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  1. darkshadows38

    Random things you hate

    it's funny how you can watch you tube and get ads yet on my PC i don't normally get them that as much. as for what i hate? i have to be in the mood to read and i f.... hate that it's just how i'm wired and i've got 15 chapters left of my book which isn't really that much since it's a Patterson...
  2. darkshadows38

    Conundrum? How else could you wrap up Dallas in it's final season?

    funny enough i've never actually seen it i really doubt it's the worst finale out there though i mean i'm sure there are far worse
  3. darkshadows38

    Claudette Colbert

    well i have seen it Happened One Night (1934) and it's a great film and if i recall that's a film she did NOT want to do at all but it was one of those movies where she was lent out to the studio and was forced to and than the film was a huge f... hit go figure
  4. darkshadows38

    Ronald Reagan As An Actor

    honestly i haven't that much of him as an actor what i have seen i wasn't impressed but than i haven't seen again not that many of them and Dark Victory (1939) is the only one i can think of that i have seen.
  5. darkshadows38

    Claudette Colbert

    honestly i haven't seen much of her work
  6. darkshadows38

    A question about "Survival" (Season 2, Episode 9)

    oops double post sorry about that
  7. darkshadows38

    A question about "Survival" (Season 2, Episode 9)

    i don't think it occurred to him either but maybe the pilot did die ? and it was filmed but cut perhaps?
  8. darkshadows38

    Twin Peaks: the original series

    Fire walks with me (1992) is a decent picture a lot of the shit was cut and it makes the film make even less sense than if they had left a lot more in!
  9. darkshadows38

    Classic Film Duos

    Laurel & Hardy i also love i 1st saw them on the channel HA! which was a channel that later became The comedy Channel in (1990) and than a year later turned into Comedy Central. HA! used to show Stan and Ollie all the time and i was pissed off when they changed to the comedy channel cause they...
  10. darkshadows38

    A question about "Survival" (Season 2, Episode 9)

    yeah but we kinda knew they were going to even back than no doubt. it is a good question of the Pilot did survive and to take a guess i'd say no. cause other wise wouldn't they have had him try and fix the Helicopter? my guess the rednecks who was after Jock killed him if he was even still...
  11. darkshadows38

    Barnaby Jones

    i cannot stand The Beverly Hillbillies i never did like them and i never could get into the show at all. the film i liked the show nope. i have nothing against the cast though i don't mind Buddy Ebson but he was obsessed with The Wizard of oz though all his life all he talked about was how he...
  12. darkshadows38

    Forgotten Faces of Hollywood's Golden Era

    I've seen some films with Dian Dors she played in a lot of horror films she's not that bad of an actress actually
  13. darkshadows38

    The Corona Virus

    i have not checked for ohio but if anyone wants to they can look i don't mind
  14. darkshadows38

    Classic Film Duos

    William Powell & Myrna Loy are among my favorites too
  15. darkshadows38

    Barnaby Jones

    i grew hearing about this show off and on all the time but i've actually never seen it my folks though i think they said watched it back in the 70's. i really doubt either of them have actually watched it since the 70's.
  16. darkshadows38

    Primetime soaps on DVD

    honestly for some of the shows that aren't on dvd even if i'm not a fan of some of them it's kinda curious why they aren't on dvd or bluray? there's no doubt an audience for them i think
  17. darkshadows38

    An aging cast

    looking at this thread made me think of how for some actors/actress you just see them and old people or they look older than they actually are such as say Wilfred Brimely sorry i'm not sure about the spelling his last name. he's a guy that no matter how old you see him as looked far older than...
  18. darkshadows38

    A question about "Survival" (Season 2, Episode 9)

    honestly i do not remember it's been a long time since i last watched it
  19. darkshadows38

    Which shows do you have the COMPLETE series for on DVD?

    oh okay thanxs
  20. darkshadows38

    Appreciate Hip-Hop?

    i can't believe Biz Markie died or is it just me?