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  1. Herofan

    Another actor for Wes Parmalee

    It has been discussed at times that some feel the Wes Parmalee story wasn’t believable because Steve Forrest did not resemble Jim Davis in any was. Although he was a great actor and did a great job with the part, his mannerisms were different as was his build and walk. It goes without saying...
  2. Herofan

    Jim Davis on Lucy

    Just thought I’d share: I just saw an episode of The Lucy Show, and Jim Davis was on it as a Casino owner. Lucy was trying to pull a fast one in Vegas, and she was using the name Pamela and pretending her father was a rich oil man from Texas. It was interesting hearing him use the name Pamela...
  3. Herofan

    Do TNT creators get it?

    This may have been covered, but with all the weirdness and straying so much from the original series in TNT Dallas, have the writers and producers ever talked about it publicly? Do they get why a lot of fans didn’t care for it, and that they messed up?
  4. Herofan

    Multi-Universe Dallas

    We have had threads about whether we would like to forget the last few seasons of Dallas or the TNT series. There are other shows and movies that have the idea of an alternate universe or a multiverse. I thought it was very interesting that current super-hero shows on CW had episodes that...
  5. Herofan

    When Dallas became Dallas

    Would everyone agree that Dallas became the Dallas with all the characteristics we enjoy by the season when JR’s shooter was revealed and a few seasons thereafter? It seems that whatever the characteristics were then, straying from that was never accepted. I say that because someone recently...
  6. Herofan

    Early Ewing Oil offices

    We’ve have a thread on the oddities of the exterior and interior of Southfork; I’d like to look at the offices. Weren’t the Ewing offices different by season three than in season one, even though it was supposed to be the same offices? I realize the mini series was different, but I believe...
  7. Herofan

    Are Decades as distinctive anymore?

    I believe Kenny Coyote asked in another thread if we thought 2020s will have a distinct style like the 70s and 80s, or if it would be more of the same like the last 20 years. I have often thought along those same lines, so I thought I would start a thread. I always thought in looking back, the...
  8. Herofan

    Dallas had a different vibe

    I don’t even fully know how to explain what I will try to say, but I always thought Dallas had a different vibe or feel from any other drama show I have ever watched. It seemed like they were in their own world. I could never imagine Dallas crossing over with any other show, other than Knots...
  9. Herofan

    Why make changes?

    With Dallas, as with some other long running shoes, the writers often feel the need for change. Personally, I like things to stay as much the same as possible. Here are some things I would like to have stayed the same on Dallas: -Bobby and Paw stayed together - JR and Sue Ellen stayed together...
  10. Herofan

    Size of Southfork

    I’m sure this has been covered before, but how many acres was Southfork? I’m watching an episode from the final season, and Bobby told Christopher that there were times when it took a week or two just to move the cows from one pasture to another. That seems mighty large to me.
  11. Herofan

    Why did Lucy return?

    Was there a bigger involvement intended for Lucy when she returned that just didn’t materialize? Was it Charlene Tilton’s choice to leave again, or did they let her go? The general idea of an original character returning was good; I guess they thought it might revive things a little, but it...
  12. Herofan

    Character deaths became too casual

    I’m on the last season of Dallas, and it seems to me like character deaths were taken too casually. Sure, Bobby was torn up about April’s death, but it just had a different feel than when someone died or was even in danger in the earlier seasons. It also seemed like burying her in Paris was a...
  13. Herofan

    The Ewings working out

    Every time I see a gym scene at Southfork, I wonder if any consulting with exercise experts was done for those scenes. I’m guessing not. I know a little about exercising, and it cracks me up. For one thing, everyone wants to carry on conversation while working out. I guarantee that if...
  14. Herofan

    Would Later Seasons Have Worked Earlier

    I’ve read that most feel the last few seasons were not good, and I agree, but would they have worked early with a few tweaks. The range war season seems ridiculous, but in the first couple of seasons, Bobby was kidnapped, Lucy ran off or was kidnapped, Pam had a mystery husband, and they fought...
  15. Herofan

    Sue Ellen’s Movie

    I just finished the season where Sue Ellen threatens JR with the release of her movie to embarrass him. As I mentioned before, I haven’t watched the last few seasons since they originally aired. Honestly, I don’t even recall that incident. I’ve read about it, but could never remember it. With...
  16. Herofan

    Did You Stop Watching?

    I recall someone mentioning how they stopped watching Dallas at some point. I’m curious, did you stop watching at some point? If so, when and why? I watched it all the way through, but I haven’t seen anything past the dream season since the original run until now. I’m currently on the range...
  17. Herofan

    What were writers attempting in the range war season?

    It was mentioned in another thread how Sue Ellen shooting JR was basically turned into a joke. Someone mentioned that the popularity of night time soaps was waning, and the sitcom was taking over; therefore, Dallas was trying to be a little funnier. I’m currently watching , and I don’t...
  18. Herofan

    Dallas trading cards

    Did anyone get the Dallas trading cards/bubblegum cards back in the day? I was looking through some old things today and found 5 from back then. I know there are more somewhere. I believe they were only from the early seasons. I’m fairly certain they didn’t follow the entire show.
  19. Herofan

    Different tone when Sue Ellen Shot JR

    I just watched the season premier episode after Sue Ellen shot JR. I thought of how the tone changed from the days of the “Who shot J.R.” days. In the latter, it’s almost a joke. The shots run out to be nothing serious, Bobby is laughing at J.R. by his hospital bed over his lame attempt to get...
  20. Herofan

    Ewing recreation

    With summer coming on and people already talking about vacations and heading to the lake all the time, I realized that the Ewing’s didn’t do much vacationing or recreation in general. I’m sure there were exceptions, but it certainly was never a focus. It seems like that is a big thing in...