Was PSM's Fallon, the archetypal Baby Boomer?


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Fallon was born in 1956 (going by TPTB's first estimate), born slap bang in the middle of the baby boomer generation (1946-1964) which included Krystle on the older side end and Sammy Jo on the younger fringes though to be honest the younger BB's have more in common with the older X'ers than say even those of Fallon's age.

Fallon and her ilk born around 1953-56, are really too young to have experienced anything significant of the conservative 1950s and are really influenced by the chaotic, liberal 1964-73 era ie "the true sixties era" (1960-63 was an extension of the 50s)

In the first season which takes place in 1980, Fallon, without it ever being said, is basically an ex free-loving hippie (Adam was hinted to have been one also) which by then was still a recent time yet so far away from 1973, within a few short years however Fallon is as @Snarky's Ghost says "de-overied" and its true, by 1984, Fallon has forgotten her, free-loving, joint smoking past and become the poster girl for Regan's America, which was intent on recreating a world only seen in films of the era, the world how it was deemed by 1950-1963 standards, a world that Fallon and other mid boomers can barely remember.

Fallon is quite literally the archetypal baby boomer: A hippie during 1964-73 and a yuppie by the 1980s.
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the chaotic, liberal 1964-73 era
Ummmm...... I'm not really sure how liberal it really was. It was more of a reflection of why we needed liberalism.

It was a haunting burp, the '60s. But the establishment won, for the most part... I mean, the knocking off of the Kennedys and Dr. King was a just a symptom of that: the establishment said "no."

Fallon was probably a high society Republican dilettante hippy. So there wasn't much change for her by the '80s. Just another spoiled little rich girl with daddy issues.