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  1. DALLASguy

    DALLAS 40th Anniversary Articles ...from different magazines.

    Here are some Dallas 40 articles from german magazines
  2. DALLASguy

    Dallas Actors Charlene Tilton .... The Michaels

    Some pics from the movie "The Michaels" starring Charlene Tilton
  3. DALLASguy

    Dallas TNT pictures

    Larry Hagman
  4. DALLASguy

    Who is still fighting for Dallas ... #SaveDallas #WhereAreTheEwings ?

    Some fans still fight for the return of Dallas ... I do, I miss Dallas and I know the new Dallas is different, but still Dallas ... please join Twitter to #SaveDallas
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    Recent DALLAS articles and covers

    From last week german articles with LH and BE
  6. DALLASguy

    DALLAS Memorabilia ... New and Old

    Some Dallas from second-hand-shops