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The upside of this @Honkytonkangel is the making up ;) I’m really looking forward to JR coming home....
True, but I still hope they have a real talk as part of that making up, though I'm all for their passion too.
My girl should at least punish his brothers for leading him astray though ☺


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True, but I still hope they have a real talk as part of that making up, though I'm all for their passion too.
My girl should at least punish his brothers for leading him astray though ☺
Agree. I actually prefer that, than just straight on passion. Well, sometimes anyway. They do need to talk.


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This is a "What if?" fanfic. What if in the season eleven episode "Top Gun" Sue Ellen had changed her mind at the last possible moment and instead of teaming up with Kimberly and Wendell to beat JR she voted her Weststar shares to make him CEO?


What If

Part 49


"Just a few more steps, Bob," JR grunted helping his brother to the door. "We'll get you inside and in bed."

"You think that bartender will sue us for the damages?" Bobby asked, his words slightly slurred.

"He won't have to," Clayton told him. "I'll go back tomorrow with my checkbook and settle up."

"I don't think we should pay him one dime!" Bobby protested. "That cowboy started it, let him pay."

"That cowboy probably doesn't have enough money to pay his own bar tab," JR laughed. "No way he can cover all the broken tables and that mirror."

"Then he shouldn't have started a fight!" Bobby said. "Why should we pay for his mistake?"

"No, Bobby," Clayton sighed. "Better to take care of it and keep it out of the newspapers."

"I can see the headline now," JR grimaced. "Ewing men destroy local bar in bachelor party brawl. Sue Ellen would kill me."

Bobby snorted a laugh as Clayton opened the front door, turned off the security alarm, and helped JR get him into the house.

They had had a wild night at the bar. Cliff and Jack had to be separated twice because Jack kept making snide remarks about Cliff's relationship with April. JR and Ray had hustled a few locals at the pool tables. Clayton played old country classics on the jukebox and took on all comers at the dart board. Bobby had drank way too much and gotten overly friendly with a cowboy's girlfriend, resulting in a fight that had all but destroyed the bar. By the time they had gotten thrown out, they were all laughing and bonding from the experience of fighting together in the brawl -even Cliff and Jack had been smiling and slapping each other on the back.

"Let's get you upstairs, Bob," JR said as he and Clayton helped Bobby up the steps. They got him to his room, opened the door, and deposited him on the bed.

"Think we ought to help him out of his clothes?" JR asked doubtfully.

"Hell no," Clayton answered. "He's already out. Let him sleep just like he is."

JR nodded and followed Clayton into the hallway. "Listen, Clayton…"

Clayton stopped and turned around. "Yes, JR?"

"I had a really good time tonight. Thanks for coming."

"I enjoyed it too," Clayton smiled. "I haven't had that much fun in a long time."

JR smiled and nodded. "I know we've had our share of problems, but I'm glad you're part of the family and I'm proud to have you as my stepfather."

Clayton's eyes widened in surprise. "Well...thank you JR."

JR nodded at him and turned to the door of his bedroom. "Goodnight, Clayton."

JR didn't wait for the other man to answer. He opened the bedroom door, walked in, and closed it behind him. His eyes went straight to the bed and he frowned slightly when he saw it was empty. He glanced over at the bathroom door and noticed the light was on. He walked over to the chair in front of his closet, sat down, and began removing his boots.

The bathroom door opened and Sue Ellen appeared in the doorway. "Well look who finally decided to come home," she said.

"Hi, honey," JR smiled at her. "You feeling okay? Can't sleep?"

"I feel just fine, JR," she said, forcing a light tone. "Not sure why you'd bother to ask now though, since you couldn't be bothered to ask all day."

JR's eyes darkened and narrowed. He'd expected her to be asleep when he got home. When he'd seen she was awake, he'd expected for her to be glad to see him. He had NOT expected for her to be lying in wait and spoiling for a fight. "Something bothering you, Miss Texas?"

"Bothering me?" Sue Ellen mocked, "what could possibly be bothering me, my love."

JR grunted and began unbuttoning his shirt. He had just come in from a great night with the boys, he was slightly drunk and a little tired. He was in no mood to play any games with her tonight. "Come here," he ordered in a low, husky voice.

"No," Sue Ellen said stubbornly.

JR''s eyebrows shot up. "I said, come here," his voice took on a dangerous, silky tone. "Don't make me get up and chase you, Sue Ellen. I promise you won't like what happens if I do."

Sue Ellen briefly considered her options. She didn't want to obey him, but she knew that look in his eyes. If she made him come to her, she'd end up flat on her back in the bed in no time at all.

She stalked over to stand in front of him. "What, JR?" she demanded angrily.

"What?" It was JR's turn to mock. His hand snaked out and grabbed her arm. He pulled her roughly down onto his lap. He brought his arms around her body and clamped his hands on her hips, forcing her back into the chair in the awkward position of facing away from him, her back resting against his chest. "Why don't you tell me what's got you so hot and bothered tonight, Miss Texas?"

"Let me go, JR!" she seethed, squirming against him, trying desperately to free herself.

He tightened his hands on her hips and forced her to hold still. "No," he whispered, his breath hot on the back of her neck. "You're going to tell me why you're so damn mad. We're not moving from this spot until you do."

She began struggling again. "You've ignored me all day and now you decide we need to talk?" she bit out. "Let me up and leave me alone!"

"No," JR said again. "You seem to be starving for my attention, darlin'. Now you've got it. Tell me what's got you upset, honey. And you might want to stop all that squirming," he thrust his hips up so that she could feel his stark arousal against her behind, "unless of course you want to skip all the preliminaries and go straight to the main event."

Sue Ellen went rock still immediately. "Please, JR," she swallowed hard.

"Please what, Miss Texas?" he breathed hotly into her ear. "Tell me," he demanded softly, raising his hand to cup her breast, his thumb brushing over her nipple. "Tell me," he said again.

Sue Ellen closed her eyes and fought the waves of pure lust crashing through her body. She wanted him, but she was still so angry and confused. "You left me alone at the hospital," she accused him softly. "And you didn't come home all day. Then you went out with the boys! And you never even called me once to see if I was okay!"

JR chuckled lowly and bent his head to kiss the sensitive skin at the base of her neck. "See there, Miss Texas? That wasn't so hard, was it?"

Sue Ellen's face flushed with pure fury. He was laughing at her! "This isn't funny, JR!"

JR laughed a little harder and moved his hands down the front of her body to rest in her lap. "I left the hospital because I had to meet an Assistant DA and get Kimberly's evidence against Wendell." He moved one hand lower to caress her ankle before brushing it teasingly back up, raising her nightgown and exposing her long, tan legs. "I didn't leave you alone. I made sure Lucy was coming." He shifted underneath her, briefly putting his hands between their bodies to undo his pants. "I called you three times today, Miss Texas," his voice dipped even lower as he captured her earlobe between his lips and gently sucked. "The first time Mama answered and told me you were taking a bath," he moved his hand between her legs and forced them apart so they dangled on either side of his. "The second time, Lucy answered and said you had fallen asleep watching a movie with the boys," he put his hands high on her thighs and stroked them lightly. "The last time," he moved one hand to her womanhood and moved it the way he knew would bring her to orgasm quickly, "John Ross said you had already gone to bed."

"JR," Sue Ellen struggled to speak, "no one told me…" she lost all control of her body and began moving her hips in a rhythmic response to his hand.

"We'll have to talk to everyone about the importance of passing along phone messages, won't we?" JR whispered, feeling her shudder against him as her pleasure peaked. "I love you, Sue Ellen Ewing," he said, lifting his hips and entering her. "I'll never leave you, and I'll never ignore you again. And if you want my attention," he growled as he began thrusting in and out of her, "next time, just ask me nicely, honey."


Sue Ellen opened her eyes and was shocked to see the room was flooded with sunlight. She rolled over and looked at the clock. It was already almost 9:00. JR's side of the bed was empty. He had probably gotten up hours ago and had decided to let her sleep.

She smiled contentedly, remembering the way they had made love last night, for hours. Gentle and loving. Hard and fast. Sweet and slow. Over and over.

"What are you smiling about, Miss, Texas?" she heard JR's amused voice and turned her head to see him sitting back, relaxed in the chair, drinking a cup of coffee. She blushed deeply, remembering what they had done in that chair last night.

JR read her thoughts and chuckled. "This chair is definitely coming to the new house with us. I might build a shrine to it."

"JR…" Sue Ellen lowered her eyes and blushed again.

"Going to play shy and demure now, Miss Texas?" he teased her.

She shook her head and raised her eyes to meet his gaze. "I'm sorry I was so angry with you last night."

JR sighed, stood up, walked back to the bed, and climbed under the covers with her. He pulled her to him and gently moved her head to rest on his chest. "It's time for us to have that talk about what happened the day you passed out, Sue Ellen."

She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. "I don't even know where to start. I saw those pictures and I just.."

Her voice trailed off and JR lowered his mouth to gently kiss the top of her head. "I'll start," he told her. "I don't blame you for being upset about those pictures, Sue Ellen. Given all my past indiscretions, I can hardly hold your suspicions against you. Truth is, I had my own doubts about you that day."

"What?" Sue Ellen asked, surprised. "What doubts?"

"I got that picture of you with Crystal's brother," he told her, "and my first instinct was to go to McSween and have him investigate. I was afraid that if I asked you about it directly, you'd lie to me."

"Because I have kept so many secrets from you in the past, I guess," she muttered.

"Yes," he admitted. "Lucky for me though, Ray happened to be with me when I got it. He talked some sense into me and made me realize I had to come talk to you and give you the chance to tell me the truth. And you did. But then I had to go downstairs and you saw those pictures of Afton and assumed the worst."

"I'm so sorry, JR," he voice was choked with tears.

"I don't want you to be sorry, Sue Ellen," he told her earnestly. "It's natural you thought that way. A lot of years and a lot of affairs have broken our trust. But…"

"Yes?" Sue Ellen prodded him to continue.

"Honey," JR struggled to find just the right words, "we made a new commitment to one another and to our marriage. I promised you no more women. I'll keep that promise to you, honey, but I understand sometimes you are going to have doubts. I accept that and I'll do everything in my power to earn your trust again. But you promised me you'd never shut me out again - that you'd give me the chance to explain things and we'd work things out instead of putting up walls. Do you remember making that promise, Sue Ellen?"

"Yes," she said tearfully.

"I need you to keep it, honey," JR told her. "I can take the yelling and the screaming and the crying. But I can't take the coldness. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she nodded her head against his chest.

"The next time you have doubts about me, I want you to march right up to me and demand answers. I'll give them to you, honey. And we proved last night how much fun getting those answers can be."

"JR?" Sue Ellen lifted her head and raised her eyes to his. "Why weren't you mad at me last night? You had every right to be. I just assumed the worst.."

JR chuckled lightly. "Hell, Sue Ellen, I already told you. After everything I've put you through, you have the right to assume the worst. I expect it. No use getting mad about it. Besides, you came out of that bathroom in that sexy nightgown, eyes blazing, back stiff - you're always sexy as hell when you're mad at me. I was a little drunk and a lot horny, honey."

Sue Ellen laughed in spite of herself. "You just gave away the secret of winning an argument with you, JR. From now on, I'll just get mad and throw a fit and watch you melt."

JR grinned and kissed the tip of her nose. "Hope that's a promise, honey. No more cold shoulder, okay?"

"Okay, JR," she promised and laid her head back down on his chest. "Are you going to the office today?"

"A little later," he told her. "But we need to talk about that too."


"I'm going to resign as CEO of Weststar after the wedding. I think we should keep our shares and put in our own CEO, but I don't want to run the company."

"JR, you know how I feel about that," Sue Ellen sighed. "If you give up the oil business, you'll regret it."

"Yes, you're right. That's why I'm going back to Ewing Oil to work with Bobby."

"What?" she lifted her head, her eyes wide with shock. "You and Bobby working together?"

"Yes," JR nodded. "He'll stay on as President. I'll work along side him. I'll be home every night before dinner. No more late nights and weekends away from you and John Ross. And you can come by the office anytime you feel like it just to check up on me."

"Why would I do that?" she asked.

"Peace of mind," JR shrugged.

"You sure that's what you want?"

"Damn sure," he grunted. "Time for me to settle down and tend to my beautiful wife and our family."

"I… I have something to tell you too, JR," she said. "I've been reviewing Valentine's books."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yes. I've decided to sell. I don't have the same passion for the business anymore. I want to be at home with the boys."

"You sure?"

"Oh yes," she snuggled up against him. "Time for me to settle down and tend to my handsome husband and our family," she repeated his words back to him.

JR grinned and moved so quickly she had no time to react. He rolled her over onto her back and settled himself on top of her, resting his legs between hers. "How about you start tending to your handsome husband right now?"

Her eyes widened with a mixture of surprise and arousal. "Again, JR?" she asked breathlessly.

"Oh yes," he breathed against her lips, entering her with one swift, smooth thrust, "again."

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And I’ve melted. Fainted. Hot sticky mess on the floor.

That was amazing!!!!


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This is a "What if?" fanfic. What if in the season eleven episode "Top Gun" Sue Ellen had changed her mind at the last possible moment and instead of teaming up with Kimberly and Wendell to beat JR she voted her Weststar shares to make him CEO?


What If

Part 50


JR stepped out of the elevator and made his way to Sly's desk. "Good morning, Sly."

"Good afternoon, JR," she grinned, pointing at the clock on the wall. "Here are your messages, and this was just delivered from Jordan Lee's office," she said, handing him a large envelope. "Also, a Mr. McPherson is here," she said pointing to a man reading the paper in the waiting area. "He asked to wait, but wouldn't say what he wanted."

"Alright," JR sighed. "Give me about five minutes then send him in."

JR went into his office and sat down behind the desk. He flipped through his messages then turned his attention to the envelope from Jordan Lee. He opened it and saw it was the list of suggested CEO's for Weststar. "Barnes wasn't kidding," he snorted, seeing Cliff's name at the top of the list.

*JR?" Sly asked from the doorway. "Are you ready for Mr. McPherson?"

"Yes," JR nodded. "And call Jordan Lee's office and ask him to come over this afternoon."

"Yes, JR," Sly said, leading the mystery man to a seat across from JR's desk. "Can I get you anything?"

"No thank you," the man said. Sly nodded and left the office, shutting the door behind her.

"What can I do for you Mr. McPherson?" JR asked.

"I am a lawyer representing Jeremy Wendell," the man said. "He asked me to bring you something and see if you would like to set up a visit with him. I have no idea what's in here," he said, handing JR a folder, "so I can't be held responsible for its contents."

JR snatched the folder out of the other man's hand and opened it up. His face contorted into a dark scowl as he read the papers. "Tell Wendell I'll see him tomorrow morning. And get the hell out of my office."

The other man quickly stood and scurried to the door. JR reached out and pressed the button on his intercom. "Sly!" he barked, "get Harry McSween over here. Right now. And call my brothers."


"Sue Ellen? Do you have a few minutes to spare for me?"

Sue Ellen lifted her head from the wallpaper patterns she's been reviewing. She was slowly but surely completing her decorating plan for the new house. "Of course, Miss Ellie."

Ellie walked over and took a seat beside Sue Ellen on the living room couch."I understand I owe you an apology."

"What are you talking about, Miss Ellie?"

"I forgot to mention to you yesterday that JR called to check on you. JR gave me quite a talking to about making sure I passed along his messages to you from now on."

"Oh, Miss Ellie," Sue Ellen laughed, "it was nothing. I made a mountain out of a molehill."

"Still," Miss Ellie smiled, "I will be more thoughtful in the future. I imagine, given JR's huge smile and good mood when he left, that it didn't cause any serious problems?"

Sue Ellen blushed, "Actually, it led to the solving of some problems."

"Good," Ellie grinned briefly, but then her expression turned serious. "Sue Ellen, out of all my daughters-in-law, I have always had the hardest time bonding with you. Even though you've been in the family the longest and I've always loved you very much, I've found it difficult over the years to get really close to you."

"Miss Ellie.."

"Please let me finish, Sue Ellen," Ellie held her hand up. "In many ways, it's only natural. My relationship with JR has certainly had its ups and downs and you have always stood with him, as a good wife should. Then with all the bad times and the separations, and the drinking, well, it was just very hard to be a friend to you sometimes."

"I know Miss Ellie," Sue Ellen said sadly.

"If I had ever had to say which of my daughters-in-law would take over for me as head of this family some day, I would have probably said Pam. Or maybe Donna. I would have never guessed you."

Sue Ellen nodded and brushed a tear away from her cheek.

"But, Sue Ellen," Ellie reached out and took her hand,"I would have been wrong."

Sue Ellen's eyes widened and met Miss Ellie's.

"It's you who have stuck with your husband, through thick and thin, through good and bad. JR has put you through so much hell, and yet you remain by his side, rising to love and support him every time he really needs you to. It's you who has been a mother to both John Ross and Christopher, holding those boys together through such awful pain and drama. It's you who commands such love and respect and care from JR's brothers. It's you who defends this family so fiercely against all outsiders. It's you who will someday take my place Sue Ellen. And I couldn't be happier for you or prouder of you if I tried."

"Oh, Miss Ellie," Sue Ellen breathed out, tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

"I have something for you," Miss Ellie said, reaching into her pocket. "It's my mother's pin. Jock gave it to me after Bobby was born. It had all the boys' birthstones. I have added a stone every time a grandchild was born. I want you to have it, Sue Ellen. And I want you to add a stone when new Ewings are born into this family. And one day, you can pass it down to the woman you feel most worthy to carry our legacy, just as I am doing with you right now."

Sue Ellen was too overcome with emotion to speak. She nodded joyfully and moved over to hug Miss Ellie tightly

"You're the best daughter, I could have ever hoped for," Ellie whispered, hugging her back, "and I love you very much."


"This is all getting too dangerous," McSween said, "we need to move now, JR, before anyone gets hurt."

JR looked around his office at all the faces. Bobby and Ray had come as soon as Sly called them. McSween and Jack had come straight from Jack's meeting at the park with Wendell's PI.

"Jack, the only questions he asked you were about Sue Ellen? Nothing else? Not even about Weststar?"

"Just Sue Ellen," Jack confirmed. "I gave him your story about her drinking because she caught you running around. Told him that's what put her in the hospital. He demanded the name of your mistress. Sad to say I told him the first name that popped into my head."

"April?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah," Jack sighed. "There's no love lost between us, but I don't want to end up getting her in trouble."

"I doubt Wendell would have April hurt," JR said thoughtfully, "not since he thinks I'm sleeping with her. But we'll get her some protection just in case. Jack, you said the PI gave you an envelope?"

"Yeah,"Jack shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "I gave it to McSween."

"Well, what was in there?" JR asked Harry.

"You're not going to like it JR," Harry sighed and handed JR some papers.

JR s face grew dark with pure fury. "Who else has seen this?" he demanded.

"Just me and Jack," Harry assured him.

"JR," Ray said suspiciously, " what is it?"

"A pack of lies," JR growled and passed the papers over to Ray.

"Jesus," Ray sucked in a deep breath. "I'm assuming Wendell got this from Sue Ellen's OBGYN?"

"I don't care where he got it," JR snapped. "It's not true."

Ray handed the papers to Bobby. "My God, JR. Are you sure these aren't real?"

"Damn sure. Wendell messed up," JR told him. "He went through so much trouble to make it look like Sue Ellen was sneaking around behind my back, but notice the date of the procedure?"

"What about it, JR?" McSween asked.

"That's the day Sue Ellen went to see her divorce lawyer. I know exactly where she went that day because I was having her followed."

"For crying out loud, JR," Bobby sighed, "why were you having Sue Ellen followed?"

"That was right after the shooting at Southfork. I was worried about her."

"JR, Wendell is obsessed with making you think Sue Ellen is lying to you," McSween said. "This really bothers me. He's fixated on her. It has nothing to do with your business."

"I agree," Bobby said. "If this was about Weststar Wendell would have never had his lawyer bring you a proposal to sign over his shares to you."

"JR, I strongly advise we move on Wendell now," McSween said solemnly. "He's poisoned her. He's had her followed to get incriminating pictures and her fingerprints. Now he's making fake medical records. He's playing a dangerous game and I worry your wife is going to get hurt."

"Yes," JR nodded. "But we have one advantage. He doesn't know that we know he was poisoning her. So you get over to that doctors office and back everyone there into a corner. Do whatever you have to, but find out exactly what they've been doing to Sue Ellen and get them to turn on Wendell. I set up a meeting with Wendell for tomorrow morning. Tell that DA it's time to put Wendell down for good, like the rabid dog he is."


"You ready?" April asked, tapping her foot impatiently. "We're going to be late."

"So?" Cliff griped, "it's not like they won't keep me cooling my heels in the waiting room forever. I HATE going to the doctor!"

"Tough," April told him. "You have to have your follow up appointment so they can check to make sure your head is healing properly. Stop whining. It's not my fault you got drunk last night and have a nasty hangover."

Cliff started to shoot back a sarcastic response, but was interrupted by the doorbell. He stomped over to the door and snatched it open.

"Mr. Barnes?" a large, muscular man stood in the doorway. "I'm looking for April Stevens. Is she here?"

Cliff backed up slightly when he noticed the gun strapped to the man's waist. "What do you want with her?"

The man aggressively pushed his way past Cliff into the apartment. "There you are, Miss Stevens. I need to talk to you."

"About what?" Cliff demanded, moving his body to put himself between April and the man.

"About JR Ewing."


"Sue Ellen, the dress shop called," Lucy told her, coming into the kitchen and seating herself at the table across from her aunt. "Our appointment is confirmed for tomorrow morning at 10:00. So no 'sleeping in' for you and JR tomorrow."

Sue Ellen laughed and blushed. "Yes, ma'am."

"Can I talk to you about something?" Lucy asked.

"Of course," Sue Ellen told her. "I hope you know you can always talk to me about anything."

"Even Afton?"

Sue Ellen took a deep breath and raised her cup of tea to her lips. "Yes," she finally said. "I knew this conversation was coming, what with the pictures and the drama."

"I know she had an affair with JR and it hurt you deeply."

"Yes," Sue Ellen shrugged. "I hated her. Then somewhere along the way I realized it wasn't her fault, it was JR's. He betrayed me, not her. She was young and stupid. JR is the one who knew better."

"She says you hate her guts."

"I don't hate her at all anymore," Sue Ellen shrugged. "I actually always hoped she and Cliff would make it together. She seemed to love him very much. It's a shame it didn't work out - especially since there's a child involved."

Lucy sucked in a deep breath. "You figured out it was Cliff's?"

"Of course, Lucy. I'm not stupid."

"Does JR know?"

"If he does he hasn't mentioned it to me," Sue Ellen said, "but if he doesn't know, he will figure it out eventually."

"Are you going to tell Cliff?" Lucy asked.

"It's not my place, Lucy. But I'm warning you, he is going to find out sooner or later and when he does, he'll want to see his child."

"I know," Lucy nodded. "I keep telling Afton she needs to come clean."

"Lucy, I know you and Mitch are considering a reconciliation. If that happens, Afton will be a part of your life. I accept that. I promise you won't have any drama from me."

"Thanks, Sue Ellen," Lucy smiled at her, "but I don't think there's any reconciliation on the cards. Mitch and I have tried twice and failed miserably both times."

"Sometimes it takes more than twice," Sue Ellen told her. "Look how many times JR and I had to try before we finally got it right."

"I'm not like you, Sue Ellen," Lucy said quietly. "I can't put who I am and what I want aside just to make him happy. And Mitch isn't JR."

"That's probably a good thing," Sue Ellen laughed.

"Is it?" Lucy wondered. "JR is a son of a bitch and he treated you like crap. But in all the years you two scratched and clawed and fought one another, there was one thing he never did to you."

"What's that Lucy?"

"He never let you go," Lucy shrugged. "Everytime he lost you, he fought like hell to get you back. Mitch has let me go without a fight twice."


"It's alright, Sue Ellen. And you know what? I don't want to talk about it anymore."

"Alright, Lucy," Sue Ellen let it drop. "But I'm here if you need me."

"I know that," Lucy smiled. "We'd better get back to those wedding plans. Only a few days left to go!"


JR finished his meeting with Jordan Lee and stood up. "I'll talk this over with Sue Ellen and let you know something by the end of the week."

"Thanks, JR," Jordan shook his hand. "Look forward to hearing from you soon."

JR sat back down and reached for the phone. He dialed the number and sank back into his chair.

"You get what we needed?" he asked. "Uh huh, good. That officer find April? Good, good. Make sure he doesn't leave her side until this is over. Everything set for our meeting with Wendell? Excellent. Call me the minute you finish interrogating the pharmacist. Thanks, Harry." He put down the phone and turned his chair towards the window. They just had to make it through the night, then Wendell would be taken care of, once and for all.


"You got a head start!" Christopher accused John Ross.

"You snooze, you lose!" John Ross laughed. "Wanna go again?"

Christopher laughed and nodded. They swam to the edge of the pool and John Ross counted down to start their race. "Ready, set, go!"

Sue Ellen laughed as she laid back in the lounge chair and watched the boys play. She heard car doors slam and turned her head to see who had arrived. "Oh my gosh!" she squealed with delight, jumping up out of the chair, "Charlie!"

She held out her arms as the young lady walked from the driveway to the pool patio.

"Hi, Sue Ellen," Charlie hugged her. "Congratulations on the wedding!"

"Oh thank you!" Sue Ellen released her and stood back to take a look at her. "You are so beautiful!"

Charlie blushed a little. "Thank you."

"CHARLIE!" the boys yelled in unison, climbing out of the pool and running over to her.

"Don't hug me!" She laughed. "You'll get me all wet!"

"Boy, I missed you!" John Ross told her.

"Me too!" Christopher gushed.

"I missed you guys too!" Charlie told them. "I'm going to go in and hug Miss Ellie and Clayton then put on my swimsuit. Be back soon!"

"My Lord," Sue Ellen said as she watched Charlie walk into the house, "Jenna she's all grown up!"

"Yes, she is," Jenna smiled

"She's gorgeous," Sue Ellen said. "Just like her mother."


"Are you sure?" JR barked into the phone. His frown deepened as he listened to the answer. "And Sue Ellen didn't have any idea?" He was silent again for a few moments. "Alright. Get it all nailed down, Harry. I want the case against Wendell tighter than a drum by tomorrow morning."

He slammed the phone down and cursed to himself. It was taking every ounce of self control that he had not to march over to the detention center with a pistol and blow Wendell's brains out.

"So help me, Wendell," he vowed, "you are going to pay dearly for what you've done to my wife."


"That guy is making me nervous," April squirmed.

"Yes," Sue Ellen sighed, glancing at the muscular police detective, "but when JR called he said it was for your protection, so we have to put up with him."

"I don't see why I need protection if I am staying here at Southfork tonight," April groused.

"Better safe than sorry," Sue Ellen said. "You know, he's actually quite handsome. Why don't you go over and see if he'd like to come sit down with us and have something to eat?"

"Sue Ellen!" April laughed.

"What?' Sue Ellen asked innocently. "He may very well be single."

"And that would be a problem for Apri," Jack said snidely from the patio table beside them. "The most attractive attribute a man can have to April is a wedding ring, right sweetheart?"

"Jack…" Sue Ellen started to admonish him but just then she and April were covered by a wave of water as all three children did cannonballs into the pool right in front of them. "Kids!" Sue Ellen yelped, standing up and reaching for a towel.

"I am so going to get you guys," April laughed, diving into the pool. Sue Ellen laughed and patted at her wet skin with the towel. "Jack," she said sweetly. "You're family and I love you. But one more comment like that about April and I'll have JR toss you out of Southfork on your rear end. Understand?"

"Perfectly," Jack answered, dropping his eyes to the ground.

"Hey, Jack!" he looked up and saw April and the kids aiming at him with water guns.

Sue Ellen laughed as she watched Jack get drenched then jump into the pool to avoid further spray.

"Serves him right," Ray chuckled, coming over to sit with Sue Ellen."He should be nicer to April."

"I don't think he can," Sue Ellen sighed.

"What do you mean?" Ray asked.

"One thing years of being married to JR has taught me is that when you can't show your love, you can get just as good of a reaction by pretending hate."


"He still loves her," Sue Ellen shrugged. "He hates himself for it. He doesn't want her to know, so he lashes out with insults."

"Like a damn kid," Ray grumbled.

"Yes," Sue Ellen laughed. "Exactly like that."

"JR's home," Ray said, nodding to the driveway where JR was pulling in.

Sue Ellen smiled and waved at her husband. He smiled back and winked at her as he walked over to where Jenna was sitting with Lucas on her lap. He bent down and kissed the baby. Ray got up and walked over to him. They talked for a few minutes, JR nodded and then made his way over to Sue Ellen.

"You're home early," she smiled as he kissed her on the cheek and took the seat beside her.

"I missed you," he grinned. "Couldn't stay away one more minute."

Sue Ellen laughed and shook her head.

"They look like they're having fun," JR said, watching April and Jack splash around in the pool with the kids.

"Yes," Sue Ellen agreed. She took a sip of her tea and suddenly became aware that he was watching her intently. "What?" she asked.

"Nice suit," he said, raking his eyes over her swimsuit clad body. "Very nice."

"Thank you, JR," she blushed.

"Let's go upstairs," he said, abruptly standing up.

"JR!" she whispered. "No! Everyone will know what we're doing!"

"So?" he bent his head to whisper in her ear, "they'll all just be jealous. Come on, Miss Texas. You know you want to."

Sue Ellen took a deep breath and looked around. Ray and Jenna were playing with the baby and talking to Cliff. April and Jack were still swimming with the kids in the pool. Chances are no one would even miss them for a while. And JR was right - so what if they did?" "Yes," she stood up and reached for her robe. "Yes, I want to very badly."

JR smiled devilishly as he watched the sway of her hips as she walked into the house. "Life is good," he said to himself as he followed her inside. "Life is VERY good."


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I guess it makes sense for Jack to still have feelings for April. I wonder if she still has feelings for him too? :think:

Nice to see Charlie return. I guess she must be about 16. Hilarious how all the kids did the canon balls splashing water all over the adults. :lol:

Sweet how Miss Ellie gave Sue Ellen that heirloom.

I hope Cliff will find out about the child he and Afton have.

I'm still looking forward to the wedding. :)


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This is a "What if?" fanfic. What if in the season eleven episode "Top Gun" Sue Ellen had changed her mind at the last possible moment and instead of teaming up with Kimberly and Wendell to beat JR she voted her Weststar shares to make him CEO?


What If

Part 51


"What is it, JR?" Sue Ellen asked, raising her eyes to meet his in the mirror. He was standing behind her, watching her apply her make-up. "Surely you're not already ready for another round?"

"Wouldn't take much to convince me," he laughed. "But I need to talk to you first."

Sue Ellen felt a knot form in the pit of her stomach. "Did something happen?"

"Yes," he sighed sitting down on the bed and holding his hand out to her.

She got up, took his hand and sat down beside him. "What is it, JR?" she asked again.

"Honey…" he took a deep breath, "I need to know what kind of relationship you had with Wendell before you pulled the rug out from under him at that Weststar Board of Directors meeting."

"Why?" Sue Ellen asked suspiciously. "What possible difference can that make to you now?"

"None, so far as it concerns me and you and our marriage," he assured her, "but a lot when it comes to how I handle Wendell tomorrow. Now, I know you, Sue Ellen. You weren't sleeping with him because you were with Pierce and you'd never take more than one lover at a time. But did you flirt with him honey? Maybe lead him on a little?"

"JR, please…" she chewed at her bottom lip nervously.

"Stop that, Sue Ellen," he said softly, leaning forward and kissing her gently. "You can tell me the truth honey. I won't be mad and I won't get jealous."

Sue Ellen dropped her eyes to the floor. "Yes, JR," she confessed. "I knew he wanted me. I used that to my advantage. I flirted shamelessly and let him believe he had a chance until…"

"Until you didn't need him anymore?" JR pressed.

"Yes," she admitted. "I know it was shameful behavior."

"Oh honey, please. We all use what we have," JR reached out and put his hands on her shoulders. "Wendell is totally obsessed with you. Nothing he's done has been about getting back control of Weststar. It's all been about hurting you."

"I don't understand, JR. I know I blindsided him and ruined his plans for Weststar, but why did he take it so personally?"

"Who knows?" JR answered. "The man is crazy. Sue Ellen, the receptionist at your doctor's office was working for him, and a technician at your pharmacy."

"Yes, you told me that's how they got the arsenic in my birth control pills."

JR nodded. "Sue Ellen, before they started poisoning your pills, they had been giving you placebos. For months."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know," JR admitted. "Harry questioned both the receptionist and the pharmacist and Wendell never gave them any reason, just very specific instructions."

"JR, that makes no sense!"

"I can't figure it out either," JR sighed. "He had access to your OBGYN records. He even had some created. He actually faked a report and sent it to me today."

"What?! What kind of report?"

"A summary of a medical procedure."

"What kind of procedure, JR?"

"An abortion," JR kept his tone calm and even.

"JR," Sue Ellen's voice was shaking, "You're telling me that Jeremy Wendell sent you records from my doctor's office that said I had an abortion?"

"Yeah. But he made a mistake with the timing so I knew it was a lie.Well, not just the date. I knew it was a lie because you would have told me about it by now if it had actually happened."

"JR… this is insane!"

"Yes. But it will be over tomorrow, honey," he pulled her close against him and hugged her tightly. "I promise you, Jeremy Wendell will never hurt you or anyone else ever again."


"I guess I shouldn't hold dinner for JR and Sue Ellen," Ellie grinned.

"If we held our meals every time those two were late coming down from their bedroom, we'd never eat," Bobby laughed.

"But you have to admit, it's so nice seeing them so happy and in love again. I just hope it lasts."

"Oh, I think it will," Bobby assured her. "JR really seems to be a changed man this time."

"I think you're right," Ellie smiled. "I'll have Teresa and Raoul take the food out to the patio."

"Mama?" Bobby put his hand on her arm to stop her. "Do you think I'm doing the right thing? Taking off for Switzerland and looking for Pam?"

"It doesn't matter what I think," Ellie told him. "The question you should be asking yourself is whether not you will ever be able to move on with your life if you don't know what happened to her."

'i don't think I can," he admitted softly.

"Then going to Switzerland is the right thing for you to do - for both you and Christopher. Don't second guess it, Bobby."

"Yes, ma'am," he said.

"Did we miss dinner?" JR asked, coming into the kitchen side by side with Sue Ellen, holding her hand.

"No," Ellie laughed. "I was just about to have it served on the patio." She walked out of the room in search of Teresa.

"Good," JR grinned. "I'm starving."

"Been doing something to work up an appetite, JR?" Bobby teased.

Sue Ellen blushed a deep shade of scarlet and covered her face with her hands.

"Maybe,"JR's grin got wider. "Jealous?"

"Yes!" Bobby burst out laughing. "Very jealous!"

"Stop it, you two!" Sue Ellen groaned.

Both brothers chuckled and linked arms with her. "Let's go eat," Bobby said.

The three of them walked together out onto the patio, arm in arm and with wide smiles.


"You seemed to have a good time playing in the pool with Jack," Cliff observed between bites of potato salad. "That glacier of ice between you two starting to melt?"

"I doubt it," April shrugged. "He was just being less obnoxious because Sue Ellen got onto him."

"Well, don't lose hope," Cliff told her.

"Hope?" April repeated. "I lost all hope in Jack years and years ago."

"All I'm saying is people change," Cliff said. "Look around here. Living proof all over the place."

"I don't care if he ever changes or not," she answered him. "Jack stopped being my problem a long time ago."

She got up with her plate and moved back to the buffet. Cliff watched her go, a wry smile on his face, and wondered who she was trying harder to convince she didn't still have feelings for Jack - Cliff or herself.


"It's just absurd, JR," Ray shook his head. "I have been turning it around in my brain for hours and I can't find any logic for taking Sue Ellen off birth control and faking an abortion."

"The only thing I can think of is that he believed I'd walk out on Sue Ellen for good if I thought she'd gotten rid of my child."

"So he just needed you out of the picture?" Ray asked."

"To be honest, that's what's bothering me most about all this," Bobby sighed. "You and Sue Ellen have been a hot topic of gossip for years. This was all pretty extreme to break up a marriage that was constantly teetering on the brink of disaster."

"Yes," JR agreed. "And that's what is truly scary. Maybe at first he just wanted Sue Ellen for himself, but somewhere along the line he decided that what he really wanted was to break her. He wanted to make her hurt. He's sick."

"Surprised you don't just kill him and be done with it," Ray said.

"Don't think I haven't thought about it," JR told him. "Bul life in the Texas penal system will be hell for a man like him. He'll be the one who will end up broken. And I want to be around to see him suffer."


"It's so nice to have Charlie here again," Sue Ellen told Jenna. "She is so grown up."

"Yes," Jenna sighed. "Sometimes I really miss my baby."

"At least you have Lucas," Sue Ellen smiled wistfully.

"Does it bother you, still?" Jenna asked, "knowing there won't be any more children for you and JR?"

"Not really," Sue Ellen said thoughtfully. "JR is right. We're getting too old to change diapers. The boys are still young. And Lucy will have kids eventually. JR said he was content with our life as it is, and I finally realized I am too."

"I'm so happy for you, Sue Ellen," Jenna smiled at her. "You finally seem to have JR house broken after all these years!"

"I don't know if I'd put it quite that way" Sue Ellen laughed. "But I am so happy I can barely stand it."

"I'm so glad," Jenna told her. "You deserve it."

"It looks like we have another visitor," Sue Ellen said, noticing the car coming down the driveway.

"It must be Donna and Margaret," Jenna sighed. "Ray said she was coming over."

"You going to be okay?" Sue Ellen asked her friend

"Of course!" Jenna stood and waved Ray to get his attention. She pointed at Donna's car. He nodded and walked to the driveway to greet her. "Donna is family and Margaret is my stepdaughter. It's long past time that Ray's children get to play together, don't you think?"


"Alright, thank you Harry." JR put down the phone and looked at the other men. "They picked up Wendell's PI."

"Where?" Bobby asked him.

"Over at April's apartment complex. He was there looking for her.

"Oh my God," all the color drained from Jack's face.

"He wasn't there to hurt her," JR told him, "just talk to her and confirm that she was sleeping with me."

"Wendell is some kind of obsessed with your sex life," Clayton sighed. "Everything set for in the morning?"

"Yes," JR said. "I'll be at the detention center right at 10:00. I'm sending the police detective with the women when they go shopping, but I'd feel better if someone else went with them too."

"Bobby, Jack, and I are supposed to babysit," Ray told him.

"I'll go," Clayton volunteered.

"Good," Bobby said. "The sooner all this is over, the better we'll all sleep at night."

"Amen to that," JR agreed. He moved to the bar and poured himself another drink. "Let's have a toast. To the end of Jeremy Wendell." They all raised their glasses and drank. "May he rot in hell."


"How long is Charlie staying?" John Ross asked his mother.

"Until after the wedding," Sue Ellen told him. "Then Ray and Jenna are going back to Switzerland with her."

"And we get to move into their house, right?"

"Well, it will be a little while," Sue Ellen laughed. "I'm redecorating and your father is having some work done in the basement."

"What kind of work?" John Ross asked.

"He's putting in an exercise room for me and a recreation room for the two of you."

"What's a recreation room?'

"A room to hang out in and play games. It'll have a pool table and some darts. Maybe a card table. And a really big TV for you boys to watch your sports on."

"That sounds so cool," John Ross beamed.

"Yes, it does," Sue Ellen agreed. "But now it's time for bed."

"Wait, I have something for you!"

Sue Ellen watched as he ran over and grabbed something out of the top drawer of his dresser. "Daddy said it's wedding tradition. You need something old. He said Grandma gave you that today. He said you needed something borrowed and you'd get that from Jenna. But I have something new and blue for you."

"You do?" Sue Ellen looked at the box in his hand. "When did you and your daddy have time to go shopping?"

"Yesterday. We got our tuxedos done first and he took me to a jewelry store across the street while everyone else was getting fitted. I was going to give it to you last night, but you went to bed before me."

Sue Ellen reached out and took the box from him. She opened it carefully and gasped in pure pleasure. The box contained a silver and sapphire hair pin. "John Ross," Sue Ellen breathed out, "it's gorgeous!"

"Will you wear it on your wedding day?" he asked her.

"Yes," she promised tearfully. "I'd be so proud to."

"I love you, Mama," he said, flinging his arms around her and hugging her tightly.

"And I love you, my sweet boy," she hugged him back, "so very, very much."


"Bye, sweetheart," Ray bucked Margaret into her car seat and kissed her on the nose. "See you tomorrow." He stood up straight, shut the car door, and turned to look at Donna. "Thanks for bringing her over."

"Of course," Donna smiled at him. "It was just too cute watching her and Lucas splash each other in the pool."

Ray laughed. "Yes. I wish they could spend more time together."

"Really no reason why they can't," Donna said. "The world has plenty of airplanes, Ray. Once you and Jenna get settled in Switzerland we'll work out a regular visitation schedule."

"How will Senator Dowling feel about that?" Ray asked skeptically.

"Andrew loves Margaret very much," Donna told him. "But he knows who her father is."

"Good," Ray sighed. "I want to be a big part of my daughter's life."

"And you will be," Donna promised him, opening her car door and sliding under the wheel. "I have to be back here pretty early tomorrow. It's dress fitting day."

"Yeah," Ray laughed. "Me and Bobby and Jack are on babysitting duty. We might be crazy by the time you ladies get back."

"Can I… nevermind. See you tomorrow, Ray."

"Wait. What were you going to ask me?"

"I was just wondering if I could leave Margaret here with you men too."

"Well, I just kinda figured that was the plan," Ray chuckled. "You don't want to drag a baby around shopping for wedding dresses, do you?"

"No. But I just didn't want to assume she was included."

"Donna," Ray bent down and so his eyes were level with hers, "Margaret is my daughter. Always assume she's included in anything I do. And you are still family, same as you ever were. Our divorce didn't change the love everyone here has for you."

"I know that, Ray," she said softly, "but I guess I needed to hear you say it."

"Well, it's said," he stood up straight. ,"See you tomorrow, Donna." He closed her car door and stood in the driveway until she started her car and backed out of her space.

"Everything okay?"

Ray turned and saw his wife standing on the patio. "Everything is perfect," he told her. "Let's gather up our kids and head home," he said, walking over and putting his arm around her waist. "Tomorrow is a big day. John Ross, Christopher, Lucas, and Margaret… I need my rest or they'll kill me!"


"Those hellion boys of ours finally in bed?" JR asked when Sue Ellen came into the bedroom.

"Yes," she laughed. She walked over and sat down beside him on the bed. "Do you know how much I love you, JR Ewing?"

"Yes, I do," he told her. "Almost as much as I love you, Sue Ellen Ewing."

"John Ross gave me my hair pin," she told him. "It's so beautiful."

"Well, he's the one who deserves the credit for that," JR laughed. "I told him to get you something blue. I was thinking more along the lines of a handkerchief or something."

Sue Ellen punched him playfully in the arm. "I know better than that, JR."

JR chuckled and leaned forward to kiss her cheek. "I'm glad you like it, honey."

"I love it," she told him. "And I love you." She leaned into him and gave him a slow, soulful kiss.

"Take your shower and come to bed, woman," he ordered her. "I can't play with you all night tonight. I have to get up at the crack of dawn."

"Why?" she asked.

"I have an errand to run really early in the morning. I'll try not to wake you. I'll be back around 8:00."

"What on Earth could you have to do that early in the morning?"

"Well, if you must know, Miss nosy pants, it's another surprise for you."

"Another one? JR you're spoiling me," she got up, placed her new hair pin on her vanity and moved towards the bathroom. "I know you need your rest, JR, but if you're up for a quickie, I'll meet you in the shower."

JR closed the book in his lap and put it on the bedside table. "That's an invitation you don't have to offer me twice, Miss Texas," he said, throwing back the covers and climbing out of the bed.


"Please," Lucy said into the phone, "if you don't tell him, someone else will!"

Lucy shook her head furiously at whatever the person on the other end of the line said.

"You need to listen to me. Cliff is going to know sooner or later and you should be the one to tell him!"

She was silent for a few minutes as she listened to the reply. "You're wrong, Afton," she finally sighed. "Cliff has changed since Pam left. He's so good with Christopher. And he's even made peace with JR! He deserves to know his own daughter…"

Lucy was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass. She turned around and saw a ghost white Cliff standing behind her, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. "Afton?" she said into the phone, "I'll call you back." She hung up the phone and moved to stand in front of Cliff.

"Hey…" he finally said, "I wasn't eavesdropping. I was just looking for April."

"How much did you hear?" Lucy asked him.

"Enough to know I have a daughter," he said, sucking in a deep breath. "Oh my God. I have a child."

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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This is a "What if?" fanfic. What if in the season eleven episode "Top Gun" Sue Ellen had changed her mind at the last possible moment and instead of teaming up with Kimberly and Wendell to beat JR she voted her Weststar shares to make him CEO?


What If

Part 52


"Cliff?" Lucy's voice was full of concern. "Come on, let's get you to the couch."

"Wow!" Jack's voice broke in. "What the hell happened in here?"

"Cliff dropped his glass," Lucy told him. "Help me get him to the couch. Then go find April. I'm going to need her help with him."

Jack nodded and took Cliff by the arm. "Come on," he said, practically dragging the other man to the couch.

Lucy sat down beside a stunned Cliff and covered his hands with hers. "Go get April," she told Jack.

Jack nodded and took off towards the foyer.

"Cliff?" Lucy said his name again. "Snap out of it."

"I have a daughter," he said, his voice shaky. "I have a daughter."


"It was a lovely evening," Ellie sighed crawling beneath the covers on her bed."Having Charlie and Donna here made it perfect."

"Gary and Valene will be here day after tomorrow," Clayton said, coming out of the bathroom. "You'll finally have your whole family together again."

"Yes," Ellie sighed. "Almost."

"Are you thinking about Jock?" Clayton asked her. "Nevermind. I'm not sure I want to know the answer to that."

"Actually, I was thinking about Pam," Ellie said in a quiet voice. "Jock is gone. I accepted that a long time ago. You're my husband now and I'm so happy to share my life with you. But I can't help but to think of Pam, possibly out there still alive and missing Christopher growing up."

"Do you think Bobby will find her?"

"I don't know," Ellie sighed. "I hope so. He and Christopher both need closure."

"You almost sound as if you hope she's dead."

"Of course not, Clayton. But…"

"But what?"

"What if he finds her and she refuses to come back? What will that do to him? And to Christopher?"

"I will break their hearts," Clayton sighed. "Let's hope that doesn't happen."



April turned her towards the voice that had disturbed her thoughts. "Not exactly," she shrugged. "Just enjoying the peace and quiet."

"Would a little company upset you?"

"Of course not, Bobby," she gestured towards a seat beside her at the patio table. "The boys in bed?"

"Yes. Sue Ellen and I tucked them in a little while ago."

"You and Sue Ellen seem to be very close," April observed. "I'm sure that's very good for Chirstopher."

"Yes. It wasn't always this way. I've always cared about Sue Ellen a lot and tried to look out for her, but her loyalty to JR and her drinking made it tough sometimes. But since Pam's been gone, she's really stepped up to fill the gap in Christopher's life. She and I have grown closer because of that."

"Speaking of Pam, I hear you and Cliff are planning a trip to Switzerland after the wedding."

"Just me and Cliff?" Bobby laughed. "You mean you're not going to demand to go to look after him this time?"

"No. I think I'll sit this one out."

"Really? Why?"

"Please let's not play games, Bobby," she sighed. "You know why."

"Yeah," he admitted, "I guess I do."

"I know you won't believe me when I say this Bobby, but I hope you find Pam alive and well and can bring her home."

"I do believe you, April," he said softly. "I know how much you love Cliff and that you want him to be happy. Having his sister back would make him very happy."

"Yes," April agreed, "and I care about you and want you to be happy too, Bobby."

He turned his head and looked her in the eyes. "I know you mean that."

"Good," she nodded.

"April… if I don't find her or if God forbid she's really dead…"

"No, Bobby," April held up her hand and stopped his words. "You know how much I like you. You know how attracted I am to you. Maybe a few months ago that would have been enough to make me wait."

"But not now?"

"No," April shook her head. "Being so close to Sue Ellen, seeing her and JR… I mean look, I know they've had a rough relationship, but…"

"But what?"

"I want a man who looks at me the way JR looks at Sue Ellen. I want a man who loves me so much he can't even imagine living without me. I might never find that, but I'm not going to settle for anything else. I won't ever be any man's second choice ever again. I need to be his only choice. And Bobby, we both know that Pam will ALWAYS be your first choice - alive or dead."

"April.. "

"Excuse me, sorry to interrupt."

"What is it Jack?" Bobby asked, his voice an irritated growl.

"Lucy sent me to find April. She's having some kind of problem with Cliff and needs help."

"What kind of problem?" April asked, alarmed.

"Beats me," Jack shrugged, "all I know is he spilled his drink, broke his glass, had to be helped to the couch and is mumbling over and over again that he has a daughter."


"What are you thinking about, Miss Texas?"

Sue Ellen smiled and snuggled even closer into the spoon of JR's body. "What makes you think I'm thinking about anything?" she said. "Maybe I'm just lying here basking in the afterglow of our love making."

"I'd like to think that," JR chuckled, "but I know you honey. I was just about asleep when I felt your body stiffen."

"Oh, it's nothing, JR. Really. You go on to sleep. You have an early morning."

"No way, Sue Ellen," he brought his hand down and smacked her rear end lightly. "Start talking."

"Ouch!" Sue Ellen jumped a little. "It really is nothing I was just thinking about something Lucy said to me today."

"Oh, Lord," JR grimaced, "what has that tart-tongued she-devil said now?"

Sue Ellen giggled at his description of Lucy. "Nothing bad. She was talking about Mitch and how she didn't think they would ever reconcile."

"Well, Sue Ellen, some people just can't make it, no matter how much they love each other."

"Yes," Sue Ellen agreed. "She said Mitch wasn't like you."

"I'd think that would be on the plus side in her book."

"Yes, I thought so too, but I was wrong. She said Mitch didn't fight her the way you fought for me. She said that every time you lost me you fought like hell to get me back."

"And that's what got you so tense and stiff as a board? Isn't that a good thing?"

"Yes… but I always knew you were fighting more for John Ross than for me."

"Sue Ellen," JR sighed heavily. "Custody of John Ross was a sick and stupid game we played with each other. If all I wanted was my son, I could have gotten him easily."

"Oh please, JR. Every time we went before a judge I won."

"Why do you think that is Sue Ellen? Could it be that I never, not once, told any judge that you spent time in a sanitarium? Or that you didn't even know who his father was when he was born? Or that you drove my car drunk one night and almost killed a boy? Or that you had an affair with a college kid who was working with John Ross as a counselor?"

Sue Ellen's body stiffened even more. "It's not like I didn't have plenty of your dirty laundry to air too. Plus, Miss Ellie would have never let you say those things about me in public."

"Sue Ellen, you know me too well to think that I'd let Mama's feelings stop me from getting what I wanted. And my dirty laundry was all about other women. This is Texas, honey. Most judges would wink and nod at that, especially if the mother had affairs too."

"Then why didn't you ever use any of it?'

"You're my wife, Sue Ellen, and the mother of my son. I didn't want to see your name dragged through the mud like that. Besides, I knew if I really took John Ross away from you, that's the one thing you'd never forgive me for. Look, I won't lie to you. When you divorced me, I had every intention of doing whatever I had to to get John Ross back on Southfork. But then I realized that the best way to get him back was to get you back too. And that's what I really wanted anyway. You're mine, Sue Ellen. You always have been, and you always will be. Keeping John Ross on Southfork has always been important to me, but keeping you here has always been the most important thing to me."

"Except for once," she said sadly. "The Mandy Winger affair."

JR groaned, released her, sat up, and turned on the light. "We have to do this again, Sue Ellen? Really?"

Sue Ellen sat up and shrugged her shoulders. "You said you want me to talk to you when something is bothering me."

"Yes, I did," he tried to keep the frustration out of his voice. "Let's have it then."

"Lucy is right. You DID always fight for me. Until you found Mandy. Then you just stopped caring all together."

"Yes, Sue Ellen," he snapped. "I fought for you. Like hell. I fought Cliff. I fought Dusty. I even lowered myself to fighting that idiot college boy. But you never, not once fought for me."

"What are you talking about, JR?"

"You always just crumbled. Back to the bottle or into the arms of another man. By the time Mandy came along I was so tired of it. I knew I had hurt you again. I did everything I could to make it up to you. But you were so… cold. Like a block of ice. You wouldn't even speak to me half the time, not even for John Ross's sake. Then you started drinking more and more. You shut me out completely. Not just separate bedrooms, but nothing - no talking, not even any fighting. I couldn't stand it."

"So you found what you needed in Mandy," she accused him.

"I thought I did," JR shrugged. "She was sweet and young and obedient. And Sue Ellen, she was warm. So yes, I convinced myself I loved her. And I don't see how you can possibly hold that against me now. You've thought you loved other men. Hell, for a long time, you thought Dusty Farlow was the love of your damn life!"

"But he wasn't, JR. YOU are!"

"Oh hell, I know that, Sue Ellen. All I am trying to say is that sometimes it's easy to make yourself believe something is true because you want it so badly. You were gone, Sue Ellen. The woman I had loved had been replaced by an empty shell. You had no feelings for me, not even enough to muster the will to argue with me. I just couldn't take it."

"Until Valentine and those pictures. You found out Mandy wasn't always so obedient."

"It wasn't the pictures, Sue Ellen. I told you that already. The pictures pissed me off, but we both know I could have put a stop to it. All I would have had to do was file for divorce."

"Then why didn't you?"

"You got your spark back, honey. You decided to fight me. I never realized it until later but that night you made your little fake seduction was the night I knew the woman I had always loved was still there. You fought me after that. Constantly. Always some snide remark, some mean taunt. I loved it."

"You loved me being mean to you?" Sue Ellen laughed.

"Yes. There's a thin line between love and hate, honey. And then you told me you were the force behind Valentine...well, it was all over then. You fought FOR me. For once. You stood up and fought for what was yours. Mandy couldn't compete with you, Sue Ellen. No woman can compete with you. I don't want an obedient wife. I want you - I want the passion and the scratching and the screaming and the loving and the magic. I want it all, because I want YOU. Now can we stop rehashing the same ancient history over and over and over and just enjoy the way our lives are now? For the love of God, can we just move the hell on from Mandy Winger?"

"Yes," Sue Ellen smiled at him.

"Yes?" JR was so exasperated he thought his head might explode. "Yes?!" he said again. "That's it?! That's all you have to say to me after all that?!"

"Yes," Sue Ellen said again.

"Woman if I didn't love you so much, I swear I'd wring your damn neck!"

"You could do that, JR," Sie Ellen said in a teasing voice. "Or you could just turn off that light and come over here and let me love you instead."

JR swallowed hard and took a deep breath. "Woman you are going to be the death of me."

"Probably," Sue Ellen agreed, sliding over and putting her hand under the sheet to grasp his manhood, "but I promise that you'll go out with a smile on your face."

JR growled and reached for her. "The light stays on, Miss Texas," he said gruffly. "You're going to look into my eyes when I make love to you. I want you to see, Sue Ellen. See how much I love you."


"Any chance I could get another drink?"

Jack stood up, walked to the bar, and poured Cliff a glass of scotch. "Here," he said. "Try not to soak Miss Ellie's carpet with this one."

Cliff nodded, took the drink, and gulped it down. "Thanks, Jack."

This was his fourth drink. Lucy cast a nervous glance at April who shook her head and shrugged.

"Cliff?" April asked him, her voice gentle. "Are you going to be alright now?"

"I have a daughter," he told her.

"Yes, I know," April sighed.

"Listen, Cliff, I know your first instinct is probably to get on a plane to Atlanta and demand to see her, but I think you should wait," Bobby said thoughtfully. "Call Afton with a clear head in the morning and talk this through."

"I'm not calling Afton," Cliff told him. "And I'm sure not getting on any plane to Atlanta. Afton was right to keep her from me. I'm not fit to be a father."

"That's not true, Cliff!" April protested. "You'd be a wonderful father!"

"How do you know?" Cliff barked at her. "You don't know me. You don't know how awful I was to Afton. And not just her - to Sue Ellen, and Jamie, my mother, even Pam! Afton is right. I'm toxic. I destroy everything I touch. I won't contaminate my daughter. Now," Cliff stood up and brushed himself off, "if you'll all excuse me, Miss Ellie has graciously offered me a room for the night and I am going to gratefully accept that offer."

The others watched as he stumbled, drunk to the stairs.

"I'm better go help him," Bobby sighed, going after him.

Lucy looked at April and Jack and shrugged her shoulders. "I guess we should leave him alone for the night. I need to go upstairs and call Afton and warn her I guess."

Jack watched as Lucy followed Cliff and Bobby up the stairs.

"Wanna drink?" he asked April, moving to the bar.

"No," she sighed, standing up. "I'd better go help Bobby manage Cliff."

"You know April, you're full of crap."

"What are you talking about Jack?" April asked, irritated.

"You were my first choice. That didn't make a damn bit of difference to you."

"You were eavesdropping?" she accused him.

"Not on purpose, but yeah. I overheard it all. And like I said, you're full of crap."

"No, Jack. You're the one who is full of crap. I wasn't your first choice," she said coldly. "The party was always your first choice. I was just a guest you drug along for the ride."

Jack said nothing, simply staring silently at her back as she made her way up the stairs and disappeared out of sight.



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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This is a "What if?" fanfic. What if in the season eleven episode "Top Gun" Sue Ellen had changed her mind at the last possible moment and instead of teaming up with Kimberly and Wendell to beat JR she voted her Weststar shares to make him CEO?


What I

Part 53


JR glanced at his watch and grimaced. The plane had landed thirty minutes ago, but so far none of the passengers had come through the gate. He hoped there wasn't a problem, his schedule was very tight this morning and he couldn't afford to get too far behind.

He'd managed to get up, get dressed, and get out of the bedroom without waking Sue Ellen. He was glad for that. She'd only been out of the hospital a few days and she needed her rest. She'd kept him up half the night, first with the hissy fit about Mandy, then with lovemaking.

He was more than a little annoyed that she'd thrown Mandy in his face again. He had done everything he could possibly think of to put that whole situation to rest, but it just kept rearing its ugly head. Part of him wanted to shake some sense into her. Another part of him realized that whatever insecurities she had, he caused - and he needed to make up for that.

Mandy was the one woman that he'd ever seriously considered leaving Sue Ellen for and Sue Ellen knew that. It irritated him that she still felt the need to punish him for daring to care about another woman when she had many times declared her undying love for Dusty Farlow. JR had managed to bury Farlow's ghost - but Sue Ellen just couldn't seem to let go of Mandy.

"Hello, JR."

He'd been so lost in thought that he hadn't even seen her come through the gate. "How are you?' he took off his hat and tipped it to her. "I trust your flight was pleasant?"

"It was long and boring. I'm looking forward to getting to Southfork and relaxing."

"Good," he said, gathering up her bags. "Just one thing before we go; I brought you here because I thought it would be nice for Sue Ellen to have you at her wedding, but I'm warning you. Don't start anything. I expect you to be kind and courteous and considerate. I'll put your ass right back on a plane and send you back where you came from at the very first sign on drama. You understand me?"

"Of course, JR," she smiled brightly. "I am only here because I want to share the wonderful occasion of your wedding with my daughter and my grandson. You won't have one moment's trouble with me."

"I'd better not, Patricia,"JR warned her, "you'd better behave. For your sake."


"Cliff still asleep?" Lucy asked April.

"No, he's up. With a monster hangover."

"Have his feelings changed since last night?"

"I don't know," April said, sitting down at the patio table and pouring herself a cup of coffee. "He refuses to talk about it."

"Man, I messed up big-time," Lucy sighed. "I should have gone upstairs to take that call, but I honestly forgot he was even in the house."

"What's done is done," April shrugged. "He was going to find out about it sooner or later anyway."

"Yeah," Lucy agreed, "just wish it had been later and because of something besides my big mouth."

"Morning, ladies," Jack greeted them as he approached the table.

"You're up awfully early," April observed.

"I'm always up this early," Jack told her. "The early bird gets the worm and all that."

April raised her eyebrows. "Really? Because I seem to remember you having a bad habit of partying all night and sleeping all day back when we were married."

"That's changed over the years," Jack told her. "There's a lot of things about me that have changed over the years."

"Good for you," April told him. "Maybe your next wife will see you most days before the sun goes down."

"Good morning, everyone," Ellie glided to the table and sat down. "Has anyone checked to see if Sue Ellen is up yet? This is a big day for her."

"She's up," Bobby informed her, having followed her out onto the patio. "The boys woke her up a little while ago."

"Good," Ellie said. "JR called from the airport. "He'll be back with Patricia shortly."

"Who's Patricia?" Jack asked.

"Sue Ellen's mother," Bobby told him.

"I still think it was a bad idea for JR to invite her to the wedding," Lucy groused. "Sue Ellen would have invited her herself if she wanted her here."

"You know, I've never heard Sue Ellen even mention her mother," April said thoughtfully.

"There's a good reason for that," Lucy said, "the woman is a lunatic."

"Lucy!" Miss Ellie admonished her. "That's enough."

"Sorry, Grandma," Lucy pouted.

"Here they come," Bobby said, pointing at JR's car coming down the driveway.

"Would one of you ladies go upstairs and see if Sue Ellen is about ready to come down?"

"I'll go," Lucy volunteered, standing up. "At least this way I get to miss the grand entrance of her royal highness."

"Lucy!!" Ellie's voice was harsher this time.

"Sorry, Grandma," Lucy said again, this time with just a hint of mischief in her voice.

"Well, let's all plaster on our smiles and be pleasant," Bobby said,rising from.his chair to walk to the driveway to meet JR and Patricia.


Sue Ellen knew she needed to get dressed and downstairs. It was already after 8:00. They were supposed to be at the dress shop at 10. Soon all the other Ewing ladies would be gathering downstairs waiting for her.

Still, she felt rooted to the chair in front of her vanity. She felt strange this morning, a little sad. She had no idea why she felt like that. She should be reveling in joy and excitement...but…

She shook her head and looked carefully at her reflection in the vanity's mirror. It seemed to her as if new lines and wrinkles kept appearing overnight. She wondered how much longer she'd be able to cover them with make-up.

Mandy Winger's young and beautiful face flashed through her mind. Sue Ellen didn't know why she couldn't stop thinking about the other woman. JR was done with her. He'd proven it to her time and again, so why couldn't Sue Ellen just let it go?

There was a brief knock on the door. "Come in," Sue Ellen called.

"Hey, Sue Ellen," Lucy said, coming into the room, "Grandma sent me to see if you were about ready… wow. You're not even dressed yet?"

"Would you believe I can't find anything I want to wear?" Sue Ellen asked.

"You have two closets full of clothes," Lucy told her. "Just pick something."

"I've tried," Sue Ellen sighed. "Everything made me feel old and dowdy."

"Sue Ellen, that's just crazy. Jenna and Donna will be here soon and we'll need to leave. JR is downstairs waiting for you too."

"If JR wants to see me he can come up here!" Sue Ellen burst out without warning. "Leave me alone, Lucy. It's my wedding. I'll keep everyone waiting if I want to!"

Lucy drew back, her eyes wide with shock. She started to make a smart mouthed comeback, but stopped when she saw the tears rolling down her aunt's cheeks. "Sure, Sue Ellen," she muttered.

Sue Ellen dabbed at her face with a tissue as she watched Lucy back out of the room. "Oh my Lord," she cried softly, "what is wrong with me?"


"France sounds lovely," Ellie smiled at Patricia, "but we're all very glad you could come share this wonderful occasion with us."

"Thank you, Ellie," Patricia said graciously. "It was wonderful of JR to ask me to come."

JR listened as the family exchanged niceties with a frown on his face. He looked at his watch for what seemed like the hundredth time and wondered where the hell his wife was. Time was running short.

He nodded a good morning greeting to Ray and Jenna when they arrived on the patio. Patricia was working her socialite magic, trying to charm everyone. He glanced at the sliding glass doors leading into the kitchen and saw Lucy standing there waving, trying to get his attention.

"Excuse me," he stood up and walked into the house.

"JR," Lucy breathed out. "You'd better get upstairs. There's something wrong with Sue Ellen."

All the color drained from his face. "She's not sick is she?" he demanded, walking quickly through the house to the staircase.

"No…" Lucy hesitated. She put her hand on his arm and stopped him. "She's upset about something, JR. Crying and refusing to get dressed."

JR scowled, nodded his understanding, and hurried up the stairs. He paused and took a deep breath then reached out and opened the bedroom door. He saw Sue Ellen, lying face down on the bed, sobbing.

He shut the door, walked over to the bed, and sat down next to her. "What's wrong, honey?" he asked softly, his voice full of worry.

"Nothing! Everything is just perfect!" Her muffled voice replied.

"Sue Ellen, there's a house full of people down there waiting for you."

"I don't care! Let them wait!"

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong or not?!" he snapped. "I have a tight schedule this morning and I don't have time for your hysterics!"

"Feel free to leave and go about your business then! I wouldn't want to hold you up!"

JR reached over and flipped her forcefully onto her back so he could look into her eyes. "Listen here, Miss Texas," he barked. "If there's something really wrong with you, then tell me. If not, get off that perfect little behind of your and get dressed. I went to a lot of trouble to surprise you with your mother today…"

"My mother?!" Sue Ellen bolted up into a sitting position. "MY MOTHER?!"

"Yes," JR sighed. "I thought it would be a nice surprise for you to have her at the wedding. I just got back from picking her up at the airport."

"How could you, JR?!"

"What?" he was truly shocked by her reaction.

"Now the whole wedding is ruined! You probably did it on purpose so I'd cancel it and you wouldn't have to go through with it!"

"Sue Ellen, have you lost your mind?" he demanded. "You're acting like a lunatic!"

"You should be used to that after all these years, JR. Maybe you should go find yourself a mistress with a calmer disposition?"

JR's eyes glazed over with pure fury. He stood up, stalked purposefully over to her closet, tore a section of clothes off the rack, and walked back over to the bed where he threw them next to Sue Ellen.

"You're going to get up and get dressed," he told her, his voice soft and dangerous. "You're going to go downstairs, apologize to everyone for keeping them waiting. You're going to go shopping and get your dress. Then you're going to come back here and sit right there in that spot on that bed until I get home. Do you understand me?"

"Who's going to make me, JR?" she challenged him.

His eyes narrowed and he squatted at the foot of bed so his eyes were even with hers. "You have two choices, Sue Ellen. Do as I say or have me carry you down kicking and screaming and dump you on the floor in front of the whole family."

"You would do that to me, wouldn't you?" she accused him.

"You know I will," he said flatly. "Get dressed Sue Ellen. Don't make me tell you again."

He turned on his heels and stormed out into the hallway and down the stairs.

"She'll be down in a few minutes," he said as he passed by a nervous looking Lucy on his way out the door. "I'm going to the office."

He stomped out the front door without another word to anyone and made a beeline for his car. He needed to get out of here, away from her before he said or did something that he would regret. He had gone out of his way to show her how much he was dedicated to her and their marriage but it was never enough. If she thought he was going to let her act like a crazy woman and embarrass him…

He clenched his jaw when an image of her crying flashed through his mind.

She was very upset. She was lashing out because something was really bothering her. If he left her now, she'd stew on it all day and be ready to explode by the next time he saw her.

"Son of a bitch!" he growled under his breath. He slammed his car door shut, turned around, and stalked back into the house. He passed Lucy again on his way up the stairs.

"JR?" She asked tentatively.

"Just give me a few minutes," he said gruffly. "Everything will be fine."

He walked down the hallway and opened his bedroom door again. Sue Ellen wasn't anywhere to be seen. He walked to the bathroom, snatched open the door, and saw her sitting on the toilet, her face buried in her hands.

"Stop that crying, honey," he said softly.

"JR?" she raised her head and looked at him. "You came back."

"Yeah well, couldn't leave you in the state you're in, could I?"

"I would have deserved it if you had," she cried. "JR, I'm so sorry! I don't know what's wrong with me!"

He reached out, took her hand, and pulled her up off the toilet. "Come on," he said, leading her into the bedroom. He sat down in their favorite chair and settled her on his lap. "You're just a little overwhelmed, Sue Ellen. So much as happened in such a short period of time. You've been sick and stressed out by wedding plans. I'm sure I didn't help by springing your mother on you. I'm sorry, honey."

"No, JR. That was a very sweet and thoughtful thing for you to do. I… honestly, I don't know why I'm acting this way."

JR dipped his head and captured her lips in a soft, gentle kiss. "Sue Ellen, I have to be at the detention center to meet with Wendell at 10:00. You have to go pick out a wedding dress. I wish I could carry you to bed and love whatever is causing your doubts out of your mind, but I can't right now. I need you to be strong, honey. Just for a little while. I'll come home as early as I can and we'll talk through it all together, okay?"

"Okay, JR," she sighed, hugging him tightly. "I'm sorry I went so crazy."

JR chuckled, gently pushed her off his lap, and stood up. "I don't mind a little crazy sometimes," he told her."And for the record, I don't want a woman with a calm disposition, Sue Ellen. I want you. Crazy and all."

"I love you, JR," she said softly.

He bent his head and kissed her on the cheek. "I love you, Miss Texas. Don't forget it. I'll be home as soon as I can."

He walked from the room and started back down the stairs. "Everything's fine now," he told Lucy. "Why don't you go on up and help her get ready."

"Okay, JR," Lucy grinned. "Thanks for taking care of it."

JR turned and leveled his eyes on Lucy's face. "Took me a lot of years to figure out how to be a good husband. Guess an old dog can learn new tricks after all. You ladies have fun shopping."

Lucy's grin grew wider as she watched him walk out the door. "If I hadn't seen it myself, I never would have believed it," she mused to herself, turning to head up the stairs.


"How are you feeling?" April asked, noting the dark circles under Cliff's eyes.

"Tired with a headache," he told her. "I guess I caused quite a scene last night."

"Not really," April shrugged. "I think your reaction was mild, all things considered. You want to talk about it?"

"Nothing to talk about," Cliff told her. "I meant what I said. I'm not pushing myself into Afton's life, daughter or not."

"Alright, Cliff," she let the matter drop. "We ladies will be leaving to shop soon."

"Do you think you can get someone to drive you to your apartment afterwards? I need to take my car and head into the office."

"Sure," she answered. "Do you want me to bring some Chinese takeout over for dinner tonight?"

"Nor tonight, April. I think I want to be alone."

"Can I call you later?"

"Yeah," he hugged her briefly. "Have fun."

April sighed sadly as she watched him walk out the door.

"Sounds like you're free for dinner tonight," a voice said from behind her.

"You know, Jack," she turned to look at him, "you seem to have a very bad habit of listening in on other people's conversations."

"Wrong place, right time," he shrugged. "Do you want to maybe grab a burger or something with me later?"

April raised her eyebrows at him. "No, Jack. No. I'd rather eat alone."

"No you wouldn't," he chuckled. "Come on. It's just dinner."

"Thanks, Jack," she said, turning away from him, "but no thanks.*

Jack watched her walk away with a slight smile on his face. "Oh well," he sighed. "Can't blame a guy for trying."


McSween buttoned JR's shirt and handed him his suit coat. "You ready?"

"Yes," JR nodded. "You sure we won't have any trouble with the guards over the wire?"

"I already took care of the guards," McSween told him. "The only thing you need to worry about is getting Wendell to confess."

"Don't you worry about that," JR grumbled. "I know how to get under Wendell's skin."

"Well, we're all set," McSween said. "Let's get this over with."

"Yes," JR agreed. "Time to take care of Wendell for once and for all."


"Good morning, ladies," Sue Ellen smiled brightly as she glided into the living room. "I'm so sorry to have kept you all waiting. Hello, Mother."

Sue Ellen walked over to her mother and placed a quick kiss on her cheek. "I'm so very glad you could make it to the wedding."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, Sue Ellen," Patricia smiled at her. "It was so thoughtful of JR to invite me."

"Yes," Sue Ellen agreed. "It's a lovely surprise. Well, ladies," she turned to address everyone, "let go buy some wedding dresses!"

The women all stood and moved towards the door chattering excitedly.

"Sue Ellen?" Miss Ellie put her hand on her daughter-in-law's arm. "Is everything alright?"

"Just fine, Miss Ellie," Sue Ellen managed a small smile. "I'm just a little tired."

"Are you sure?" Ellie sounded concerned. "You look pale."

"Just a little too much excitement this morning," Sue Ellen assured her. "I'm fine now."

Miss Ellie nodded and followed Sue Ellen out to the driveway. She made a mental note to talk to JR as soon as he got home. Sue Ellen looked unwell. Ellie needed to be sure JR understood his wife needed his help - otherwise the entire wedding could end in disaster.


"Morning, Jackie," Cliff mumbled, stopping to stand in front of her desk. "Can you get Jordan Lee on the phone? And get that geologist I'm paying a king's ransom to in my office to explain why I still don't have his report on the Alaskan wells."

"Alright, Cliff," Jackie said, "there's someone here…"

"And call Lloyd Benson at the bank and let him know I'm sending over a check this afternoon so he can stop pestering me."

"Of course Cliff but you have a…"

"And find out why it's so damn humid in here. Feels like a sauna. Thanks, Jackie."

He turned away from her desk towards his office, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw who was sitting in the waiting area.

"Like I tried to tell you, Cliff," Jackie sighed. "There's someone here to see you."

"Hello, Cliff. We need to talk."

Cliff swallowed hard and blinked his eyes. "Sure. Sure. Come on into my office. Jackie, hold all my calls." He gestured towards his office door with his hands. "Right this way, Mitch."


"Hello, JR," Jeremy smiled as he was led into the interview room and uncuffed. "Nice of you to drop by for a visit."

"You're looking well, Wendell," JR said, "for a jailbird anyway."

Wendell laughed and sat down across from JR. "I'll be a free man soon, JR. You'll see to that."

"I highly doubt that, Wendell. I appreciate the offer of your Weststar shares, but I don't need them. Between Sue Ellen's, April's, and mine, I have more than enough to control the company."

"You won't have Sue Ellen's for long," Wendell grinned. "She'll take them with her in the divorce."

"What divorce? Maybe you don't get the society pages here in the big house, Jeremy, but not only are Sue Ellen and I not divorcing, we're renewing our vows on Sunday."

"No you're not, JR," his voice took on a menacing tone. "You're going to leave this meeting, go straight home, and throw your bitch of a wife out of Southfork on her tight little ass."

"Why would I do that?"

"Because if you don't, I'm going to unleash a press hurricane more powerful than you've ever seen. There"s going to be enough dirt on Sue Ellen in the Sunday paper that neither you or your son will ever be able to show your faces in Dallas again."

"Wendell, what are you talking about?'

"Your drunken slut of a wife, JR. I have everything. Proof of every affair. The court orders for blood tests to prove your son's paternity. The records from the sanitarium you locked her in. The police report for every drunk driving incident. I have it all. And I'll have it all printed in Sunday's paper. Will make a fine headline underneath pictures of your silly little wedding, don't you think?"

"Why?" JR asked, a little stunned. He hadn't expected for the conversation to take this turn.

"You know, JR, she had me fooled too. I believed she was the poor, put upon, mistreated wife. I was good to her. Then she stabbed me in the back. Made a fool out of me. Humiliated me. But you want to know the difference between you and me? It only took one time for me. You are so pathetic. You let her cuckold you, embarrass you. You still run back. Oh sure, you amuse yourself with other women, but at the end of the day you're a lovesick puppet and she is pulling your strings, showing you to be a fool."

JR took a deep breath and deliberately calmed himself. "Why don't you just tell me what you want, Wendell?"

"I want her out on the streets by Sundown. I want you to get the charges against me dropped. I'll give you my Weststar stock. You give me Sue Ellen."

"Give her to you?" JR repeated.

"Don't worry, JR. I won't hurt her. Much. Throw her out. Tell her if she wants to keep her dirty laundry out of the papers she'll come straight to me. I am going to do what you never could, JR. I'm going to break her in. You shouldn't miss her much. You have April to keep you warm at night. And Sue Ellen's drunken stupors and trips to the hospital for detox won't be your problem anymore."

"Tell me something, Wendell," JR's voice was rough and gravely, "why send me the abortion report?"

"Was it yours, JR?" Wendell laughed. "Or do you even know?"

"Alright, Wendell. You've laid your cards out on the table. Let me lay out mine. Whatever you think you can do to my wife is nothing compared to what I am going to do to you."

"Don't make me laugh, JR," Wendell snorted. "All you have on me is that little slut Crystal. Her credibility can't stand up in court and you know it."

"Oh, I have more than Crystal," JR said smoothly. "I have Jack. I have Kimberly. I have recorded conversations of you plotting the bombing. I have your private investigator. I have Sue Ellen's pharmacist and the receptionist at her doctor's office. I have proof you tampered with her birth control pills. I have proof you poisoned her. I have proof that abortion never hapoened. What I have is enough to put you away for the rest of your life. You go on and release whatever information you have on my wife. No one will believe a word once they see your sick obsession with her and how far you were willing to go to hurt her."

Wendell's face darkened. "How did you…"

"You think you're so smart, Wendell, but you're an idiot. All of your people have made deals to save their own asses. You're done."

"We'll just see about that, JR," Wendell glared at him.

"Yes, we will," JR said as the door to the room opened and Wendell's lawyer came in followed by McSween and an Assistant DA.

"JR, I need to talk to you… alone," McSween told him, gesturing at the door.

"Just one more thing, Wendell," JR said as he walked towards the door. "You can think I am a pathetic, lovesick puppet, but what a man like you could never possibly understand is that real love requires real forgiveness. My wife has wronged me. I've wronged her. But we love each other. You'll never know how that feels. You'll never know what it's like to have someone who'll stand by you no matter what. You're a sick, sad little man. And I wouldn't give a bucket of horse p*ss for your future."

JR moved out into the hallway and turned his dark eyes on McSween. "Why did you interrupt me? I hadn't got him to say anything we could use at the trial!"

McSween took a deep breath. "I'm afraid there's not going to be a trial, JR."

"Why? His lawyer gonna tell him to plead guilty?"

"No. Not exactly."

"Harry, I don't like where this conversation is heading. I want that man locked up in the state penitentiary for the rest of his life."

"I'm sorry, JR. But I'm afraid that's never going to happen now. Wendell isn't going to jail and there's nothing we can do about it."

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@CeeCee72 - I have despised Mandy Winger for the majority of my life and reading about her, talking about her or anything about her is impossible for me to do without at least a tiny bit of vomit being forever present at the back of my throat.

When I saw her appearing in this latest chapter as Sue Ellen started to feel insecure again, I had to take a deep breath as I feared what was coming next.

However, I really want to thank you as I feel you are handling the descriptions of JR’s feelings and the explanation he gave Sue Ellen about fighting for him, absolutely beautifully. Although it was hinted at on the show, it was never fully explained - and you are one of the only writers I’ve ever seen do that. I’m very grateful for that and it’s a pleasure to see someone actually UNDERSTANDING JR’s feelings on the affair, instead of just assuming he’d be better with Mandy because it’s a reader thinking with their dicks about a lingerie model rather than the substance behind the person (in her case there wasn’t any substance). Among many things she was not enough of a challenge for JR.

I wish Sue Ellen would realise her own beauty, which in my opinion is far superior to Mandy’s supposed beauty. I have never ever understood the attraction - all I see is a vacant bimbo, nothing special, whereas Sue Ellen melts me every time she opens her eyes.

Mandy’s hideous self absorbed personality takes away from any outward beauty she may have had.

Sue Ellen has to realise she’s the whole package, and have confidence in herself.

Thank you so much for how you’ve handled this part of their past. For the first time in years I’ve been able to settle my thoughts around it as it bothered me for far far too long.

Not that I will ever stop hating the stupid little bitch.



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@CeeCee72 - I have despised Mandy Winger for the majority of my life and reading about her, talking about her or anything about her is impossible for me to do without at least a tiny bit of vomit being forever present at the back of my throat.

When I saw her appearing in this latest chapter as Sue Ellen started to feel insecure again, I had to take a deep breath as I feared what was coming next.

However, I really want to thank you as I feel you are handling the descriptions of JR’s feelings and the explanation he gave Sue Ellen about fighting for him, absolutely beautifully. Although it was hinted at on the show, it was never fully explained - and you are one of the only writers I’ve ever seen do that. I’m very grateful for that and it’s a pleasure to see someone actually UNDERSTANDING JR’s feelings on the affair, instead of just assuming he’d be better with Mandy because it’s a reader thinking with their dicks about a lingerie model rather than the substance behind the person (in her case there wasn’t any substance). Among many things she was not enough of a challenge for JR.

I wish Sue Ellen would realise her own beauty, which in my opinion is far superior to Mandy’s supposed beauty. I have never ever understood the attraction - all I see is a vacant bimbo, nothing special, whereas Sue Ellen melts me every time she opens her eyes.

Mandy’s hideous self absorbed personality takes away from any outward beauty she may have had.

Sue Ellen has to realise she’s the whole package, and have confidence in herself.

Thank you so much for how you’ve handled this part of their past. For the first time in years I’ve been able to settle my thoughts around it as it bothered me for far far too long.

Not that I will ever stop hating the stupid little bitch.

Thank you for the kind words.

JR is a complicated character. We get so caught up in his scheming and cheating that it's easy to forget he had feelings and sometimes seemed to be driven more by those than lust or power. JR was shown many times to love Sue Ellen. His jealousy over her was often explosive. More than that though, she seemed to be the one person who we needed to love him (he wanted his father's respect, not sure about love). Whenever JR was down, he sought her comfort. He was truly sorry for the Holly Harwood debacle and even tried to reconcile with her after the mess with Jamie, but she wouldn't have him.

Mandy was the only other woman who had more than a superficial relationship with JR. I always wondered why he chose her. They had nothing in common other than sex, and as you said, she was no match for him.

Taking the clues from the show (specifically the scene where JR and SE decide to reconcile after BD Calhoun), it seemed to me that JR was looking for someone to love him during a time when Sue Ellen just couldn't.

They had so many problems in their relationship. It seems like it would be too Pollyanna of me to just reconcile them and have them live happily ever after without exploring the damage they had caused one another. Of all JR's other women, Mandy was the only one Sue Ellen really felt threatened by - and I don't even think it was Mandy herself that bothered SE, just the knowledge that JR could every possibly care for ANY other woman.

That's why I started this story after the Kimberly thing. After Sue Ellen betrayed him and the show split them up for good, I always felt like that was when their characters got all out of whack. JR and Cally, Sue Ellen tricking JR to marry Cally, writing Nicholas as the love of her life, Sue Ellen leaving her son and taking off to Europe with a man she barely knew, then Vanessa. It was a betrayal of eleven years of character development for both of them. I hated it.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Glad you like how I wrote it ♥
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Oh my God... you’ve pretty much just said everything about them and the show I’ve ever felt. To a T.

After they split after Kimberley, it was the end of Dallas. Not Pam, not Donna, not even Miss Ellie.

The two characters who kept everything going changed forever, and so did the show. The then writers didn’t seem to have a clue and I felt a great injustice.

They are SO important to me and I’m grateful that you are giving them this chance with your writing. It’s how it should have been.

Thank you @CeeCee72 xxx


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It was a betrayal of eleven years of character development for both of them. I hated it.

THIS. I have said it before many times, not sure if you are aware, but I wrote to Lisa Seidman, who was behind the Vanessa storyline. I love them that much that I couldn't accept it, so I thought, what the hell, give it a go. I got some criticism on the board for it, but why? It was my choice, my business.

She actually wrote back. She told me that when JR said those (unbelievable) words to Vanessa, that it was where he was in his life at the time. It didn't take away from his love for Sue Ellen and that JR had idealised Vanessa during an extremely difficult period for him.

It gave me a little peace that she replied.

It just frustrates the hell out of me that some people,like you say, only see the SURFACE of JR and Sue Ellen.

Can I just clarify above when you say 'we needed Sue Ellen to love him' do you mean 'HE' (we did too I know!!)

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THIS. I have said it before many times, not sure if you are aware, but I wrote to Lisa Seidman, who was behind the Vanessa storyline. I love them that much that I couldn't accept it, so I thought, what the hell, give it a go. I got some criticism on the board for it, but why? It was my choice, my business.

She actually wrote back. She told me that when JR said those (unbelievable) words to Vanessa, that it was where he was in his life at the time. It didn't take away from his love for Sue Ellen and that JR had idealised Vanessa during an extremely difficult period for him.

It gave me a little peace that she replied.

It just frustrates the hell out of me that some people,like you say, only see the SURFACE of JR and Sue Ellen.

Can I just clarify above when you say 'we needed Sue Ellen to love him' do you mean 'HE' (we did too I know!!)

Yes, I meant HE. Typo.

That's interesting about him idealizing Vanessa. It does make a bit more sense, although if that was the intention it didn't come across that way in the series - at least to me anyway.

Karin Schill

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Great updates! :hat:

I am so curious what Mitch will say to Cliff now when he knows. He needs to slap some sense into him.

How on earth did all the charges against Wendell get dropped?
I wonder what's up with that.

I am glad to see that JR came back to Sue Ellen instead of leaving her angry. I loved the way you described Patricia. She was a special character for sure!

Yes JR definitely had feelings, great analysis of the character. I think a part of him constantly having affairs was that he felt insecure and needed to get ressurance from someone. So when he didn't get that from Sue Ellen he looked for it elsewhere. But yeah JR was a complicated character. Sue Ellen is complicated too and yes we need for them to love each other!

Keep up the great work! :10:

P.S. Vanessa was nothing but a bad Sue Ellen replacement IMHO. She paled when you compared them. D.S.
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I agree @CeeCee72 - it was lazy lazy writing and I'm glad someone else noticed it. I was actually quite annoyed that Larry (whom I adore) let it go ahead. He didn't even remember Vanessa when I asked him in an interview lol

It was an insult, a betrayal, as simple as that.

Thank God other people noticed it too - you and me KISMET!


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This is a "What if?" fanfic. What if in the season eleven episode "Top Gun" Sue Ellen had changed her mind at the last possible moment and instead of teaming up with Kimberly and Wendell to beat JR she voted her Weststar shares to make him CEO?


What If

Part 54


"Oh, Sue Ellen!" Jenna gushed. "It's gorgeous!"

"Do you really think so?"

"Oh yes!"

They were alone in a dressing room. Sue Ellen was trying on her third dress.

"I think it's just what I was looking for,"" Sue Elllen said. "Not a traditional wedding dress, but this isn't a traditional wedding, is it?"

"It's not my wedding, but if it was, I think this is the dress I would choose. It will match your bouquet of yellow roses and that gorgeous hair pin John Ross gave you."

It was a knee length cream colored, lace covered cocktail dress, low cut in the front, tight at the waist, with a full, flowy skirt. The lace had hints of pale yellow and blue around the hem, neckine, and sleeves.

"Yes," Sue Ellen said thoughtfully. "I think this is the one."

"I agree! Oh, and while we have a moment alone, I have something for you."

Jenna reached into her purse and pulled out a long, thin jewelry box. "I don't think you know how much trouble JR has gone through to make sure your wedding day will be perfect for you. He looked at all the plans - the flowers, the cake, the decorations. He even looked at the picture Lucy had of her mom's dress. When he saw it was blue, he got the idea for the sapphire hair pin for something "new and blue." He knew Miss Ellie was giving you her mother's pin for "something old." And he asked me if I had anything I could loan you so you could have something "borrowed." I thought about this necklace immediately, since JR had mentioned sapphires."

She opened the box and Sue Ellen gasped when she saw the sapphire and diamond pendant on a shiny, silver chain. "This belonged to my mother," Jenna told her. "It's one of the very few things I have to remember her by. It's very special to me. Someday, I want to pass it down to Charlie. Maybe she can wear it on her wedding day. And I would be honored, Sue Ellen, just truly honored if you would consider wearing it when you and JR renew your vows."

"Oh, Jenna!" Tears flowed from Sue Ellen's eyes. "Oh my gosh!"

"Is that a yes?" Jenna laughed.

"Yes!" Sue Ellen threw her arms around Jenna's neck and hugged her tight. "Yes!"


"Can I get you anything, Mitch?"

"No thank you, Cliff. Listen I'm sorry to barge in here unannounced, but when Lucy told me what happened last night…"

"I'm sorry you wasted your time and a trip all the way from Atlanta, Mitch, but there isn't any reason for us to talk. Nothing has changed."

"A lot has changed. You know you have a daughter."

"No, I don't have a daughter," Cliff shrugged. "Afton obviously didn't want me in the child's life - for good reason. I'm not going to go against her wishes."

"You don't want to see her?"

"Absolutely not," Cliff said firmly. "We all know I'd be an awful father. I won't inflict myself on any child."

"Well, alright then," Mitch said, standing up. "I guess we have nothing to talk about. I'll be in town until after the wedding if you change your mind."

"I won't," Cliff said stubbornly.

"Here," Mitch said, taking a picture of a smiling blond haired little girl out of his pocket and putting it on Cliff's desk. "She looks like her mother doesn't she? Her name is Pamela Rebecca. Thought you'd like to know that."

Cliff waited until Mitch was gone to pick up the picture. He stared at it for several minutes, tears clouding his eyes, before opening the top drawer of his desk and putting it away. "You're better off without me, honey," he said, shutting the drawer and vowing to put Afton and Pamela Rebecca out of his mind for good.


"Somebody better start talking," JR demanded. "Just what the hell is going on?"

"Mr. Ewing,," the young Assistant DA chose his words carefully. "We can't prosecute Mr. Wendell successfully. If we don't make a deal with his lawyer now, I'm afraid he will be found not guilty by reason of insanity at trial. At least with a plea, we can lock him away in a mental institution. A not guilty verdict would mean his freedom."

"What in the hell are you saying?" JR's face was red with fury.

"JR, Wendell's lawyers had a full physical exam done on him. They found syphilis," McSween told him.

"So?" JR barked. "Can't that be cured with a shot of penicillin?"

"If it's caught early, yes," The DA said. "But Mr. Wendell is in the latter part of stage three. It has severely damaged his brain. Driven him insane. It will eventually kill him."

"Insane?" JR repeated.

"Yes. The medical reports are conclusive. His brain is eaten up with the disease. With his lawyer's cooperation, we can institutionalize him. He won't ever be free again."

"Wait a minute," JR said thoughtfully, "Why would his lawyer cooperate? You said he could get him off a trial scott free."

"He's sworn to do what is in the best interest of his client," the DA shrugged. "He read the diary. He knows Wendell needs serious help and the only place for him is in a mental hospital."

"Diary?" JR asked. "What diary?"

"We found it when we searched his cell," McSween told him. "Nasty stuff, JR. Details of what he's already done and what he planned to do."

"Can I read it?" JR asked.

"You can," McSween told him. "But trust me. You don't want to."

"The hell I don't," JR shot back. "I need to know, Harry. I need to know why he took away her birth control. Why he faked the abortion. Why he poisoned her."

"JR, you could read the whole thing and not understand why. It's the sick ravings of a sick man. The withholding of birth control was a form of sexual control. He couldn't have her body, so he wasn't going to let her control it either. The abortion was just a needle to you, to make you think she got rid of your baby. The poisoning wasn't meant to kill her, just make her sick and miserable," Harry stopped, took a deep breath, and looked JR in the eyes. "Please don't read it, JR. It'll haunt you for the rest of your life. He wanted you to let him have your wife. And he was going to hurt her real bad. Don't read it."

"Harry…" JR stopped and ran a frustrated hand through his hair. "Is there anything else I should know? Anything else he's already done to her?"

"Not to her... but… that little Crystal Baker girl? She was his stand in for Sue Ellen. He… oh hell, JR, she's going to need help and years of therapy," McSween dropped his gaze to the floor. "I don't even know her and I want to kill him for what he put her through."

JR growled and turned his attention to the DA. "Can you guarantee me he'll never get out?"

"Yes. If we make the deal, he will stay hospitalized for the rest of his life. And Mr. Ewing, he will suffer. Horribly. This disease will punish him more than jail ever could."

"Alright," JR said, standing up and putting his hat on his head. "Do it."

"Yes sir, Mr. Ewing," the DA nodded.

"Harry, thank you for everything. I promise Sue Ellen and I will take care of Crystal. She'll never want for anything again and she'll get all the help she needs."

"Thank you, JR," Harry said in relief.

JR nodded and turned to leave. This wasn't how he expected things to go, but at least Wendell wouldn't ever be able to hurt Sue Ellen - or anyone else ever again.


"April that one is amazing!" Sue Ellen said. "You'll be the bell of the Oil Baron's Ball!"

"More like the scarlet woman," April laughed. "I think I'll go with something a tad more conservative."

Sue Ellen laughed and shook her head. The ladies had all found perfect dresses for the wedding and were now shopping for gowns for the ball. It had been a wonderful morning. She was so relieved that this morning's drama hadn't ruined the whole day.

"JR just called," Clayton said, coming over to where she and Ellie were sitting. "Wendell is going away and won't bother us any more."

"Thank heavens!" Ellie sighed with relief. "Isn't that wonderful news, Sue Ellen?"

When Sue Ellen didn't answer, Ellie turned her head and looked at her closely. "Go get a glass of water, Clayton," she instructed her husband. "Sue Elllen? Sweetheart are you alright?"

"Miss Ellie…" Sue Ellen couldn't answer. Her heart was pounding and she had broken out in a cold sweat. "I'm sorry."

"No need for you to be sorry, dear. Breath deeply. It will pass."

"Here's the water, Ellie," Clayton handed her a glass. "Is she alright?"

"She'll be fine," Ellie assured him. "Hot flashes feel awful, but they usually pass quickly."

Sue Ellen's eyes widened in surprise. "Is it that obvious, Miss Ellie?"

"Only to someone who's been through it," Ellie smiled at her.

Sue Ellen blushed and dropped her eyes to the floor, "This is rather embarrassing."

"Nonsense," Ellie patted her hand. "You do look like you could use some rest though. Would you like to go home now?"

"I… I don't think I should leave while the others are still shopping."

"Everyone is almost done. April was the last one and it looks like she's settled on something. You're still getting over being in the hospital, Sue Ellen. No one will think less of you if you skip lunch."

"I… I don't know…"

"Excuse me," a handsome young man suddenly appeared in front of them. "I'm looking for someone. Really pretty blonde. Kind of short. Really big mouth. I heard she was here shopping for a dress for her aunt's wedding."

"Mitch!" Lucy came running across the shop and flung herself into his arms. "You made it!"

"I did,* Mitch laughed, lifting her off the ground and spinning her around. "I wouldn't have missed it for the world."


Cliff tried to keep his mind on his work, but it was impossible. "Pamela Rebecca," he said again. He'd been repeating the name over and over since Mitch has left his office.

If Afton had really and truly not wanted him to be a part of his daughter's life, then why name the child after his sister and his mother?

"Because she loved them, not you," Cliff answered his own question.

But of course, that wasn't entirely true. Afton HAD loved him - deeply and with her whole heart. He had thrown that love back in her face over and over again, until she'd finally had enough and left him.

"Just like Jamie," Cliff sighed.

His intercom buzzed, breaking his train of thought. "Yes, Jackie?"

"Miss Stevens is on the phone," Jackie's voice came through the machine. "Thanks, Jackie," Cliff said, reaching out and putting the phone on speaker.

"You already done shopping?"

"Yes. Donna and Jenna and I are going out for lunch. Sue Ellen was feeling tired so Clayton drove her and her mother back to Southfork. Miss Ellie said she was going to run an errand...and…. Well, Cliff Lucy's ex-husband came and whisked her away. Just thought I should tell you he was in town."

"I know," Cliff sighed. "He came by to see me."

"What did he want?"

"He gave me a picture of my daughter. Afton named her Pamela Rebecca."

"Oh, Cliff…"

"Hey, April, is that invitation for Chinese takeout still available? I don't think I want to be alone tonight after all."

"Of course, Cliff. Want me to come by around 7:00?"

"Actually, how about I pick up the food and bring it to your place instead?"

"Sounds like a plan. See you at 7:00."

"See you then."

Off hung up the phone and sat back in his chair. He opened the top drae of his desk, pulled out the picture Mitch had given him,and studied it carefully. "Mitch is right," he said with a small smile on his face, "you really do look like your mother."


"Hello, JR. Mrs. Farlow is already here. Right this way."

JR followed her to a table in the back of the Cattleman's Club. "Thank you, Cassie. Would you bring me my usual?"

Cassie nodded and disappeared. JR leaned forward and kissed his mother on the cheek. "How was shopping?"

"Wonderful," Ellie told him. "Sue Ellen found the most beautiful dress."

"That woman has an eye for pretty clothes," he laughed. "I was surprised when Sly told me you wanted to meet me for lunch."

"Well, JR, I wanted to talk to you alone. I was going to wait for you to get home, but with the house so full of people, I thought having lunch would be a better idea."

"What's on your mind, Mama?"

"JR, I have been very careful over the years not to interfere in your marriage. There are times when that was a huge mistake. It's not one I intend to make again."

JR's eyes narrowed but he said nothing as Cassie appeared with his drink. He gave her their lunch orders and waited for her to leave the table before speaking to his mother again. "Well?"

"JR… do you remember when your daddy bought me my first convertible?"

"I remember you hated it," JR chuckled. "The two of you fought like cats and dogs until he agreed to take it back to the dealership."

"Yes," Ellie laughed at the memory. "And do you remember the next car I bought?"

"Sure do," JR said. "Another convertible. Looked just like the one you made Daddy take back. I don't mind telling you I was worried there for a while that you were losing your mind."

"Yes, I was worried about the same thing," Ellie sighed. "Jock surprised me with a beautiful gift. Instead of being happy I was furious that he cared to presume to pick out a car for me, as if I wasn't able to make decisions for myself."

"I was working a lot in those days, but I remember you didn't really seem happy then. You and Daddy were fighting a lot. You spent a lot of time alone in your bedroom as I recall."

Cassie brought their food. They both smiled and thanked her.

"JR, I wasn't myself during that time. I was miserable, physically and emotionally. I was constantly tired but couldn't sleep. I was short tempered and the silliest things made me so angry or sad I would snap without any warning whatsoever. Jock thought I had gone round the bend...and I agreed with him. I couldn't even explain my out of control feelings to myself, much less to him. It was a bad time in our marriage. He was very angry with me. Perhaps justifiably so."

"Mama, I appreciate you trying to help, but I'm not so stupid that I don't know what menopause can do to a woman and I'm not so blind that I don't see what's happening to Sue Ellen.'

"And how do you feel about what's happening to her, JR?"

"Irritated. Annoyed. Amused sometimes. Worn out by it at other times. Downright angry occasionally. But I'm handling it."

"Are you, JR? I know there was drama this morning."

"Yes. And it worked out, didn't it?"

"It seems so. I wouldn't butt in, but you and Sue Ellen finally seem to have a real shot at happiness together. I would hate to see this come between you. She's going to need special care and understanding for a while, JR. And I'm sorry to say, in the past, care and concern for your wife wasn't a strength for you."

"Mama, I appreciate your concern, but I will take care of my wife. I know it's hard for you to believe that, just like it's hard for her to believe it. It's going to take a lot of time and effort to make her truly trust I'm a changed man. I almost lost her, REALLY lost her. I'm not ever going to let that happen."


"Look, Mama, I know you're trying to help. But this is between me and Sue Ellen. I already called and talked to a doctor about all this. I know what I'm doing."

"And you're prepared for the mood swings and the emotional outbursts JR?"

JR sat back in his chair and pushed his plate away. "Sue Ellen has always been prone to emotional outbursts, Mama. She's a passionate woman, in more ways than one. Yes, it irritates me. Sometimes it makes me angry. But it's also one of the things that I'm attracted to most about her. I know how to handle my wife. Don't make me have to say that again. I'll be good to her. You have nothing to worry about, Mama. I promise."

Ellie smiled at her son. "You know, JR, of all my boys you're the one I've had the most trouble with. I let you go too early and Jock made you into a fine businessman, but he didn't teach you much about being a good husband." She reached over and covered his hands with hers. " I've watched you and Sue Ellen battle for years, but I've always known there was a real, deep love between you. And I'm so happy for you both now. I truly in my heart believe that you have changed. And I have never been more proud of you than I am right now."

"Mama, that makes me so happy to know," JR squeezed her hands affectionately. "I promise, when it comes to my family, you'll be proud of me from now on."

"I believe that JR," Ellie smiled. "I truly do."


"I don't know how women do it," Jack groaned, sinking down onto the couch beside Ray.

"What are you complaining about?" Ray laughed, "you had the easy job."

"Easy?" Jack said incredulously. "Chasing John Ross and Christopher around all day is easy?"

"At least you didn't spend the day changing diapers and dealing with teething."

"Like I said," Jack sighed, "I don't know how women do it."

"Where are the boys now?" Bobby asked, coming into the room, balancing Margaret on his hip.

"In the playroom," Jack told him. "Sue Ellen is up from her nap. Her and her mom are playing a board game with them."

"I have to give Patricia credit," Ray said. "So far she's been very well behaved."

"She just got here," Bobby replied. "Give her time."

"What's the deal with her?" Jack wondered. "None of you seemed glad to see her. Not even Sue Ellen."

"There's been a lot of drama with her over the years," Bobby told him. "Between all the problems in JR and Sue Ellen's marriage and the problems with Sue Ellen's sister, Patricia has been a handful at times."

"Sue Ellen has a sister?" Jack asked. "I never knew that."

"Had," Ray corrected. "She passed away a few years back. Drowned in Southfork's pool."

"I can see how that would cause drama," Jack mused.

"Oh, that's not even the half of it," Bobby said under his breath.

All three men turned their heads when the front door opened.

"We're back!"

Ray smiled, stood up and walked over to kiss his wife. "Did you ladies have a good time?"

"Oh, we did," Jenna smiled.

"I think the dress shop will need to restock it's inventory now though!" Donna laughed.

"Where's everyone else?" Bobby asked, handing Margaret to her mother.

"Well, let's see," Donna said, kissing Margaret on the forehead, "Lucy took off with Mitch…"

"Mitch?" Bobby repeated.

"Yes, he surprised her at the dress shop," Donna told him. "We dropped April at her apartment after lunch, and Miss Ellie said she had an errand to run."

"Lucas is upstairs napping," Ray told Jenna. "And Margaret just woke up from her nap a few minutes ago," he nodded at Donna.

"And how are all the daddies and uncles?" Jenna asked.

"Worn out!" Jack laughed, "and thrilled that all the mommies are home!"


"I don't know, Mitch," Lucy said doubtfully, moving her salad around on her plate with her fork. "It just seems like it's more secrets. More lies. I don't like it."

"I don't either," Mitch told her, "but Cliff isn't ready."

"Why do you get to decide that?" Lucy challenged him.

"I don't," Mitch told her. "I saw him today. He decided it for himself."

"But he didn't have all the information," she reminded him.

"Look, Lucy, I'm.only going to be in town until the wedding and my time with you will be limited. Can't we spend the time we have together just enjoying each other's company and forget about everyone else's problems?"

"I want that," Lucy smiled sadly,"but I wonder if it's possible. Keeping secrets is a good way to get drawn right into the middle of other people's problems, Mitch."

'You worry too much," Mitch told her. "Everything will work out."

"I hope so," Lucy sighed. "I really hope so."


"Afternoon, everyone," JR said, nodding at the family members gathered around Southfork's pool,

Everyone greeted him with smiles and waves.

"JR, was that Mama I saw getting out of your car and heading into the house?" Bobby asked

"Yeah, we had lunch together," JR told him. "How's that been going?" he asked, nodding his head at Patricia.

"Surprisingly well," Bobby told him. "She's actually been pleasant. John Ross and Christopher have been enjoying her company."

"Good," JR's voice was relieved. "Well, better get inside I guess. Sue Ellen and I have some unfinished business from this morning."

"I know what that means," Bobby laughed, "we won't see either of you until dinner and you'll both have huge smiles on your faces."

JR laughed along with his brother. "That's my plan, Bob. We'll see if my wife cooperates."

He stood up, walked into the house, and headed up the stairs. "Clayton," he nodded when he met his stepfather in the hallway.

"JR. Have a nice lunch?"

"Wonderful," JR chuckled.

"That's good news about Wendell," Clayton told him.

"Yes. Not the way I wanted it to end, but at least it's over now."

"See you at dinner," Clayton winked at him and headed down the stairs.

JR opened his bedroom door, stepped inside, and closed the door behind him. His eyes widened a bit when he saw the mess on the bed. "Sue Ellen, what's going on here?"

Sue Ellen turned to smile at him, "Hi sweetheart. I'm glad you're home."

"What are you doing, Sue Ellen?" he asked again, his voice full of suspicion.

"Cleaning out my.closet. Most of these things I'll never wear. May as well get rid of them."

JR sighed with relief and walked over to where she was standing. "What brought this on?" he asked, pulling her into his arms for a hug and kiss.

"I don't know," she shrugged. "I guess it's because this morning I had such a hard time finding anything to wear… JR, what did you think I was doing?"

"Well, as upset as you were when I left this morning, it crossed my mind that maybe you might be packing."

Sue Ellen burst out laughing. "No chance, JR. You can't get rid of me that easily."

"I don't want to get rid of you at all," he bent his head and captured her lips and kissed her deeply, "not ever."

Sue Ellen wound her arms around his neck and pressed her body close to his. "Speaking of this morning, I distinctly remember a promise to carry me to bed and love all my doubts away."

JR growled and lifted her into his arms. "The bed's covered in your clothes."

"True," Sue Ellen whispered, lifting her head to.kiss his neck lightly, "but there's always our favorite chair, JR."

JR grinned and took her to the chair where he spent the next hour showing his wife exactly how much he wanted and needed her.


"How is Lucy?"

"She's fine.," Mitch came into the hotel suite and took off his suit coat, tossing it over the back of a chair. "She feels a little guilty about being the one who let the cat out of the bag."

"It was going to happen. As soon as JR got involved with that PI, the clock was running down."

"Yes. I saw Cliff."

"How did he look?"

"How do you think he looked,Afton?" Mitch snapped. "He looked like he was in shock."

Afton dropped her gaze to the floor. "Does he want to see me?"

"No," Mitch told her. "He doesn't want to see Pammy either. And I didn't tell him the two of you are in Dallas."


"Just didn't seem like the right thing to do," Mitch sighed. "Afton, I love you. I took you in off the street. I raised your daughter when you were away. I let your drama destroy my marriage. But I won't handle Cliff for you. From this point on, if you want to contact him, do it yourself. Understand?"

"Yes," Afton's eyes filled with tears. "I totally understand."

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I'm kinda hoping Sue Ellen is pregnant and that it's not menopause :)

I love how JR loves her - you describe all her moods and fiery temperament perfectly. :)


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This is a "What if?" fanfic. What if in the season eleven episode "Top Gun" Sue Ellen had changed her mind at the last possible moment and instead of teaming up with Kimberly and Wendell to beat JR she voted her Weststar shares to make him CEO?


What If

Part 55


"That's the last load, Teresa," Sue Ellen said. "Thank you so much for your help."

"Of course, Mrs. Ewing," Teresa smiled at her. "The women's shelter will be so thankful for the donation.

Sue Ellen nodded and smiled. "Do you happen to know if Lucy is home yet?"

"I haven't seen her, but I will send her up if I do."

"Thank you, Teresa."

"Finally got the bed cleaned off?" JR asked, coming out of the bathroom.

"Yes," Sue Ellen laughed. "You look handsome. You know how hot I find you in a pair of blue jeans."

JR grinned and walked over to take her hand to lead her to the bed. "We need to talk, Sue Ellen."

"Yes, I know," she sighed. "JR, I'm very sorry about this morning…"

"Hush," JR commanded her. "Just listen to me for a few minutes, alright?"

Sue Ellen nodded and gestured for him to continue.

"I talked to Dr. Parks today."

"Dr. Parks from the hospital? Why?"

"You need a new doctor, Sue Ellen. He's going to see you next week and recommend a new OBGYN."

"You think everything that's wrong with me is because of my hormones, don't you?"

"No," he said, taking her hands in his. "Like I told you this morning, I think you're overwhelmed. So much has happened. Our separation and reconciliation. Jessica. Wendell. Being poisoned. Planning the wedding. Getting ready to move into a new house. That kind of stress would run down anyone, honey. But yes, I think your hormones are adding to it. I want you to go see the doctor, alright? Please?"

"Alright, JR," she promised softly. "I'm sorry for the way I've been behaving."

"You don't have anything to be sorry for, Sue Ellen," he told her and kissed her cheek. "I'm sorry I lost my temper with you. That's going to happen sometimes you know, but it doesn't mean I don't love you to death."

"I know that, JR," she leaned forward and kissed his cheek. "And I promise you that you won't ever come home after a fight and find me packing up to leave you. I hope we don't have any more bad times, JR. But if we do, I'll fight like hell to keep you. I swear it."

"Sue Ellen, there won't be any more bad times between us. You can count on that." He leaned forward and kissed her again, then sat back and looked her over with mischief in his eyes. "Well, let's see it."

"See what?"

"Your wedding dress."

"No way, JR!" She slapped his hand playfully. "That's bad luck!"

"Oh fine," he sighed with mock disappointment. "Can I at least see what you bought to wear on our wedding night?"

Sue Ellen giggled. "I actually didn't buy anything for that. It would be a little embarrassing to shop for a sexy nightie in front of both our mothers."

"I thought you might feel that way," he laughed, standing up and walking to his closet. "Good thing your husband is a man that thinks ahead." He pulled a gift box down from the top shelf and handed it to her. "I have just the thing."

Sue Ellen opened the box and gasped in shock. "This looks familiar, JR."

"Yes. It's just like the one you wore that night you fake seduced me."

"Where did you find this?" She asked, amazed. "That was so long ago! Surely they still don't have these on the rack!"

"No. I called up a lingerie company, perhaps you've heard of it? Valentine? Anyway,I described exactly what I wanted and they put me in contact with someone who could make it for me."

"But, JR... it's almost exactly the same. Down to the last detail. I don't understand how you could remember…"

"I told you, Miss Texas, that night was the sexiest I had ever seen you. It was the night that saved our marriage. The image of you in that nightie has been burned into my mind for years. On our wedding night, I'm finally going to get to fulfill every fantasy I've ever had of you in that getup. I can hardly wait."

"Oh, JR," Sue Ellen shuddered with pure, naked lust.

He leaned her back on the bed and covered her mouth with his.

"Mama!" There was a loud knock on the bedroom door. "Grandma Patricia is looking for you!"

JR growled in frustration and rolled off the bed. "Later," he promised in a guttural voice.

"I can't wait," she winked at him.


"So, Patricia is coming down the aisle first now?" Jenna said thoughtfully. "Then Donna?"

"Yes," Lucy answered. "Ray will bring Patricia down and Bobby will escort Donna, then they'll both go stand with JR. Then Jack and Charlie, You and Cliff, Mama and Daddy, and finally Grandma and Clayton. Let's just hope we don't have any more family surprises to add to the procession."

"Mitch won't be sitting with the family?"

"No," Lucy's eyes darkened slightly. "Sue Ellen offered. It just didn't feel right to me."

"Well, it sounds like the two of you have worked out all the kinks. The house is almost ready for the wedding decorators. They're coming on Friday."

"Everything else will be there Sunday morning. We're in the home stretch."

"Thank God! This wedding planning has been exhausting!"

"Especially with JR breathing down our neck about every single detail," Lucy rolled her eyes.

"Now wait just a minute," JR's voice was full of mock hurt as he walked into the kitchen. "I thought I was being helpful."

"No, JR," Lucy laughed. "You are being a pain in our asses!"

JR laughed and playfully ruffled Lucy's hair. "You ladies going to be around for a little while after dinner? I need to call a family meeting. Jenna, Ray needs to be there too."

"Oh Lord, JR," Lucy grumbled. "What have you done?"

"Why do you assume it's something bad?"

"History," Lucy answered.

"It's about Ewing Oil," JR told her. "Since you guys own ten percent each, it concerns you both."

"I'll make sure Ray is there," Jenna told him. "I'll watch the children."

"Patricia is going to watch the children, Jenna. You're Ray's wife and Lucas's mother. You have just as big a stake in Ewing Oil as the rest of us. See you both at dinner."

"Lucy…" Jenna said, her voice thick with shock as she watched JR walk out to join his brothers on the patio. "Did I just hear JR Ewing say…"

"Shhhh," Lucy hushed her. "Don't jinx it."


"Mama, you sure were pretty," John Ross told her. "I mean, you're still pretty, but I never saw pictures of you when you were young."

"I don't have very many pictures of me back in those days," Sue Ellen told him.

"You and my mama… I mean Kristen really didn't look that much alike," Christopher said. "She was really pretty too though."

"Both my girls were gorgeous," Patricia told them. "Kristen looked a little like me. Sue Ellen looked like her father. He had the same gorgeous eyes."

"My daddy said men would line up to die for my mama's eyes," John Ross said. "I think that means he thinks they're very pretty."

"That's exactly what that means," Patricia laughed.

"Miss Patricia?" Christopher asked her, "is it okay if I call you Grandma Patricia like John Ross does? I mean, you're kinda my grandmother too, right?"

"Oh, Christopher," Patricia's eyes filled with tears, "that would make me so very happy."

Christopher got up and walked over to give her a hug. Patricia gathered him in her arms and held him tightly. "Thank you," she mouthed to Sue Ellen, who was watching the scene intently.

Sue Ellen smiled and nodded. She had been mortified when JR told her he'd brought her mother to attend their wedding, but now she was grateful. A wry smile played at her lips as she considered that she shouldn't be surprised that JR had known what he was doing - he almost always did.


"Sorry to keep everyone waiting," Jenna said, coming into the living room and taking a seat next to Ray, "it took me a few minutes to get Lucas settled."

"The boys distracted?" JR asked Sue Ellen who had come into the room behind Jenna.

"Yes," Sue Ellen nodded. "They are introducing Grandma Patricia to the finer points of Star Wars."

"Well, JR, we're all here," Ray said. "What's this all about? The curiosity is killing me."

"Bobby and I have already talked all this over. We haven't been able to come to a complete agreement," JR told them. "We decided that since the final decision will impact Ewing Oil, you all have a stake in it so you all should have a chance to have your say."

"Wait, JR," Clayton held up his hand. "If it's about Ewing Oil it doesn't concern me. Should I leave?"

"Of course not, Clayton. Mama might not have a financial stake in Ewing Oil anymore, but it's part of the legacy of her family. That makes it important to her, which should make it important to you."

"Alright, JR," Clayton nodded. "Thank you."

"I think you all know that JR is resigning from Weststar and coming back to work at Ewing Oil after the wedding," Bobby spoke for the first time. "That means Weststar is going to need a new CEO."

"Yes," JR agreed. "Instead of selling our shares outright, Sue Ellen and I decided to keep them so we could control what happens at Weststar."

"Why does it matter what happens at Weststar after you leave?" Lucy asked

"Weststar is the biggest Oil Company in Texas," Bobby told her. "We need someone running things over there we can trust not to interfere with business at Ewing Oil."

"You have someone in mind, Bobby?" Clayton asked.

"JR does," Bobby sighed. "And as much as I didn't like the idea when he first told me, I have to say, it might very well be the best option."

"Well?" Ray asked. "Who is it?"

JR took a deep breath and looked at Bobby who shrugged at him. "Cliff Barnes," he finally said. "I want to put Cliff Barnes in charge of Weststar."


April's smile faded to a frown as she opened her front door and saw who had been knocking. "What do you want?"

"I brought some burgers," Jack said, holding up a bag of food.

"I told you I wasn't interested in having dinner with you, Jack," April growled.

"I know," Jack said, pushing his way past her into her apartment, "but luckily for you, I'm not that easily discouraged."

"Hi, Jack," Cliff said from the couch. "Nice to see you again."

Jack turned to look at the other man and turned a dark shade of red. "Sorry, Cliff. I didn't know you were here."

"Obviously," Cliff said, hiding his amused smile by taking a sip of wine. "Please, sit and join us."

"Actually, Jack should be going, right Jack?" April countered.

"Don't be ridiculous," Cliff said. "We have plenty of wine and beer and he brought his own food. No reason not to enjoy his company after he came all the way from Southfork."

April shot Cliff and evil glare. Cliff chuckled and ignored her. "Please, Jack. Sit down. I'll grab you a beer."

"Well, since you insist," Jack took a seat. "I can't go home yet anyway. The Ewings are having some kind of big family meeting and I got the distinct impression I wasn't welcome."

"Imagine that!" April said,her voice laced with sarcasm, "you not being welcome somewhere "

"Hard to believe, right?" Jack grinned, taking a beer from Cliff.

"Well, you're more than welcome here," Cliff told him, settling back on the couch. "Kick back and make yourself at home."

"Why, thank you, Cliff," Jack said, ignoring the sour look on April's face."I'm happy to take you up on your most gracious offer of hospitality."


"Cliff Barnes?" Ray repeated. "Our Cliff Barnes?"

"I know it sounds crazy," Bobby sighed. "It did to me too. Just hear him out though."

"Jordan Lee gave me a list of the names of men the cartel would find acceptable as CEO of Weststar. It's important to keep the cartel happy. There was only one name on that list that I found to be even remotely acceptable - Cliff Barnes."

"The other names must have been horrific," Lucy sighed.

"Not horrific," JR told her, "but not trustworthy. Most of them are in bed so deep with Marilee Stone there's no way we could ever trust them not to come after Ewing Oil."

"In bed with Marilee?" Sue Ellen repeated. "Would that be literally or figuratively, my love?"

"Knowing Marilee, probably both, darlin'," he winked at her.

"What makes you think Cliff won't come after Ewing Oil?" Ray asked, quickly turning the conversation away from Marilee. "I know we're all one big happy family right now, but that might not hold forever."

"That's true enough," Bobby admitted. "And honestly that's my only hesitation with JR's plan. I want to believe the Barnes/Ewing feud is done for good, but with Cliff, you can't ever be sure. But JR has a plan that might ensure peace forever."

"This I have to hear," Clayton said.

"The deal I made with Kimberly Cryder requires her to sell me her stock in Weststar. I'm going to give half of it to Cliff."

"Give?!" Sue Ellen gasped.

"Just hear me out, honey," JR said. "Barnes Wentworth Oil is doing very well. I got a look at the books over there last week. I was very impressed."

"And just how did you get your hands on those books, JR?" Sue Ellen asked him sweetly.

"Now, you can't expect me to give away all my secrets," he smiled at her. "Anyway, I was shocked at how well Cliff was running that company. The only things I could find to complain about was the interest rates on a couple of his loans are a bit too high and he needs to stop relying on outside geologists. Other than that, his deals are good. Very good. I was very impressed, and we all know I'm not an easy man to impress."

"That's great, JR," Ray interrupted him, "but what does any of that have to do with Ewing Oil or keeping the peace between you and Cliff?"

"In exchange for the shares in Weststar and the position of CEO, I'm going to take over Barnes Wentworth and fold it into Ewing Oil."

"JR," Sue Ellen, said, a little hesitant to ask questions in front of the family, "I admit I don't know anything about the oil business, but I know the fair market value of those Weststar stocks. Half of Kimberly's shares won't be enough to compensate him for his entire company, especially not when you consider his family attachment to it."

"You're right, Sue Ellen," JR said evenly. "Which is why I'm also going to give him something else."

"What?" Ray asked.

JR looked at Bobby who gestured for him to go on and spit it out. "Twenty percent of Ewing Oil."

There were gasps and shouts of outrage and everyone started talking at once.

"Now hold on, everybody," JR said, waving his hands in the air. "One at a time."

"Exactly whose twenty percent of Ewing Oil are you going to give him, JR?" Lucy demanded, "because he's not getting my share."

"Mine either," Ray chimed in.

"He'll get ten from me and ten from Bobby," JR told them. "Bobby and I will still control sixty percent of the company between us."

"JR, that's bad math," Ray said thoughtfully. "There won't be an issue until the first time you and Bobby disagree about something. Then if Lucy and I both vote one way and Cliff votes the other you get a fifty/fifty split and nothing will get done."

"That won't happen," JR said stubbornly.

"Yes it will," Sue Ellen spoke up. "It's business, JR. Disagreements are inevitable. And having Cliff able to cause an even split in the vote could cause a lot of problems in this family."

"Exactly," Ray said. "Listen to your wife, JR. She knows what she's talking about."

"But...what if…" Sue Ellen stopped and took a deep breath.

"What if what, honey?" JR pressed her.

"I've done some rough calculations in my head," she said hesitantly. "The Weststar stock is worth a lot more than the Ewing Oil shares. By far."

"Yes," JR agreed with her. "But Barnes needs a stake in Ewing Oil if I am going to fold Barnes Wentworth into it."

"Of course, JR," Sue Ellen said,"but what if you gave him two-thirds of Kimberly's Weststar stock and only ten percent of Ewing Oil? That would more than fairly compensate him without giving him the power to grind Ewing Oil business to a halt."

"Sue Ellen," JR said, his voice full of admiration,"that's brilliant."

"Good Lord," Ray sighed. "We are actually talking about giving ten percent of our daddy's company to a Barnes."

"Listen Ray… all of you. I know this all comes as a shock. And I know you're all looking for an angle I might be exploiting. I honestly just want the Barnes/Ewing feud over. Cliff is family whether any of us like it or not. He loves Christopher. So do I - almost as much as I love my own son. This deal is what's best for Ewing Oil business and it's what's best for this family. Especially if Pam comes back. That situation will be hard enough on everyone without her having to fret over her brother and me trying to kill each other. Look," he paused,taking his time to look them all in the eye, one by one, "I know it's hard to believe that I've changed. But I have. I truly have. Bobby and Sue Ellen both believe in me, and let's be honest, I've wronged the two of them a lot more than I have anyone else in this room."

"That true, Bob?" Ray asked pointedly. "You believe him?"

"Yes," Bobby said with a smile. "Yes I do. This is a good deal for Ewing Oil. And I think it will keep peace in the family."

"Sue Ellen?" Ray asked her the same question. "You believe him?"

"With all my heart," Sue Ellen answered earnestly.

"I believe him too, Ray," Ellie spoke for the first time. "I don't think I have ever believed anyone more."

"Mama," Bobby said softly, "you haven't said anything about JR's proposal. Do you have an opinion or any reservations?"

"Well, I know Cliff is family now, but he's not a Ewing. And he has his own child. That means ten percent of your daddy's company will be inherited by someone other than a Ewing. I just want you boys to understand that fully before you make a final decision. I'll support whatever decision the group makes."

"What about that JR?" Ray asked. "You okay with Cliff's daughter ending up with ten percent of Ewing Oil?"

"It's true I didn't know Cliff had a daughter when I came up with this idea," JR admitted. "But knowing it now doesn't change anything for me. If we accept Cliff as part of this family, then don't we have to accept his daughter too? Especially since she's part of Lucy's extended family?"

"We could talk about this all night," Bobby said. "I think we should vote. JR and I have agreed that any no vote can veto the deal. Something this important should be unanimous. Mama, I know you don't have shares, but we need you to weigh in on this. I vote yes."

JR fixed his gaze on Sue Ellen. "I vote yes," he said finally when she didn't indicate her preference either way.

"Mama?" Bobby prodded.

"I'll support whatever decision is made."

Bobby moved on. "Ray?"

Ray looked at Jenna who nodded at him. "Oh hell, I vote yes."

"Lucy, that gives you the final decision," Bobby told her.

"I can't make that decision on my own," Lucy said softly. "Sue Ellen…" she reached over and took her aunt's hand, "Mitch and I aren't married anymore, and despite the hopes of most people in this room, I don't think we ever will be again. If something happens to Cliff before Pamela Rebecca comes of age… Afton might end up controlling ten percent of Ewing Oil. That will make her a permanent part of your life. I can't do that to you without giving you a choice. I'll leave my vote up to you."

"Oh my,..." Sue Ellen said shakily. "I… oh Lucy…" Sue Ellen took a deep breath and tried to calm her nerves. She finally fixed her wide eyes on her husband's steady gaze. "JR has put aside so much hurt and anger and betrayal to make this decision and do what's best for the family," she said breathlessly. "What kind of wife...or aunt… would I be if I couldn't do the same?" She turned back to Lucy and reached out with her free hand to gently move a stray piece of hair away from Lucy's face. "I think you should vote yes."

Lucy smiled brightly and leaned forward to hug Sue Ellen. "Well you heard the lady," Lucy laughed. "We vote yes."

"Then it's unanimous," Bobby said. "JR and I will meet with Cliff to make him the offer tomorrow morning.*

"I'd like to be there, Bob," Ray spoke up.

"Of course," Bobby nodded. "Lucy, you're welcome to come too."

"I have to pick Mama and Daddy up at the airport," Lucy reminded him, "but thanks."

"I need a drink," Ray said, standing up and heading to the bar.

"I'm going to go check on Mother and the boys," Sue Ellen announced, getting up and heading for the stairs.

"Be right back, Bob," JR said, putting down his drink and following his wife. "Sue Ellen? Just a minute, honey," he said, catching up to her in the hallway.

"Yes, JR?"

He moved quickly. Before she even realized what was happening he had her backed up against the wall with his body pressed tightly against hers. "You are the most beautiful, most brilliant, most loyal, and sexiest woman on God's Green Earth. I have never been more impressed with you or prouder that you're mine than I am right at this moment." He lowered his head to whisper seductively into her ear, "I have never wanted you as much as I do right now either." He ground his hips into hers so she could feel the truth of his words. "I can hardly wait for those boys to go to bed." He gave her a quick, hot kiss before releasing her, backing quickly away, and heading back down the stairs.

Sue Ellen stood there for a moment, gasping for breath. "Well, one thing's for sure," she smiled a true, heartfelt smile to herself once her heart slowed to normal, "no way Mandy Winger could ever have done THAT."


"You going to leave him there for the night? Or do you want me to wake him up and drive him home?"

April looked at Cliff, passed out drunk on her living room couch. "Just leave him where he is, Jack," she sighed.

"Does he have some kind of drinking problem?"

"What?" April's eyes grew wide. "No! Why would you ask that?"

"This is two nights in a row I've seen him drink until he was ready to pass out," Jack shrugged.

"He's had a terrible shock," April said. "I can't imagine how he must feel knowing he has a daughter that he's never seen."

"Or even knew existed," Jack said thoughtfully. "I almost feel sorry for him."


"I can't forget how he treated Jamie," Jack told her.

"Or the part I played in that?"


"What are you doing here, Jack?" She demanded.

"I told you I wanted to have dinner with you."

"Yes, but why? You have made your feelings for me abundantly clear. Why seek out my company all of the sudden?"

"Maybe I'm lonely," he said softly.

"Sorry to disappoint, you Jack," April seethed, "but I'm not running a lonely hearts club. What did you think? You could bring a couple of burgers over here, give me a couple of beers, and roll around in the sack for old times sake?"

"Now, listen April, I didn't…"

"Stop," she held up her hand. "I've changed, Jack - a lot. I have friends now. People who really care about me. I'm not that same girl who was so starved for any tiny scrap of affection that I'd put up with almost anything just to feel loved for a few minutes. I want you to leave, Jack. And don't ever come back here."

Jack nodded and headed towards the door. "I'm sorry, April. I didn't come over here to upset you.*

"Just go," she whispered, holding back her tears. "And please don't come back."


JR rolled over and reached for his wife. He frowned when he didn't find her. He sat up and turned on the lamp to see Sue Ellen's side of the bed empty. He got up, put on his robe, and padded to the bathroom. It was empty. He walked into the hallway and checked both John Ross's and Christopher's rooms, but his wife was nowhere to be found.

He went downstairs and checked the living room and the kitchen. Both were empty. A wave of panic rose from the pit of his stomach. He moved to the sliding glass doors and almost fell down with relief when he saw Sue Ellen sitting alone at one of the tables by the pool.

"Honey?" he asked softly, "are you alright?"

"Hi, JR," she looked up and smiled at him. "I'm fine. Just thinking."

"Want some company?"

"Only yours," she smiled.

He walked over and sat down beside her. "What are you thinking about?"

"Kristen," she sighed sadly. "A wasted life. Maybe if I had tried harder to be a better sister…"

"Sue Ellen, what happened to Kristen wasn't your fault."

"Yes it was, JR. It was mine. And yours. And my mother's. And yes, Kristen's too." She reached out and took his hand. "She was so beautiful. So smart. It's such a shame all of that potential got wasted."

"Yes," JR agreed. He wanted to be careful. He knew talking about Kristen with Sue Ellen was like walking through a field of land mines.

"JR, there's something I always wanted to ask you."

JR sucked in a nervous breath and braced himself for a fight, "What is it honey?"

"In the early days of our marriage, you seemed to want me so much. Then it just stopped. Why?"

JR considered her question and carefully formulated his response. "I had some stupid ideas about women and wives. Yes, I wanted you. But you weren't some secretary or loose society girl. You were my wife. The more I made love to you, the more I wanted to - the more things I wanted to do to you and with you. I was stupid Sue Ellen. I thought my lust was going to somehow defile you."

"I see," she said softly.

"I know how ridiculous it was. I know me going to other women for pleasure hurt you. I know my neglect is what caused the drinking and the affair with Barnes. It drove me crazy for years that the first bit of real sexual pleasure you had in your life came from Barnes' hands and not mine. Truth be told, I think that's what made me hate him the most."

"JR, why on Earth would you think that? You gave me my first taste of sexual pleasure. You made love to me with such sweetness and reverence. I craved you. I mean, it was nothing like what we have together now, but JR your touch has always made me weak in the knees."

"I wonder how much different our lives would have been if I hadn't been such a stupid, selfish ass."

"A lot different," Sue Ellen laughed. "But different might not mean better. Look at us, JR. Yes, we've gone through some awful times. But look where we are. All of the people we know with 'normal, loving' marriages couldn't make it - Donna and Ray, Bobby and Pam, Lucy and Mitch - they all felt sorry for us and the problems we had, but we're the ones still together. We're the ones who made it, JR. Without all those horrible things we lived through, maybe our love wouldn't be so strong. JR, there have been times when you have shattered my heart - but you always figure out a way to put the pieces back together."

JR stared at his wife in amazement. He knew she meant every word - and he knew she was right. "Sue Ellen?"

"Yes, JR?"

"I will never neglect you or take you for granted again."

"I know," she smiled at him. "Let's go back to bed, sweetheart."

JR nodded, stood, and offered his hand to help her out of her chair. They walked into the house, holding hands. He could feel the strength of her love all around him. He smiled as he led her into the bedroom and back to the bed. He was truly the luckiest man in the world.



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I had to sign up to tell you I love this story and your writing CeeCee72. I just recently started watching Dallas again and was sick over the weekend, but reading this made me feel better. :) So thanks for that. I'm looking foward to the wedding lol.