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    Doctor Who The 13th Doctor calls it a day Is there any rule that says the Doctor can't regenerate into the same form more than once? I wouldn't mind seeing Jo Martin's "mystery doctor" take the Tardis for a season or two.
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    Help! Seaviewer locked out!

    It's me, Seaviewer. I'm trying to change my email address but the confirmation email is not coming through. I tried registering a new account but the same problem occurred. For some strange reason it seems I can post as a guest but not as a registered member.
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    Could Donna Reed have been "de-glammed"?

    My rewatch of Season 8 (DVD) had now reached the dreaded arrival of Donna Reed as Miss Ellie, and it pretty much confirms my original impression. Her greatest hurdle, of course, is simply the fact that she's not Barbara Bel Geddes, but I don't think anyone could have overcome that. In my view...
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    Altered Song Lyrics

    Sometimes when a song is covered by another artist they make changes to the lyrics, but it's rarely an improvement. The one that got me started thinking about this is UB40's version of Can't Help Falling in Love which changes Elvis's original from "Like a river flows surely to the sea" to...
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    The Equalizer (2021)

    Seaviewer's Rule: One's tolerance for reboots is in inverse proportion to one's affection for the original. I did watch the original Edward Woodward Equalizer but I didn't mourn it when it was gone, and I haven't bothered with the Denzel Washington movies. Meanwhile, the butt-kicking woman...
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    Same Name - Different Person

    Shamelessly ripping off @Long Lashes 's "Same Title - Different Song" thread in the Music forum - but with celebrities or people in the news. For example: James Morrison American actor, Space: Above and Beyond Australian jazz musician
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    Ciji's Songs

    The other day I was listening to my Ciji album (aka Lisa Hartman's Letterock). I know that not all the songs were used on Knots Landing but the only one I can clearly recall is "New Romance (It's a Mystery)" which was playing while she cycled through the city streets. Does anyone have a list of...
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    Biden-Harris named Time's "Person of the Year"

    I'd just like to remind everyone that Harris was "my" candidate since before the primary season. :D
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    2024 anyone?

    There's already speculation that Trump will run again in 2024. With Biden widely expected not to seek a second term we might just see that Harris vs Trump contest after all.
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    Cliff's Mental Issues

    Rewatching Lorimar Dallas Season 7 (DVD) has reminded me just how hyper and obsessive Cliff could be. I'm not a psychiatrist but it doesn't take much imagination to see him eventually tipping over into some kind of psychosis which could explain his extreme behaviour on Dallas TNT. As I've said...
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    How will scripted TV handle the coronavirus?

    When scripted television finally returns with new episodes, how do you think they will handle the coronavirus? Will they faithfully depict the mask-wearing, social distancing world as it now is, or some fantasy world where it never happened? I imagine that the more realistically inclined like...
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    What kind of Alien movie would you like to see?

    I came across this video on YouTube speculating on what the future might be for the Alien films now that Disney has taken over the franchise. First, although I don't care fro prequels in general, if Ridley Scott only has one more to go to fill in the gap between Alien Covenant and Alien, then I...
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    Kanye West to run for president? Are we taking this seriously?
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    Howie Hawkins Australian TV interview

    Presumptive Greens nominee Howie Hawkins was interviewed on the Australian Planet America programme last week. Despite the frivolous-sounding name and the lighthearted tone, the show provides a (mostly) serious analysis of American news with a focus on presidential politics. The Hawkins...
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    Abby: Psychopath or Machiavellian?

    At one point Greg says to Abby that she's a "borderline psychopath." I happened to be listening to a radio programme the other day where they were talking about Psychopathy and Machiavellianism and it seems to me that the latter describes her more closely. The key difference appears to be that...
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    Favourite spread on toast

    What is your favourite spread on toast? Mine? Raspberry jam. Mmmm.:p
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    How Do You Pronounce "Worry"?

    How do you pronounce the word "worry"? Until recently it was always pronounced to rhyme with "hurry". Now more and more often I hear it pronounced to rhyme with "sorry" - and it's annoying. You might argue that it is more consistent this way but since when was consistency a feature of the...
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    Miss Ellie's breakdown

    I've just started a rewatch of Lorimar Dallas Season 7 (DVD). Miss Ellie is being kept on ice by Clayton at the Takapa Resort, sedated, because of how badly she was affected by The Fight For Ewing Oil. This may be what TNT Dallas is referring to when they say that she was in some kind of home...
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    Father and Daughter Hitmakers

    With Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus simultaneously on the charts recently, I was trying to think of other father and daughter combinations who have achieved the same feat. The only ones I came up with were Frank and Nancy Sinatra in the sixties. I'm pretty sure that Marty Wilde's chart days were...
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    Holy Accolade! Burt Ward Gets Star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame

    Burt Ward is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 50 years after playing Robin on the Batman TV series. Somewhere Adam West is looking down and saying, "Well done, old chum!" :)