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    Ultimate Dallas Website

    I’m so tired of this jealousy speculation I really am. It’s inappropriate and why should they be jealous because she made money from a business, they were actors who didn’t have business ventures. If she’d taken off for movie stardom that might be one thing but she didn’t. Im not a fan of...
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    Random things you hate

    Thank you Biggie! Makes me feel better.
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    Ultimate Dallas Website

    I know honey. i am just very aware how certain information may be perceived and I’m just passing on what I was told.
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    Ultimate Dallas Website

    Well that is not all Cynthia revealed. I think for the most part the present cast are being as kind and tactful as they can be, and although Patrick may have fond memories I do believe something has happened to change that but please don’t shoot the messenger! Plus Colin was with me when it was...
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    Thread Title Of The Year 2021: Your nominations

    I want to nominate @Willie Oleson for his feedback and help forum thread “I don’t remember the title of my thread I posted a few days ago” :lol:
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    Ultimate Dallas Website

    Cynthia Cidre told me and Colin at the Channel 5 launch that Victoria wasn’t invited to participate and that she wasn’t a popular cast member. I’m sorry guys but that’s what was said. I wouldn’t misquote anyone. Then during Covid, Charlene set up a fundraising chat for actors with Linda...
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    Ultimate Dallas Website

    Ok you’ve said it so it’s now safe. Yes that one. I do find it hard to believe there wasn’t some truth in it, I just don’t think Charlene expected it to be printed. Having said that I love Charlene, so I hope she wasn’t just misquoted by a poor journalist. Something has happened and it would...
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    Ultimate Dallas Website

    I’m even worried talking about it now! Let’s talk in tongues :Clol:
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    Which Female Character's fashion did you like the best?

    Because Tramps don’t wear clothes :tv::tv::tv::tv::tv::tv::tv::tv::tv::tv:
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    Opinions Of Nicholas Pearce

    I really liked him just not with Sue Ellen. I was always fascinated by his chin and how he took a step back before he looked in the peep hole.
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    Which Female Character's fashion did you like the best?

    What’s next??? Angela Channing? Fallon? It is a clear ploy by Pam fans to… well….they’re up to something. :think:
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    So Who All Has Been To Southfork?

    I have been - 8 times at last count. First time was in 1999 as a gift from my lovely Dad and then again in 2004, 2008 and 2018 - more than once each time. Love it there so much, it’s somewhere every Dallas fan should try to visit. It’s like the Mecca.
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    ABC of Dallas

    E is for…. EWING!
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    Post Of The Year 2021: your nominations

    Fekin Dynasty herpes always get the friggin vote! :back: