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  1. Toni

    Ewing Empire: Season 5

    And here we come to Season 5, the shortest of all, though filled with strong emotions and suspense galore. I won´t post any more episodes today, but I´ll do post a couple of promos, because we got to...the Promo Era!!
  2. Toni

    Miss Piggy Goes Classic (feat. le Toni)

    "Moi has decided to write her own movie critiques independently of over-attached Toni. Since now I can pirate Toniflix, I am able to watch the best classic movies from the last century. But don´t expect anything today because I have a date with Spider-Pig from "The Simpsons"! Au revooooooooir my...
  3. Toni

    Ewing Empire: Season 4

    Episode 19: FORGET ME NEVER (Part 1) SC.1: INT. – SUE ELLEN´S FOYER (Last season´s scene continues...Shania rushes downstairs and, when she is about to get out of the house, her cell phone rings. She takes it out of her purse and looks at the call identifier: it´s her mother.) S: Hi Mother...
  4. Toni

    Ewing Empire: Season 3

    Well, as I promised earlier, here is Season 3, which starts a new phase of my fanfic through a script format more based on dialogues, song lyrics included in the story, a not too long (6 months) time jump, and new characters to spice up the fiction. As you could see, the last season cliffhanger...
  5. Toni

    Ewing Empire: Season 2

    @Karin Schill, there we go with the "re-run" of Season 2 of "Ewing Empire". Tonight, Episode 7 of the show, and Season Premiere of the season: "My Best Enemy´s Wedding" (Part 3: Funeral March) Gary and Bill were waiting in the street, still dressed in their wedding tuxedoes, but they had put...
  6. Toni

    "Funny" censorship?

    I posted a message yesterday mentioning "Gran-ny" Beaumont and it self-corrected as "Lovely" Beaumont. Is it any kind of "funny" censorship or Ms. Hunnicutt has sent her lawyers...? I tried to re-write it but I had to put "short of Grandmother" instead of "Gran-ny"...
  7. Toni

    Ewing Empire: Season 1

    By people´s request (thank you dear @Karin Schill for your interest!) I´m going to re-post all my Ewing Empire episodes while I finish my last one. It reprises the Ewings´ story overseeing both TV movies and TNT "Dallas" too. The Character Guide can be read here...
  8. Toni

    About the Edgar Randolph storyline

    Hi everybody! I hope you are doing fine in these lockdown weeks... I´m working on a new Dallas Top 10 video about the serious issues dealt on "Dallas" and I suddenly realized that I had the feeling I KNEW something that I couldn´t confirm anywhere. I thought it was the Barbara Curran book where...
  9. Toni

    Virtual Talk with Donna Mills and other Soap Divas

    Michael Fairman (not Filerman...), the guy who reunited the three Knots divas a few weeks ago, now has done another (Daytime) Soap Special with Donna Mills, Eileen Davidson and Laura Wright. Knot the reunion from home we all expected and longed for, but Donna is always fun to watch and listen...
  10. Toni

    John Callahan, dead at 66

    AMC ALUM JOHN CALLAHAN DIES AT 66 March 28, 2020 3:56PM Soap vet John Callahan, best known to daytime audiences as ALL MY CHILDREN’s Edmund Grey, passed away after suffering a massive stroke at his Palm Desert, CA home. On Friday, March 27, paramedics responded to a call and rushed the actor...
  11. Toni

    The scripts of Dallas

    Checking out the favorites folder in my pc, I found this site I discovered a few years ago. I´m sure many of you already know it, but I think it´s quite remarkable: it includes the scripts of all the seasons, except the Dreary Season (7/8, with only "Killer at Large"), and the last season (I´m...
  12. Toni

    The Dame has spoken (Attittude interview)

    I´ve just seen this, Dame Joan Collins has given an interview to the Attittude magazine...and she´s ranting and whining again about her Dynasty days: Dame Joan Collins has opened up about her real-life feuds with her former Dynasty co-stars, admitting for the first time just how far the...
  13. Toni

    The Finest Scores Of Dynasty

    As I did with a few scores of "Dallas", "Knots Landing" and "Falcon Crest", here is my new Playlist for the best scores of "Dynasty", starting with the Pilot score composed by Bill Conti. The sound quality is not as good as I wished, but I tried my best and I hope you enjoy them. After this one...
  14. Toni

    Look Who's Out Of The Closet (too)...

    I don´t want to compare this coming-out with Rafael de la Fuente´s, but to me it´s just the same kind of. Juan Pablo di Pace (alias Nicolás etc etc from TNT´s "Dallas") has just come out of the closet. Follow the link to know the details and see his Instagram pics. To be honest, my gaydar went...
  15. Toni

    Top Ten Videos of Dynasty

    As I have done already with the other three major supersoaps, some "Dynasty"-themed videos are coming soon, starting with the Top Ten episodes. Anyway, since both Spelling soaps are included in my video "Top 39 most-watched supersoaps", I decided to open now this thread and post it here too...
  16. Toni

    Dallas Character Lamest Dallas Character Ever

    By suggestion of @Kenny Coyote I'm posting this poll 50% with him (la Pig is very jealous). So let's vote the lamest Dallas character ever! 10 candidates, 3 voting options. :giddy: :h3:
  17. Toni

    Top Ten Videos of Falcon Crest

    Time for a glass of fine Cabernet Sauvignon! Here is my video of the Top Ten Falcon Crest Episodes! Remember, as I did with "Dallas" and "Knots Landing", that Season Finales and Premieres were not considered for this list. Enjoy it and express your opinion here or on my YouTube Channel!
  18. Toni

    Top Ten Knots Landing Videos

    I have posted the first of a series of videos to celebrate the upcoming (well, too early but...) 40th anniversary of Knots Landing. This one below is a Top Ten of the best episodes, excluding Season Premieres and Finales. As you all know, only the first two seasons are released on dvd, so the...
  19. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos Top Ten Channel of Supersoaps

    Hi everybody! I have inaugurated my new YouTube Channel of soap-related Top Ten videos with (what else?) the Top Ten "Dallas" episodes. No Season Finales or Season Premieres are included because there will be Top Ten for them. I hope you enjoy the clips and the comments. More videos coming...
  20. Toni

    Was Val a mental case?

    I was watching an episode of "The Affair" last night, and something they said made me do an association of one of the characters with Val (never mind which one, but you might guess if you watch it too). Not in a very concrete way but in the sense that she had "episodes" once in a while (at least...