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    Worst Knots Landing Characters

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    Funny Ladies

    I watched "Where Love Has Gone" a few days ago, and the memory of the Scarlett auditions reminded me that Bette Davis and Susan Hayward were in the competition for the role, so it made it even stranger the fact that, in WLHG, Bette plays Susan´s mother... I think that both Susan and Paulette...
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    My Dirty Little Secret

    Oh for a moment I thought you had started to feel some kind of attraction toward her:
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    Would You Take Back The Later Years?

    Or maybe Wes just thought: "Oh yes, this is the one from the spin-off...God bless VCR´s..."
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    Closed Captioning - A work of genius!

    Watch out Sarah! She´s on the run, looking for revenge!!
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    Dallas - What/if...?

    Oh yeah, since minute 1!!!! Merete Van Kamp said to Dallas Fanzine that it was the original plan but was eventually scrapped. I´d like to know why exactly, rumors said that it was BBG who opposed to the idea...
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    Happy Birthday Jock Og

    :party::big::hp: Happy birthday from moi and Da Pig, and many more to come!!
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    Happy Birthday Alexis

    Happy Birthday dear Alexis, from one to another (and Miss Piggy too!)
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    Disney Top 10 - Villain's Defeat (Animated)

    I hope to be on time! 1- Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) 2- Queen (Snow White) 3- Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) 4- Hook (Peter Pan) 5- Ratigan (Basil...) 6- Scar (The Lion King) 7- Ursula (The Little Mermaid) 8- Madam Mim (The Sword in the Stone) 9- Cruella (101 Dalmatians) 10- Madam Medusa (The...
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    Dallas Actors In Memory Of Ken Kercheval On His Birthday

    One of my favorite "Dallas" actors, who I´d have loved to meet, along with Victoria!! Gone but not forgotten.
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    TT Top Characters Telly Talk’s Favourite Character of all time

    Voilà my choices. 1- J.R. Ewing – DALLAS 2- Pam Ewing – DALLAS 3- Fallon Carrington – DYNASTY 4- Angela Channing – FALCON CREST 5- Abby Cunningham – KNOTS LANDING 6- Karen Fairgate – KNOTS LANDING 7- Victoria Grayson – REVENGE 8- Norma Bates – BATES MOTEL 9- Katherine Wentworth – DALLAS 10-...
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    Why did Ray rip his shirt open...

    That deserves a mini-Emmy for its bold and beautiful concept and edition!!
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    Disney Top 10 - Villain's Defeat (Animated)

    Yes, thanks! Voilà my list @Willie Oleson! 1- Nana (Peter Pan) 2- Dopey (Snow White) 3- Thumper (Bambi) 4- Gus Gus (Cinderella) 5- Merryweather (Sleeping Beauty) 6- Drizella (Cinderella) 7- White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland) 8- Lady Cluck (Robin Hood) 9- Georgette (Oliver & Company) 10- King...
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    Funny Ladies

    I just watched the 70s comedy "Lovers and Other Strangers" and Bea Arthur´s just cracked me up! She plays the Italian Mama obsessed with feeding her family with "soup", over and over... An overall funny movie, btw...