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  1. Angela Channing

    Five Letters One Sentence

    Some Christmases Are Really Exciting G I F T S
  2. Angela Channing

    Mods vs Members - You reached 330

  3. Angela Channing

    This 'n' That A to Z

    M - Mork and Mindy
  4. Angela Channing

    "Just one more thing...": Rewatching Columbo

    It's on my list of film to watch along with Crimes and Misdemeanours and Ed Wood. That's a really good point, they had an audience to play to and react to which would have impacted on the energy of that scene.
  5. Angela Channing

    "Just one more thing...": Rewatching Columbo

    I think the standard length of a Columbo episode was about 90 mins but when the show became popular the networks wanted to cash in on its money-making potential and demanded a few longer episodes so they could accommodate some more commercial breaks. I believe there are shorter edited version of...
  6. Angela Channing

    What was the last film you watched?

    Army of The Dead (2021) This film is a part zombie apocalypse part money heist film with elements of comedy, horror, thriller, sci film and dystopian future thrown in. It should have be a bit of a mess but instead it was a thrilling edge of the seat ride which I really enjoyed.
  7. Angela Channing

    The Western Thread

    I'm not usually a fan of westerns however one of my favourite films is High Noon (1952). It's not your typical shoot them down western but an intelligent and thoughtful story or loyalty, morality and decency as a reaction to the revenge sought by the antagonist.
  8. Angela Channing

    The most unsatisfying /satisfying exits.

    I think sometimes a bit of sentimentality works. I loved that it was drawn out because I wanted to see all his companions return and I wanted time to understand the emotions he was going through. He was my favourite Doctor Who so I wanted him to have a satisfying exit and and I think they...
  9. Angela Channing

    Ned Beatty - star of Superman and Deliverance, dies aged 83

    A talented actor who appeared in one of my favourite films, Network (1976) and he was also great in Hear My Song (1991). Not really a star, more of a supporting actor who could play a wide ranges of roles, both serious and comedic. A sad loss.
  10. Angela Channing

    The most unsatisfying /satisfying exits.

    This is a good call. Also when David Tennant left Doctor Who, and all his past companions return to see him leave and his anguished "I don't want to go" before he regenerates into Matt Smith was tear-jearking, bold, spectacular and epic all at the same time.
  11. Angela Channing

    "Just one more thing...": Rewatching Columbo

    Double Shock is one of my favourite Columbo episodes even though it strays from the usual format of the show. It's a shocking murder (excuse the pun) but the episode has a huge amount to humour including Mrs Peck's ongoing annoyance with Columbo dropping cigar ash and generally making this...
  12. Angela Channing

    The most unsatisfying /satisfying exits.

    Abby's exit from Knots Landing was well done. She finally got her comeuppance when her lies and scheming were exposed but she found a way turning things to enable her to leave with her head held up high. It was a great balance that was satisfying for both those who loved the character and those...
  13. Angela Channing

    "Just one more thing...": Rewatching Columbo

    I completely agree. A Stitch In Crime is one of my favourite episodes, definitely in my top 10 best episodes, possibly in my top 5. So many elements come together to make it one of the greats: a strong plot, clever murder, great performance from the murderer, fascinating interactions between...
  14. Angela Channing

    TV Recasts

    In Crossroads, the role of Stan Harvey was played by Edward Layton for many years before he left the series when the character went to start a new life in Germany. When the producers wanted him to come back from a particular storyline (I think it might have been when his wife Jill wanted to...
  15. Angela Channing

    "Just one more thing...": Rewatching Columbo

    Well there's no accounting for personal tastes and I'm sure, like you, most viewers would be able to look past it's shortcomings and still enjoy the episode. I just feel the standard of most of the early episodes is so high that when this one come along and it isn't as good I struggle to warm to...
  16. Angela Channing

    "Just one more thing...": Rewatching Columbo

    I consider Dagger of The Mind to be the second worst episode in the original run of Columbo episodes mainly because of the hammy performances of Honor Blackman and Richard Basehart. They are so over the top they almost give a pantomime performance. I just couldn't take the episode seriously...
  17. Angela Channing

    Disney Top 10 - The Villains (Animated)

    Ursula - The Little Mermaid Shan Yu - Mulan Scrooge McDuck - Various Queen of Hearts - Alice In Wonderland Shere Khan - Jungle Book Sir Hiss - Robin Hood Jafar - Aladdin Captain Hook - Peter Pan Cruella de Vil - 101 Dalmatians Gaston - Beauty and The Beast
  18. Angela Channing

    Crossroads: 1964-1988, 2001-2003

    Maybe because I was quite young when I watched Crossroads that it never occurred to me that any of the actors might be gay nor was I interested in whether they were or not so I never gave it any thought. I met Sandor Eles (Paul Ross) twice (once in Homebase and once in Ikea) and he was the...
  19. Angela Channing

    "Just one more thing...": Rewatching Columbo

    There were quite a few of episodes in the reboot series that followed the format of the original were often good but too regularly they played with the format or had too many scenes that were clearly just filling time or were just plain daft e.g. a ghastly scene when Columbo played a tuba and a...
  20. Angela Channing

    Characters You'd Recast

    I think you're being generous, I thought her acting was awful from the start. Not quite as ghastly as Laurel Elis but not far from it.