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    Southfork mansion has been demolished.

    Guess I will have to put it back together.
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    My Carrington mansion puzzle came today.

    The end result. So much green.
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    My Carrington mansion puzzle came today.

    Should be fun to see it slowly form.
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    Classic Soaps (I'm Still) Watching Another World

    Any fans of AW should visit YouTube user Chase4everchase as he has a ton of early 80s episodes. There is also a long playlist called Carl's Redemption which is well worth a look.
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    Val's House - a haven for psychos and madness?

    I guess the walls were painted by Adam Carrington
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    Worst Knots Landing Characters

    If the answer to this question is not automatically Diana then you have no soul.
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    Season 04 incidental music.

    Sorry for the use of dailymotion but youtube 86'd me some years back.
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    My Giobert house custom jigsaw puzzle arrived.

    I will show the finished project when it is done. This should be fun as I took the picture myself.
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    Solving Lucy.

    She was let go as they had nothing more for her character (which is a reason for letting the writers go not her) so what would you have had them do given the chance? She came from a strong business family and she was a former model, I would have had her start her own agency. You could show her...
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    Jamie Rose being written out

    At least this recast took nearly 3 years to arrive.
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    The iconic theme tune goes disco.

    Was the first season theme not basically disco?
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    Krystle in the attic.

    Do you think this storyline would be more fondly remembered if it not been dragged out so damn long?
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    25 mistakes soaps made.

    Steffy will forever be nothing more than a stalker who got her man.
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    NuDynasty scenes within original Dynasty.

    Out of the stuff you have seen in the new Dynasty what would have been the most ridiculous in the original Dynasty setting? I can hardly imagine Jeff being married to Alexis, talk about Schizoville. Michael Culhane banging Dominique? Imagine a bigger lack of chemistry.