, romanced Constance and moved her here. But his intention was to look as if he was with someone else, while he tried to steal Krystle from you.”

Blake said nothing for a moment.

Then he did.

“I would prefer hearing this from Krystle’s own mouth. I just…can’t see myself marrying so soon after such a thing. And Adam was shot by Blaisdel? He’s in this same hospital and married to Pamela Ewing?”

“Yes, Blake, and from what I’ve seen they are very happy together. Pam has really settled Adam down.”

Blake ran a hand over his face.

“I can’t just sit around here. I want to see Donna Krebbs. I need to know what happened.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do to make that happen.” Dominique said, squeezing his hand. She let go of him and left his room, but once outside, she decided that she would talk to Blake’s doctor first! He could not leave here with Constance if he didn’t understand how and why they were married now! She wanted to know just how long her brother’s memory loss would go on?

And Constance…Dominque had been dealing with her own drama and had only visited with her and Blake once. Blake had seemed happy with her at the time and that was the only reason she pushed her own doubts aside. Doubts she had about how Constance suddenly became Mrs. Blake Carrington. Specifically, how Constance had conned Krystle into letting her live with her and Blake. Because the Constance that she sized up, would have never been ‘tricked’ by Matthew Blaisdel or any other man.

She turned to head towards the nurse’s station when she ran smack into a bad memory.

Sheriff Titus Semple. And he was holding an old album of hers. One that she had made ten years ago titled ‘Dominique Sings’.

“Dominique Devereux. Or should I call you “Millie’?” Titus asked, holding the album out towards her. “I’d love for you to sign this.”

Dominque knocked the album out of his hand! A few hospital personnel noticed and as Titus bent down to retrieve it, Dominique used that opportunity to walk away, in search of Blake’s doctor. She had to take several deep breaths to recover her aplomb. Years ago, when she had been married to a man named Brady Lloyd, a record executive that eventually started his own label called ‘Pitch Perfect’, they had come here so that Dominique could sing for some big wigs at a gala. All had went well until the end of the event, when Sheriff Semple tried to arrest Brady for rape!

The victim had been some prostitute named Lute Mae something or another and Brady had been actually seeing her! But Semple wouldn’t let Brady go unless Dominque slept with him! And God help her, she did it! She did it, divorced Brady and to this day, lived off of the percentage of profits she received from Pitch Perfect. But Dominique never got forget Titus’s slimy, camel tongue in her mouth or his bloated lust rutting around inside of her.

She pulled herself together and approached the nurse’s station. She asked a nurse if she could page Blake’s doctor and made it clear that she was his sister. The nurse did as she requested and Dominique ignored Titus Semple’s eyes as they stared a hole through the back of her head.


Constance parked in Field’s driveway and noted that the house he lived in, which once belonged to his father, looked a bit dated. It could use some fixing up. If Lane had been any kind of wife, she would’ve put her own stamp on this house.

But maybe Lane had never felt as if this house was her own. Constance didn’t know why she was feeling even the remotest bit of sympathy for that tramp. Maybe she was tired. She was tired and it was making her sympathetic to people that didn’t deserve any pity.

She got out of her car, walked up the porch steps and began to knock, but the door was partially ajar. Field called out for her to come in and Constance entered the residence to the smell of good food cooking. Lane must have taught Field how to cook, if nothing else.

Constance closed the door and sauntered through the living room and towards the kitchen. She tossed her purse onto a counter and watched curiously as Filed began to knead dough.

“Good God! What are you doing?” Constance asked, wrinkling her nose with distaste.

“I’m making bread.” he said simply.

“Good God, Field, hire a housekeeper! Why are you doing such a thing?”

“Because I like doing it. You know, if you had agreed to live here when we were married, you would know of my culinary skills.”

“I don’t care about your culinary skills, Field. Or anything else anymore. You told me you shot at my husband and I want to know why!”

Field stopped kneading the dough and wiped off his hands.

“Oh that. I just said that to get you over here.”

Constance squinted at him.

“You lied?”

“Yes. I lied about even being there, though the fact that you are here, pretty much tells me that Ray and yourself weren’t just sitting around and talking in Sam Culver’s beach house.”

Constance picked up her purse.

“I’m sure you have some senatorial work you could be doing. I’m leaving.” she said but Field moved quickly so that he was in front of her!

“Okay, I’m sorry! Sorry that I lied! But I need to talk to you and you make it impossible to get you alone!”

“Alright. Let’s get this over with: what do you want?” Constance asked, now moving to sit down. Field said on the couch next to her.

“It’s about Lute Mae.”

“Oh God!” Constance exclaimed and began to stand up again. But Field grabbed her and pulled her back down again!

“I know that you don’t want any kind of relationship with her. I get that. She gets it.”

“You still talk to her?”

“Yes, why?”

“Well I figured once you and Lane got divorced, your association with that Madam would end as well. Really, Field, you should cut ties with her. If for no other reason your political career.” Constance sniffed.

“And we both know that you will never be able to cut ties with her. Not really.”

“So what is this, Field? Do you plan to use the fact that that whore is my real mother, to force me to do something for you?”

Field’s jaw tightened.

“I would never do that. Lute Mae asked me for your help. She knew you would never give her the time of day otherwise.”

Constance lifted a brow.

“She needs something from me?”

Field took a deep breath.

“Lute Mae has been in the process of adopting a child. A boy. Your father was going to make that happen. With special papers that he had doctored. She would like it if you would find them and give them to me, to give to her.”

Constance slowly stood up.

“Someone was going to let a whore adopt a child?”

“Would you stop calling her that!” Field snapped, now standing as well.

“Oh I’m sorry! Does she do something else for a living that I don’t know about? How did she get a child? How old is this boy?”

Field decided to level with her. He didn’t feel as if he had a choice and he had warned Lute Mae that Constance would have questions.

“The child is four going on five.”

“Where did he come from?”

“His adopted father was a client of one of Lute Mae’s girls. He abandoned the child.”

“At Lute Mae’s?”

“No. He gave the child to her. Things were fine until he re-married and now, he wants the child back. Your father knew about it and planned to help Lute Mae out with special papers that said that Lute Mae had adopted Leif…”

“Leif? That’s his name?” Constance asked.

“Yes.” Field answered. He could see that he had his ex-wife’s attention and she slowly sat back down. Field followed suit.

“Go on.” Constance said cautiously. “Who was this man that just abandoned his son?”

“A Texas politician. His name is Alan Beam. He didn’t get very far because J.R. Ewing ruined him in some scandal.”

“And was that when he abandoned his son?”

“Leif was adopted by Beam and his late wife. His wife couldn’t have kids so J.R. found Leif for him. Beam’s wife died and he was not interested in parenting without her. That was how Lute Mae got him.”

“But then this Alan Beam remarried?”

“Yes. He is married to Krystle Carrington’s niece.” Field said, his eyes probing hers.

“Krystle’s niece? I think I met her once. Oh God, Field! She was some tramp who recently came into money! I didn’t even know she was married!”

“Yes, well Alan and Sammy Jo, want Leif back.”

“Field, Sammy Jo has a child by Blake’s other son that she barely takes care of! What would she want with another woman’s child?”

Field decided to just come out with it.

“Leif is not just some other woman’s child. His mother is Sue Ellen Ewing and his father is Gary Ewing. And it was J.R. that gave that child to Alan Beam. J.R. does not know that Lute Mae has him and he is still paying Alan and Sammy Jo hush money, so to speak, to raise the child and keep their mouths shut about who Leif’s real parents are.”

Constance’s mind was spinning!

“That child really exists? I thought Alexis was lying?”

“I don’t know what Alexis knows or doesn’t know, Constance. I just know that Leif can’t go back to Alan and Sammy Jo. Lute Mae is the only mother he’s ever known. And Lute Mae…well…she was heartbroken over not being able to raise you. I know you don’t believe that but it’s true. You have to help her. Can you find the papers your father meant to give to Lute Mae?”

Constance slowly stood up.

“Yes, Field. I’ll look for them. I have to be going now.” she said calmly, as she clutched her purse and walked to the door. She turned back to her ex before opening it.

“I’ll call you when I find the papers. And I’ll give them to Lute Mae myself. I want to see this child and I want to see that he’s being treated well.”

“Of course!” Field said, relieved that Constance wasn’t being difficult. “We’ll both go.”

Constance smiled at him, before opening the door and walking through it. She got into her car, backed out of his drive and took off for home. But once she was alone on the open road, her smile turned into a full fledged grin!

She now had leverage over J.R. Ewing. Leverage that she could use to make sure that Ray got the extra money Jock intended for him to have.

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Chapter 4

Eudora was surprised to find Constance in Claude’s study, rummaging through old papers. Krystina was in a high chair watching a cartoon on TV, while seemingly keeping an eye on her mother as well. She was eating some sort of mashed concoction of fruit that one of the cook’s had made for her. Most of it was on her mouth. Eudora smiled at the precious little girl and walked over to wipe her mouth with her bib, before lifting her out of the chair and addressing her daughter.

“What is going on in here? Why are you looking through your father’s things?”

Constance, who couldn’t make head or tails out of most of the paperwork she was looking at, looked at Eudora and lied.

“I stopped by Field’s earlier. At his request. He asked me to look through some of Daddy’s things for some certificate of his father’s.” Constance lied.

“A certificate? Why would your father have kept anything of Andrew Carlyle’s in this house?”

“Field seemed to be drawing at straws. He didn’t even tell me what this was specifically. Just that it was a certificate and that I would know it when I saw it.” Constance said, now standing up and hauling a box of useless looking papers, back to a closet. Eudora shook her head.

“Constance, I don’t understand why you’ve even be willing to look for something like that for Field? Considering how things ended between the two of you.”

Constance closed the closet door and focused on her mother.

“You know, I felt sorry for him. He seemed lonely in that big house. He was cooking dinner, hoping that I would stay.”

“Really?” Eudora asked, somewhat intrigued. “What do you think this means?”

“What do you mean?” Constance asked, puzzled.

“Field’s inviting you to dinner? He more than knows you’re married.”

“Oh. I just think that something is going on that he doesn’t want to talk about. I mean he didn’t want to tell me why he needed this certificate…that I’m not finding.” Constance said, just as a servant entered and told them both that Ray, Pamela and Bobby were here!

“Oh my goodness!” Eudora exclaimed. “I forgot that Pam would be coming back here! So much has happened in one day!”

Constance motioned for her to give Krystina over to her, then watched as her mother hurried from the room. Ray was probably here to ask about her meeting with Field. Bobby was a mystery.

Constance smiled. No he wasn’t. He stuck to Pam’s side like glue during this crisis and she knew her darling step-daughter, Fallon, was ticked off about it! If Fallon’s focus stayed on her marriage, and not Blake and herself, that would be one less enemy Constance had to fend off.

She walked out in the hallway, as Krystina grabbed some of her hair! Pam and Bobby were talking to Eudora in the foyer but Ray was watching her, as she walked out and he pulled the baby’s hands from her hair!

“Why don’t you give her over to me? Krystina and I got to be pretty fast friends while we were hiding out.” Ray said and Constance handed her over to him. Krystina appeared to recognize him and went to him willingly. They knew they could not talk until Eudora, Pam and Bobby made themselves scarce.

“Adam is recovering at a remarkable rate. Or at least that’s what his doctor says. But he’s worried about Blake and I don’t want him worrying about anything but getting well.” Pam lamented. Bobby had an arm around her shoulders.

“This whole Blaisdel getaway bothers me. Not to mention that someone else shot at Blake, Donna and Sheriff Semple. I am trying to convince Fallon that it would be best if we moved to Denver, temporarily, to help Constance keep an eye on things.” Bobby told Eudora.

Eudora didn’t think that was a good idea, if the truth be told. Bobby and Pam were married to different people now and she could guess that neither Adam, nor Fallon, would be happy with this arrangement. She turned to address Constance, who was approaching with Ray and Krystina. Eudora eyed Ray, wondering why HE was here?

“Ray, I’m sorry, I forgot to ask how Donna’s doing?” she asked hesitantly. It seemed like Donna got injured the worst.

“Better than I expected. The doctor thinks that her injuries are in her mind.” he said quietly. Pam gasped and Bobby began peppering Ray with questions. Constance, however, thought of her conversation with J.R. earlier. So he was right about Donna! That meant that he was also ‘right’ about keeping Ray’s extra inheritance from him!

She struggled to keep track of all the tasks she needed to accomplish here:

She had told Blake was pregnant. She had better get pregnant by him, despite his surly disposition or else…

Ray temporarily becoming Governor of Texas was not a bad career move for him, though she doubted he would see it that way. She would have to talk to him about it.

Constance was unsure as to whether she should tell Ray about the inheritance. Then again, if he found out she knew, then he’d be angry.

She also had to find those fake adoption papers! Maybe her father hadn’t kept them here? She would try the mill tomorrow.

“Let me call in a specialist,” Constance heard Bobby telling Ray, “I can get someone that can get to the bottom of what’s bothering Donna.”

“I think it’s her guilt over Jock and what it might of have done to Miss Ellie, if she had known.” Ray said.

No one said anything and Pam turned to hug Bobby, knowing that reveal was painful to him. Eudora and Constance locked eyes for a moment, before Eudora spoke again.

“I’m going to have the cook prepare something and then I think that Bobby and Ray should stay the night as well. It’s late and your hotels are almost an hour away.” Eudora said.

Bobby looked hesitant.

“I don’t know. Fallon has been upset over Blake. She’ll need me.”

But Constance spoke up!

“Bobby, you are family. All three of you are in your own ways. It’s late and you have to be tired and hungry. Hotel food just won’t do after a day like this. Mama will make sure you’re fed, I will make sure that Bobby and Ray have rooms to sleep in and as for Fallon, I will call her myself and make sure she understands that she will see you tomorrow.” Constance purred, tugging on Bobby’s shirt collar. She then turned to Ray.

“Would you be a dear and put Krystina down? I’ll be right up.” she said, signaling that they could talk privately upstairs. Ray nodded and excused himself to carry Krystina upstairs to her room. Eudora and Bobby walked off towards the kitchen area leaving Constance and Pam alone.

“Okay Constance. What was that?”

“What was what?” Constance asked innocently.

“You know good and well that when you call Fallon to tell her that Bobby is staying here, she’ll have a fit! She was been giving me the evil eye all day at the hospital.” Pam admitted.

“That woman is a low bred cow, despite her upbringing.” Constance said casually. “She can’t even pretend like she cares about Adam, with the way she’s always tugging on Bobby for attention. And Bobby is right. We can’t return to Denver, to that mansion, without someone looking out for things. Adam will be recovering, Steven lives on his own and Jeff is too busy romancing Amanda to be of any protection to our husbands! Matthew Blaisdel is still running loose as is the person who shot at Blake, Donna and Titus. Fallon SHOULD want to do this.”

Pam folded her arms.

“Oh I get what you’re saying. I’m just telling you the reality. And that is that the mansion isn’t big enough for Fallon and me. And don’t forget Alexis.”

“Believe me, there is no way I could forget her.” Constance sighed. “Why don’t you go on in and get yourself something to eat. I’m going to check on Krystina.”

Pam watched Constance walk away to head up the stairs. She had never said anything to Constance about her closeness to Ray, but she sensed trouble on that front. Trouble that Alexis could possibly use against her.

She rubbed the back of her neck and decided to put all of her doubts out of her mind, for now. She was going to have a nice dinner that was not hospital food and sleep well tonight…knowing Bobby was nearby.


Constance found Ray standing over Krystina’s crib singing to her! It sounded like ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. Constance could not help but giggle, thus halting Ray’s soft singing.

“You know,” he said, “it’s a good thing she’s asleep. And I think I sing pretty damned well.”

“Oh I never said you didn’t! I’m just surprised, that’s all.” Constance said, moving to his side and staring down at her baby. Would she really be able to give Blake another child like Krystina?

“Tell me what happened with Field? Do we go to Titus and tell him what he’d done? What did he want from you?”

“Field said he was lying. That he didn’t shoot at the car at all. He claimed saying that was the only way to get me to come to see him.”

“What?” he asked in a gruff tone. “Field lied? Why the hell would he do that? What did he really want?”

Constance decided that for now, until she could verify that ‘Leif’ actually existed, she wasn’t going to say squat about him. But she did have to tell Ray something. And she decided to tell him more of the truth than she had told Eudora.

“Did my mother ever tell you that I was adopted?”

The look of surprise on Ray’s face gave Constance her answer.

“No. I didn’t know that.”

“Yes, well, I didn’t know it either until recently. Like a couple of years ago. The thing is, that was what my father told everyone. That my mother and him adopted me and my real parents couldn’t care for me. But Claude Weldon actually was my real father. Eudora Weldon is not my mother. And she didn’t even know that my daddy, was indeed my real daddy, until I did.”

“So…your father had an affair with someone, she got pregnant and he raised you? He also lied to Eudora about where you came from?”

“Yes.” Constance sighed. “Field knows my real mother. She lives in town and he wanted me to connect with her. I told him I would think about it.”

“Field is friends with your real mother? Why is he involving himself in this?”

“Yes. He’s friends with her. And my real mother is a woman named Lute Mae Sanders. She’s the madam of that whore house Cliff Barnes got himself run down in front of.” Constance admitted.

Ray’s jaw tightened.

“Oh Constance. I’m sorry you have to deal with that along with everything else. I’m going to go and have a talk with Field. Now is not the time to be bothering you about this. And I can’t believe his bringing it up now is coincidental. He’s up to something.” Ray huffed.

Constance could not have Ray going over and confronting Field! She just didn’t want anyone knowing about this ‘Leif’ story until she knew it was true. Field would probably cover her, since it was not in his best interests to admit what the two of them really talked about. But still…Ray’s going over there would just add more problems.

“Ray, you can’t go over there. Field is a senator and your wife is the Governor of Texas. You need to be seen by her side. There’s something else we need to discuss: did you know J.R. was in town?”

“I saw him at the hospital before I came to get Krystina and you earlier. Why? What’s he done now?”

“Besides stopping by here and accusing my mother of tarnishing Jock’s memory with the memorial she had for him? Ray, he told me that he wants you to take Donna’s place as governor, until she’s better. And he wants me to push you to do it.”

Ray said nothing. He moved away from Krystina’s crib and moved towards a window in the room. He stared out of it for a few minutes before turning back to face her.

“He knows about us?”

“He senses we have a connection.” Constance admitted, “But he knows nothing for sure. And I don’t think what he’s proposing is such a bad thing.”

“Oh come on, Constance!”

“No, you come on, Ray! I watched you at the hospital and you effortlessly handled those reporters! And I think you’d make Jock proud if you stood up for your wife this way!” Constance told him, moving across the room towards him.

“We’re forgetting about Donna. She would never go for this.”

“I think Donna is politically astute. Having her husband take over as governor is better than having Cliff Barnes swoop back into Texas and take back the governorship! You would be protecting her, Ray!”

“I get where your coming from, but I don’t know the first thing about anything when it comes to stuff like that.”

“I would help you.” Constance said.

“You are going to help me? From Denver?”

“If I have to. If I have to go back and forth than I will.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that. Blake doesn’t even remember you! Your being in Texas isn’t going to help that!”

“Let me figure that out. Just think about it, okay?” Constance asked him. The answer she received was Ray pulling her into a kiss and his mouth covering hers like a second skin. Ray could not help the lust that twisted in his gut, whenever he was near Constance now and it had only heightened after their beach house encounter.

Constance surrendered to his possessive, searing kiss, before Krystina made a noise in her crib. Constance reluctantly broke their kiss off and moved out of his arms to see to her daughter. Ray rubbed his hands down his face. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to be governor, not even temporarily. But…if becoming governor kept Constance in his life, in some way, then he would do what he had to do.

“I’ll do it.” he told her, as Constance finished putting a blanket over Krystina. She turned back to face him and smiled.

“I knew you would. You’ll be a better temporary governor than any elected one in that state. I’ll make sure of it.” Constance beamed.


Alexis sat in her sunken in tub with her hair pinned up. She closed her eyes and thought about how the day had unfolded.

Blake had amnesia. Not enough memory loss to wipe away her mistakes with him, but enough to make him distrustful of Constance.

Fallon was angry with her over that ColbyCo plane snafu. Somehow her oldest daughter had it in her mind that that event, and Bobby’s wanting to be near Pam, were related. What her darling girl failed to realize, was even if they did find out who helped Matthew Blaisdel leave Florida, Bobby would find another reason to be near his ex wife. Fallon needed to be blaming Adam for not recovering faster, not her!

She also found Donna’s predicament quite interesting. She was sure Cliff had, since she had not seen him in hours. That ended when she heard the door to their hotel suite open and close, and soon Cliff was in their bathing chamber.

“Well,” Cliff began as he began to remove his clothing to join her, “I used one of the hotel conference rooms to make some calls. Donna Krebbs only thinks she’s paralyzed.”

“Are you kidding? It’s in her mind?”

“Yes. And somehow I don’t think that will play well in Texas.”

Alexis said nothing because she knew where this was going…

“I want to start a recall against Donna Krebbs. We then have an election and the both of us become Governor and First Lady of Texas.” Cliff purred as he finished discarding his clothing and joined her in the tub.

But Alexis stopped him from coming close to her when she placed her foot against his chest!

“Darling, I had enough of Texas when I was married to J.R.. Now surely you understand that?”

“What I understand, ‘darling’, is that if you won’t help me get the governorship back, then you will get Ewing Oil for me. Either or. It’s your choice!”

“How dare you!” Alexis snapped. “Running ColbyCo is something most men with any sense would kill for! And don’t you ever hand me an ultimatum! Ever!”

“Ewing Oil or the governorship. And if you don’t choose, then I’ll offer some of my ‘thoughts’ about where the lost Ewing Child is, myself.” Cliff said. Alexis huffed, got out of the tub and skulked out of the bathroom! Damn that man! Couldn’t he just let his obsession with Ewing Oil go?

Alexis most certainly did not want to be a politician’s wife. But…well…maybe taking over Ewing Oil was doable. She just had to figure a way in. She dried off, dressed and left the suite to go to Fallon’s room. She needed to find out how things were between her daughter and Bobby.



News of what had happened to Blake Carrington was the talk of Brady Lloyd’s penthouse party that evening. But by the time the party was cut short, guests would be talking about something else.

Lane Ballou had been invited the shindig. She knew him through Lute Mae when he visited Florida and he had always talked about wanting to get her a record deal. But back then, anything that could have possibly taken her from Field, then Sam, then Field again, was out of the question.

Now she was thinking that getting back to her true passion, music, might not be such a bad thing. Lane sipped champagne as the man she had begun seeing, Dex Dexter, talked to some Texan politician she was only vaguely familiar with. His name was Alan Beam and Lane remembered seeing campaign ads for some race he was in, everywhere she went, when she briefly lived in Dallas and waitressed at the Cattlemen’s Club.

Her eyes wandered and she caught a look from someone else that frequented La Mirage. A man named Michael Culhane. He worked for the Carringtons, though apparently he had his own money and didn’t need to work at all. Lane suspected he was ‘working’ to get back at one of the Carringtons in some way. She tore her eyes from his, just as Alan excused himself and left to find his wife.

“Is he planning on running for office here in Denver?” Lane asked. Dex’s arm was bound tightly around her waist.

“He might. I think he was hinting for me to introduce him to Blake or Alexis.”

“It doesn’t sound as if Blake is in any shape to meet anyone. Do they know who shot at that car?” Lane asked.

“No but everyone thinks the target was that corrupt sheriff.”

“Oh, I have no doubt about that.” Lane replied, just as screams were heard! The music that was playing was turned off and suddenly, two, large men wearing cowboy hats, dragged Alan through the crowd and onto the penthouse elevator!

“My God!” Lane whispered. “Those guys are from Texas!”

Dex looked at Brady, who shook his head at him to not interfere when Alan’s wife, Sammy Jo Carrington Reece Beam, was dragged out as well! But she had more fight to her and unfortunately, one of her breasts had come out of the halter dress she had been wearing! Not that the cowboy, who had her by the arm, cared. He shoved her towards the elevator as well, and soon, the doors closed.

“What the hell?!” Lane almost yelled. Brady joined her and Dex.

“I’d been hearing rumors that Beam had ticked off J.R. Ewing in some way, but I don’t know how.” Brady said.

“Sammy Jo is related to Krystle Carrington! Blake would want to know that she had been kidnapped.” Dex replied. “I’ll reach out to…”

“Who?” Lane asked sardonically. “Constance? Maybe you should contact Steven. He might be able to find out what’s happening and actually do something about it.”

“Whatever you do, Dex,” Brady said, “do it quietly. I don’t need police here.”

Dex nodded and walked off to make some calls. Brady had to pacify his other guests and soon the music resumed. Lane finished her champagne and was about to drink another, when she decided against it. She had witnessed two people get kidnapped, in all likelihood by J.R. Ewing. Something about the whole thing brought back bad memories of her time in Flamingo Road. It reminded her of how easy it was for the rich and privileged to do whatever the hell they wanted to people and even the police would do nothing.

Lane thought that maybe she would contact Fallon and resign from La Mirage. She should have never run from Florida. She should have never run from Adam Carrington and what he did.

But she had. For fear of one day being dragged out of a party like Alan and Sammy Jo had been.

Michael walked up to her.

“Lane? Are you alright? I know that was shocking to see.”

“Take me back to La Mirage, Michael. I can’t be here right now.” Lane said and Michael slipped an arm around Lane’s waist and walked over to the elevators with her. Brady briefly noted that Lane was leaving with someone else and decided against telling Dex that.

Meanwhile, Constance placed a call to Fallon to let her know that Bobby would be staying at her family home for the night—along with Pam. She tried not outright grin as she heard Fallon gasp!

“You’re going to regret interfering in my marriage, Constance!”

“How am I interfering? I’m just offering Bobby a place to sleep tonight. It’s a long drive back to the hotel.”

“You don’t think I know that Pam and you are ‘buddies’? Let me tell you something, ‘dear’, if Bobby ends up returning to Denver with Daddy and you, I will make you sorry that you were born.”

“I believe your mother is capable of such a feat. But not you. A woman that can’t even get her husband to come home. Good night, dear, sleep well.” Constance said, before hanging up on her. She planned to sleep well tonight herself—in Ray’s room.

And at LaMirage, in the privacy of Lane’s room, Michael Culhane feverishly ripped her dress off and with one hard thrust, penetrated her deeply. The two soon found themselves lost in a fury of pleasure. Lane had been right about him. He was back in Denver, in the Carrington fold, for revenge. And Krystle’s dying and Blake’s re-marriage, had torn that family apart. They would never see him coming.

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I have been reading this story hoping that Abby would show up. But so far there's no sight of her.

I find it a bit weird to read as I have not watched Flamingo Road so I know nothing about those characters. I also find it hard to imagine Pam with Adam and Bobby with Fallon as they seem like complete mismatched couples. My guess is that Adam has only shown Pam his most charming side.

I wish I could say that I'm surprised that Ray is cheating on Donna, but he did cheat on her once on the show too. So I guess it could happen.

Over all when reading Dynasty fanfics I always root for Alexis and Blake to get together. Somehow this story feels more like a Dynasty fanfic than a Dallas one even though I guess it's a match up of several shows, as the Flamingo Road characters that I don't know are pretty prominent in this one too.

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Oh she will show up I believe in chapter 6? I am done with this part so I basically re-read and post. I am working on the Knots follow up.

But did you read the first part? 'Six Degrees of Separation'? That explains things a bit.

Flamingo Road was not on long. I was in love with it from the start and Morgan Fairchild has always been one of my favorite actresses. She was not quite right as the original Jenna, but still, I have always felt as if she belonged in the Lorimar universe somewhere. And Mark Harmon is a living doll. People always say he is a 'Tom Cruise wannabee'. He's older than Tom Cruise and I don't think he looks like him at all. So I don't get that rude comparison.

I have never been a Christina Raines fan but Lane Ballou is a necessary evil to include in a Flamingo Road story.

Bobby and Pam are the end game. When I thought of Adam, I found myself thinking about which woman he could actually 'love' in the Dallas universe, even if it was misguided and Pam came to mind. I liked Mark Graison, well enough but I wasn't sorry when he died. I was glad he was there for Pam during the dream season though. John Beck was a 'Flamingo Roader' as well.

I think Ray should have been included more in the Ewing world. And I mean he should have been living at Southfork and working at Ewing Oil in some capacity. I know he liked being outside and working the land, but if Jock had lived longer(if Jim Davis had not died), he would have done more to make sure Ray was included more. Maybe. I'd like to think that he would have.

You know what I find fascinating about your Blake and Alexis POV? John Forsythe and Joan Collins were fabulous, no question, but I could not see John and Joan together. I would watch it and think how did Blake ever end up with a woman like her? She just didn't seem like the type of woman that would've been happy just being a wife and mother. But if George Peppard, who was supposed to have been the original Blake, had stayed in the role, then I could've seen Blake and Alexis together.

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Chapter 5

Steven Carrington called his mother, Alexis, over Sammy Jo’s abduction. Alexis then informed Fallon, who hid her fury over Bobby’s absence to call her brother and comfort him. Danny, Steven and Sammy Jo’s son, was their main concern now. And Alexis had no doubt that that girl had gotten herself into something, despite now living a life of privilege. Sammy Jo, in Alexis’s opinion, would never rise above her trashy ways.

Meanwhile, over at the Weldon mansion, Constance was informed about the whole, sorry affair by Dominique, by phone, who had taken a call from Steven on Blake’s behalf at the hospital. Blake, who remembered Sammy Jo, wanted to return to Denver at once. And the doctors saw no real reason to keep him, since he was suffering no actual head trauma or any other physical maladies. Dominque was told that her brother’s memory would return with time.

Constance was shocked at the news but for different reasons. First, she had not expected to have to return to Denver so soon. Secondly, after what Field had told her, mixed with what Dominque had learned from her ex, Brady Lloyd, Constance had no doubts whatsoever that J.R. had found out that Alan and Sammy Jo did not have little Leif and had still been taking payments for his care!

She was not really surprised when the phone rang again and Field was on the line. By now, the news had awakened Bobby, Pam, Ray and Eudora. Constance had not even had the chance to sneak into Ray’s room yet before all hell broke loose!

“Constance, tell me you found those adoption papers? The man that hosted the party where Alan and Sammy Jo were taken from, called Lute Mae. She is desperate to protect Leif!”

Constance cleared her throat. Everyone was looking at her with the assumption that the caller she was speaking with, was someone important.

“No. I did not find it. Now I need this line to stay clear. Good night.” Constance said, hanging up. Eudora eyed her.

“Who was that?”


“My God, Constance is he still asking about that certificate? And at this hour?” Eudora exclaimed. Bobby and Pam looked at one another with confusion and then Bobby looked at Ray, who he noticed was focused on Constance.

“I don’t like this,” Pam spoke, “Sammy Jo is the mother of a Carrington child. She had been taken. Adam was shot and Blake was injured. Someone could be targeting my family.”

“Let me make some phone calls and see what I can find out, okay?” Bobby comforted her and they both left to use the phone in the den, arms around one another like they used to when they were married. Eudora stared after them worriedly, before looking at Ray.

“What is this about the kidnappers having cowboy hats? People seemed to think they were from Texas?” Eudora asked.

“You remember Alan Beam? He was once involved with Lucy. Beam was known for being shady. It probably caught up with him.” Ray guessed.

Eudora sighed, running a hand through her hair.

“Oh my God. Constance, you need to go to the hospital to be with Blake. He may not know that you’re his wife or understand it, but you need to be with him now.” she told her daughter.

Constance nodded and hurried past her mother and Ray, up the stairs. She began to pack her things and asked a maid to help her get Blake and Krystina’s things together. She was going back to Denver, whether she was ready to or not.

Meanwhile, Bobby got off the phone with a source, who told him that those men that took Beam and Sammy Jo, worked for J.R.! He didn’t know how he was going to tell Pam but he knew he had to.

“What? You learned something, didn’t you?” Pam asked.

“Honey, the men that took your nephew’s mother and her husband, work for J.R..”

“J.R. did this? Why?”

“I have no idea but I intend to find out. Fallon and I are going back to Texas.” he told her somberly and Pam swallowed her disappointment at the idea of not having him nearby.

“You don’t have any choice. We have to find out what happened. I’m going to hospital. Adam probably knows by now.” Pam said and left the room. Bobby shook his head. J.R.! What was this whole thing all about anyway?


Ray entered Constance’s bedroom and closed the door. Constance, who was looking for shoes, saw him and stopped what she was doing.

“Constance, something else is going on here. And it has to do with Field, doesn’t it? Your mother said he called about a certificate. I understand after what you told me, why you felt you had to lie to her. But why would he call here about your real mother? This late? She has nothing to do with what’s going on now.”

Constance ran a hand through her hair and decided to come clean.

“I only told you part of it, Ray. And I did that because what Field told me was so incredible, that until I find out for myself that it’s true, I didn’t want to repeat it.”

“Repeat what? Does it have to do with J.R.?”

“I think so. Field called me because of Lute Mae, yes. But she doesn’t want to get to know me. She wants faked adoption papers my father had done for her, so she could adopt a child. And that child was given to Alan Beam by J.R..”

“What?!” Ray snapped. “J.R. is now in the business of selling children?”

“No. Just Sue Ellen and Gary’s.” Constance said. “Field said that that lie Alexis told, isn’t one. That Sue Ellen had a baby by Gary, and J.R. gave it to Alan Beam and a woman he was married to at the time. But his wife died and Alan, who was one of Lute Mae’s ‘customers’, gave the child to her to raise—while still taking hush money from J.R.. Lute Mae was scared that Alan and Sammy Jo, who knows everything, were going to circle back to Flamingo Road for the boy. I think J.R. found out that they don’t have him. If that’s true, then it’s only a matter of time before J.R. finds out Lute Mae has him.”

“Okay…let’s say this is true: if Lute Mae can provide for him and J.R. doesn’t want the boy, then what is the big deal?”

“Oh come on, Ray! That child can no more be left with a madam than I could have been! And I searched Daddy’s den downstairs high and low and found no sign of any forged adoption papers. I was thinking maybe they were at the mill.”

“The mill? The one Matthew Blaisdel used to run? Hell, Constance, he probably has the papers! You can’t tell me a sneaky bastard like that wouldn’t have went through that mill with a fine tooth comb. That’s probably how Alexis knew anything about this whole thing.” Ray said. Constance’s eyes widened! Good lord, Ray was right! Alexis hired Matthew for Jock, to run the Weldon mill. Those papers had to be in her father’s safe of in the office someplace.

Constance could not help but wonder if her real birth certificate was there too?

“I need to get down there.” she said firmly and looked around for her purse.

“The papers probably aren’t there anymore! Blaisdel probably gave them to Alexis.”

“Ray, I can’t sit back and do nothing here! This child, his name is Leif, didn’t do anything but be born. And if J.R. takes him from Lute Mae, what irresponsible person will he give him too next?”

“Okay. Let’s assume there is nothing to find down at the mill. Let’s just confront J.R.. I’ll find out if his plane has left yet. If it hasn’t, we’ll go and talk to him.”

“And say what?”

“Donna and I will take in Leif.” Ray said. Constance just stared at him, thinking that wasn’t any better of a solution than giving him to Lute Mae.

“Pam is headed back to the hospital to tell Adam what’s happened, if Blake’s sister hasn’t done it first. Bobby is on his way back to the hotel to get Fallon so they can head back home. We’ll act as if we’re there to see Blake and Donna, then leave to meet with J.R..” Ray suggested.

“If he’s still in town.” Constance reminded him. But it seemed like a solid enough plan. For now.


Jeff and Amanda joined Alexis and Cliff in their suite after hearing the news. Fallon wandered in shortly after, and told them that she had packed her and Bobby’s things and they were returning to Texas.

“Steven needs us. How can you go back to Texas?” Amanda asked Fallon accusingly.

“Because Bobby thinks that J.R. sent those men and he wants to confront him.” Fallon said, thinking that Sammy Jo had finally become of some use in this family.

Amanda had no response to that but unfortunately, Fallon had more to say.

“You know, you two were there. You were living in the mansion with Daddy and Constance. You should have gotten rid of her before it came to this!” she stated, glaring at both Jeff and Amanda accusingly. Cliff lifted a brow and Alexis moved to intervene but Cliff grabbed her arm. He wanted to hear more, for whatever reason.

“What nerve!” Jeff snapped. “We were supposed to what? Meddle in your father’s life?”

“If you cared about him you would have! But no, Jeff, you were too busy trying to get to me by sleeping with my sister!”

Amanda slapped Fallon and NOW, Alexis pulled away from Cliff and got between her daughters!

“Stop this! Both of you! I have every intention of making sure that Constance does not hurt your father. Now Dominque called from the hospital. Blake is insisting that he be released tonight. We are all going to get on the Carrington jet and go back to Denver to support Steven. Fallon is going back to Texas with her husband. If J.R. had anything to do with this, she is in a perfect position to find out how and why.” Alexis told them. Fallon turned and flounced from the room. Jeff and Amanda followed. They needed to get back to the Weldon mansion and pack up their things.

Cliff walked over and closed the door.

“What do you really know about this, Alexis? And don’t tell me nothing,”

Alexis sighed, walked over to her dresser mirror and picked up a hairbrush—then threw it at Cliff! It his him smack in the forehead!

“There is another woman’s hair in my brush! You find out who helped Matthew Blaisdel escape on my jet, or God help both you and the slut you brought into our bed!”

Cliff said nothing at first.

Then he spoke.

“It was Lucy Ewing that helped Blaisdel escape. And she had help from Adam. Though I doubt he knew who his ex fiancee was trying to abscond with. There! Now can we drop this ridiculous conversation!”

Cliff then walked over to the sitting area and turned on the TV. The Denver kidnapping had not made the news. But Blake Carrington’s sudden release from the hospital had.


Ray and Constance drove Pam to the hospital and then got out, so that Pam believed that Constance was going to see Blake and Ray, Donna. But before they reached the elevators, Constance pretended to forget a stuffed toy of Krystina’s she was going to show Blake, and Ray was going back to unlock the car door for her. Pam thought nothing of it and got onto the elevator alone.

Once she was gone, Ray and Constance went back to his car and left the hospital parking lot—their destination, J.R.’s hotel. They had no way of knowing whether he had checked out or not.

They found he had not. He was in his room, looking over papers and drinking bourbon, when he answered the door to the both of them.

“Well, well! You must be here because of our conversation, Constance. Ray, get in here! You’re going to finally prove yourself to be a Ewing yet!”

Constance walked in first followed by a glaring Ray. J.R. closed the door and Constance got to the point.

“I need to know what you know about a certain abduction. One that happened in Denver.”

“An abduction in Denver?” J.R. asked, walking past them to pour drinks. “You came here this late to ask about a kidnapping in another state?”

“Why are you still in town, J.R.?” Ray asked.

“Because it’s a free country, that’s why.” J.R. replied coolly. “Now do you want to tell me what this is all about?”

“I know about the money you’ve been paying Alan Beam.” was Constance’s reply. Ray could see that J.R. was now taking her seriously. J.R slowly handed Constance a drink, which she accepted. Ray shook his head in refusal.

“If you know about why that was going on, then you know where that boy is. Am I right?” J.R. asked carefully.

“So Sue Ellen did have a baby with Gary?” Ray asked.

J.R. ignored Ray.

“Where is the boy, Constance?”

“I get that you’re angry that Alan and Sammy Jo lied. I don’t get why Sammy Jo went along with him, considering she’s wealthy now. But this kidnapping thing you did, has really messed things up—for me.”

“Darlin’, I’m not saying either way that I know what you’re talking about. But I will say this: either Alan and Sammy Jo tell me where the boy is, or you do.”

“And then what, J.R.? What happens to him?” Constance asked impatiently.

Ray took over.

“Donna and I could adopt him.” he said quietly. J.R. rolled his eyes!

“Your crippled wife and you are going to adopt him, huh? Does Donna know this? And that wasn’t our agreement, Constance.” J.R. said, guzzling down his drink. Ray looked from him to Constance.

“Agreement? What is J.R. talking about?”

But Constance poo-poo’d it.

“J.R. seems to think that I’d make you a better wife than Donna. I tried to explain why that wasn’t possible…”

But J.R. interrupted.

“Ray, if you want the rest of what Daddy left you, you’ll get yourself unhitched to Donna, married to Constance and into the governor’s chair. Now Constance, where is the boy?”

“What???” Ray snapped. “What ‘rest’ of what Jock left me? What are you talking about? Constance? What is J.R. talking about?”

And J.R. answered him.

“Daddy left us all an extra twenty thousand. Lucy gets ten. And if you think for one minute, I’m going to allow you to spend your inheritance on that whore that seduced Daddy, you’ve got another thing coming. I’ll bleed you dry in court, before I see you get a dime of it while you’re married to Donna.”

“And if I’m married to Constance, everything is free and clear, right?” Ray asked, now focusing on Constance. “You knew about this?”

If Constance could have burned J.R. with her eyes she would have!

“Yes. But I planned to help you get your inheritance without taking it that far, Ray!”

“But you knew and didn’t tell me?”

“What did you want me to do? I told you what I learned today! I just didn’t have time to tell you everything!” Constance protested. But Ray shook his head in disbelief.

“So the extra money was why you were so eager to come to Texas and help me become governor?”

“Ray!” Constance snapped. “How can you believe that? I planned on our being together and getting you your money! Why are you being like this? Is what J.R. was proposing really that terrible?”

“If you have to ask that, then you’re not who I thought you were.” Ray said. “I’m leaving. J.R., I plan to tell Donna about all of this. We’ll use our contacts to get my share of my inheritance and that child.”

J.R. snorted!

“Only Donna has contacts, not you. But good luck with that.” he grinned before looking at Constance again.

“Are you going to tell me where that boy is?”

“He’s been legally adopted. So there is nothing more you can do, J.R..” Constance told him before turning and walking out of his hotel suite. Ray followed and caught up with her by the elevator.

“This is over, Constance. Your mother’s heart is in the right place but in the end, Leif will be better off with Donna and myself.” Ray told her. Constance looked up at him. She could feel the same change in him, that she had felt that night she tried to come to his bed and was rebuffed.

“We’re going to have to agree to disagree. I’m going to take a cab to the hospital. I need to help Blake get ready to return to our home in Denver.” she said, getting into the elevator. Ray did not get in with her and Constance stared at him with profound disappointment as the doors closed.

Meanwhile, J.R. downed another drink just as his phone rang. He answered and discovered that little Leif Beam was living right here in Florida with some Madam of a whore house! Hell, he hated what Gary and Sue Ellen had spawned during their days of drunkeness, but that boy was still a Ewing! He couldn’t allow that!

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Chapter 6


Things had worked out poorly. At least they had for Constance. And for the life of her, she could not understand why she made the decision she made! In the end, she told herself that it was because she was a mother. And in the end, she didn’t trust J.R. not to throw the illegitimate child of his wife and brother, in the ocean somewhere!

So Constance went to the one person she knew could stop J.R.. And God help her, it had cost her.

Alexis Barnes.

Alexis agreed to send Lute Mae and Leif away someplace where J.R. would never find them. And she did indeed conveniently come up with the adoption papers Claude Weldon had made for Lute Mae. Ray’s theory about Matthew’s finding them and giving them Alexis was correct.

The price Constance paid for asking for the witch’s help was pretty guessable: she had to divorce Blake, quickie style and leave Denver. Constance did as she was told but told Alexis she thought it was laughable that she thought that her leaving Blake would clear the way for Alexis to be with him.

Alexis replied that she had a better chance with Constance being gone, than when she was still married to Blake. She also forged a letter to Blake, ostensibly from Constance, telling him that she had miscarried their child.

So, Constance left Blake…and Krystina and told herself that she had done the right thing for a mother that had not raised her, and an unwanted child that J.R. was desperate to hide. He had already given him to someone like Alan Beam. God knows who the next parents would be.

Meanwhile, Lane Ballou was still managing La Mirage and had broken up with Dex and Michael(Michael she had never really been with in a relationship sense). It was also well known that Mr. Culhane was now seeing Amanda and amnesiac Blake was not happy about it.

Lane could not believe what had happened to Constance though. Oddly, she was not happy about it, since she suspected for some odd reason, that Constance’s exit from the Carrington family, and the sudden release of Krystle’s niece, Sammy Jo, were related. She was walking around, saying hello to guests and staff, when a well dressed blonde woman, walked in, announced that she was ‘Abby Ewing’ and then waited for her reservation to be confirmed, all as she looked around.

Lane stared at the woman, not knowing why she was looking at her. She soon realized there was something about her hair that seemed odd. She looked nice but familiar, for some reason. The woman’s last name was ‘Ewing’. Was it possible she was related to the Ewings of Texas?

Lane decided to introduce herself…

“Hello, I’m Lane Ballou, Manager of La Mirage. Did I hear you say your last name was ‘Ewing’?”

Abby gave her a sweet smile.

“Why yes. Yes I am. I’m Abby Ewing and I’m here to see my former sister-in-law, Pamela. She’s Pamela Carrington now but she was a Ewing once. We were quite close at one time.”

“Oh.” Lane said. What could she say? She herself didn’t think much of Pam for marrying Adam and she hated seeing both of them here, when they would dine.

“I would dearly love directions to her house, so I could drop in and visit.” Abby said.

Lane was not about to give out directions to the Carrington mansion, without ascertaining as to WHICH Ewing this was!

“So you’re married to…”

“Gary,” Abby replied, wondering if this woman was someone she should be careful of, “he’s J.R. and Bobby Ewing’s brother.”

“Gary?” a man asked and Abby turned and realized she was face to face with Cliff Barnes! He, like many other people, looked enchanted by the sight of her. The new ‘Krystle Hairdo’ helped. Now she had to find a way to get a face to face with Blake Carrington himself! If he looked at her like Cliff Barnes did, then her next task was to find Matthew Blaisdel so she could sink Lucy.

Abby offered her hand and Cliff quickly took it. Lane had to admit, she was a bit jealous of the way Cliff was looking at this Abby woman. But that was nothing compared to…uh oh…

Alexis appeared wearing a pale, green Chanel suit! She joined them and had words for everyone, starting with Lane…

“Tramp, why are you just standing around? My daughter pays you good money not to just loaf around and make idle chit chat!” Alexis sniffed.

Abby swallowed. So, this was Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Ewing Barnes. Not good! She noticed Cliff give his wife a hostile look.

“You will apologize to Lane, this instant, Alexis!” Cliff barked.

Alexis feigned innocence!

“Why? Is something wrong, darling?”

“Well,” Abby interjected, “I do believe you called her a tramp when her name is ‘Lane’.”

Alexis’s gaze now focused on her.

“I’m sorry, poorly coifed whore, I didn’t catch your name?” Alexis said in a kind tone, eyeing the woman’s hair. It looked like a hairdo that belonged to someone she loathed, but she couldn’t quite recall the person. Probably because she loathed a good many people.

“Oh that’s alright, ‘Old Tit’, it’s Abby. Abby Ewing. We were once related.” Abby smiled patiently and Lane backed away from both of them! Old tit??? Oh God…

Lane looked at Cliff who’s mouth was still open! Alexis turned, reached out and physically closed it for him, before returning her attention to Abby. She knew exactly who the hell this middle class tramp was! But the real question was why was she in Denver? She lived in California someplace, didn’t she?

“I’m here to visit with your sister, Mr. Barnes.” Abby told Cliff. “I am just so sorry I didn’t live in Texas when you were governor. I would’ve voted twice for you, I’m sure!”

Cliff grinned and Alexis felt her stomach roil! But not because of Cliff’s fawning. To her knowledge, Pam had never met Gary’s second wife and had only even been around Gary maybe once or twice, when he was still married to his first wife…some piece of trash named…something that started with a ‘V’.

It suddenly hit Alexis, that this woman had been involved with her second cousin, Charles Scott and that he had given up using her, for her Ewing funds because he did not feel she had access to them.

And Abby Ewing had just come out of a coma. A month long one.

“Now I remember,” Alexis said casually, “you were in a coma. For a month. Matthew Blaisdel shoved you down some stairs or something?”

“Yes.” Abby said, “I wouldn’t think that a woman such as yourself, would keep up with the poorer relations of the Ewing family.”

“Well, darling,” Alexis said, moving close to her, “Charles Scott is my second cousin. And we speak almost daily.” she said in a warning tone, before linking arms with Cliff and pulling him towards the front door of the hotel. Abby stared after them. She had not expected to hear that. That Alexis and Charles were connected. That meant she had to get in and out of Denver as fast she could!

Abby turned and found that Lane was staring at her.

“Well,” Abby said, “isn’t she a pip!”

Lane cleared her throat and moved so that she was standing right in front of her.

“I just realized that your hair looks a lot like Krystle Carrington’s used to. I never met her but her presence is still everywhere.”

“Yes. I’ve read about her. I never got a chance to meet her either.” Abby replied.

Lane nodded and finally dragged her eyes off of her.

“Well enjoy your stay at La Mirage.” Lane said and walked off towards her office. Abby stared at the woman as she walked off, and was left with the oddest feeling that Lane Ballou, knew that she was up to something. Not that it mattered.

Abby turned to the clerk who handed her her room key.

“I was wondering if you could get me directions to the Carrington mansion?”


Eudora was more than a little surprised when the butler let Field in. And he was carrying flowers.

“Field? What are you doing here?”

Field handed the flowers off to a maid and told her they were for Constance, before walking over to his former mother-in-law.

“I wanted to see how Constance was getting along. I suspect not well.”

Eudora sighed and nodded. Constance had fallen into some kind of depression that alternated between shopping and taking to her bed for days. She herself did not understand what happened with Blake except that Alexis was involved. Constance never said it but Eudora knew there had to be a connection. And she really didn’t think much of Blake. Amnesia or not, he should have tried to accept Constance as his wife instead of mourning Krystle.

Then again, Eudora supposed there was nothing Constance could have done to make him accept her if he didn’t want to. But she knew her girl was really hurting at the loss of her child. And Krystina had been just as much her child as if she had given birth to her! Krystle had asked Constance to look after her! This whole thing was just so wrong!

“No, Field. She isn’t doing well and she won’t talk about how and why she got a quickie divorce. Leaving Blake is one thing but Krystina? Alexis had a hand in this! I’d bet my life on it!”

Field reached for her hand.

“I thought I’d come by to cheer her up.”

“Field, no offense but you two aren’t friends. I don’t think she’d want to see you.”

“We’ve been getting along better than you’d think, Eudora. I’m just going up to look in on her.” Field said and let go of Eudora’s hand. He then left the room and headed for the stairs. Eudora stared after him. The last thing Constance needed was Field. And he clearly didn’t mean any harm, but she just didn’t think her daughter needed to jump into another relationship at this point in time.

Meanwhile, Field knocked on Constance’s door and got no answer. He slowly opened the door and stepped into a room full of new purchases with tags still attached! The bed was also covered with clothing and he closed the door and walked over to it. He saw some of her blonde hair peeking out and he reached over to touch it, only to find it was a ‘blonde fur’!

“Constance? I know you’re in that bed somewhere.”

He heard a sniff.

“What do you want, Field? And I know it’s you. You started using that noxious cologne once you took up with that lounge singer.”

“I don’t suppose you could show yourself?” Field asked in response to her insult. Some of the clothing rose on the end of the bed and Constance peeked through two clothing tags!

“What do you want?” she asked hoarsely.

“I wanted to see how you are.”

“Now you see. Go away.”

“I also wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. What you did for Lute Mae and Leif cost you what you loved most. I’m sorry. And I’m here to make it up to you. Or at least I hope I can.”

Constance disappeared under the clothing again and went silent. Field sighed and moved some of the clothing off of the bed, so he could sit down.

“Why are you still here?” Constance asked.

“I’m not going anywhere. I know that you’re hurting over more than just Blake and Krystina. Ray and Donna seem to have reconnected as well.”

Constance did not answer that. Field kept talking.

“Constance, there was an accident. Alexis sent Lute Mae and Leif to California. Lute Mae was in a car crash and she’s on life support. She maybe has a couple of days.”

Constance slowly re-appeared through the clothing. She now sat up and Field saw she was wearing a black night gown with spaghetti straps.

“What? That woman had the nerve to go and get herself in an accident, after I agreed to give up my husband and daughter for her? Nice!”

“Wow, Constance. Only you would see a tragedy that way.”

Constance rolled her eyes at him and got out of bed, knocking her new clothing onto the floor. She shook out her matted hair and faced him.

“What do you want me to do about it, Field?”

“I want you to come with me to California. I want you to say goodbye to Lute Mae and then…”


Field got up and walked over to her.

“Constance, Lute Mae is asking us both to take Leif in.”

“No. I have NO intention of getting attached to anymore children hat I did not give birth to!”

“He would be ours. I’ve already made arrangements for the adoption papers to say so. All we need to do is to remarry.” Field told her in a somber tone. Constance backed away from him!

“What are you talking about?”

“Constance, Leif is still in danger. He’s also downstairs in my car. I want to bring him in to meet you, before we go back to California. I think once you get to know him, you’ll see that we need to protect this child.”

“Why isn’t he with his mother while she’s dying?” Constance asked. She herself felt nothing about that bit of news. Eudora was her mother, as far she was concerned and always had been.

“Because Lute Mae was insistent that I prepare him to meet his new parents.”

“So you agreed to this on my behalf without asking me?”


“I’m not remarrying you. And I’m sorry about Leif. You’ll make a fine father. So please leave so I can go back to bed.” Constance told him in a no nonsense tone. Field nodded and left the room and Constance scurried back under covers and clothing to think about what she had just learned. Something else was going on here, something that would benefit Fielding Carlyle. But what?

She heard her door open and close again and she stirred underneath her haven.

“Go away, Field! Goodnight and Merry Christmas! Do not come back here!” she called out.

“It’s not Christmas.” a child’s voice responded.

Constance slowly peeked out from beneath her covers and clothes tags! A boy, maybe about 4 or 5, was standing there with big eyes like Sue Ellen and blonde hair like Gary. Good God!

Constance slowly sat up. Leif walked over to the bed.

“This bed is messy.” he noted. “Field told me you are my sister.”

Constance snorted!

“No, but I can see why you’d think that. I’m sorry about what’s happening with your mama.”

Leif looked down and nodded. Constance got out of bed and put on a robe.

“What did your mother tell you?” she asked.

“Just that I was coming back here to live with you and Uncle Field.”

“Uncle, hey?” Constance asked, her eyes taking in the boy. Clearly, Lute Mae had sent him to some kind of prep school or something. His manner of dress and just the way he carried himself, put him further ahead than other children his own age.

“Could you go and get your uncle?” Constance asked. Leif nodded, sliding off of the bed and walking to the door. He gave her an uncertain smile before walking out and closing the door behind him! Once he was gone, Constance’s mouth dropped open! Good God! Little Garrison Ewing Jr. was right here in front of her, in the flesh!!!

Field returned and he smiled at her.

“Glad to see you out of bed.” he noted.

“You have to hide him someplace else! Once people find out…”

“Constance, if we marry and adopt him, it won’t matter. He’ll belong to us.”

“And what else? Come on, Field, you get a child that’s not yours, an ex-wife you never wanted to marry in the first place and what?”

“First of all, I like Leif. He’s a good boy and I’d be proud to be his father. And I never didn’t not want to marry you. It was just that I fell in love with someone else and somehow thought I could have both of you.”

“Okay, I’m going to let that one go. What are you really going to get out of this? The truth now.”

“Okay, Constance. You’re right. There is more. Jason Colby is planning to run for president in two years.”

Constance lifted a brow.

“I met him once. He is Jeff’s uncle turned father. He’s running for president?”

“Yes. And I want to run against him.”

Constance continued to keep her brow lifted.

“And you need a wife and child, right?”

“Let me give you an incentive,” Field replied, not answering her question, “I need governing experience. I want to give up the Senate and become Governor…of Texas.”

Constance now gasped!

“You can’t…you have to establish residency!”

“Yes. We’ll move there…”

“Field! JFK was a senator turned president! You could still run as a senator.”

“JFK had a powerful father behind him. I want this and I want J.R. Ewing and his money, behind me. He will not help Donna.” Field told her in a no nonsense tone.

For the first time in a long time, Fielding Carlyle became interesting. Again.

“Why Fielding Carlyle! You are quite the backstabber, aren’t you? Does poor Donna know you’re after her job?”

“Poor Donna does not know I’m after her job. Just like Ray Krebbs has no idea that you will be returning to Texas—to live.”

Constance shrugged.

“I could care less about Ray.”

“Oh I think you do!” Field grinned. “So there will be no more Lane’s—if there will be no more Ray’s. And I don’t count Carrington. You only married him because you couldn’t have Ray.”

Constance scowled but said nothing to that.

“Okay. I’ll think about this proposal of yours when I get a proper ring!”

“Oh.” Field said, reaching into his pocket. “Remember, I grew up with you. I came prepared.”

Field pulled out an engagement ring that looked better than the first one he gave her! Constance didn’t know whether to be insulted or pleased. She reached for it and studied it.

“This isn’t Lane’s, is it?”

“Oh come on, Constance! Do you really think I would take the chance of giving you another woman’s engagement ring and expect to leave this room alive?”

“Okay.” Constance said, taking him on his word. “I suppose it looks alright.”

“Just alright?” he asked teasingly.

“Well better than alright. What would be our first step?”

“The first step is to go to California so you can say goodbye to Lute Mae.” Field told her.

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Chapter 7

Constance decided to meet with Lute Mae’s doctor, one Dr. Mitch Cooper, alone. She also could see that the hospital upset Leif and asked Field to take him out someplace to have fun. Field agreed and left Constance to deal with Lute Mae. He had said his own goodbyes to her. He had also called Lane to tell her what was happening. She was too busy with La Mirage to say her own goodbyes but he could tell the news devastated her.

Constance had insisted to Field that they tell Eudora the truth of what was going on. He had no problem with it and when they told her, Eudora pretended to go along with their decisions regarding the matter. But as soon as they left for California, she summoned Titus over to the mansion…

“You’re telling me, that that child actually exists?” Titus asked, squinting at Eudora.

“So Field claims. I’m sorry, but he lost any trust I could have possibly had in him when he left Constance.”

“Lute Mae did close down her business in a hurry. I wondered but I didn’t really think that hard about it. I hate to be indelicate, but with Claude gone, her hopes of ever reuniting with him were dashed. She had nothing to hang around here for.”

“Don’t apologize,” Eudora told him, “I long ago accepted that betrayal. What bothers me is that no one except for Field has spoken to Lute Mae about any of this.”

“Alexis did. She’s the one that sent Lute Mae and Leif out of town. Leif? Jesus…”

“He kind of looks like his name would be Leif.” Eudora allowed. “And he has Sue Ellen Ewing’s eyes.”

“I don’t get how a woman could be so drunk that she didn’t remember giving birth to a child? I’m not buying that!” Titus exclaimed.

“Neither am I. I didn’t know Sue Ellen very well when I was married to Jock. She was married to Cliff Barnes by then. But I got the impression that John Ross was the only son she wanted or needed.”

“She had to remember being pregnant?” Titus continued to argue.

“Titus, I think Sue Ellen remembers everything and then some. And I think J.R. has helped her cover this up.”

“So Jock knew?”

“I don’t know. To be honest if he did, he was not the type of man to speak of things like that.” she admitted.

“So Lute Mae confided in Field about this because she needed those adoption papers Claude had gotten for her before he died?”

Eudora nodded. Titus frowned.

“What?” she asked.

“Claude would usually ask for my help for such things. But then again, maybe this was just so private he didn’t want me to know. What do we know about Lute Mae’s car accident in California? Was it an accident?”

“Oh Titus! It never even occurred to me that it wasn’t! What has Constance gotten herself in to?”

“Now, now. It’s just in my nature to be skeptical about such things. So Field and Constance are going to marry, give this boy a home to protect him against the Ewings, move to Texas so that they can establish residency and then Field is going to run for Governor? All he had to do was get Constance pregnant and they could have skipped the lost Ewing child!”

“Not if they wanted to ensure J.R.’s support.” Eudora told him. “I knew he was dangerous from the moment Jock introduced me to him. Adopting this child is not going keep him safe from J.R.. He doesn’t want his existence known, period!”

“Well it’s not as if Field and Constance plan to blab who he is.”

“No, but they do plan on holding it over J.R.’s head. Krystle Carrington’s niece, the one that was married to that Texan politician? She was lucky to come out of her kidnapping ordeal alive. They were both blackmailing J.R..”

“Yes, but they didn’t have the child. They were kidnapped for lying about it. J.R. won’t be able to afford to do anything to either Field and Constance out in the open. Still, I don’t get why Constance would go along with any of this?”

Eudora folded her arms.

“She gets to be a mother again and return to Texas. Where she can be close to Ray Krebbs.” she told Titus. He nodded his understanding. He would have to find a way to get in on this deal Field and Constance had, his own way.


“So you were not raised by Ms. Sanders? Not like Leif was?” Mitch asked as he looked through Lute Mae’s chart, while talking to Constance. He could certainly see a resemblance between them.

“Yes, that is correct. I feel kind of…well…out of place being here. I knew who she was, only by reputation. I never knew she was my mother.” Constance admitted.

“Reputation?” Mitch asked.

“It’s too long a story to get in to right now. And I guess it doesn’t even matter. Let’s just say we’re both from a small town in Florida.” Constance said primly. Suddenly, Mitch tilted his head.

“Flamingo Road, right?”

“Yes. Is that in Ms. Sanders medical records?”

“I have an ex wife that spent some time down there. Her then fiancee was running for the senate. Her name is Lucy Ewing.”

“Oh yes! I met her once or twice! My mother was Jock Ewing’s third wife.”

Mitch nodded.

“Okay so then you’re…”

“Constance. Constance Carr…Weldon. What a small world.” Constance noted, looking him up and down. What the hell was wrong with Lucy? There was no way she’d let a man like that go and take up with the likes of Adam over him!

“Leif was very lucky to go unscathed in the accident.” Mitch said and Constance could not hide her surprise!

“He was in the car too?”

“Miss Weldon,” Mitch began reluctantly, “I’m surprised your fiancee hasn’t told you more about what happened. Someone fired a gunshot at the car, hitting Miss Sanders. She lost control of the car and crashed into a lamp post. Leif, was unharmed. It happened in a small, cul de sac like community.”

Constance blinked.

“You’re telling me that Lute Mae was shot?! That’s why she’s dying?”

“Yes. I told your fiancee all of this. I think he probably didn’t want to upset you. Leif really seems to depend on you.” Mitch smiled. Constance smiled back but her expression on the outside, did not match how she felt on the inside.

Someone had fired a shot at Titus, Blake and Donna in Florida, injuring all of them.

Someone had fired a shot at Lute Mae and Leif in a residential area and now Lute Mae was dying.

Mitch stopped smiling.

“You really knew nothing of this?” he asked.

“No. And to be honest, it makes me uncomfortable. What did the police say?”

“Just that they are talking to people in the community but so far they have no leads.”

“Dr. Cooper, I need to know if this shooting was random or if Ms. Sanders was in trouble? This could affect Leif as well.”

“Like you think someone was after her son? Who would be shooting at a little boy? Ms. Weldon…”

“Call me Constance, Dr. Cooper.”

“Then I must insist you call me Mitch.” he answered smiling at her in a way that made Constance’s eyes feel as if they were going to blur! He was THAT good looking!

“Alright, Mitch. Ms. Sanders is a madam. I don’t know that one of her clients didn’t follow her from Florida and do this.” Constance told him. That was the best she could do without telling Mitch all of the truth. That Leif was his ex wife’s younger half brother, and that Leif had an uncle that didn’t want that known, was beside the point. And yet Constance could not believe that J.R. would hire people to kill a child. That was not the sense Constance got from him. He didn’t want his family embarrassed and had tried to place Leif someplace where he thought he would be cared for.

But after that bizarre kidnapping, Constance didn’t quite know what to think anymore. And now hearing this…it just couldn’t be a coincidence.

“A madam was allowed to adopt a child?” Mitch asked.

“I don’t know the particulars. Just that he belongs to Ms. Sanders. Legally.”

“You should mention that to the police, Constance.”

“I suspect they probably already know. And to be honest, my true concern is for Leif. Field and I are trying to make a life for him untouched by scandal.”

“I understand.” Mitch said as a nurse walked up to him and told him that Lute Mae’s temperature seemed to be dropping. He nodded and looked at Constance.

“You should go in now and say your goodbyes.” Mitch told her, touching her arm. Constance took a deep breath, suddenly very aware that she was going into a room with her birth mother to watch her die.


Field did not expect Constance to return to their hotel suite at the Beverly Hills Ritz. He had planned to take Leif over to the hospital when he awoke from his nap. But as soon as he saw her face, he knew it was too late for Lute Mae.

“She’s gone, isn’t she?” he asked quietly.

Constance nodded not looking at him. She tossed her purse on a couch and collapsed onto it.

“Mitch told me that Lute Mae’s car was shot at. Did you know that?”


“Dr. Cooper, I mean.”

Field decided to let Constance’s familiar use of the doctor’s name go. For now.


Constance stood up.

“So she was NEVER awake! She never asked the two of us to take care of Leif.”

“No. Not then. No. Constance, she left town knowing something could happen to her. She asked me before she and Leif left.” Field told her. Constance sighed.

“We have to tell Leif what happened. We have to tell him that his mother is gone.” she said, turning away from Field. He reached out to turn her back towards him.

“There’s something more, isn’t there?”

“I trusted Alexis to make sure that Lute Mae and Leif got away safely. That didn’t happen. I don’t know that the shooter didn’t find out where Lute Mae and Leif were from Alexis!”

“What would be in it for her to out Lute Mae? I don’t know the woman, I just don’t think this was her. Constance, we don’t know that it was anyone. No one in the area saw anything. This could have been kids playing with a gun that they shouldn’t have had.” Field said.

“Was Lute Mae just driving around there or was she going to visit someone?”

“One of the residents was expecting her. A woman named Lilimae Clements. Apparently Lute Mae and Leif were going to stay with her.”

Constance sat back down again and began massaging her temples. Field slowly sat next to her and began massaging her shoulders. Constance’s first instinct was to brush his hands off of her, but he had always been good at that. Giving massages.

“We’ll tell Leif together and return to Florida. We’ll be married there, then I’ll resign from the Senate. After, we move to Texas.” Field whispered. Constance just nodded. She had decided to ignore the voice in her head that said that she should pay Liliimae Clements a visit to find out what she knew about Leif and his true parentage.



Sue Ellen had invited Ray and Donna to dinner at Southfork and it made Ray himself realize, that it had been awhile since he had actually stepped foot inside the house. The last time had been after Jock’s funeral.

But it became clear as they had their pre-dinner drinks in the sitting room, that the invitation had not been extended for the reason of a family reunion…

Fallon was sitting in a chair and Sue Ellen on a couch. Sue Ellen was fiddling with pearls around her neck while Fallon looked as if she’d rather be any place but there. Donna decided to break the ice.

“Fallon? How is Blake coming along?”

“Better. Still not one hundred percent as far as his memory goes but he’s improving. Much better than he would have if he had still been married to Constance.”

Donna cleared her throat and looked at Ray, who shot Fallon a dirty look but said nothing.

“Fallon, is that really fair?” Bobby asked.

“Bobby she just walked out on my father in his time of need. I can’t defend that.” was Fallon’s reply.

“Fallon,” Sue Ellen said in a soft voice, “There are two sides to every story. With your mother hovering, I am sure Constance didn’t just ‘leave’?”

“Can I get you some vodka or something, Sue Ellen?” Fallon responded.

“Fallon!” Bobby admonished and Fallon stood up.

“I’m going for a night swim. When dinner is actually ready, I will towel off and come in.” she snarked and sauntered out of the room. Bobby sighed and set down his drink to follow after his wife. Ray walked over to the portrait of Jock that now hung over the fireplace. J.R. joined him.

“My father was something, wasn’t he?” J.R. asked. Ray looked at him.

“Yes, OUR father was. So why the dinner invitation? Really? Oh and I talked with Harve Smithfield. The extra money is being released to me next week.”

J.R. said nothing to that. He turned away from Ray and looked at Donna.

“I called the two of you over here because I wanted you to hear it from me. Though Donna probably already knows.”

“Knows what?” Donna asked. Sue Ellen began to fiddle with her pearls again.

“Well that this family will be supporting your opponent in the primary. Fielding Carlyle.” J.R. grinned. “I have to say the smartest move he made was re-marrying Constance. With her by his side, he can’t lose.”

Donna began to laugh!

“What are you talking about? Field is a Florida senator! He can’t run here! And he would have to establish residency and…”

“And he has not remarried Constance.” Ray said in a hard tone. Sue Ellen slowly stood up.

“I’m sorry. I did not realize that the two of you didn’t know. I was over at their lovely home this afternoon. Constance and I had tea. I just assumed you knew.” Sue Ellen confirmed.

A loud splash of pool water and laughter, halted the uncomfortable conversation. J.R. slid over to a window and eyed a naked Fallon and Bobby in the pool. Yes Fallon was a younger version of her mama…and she kept herself in good shape…

He controlled his lust and turned back to his guests.

“Yes, Carlyle purchased the Wade ranch and has fixed it up beautifully. Constance rides so there are some real prize horses in the stable. I just didn’t want you to find out the news from someone else.” J.R. said in an insincere tone.

Donna turned and walked out of the house. Ray set his drink down and followed after his wife. Bobby and Fallon were so busy being naked and kissing in the pool, that they didn’t even see them walk past them and towards their car in the drive. Once they were at their car, Ray reached for Donna.

“Honey, you knew J.R. was not going to support you. This is no big deal.”

“No big deal? Field never said a word! Dave never said a word!”

“I doubt Dave knew. He would’ve said something if he had.”

“Field remarried Constance? How??? Why???” Donna moaned.

“Maybe they grew close after she left Blake. I can’t see her going near him, to be honest.”

“You can’t see HER going near him? Field was never the bad guy!”

“Oh the hell he wasn’t, Donna! Look, let’s just go home, okay? Tomorrow we’ll pay Field and Constance a visit and find out what this is all about.” Ray said and Donna nodded. Ray opened the passenger side door for her and waited for her to get in. He closed the door and tried not to think about what Constance’s living here in Dallas, meant. And WHY would she remarry that cheating ex husband of hers? Why?

Meanwhile, J.R. went back to spying on Bobby and Fallon, much to Sue Ellen’s irritation.

“Can you just pretend that your brother’s wife is not the newest object of your lust?” Sue Ellen asked. J.R. let the curtain drop again and faced his wife.

“We have an agreement. Don’t we? I can do what I want as long as I leave that bastard you had with my drunken brother, alone. And that boy is with the perfect couple now. He should be alright.”

“How long do you plan to keep punishing me for something I only half remember?”

“Stop lyin’, darlin’. You were lucid every moment that nurse delivered the boy.”

“I mean the actual conception! I don’t remember sleeping with your brother! I’m sorry! I’ve said it a million times! Why can’t we just get past it?”

“I have. You will allow my open marriage demands and you will behave yourself as the First Lady of Southfork. Honey, this is for the best, okay? You know I get kind of mean when I don’t get what I want.” J.R. said, walking over and kissing her cheek. He then left the room and soon, the maid came in and told Sue Ellen that dinner was ready. She pasted on a smile, past her pain and thanked her.

There had been a picture of Leif, Field and Constance on a table at their new home today. And that was what filled Sue Ellen’s head, as she walked to the bar to fix herself a secret drink.

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Chapter 8

It was the next day and Constance was still unpacking in the study she was planning on re-decorating, when the maid told her that Ray Krebbs was there to see her. Constance slowly set down a bubble wrapped statue she was trying to find a place for in the house, and told the maid to show him to the study. She then walked over to a mirror and looked at her reflection, which looked a little too casual for her tastes! Her hair was up in a messy bun but she decided there wasn’t much to be done about it now. She turned towards the door as Ray, dressed in cowboy gear, walked in.

“Ray. What a nice surprise.” Constance said, trying to put on a civil front.

“Constance. Donna and I had dinner at Southfork last night. J.R. told Donna and I that my family was planning on throwing support behind Field—who is now your husband again? How could you trust him after what he did to you?”

Constance shrugged.

“We’ve gotten past it.”

“When I first met you, you didn’t talk about your divorce. But you were broken and I’m probably the only one that saw that, except for Eudora. This is me you’re talking to.”

“Ray, you left me because you thought I was trying to get my hands on an extra inheritance of yours. For myself.”

“I never said that! I just didn’t like that you didn’t tell me about it!”

“It doesn’t matter anymore. And I’m sorry Donna had to learn about Field’s running against her in the primary that way. I know he planned on telling her.”

Ray folded his arms.

“Tell me about Blake? You just gave up on him too?”

“He didn’t remember me so he didn’t want me anymore. I don’t owe you any explanations, Ray.”

Ray took a deep breath but did not back down.

“Tell me about Leif. I know he fits into all of this someway.”

“Field and I adopted him after Lute Mae died.”

“Lute Mae died? God, I didn’t know that!” Ray exclaimed.

“How would you have ever known? I made my peace with her and Field and I decided to raise Leif ourselves. J.R. is perfectly aware of it and has left us alone.”

“So how long has your husband been plotting to steal my wife’s job? Constance, he lied to you once upon a time. He’s lied to Donna and he didn’t stand by Lane. What do you think is going to come out of any of this?”

Constance didn’t answer that. And that was because she didn’t want to. Field wanted to run against Jason Colby. He wanted governing experience under his belt. And he wanted it here. He wanted Leif as his son and her as his wife.

Constance had known that Field had wanted their marital relationship to resume the way it had been before, but Constance found herself putting him off or avoiding him altogether. They had had an agreement. No more Lane Ballou’s and no more Ray Krebbs’s. But she knew if that was going to ring true, she couldn’t keep putting Field off.

“I don’t know, Ray.” was Constance’s answer. “Now if you will excuse me, I have to pick Leif up from kindergarten.”

Field walked in with Leif just then! Leif smiled up at Ray, then moved past him to show Constance some things he had done in school today. Ray noticed that Constance totally forgot about him and focused on the boy. Field folded his arms and looked from his wife and son, to Ray.

“Ray. It’s good to see you.”

“I can’t say the same.” was his curt reply.

“I saw Donna today. I’m sorry things are like this.”

Ray glared at him!

“Then don’t do this to my wife! She did nothing but support you through that Adam Carrington rape thing. She showed you more support than you did your own damned wife at the time.”

Field motioned for Ray to leave the room and they walked out into a hallway. And once out of the room, Field’s congenial tone changed.

“What are you doing here? Constance isn’t the one you come to for answers. You come to me. So I don’t appreciate you trying to sneak on to this ranch to see my wife. What you’ve accused me of works both ways.” Field told him.

“I think you’re taking advantage of Constance again.”

“You don’t know anything about Constance and myself. We grew up together and eventually, we find our way back to one another. Like now. Leave my home or else.”

“Or else what, Carlyle?” Ray challenged, stepping up closer to the shorter man. “You have no idea what it means to really love her. In every way. This isn’t going to work. This marriage or your attempt to steal my wife’s job.”

Ray then turned away from him and found the front door exit. Field stared after him for a short while, before walking back into the den and helping himself to a drink. Constance noticed this and told Leif to take his school work upstairs. She planned to send some cookies and milk up to him after he had had a nap. Leif hugged Constance and hurried out of the room.

Once he was gone, Constance stood up from the couch.

“Ray is gone?”

“Yes, Constance. He’s gone.” Field said, setting down his glass. “He still loves you.”

Constance looked uncomfortable!

“Ray never loved me. We had a close moment, that’s all.”

Field suddenly slammed his glass down!

“He loves you! He. Loves. You!” he enunciated. “Meanwhile, you haven’t given me half a chance to show you what we could be again.”

“Field, it’s early in the day for this kind of talk.” she sniffed primly.

“Since when? If Krebbs had talked to you like that I’m sure you’d have no problem with it!”

“Oh my God! What is the matter with you? Nothing is going on between Ray and I! You can see that it isn’t, so what is this all about?”

Field ran a hand through his hair.

“I met with Donna today. It was not good. Not that I expected it to be. But she had a lot to say about how much her marriage had went down the drain, since Jock Ewing’s Florida funeral!”

“Could you lower your voice, please? I’m at fault because Donna can’t keep her husband interested? Did you try and defend me, Field?”

“Defend you? I come home here and find him all over you!”

“Ray was not ‘all over me’!” Constance protested and Field walked over to her and pulled her into his arms—hard!

“I want you to come upstairs with me right now! I want you to prove to me that Ray Krebbs means nothing to you. At all!”

“Field, let go of me!”

“Or prove it right now in this room! I will close the door and we can get this marriage on track, finally! Constance, you can’t hate me forever for Lane!”

Constance wrenched herself out of his hold!

“I don’t hate you, Field. I just need time. I’m here and we’re married and we’re going to make you governor. The other things…they will come. In time.”

“In time for you to start something up with Ray again!” Field snapped. He couldn’t believe he was saying and feeling these things, but he was! He had hoped Donna would understand about why he was running against her when they met, but he could not convince her that he was not outright betraying her. And then she told him, she knew now how Constance had felt!

Constance turned and began walking out of the study. Field’s voice stopped her briefly.

“This isn’t about Lane Ballou. This is about Ray Krebbs. I want you in our bed tonight, Constance, and I want you to prove to me that he means nothing!”

Constance turned back to him.

“Or what, Field? Or we divorce, you drop this whole thing and we go back to what we were? Think of Leif.” she said and walked out of the room. She was going to go for a nice ride. Riding usually cleared her head when she was confused about things. Ray’s coming to her made her feel a familiar pang of hope. Hope that she could make HIM governor and be the woman by his side.

Constance wondered if she could still make that happen?

Field came up behind her and whirled her around! He had a small book in his hand and it was leather-bound.

“What are you doing? What is that?” she asked, unsure of what Field was up to. She had never seen him so out of control. It would not do for him to show this side of himself during debates with Donna!

“This, Constance, is the truth. You don’t know what this is, do you?” he asked, his eyes probing hers. Constance shook her head, sighed and took it from him. She then realized it was someone’s diary! She cautiously opened it up and read several, vile passages of unsavory sex acts a man had had with a woman named…


Constance cleared her throat and read more and more, moving away from Field to move towards a window. She recognized the events and she realized that Matthew Blaisdel had a diary that he had kept, going on and on about his love for her and Krystle and his dream of having sex with the both of them. Lord!

Constance turned back to Field.

“Where did you get this trash?”

“The day I went to your father’s mill to talk to you and found Blaisdel there, after he assaulted me, I filched it off of his desk. Then I read it. Over and over again. Then I asked Lane to do some of the things you were doing with Blaisdel, and Lane accused me of getting turned on by the fact that she had been raped!”

Constance handed Field the book and walked back into the den. Field followed and slammed the door!

“Do you know what reading this did to me? You NEVER did any of this stuff with me when we were together! Or even when we were in college! Or even when we were in high school!” Field almost seethed.

“Matthew Blaisdel was a brute! I was forced to do half of that…those…”

“Only half?” Field asked sardonically. He had decided something as soon as he handed over the diary. Something that he knew would put an end to all of Constance’s protesting her way out of his bed!

“Lane left me because I called out your name when we were making love.” Field lied. “She couldn’t take it and left. Now…am I forgiven?” Field asked, opening up his arms wide.

Field saw the glint in his wife’s eye and her smile of absolute glee as she rushed into his arms and his mouth almost violently claimed her own, his lips searing hers possessively in an almost grinding fashion. Constance barely remembered being lost in a whirlpool of pleasure she hadn’t felt since…

Ray. Ray and the beach house.

After, they lay naked in one another’s arms, holding one another in front of the fireplace. His tongue was licking her ear and it made it hard for her to disappear into her own thoughts.

“Field? Field, honey, that was nice but…”

“But what? I know this doesn’t solve all of our problems. Just did tell me this: did I make you forget about Ray Krebbs?”

“Field, don’t ask me things like that! I told you, Ray and I are no more.”

Field tightened his arms around her.

“Really? I’m not going to come home and find him here?”

“You won’t come home and find him here.” Constance said and Field’s tongue resumed it’s roaming within her ear. She kept thinking about what Field had said earlier.

That Ray loved her.


Donna felt like slamming anything she could get her hands on, against the wall or the door or…

Against Fielding Carlyle’s face!

She was at home at the Governor’s mansion, when Ray came in and just collapsed into a chair. Her step-son Dave was there as well.

“You went to see Constance?” Dave asked. Donna clenched her teeth. Ordinarily news like that would set her on edge but they needed to know what they were dealing with.

“Yes.” Ray said, thinking that he should tell his wife about Leif. She was fighting for her political life here. But at the same time, the news would destroy his family.

“And?” Dave asked.

“I couldn’t get anything out of her. Field arrived and threw me out.” Ray said. Dave looked at Donna.

“What about this child they adopted? Where did he come from?”

Donna folded her arms.

“From a woman that is from the same town Constance is from. And she was a local madam. We’re looking into her story and as to how Field and Constance would even know her. Field accidentally pushed Constance off of a balcony at her establishment, when they were first married.” Donna revealed.

Ray didn’t like hearing that but kept quiet. Constance had mentioned something about it before but he had not had the time to ask her about the specifics.

“So Field has struck Constance before?” Dave asked.

“No. This was an accident.” Donna replied.

“Or so Field says!” Dave snapped. “This man is not who we thought he was. And because of that, anything and everything he has ever told us, now has to be looked at again. Fielding Carlyle is not about to become Governor of Texas, Donna.”

Donna put her face in her hands and Ray got up to walk over to her. He pulled his wife into his arms, determined to do whatever it took to help her stay governor.

Donna’s phone buzzed and her secretary told her that Judith Ryland was asking to see her right away.

Judith and her chauffeur.

Donna was tempted to ask her secretary to reschedule them, but something in the back of her mind told her that it was not a coincidence that Lucy’s future mother-in-law, was here.

“Send her in.” Donna said and Dave walked over to the door to open it. Judith walked in, followed by a man wearing dark sunglasses, a beard and a chauffeur’s uniform.

“Governor! Thank you for seeing me! Senator Culver…Mr. Krebbs…you’re looking just as handsome as ever!”

Ray smiled patiently but had always found Judith to be a bit much. And he had heard about Lucy marrying Judith’s son, Harris, but he figured he’d have to see that to believe it!

“Judith,” Donna said putting on her public face, “what can I do for you?”

“Oh honey, it’s what I can do for you!” she smiled before looking at her chauffeur, who slowly took off his hat, sunglasses and beard…

Ray’s mouth dropped open!

“Matthew Blaisdel! You have the nerve to bring a fugitive into our home?!”

“Now, now, it’s the public’s home, Mr. Ewing…” Judith began but Ray gave her a dirty look!

“It’s Krebbs. Something you damned well know! What the hell do you mean by bringing him here???”

“I’ll call the police!” Dave said but Matthew turned to look at him.

“I’d hear the lady out.” Matthew told him. Judith nodded.

“Governor, Fielding Carlyle and his lovely bride will be run out of Texas on a rail once you hear what we have to say. Mr. Blaisdel is your secret weapon to winning.” Judith told them. Ray scoffed!

“How the hell do you figure that???” Ray snapped. Matthew smirked. He himself didn’t care anything about anyone’s negative reaction to him. Constance was here! Constance was in Texas and he planned to leave the country with her. And Judith Ryland was going to help him make that happen. Or else.

But Donna could see the possibilities.

“Mr. Blaisdel, you were involved with Mrs. Carlyle at one point, weren’t you?”

“I was. And there is a lot to tell.” he said.

“There is a lot to tell, along with a body that I need planted on Southfork, along with this birth certificate.” Judith said, handing her an envelope. Ray and Dave stared at one another, before Ray screeched in protest!

“Excuse me?! You want a body planted on Southfork with a birth certificate? Lady, you are out of your mind!” Ray snapped before focusing on Blaisdel.

“You go near Constance or her new family and I’ll kill you myself!” Ray snapped. Judith raised a brow.

“My Mr. Krebbs, I sincerely hope you have the same passion with regards to helping your wife stay governor of this fine state?” she asked sarcastically. Donna made a decision.

“Ray and Dave, I want you to leave me with Judith and Mr. Blaisdel.”

“Donna! If this gets out…” Dave protested, but Donna walked over to him and squeezed his hand.

“I know what I’m doing.” she said, before looking at Ray. “Go. Wait with Dave.”

“I’m not leaving you in here with them, so you can just forget that!” Ray huffed. Donna nodded to Dave and he was the only one to exit. Once the door closed, Donna confronted her ‘visitors’.

“Lay your cards on the table and tell me what this is all about and how it helps me.” Donna told Judith and Matthew.

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Chapter 9


Alexis sat in her office at ColbyCo and tried to stay focused. But she could not.

She had not expected that getting closer to Blake would be easy, even with Constance gone from his life. But lately, things had been especially difficult. And she knew why.

That woman. The one that was Pam’s ‘sister-in-law’. Alexis looked into her and discovered that Matthew Blaisdel was wanted for shoving her down some stairs and putting her into a coma—for a month.

Alexis tapped her pen against the desk. This woman, Abby, had been comatose for a month. She awakens and instead of being with her husband and children, she comes straight to Denver? What was going on?

Adam, who was as good as new, knocked twice and stepped into her office, closing the door. His face looked grim.

“What? What is it?” she asked.

“I think we need to discuss ‘Abby’. Pam likes her well enough, but does not know her. And she technically is not her sister-in-law any longer.”

“She intimated to me that she and Pam WERE close when Pam was married to Bobby.” Alexis said.

Adam shook his head.

“Pam’s never met her before three weeks ago. But it gets worse: Father has been just enchanted by her.”

Alexis threw down her pen and stood up!

“Her whole looks screams ‘Krystle’! And before her accident with Blaisdel, her hair looked different.” Alexis sighed.

“I called Lucy. She’s headed to Texas but she told me that the woman is nothing but trouble. And if Abby’s in Denver, then this has to be about Lucy in someway.”

“This visit is about Lucy?” Alexis asked. “How does coming here and insinuating herself in our lives, have anything to do with Lucy?”

“Mother, I suspect that Lucy told Blaisdel to assault her. And I think she helped him get away. The only thing I can think is that Abby thinks Blaidsel is here in Denver and she’s looking for him to ruin Lucy.”

“Damn!” Alexis snapped. “Cliff wants Ewing Oil and I want her help in getting it for him! If she’s in this kind of trouble…still…there is something else going on here with that Abby! I can’t put my finger on it.”

Adam gave her another look. It was dread mixed with pity.

“What is it? What aren’t you telling me?” Alexis asked, her nerves were on edge.

“Pamela saw Abby sneaking out of Father’s room this morning. I think she spent the night with him.” Adam said, watching his mother’s reaction carefully. But before Alexis could react, Cliff burst into the office!

“You need to watch this!” he snapped and picked up a remote to turn on the television in the office. The news was coming from Dallas and the footage showed Fielding Carlyle being arrested and marched out of his house! Constance was screaming at the police and social workers were grabbing a little boy! The boy bit the social worker’s hand but was grabbed up by another officer, who then pushed the boy into the arms of none other then Sue Ellen Ewing!

“Oh God!” Cliff whispered. Adam looked at Alexis and Cliff!

“What is this? What is going on?” Adam asked in a demanding tone.

The TV then showed J.R.. He smiled at a scowling Field, who was put into the back of a police car. He then walked up to the front door of the house, only to be punched by Constance! Constance was then arrested and dragged away! Sue Ellen told the boy he would be alright.

“Did Constance and Field adopt a child? Who is that?” Adam asked.

“That,” Alexis said, “is the lost Ewing child.”

Adam looked from his mother to Cliff and then back at his mother again, before he burst out laughing!

“This is joke, right? Mother, you made him up to get back at J.R. for his lack of alimony!”

Suddenly, Alexis’s secretary burst into the office, trying to keep police at bay! Cliff ran to the window and saw media outside of the building before turning back to his wife, who was being put in handcuffs!

“Alexis Barnes,” a detective said solemnly, “you are being arrested for kidnapping and the murder of Lute Mae Sanders.”

“What is this?!” Adam now snapped, snatching the arrest warrant from the detective. “Who the hell is Lute Mae Sanders???”

Cliff stared at the TV, then looked at Alexis. He knew exactly who the hell Lute Mae was. And he had not known she was dead. Alexis was marched out of the office and Adam turned his rage on his step-father!

“You just let them take her?! I am going down to the police station and getting her out of this! I don’t know what this is…”

No, Adam. You don’t know. And you’ll do nothing.” Cliff said, sitting down behind Alexis’s desk. Adam didn’t like the visual of his sitting there.

“I’ll do nothing? By the end of this day you will be nothing but a bad memory of my mother’s, if she even remembers you at all.”

“You know, Adam, I have been very generous with you. I didn’t tell the police that you ran me down in front of Lute Mae’s…that is who she is, by the way. She ran a nice ‘establishment’ in Florida. And by my not saying anything, you were free to steal my sister from Bobby Ewing.”

“I ran you down? And when did you suddenly remember this?” Adam asked calmly. But he was anything but calm. He didn’t even want a whiff of an accusation like that being heard by Pam! Ever since they had returned from Florida, things had not been quite the same between them and he knew why. His wife had spent too much time at his hospital bedside with Bobby!

“I always knew it. I knew it when I married your mother and became a member of this crappy family.” Cliff said, standing up out of the chair and pointing at the TV. “J.R. Ewing is behind all of this, I have no doubt. This is what comes from even looking his way. And a lot of people are going down here. If you don’t want to be one of them, you’ll call the board and make sure I am made the CEO of this company—until Alexis clears herself.”

Adam turned and left the office. He was going to the police station to find out what the hell a Florida Madam’s death, had to do with why Cliff Barnes could suddenly ruin their lives.


J.R. and Sue Ellen arrived at Southfork with Leif, and Bobby and Fallon came out of the house to greet them. Fallon was trying to hide her grin! What a beautiful day! Sue Ellen had been revealed to be a drunken tramp! That boy was hers and Alexis had not lied about his existence!

Constance punching J.R. was entertaining, and Fallon wondered if she had left her father because she had resumed some sort of affair with Field? Fallon had thought their re-marriage was sudden. One of the maids came out of the house and told Fallon that her brother Steven was on the phone for her. Fallon thanked her and went back inside of the house, just as Bobby greeted Leif. Sue Ellen then took him inside the house.

“J.R., what the hell is going on? It’s just the two of us now.” Bobby said in an even tone. J.R. took off his hat and walked over to the outside bar.

“What this is, is what Daddy would have done to save this family.”

“What are you talking about? Start with what happened to Carlyle? Why was he arrested?”

“Murder. Bobby, the police found a body on our property this morning. We’re lucky the police and the media aren’t here.”

Bobby’s mouth dropped open!

“A body? Jesus, J.R., who was it?”

“A woman. It was poor Dottie Smith!”

“Dottie Smith? Dottie Smith…that’s Lucy’s friend’s mother, right? The one I bought the new car for! Her name is Ann, I think!”

“Yes,” J.R. said between sips of liquor, “And apparently she tried to blackmail Fielding Carlyle last night! She was the nurse that delivered Sue Ellen and Gary’s boy. She went to him wanting money and he killed her, then dumped her on our property! But that’s not even the worst part.”

Bobby folded his arms.

“There’s more? More than just the fact that a woman who was sick, was found dead on our property?”

“The police found Ann’s birth certificate clutched in her hands! That girls’s father was Garrison Southworth! I tried to get the document destroyed but…”

“Uncle Garrison was Ann’s real father? J.R., I don’t understand what this has to do with Field and Constance? Why did they have that boy? They adopted him, right?”

Suddenly, Fallon came tearing out of the house and tried to leap at J.R.! Bobby grabbed her from behind!

“Fallon! What is it?!”

“Your darling brother has framed my mother for murder! I just love how you and that drunk wife of yours, are pretending as if my mother stole that boy from the two of you! She’s being charged with kidnapping him and murdering a madam!”

J.R. smiled at her.

“That madam was the only mother Leif had known. And your mother killed her. And Field and Constance were in on it with her. Well…maybe not Constance, but you can bet Alexis and Field were! Suddenly Field shows up here ready to become governor with a wife and son he didn’t have before?” he asked in a fake sounding tone.

“My mother had nothing to do with it!” Fallon snapped.

“How do you think she was able to run Constance out of your father’s life? She offered to give her and Field the boy in exchange for Constance divorcing Blake. But when Alexis told that madam what was going to happen, the woman ran and rightly so! Alexis hired someone to kill her and then ‘suddenly’, Leif’s living with Carlyle and Constance!”

Fallon spit on him and Bobby dragged her off and into the house! J.R. took a napkin and wiped the spittle off of his chin, wincing. It was the same spot Constance had punched him in!

A truck screeched to a halt and Ray got out! J.R. shook his head and poured himself another drink.

“Ray.” was all he said. Ray cracked his knuckles before he spoke.

“Last night, I thought a deal had been made. One in which it was decided to run Carlyle out of Texas, and out of the governor’s race by accusing him of killing Lute Mae Sanders. Suddenly, your ex wife is her killer, Carlyle killed some woman that was already dead when she was dumped on this property and Constance is in jail!”

J.R. grinned at him!

“Why do I get the feeling that out of those three things, that last tidbit is the only one that bothers you?”

“This is not what Donna and I agreed on.”

“Your wife and Judith Ryland called me later on, after you went off to bed. We decided to make some altercations to the ‘plan’. And whether I like it or not, you’re a Ewing. And you should have acted like it. Now my biggest concern is this girl that suddenly has a right to our land!” J.R. snapped.

“And my concern is that Constance is being implicated as some kind of kidnapper! You know that Matthew Blaisdel is here working for the Rylands? He had a lot to say about Lucy!”

“I know what he has to say about Lucy. I know what he has to say about Constance…Krystle Carrington and even Gary’s wonderful wife, Abby, who is a damned sight better than Valene ever was! He told me everything I need to know to keep them in line. And the line is that Dottie Smith stole little Leif from Sue Ellen after he was born and sold him to Alan Beam and his wife. The boy was mine the whole time, not Gary’s and that Matthew Blaisdel is crazy. I have made arrangements for him to leave the country.”

“He won’t leave without Constance. I heard him say that!”

“Well…things didn’t work out that well between the two of you, now did it? What would be the harm in letting him have her?”

Ray punched J.R. and he went sprawling backwards into the outdoor liquor cabinet! A bottle of his favorite scotch broke!

“Goddamnit!” J.R. yelled. “Now that’s going too damned far! You get on the side your supposed to be on and keep your mouth shut! Do you hear me? You get back to your wife and back her up or else the story will change again! And in this one Fielding Carlyle was framed by Donna and Ray Krebbs to keep him from running against her, do you hear me?”

Bobby hurried back outside, hearing the trouble!

“Ray? What’s happened?”

“Nothing, Bob.” J.R. said. “Ray is here to offer his sympathy. He is headed back to Austin to be with Donna now. Carlyle was a friend of theirs. They have to explain why they never knew he was a kidnapper.”

Ray turned and left, not saying anything to Bobby. Bobby watched him drive off before addressing J.R..

“Gary called. He is coming with Lucy. He wants to know about Leif.”

“Leif is my boy now, Bobby. Him and John Ross are going to be raised like full blooded brothers and I expect you to back me up on this.”

“I’ll back you up if you clear Alexis.”

“Why in the world would I do that? Bobby, she is involved. That part I didn’t make up.” J.R. told him and picked up a bottle of whiskey. He walked off, irritated that no one could think of HIS pain! He now had to acknowledge one of his lush, brother’s children as his own to save face! None of this should have ever been revealed to the world. But it had, because of that goddamned ex wife of his. So if she wanted any ‘help’, she would have to give him something that would take away the sting of what he himself was going through here!

Meanwhile, as Ray drove away from Southfork, he came to a decision. He was going to stop at the first phone booth he saw and call the police. He was going to tell them where they could find Matthew Blaisdel.


Sheriff Titus Semple came to Texas along with Eudora Weldon Ewing and Elmo Tyson, who was not there so much as a reporter, but to support Eudora. J.R. did not press charges against Constance and Eudora and Elmo took her home. Titus remained to speak with the still jailed Field…

“Well, Bub, this is what happens when you try to navigate through the political world, without me.” Titus said, lighting a cigar in Field’s cell.

“Where are Constance and Leif?” Field asked.

“J.R. didn’t press charges for that punch your wife delivered to him, so Eudora and Elmo took her home. She wanted to see you but I advised against it. There is no need for her to be dragged into your muck.”

Field said nothing to that so Titus continued.

“I’m going to need for you to start at beginning. Meaning when Lute Mae closed up shop and left half of the men in Flamingo Road without relief!”

Field did not even crack a smile.

“Eudora knows the story. So why are you asking me about it?”

“Eudora told me what you told Constance, who told her. I need to know about anything you might have left out.”

“I didn’t ‘leave anything out’. Lute Mae came to me…”

“Came to you when? During that funeral Eudora threw in Jock Ewing’s name or before?”

Field looked at him for a long moment and then spoke.

“Before. Lane never knew.”

“I didn’t ask anything about that tramp.” Titus said bluntly. “I need to know when Lute Mae decided that she needed that paperwork in hand if she was going to keep that boy?” Titus asked.

“Lute Mae was friends with the mother of one of the Ewing wives. She told Lute Mae a story about how J.R. Ewing stole her granddaughter from her daughter. Lute Mae was frightened of the same thing happening to her. She didn’t trust Alan Beam to not come back for Leif.”

“Well, she was right to be concerned, though I wish she would have come to me.” Titus said. “So she went to Claude, who didn’t come to me either, and he arranged for fake adoption papers to be made. But before he could get them to Lute Mae, he died of a heart attack.”

Field gave Titus a look.


“I don’t think Claude died of a heart attack. At least I don’t anymore.” Field said firmly. “Because when you put this all together, it is very damned convenient that Lute Mae never got those papers.”

“Go on.” Titus said.

“I loved Lane. She opened up a new world for me. But when Claude died and Constance hired on Blaisdel, I could not forget how close our families had been back in the day. My father would have wanted me to look out for Eudora and Constance, no matter how badly things ended between Constance and myself. I was suspicious of something, I didn’t know what, when I ran into Blaisdel at the mill. I think he found the papers and gave them to Alexis. She was the one that gave them to us.”

“Yeah, she’s even implicated.” Titus told him. Field looked surprised.


“Yep! She’s being charged with murdering Lute Mae.”

“Someone fired a shot into Lute Mae’s car in a residential neighborhood. Was Alexis there? In California at the time?” Field asked.

“She was in town visiting a cousin of hers. His name is Charles or something.” Titus revealed.

“Look, I have no love for Alexis Barnes, but Constance divorced Blake to get those papers! I can’t see Alexis shooting at Lute Mae when she finally had what she wanted.”

“I don’t know about what’s going on with her, Bub, but you came up with fake adoption papers yourself, showing that Constance and you were Leif’s parents. Now you’re being charged with killing some old nurse that delivered the boy and dumping her on Ewing property.”

“I don’t know who Dottie Smith was! No one came to our home to blackmail me last night!”

Titus folded his arms.

“There’s more than a double cross coming down on you, Field. Donna Krebbs benefits from your comedown. J.R. and Sue Ellen are claiming they had been looking for the boy for years. Not to mention that the only daughter of this dead nurse, apparently, might be related to the Ewings and owed something. And the young woman has Judith Ryland in her corner. Do you know who she is?”

“Yes. She’s a supporter of Donna’s. I’ve met her once. She’s…unique.” Field told him.

“This is a triple cross, Field. Your lawyer is waiting outside. I am going to go to Denver. Alexis Barnes is not about to allow herself to go down for this. You’ll need her as an ally because the Ewings are closing ranks.” Titus told him. He picked up his signature white hat and was about to leave when Field said something else.

“Ray Krebbs also benefits. He is in love with Constance and as much as told me so to my face the other day.”

Titus eyed him.

“Then that only benefits Constance, not you. I’ll be in touch.” Titus said, leaving Fielding Carlyle’s jail cell.


Constance didn’t have time to worry about why Eudora had dragged Elmo Tyson to see her. To help her.

She stumbled out of the bathroom for the third time this day. She was lucky she had not vomited at the police station, though the trouble her and Field were in, was vomit worthy indeed.

Eudora came in to see her and it was very clear that Constance was unwell.

“Honey, why don’t you get some rest? Elmo and I are here if you need anything.”

“Mama, why is he here? You know he’s going to write a story about all of this!”

“And if he does, I’m sure he will be fair.” Eudora said soothingly as she helped Constance into bed.

“I would ask you to check on my son but he’s at Southfork! Sue Ellen is pretending like she wanted him the whole time!” Constance said bitterly.

“I know. I’m sorry. But you have to think of yourself now. And I mean not Field.”

Constance gave her a questioning look but Eudora kept talking.

“I didn’t like the sound of any of this from the very beginning, Constance. This family that you tried to build with him is based on lies! Leif belongs with his real mother. Alexis is a murderess and God help that girl that is now related to them. J.R. will never allow her to get what is rightfully hers.”

“I underestimated Donna.” was Constance’s response. “She is behind this, somehow, someway. Field met with her yesterday and laid his cards out on the table. Then Ray showed up and had words with Field. Now this!”

“Donna is not capable of this kind of deception! This is J.R.!” Eudora said firmly, just as Elmo came into the bedroom and turned on a TV.

“You had better see this!” Elmo said and the three of them watched as Matthew Blaisdel was dragged out of a home, identified as belonging to Judith Ryland, by two police officers! At one point he wrenched away and tried to run and Judith Ryland herself, pulled a gun out of nowhere and shot him in the leg! That hobbled Matthew long enough for him to be restrained!

Matthew had plenty to say to Judith!


His words were cut off as Constance sat up in bed! Eudora looked at Elmo!

“That’s a confession!” Eudora exclaimed and Elmo hurried over to a phone in the room to make some calls, while Constance hurried into the bathroom to throw up for the fourth time that day. She had no doubts whatsoever that she was pregnant. And the baby’s father was either Ray Krebbs or Blake Carrington.

Meanwhile, Elmo Tyson glanced out of the window and saw a truck pull up in the drive. The driver got out and he could see that it was Ray Krebbs.

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Chapter 10


Just as the Ewings were meeting to get their stories straight, so were the Carringtons.

Or the people rallying around Alexis.

Adam was appalled that Alexis’s bail was set at one million with such shoddy proof that equated to pure here say! No one except her cousin, Charles Scott, had seen her in California around the time of Lute Mae Sanders accident! And Charles swore up and down that the trip had been short, and that Alexis was either with him or in the hotel spa the whole time!

Pam was waiting in the lobby at La Mirage and watched as Abby quickly checked out and tried to leave—that was until Pam moved in front of her, blocking her way! Abby, who had sunglasses on, took them off and smiled at Pam.

“Pamela? You didn’t have to come here to say goodbye. I’m sorry but my children need me back in California.”

“You’re going back to California?” Pam asked coolly.

“Yes. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I figured you’d be joining Gary in Texas. I spoke with Sue Ellen today on the phone. She said he was coming in to town with Lucy…who is pregnant.”

“Really? Lucy is pregnant? Well isn’t that nice. I should get going.” Abby said but Pam moved to block her again. Abby took a deep breath.

“Is there something you want to say?” Abby asked resignedly.

“You never came here looking to get to know me or talk to me. That I knew from the beginning. But what purpose did it serve to come here and seduce Blake? He is very confused right now and in no shape to get involved with anyone else.”

“Does it look like I am looking to get involved with anyone? I’m married. To Gary. And yes, I left his room this morning to say goodbye to him. Now if you don’t mind…”

“I do, Abby. Because you see, I think you can help fill in some blanks for my husband with regards to Alexis. You know she’s been charged with murder?”

Abby clenched her jaw and then gestured towards some chairs. Pam walked over to them and Abby followed. Once they were both seated, Abby’s tone changed.

“Look, I needed a way to see Blake. I needed to see if I looked enough like Krystle to get Matthew Blaisdel to talk to me.”

“You knew where he was this whole time?” Pam asked coldly.

“Pam, he was living on our California ranch as a hand named ‘Lucas’! And he and Lucy were in cahoots to get rid of me however they could! He shoved me down those stairs in the middle of the night!”

“What are you saying? Lucy would have no idea who he was!”

“Of course she would have! He was in Florida when she was! And someone helped him get out of Florida on a ColbyCo jet! It was Lucy, I’d bet my life on it!” Abby snapped, no longer in the mood to play the sweet innocent!

Pam could tell that Abby meant business, but she couldn’t let her off the hook.

“Why would Lucy do such a thing? Why would she have helped him get away? Lucy and I are close. She would never do anything to harm my husband, who she was once engaged to!”

“Lucy cares nothing about anyone but Lucy. Oh and getting Gary and Val back together! When she wasn’t busy hiring people to kill me, she framed Val’s fiancee for rape!”

Pam now clenched her own jaw.

“That’s a hell of an accusation.” she said.

“It’s public record, Pam! Public record and common knowledge! You know something else: those people that Matthew were working for in Texas? They are the family of the man Lucy is currently engaged to!”

“Lucy is not engaged! Bobby would have told me if she was!” Pam sighed, not knowing what to believe here. Abby was very angry and she believed Abby believed all of this to be true. But she had to be mistaken!

Abby leaned forward.

“Do you know the Ryland family?”

“Yes. Lucy is friends with Harris Ryland.”

“She is his fiancee, officially.”

“And unofficially?” Pam asked.

“She is supposedly pregnant by her ex husband, Mitch Cooper and Mr. Ryland is hot for Lucy’s friend, Ann, who wants to become a nun.” Abby said sarcastically.

Pam just stared at her and Abby had the feeling she was missing something.

“What?” Abby asked.

“Adam told me a body was found on Southfork. It belonged to a nurse named Dottie Smith. She has a daughter named…”

“Ann!” Abby whispered. “Oh my God! Her mother was sickly! She was killed and dumped on Southfork?”

“That’s not all,” Pam said, “Ann’s birth certificate was found on her mother’s body. Ann’s father is Garrison Southworth. He was Miss Ellie’s brother. And that means she is entitled to Southfork before any Ewing is.”

“Oh. My. God.” Abby said, just as Lane walked over to them with two men from Security. Lane looked at Pam.

“You have been keeping Mrs. Ewing from leaving. You need to leave.” Lane told Pam. Abby slowly stood up from the couch she had been sitting on, as did Pam.

“Lane, this does not concern you.” Pam said quietly.

“As long as I am running this hotel, it does. Mrs. Ewing has a shuttle waiting to take her to the airport. She needs to be on it.” Lane said and Abby nodded her thanks to Lane and the two men from Security, before picking up her suitcase and walking out. Once she was gone, Pam confronted Lane!

“Do you know what you just did? Our last hope to help Alexis…”

“How DARE you mention that witch’s name to me!” Lane seethed. “Lute Mae Sanders was the kindest woman I ever knew! And if your bitch mother-in-law killed her, I will do everything possible to make sure she lives the rest of her life under a jail, do you hear me?!”

Pam backed off and watched as Lane and the two security employees, turned and walked off. Pam sighed and for the first time, wondered if she was on the wrong side here? For it wasn’t Lane that bothered her.

It was Abby’s accusations against Lucy. Even if Lucy had helped Matthew Blaisdel get away, which she still doubted, Lucy would have had to have had someone from ColbyCo help her make the arrangements.

Pam decided not to think about that right now. She would get back to the mansion and find out what the fallout of Abby’s night of passion with Blake was. Meaning Pam hoped her father-in-law realized that Abby was indeed gone and not coming back to be with him anytime soon.


Dominique could not believe her eyes, when Adam walked into the mansion with Alexis! That woman did not live here!

But she was coolly polite as she approached them in the foyer.

“Alexis. I would think you’d want to be with Cliff. In your own home.”

“I need to see Blake!” Alexis almost whined. “He is the only one that can fix this!”

“My mother most certainly did not kill a Florida madam.” Adam said.

“But Cliff frequented her establishment,” Dominque said. “At least that’s what is being given as your motive, Alexis.”

“Then you had one as well, didn’t you, darling?” Alexis asked coyly. “I do believe Brady used to see that tramp as well. How did you get him out of trouble with her that last time?”

Dominique struggled not to look shocked. Alexis knew about her liaison with that Sheriff! Damn her and damn Brady for allowing anyone else to find out!

Dominique said nothing more as Adam and Alexis went on their merry way! Dominique gritted her teeth and went into the library, slamming the door behind her! She would never know if it was the crackling of the fireplace or what, but suddenly, Dominque realized that someone else was in the room with her. Someone that had been sitting in Blake’s favorite high backed chair.

The person slowly stood up to reveal himself to be Sheriff Titus Semple!

“How did you get into this house?” Dominique whispered.

Titus bowed to her before pulling himself upright.

“Now, now. Let’s not be testy. I followed Adam and Alexis in. They were so busy complaining about things and people, that they didn’t even notice I was behind them. They then stopped to talk to you and you didn’t see me either. So how are you Millie…oh, I mean Dominique. I like Dominique better.”

“I don’t care what you like. Get out!” Dominique snapped.

“You know, your ingratitude just astounds me. I let your husband off on charges. He would be locked up in a Florida prison if it wasn’t for me.”

Dominique shook her head.

“My husband had me to thank for sacrificing myself to the likes of you.”

“Dominique, I am hurt. Very, very hurt. I thought we had a connection that night.”

“What do you want?”

“I need to talk to Alexis. I need to know what her part in this whole ‘Leif Ewing’ thing really is so I can help Fielding Carlyle clear his name.”

“Matthew Blaisdel said that some woman he worked for did the deed.” Dominique said. “I’m sure you know that by now.”

“I know that no one believes that, because of his reputation for hurting people. So, how about after I talk to Alexis we have dinner together? My treat, of course.”

Before Dominique could find something to fling at him, Blake entered—holding a gun!

“My sister is not interested in dining with you on this evening..or any other.” Blake said and Dominique moved to his side. It was nice to have a big brother!

“Blake? I see you’re up and around…” Titus began but Blake interrupted him.

“It’s ‘Mr. Carrington’, to you, Semple! Now, have you found the person that shot at our car?”

Titus looked confused and even Dominique looked at her brother strangely.

“I thought you didn’t remember the accident, Blake?” Dominique asked.

“Oh I didn’t. Until this morning. I’ve been looking for the woman I can thank for giving me back my memory. I spent the night with her. Her name was Abby. I’ll thank her later. What I want to know is why I saw my wife punching J.R. Ewing on the national news?” Blake asked in a frosty tone, just as Adam and Alexis entered the library. Alexis heard that last part and her heart sank. She also saw Blake, Dominique and even Titus Semple(where had he come from?), staring at her in an almost accusing manner. As if she alone could provide the answer to Blake’s question.

Blake’s memory was back and he wanted Constance again.


Gary helped Lucy get her bags out of their rented car, as a servant hurried up to them to take over. Sue Ellen came out of the house and walked towards them. She made no eye contact with Gary, but hugged Lucy.

“Lucy, we are so glad you’re here. I think it’s high time you returned to Dallas for good. Especially now. J.R. will have a nice talk with Mitch and we can get the two of you re-married here on Southfork.”

“Actually, Sue Ellen,” Gary answered, “I’ve already spoken to Mitch.”

“And?” Sue Ellen asked in a bored tone.

“And I think Lucy and Mitch need to work things out on their own. Without any interference from us.”

“So is that your way of saying that you spoke with Mitch and failed to get him to see reason?” Sue Ellen asked in a nasty/nice tone. God, she could not stand Gary or his sniveling ways! She had had few interactions with this man during her time as a member of the Ewing family. And she was still thrown by the very fact that she had gotten so drunk, that she allowed him to impregnate her!

Lucy ran interference.

“Daddy’s right, Sue Ellen,” Lucy said, “Mitch and I will get this solved. I will not shame the family by bringing a Ewing into this world without a husband by my side.”

“I would hope not.” Sue Ellen smiled and Lucy followed one of the servants into the house, just as Fallon came out, said a curt ‘hello’ to Lucy and headed towards her own car with a suitcase!

“Fallon? Where are you going? We’re having a family meeting.” Sue Ellen chided her.

But Fallon Carrington Colby Ewing, was no one to be chided.

“Hello, Gary.” Fallon said before focusing her attention on Sue Ellen. “I’m not about to sit through a pow-wow where you all discuss how you’re going to frame my mother even more! I’m going to Denver and I won’t be coming back until my mother is free of the charges that J.R. or one of his cronies should be up on. Now if you will excuse me.”

Fallon moved around Sue Ellen and Gary and opened her trunk, just as Bobby came out with his own luggage. He saw Gary and set his down to go over and hug his brother!

“Gary! Man, I’m sorry I can’t stay! With what’s happening with Alexis…”

Gary took his brother aside so they could talk about that.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but are you sure that Alexis isn’t guilty? Bobby, she gave this Lute Mae woman fake adoption papers and probably didn’t want that fact known. Not to mention Cliff Barnes was run down in front of her whore house. He claimed he didn’t see who did that but it could have been her.”

“Gary, that would be too much work for Alexis. And I think this woman’s killer is the same person that shot at Donna’s car.”

Gary’s eyes widened and Fallon honked the car horn! Sue Ellen walked over to her passenger side window, which was down.

“Say hello to Pamela and that handsome brother of yours. I know Bobby will.” she grinned before turning and walking away from the car and into the house. Fallon tried to ignore Sue Ellen’s words. She had to hope against hope that this time, Adam could be of more help keeping his wife away from her husband!


Constance ate crackers, ignoring the look Eudora was giving her as Elmo and Ray talked…

“You called the police anonymously?” Elmo asked Ray. Ray tried not to look at Constance but she looked unwell. He suspected the stress of everything was getting to her. He was glad Eudora was here.

“Yes. I was in the room, the other night, when Judith Ryland brought Matthew Blaisdel into Donna’s office. They had some slick plan to help Donna by framing Field for a woman’s death. This woman has a daughter that is also some sort of relative of Miss Ellie’s. Matthew agreed to help with the frame up as long as he was allowed to kidnap Constance with no interference. I wasn’t about to let that happen.”

Constance smiled wanly at him and stood up.

She then dropped into a dead faint.

When she awoke she was in the hospital and Field was by her side! She stared and tried to sit up but Field gently pushed her back against the pillows.

“Your fine, Constance. Just rest.”

“Where is Ray? Is he out in the hallway?”

Field refrained from frowning.

“Why? Is he the father of this baby your carrying?”

Constance said nothing and looked away. Field moved so that he was within her line of vision.

“Blake called. He is on his way. Apparently he got his memory back. He could be the father of this child as well.”

“Is Ray outside there?” Constance asked again.

“No!” Field suddenly snapped. “He went home to his WIFE! And you know what? I don’t know if Ray and Donna can survive the fact that his telling the police about Matthew Blaisdel, ran counter to their plan to ruin me! If Donna doesn’t take him back, are you going to welcome him with open arms?”

Constance sat up.

“We had an agreement, Field. I’m not going to back out of it. And Ray is an honorable man. He’s not leaving Donna. They’ll work things out. They always do.”

Field said nothing to that.

“And Blake?”

“What about him? I don’t know what you want me to say or do with him? I didn’t expect him to get his memory back at all, really.”

“Well he has. And he needs to understand as well, that you’re not coming back to him.”

Constance turned on her side so she wouldn’t have to meet Field’s gaze. Ray or Blake could be the father of this baby. And she didn’t know how to feel about Blake anymore.

But with Ray, she saw the life she wanted with him, here in Texas, unfolding around her. But there was Donna to consider.

And Field.

An idea came to her. One that might help fix the ‘Field Problem’.

She would get Field and that tramp, Lane, back together! Of course she wouldn’t be able to take the political pressure, thus ruining Field’s chances, but that would probably be alright and they could return to Florida, happily ever after!

Then, Constance could work on helping Ray become governor, while still married to Blake. This could work. She could make it work.

“Constance? Constance?” Field was asking. “Did you hear what I said? What do you plan to tell Blake?”

“Why Field, we’re going to tell everyone that this baby is yours! And then you’re going to be the new Governor of Texas!” Constance beamed. Field leaned down to kiss her gently, before pulling away and clasping one of her hands.

“I’m going to go and talk to your doctor. We’ll see about getting you out of here.” he smiled, before leaving her room. Constance smiled as well once he left. She slid out of bed and walked over to a mirror to fuss with her hair. Yes…Lane…Blake and Ray….in that order.


The final story to this saga will be called LEAVE OF ALL SENSES. It will be posted after the next installment of the Lucy vs. Abby story called CAPRICORN CRAZY. That story will touch on Lucy’s pregnancy, Abby’s determination to see Lucy pay for all she’s done and the Ewings plans to keep Ann from getting her rightful due as Garrison Southworth’s illegitimate daughter.

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You know what I find fascinating about your Blake and Alexis POV? John Forsythe and Joan Collins were fabulous, no question, but I could not see John and Joan together. I would watch it and think how did Blake ever end up with a woman like her? She just didn't seem like the type of woman that would've been happy just being a wife and mother. But if George Peppard, who was supposed to have been the original Blake, had stayed in the role, then I could've seen Blake and Alexis together.

That is interesting how everyone interpret the shows their own way. I could totally picture Blake and Alexis together. Maybe that's because I began watching Dynasty from episode one in reruns so I first saw the Blake that was in season one, when he raped Krystle and killed Ted Dinnard. So in my opinion Blake could be just as nasty as Alexis was so I thought the characters deserved each other.

Also Joan Forsythe and Joan Collins had really great chemistry. It wasn't as hot as Joan's chemistry with Michael Nader but there was definitely something there. It was this whole love-hate vibe that worked really well.

But did you read the first part? 'Six Degrees of Separation'? That explains things a bit.

Actually no, I began reading with the Abby vs. Lucy story and then moved on to this story in order to be able to follow the plots that originated from that one.

I have never watched Flamingo Road. Which character did Morgan Fairchild play on that show?
I sort of picture her as being Constance when reading this story but I am not sure if that is correct...

I have finished reading this story now. Can't say I am too thrilled about Leif's existance as I still find it hard to picture Sue Ellen and Gary having a child. Except for being the family drunks they didn't seem to have much in common at all. So I can just not see them together. Then again Sue Ellen and Ray were a weird hookup too and that happened. So I guess booze does make people do weird things.

Also which character did John Beck portray on Flamingo Road?

Kind of convenient how Constance now is pregnant when she lied to Blake and told him she was. I bet he would be thrilled if he thinks the baby is his. But I sense Constance really wants Ray. I doubt Donna will just let him go though as she can fight for her man.

I am gonna read the Abby & Lucy story next. :)

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Okay, I have so much I have to answer here!

I do remember that Blake rape thing with Krystle. I was like ten when I was watching the show and I had to sneak up to do it, because it came on on Wednesday nights and I had an eight o' clock bedtime. But when Joan Collins came on, I just sort of forgot about everything that happened before. She totally took over every scene she was in with someone and the plot seemed to be that Krystle had to fight to keep Blake from her.

I know I read two of Joan Collins's books, where she said that John was just against Blake and Alexis being together. She has also said some things about her time on that show that doesn't put the cast in the best light. I get the feeling John wanted his character with Linda's and that was that. Joan didn't seem to agree with that decision but couldn't do much about it.

Yes! Morgan Fairchild was Constance Weldon. Someone posted episodes on YT and I did a re-watch. A frustrating re-watch. She is engaged to Fielding Carlyle and ends up marrying him, who is played by Mark Harmon. Field also is running for the Senate and he and Constance grew up together.

Then one night(he is also a sheriff), he meets Lane Ballou, who is played by an actress named Christina Raines and tries to run her out of town, since she danced in some carnival that had been in town there. But he ends up falling in love with her and Constance's dreams are just shattered, though plot wise, the audience is supposed to feel for Field and Lane. I did not.

I have read interesting interviews over the years about that triangle. Mark Harmon dated Morgan Fairchild a good year before they ended up on the show. They broke up and then Mark began dating Christina Raines, while they worked together. Christina has said she just did not like Morgan and she was the only cast member she felt that way about. So something was going on there, possibly, in real life.

Morgan has more class. If she disliked anyone she had never said it, when asked about her time on the show.

But I always thought Morgan should have been on more shows than Falcon Crest.

Yes, poor little Leif. It was not my intention when I first went down that storyline road, to make him real. But things just kind of got away from me. I can actually picture him, the poor boy. He'll make a good playmate for John Ross.

John Beck was Lane Ballou's husband. His name was Sam Curtis. He was a regular at Lute Mae's little establishment and he fell in love with Lane, thus stressing Field out. They kind of put him with Constance at one point but it didn't work out.

Constance just wants Ray to have his 'Ewing Due'. And no, Donna is not about to turn her husband over to her. Or her job to Fielding.

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Thank you for getting back to me on this @80's Cha Cha Cha
I am glad that I was right about Constance, that she was portrayed by Morgan Fairchild. I had to google to see who Mark Harmon was though. :D

Cool that you've read Joan's books. I've read all four of her autobiographical books. The first one I read was "Second Act". :)
Then I found her earlier book in a used bookshop and got that one too and after that I bought her "the world according to Joan" and finally the passion book. I enjoyed reading all of them and yes you are right, I think it was in "Second Act" that she revealed that the writer's wanted to put Blake and Alexis back together but John opposed the idea.

Thanks for explaining the backstory of "Flamingo Road" for me. It makes a bit more sense now. :)

Also interesting how you hadn't planned to make Leif real at first.

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No the Leif thing got away from me.

I'm thinking about which book of Joan's it was, where she told that story about Linda Evans and Rock Hudson? Where people could see he was sick and Linda knew she had to kiss him in a scene and was scared? I remember watching him on the show when I was like, maybe 14, and my mother, who didn't watch the show regularly, came in the room, saw him and said 'he looks sick'.

I was not familiar with who Rock Hudson even was, so how he looked didn't seem off to me. Then he died and I thought back to what my mother said, and the kissing scene. Back then, people didn't know much about AIDS and there were incorrect rumors spreading as to how someone got the illness.

I have actually been watching some Blake and Alexis clips on YT. You can see that while she claims to hate him or his mad at him about something, behind all of her yelling she is still in love with him.