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  1. Karin Schill

    In the Spotlight with.. Caproni

    I hope you will enjoy your week in the spotlight @Caproni :cool1 I will start with asking a few questions. 1. How did you become interested in classic movies, tv-series and stars? 2. What's your interests? 3. How old are you?
  2. Karin Schill

    Who would you want in the elevator?

    I misunderstood the question this morning thinking that you asked us which two characters we'd like to be stuck in an elevator with! :rlol:
  3. Karin Schill

    In the Spotlight with.. A Telly Talk Member in the Spotlight.

    Anyone else who wants to be in the spotlight?
  4. Karin Schill

    In the Spotlight with.. DallasFanForever

    Thank you for sharing the story about your mother @DallasFanForever I think talking about things like that can definitely help others. So I think it was brave of you to open up. I knew a girl when I was a teenager who got epilepsy. It was really hard for her so I think I can sympathize with...
  5. Karin Schill

    TT Top Characters Telly Talk's Favourite TV Characters of the 1990s - The Vote

    1. Buffy Summers - Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) 2. Brenda Walsh - Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-1994) 3. Angel - Angel (1999-2004) 4. Rachel Green - Friends (1994-2004) 5. Scarlett O'Hara - Scarlett (1994) 6. Alex Cahill - Walker, Texas Ranger (1993-2001) 7. Frank Lambert - Step by Step...
  6. Karin Schill

    In the Spotlight with.. DallasFanForever

    @DallasFanForever I know kids blame themselves for stuff that weren't their fault. You may have realized it a long time ago but don't blame yourself for your mother's illness. It was not your fault your mother got sick. She chose to have you and she wouldn't have done that if she hadn't loved...
  7. Karin Schill

    In the Spotlight with.. DallasFanForever

    Yeah I'm sorry for your loss of your mother too @DallasFanForever Since you're a dreamer, I am wondering if you were a Dallas character that was stuck in Pam's nightmare, which character would you chose to be? @Long Lashes let us know if you want your turn in the spotlight too. I think you...
  8. Karin Schill

    The iconic theme tune goes disco.

    That remix is from the Dallas the Music Story album that came out in the mid 80s. I have it both on LP and CD. I got the LP in the 90s and CD about a decade later.
  9. Karin Schill

    The last series scenes: 'Home Again' vs 'Conundrum' vs 'Catch 22' vs 'Just Like Old Times'.

    If I were to rank the endings of the big four prime time soaps of the 80s I would rank them like this: 1 Knots Landing It gave us the happy ending we've always wanted. It was perfect. I love that Val came back and reunited with Gary. It was great seeing Abby too. 2. Falcon Crest I haven't...
  10. Karin Schill

    Life Is But A Dream

    Interesting take on what happened after the dream season. Sue Ellen being abducted and used for experiments sounds like something from a science-fiction movie though! :yikey: I wonder if the other patient that will soon be released back to the world is Bobby?:think: I am glad that Lucy came...
  11. Karin Schill

    Shot Through the Heart

    Thanks for the story @CeeCee72 :clap: I was glad to see that JR kept his word and didn't cheat Bobby out of his inheritance but actually won the competition for Ewing Oil fair and square. I feel like the story got a rather abrupt ending, as you set up new plots that were resolved quickly. Too...
  12. Karin Schill

    Celine Dion Fan Thread. If you dont like her you shouldn't really come here. Simple.

    Not again!:( I haven't heard anything from my national company that sold me the ticket yet. So I am waiting to inform my friend until it's confirmed.
  13. Karin Schill

    In the Spotlight with.. DallasFanForever

    Thanks @DallasFanForever You know I was 11 when I started watching Dallas with my parents. So maybe if she's interested you can share some of your favorite shows with her now! :dance:
  14. Karin Schill

    Dallas Aftershow: 40th Anniversary of Conundrum!

    Sounds like the ending of Little House on the Prairie. Another TV-series that got a crappy ending! I really wish Dallas had gotten a better ending. The show had deserved a good ending and not what we got. :( I remember here in Sweden Dallas went off the air in 1993 and after it did they...
  15. Karin Schill

    Gary & Valene Appreciation Thread

    If you were to chose five favorite Gary & Valene scenes which ones would you chose and why?
  16. Karin Schill

    Dallas Couples JR & Sue Ellen - Swoonalicious Appreciation Thread

    If you were to chose only five favorite JR/SE scenes, which ones would you choose?:think:
  17. Karin Schill

    Dallas Couples Ray and Donna - Appreciation Thread

    Okay so I'm gonna try to pick five scenes for Donna & Ray: 1) It is heartbreaking, but the Down Syndrome's baby scene in the dream season. Their emotions are so raw in that scene. It's in The Wind of Change. 2) The scene at the bar where they talk about how they are looking for an Happy...
  18. Karin Schill

    Dallas Couples Bobby & Pam - Appreciation thread

    I think it's hard to just pick five. But if I was to rank scenes I think it would be: 1) Their reconcilation when he asks her to marry him again in Swan Song. 2) Their break up scene at Thanksgiving Square in The Letter. 3) The scene before their second wedding when he tells her that he...
  19. Karin Schill

    In the Spotlight with.. DallasFanForever

    Thanks for answering my questions @DallasFanForever What you had to say about your niece is heart-warming. How old is she now?
  20. Karin Schill

    Last Chance Harris

    I thought I had left a comment on this when I had finished reading it. But I must have forgotten. Anyway great story. Cute how Harris had to get used to the dog! :)