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    Most shocking/surprising TV deaths

    - oh this was the time I watched this soap. I have to say I was happy when Chrissie died ... I didn´t like her at all but Sonja was a big loos. Back then the show was so good with so many good characters ... than Flo, Martin, Andy, Sonja´s sister and most of my beloved ones left so did I ...
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    Michael Nader has died

    My mother was crazy for him and I loved him together with Alexis! They had such a chemistry and it was good to have a more sexual couple beside the romantic-fire-place-B&K-scenes ...
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    Most shocking/surprising TV deaths

    - It was nearly the same when Krystle fell into a coma ... the soul of the show was gone. Both shows were very similar in their last year: the evil queens were absent (Alexis) /in a coma (Angela) # the good ones were dead (Maggie) or in a coma (Krystle) # only one leading man (Blake, Lance) was...
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    If you could have ONE Dynasty prop, what would you choose?

    Alexis´ office desk if I can´t have Luke Fuller
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    Linda Evans' Stunt Double/Stunt Coordinator Talks About The Lily Pond Fight

    In 1991 in an interview Joan said before and after Dynasty she and Linda were good friends but during the show Linda needed distance - it was hard for her to play the hate against Joan/Alexis ...
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    DYNASTY's time-slot and production costs

    - The difference is: "The Colbys" was a fresh new show, a spin-off of tv´s number 1 which had lots of pr. In 1988 Dynasty was an old show which not a lot of press in an age prime time soaps were dying ....
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    DYNASTY's time-slot and production costs

    - from 1986-87 Dynasty was still on its old Wednesday timeslot - it was the 1988-89 season the show was moved to the dead night timeslot which already killed "The Colbys"
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    Who is second only to JR Ewing in wit?

    -so true and Richard Channing was so witty, charming and evil the same time
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    The Aaron Spelling Thread

    Love Boat didn´t also have a laugh track on German Tv. Like some peopele wrote: Spelling was good in casting, concepts and clothes but the writing was the big problem in his productions.
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    TT Top Characters Telly Talk’s Favourite Character of all time

    my vote --- by the way: we need another round were we can vote for 20 people without a limit on any show 01. Alexis Colby – DYNASTY 02. Lance Cumson - FALCON CREST 03. Angela Channing – FALCON CREST 04. Sable Colby – THE COLBYS 05. Lorelei Gilmore – GILMORE GIRLS 06. Abby Cunningham – KNOTS...
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    Actors that deserve a better career

    Rob Lowe (especially in the 80´s) should have been THE newcommer of this area and not Tom Cruise. Pamela Bellwood and Tyne Daly(who both were casted for Dynasty´s Claudia) are very good actresses and should have had bigger careers.
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    TT Top Couples TV Characters - The Couples

    there should be another option: love/hate couple (this would perfect fit for JR & Sue Ellen or Melissa & Lance from FC)
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    Nick Toscanni was supposed to come back for Krystle in season 7's cliffhanger

    Great to see this stuff ... I wasn´t a fan of both (Matthew & Toscanni) but for me it makes more sense for Matthew to show up. If I could choose I would have given Oxenberg a second chance together with her big love played by some eye candy like Rob Lowe. Amanda (drug addicted) had a plan to...
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    The "Dynastiest" Moments

    • The last scence of S6: „Take his junk and your blond tramp....“! LEGEND! ICONIC! • Moldavia!!! • lily pond & double Krystle catfight • Cecil´s heart attack while sleeping with Alexis • Alexis firing the gun while Krystle is on a horse
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    Ted McGinley: TV's "Jump the Shark" Man

    He was very handsome and I think most viewers liked him instead of not liking him ... he was in the top 5 when "STAR" asked "which Dynasty star did you miss most?" in November 1987. And as an actor you don´t have much power (mostly) - you get a part or not ... so you take it if you want to earn...