Coronation Street What's upstairs?


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Every so often we get to see what's upstairs in the houses on the Street. I've noted some instances here. Who knows of any more?

27/12/1978 - When Albert Tatlock is in bed ill he appears to be in the front bedroom and there is a door directly opposite this (bathroom).

?: When Tracy Barlow takes Roy Cropper to #1 whilst he is drunk, they come up the stairs and go into the back bedroom.

?: During Ken and Deirdre's Bedtime Stories, Ken and Deidre appear to be using the front bedroom.


Whilst Brian and Gail are living at #5 after they have married they are using the front bedroom, therefore Bert & Ivy must be using the back bedroom.

06/01/1961: Lucille appears to be using the front bedroom during her stay

Episode 4091 (13th November 1996)
Curly using front bedroom?



26/02/1973 - when Stan and Hilda leave the bedroom where Hilda has been getting ready, Hilda walks diagonally away from it and starts to descend the stairs making it the back bedroom that they have been in.

26/05/1980 - Stan & Hilda Ogden are shown to use the front bedroom of #13 as when Eddie visits he has come up the stairs and almost turned back on himself to enter the room.