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    Southfork mansion has been demolished.

    Guess I will have to put it back together.
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    My Carrington mansion puzzle came today.

    The end result. So much green.
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    My Carrington mansion puzzle came today.

    Should be fun to see it slowly form.
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    Classic Soaps (I'm Still) Watching Another World

    Any fans of AW should visit YouTube user Chase4everchase as he has a ton of early 80s episodes. There is also a long playlist called Carl's Redemption which is well worth a look.
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    Val's House - a haven for psychos and madness?

    I guess the walls were painted by Adam Carrington
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    Worst Knots Landing Characters

    If the answer to this question is not automatically Diana then you have no soul.
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    Season 04 incidental music.

    Sorry for the use of dailymotion but youtube 86'd me some years back.
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    My Giobert house custom jigsaw puzzle arrived.

    I will show the finished project when it is done. This should be fun as I took the picture myself.
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    Solving Lucy.

    She was let go as they had nothing more for her character (which is a reason for letting the writers go not her) so what would you have had them do given the chance? She came from a strong business family and she was a former model, I would have had her start her own agency. You could show her...
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    Jamie Rose being written out

    At least this recast took nearly 3 years to arrive.
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    The iconic theme tune goes disco.

    Was the first season theme not basically disco?
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    Krystle in the attic.

    Do you think this storyline would be more fondly remembered if it not been dragged out so damn long?
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    25 mistakes soaps made.

    Steffy will forever be nothing more than a stalker who got her man.
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    NuDynasty scenes within original Dynasty.

    Out of the stuff you have seen in the new Dynasty what would have been the most ridiculous in the original Dynasty setting? I can hardly imagine Jeff being married to Alexis, talk about Schizoville. Michael Culhane banging Dominique? Imagine a bigger lack of chemistry.
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    Knots Landing vs. Dynasty on Family Feud 1982

    Imagine Dynasty vs TJ Hooker, with Heather Locklear on both teams.
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    DC/Colbyco vs FC/Ewing Oil.

    Falcon Crest and Ewing Oil were always integral to their respective shows but what about Denver Carrington and Colbyco? Did you care about them? Do you feel they mattered? Were there interesting storylines revolving around them?
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    What was the last book you read?

    The Debutantes by June Flaum Singer. Went on somewhat too long and treated child abuse a little casually for my liking, but otherwise a worthwhile read.
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    Laugh Track

    Imagine Ross and pre-Monica Chandler from Friends without a laugh track. It would be a horror show.
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    Dallas Character Bobby's Death Bed Apology

    Rather than acting I think this was Kanaly legitimately being sad.