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  1. Zara

    Best comment about Dynasty ever?

    I saw this excellent comment on a Dynasty-video on YouTube (when Blake gives flowers to Krystle because he deflowered her). First I thought our Snarky had posted it. It bears Snarky's Dynasty insight and way with words, but then I realized it was far too positive about Dynasty/Blake/Krystle to...
  2. Zara

    The little things characters did that annoy you

    I go first: How Blake looks at his watch How Adam holds and drinks from a glas How Dex points at someone (like a rock and roll-sign) Krystle's ever so wringing her hands together when upset/scared (even Rita did it, now that's impersonation!)
  3. Zara

    Should Blake and Krystle have discussed Alexis more explicitly?

    I find this odd, that Blake and Krystle never talked about the fact that Alexis still loved Blake and that was the reason for her involvement in his life. The anger, the sense of desperation, and the unnecessary remarks. There were countless times when Alexis made this clear: -In Rome -When...
  4. Zara

    Words about Alexis on a sunday morning

    Alexis and the season 1&2-Blake deserved each other. Alexis had nothing but her looks, her smooth skin and perfect face and figure (she looked younger than Krystle). But the sublime moment that gave her away was the Fat Phantom in White. She was rotten to the core. What stopped Alexis and the...
  5. Zara

    Why we should be thankful towards JF for holding B&K together

    This is a big part of the long lasting memory with the fans. B&K:s videos on YT have the most watches and even own collages with a song. And the people who comment have loving memories and feelings about B&K (and the important part Alexis played in it). If the TPTB got what they wanted, B&K...
  6. Zara

    Blake's fortune and business sense

    In business, Blake's company was very sensitive to minor setbacks and changes, how could this be if he was so rich, and his holdings stretched far beyond Denver/oil (as he told Amanda)? The mansion must have cost a small fortune of its own to maintain and keep, so Blake's personal fortune must...
  7. Zara

    Robert Wagner in Dynasty

    I have this dreamy idea of Robert in the Dynasty power world. But who would he portray? Bad or good? Fallon's sexy lover or Alexis' secret partner in crime ready to take over Denver Carrington and bring Blake to his knees? Robert in the 70's and 80's was so hot! Yummy. Your opinions matter...
  8. Zara

    How PC was Dynasty?

    Did Dynasty have a political (correct) agenda and touch? I mean, all the staff at the Carrington house were white, and the colored persons were portrayed as people with power, intelligence and depth. And interracial relations was obviously okay back then (Garrett and Dominique). Do you think...
  9. Zara

    Blake - the years between Alexis and Krystle

    What did Blake do the years between Alexis and Krystle? He never presented himself as a slut (like several of his male friends/business partners tended to be) or seemed like a ONS-type of guy. But after all, he was a man, with needs. A man with his looks, and money, would have the ladies...
  10. Zara

    Did the Carringtons eat babies?

    Old thread from the crashed forum. Did the Carringtons eat babies? I remember one post in the old thread: What a stupid question, of course the Carringtons ate babies.