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    Primetime soaps on DVD

    That's a really good point you're making here. Shout! Factory was willing to go through the trouble of clearing the music for a critically-acclaimed show like thirtysomething and they also released Steven Bochco's short-lived musical cop show Cop Rock (although I suspect this one probably only...
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    Primetime soaps on DVD

    You forgot the obvious one, the grandfather of them all, Peyton Place. As for what I'm surprised is not out on DVD, I would say most of the short-lived ones from the '90s. I mean, if they can release The Colbys, surely there might be some interest in Models Inc. (regardless of its quality, it...
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    Dynasty/Colbys Reunion

    Am I the only one finding it funny that the artworks for the event show relatively recent pictures of everyone except Stephanie Beacham, who gets a vintage black & white promo pic from the mid-'80s? Sable Colby ALWAYS stands out.
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    In the Spotlight with.. James from London

    Hi James! I just checked your IMDb page and am sorry to report I haven't seen any of your film or TV work, although I have heard high praise for one show you have been on from friends. Here are a couple of questions I've always been curious about when it comes to actors who have worked in...
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    Douglas Sheehan and Joan Van Ark

    That sitcom you mention, Day by Day, also starred a pre-Melrose Place Courtney Thorne-Smith and a pre-Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It was co-created by Andy Horowitz, who later created The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with his wife, and Gary David Goldberg of Family Ties fame, who was also behind...
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    Vanessa L. Williams has been cast as Dominique

    I would love to see Vanessa A. Williams play the part as well. Not only is she not too high-profile to work for The CW (she played a recurring role on The Flash), her being cast as Dominique would also be a Melrose Place reunion for her and Grant Show. What's not to like?
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    Who was nicer, Emma or Maggie?

    I would definitely say Emma. I'm currently watching the show for the first time and I'm right in the middle of Season 3, at a point where I have been thinking for a few episodes now that Emma is the only character on the canvas who doesn't have a single enemy. - Richard takes glee in...
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    No Adam or Amanda?

    Well, all I can say is good luck finding the right guy: the actor they got to play Grant Show in the Unauthorized Melrose Place Story Lifetime TV movie looked absolutely nothing like him. Which was a shame, considering they did a pretty good job with the actress who played Laura Leighton, his...
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    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Divorces: The Result

    That would be Steven Cord and Betty Anderson from Peyton Place. :)
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    SoapLand - The Battle Of The characters you can't stand - The Result

    OK, thanks for clarifying. I wasn't sure because someone included Christopher Ewing from the Dallas revival. :) Anyway, in that case, I'll just add my voice to the chorus and throw a vote to: Charlie Wade, Dallas Is she even remembered for anything other than having a boyfriend played by Brad...
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    SoapLand - The Battle Of The characters you can't stand - The Result

    Not sure which shows are supposed to be included or left out, so I'll pick across all primetime soaps I've seen from Peyton Place to Melrose Place 1) Dr. Claire Morton, Peyton Place She is so freaking annoying. The woman can't seem to make up her mind on whether she wants a divorce and a...
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    Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis

    Time to remove that question mark at the end of the topic title! I hope she has fun with the role.
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    Something is happening ...

    This picture is at least a few months old, I remember seeing some taken the same day while browsing Twitter back in April. I was happily surprised to see the cast reunited around David Jacobs, but as far as I can tell, nothing related to Knots Landing was announced in the following weeks.
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    Arthur Hailey's Hotel

    "The Love Boat on the mainland" is exactly how I remember this show, although I don't even remember for sure that I ever saw a full episode. I definitely caught a few glimpses of it here and there while growing up, but never followed it. Heidi Bohay's husband is Michael Spound. And of course...
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    Which shows do you have the COMPLETE series for on DVD?

    Well, it's going to be a long list as I never buy a TV show that I don't intend to complete. Anyway, here's my collection of completed shows so far, in alphabetical order (shows which spell their title with a numeral rather than in full letters at the top). Whenever possible, I tried to give...