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    Opinions Of Nicholas Pearce

    I liked him and I thought he was good with Sue Ellen. If she was going to walk away with someone I would have preferred it be him than that retread Don Lockwood.
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    Southfork Floor Plan

    That's quite a space for Bobby's toilet. Especially compared with JR's commode.
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    Taxi (TV series)

    WKRP was from the MTM company. Even though the later shows were from Paramount I always did feel that there was similar sensibility to them; a "lineage" as you say that carried through from Mary Tyler Moore, The Bob Newhart Show and others.
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    Did the Margaret Michaels scene make a difference?

    By coincidence this is also the solution to Bobby's return.
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    Link the Artist or the Song

    To: "And Your Bird Can Sing" ~ The Beatles
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    Fixing the "dream" solution

    Right thing? At the time there was great deal of excitement and mystery generated by the prospect of his return and I was eager to learn the explanation. In retrospect I do tend to believe that he should have stayed dead, but a more practical solution would at least have been less detrimental.
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    What was the last film you watched?

    The Duke Wore Jeans 1958 musical starring Tommy Steele. Sort of a mashup between The Prince and the Pauper and Cinderella with some rather ponderous songs co-written by Lionel Bart. The only other cast member I recognised was Alan Wheatley - the sheriff in the Robin Hood TV series - and there's...
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    Link the Artist or the Song

    To: "I'm Free" ~ Roger Daltrey (from Tommy)
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    The Corona Virus

    What happened to variants Beta and Gamma?
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    Would we have had Conundrum if Victoria returned for the final episode?

    You're right. If they were serious about a proper ending for Bobby and Pam they could have done it without Victoria.
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    What's The Last Album You bought?

    This is something I've been wishing for for years. I'm not sure why it's called Love Letters. It's a compilation of all the Lennon-McCartney songs that The Beatles gave away to other artists. Some of them I already had on separate Cilla Black and Peter & Gordon best-ofs, others I knew from...
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    Abby and "everyday" cruelty

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    Would we have had Conundrum if Victoria returned for the final episode?

    Pam is referenced in the scene where Cliff becomes president. If VP had agreed to be in it we probably would have just seen her seated at that table.
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    Dallas Character Jock's Death

    I agree with you to that extent but it would not have been necessary to (again) retcon Charlie's paternity. Also, yo-yoing back to Jenna might have made her feel like a consolation prize - but then I guess she was always that, and for Ray, too.
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    So I Did It.

    That may have been the single most ridiculous thing in the entire season. It was always obvious that the voting rights were worthless without the shares themselves. It was a nice surprise seeing Dusty again, but the outcome of the vote could be seen coming a mile off.
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    Dallas Character Would Pam have attended JR's funeral...?

    Per TNT, wasn't she dead by then? Or do we consider that an alternate timeline? Where's the aspirin?
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    What was the last film you watched?

    I've seen that one. :) Jane Powell made a lot of great musicals, including Seven Brides For Seven Brothers with Howard Keel.
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    Link the Artist or the Song

    To: "Absolutely Everybody" ~ Vanessa Amorosi
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    Link the Artist or the Song

    To: "Only Love Can Break a Heart" ~ Gene Pitney
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    How about a Dallas reboot?

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was the original fans who stuck it out. If they were trying to attract new ones it obviously didn't work.