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  1. Ray&Donna

    Could this show have made it without the ajef fallon connections which is basically just a milessized ploohole

    Could this dhohhsve eorkthe without Jeff and Miles
  2. Ray&Donna

    Was Caress being an author a little too on the nose, given that Joan's sister was one in reality?

    Perhaps it was just a clever tie-in with Hollywood wives
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    JR and Vanessa

    I've seen numerous people on this forum trash Gayle Hunnicutt as looking old, but my primary issue was that JR had some previously unknown romance we were unaware of. JR never seemed particularly romantic to me, he treated women abominably.. then he decided he was going to eliminate Cally and...
  4. Ray&Donna

    Did Alexis have to be related to the Scott sisters?

    It made everything more incestuous. Or were the Carringtons and Colbys supposed to be like the Windsors and Mountbattens?
  5. Ray&Donna

    Zach Powers on Dynasty

    Can anyone remind me what happened in the two episodes where Ricardo Montalban appeared on the parent show?
  6. Ray&Donna

    Why was the Hooker at blake's trial?

    sa-patbeachem the attorney called her? Although in the Bordello, my ears heard Mary-Pat. I mean was it supposed to reflect on the fact that Fallon was no more truthful under oath, than some immature hooker who failed to seduce Steven?
  7. Ray&Donna

    What about Tracy Scoggins as a Fallon recast?

    I mean, she definitely seemed to have chemistry with John James--especially in season 9
  8. Ray&Donna

    Meeting the Colbys at home

    I have seen every episode of Dynasty but in order to see the further adventures of Sable & co I had to break down and buy the DVD set. My initial thoughts are as such. Jeff seems much refreshed in this new setting as the season where Fallon was ostensibly dead was miserable for him as a stood...
  9. Ray&Donna


    This is an incomplete story I began probably ten years ago (I have piece of another unfinished story somewhere, and I plan to eventually complete that one. This one, however, is altogether too similar to my later "The Cowboy and the Lady" to put any further work into it. *** “And now, it’s my...
  10. Ray&Donna

    What was wrong with Lindsay?

    I am watching season one again many years after I first watched. What the heck was wrong with Lindsay? Was it parental neglect with her mother being the hospital and her father overseas? She makes Lindsay Lohan at the peak of her fame seem well-adjusted.
  11. Ray&Donna

    Is this like the DALLAS Raintree novel

    Even the cover blurb sounds the same
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    Was the word "dynasty" ever used?

    I'm just curious, having been removed from the series for a number of years--aside from watching the pilot a few months ago. Of course DALLAS and FALCON CREST mentioned their own titles on a number of occasions, as they were both the settings for their respective series. But at any time on...
  13. Ray&Donna

    Vow of Silence

    Another story from the old forum, one that was emailed to me, having miraculously been saved by a devoted reader :) I hope you enjoy it--it takes a different look at an encounter Ray and Donna might have had following their divorce ;) *** June 9, 1989 It was late spring, but the sun had...
  14. Ray&Donna

    The Last in Love

    A bit of background: this was my first-ever foray in DALLAS fanfiction, written all the way back in 2007 and posted here on the forum. I didn't back up my files or photos back then, so when my laptop, and the forum crashed, this story was lost to me forever--or so I thought. A kind, generous...
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    Dynasty and The Colbys: TV GUIDE ephemera

    Interesting to note that Brandon Tartikoff read the tea leaves correctly while the Shapiros did what they always did. :lol:
  16. Ray&Donna

    The Cowboy and the Lady

    A bit of background here: I began to write this story in 2008, but then my laptop crashed and I never finished it. I wound up writing a much shorter story, "Second Chance", which worked upon the same general idea but used a different method to erase three seasons of story. This, therefore, is...
  17. Ray&Donna

    Krebbs Korner

    Since I had requests for more writing and I don't currently have anything else available, I have decided to repost some of the things written on the "Ray and Donna Challenges" thread in 2007-2008. I know @Ms Southworth was interested. And probably @Mrs Bobby James Ewing and @Karin Schill...
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    Second Chance

    A bit of background here: before I attended graduate school and starting creating my own characters through novels, I wrote a few stories here on the forum. My first story is gone forever, as I made no backup of it. However, a story I wrote and posted here in 2008, Second Chance, lives on via...
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    The DALLAS casting rolodex: PETROCELLI

    So we all know that many of the DALLAS guest stars were on plenty of other things prior to their appearances on the show: old things like GUNSMOKE and BONANZA, or THE BIG VALLEY. Some of them seemed to do a tour of the soaps, appearing on KNOTS LANDING, FALCON CREST, or DYNASTY and THE COLBYS...
  20. Ray&Donna

    Dallas Couples Ray and Donna - Appreciation Thread

    Ray Krebbs is rather distressed, and searching quite hard, for his missing thread.