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    Dallas Couples Bobby & Pam - Appreciation thread

    I can't remember. I looked through some scenes I have captured on my computer to try to find it. But I didn't. I stumbled across another scene instead though. It was Pam telling Bobby "I would probably run away if I could. But I need you too much!" Is it just me or does that sound like a...
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    Dallas Couples JR & Sue Ellen - Swoonalicious Appreciation Thread

    I've been thinking about when Dallas came back in 2012. I know this has already been discussed way back when, but if you could go back in time and be in charge of the reboot, would you put JR/SE together from the get go, as being married and living at Southfork, or would you have them get back...
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    Dallas Couples Ray and Donna - Appreciation Thread

    Well I don't think Donna came off that well in their breakup either. I mean she was the one who walked out on him although she was pregnant and she was the one who filed for divorce. Yes Ray wasn't nice when he hired a lawyer and fought Donna for custody of their unborn child. But what was he...
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    Old BBC article from 2012

    In Sweden the show started out with 1,4 million viewers for the first episode. Keep in mind we only have a population of 10 million people in Sweden so 1 out of 10 watched it. Then of course the ratings dropped. I think it ended up somewhere around 250 000 viewers after they had moved it from...
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    How about a Dallas reboot?

    Sounds to me like you just described Dallas TNT!
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    How about a Dallas reboot?

    I thought it meant that you were from a noble family. Like the upper class of society. Lady and Lords and titles and all that.
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    Disney Top 10 - Music Part 1: Songs Featured In Movies (Animated)

    1. Beauty & The Beast (Beauty & the beast) 2. Circle of Life (The Lion King) 3. Let it Go (Frozen) 4. A Whole New World (Aladdin) 5. Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid) or "Havet är djupt" as the Swedish version is called. 6. You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) 7. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The...
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    Disney Top 10 - Music Part 1: Songs Featured In Movies (Animated)

    This is tricky since some of my favorite songs in animated movies are apparently not from Disney. :confuse: Like for instance I really love "When You Believe" By Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey from the Prince of Egypt. But when I checked the production company it said "Dreamworks". I think I...
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    So, I moved to Dallas in 1980 and my girlfriend's house down there is where they filmed ...

    Thanks for sharing your story and photos with us. How exciting it must have been to watch them actually film some scenes for Dallas! :spinning: Can you remember how many rooms did the "little red brick house" really have? Did it look very different inside compared to what we saw on the show?
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    Dallas Couples Bobby & Pam - Appreciation thread

    Thanks for your answers. Nice to see that we've got some discussion going here! :) Wow! That's a great observation. I never even thought of that. I thought Bobby got angry with Pam when he heard what she had tried to do, or didn't he? It's been a while since I watched that episode so I don't...
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    Greatest episode titles

    I think this one was especially clever since BBG was on the orignal theater play on Broadway and Elizabeth Taylor was in the movie and Elizabeth Taylor's son Michael was in the episode as Alex. Another movie inspired title I love is "Gone With The Wind" .
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    How about a Dallas reboot?

    I never thought of the Ewings as being working class. Ray Krebbs was working class, Pam and Cliff were working class. But not the Ewings. They were upper middle class at least or new money. They were not blue bloods.
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    Dallas Actors Happy Birthday dear Linda Gray, 12 September!

    Yeah it is very fitting how her name means "Beautiful" in Spanish! :)
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    Dallas Couples Bobby & Pam - Appreciation thread

    I can certainly understand why some of you don't like the idea of Bobby & Jenna having a son. But Bobby never questioned that he was the father of Jenna's baby. Pam never questioned it. Heck she even tried to buy Jenna's baby so she and Bobby could raise him! Jenna knew that it was Bobby's...
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    Nothing can capture a heart like... The ABBA Thread *New Songs!*

    Oh yeah I can definitely recommend everyone who loves ABBA to visit the ABBA museum if you ever go to Stockholm. I've been twice and it's been great fun! :danc: @Barbara Fan I am so glad that you made it to Stockholm before Covid happened.