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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S4E01: That Unfortunate Dinner

    Or a face transplant... La routine, quoi... ;)
  2. xab

    Season 4 poster

    Has it come so difficult to take a picture of a cast... ? Can't they find an episode where everybody is partying in the Carrington's Mansion ? All actors are on set, touching each other, talking to each other, kissing each other, what on earth could make a picture more dangerous than a bad...
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    Joan Collins & Cast Resentment

    When Dallas struck France in January 1981, all actors were unknown to the french audience. Nobody had ever heard of Larry Hagman or BBG, let alone Linda or Charlene or Steve... Nobody had ever dreamt of "Jeannie" (french people were bewitched by Samantha) and Tennessee's Maggie version of...
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    Joan Collins & Cast Resentment

    Did Joan or Alexis save the show... ? Did the writers or the characters save the show... ? Who or what saves a show... ? Look what happened to the ratings a few years later... And Joan Collins was still the star of the show... Big time movie star Charlton Heston hardly saved anything when he...
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    The battle of the Fallons

    Maybe the right question should be which Fallon was best written... ? PSM's season 1 was far better and wilder than Emma Samms season 8... ... but Emma Samms season 9 was far more interesting and wilder than PSM' s season 4 De Vilbis fiancée ...
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    Pam selling Christopher‘s shares of Ewing Oil

    Totally agree... I remember the twisted but totally believable explanation about Taylor back from the dead in Bold and Beautiful. Taylor's body in the coffin was a fake (but perfectly done) body... When you watch the episode and see the fake "half Taylor", it's truly believable. It looks...
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    Pam selling Christopher‘s shares of Ewing Oil

    Well... My humble two cents... Pam selling her shares to JR meant to me the end of a historical feud. Pam decided to let go... and the Barnes-Ewing feud seemed over... It really tasted to me like a series finale, Bobby's death being the first nail in the coffin... Running for 8 (or 9 by DVD)...
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    Donna Reed, "She Just Wasn't Mama"

    I won't ever understand how Donna Reed could have been hired as a recast Miss Ellie in the first place. No offense to the lady, she was a great actress and had nothing to prove to anybody. She would have been a great Miss Ellie #1, a strong and classy "daughter of Alamo" (Being a farmer's...
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    Which Season is Worse -- 7 or 8 or the Reunion?

    I must acknowledge I'm surprised. Watching season 7 again (well "again" meaning for the third time in 25 years, not more) I thought it was the most boring stuff in the universe, but it seems they tried to make something more character driven for a change and I happen not to hate it anymore...
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    nuDynasty Spoilers All Casting News And Spoilers For S4

    Oh ! Crap !I had totally forgotten this show existed ! :p So what's up doc ?
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    Was Victoria Principal right to speak out

    What I really expect from Victoria is to wake up at last, go to her bathroom and tell us that 2020 was a just nightmare and nothing happened...
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    "Vintage" novel VS "Falcon Crest" series

    Yes, and the novel is still available on Amazon. According to a reader's comment, it has nothing to do with Falcon Crest except for the Napa Valley and a few wine grapes...
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    "Vintage" novel VS "Falcon Crest" series

    I just came accross that ! Does anyone ever heard of it... ? https://www.upi.com/Archives/1984/06/20/An-author-suing-the-makers-of-Falcon-Crest-for/8280456552000/
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    If the powers that be took a vote to bring back Dallas, how would you vote?

    I'd like a tvmovie to put a final period to the big book of Dallas, no cliffhanger anymore, no nothing. I just wish we could say a respectful goodbye to the Ewings. I started watching Dallas when I was 12, I'm 50 now, I've seen all actors passing away one after another, I don't need a...