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    VOTE Alexis

    this board is searching the best characters of the 80´s so help our queen and vote Alexis
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    If you had the power

    Which 4 things (cast, storylines, everything) per season would you change ? my changes would be: S1 * Alexis is part of the cast from the very beginning (she is Cecil´s guest on Blake´s wedding after beeing 15 years absent ...) * there is no Walter; instead Matthew has a lot of scenes with...
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    Guess Who's Coming To Dinner ? (2020)

    a nice idea .... Who do you invite? my list: * Joan Collins (of course, for some Dynasty talk, glamour & good humor) * the young & hot Lorenzo Lamas (for his look) * Barack Obama (for his charisma and some political insights) * the young & handsome Eros Ramazzotti (for some music & amore) *...
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    Dynasty/Colbys Reunion

    from a Dynasty facebook fan group: "The NEWS is that there is a Dynasty/Colby reunion happening...and everyone can attend. It will be online. I am helping with it. The date is March 20. We have special things happening and lots of surprises. Not officially released yet, so shhhh....let’s get...
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    questions to Karen

    I´ll ask her about her time on Dynasty. What are your questions?
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    Re-tool S8

    We know they re-tooled S6 and S7 midway ... but it´s the first I read that they re-shot scenes/episodes of S8 and did they actually film some scenes of S8 after the cliffhanger of S7?
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    Only Jeff survives Moldavia

    Imagine nobody but Jeff survived Moldavia. After all Maxwell Caulfield thought "The Colbys" were build up to replace "Dynasty" ... so with Jeff who was needed for the spin-off only Sammy Jo and fake Krystle/Rita were save. It would have broken my heart but it would have shocked the fans and...
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    There are different numbers out there especially about S1 and S8 ....maybe we could find out the truth I read S8 ranked on 40th ... here´s another number
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    my Dynasty inspired wedding

    When I and my fiance planned our wedding last year he had the idea everybody should show up in black & white and I should wear something red ... because I found nothing that could hold a candle to Alexis I decided to wear a uniform like prince Michael - - my (now) husband had no idea I would...
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    5 things you would have done / wouldn´t have done

    If you had the power .... * I wouldn´t have switch the timeslot (S9) * the aftermath would have had more dead bodies, blood and really hurted people (S6) * would have bring Sable and David Paulsen one year earlier to Denver (S8) * a 10th season under Paulsen´s controll instead of the Reunion *...
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    S6 videos

    Alexis best moments
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    Claudia´s big (cut) entrance

    When Claudia was called to the stand (S6) it was planned to dress her with a hat and sunglasses (-does this sound familiar ;) )?
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    Jimmy Todd becomes Dominique

    In the first draft of episode 86 Dominique is called Jimmy Todd and she invites Alexis to a glass of decent champagne
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    How to spice up a script

    episode 140 final draft (from Joan herself) revisted final draft
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    Denver Colby

    THE COLBYS S2, episode 2 - Denver Colby - Dominique (looked great in her white outfit) asked Jason if he can help Blake .... she also mentioned Ben took DC over and runs it now with Alexis. The company is now called Denver Colby. - --- I can´t remember they mentioned this name on DYNASTY and it...
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    Alexis becomming the queen of Moldavia

    I found the part of the script where Alexis is mad the queen of Moldavia. ARCHBISHOP: We are gathered in this House of God where I ask, in His name: Is there anyone present who knows of any reason why this woman should not be crowned Queen Alexis of Moldavia. BLAKE: I do! She has been...
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    Krystle & new Fallon meet the first time S6

    I just found a scene filmed at November 22 1985 - The new Fallon and Krystle meet for the first time. FALLON: Krystle... KRYSTLE: Fallon! How wonderful to see you! And there's L.B. (Krystle approaches Blake, but he hides behind his mother, frightened.) KRYSTLE: L.B., it's Krystle. Don't you...
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    Dallas writing for the grandchildren was so much better

    I´m watching S11 at the moment (the first year without Victoria Principal) and the writing for little John Ross and Christopher is very good - even my boyfriend mentioned it. They have real dialogue, problems and they have a life ... even this year is not the best it has great scenes for the...
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    recast them

    The casting was nearly perfect but some minor roles could have been better casted.... Here are my changes: S1: Matthew = sexy Mark Harmon ("Flamingo Road") - to make it Krystle even more difficult to be happy with Blake. Before Blake rapes her she sleeps with Matthew... cliff S1: Who´s the...