Yellowstone Yellowstone's Second Season Finale

Kenny Coyote

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I just saw the season 2 finale from Wednesday night. It was good but I would have preferred an ending that left us in more suspense - a cliffhanger ending. I thought they'd end it with the Beck brothers' plane blowing up and the Duttons not knowing if Tate was in the plane or not.

Yellowstone is my favorite show on TV right now. I love the character of John Dutton whom Kevin Costner does an excellent job playing. It's slightly reminiscent of the character of Jock Ewing from Dallas.

Those types of characters seem almost extinct in today's TV and Netflix landscape. It's rare that you see a male character as strong, capable and competent as John Dutton anymore.

Beth Dutton is another great character on Yellowstone. Kelly Reilly does an amazing job playing her. The relationship Beth has with her brother Jamie is very interesting. I'm looking forward to finding out why Beth hates Jamie as much as she does. I know they've already given some reasons, but there has to be more behind her hatred of Jamie than that.

The scene a few episodes earlier where Beth was attacked by some men the Beck brothers hired was probably the most intense, violent scene I've ever seen on a TV show - especially considering it's a regular cable channel and not a premium channel like HBO where they can do just about anything they want. She is one tough woman!