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    How long til they're gone?

    Looks like your wish has been granted. Apparently, Due to the schedule change Emmerdale will now air at 7.30pm consistently Coronation Street will now broadcast hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm.
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    Username Origin Stories

    Mine comes from my email address. Back in the late 90s, I started with my name on my email, including part of my favourite Rugby club, The Bradford Bulls. However, someone already had that, so I went with **** I joined up on a few forums as omebull, and over time I...
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    Netflix Stay Close

    Finally got around to watching this and it was another brilliant series. My wife guessed the twist early on the final episode, I thought she was wrong, I was wrong, I certainly didn't see that coming. Great characters, great twists and a story that kept me guessing all the way through. My...
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    Meat Loaf has died

    I was gutted when I heard the news on Friday morning. BAT OUT OF HELL has been a part of my life since I was 11 years old and so many other great albums from Meat Loaf over the years. This question has been going on since the song was released in the early 90s and I've never understood why...
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    Members Chosen Year Favourite Songs from 2021 - The Vote

    As always, a new thread for the votes to take place allows the list to be on page one. Once completed the threads will be merged. Below is the full list of members’ favourite songs from 2021. Please vote for your favourite ten from nominations that other members have made and then name the...
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    TT Top Couples Fantasy Pairings - The Vote

    As we complete another fortnight of voting, the scores have been counted and we had 7 Telly Talk members vote on 100 fantasy couples. There have been so many fantastic suggestions, so many missed spin-off opportunities. :ty: Here is how your top twenty finished. 1. Miss Ellie &...
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    Toyah & Hazel O'Connor

    I was absolutely gutted when I read this, this morning. I can’t see this ending well.
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    What's The Last Album You bought?

    World Be Gone - Erasure Deep Sea Skiving - Bananarama The Blue Meaning - Toyah
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    What's The Last Album You bought?

    Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie The Party’s Over - Talk Talk Chorus - Erasure I Say I Say I Say - Erasure Bedtime Stories - Madonna
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    The whole Djokovic kerfuffle

    I've never gotten that impression throughout all this. Exactly!
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    Coronation Street Corrie

    I can't believe this, but it's gotten worse. The whole child goes missing; let's get a reward up story was horrible to watch. One minute Chesney was sitting at the table with Gemma, asking what he should do, then he was in Dev's house again looking lost and then he was in with Fiz. Why would...
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    Emmerdale Episode Discussion

    Meena is easily my favourite Emmerdale villain, and as much as I wanted the rest to find out about her, I didn't want it to happen because that would be goodbye to the character. I am happy they have given her more time and loved her in the lorry, chatting up her new knight in shining armour.
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    Your Favourite Albums Released Before 2021

    I may have confused people with what I was asking for. I asked for the favourite albums bought in 2021 that were not released in 2021. Still, it's also been interesting to see people's favourite albums. I hope they don't think my list is my all-time favourite list.
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    Bowie..will live on Forever and Ever!

    I watched loads of stuff last weekend too, it was fab. I still have one to watch that I saved from Sky called FIVE YEARS. I haven't looked at what it is yet, just know that I'm looking forward to watching it. Ha! That's hilarious. Oh wow! That's fantastic. :floor: :jb: